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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 19, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, November 19, 2007

With the settlement check in hand, Carly made a phone call to Jack, who was at the farm. He hung up on her. Parker witnessed it, and Jack apologized. However, Parker said that he understood.

Brad entered the kitchen, and Jack commented that he hadn't returned the previous night. Brad wanted to know what business it was of Jack's. Jack wanted to know if Brad had spent the night at Katie's, and Brad said that he had; someone had needed to. Jack accused Brad of taking advantage of Katie while she was vulnerable, and Brad was angry that his brother assumed he hadn't just been a friend to Katie. Emma broke up the growing argument and sent Jack to the barn. Emma asked Brad why he couldn't get along with Jack, but he said that Jack was just angry at himself. Emma asked Brad why he was still in Oakdale.

Jack entered and inquired if Brad planned on leaving town. Emma left to help Parker with his suit, and Jack and Brad continued their banter. Brad told Jack that he'd given up his right to be Katie's protector when he'd left her to marry someone else and that Katie needed him to be her friend. Jack scoffed at that, but Brad told him that he wasn't conning her, and, in fact, she'd asked him to stay the night. Brad said that if Jack had been up-front with Katie, it wouldn't have happened. Brad accused Jack of using Katie to get back at Carly for hurting him and said that as soon as Carly had gotten sick, he'd run right back to her -- where he'd wanted to be.

Jack and Parker were dressed in their suits to see the judge for the adoption. As they started to leave, Emma inquired if Carly would be there, but Jack said no.

Carly paced, wondering what to do next, and got an idea; she looked in the yellow pages for Katie's number. She started to leave, but Gwen showed up. Carly told her sister that she was leaving to see Katie to give her the settlement check to somehow make up for what she'd done. Gwen said that was the stupidest thing she could do and that Carly couldn't just pay Katie off. Carly insisted that was not what she was trying to do. Gwen said that Carly just needed to leave Jack and Katie alone.

At Al's, Henry and Vienna commiserated with Katie over the happenings with Jack and Carly. Vienna insisted that Jack was free to be with her, but Katie didn't think so. She told them that it was over for her and Jack. They wanted to know why. Carly mentioned Brad. Vienna and Henry were upset, but Katie assured them that she hadn't slept with him. She tried to tell them that Brad had changed, but they weren't buying it. Katie told them that Brad had been good to her and that she was in control.

Gwen and Carly were outside Al's. Gwen left Carly to go talk to Henry. Katie saw Carly outside, and Henry and Vienna immediately told Carly that she couldn't enter. Katie told them to back off. Carly told Katie about the settlement check and said that she wanted Katie and Jack to have it. She handed the check to Katie, but it was rejected. Katie said to keep her money, since she had earned it. Carly said that she hadn't expected Katie to understand.

Katie told Carly that since Carly had returned to Oakdale, she hadn't been able to stand that Katie and Jack were happy together. Carly disputed that she had ever intended to use her illness against Katie, but Katie ended the conversation. She thanked Carly for taking Jack back because it would have happened sooner or later -- and she added that Carly was the worst thing to ever happen to him, because she would never leave him alone. Katie said that because of that, Jack would likely never be happy.

Inside Al's, Gwen asked Henry if Maddie would be home for Thanksgiving, but Henry said no. She told him that she wanted to share with Maddie the news that she and Will were adopting a baby. Henry was happy at the news but wanted to know why Gwen didn't look happy about it.

Later, Carly told Gwen that she didn't want the money and wanted to give it to someone that didn't hate her; she then got an idea.

Katie called Brad after her encounter with Carly and wanted to know if they could do a story for WOAK at Al's. He happily agreed. They planned to meet at WOAK first then go to the diner.

At WOAK Brad was working on the story before heading to Al's. Carly approached him and asked for a favor; he was less than enthusiastic. She reminded him that he owed her, so he'd better help. She gave him the settlement check and told him to give it to Jack for him and the kids. Brad wanted to know how she expected Jack to accept the check, but Carly told him to lie. Brad said that yes, he knew she was lying to Jack, but he was done doing favors for her. He left for Al's.

Katie arrived at WOAK. During the sound check, she heard Brad and Carly's conversation; they apparently had been near a microphone, and it had been recorded. She realized that Brad had known all along that Carly wasn't sick.

Back at Al's, Vienna gave Brad the cold shoulder and told him that she knew he was lying about what had happened between him and Katie, but he assured her that his days of lying were over.

In Old Town, after finalizing the adoption, Jack told Parker how much it meant to him that Parker was officially his son. He gave Parker a jacket with Snyder embroidered on it. Parker thanked him and called him Dad. Parker said that he knew Jack still loved Katie, but then they ran into Carly. Parker told her that they had just met with the judge. Carly wanted to know why she hadn't been told, and Parker said it was because he hadn't wanted her there. She angrily told Jack that she'd had a right to be there, but Jack told her it had been Parker's decision. They left Carly standing there.

At the Lakeview, Aaron and Cole argued about giving Sofie's baby up for adoption. Aaron said that Sofie wanted an open adoption, so that was what they should do. Cole countered that if they started all over again, she would just endure more pain, and he wanted to spare her. He told Aaron to leave them alone.

In the lobby, Sofie told Gwen that things hadn't gone as planned. She started to explain, but Gwen stopped her and said that she didn't have to explain, since it was her decision. Sofie started to explain the situation, but Cole angrily interrupted. Gwen covered and said that she had just been congratulating Sofie on Sofie and Cole getting back together. Gwen left.

Cole apologized to Sofie for his attitude and tried to smooth things over. He told her that after she gave the baby away, they were going to move to L.A. Sofie was taken aback by that. She wanted to know how, if they couldn't afford to keep their baby, they could afford to move to L.A. Cole said that his mom had given them money for the move. He wanted to go home and make love, but she told him it was not good for the baby. Cole angrily left.

In Old Town, Aaron ran into Alison. She asked him why he was so angry. He confided in her about Holden and Lily getting divorced. They had a nice talk, and he told her that she made him feel better. Aaron left to get cider for them. She put her purse on the bench as she threw away her trash. Cole picked it up. Alison protested, but he told her that not every guy was as nice as he was. He gave her the purse and asked her to have a drink with him; Aaron walked around the corner in time to hear her turn Cole down.

Cole left and Aaron told Alison that she had just met Cole. Alison was astonished. Aaron suddenly got an idea to use Alison as a lure so they could find out what Cole was up to, but Alison was appalled. Hurt, she told him that he was once again reminding her about the things she'd done and said to just leave her alone. Cole approached and saw Alison there, alone and upset. He asked her again for a drink; at first, she declines but then accepted. They left together.

At a bar, Alison and Cole were doing shots. She left the table to get another round; the bartender filled her shot with water. She went back to the table, and Cole told her that he was moving to L.A. soon. She asked him how he could just pick up and go. She asked if he had any commitments in Oakdale. He told her he had none. He asked about her, wondering if she wanted to go on a road trip.

Back at the Lakeview, Iris saw Sofie alone at the bar. Sofie thanked her for the money that she thought Iris had given her and Cole so they could move to L.A. Iris was briefly taken aback but caught herself and gushed about what a wonderful mother she was to help her children out. Iris abruptly left. Aaron arrived. Sofie told him that she knew he didn't like Cole, but she was sure that Cole was changing and would do the right thing for her and the baby. She left. Alison arrived, and much to Aaron's surprise, she told him that he was right: Cole was up to no good.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Holden caught Lily getting out of the elevator after spending the night with Dusty. Lily told Holden she'd slept with Dusty, but he hid his hurt and wanted to go over the separation papers. Lily and Holden waited and worried then shared a warm moment over Luke, but awkwardness resumed when Lily mentioned Thanksgiving. Holden invited Lily to the Snyder Thanksgiving, but the moment was shattered when she received flowers from Dusty.

Luke was frustrated at not being able to feel his legs again. Noah called Luke his boyfriend. Dallas asked Noah if he wanted to see his father before Winston went to prison. When Winston misunderstood Noah's visit, Luke appeared and set him straight. Luke stood up out of his wheelchair and declared his love for Noah. Noah said his peace to his father.

Meg told Paul the baby was not his. She confessed her anguish to Paul, who covered his own feelings of loss. Paul insisted that he would never leave Rosanna. Rosanna dreamed about Paul returning to her, then woke from her coma. Later, the sight of a baby hit Paul hard.

Craig learned that Meg had had a DNA test, and he realized she'd slept with Paul. Meg confessed to Craig that she'd slept with Paul but vowed her future was with Craig. Craig was not sure he could live with that and sent a mysterious text message. Craig confronted Paul, but it was Paul who got in the last word. Later, Paul begged Rosanna to return and save him, and she woke up.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

After learning that Brad had known about Carly's lies, Katie arrived at Al's to film the show about Thanksgiving. Kim and Henry greeted her, and Brad surprised her. After they filmed a promo for their show, Katie lit into Brad, blaming him for not telling the truth and for watching her marriage to Jack end without stepping up and telling everyone what he'd known. Brad admitted to knowing and explained that he hadn't been able to change Carly's mind, but Katie continued to blame him for not speaking out.

As Brad and Katie filmed another promo, Katie poured mashed potatoes and gravy on Brad's head. When Kim yelled, "Cut," Vienna handed Brad a mop and bucket and told him to clean it up. Brad continued to apologize to Katie and promised to never hurt her again, as he accidentally spilled water all over her, sending her off to get changed.

Carly dreamed about her ideal Thanksgiving Day with the kids and Jack as she was jolted back to reality by the microwave alarm ringing. She checked to make sure it was just a dream, and when she realized it was, she started calling Paul and Gwen to look for a place to spend her holiday. When she figured out that she was alone, she dug into her frozen turkey dinner but was stopped when there was a knock at the door. Thinking it was Jack, she rushed to the door but found Brad instead. Brad explained to Carly what had happened at Al's and that Katie hated him. Brad thanked Carly for dragging him into her drama and for ruining any chance he had ever had with Katie. He stormed out.

Meanwhile, Katie had returned to her hotel room to change, and as she did, someone persistently knocked on her door. Assuming it was Brad, she yelled that she didn't forgive him, but when the knocking continued, she answered it and was surprised to find Jack. Katie explained that her wrath had been directed at Brad, and Jack questioned what had happened. Jack learned that Brad had known about Carly, and he told Katie he was sorry. He asked her to go to the farm for dinner, but Katie said no and sent Jack on his way. Alone in her room, she began to cry, and Jack heard her.

Evan arrived at Al's and warned Chris that Bob was looking for him. Bob confronted Chris about finding Evan in a lab at the hospital and questioned why Chris had given him permission to do so after Bob had explicitly told him not to. Bob and Chris argued over Evan being at the lab, and once again, Chris threatened to leave if Bob didn't take him seriously. Bob said that was his choice, and Emily and Chris left. Bob asked Kim what had gotten into Chris, and Kim said she believed it was Emily.

Chris and Emily headed back to the Lakeview, where Chris explained that he was surprised that his father didn't trust him. He then left to make a call to Evan. When Emily was alone, Dusty walked in and asked her if everything was okay. Emily told Dusty he shouldn't be alone on Thanksgiving. He explained that he wouldn't be alone, since he was meeting Lily later.

As Meg helped Emma with Thanksgiving dinner, she cut herself and admitted to being nervous and distracted. Emma counseled Meg to move back home and let her family take care of her and the baby, but Meg said she wanted to try to make it work with Craig. Emma tried to caution her daughter about Craig, but Meg reassured her that everything would be fine. Luke and Noah arrived in the kitchen, and Emma invited Noah to stay and help with the Hubbard squash. Jack, Holden, and the kids arrived with the squash and got ready for Thanksgiving with their family.

Outside, Lily called Dusty to thank him for the flowers, and after seeing Emily with Chris, he asked Lily if she could meet him later. Holden overheard Lily agreeing to try to meet Dusty later, and he watched her go inside without saying a word. Jack walked out and asked Holden how he was, and the two shared their misery about the women they were losing. Jack explained that Brad was watching after Katie, and Holden encouraged him to talk to Katie. Jack headed out to talk to Katie as Lily stepped out to talk to Holden. She asked if dinner was going to be late, and when Holden asked if she had someplace to be, she answered yes.

Craig sat by the river and imagined Meg telling him that Paul was right and that she and her baby would never love him. He turned to grab Meg and the baby, but returned to reality when he tried to grab a blanket from a homeless woman.

After talking with her mom, Meg saw the text message Craig had sent to Paul, asking Paul to meet him at the bridge. She ran out. When she found Craig sitting alone by the water, she learned that Paul had been there, but he had gone back to be with Rosanna and that he'd left the message for her to find so she would rush to save Paul. She explained that she wasn't there to help Paul but to make sure the father of her baby was okay. Craig said he didn't trust her, and Meg explained that she wanted to make a family for their baby.

Brad arrived at the farm and got ready to enjoy dinner. The family was overjoyed when Luke got himself into his chair with no help, and Lily and Holden shared a happy moment. A few minutes later, Jack arrived at the farm and asked to talk to Brad outside. He confronted him about knowing about Carly then punched his brother. The two argued then got into a full-out brawl that J.J. and Parker viewed happily. When the fight was broken up, the two went inside and apologized to the family.

Feeling bad for Brad, Carly sought out Katie and told her to hate Carly all she wanted but to stop blaming Brad. She explained to Katie that Brad had been caring, not manipulative, and had been there for her when she'd thought she'd been dying. She went on to explain to Katie that Brad genuinely cared for her and that he had been a good friend to both women throughout the entire ordeal. She left Katie to think about everything and headed for home.

After her talk with Carly, Katie headed out to the farm. When Jack said he was happy to see her, she burst his bubble by asking to go for a walk with Brad. The two went to Old Town, and Katie told Brad that she wasn't mad at him anymore.

When Carly returned home, she found a stinky denim jacket on her couch and threatened the intruder. She was shocked and angered when Kit emerged from her bathroom. Kit explained that she'd gotten a suspended sentence and that she had gone to see Carly and make amends. Carly was skeptical of Kit's apology and demanded Kit leave.

Kit made a speech about people not being able to forgive and how mistakes caused loneliness. Kit's remarks made an impact on Carly, who asked her to stay for dinner. Instead, the two headed out to Yo's, where Kit explained that she'd arrived in town to buy Metro but didn't have the money. Carly offered her check to get the club up and running, and the two agreed to go into business together.

Lily left her family and headed out to meet Dusty. She showed up at the bar and kissed him in front of a surprised Emily. Chris returned, and Emily took him upstairs as Dusty looked on. Lily questioned Dusty about his feelings for Emily, and he simply replied, "That's over." Dusty, in turn, asked Lily about her marriage, and she explained that was over, as well. The two headed up to Dusty's room.

Later, Meg returned to the farm, followed by Craig, who told her he wanted another chance at a family with her and their baby. He explained that he loved her and hoped that by being a good father, maybe someday she would love him the way he loved her. The only thing Craig asked was that Meg be really committed to him. The two went inside to join the family for the rest of dinner.

Inside, Jack and Sage discussed wishes with the wishbone, but Jack's attention was focused on Katie talking outside with Brad. As Sage, Faith, and Natalie sang a Thanksgiving song, Jack headed out and asked what was going on between Brad and Katie. He learned that Katie had forgiven Brad. He stared as she walked away.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, CBS Daytime opted to air episodes of The Price is Right in place of its regular daytime dramas. No new episodes were broadcast. This schedule change was accounted for, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Regular broadcasting resumed on Monday, November 26.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, CBS opted to air college football in place of its regular daytime dramas. No new episodes were broadcast. This schedule change was accounted for, and there were no "lost" episodes as a result of the programming change.

Regular broadcasting resumed on Monday, November 26.

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