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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 12, 2007 on ATWT
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Monday, November 12, 2007

Katie overhears Jack tell Carly he loves her. Later, Jack covers his upset when JJ figures that Brad is with Katie. Despite Lily's admonitions, Carly prepares to walk down the aisle and takes her place next to Jack. Meanwhile, when Brad infers Carly may play that she's not dying post-wedding, Katie fears she may have made a mistake by not warning Jack. Katie arrives at the church with Brad, and then stops as Brad submits that Jack may really love Carly. Katie asks Brad not to leave and they come close to a kiss. Jack professes his love for Carly, and she, in turn, confesses she's not dying. Everyone rushes forward to hug her. Carly's basking in the glow until Rosanna's innocent question prompts Jack to ask how long she's known. Carly admits she's known the truth for a while. Jack doesn't want Carly to touch him and realizes Carly's plan. Carly tells Jack it was he who made her want to tell the truth and asks for one more chance. Meanwhile, Lily refuses to be taken to task by Holden for keeping Carly's secret. Paul refuses to participate in Meg's quest to determine paternity of her baby – the aftermath of which is witnessed by Craig. Craig wants to know what Paul did to upset her, but Meg covers. Paul grudgingly gives Meg hair and she delivers the DNA samples to the lab tech as Fellows watches. Rosanna gets a call from Fellows about the samples.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jack declares that the last thing he feels towards Carly is love. Carly insists that Jack made love to her in Montana because he loves her. Jack says Carly's love destroys everything, and walks out on her. Brad arrives as Parker tears into Carly. Brad thanks Carly for not telling Jack he knew about her misdiagnosis. Jack wishes he never had to see Carly again. Katie apologizes to Brad for almost kissing him, stating that they're friends only. Jack finds Brad with Katie. Katie reveals to Jack that she knew about Carly's lies and insists that he can't come back to her just because Carly isn't dying. Jack apologizes to Katie for ruining their relationship. Katie goes into Brad's arms and asks Brad to spend the night. Cole tells Sofie he's found a lawyer to handle the adoption. Sofie and Cole meet with the lawyer but Sofie isn't sure she can go through with the adoption. Cole tells Sofie she has to choose between him and the baby and she agrees to the adoption. Later, Sofie confides in Aaron that she and Cole are giving the baby up for adoption. Meanwhile, Barbara announces to Will and Gwen that she's found them a baby. Gwen gets nervous when Will calls her "Mom," but Will maintains this adoption will happen. Meanwhile, Barbara pays off Cole and Iris.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lily and Holden arrive at the farm and prepare to tell the kids that they are getting divorced. Inside the kids wait anxiously to find out what will become of their family. Holden explains to the kids that since their problems aren't getting any better they are getting divorced and Faith immediately asks if it is Lily's fault. Holden explains that the problems in the marriage are both his and Lily's and that they will continue to work together to be good parents. Faith doesn't believe what her parents are saying and accuses Lily of wanting to move in with Dusty once she and Holden are apart. A shocked Lily tells Faith that this divorce has nothing to do with Dusty, but Faith angry replies that she has heard her parent's arguments and knows that this divorce has a lot to do with Lily choosing Dusty over Holden. Faith storms out and Lily follows her. She explains that she never wanted this and that she hopes there is still a chance for her and Holden to reunite. Holden checks on Luke before heading out to meet with Bonnie to finalize the divorce.

At the police station, Bonnie talks to Dallas about if there are any clients at the station for her to work with. Dallas tells his cousin that he isn't going to help the criminals of Oakdale by giving them Bonnie's number. Noah arrives at the station and learns that they have a package from his mother. Noah is shocked since Cheri is dead and Dallas explains that he believes the package has her personal effects in it from his aunt in Memphis. Bonnie introduces herself to Noah and offers to help him if he ever needs a lawyer. Dallas brings Noah the box and convinces Noah to take it and open it so he can learn about his mother.

Noah takes the box out to the farm so that he can be with Luke when he opens it. He finds letters from his mom that his father sent back to her. Noah opens the letters and reads them to Luke and learns that Cheri regretted leaving him with his father. Luke tries to comfort Noah and talk to him about his mom, but they decide to focus on Luke's physical therapy. When they are done Luke discovers his legs feel sore.

Dusty gets a call from Emily who asks if they can meet at the Lakeview lounge and start over. Since Dusty was already at the Lakeview he walks in and Emily asks Dusty to buy her out of the paper. Dusty refuses to buy Emily out and warns Emily she shouldn't let sleeping with Chris ruin her career. Emily lashes out at Dusty and says that she can't work with him anymore and wants distance from him. Dusty tells Emily that she is the one with a problem and she is just selling the paper to get away from the passion they share. Emily explains that she can't be with him because all she sees when she is with him is the woman who held him hostage and became a call girl. She goes on to say that Chris helps her to see a positive future and not relive her past mistakes. Dusty tries to convince Emily he is what she really wants, but she denies needing him. When Dusty refuses to buy her out of the paper, Emily tells him she will get it done one way or another.

Holden finds Bonnie at the station and gets the paper work from her to formalize the divorce. Holden begins to cry as he sees the papers before him when he realizes that these papers will change his kid's lives forever. Bonnie encourages Holden to give it time before he signs the papers, but he reasons that he doesn't think Lily can change and he will just end back here again. The two decide to get some fresh air in Old Town where Bonnie reveals her own sadness over her divorce with Isaac. Holden realizes he can't put off the divorce and signs the paper. Bonnie comforts Holden with a hug just as Lily walks by and sees the two. She rushes off unseen and heads for the Lakeview lounge where she bumps into Dusty and she tells him about seeing Holden with someone. Dusty tells Lily that he is threw with Emily and the two leave the bar and head out together.

In Old Town, Meg phones her doctor for a follow up and realizes that she is being followed. Rosanna's private investigator phones Rosanna and tells her that Meg has figured out he is watching her and tells her he will be at her house soon to discuss the case. Paul walks in and hugs his wife who tells him she has a headache. Paul becomes worried and asks his wife to see a doctor; Rosanna refuses and sends Paul out to get her some medicine giving her time to meet with the P.I.

Meg, believing that Craig is the one who is having her followed, confronts Craig and tells him to stop having her watched. A confused Craig explains to Meg that he has not hired anyone to watch her. Craig becomes alarmed by Meg's assertion that she is being followed and insists on getting their security to look into it. Meg realizes that Craig is not the one watching her and admits she may be paranoid and tells him not to worry. She tells Craig she is heading off to a prenatal exercise class and he immediately heads out to see Rosanna. Craig accuses Rosanna of spying on Meg and questions why she is so interested in Meg's comings and goings. Rosanna explains her suspicions to Craig who tells her to back off and let him take care of his wife. Rosanna receives a visit from the investigator who she fires, but before he goes he plays her a recording of Meg telling Paul that she is going to the hospital to get the D.N.A. test done and he may want to be there. Rosanna says they are finished and tells him she will handle everything from now on.

Paul returns with Rosanna's medicine and tells her he has to run out to meet with the wedding photographer, but she knows he is going to meet Meg at her doctor's appointment. She runs out after Paul has left. Meg arrives at the doctors and as she waits Paul gets there to be with her for the test. Paul asks Meg about the test and expresses concern over whether or not the baby will be harmed. Meg reassures him that everything will be fine and that she must do this to prove to him that she is carrying his baby. Meg leaves to go to the doctor and Paul turns around to see Rosanna. She questions why he lied to her and angrily tells him she knows about Meg and then she collapses. Paul tries to revive her, but she doesn't wake up as the medical staff rushes her to a room for help. The staff is unable to wake Rosanna and when they are alone for a minute Paul asks her to wake up. As Meg finishes her test she reminds the doctor to keep her test results confidential. Craig sees Meg and asks what she is doing back at the hospital.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Unconscious Rosanna is stuck in a nightmare state. Paul calls the specialist who brought Rosanna back from the coma. Meg asks Eli to keep the DNA tests confidential. Craig and Lucinda come to blows. Rosanna's eyes are closed, but she is stirring. Eli tells Meg the preliminary DNA tests are almost in. Hearing this, Rosanna's eyes open. Jack wants the kids to live with him and the farm, but Carly won't allow it. Sage is too upset to go back to the farm and Jack lets her stay with her mother for a little while. When she can't find Sage, Carly calls Jack and the two find a ransom clearly written by Sage. They go looking for her. Dusty takes Lily to Mabel's, their old hangout. Dusty and Lily start to dance and reminsce all the while she's thinking of Holden. Lily and Dusty get swept up in their memories, and a kiss leads to them to make love. Meanwhile, Bonnie wants to cheer Holden up. Dallas thinks it's too early for Bonnie to put the moves on Holden. Holden calls Lily about the separation papers. But when he gets the answering machine, he doesn't leave her a message.

Friday, November 16, 2007

At Carly's house, Jack calls Dallas to tell him about Sage's disappearance and to ask for his help in locating her. Dallas calls back in a few minutes to say they've had a report of a young girl being in an accident, and Jack decides to go to the station; Carly insists on going with him. When they get there, Dallas insinuates to Carly that Sage is too young to have concocted such a sophisticated way of getting attention (faking a kidnapping), but before Carly can respond, he gets a phone call and tells Carly and Jack that the little girl in the accident has been identified and is not Sage; he also tells Carly, in response to her question, that the little girl will be okay. Carly and Jack leave to go look in the barn at the Snyder farm, but they don't find Sage there either. They return to Carly's house, where Jack embraces a worried Carly and tells her they'll get their daughter back. Sage peeks out from the staircase and shows herself to them. When they ask where she's been, she says she went to a neighbor's tree house but came back when it got cold. They ask her why she pretended she had been kidnapped, and she said she did it to get them back together again, and she hopes it worked since they were hugging each other. Carly tells Sage she can't worry people to try to trick them into doing what she wants, and then she says she knows she's done bad things, but she and Sage both need to promise to never again trick anyone they love to try to make them do something. Jack tells Sage to go get her overnight bag. While she's gone, Carly says she knows Jack wants to accuse her of setting a bad example for her kids and making Sage a "mini me," thereby justifying his decision to take the kids away from her, and Jack doesn't disagree. Sage comes down, hugs her mom, and leaves with Jack. Carly goes to her desk, puts away the picture of herself and Jack that's been standing on it, and finds the check the malpractice attorney gave her. At the farm, Sage asks Jack if he still loves her, even though she did such a bad thing; he says he'll always love her and that's why he was so worried. She asks if that means he still loves her mom, since he was so worried about her; Jack says he and Carly can't be together anymore, and he thought she understood that. Sage says she does, but she doesn't like it; Jack tells her she's old enough to learn that life isn't always the way you'd like it to be.

Meg runs into Paul at the hospital, and he tells her about Rosanna's collapse and relapse into the coma. Meg offers her sympathy and then asks if Paul will come with her to get the DNA results on her baby. Paul refuses, saying he doesn't want anything to do with her now. Meanwhile, Rosanna has awakened and has snuck out of her hospital room and gone to the stairwell, where Meg has also gone and has run into Craig. Seeing Craig and Meg, Rosanna hides, listening while Meg tells Craig what happened to Rosanna. Craig and Meg eventually leave, and Rosanna makes her way to Eli's office, where she hopes to find the results of Meg's DNA test. She looks at Eli's e-mail and finds one that states that the "husband" sample has been ruled out as being the father of Meg's baby but the "other" sample cannot be ruled out and shares all paternal markers, meaning Paul is the father. After a minute or two, she makes her way back to her hospital room, where Paul finds her sitting up in bed and begins asking her if she's okay and if she knows what happened and if she can remember how long she's been awake; while he's questioning her, she again becomes unconscious.

Meg and Craig run into Eli on their way out, and Meg quickly invents a cover story for Craig about her and Eli being former teammates on the hospital softball team, saying Eli has pictures he wants to show her. Craig wants to come see pictures of baseball Meg, but Meg tries hard to squelch that plan, and ultimately, she suggests he go find Bob Hughes, like he planned on doing. Craig acts as though he is leaving but actually follows Meg and Eli. Behind the closed door, he can't hear what they're discussing, but Eli finds a report and tells Meg the DNA results have apparently ruled out the "other" sample and point to the "husband" sample as being the father of her child. Meg is crushed to hear this news. She walks out, and Eli follows, telling her he's there for her if she needs him; she hugs him, and Craig sees them together.

Will puts together a baby crib, and Gwen becomes angry with him for doing so. Will says it won't jinx anything, and he's trying to think positive, since it appears they'll be able to adopt a baby soon. Gwen insists she'll feel better if she gets to meet the baby's mother, so Will calls Barbara and asks her to come over. Barbara tells Gwen the mother might want a closed adoption, and she points out it might be easier on everyone involved. Meanwhile, Sofie gets Aaron to loan her his laptop at the Lakeview so she can try to do some research on the adoptive parents of her baby; she is unable to find anything at all on the couple on the Internet and finds that odd. Cole comes in and tells her that he'll go talk to their lawyer and get more information for her, and when she excuses herself momentarily, he tells Aaron to stop trying to help Sofie with this because it will only make things worse for her. He leaves, but he goes to meet Iris at the diner, where he fills her in on the problem. Iris calls Barbara and gets her to come meet them, where Barbara says they'll simply tell Gwen that the adoptive mother insists on a closed adoption and tell Sofie that the adoptive parents insist on one. Cole leaves to go tell Sofie this "news," and he talks her into continuing with the adoption. Meanwhile, Gwen tells Will she will go along with a closed adoption if it's the only way to go, and she leaves to go pick up her paycheck at the Lakeview. While there, she runs into Sofie, who's been crying, and asks her if everything is okay. Sofie blasts her for judging her and Cole and says Gwen doesn't know anything about what's really going on with her and the baby.


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