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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of November 19, 2007 on GL
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Monday, November 19, 2007

Cassie suggested Harley try to pull off a Thanksgiving miracle and pull Marina, Cyrus, and the rest of the Coopers together for dinner. Marina went to Cassie and asked for a job trailing Edmund for her, but she was turned down. Later, Cassie wanted to plan a party for Josh's ordination. Cyrus tried to make Marina smile, especially because they couldn't spend Thanksgiving with her family.

Harley walked in on Cyrus in his towel. Harley invited Cyrus to Thanksgiving dinner. She mentioned wanting to start up her detective agency again, and Harley agreed to bring Cyrus on board. Cyrus filled Marina in on the P.I. gig and Thanksgiving dinner. Later, Alex wanted Harley to admit she had a thing for Cyrus.

Jeffrey asked if Josh could live with what he was asking Jeffrey to do -- get rid of Edmund for good. Billy went to Josh about the news leak, but Josh was preoccupied with how Jeffrey was going to handle Edmund. Edmund told Jeffrey he was buying a house in town. After calling Roc, Jeffrey told Josh they didn't have to worry about Edmund anymore.

Jeffrey called Reva, ready to get out of town. Edmund told Alex that he was back for good -- and he planned on making up for lost time. Edmund asked Alex for a job, but she turned him down cold. As Edmund waited for his massage, Roc closed in on Edmund. The masseuse returned and found Edmund gone.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dylan arrived at Harley's home to see Daisy. He found that she was writing a speech and was no longer depressed about her abortion. As they talked, Daisy said that she was concerned about how Rafe was handling the abortion.

Beth and Daisy/Susan were riding an elevator together, when a very pregnant Beth asked Daisy if she wanted to feel the baby while it kicked. Daisy said no, as she became more uncomfortable and maybe a bit shaken. The elevator stopped, so Daisy used the elevator phone to call for help. Then, the elevator made a sudden movement and caused Beth to be pushed to the wall. Daisy was concerned and tried to help Beth, but she wasn't quite sure how. Beth tried to sit and relax while waiting to be freed from the elevator. However, the baby was active and Beth became a little more concerned.

When Daisy suggested calling someone again, Beth, who had become less settled, used her cell phone and made a call. She soon discovered that she had called Alan, as if it were an automatic response for her when she felt she was in trouble and needed help. Although she quickly realized her mistake, she did tell Alan about her situation, and he rushed over to help her. Beth seemed to feel a little better, knowing that Alan was on his way.

Alan arrived, and was able to open the doors and free Beth and Daisy. After calming down some, Beth tried to keep Alan at a distance, thanked him, and then left. Daisy returned home alone and began to sulk again after facing baby issues with Beth earlier. It appeared that moving past that issue would take more time.

Rafe sneaked out of the mansion after being grounded and met with Alan at Towers. As Rafe spoke badly of Gus for handing out punishment as an instant father after 17 years of being not there for him, Alan agreed, which made Rafe more understanding about Gus's actions. Alan fueled the problem by planting the idea that Rafe had a right to be upset, when he never knew which woman Gus would turn to at any given time.

Gus took a snack to Natalia as she worked and continued to show her he cared while he waited for an answer to his marriage proposal. He then suggested that he, Natalia, and Rafe all spend Thanksgiving together.

Marina and Frank saw each other on Main Street, and they tried to talk, but things were strained between them. Cyrus noticed it from a distance.

As Harley talked to Alex at the mansion, Alex could sense that Harley had feelings for Cyrus, though Harley denied it. Harley explained that they were friends, they'd worked together, and they were close from their experience together in the collapsed building; however, he was in love with her niece and she with him. As Harley was about to leave, Alex repeated her question, asking what exactly had happened when they'd thought they were going to die. Harley's memory recalled the kiss that she and Cyrus had shared, but she told Alex that they'd played "Rock, paper, scissors." Alex didn't believe her story and said she could see the truth in Harley's eyes.

As Harley was leaving, she met Gus unexpectedly in the hallway. They had a nice but awkward chat then Harley invited Gus to Thanksgiving dinner the next day. As the awkwardness built, she ended up inviting Natalia and Rafe, as well, saying they were all family. Gus said he'd be there.

Later, Gus told Natalia that they were invited to Harley's. She told him she shouldn't go but that he should, for Zach and Jude. They went back and forth on it, and Gus suggested that they have their own dinner and then he could go to Harley's when they were done. Rafe walked in and sarcastically said not to worry because he and his mom could eat quickly so that Gus could go to be with his other family. Gus talked to Rafe alone and explained that he needed to be at Harley's for the kids. Rafe told Gus that he didn't like the way it seemed that Gus was stringing Natalia along while they could never be sure what woman Gus would want. Rafe also told Gus that Zach and Jude had a father and that Gus was all that he and Natalia had. Rafe left.

Later, Harley talked to Marina on Main Street; they discussed Thanksgiving plans. Harley told Marina that she had invited Gus. Marina thought she'd done it to try to patch things up with Gus, but Harley let her know it was for the kids. Marina paused to thank Harley for her support of her relationship with Cyrus.

Later, Marina walked into the mansion as Gus was looking at the ring he'd bought for Natalia. At first, she thought it was for Harley, but she was saddened to discover that it was not. She asked if Harley knew; Gus said no but that he'd tell her. Marina asked that he not tell Harley on Thanksgiving. Gus called and left a message for Harley that he needed to talk to her before he went over the next day.

Meanwhile, Natalia and Rafe were on Main Street, and Natalia suggested that they work together on Thanksgiving Day because the pay was triple time. She then reminisced about a time when they hadn't had much, but they had both worked at a diner to make enough and had ended up making more than anticipated, so they'd gone to the Ice Capades. That prompted Rafe to agree to work together again that year. At Towers, the manager told Alan that Natalia and Rafe would be working there. Alan thanked the manager for letting him know, with a scheming look on his face.

As Harley returned home from shopping for Thanksgiving items, Cyrus showed up and helped her with her bags. Inside, Cyrus told her he had decided to go to the dinner the next day, as a way to try to help Marina and her father be together. Then, he asked her to allow him to help prepare some food. As he helped prepare food, the two of them seemed to have a fun and flirty time. Cyrus helped to show Harley how to mix something by standing behind her and reaching around to demonstrate the mixing technique, which caused Harley to react with a flirty grin. Soon after, Cyrus took off his shirt to wash it, as Harley looked at him with eyes that showed an interest.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Title: Wishbone

Harley and the boys set a fancy table for Thanksgiving. They used construction paper turkeys as place cards for guests. As each name was placed over a plate, the scene cut to that person preparing to attend dinner. Marina begrudgingly left Cyrus at the hotel, Buzz went to the station to convince Frank to attend the meal, and Ashlee and Coop considered making Doris a doggie bag. At the mansion, Gus regretted that Natalia and Rafe would be waiting tables. Natalia wanted it that way until Gus could be sure it was his last Thanksgiving with Harley. Harley thought she was done with the place settings until the boys showed her one more: Cyrus.

Harley told the boys that Cyrus wouldn't be there as Daisy walked down to help. Suddenly, they realized they had no sweet potatoes. On Main Street, Daisy and Harley --in her apron -- found sweet potatoes. They had a heart-to-heart, and Daisy explained that she understood what Harley had gone through when Harley had been pregnant with her. She realized that people sometimes had to just do what was best. Harley became misty, but Daisy warned her about her tears. They had guests to prepare for.

Back at the house, Gus arrived. He told Harley they needed some time alone after dinner. Marina arrived with flowers for the woman who had saved Cyrus' life. She pulled Gus aside to find out why he hadn't told Harley about his proposal to Natalia yet. She warned him not to tell her that day.

Frank arrived as Buzz searched for reception on a portable TV. Marina announced to Frank and Buzz that she'd be working with Harley at the agency. Coop and Ashlee arrived. Marina and Frank had a moment alone. Frank tried to make some concessions about Cyrus. He told her that he was okay with Cyrus coming over for dinner.

Meanwhile, Alan dined at Towers and protected Natalia from snotty customers. Rafe strolled over to the manager and said that he was riding Rafe's mother too hard. The manager fired Rafe for his insolence. Rafe said that he quit. The manager tried to fire Natalia, too, but Alan intervened. He made the manager apologize to Natalia. He gave the manager money for Natalia's shift and told him that Natalia would be dining with him. Rafe left the restaurant.

Cyrus arrived at Harley's, leaving the back door open. Everyone sat down, and Buzz made a speech. In the middle of his speech, someone threw a dinner roll into the house. Gus went outside and found Rafe, apparently drunk, yelling, "Happy Thanksgiving, Dad!"

Gus learned that Rafe had quit his job. Gus and Rafe struggled with each other as Gus tried to keep him from going inside. Daisy walked out, and she wondered if Rafe wanted to be with her. Pressing against Gus, Rafe sarcastically said he wanted to be with her whole family. If it was good enough for Gus, it was good enough for him.

All the men went outside with Harley, asking what was wrong. Gus said nothing as he held onto his drunken son, who wiggled like a toddler to get out of his arms. Rafe said that what was wrong was the whole family thing. The Coopers were inside, thanking God that they had theirs, but screw anybody else. Gus took Rafe and his wine away, asking everyone to just go inside and eat. Harley sympathetically nudged Daisy to go back inside.

At dinner with Natalia, Alan continued to call Gus foolish for keeping her waiting on him to make up his mind while "some of us already have."

Back at Harley's, the table was silent. Harley said what everyone was thinking about Rafe being drunk. An argument ensued over the family and fraternizing with the "enemy" when Coop said that Rafe was Gus's family and that was whom he needed to be with. Ashlee and Marina were sensitive about the comment because of Doris and Cyrus. Frank used it as a chance to take cheap shots at Cyrus.

Harley announced it was time for Cooper-ball. In their dresses and suits, they got ready to play, but outside, it had become stormy. Harley didn't care. They'd play in the house if they had to. They put team jerseys on over their dress clothes and commenced to playing the game in Harley's living room.

Everything went well with the game until Cyrus faked Frank out by having one of the boys run with a bag of muffins. Meanwhile Cyrus took the real ball to the goal. Frank tackled the boy, and Cyrus made the touchdown. Frank slapped the ball out of Cyrus' hand, muttering, "Of course you cheated." They argued and wound up fighting. They dove, and plates shattered.

At the mansion, Gus sobered up his insolent son. Gus told Rafe that he loved him, but he couldn't turn his back on Zach and Jude. Natalia listened outside the door as Rafe told Gus he was playing both sides. Gus knew the difference between a fake family and a pretend family, which "oftentimes this is," but he said that he hadn't given up hope on "us." Natalia entered the room and accepted Gus's marriage proposal.

Meanwhile, at Harley's, Frank and Cyrus were separated. Everyone continued to argue about what a terrible day it was. Frank and Marina went in another room and argued. Daisy ran out, still upset about Rafe. Ashlee and Coop shared the wishbone and kissed. Harley took her purse and left.

Daisy called Rafe, and he met her on Main Street. They made up with each other. They both admitted they missed each other and thought about the baby. Daisy still wondered if she'd made the right choice because she felt so empty. Rafe knew that the feeling would never go away and thought maybe it shouldn't. They held each other.

At the Beacon, Ashlee and Coop said goodnight. She missed her mother. When she entered her room, Doris was there, tapping away on her laptop. Ashlee surprised her with leftovers.

At Towers, Harley had a drink of wine. Cyrus was there, having beer. He apologized for the evening. He felt that she shouldn't be there, wasting her holiday with him. Harley said that it was not a waste.

Back at Harley's, Marina picked up the broken wishbone. A montage of the characters played: Harley and Cyrus on the balcony at Towers, Natalia staring at her engagement ring with Gus beside her, Doris and Ashlee playfully picking through leftovers, the boys playing ball with Buzz, and Rafe and Daisy strolling in the rain beneath an umbrella.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, CBS Daytime opted to air episodes of The Price is Right in place of its regular daytime dramas. No new episodes were broadcast. This schedule change was accounted for, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Regular broadcasting resumed on Monday, November 26.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, CBS opted to air college football in place of its regular daytime dramas. No new episodes were broadcast. This schedule change was accounted for, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Regular broadcasting resumed on Monday, November 26.

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