One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 26, 2007 on OLTL

Jared went ahead with his plans to pretend to be Asa's son. Nigel reminded him that he would be unable to have a relationship with Natalie. Charlie got a lead in the search for his own long-lost son. Clint broke things off with Dorian. Viki was surprised to learn of Marcie's disappearance. Cole learned the truth about his father's murder. Ramsey shot at the van holding Marty and Cole, and it went over a cliff.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of November 26, 2007 on OLTL
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Monday, November 26, 2007

Despite Dorian's protests, Clint ends their relationship, unable to forgive her transgression with David. Alex then claims she's divorcing David because he slept with Dorian. Neglecting to mention the fortune she swindled out of Nigel, Alex tells a crestfallen David that she's flat broke. After informing David that their pre-nup is meaningless, Alex drives off. However, the schemer is unaware that she accidentally hit Dorian, who lies unconscious in the bushes.

Jared blackmails Nigel into revealing Asa's letter, which leaves a seat on the board of Buchanan Enterprises to Asa's long lost son. Planning to pose as Asa's son, Jared argues for Nigel to back up his claim. A desperate Nigel tells Jared that posing as Asa's son would make a romance with Natalie out of the question. At the same time, Nash urges Natalie not to get involved with Jared, but she isn't swayed by his argument.

Heading to Ireland with Ramsey, John makes a valuable discovery in Patrick's book of poetry. Meanwhile, Marty and Cole's lives are in danger when their captors demand information. Later, Marty tells her son the truth about Patrick's death, while Todd and Blair try to comfort Starr.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Anticipating a DNA test to prove he's Asa's son, Jared manages to snag a hair sample from David. When Natalie talks to Jared about pursuing a relationship, she senses his discomfort. Despite Nigel's pleas to abandon his scheme, Jared remains conflicted about what to do. As everyone prepares to leave the ranch, Nigel believes that withholding the truth about David is the right thing to do.

As the two spend time together, Charlie and Viki grow closer. Later, after getting a lead on his son, Charlie ends up at the Buchanan ranch. However, instead of finding his son, Charlie comes across an unconscious Dorian on the ground. Meanwhile, David is concerned when he can't find Dorian. Ending up at the Bon-Jour Café, David comes face-to-face with Viki.

Cristian confides to Sarah that he missed her when she was in Texas, and they end up in a kiss. At the same time, Antonio and Talia get to know more about each other. Finally, Talia makes her move and kisses Antonio.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cristian and Sarah kiss. Then Sarah tells him she can't continue. She questions whether Cristian wants her, or if he's really just missing Evangeline. Cristian says there is nothing left between him and Evangeline, and Sarah thinks he's still in love with her. She says he's different when he talks about Evangeline. He tells her that he and Evangeline are through. Sarah asks him if Evangeline woke up tomorrow, what would Cristian do? He says he's moving on from Evangeline. Sarah says she can't compete with what Evangeline did for Cristian. She tells him she's glad they cleared the air, and they're better off as friends. She asks him to leave and says she'll see him at work. Layla asks Sarah if everything is okay, and it's not: Sarah is crying. Layla tells her that Cristian is probably not over Evangeline, but maybe he is in love with two people at the same time. Talia shows up at their door, humiliated, telling them how Antonio turned her down flat. They discuss how Cristian's not over Evangeline and Antonio's not over Jessica.

Talia bursts back into the diner and lays a big kiss on Antonio. Then she tells him she likes him for a long time. She also admits to pretending George was her boyfriend. He lets her down gently, saying she's a great friend, but he can't get involved because they work together and he's not ready yet. Then he admits to having known about Talia's feelings for a while already. She feels humiliated. Antonio says he liked flirting with her, but he's just not ready, and he apologizes. He wants to stay friends. Talia tells him not to worry because it was just a crush, that she's already over it. Talia tells him it's late and she says she'll see Antonio at work. Outside, she lets the tears go. Cristian shows up at the diner, depressed, wondering if he's still hung up on Evangeline. Cristian decides he's done being alone.

Charlie B. shows up at Asa's ranch and finds Dorian lying unconscious in the bushes. Dorian wakes up to find that she is the only person from Llanview left at the ranch, and at first has no recollection of how she ended up in the bushes. Then she remembers that Alex hit her with a car. Charlie and Chuck bring her inside. Dorian guides Charlie through an impromptu diagnosis, and when he demurs, she jokingly tells him to feel her up. Chuck brings some Motrin, then runs off to get Dorian a cab. Dorian tells Charlie all about her breakup with Clint. Charlie tells Dorian that he's looking for someone, and Dorian says he's probably gone back to Llanview. Dorian is going to charter a plane home and invites Charlie to come with her. Charlie calls Viki to tell her he's going to Llanview. Viki tells him she's not going anywhere.

David discovers Viki at the Bon-Jour Café. He accuses her of being Niki Smith, which Viki denies. He tells her she is a horrible actress. He grabs her by the shoulders and begs Viki to fight Niki and come back out. Noelle hits David over the head with a frying pan. Viki convinces Noelle to go home, then she throws a glass of water on David's face. Viki wants to know if Dorian is going to show up there, too. David says Dorian won't be showing up. Viki convinces him she's actually Viki and not Niki. She explains how she is reinventing her life. She tells what it's like to live on minimum wage. She wants him to keep her secret, and he asks her how her friends would feel to find out they've been scammed. David tells her he got a job, and she teases him about getting married to Alex. He tells her how Alex scammed him. David asks her for a little help, and she tells him she's not an ATM. David shares how Dorian and Clint got in a fight. Viki tells him she's perfectly happy staying in Paris. Viki suggests he get a room at the BonSuites. After her phone call, David teases Viki about her "boyfriend", and she takes him to the BonSuites.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

County Clare, Ireland: Acting on a well paid for tip, John and Lee lurk outside of Marty and Cole's jail. Inside, the pair is joined by a new prisoner and Marty recognizes him. It's Patrick's best friend, Simon, who pleads with her to try to remember something. She and Cole deny knowing anything about any person or place or reason for being there. Suddenly, Cole recognizes Simon as the man who kidnapped him and attacks him. Simon pulls a gun and confesses to being Patrick's killer! Thornhart knew too much about him and his organization. Cole is quick to label Simon a terrorist. Simon knows that Patrick had a list somewhere, for insurance and threatens first Marty, then Cole, with death. Meanwhile, Lee and John are able to make their way closer, doing away with the various guards in their path. By the time they get to the room though, the prisoners are gone.

Llanview, Pennsylvania: Blair is curious to meet Charlie, Dorian's overnight guest. Dorian provides Charlie with his son's address and advises him that his son owns a vineyard. Starr is avoiding school while sick with worry over Cole, but the women convince her to give it a try. The women play catchup and Blair becomes more and more shocked with every detail of Dorian's visit to Texas. Dorian vows vengeance on Nora.

Nat shows up at the vineyard to have papers signed for board positions at BE but before she can even get to it, the discussion centers on Jared. Nat claims to have seen a different side of him, even though everyone else thinks he's a con artist except for Renee. Jess and Nash are both cynical and concerned even though Nat likens the whole situation to Nash breaking up Jess' marriage. Jess is only worried that Jared is trying to get back at her through her various family members. They promise to stop nagging for the time being.

Todd shows up at Michael's place and forces his way in with a knife. He wants to know where Marcie is hidden. He doesn't believe Michael's denial at all. Michael challenges Todd to just kill him since he's lost everything anyway and just doesn't care. Todd enjoys seeing the loser wallowing in pity, he says, as Michael is only on his way to jail. He makes fun of his crying and assures him he will never see Tommy again.

The Buchanans reunite at the mansion. Bo announces that he did some checking up on Jared and has learned that he spent two years in prison for breaking and entering. Nora is not too sure that she wants him around now. Bo hears about his brother breaking up with Dorian and he's happy to hear it. Clint deserves someone better, he says, as Nora squirms uncomfortably. Jared has a chat with Nigel, who is still trying to convince him not to claim to be a Buchanan and give up his possible romance with Natalie. Jared denies having a relationship with her and there's no assurance that one would work out anyway, he says. He's willing to take his chances, even if it means going to jail for fraud. Nigel is still unwilling to name David as the missing Buchanan heir. They make their way towards the other Buchanans, who ask to hear about Jared's prison record. Nigel announces that he is ready to open the envelope for Asa's missing son. Nora decides to leave the room, but Nat arrives and asks Jared to breakfast.

Charlie knocks at the door and is speechless when Nash answers.

Paris, Texas: Laden with a bag of groceries, Gigi is unable to get Marcie to answer her knock so she heads for Viki's room instead. She's startled when a half naked David answers the door. He's only a friend who slept on the floor, Viki insists. It was the women he was with who she tried to avoid at the diner. Wondering what Charlie might think about it, Gigi and David tease Viki, who insists that Charlie will call her from wherever he has gone. They're highly skeptical until the phone rings and indeed, it's Charlie, calling for moral support. He's afraid of messing up his son's life, now that he's on the verge of finding him. Viki gives him encouragement and he promises to call back with the results of his reunion. Viki and Gigi head for the diner; unable to get a response from Marcie, Gigi leaves the groceries by the door. Inside, Marcie is worried about her dwindling finances. David spies the groceries when he leaves and stops to look for something to eat. Marcie opens the door just at that moment!

Friday, November 30, 2007

At the Buchanan Mansion, Natalie walks in just as Nigel has informed Clint, Bo and Jared that the time has come to open Asa's letter that will reveal the identity of his long lost son. Bo informs Jared that the issue is a family matter and suggests that he leaves. Natalie offers to accompany Jared because she would like to speak with him; the two leave Bo and Clint alone with Nigel. Clint and Bo stand in utter shock, as Nigel reads Asa's letter stating he is leaving a seat on the board to his heir Jared Banks. After hearing the unbelievable news, Bo questions whether Jared knew about the contents of Asa's letter. Clint is also suspicious of the circumstances surrounding Jared's involvement with the family. Nigel appears uncomfortable as Clint and Bo express their displeasure with the news; he assures them that the letter is authentic and never left his person after receipt from Asa's attorney. Clint and Bo suggest several possible explanations, including Jared being in cahoots with Asa to deceive them. Nigel attempts to convince them that he believes the contents of the letter to be true; Bo and Clint are unconvinced. They suggest that if the information is true, that perhaps it should remain secret. Nigel reminds the Buchanan men that his loyalties still lie with Asa and that he wanted that information revealed at the right time. Clint believes that they should find out as much as they can about Jared before revealing any information to him and questions Bo whether or not if he wants to know all about Jared's past. Bo tells Clint that he believes they can find out what they need to know by watching Jared's reaction when told about Asa's letter. Clint expresses his concern that Jared has conned Rene into allowing him to move into the mansion; he fears that Jared has now gotten to Natalie. Bo reminds him that will come to a screeching halt if the contents of Asa's letter are true. Clint tells Nigel to find Jared so they can speak with him.

Natalie reminds Jared that they had discussed exploring a romantic relationship when they returned home. After planting a passionate kiss on him, Natalie pulls away in anger. She tells Jared that she interpreted his kiss as a goodbye. Jared tells Natalie he would never say goodbye to her and explains he is upset because Clint has just discovered he spent time in prison. Jared explains his feelings for Natalie, by telling her how much he admires the woman that she really is. Natalie appreciates Jared expressing his feelings towards her and tells him she knows he is not the man that Jessica and Nash believe him to be. As Natalie and Jared share a passionate kiss in the foyer, Nigel interrupts to inform Jared that Bo and Clint would like to speak with him. Natalie enters the room with Jared. Jared questions whether they want to discuss his prison record. Clint reveals to Jared that Asa's letter names him as a Buchanan heir. A flustered Jared states this is impossible and that he doesn't want to be Asa's son. A disgusted Nigel, a shocked Natalie and an unconvinced Clint and Bo look on.

As he arrives at the vineyard looking for Jared, Charlie encounters Nash. Charlie introduces himself as a friend of Jared and is surprised by Nash's opinion of Jared. Nash tells Charlie that Jared is a user and t he conned him out of controlling interest in the vineyard. Charlie is interested in learning more of Jared's character and Nash is happy to oblige. He goes on to tell Charlie how Jared gained himself a position at BE by blackmailing Natalie and Jessica. Upon hearing news of Jared's behavior, Charlie appears saddened. Charlie tells Nash that he sorry that his friend has caused him so much pain and asks if Nash may know where Jared is. Nash tells him he can probably find him at the Buchanan Mansion sponging off the family. As Charlie leaves, Nash warns him to be careful of Jared; he tells him he is probably not the man he once knew.

Back at the motel, Marcie encounters David at her door. A puzzled David proclaims that he is sure he knows a disguised Marcie from somewhere. A nervous Marcie confuses David even more when she pretends to not know him and slams the door in his face. Panicked, Marcie begins to gather her and Tommy's belongings. She tells Tommy that it is time for them to start a new adventure and this time no one will ever find them. As Marcie packs in a hurry, she is convinced that David will realize her true identity.

At the Bonjour Café, Gigi and Noelle tease Viki about David; the two mention how attractive he is. Viki warns the girls that David is trouble. David visits Viki at the diner and comments on her new life. Viki attempts to explain to David that there is more to life than money; she tells him she has lived off only the money she has earned working at the diner. David tells her he has no intention ever earning a living. David continues to question where he has seen Marcie before; he tells Viki that he ran into a woman at the motel and cannot place where he knows her from. Viki tells him to stop thinking about it and eventually he will remember; David continues to ponder the dilemma.

As Todd stands in his office looking down at a pocket knife, Starr enters the room. Starr doesn't notice as Todd puts the knife in his pocket and begins to tell her father that she left school because the kids at school were questioning her about Cole's disappearance. Todd shows Starr a website on missing children and explains how he has placed Tommy's information on the site; Starr is pleased when Todd offers to set up a page dedicated to Cole. While Todd explains to Starr how the website works, she cannot understand how her father continues on. She tells him that Cole has only been missing a few days and she is already losing it. Todd consoles his daughter and offers her advice how to maintain her sanity. Starr gives her dad a video of Cole to place on the site. Starr plays the video for Todd, which reveals Cole telling Starr that he loves her, Todd looks at his distraught daughter. Todd becomes discouraged as he thinks about the fact that John is no longer looking for Tommy. Starr has an idea of who can offer Todd help in finding Tommy. Todd calls Viki. He tells a surprised Viki about what has happened to Tommy. Todd wants Viki to authorize a story in the banner about his missing son.

In Ireland, John and Ramsey are hidden but have a clear view of Marty and Cole being held at gunpoint in a van by Simon and his accomplices. John motions to Marty to keep silent after she notices him in the bushes. An eager Ramsey points his gun at Simon, (who he has been after for years) and is stopped by John. John is afraid Ramsey's actions will get Marty and Cole killed. Simon and his men manhandle Marty and Cole; Simon continues to pressure Marty for any information that Patrick may have given her before he was killed. As Marty attempts to reason with Simon, Cole observes a gunman approaching an unaware John. Cole screams out and warns John. As John and Ramsey battle with the gunmen, Simon warns them to put down their weapons or he will shoot Marty. John and Ramsey comply; John tells Simon he has the information he wants. Simon questions who John is and what information he has. John describes the chip he found; he tells Simon he didn't bring it but will hand it over once Marty and Cole are released. Ramsey is angered to know John withheld information from him. Simon believes John has what he wants and tells him he is willing to negotiate. Meanwhile, Cole tells his mother that John is risking his life for them. Marty tells Cole that John is doing it because he loves them. John gives his word to Simon that he will give him the chip if Marty, Cole and Ramsey are let go; Simon agrees. John has one last condition - he is allowed to speak privately with Marty and Cole.

Before ending her conversation with Todd, Viki agrees to provide him with any help she can in order to get Tommy back. After speaking with Todd, Viki is obviously upset and speaks with David. Viki asks David if he knew that Marcie had kidnapped Todd's son and is offering a million dollar reward. Upon news of a cash reward, David's eyes light up. David asks Viki how old Tommy is now; Viki knows the child is still in diapers. David remembers the woman at the motel had a grocery bag filled with diapers. David states under his breath, "I knew it. Marcie McBain." David frantically leaps out of his seat, kisses Viki and runs out the door. Todd thanks Starr for suggesting that he call Viki for help. As Starr lovingly hugs her father, Todd is busy entering information on the missing person's website. Todd places a million dollar reward on the website for Cole. Simon allows John two minutes to speak with Marty and Cole. John tells Marty and Cole about his arrangement with Simon. He tells Cole to take care of his mother and warns him to not attempt any heroics. Marty asks John to be careful. He tells her he will be find and has a lot to live for; he winks at her. As Marty reaches out and grabs John's hand, Simon tells him time is up. John begins to tell Simon how the situation will be handled; Simon tells him that he is calling the shots. Clint questions Jared about not wanting to be Asa's son. Jared begins to explain how his mother would clip pictures of Asa from the paper and tell him how much she wanted him to be just like Asa when he grew up. Clint questions whether or not Jared believes his mother was trying to send him a message through her actions. Jared says his mother didn't know Asa. Bo explains that they have plans to look into the authenticity of the letter; Jared suggests that they do just that in order to clear up the situation. Clint tells Jared he is surprised by his reaction due to the fact that he has admired Asa all his life. Jared tells Clint this is a nightmare. He says he doesn't want to be Asa's son because he has just fallen for Natalie. Natalie is obviously troubled as Jared states if he is Asa's son that would make Natalie his niece.

John and Ramsey watch as Simon closes the door of the van with Marty and Cole inside. An angry Ramsey tells John he cannot allow Simon to leave with hostages. John explains that he has information that Simon wants. Ramsey tells him that Marty and Cole may be killed the minute the van rolls away. As the van takes off, Ramsey knocks out the gunman and he and John run after the van. Todd gives Starr posters of Cole to post over town; the two lovingly embrace. Natalie asks Jared if he is her uncle; he nervously tells her that he can't be. While Clint questions Jared about not having any knowledge that Asa claimed him as his son, the doorbell rings and Nigel leaves to answer. Bo wants to know about the man who Jared has believed to be his father. Jared states that he never knew his real father and claims his mother told him he died when Jared was a baby. As Jared continues to claim to have no idea who his father is, Nigel appears and tells Jared there is someone at the door looking for him. As Marcie is preparing to leave the motel with Tommy in hand, she opens the door to find David Vickers standing there. David smiles and says, "Going somewhere Marcie". As the van rounds the bin, John and Ramsey attempt to catch up to it. As the two men get close, Ramsey shoots at the tires. In anger, John grabs Ramsey and questions what he is trying to do. The two men continue to chase the van. To John's horror, the van goes over a cliff with Marty and Cole inside.

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