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Passions Recaps: The week of November 12, 2007 on PS
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Monday, November 12, 2007

Noah and Paloma enjoy a romantic evening at the Blue Note.

Luis uses a new computer data base to match Marty's DNA and has found a lead, but not before encountering a small glitch, but it's now fixed, so they now have a lead on Marty. He has been tracked to a hospital in Portsmouth, NH, but he is under an assumed name. Sheridan questions why Marty is in a hospital, and Luis thinks that he must have been admitted to the emergency room. Luis finds out that Marty showed up at the emergency room, and it appears as if he had been beaten. He was later released in Alistair's custody, who claims that he is Marty's grandfather. Sheridan is worried out of her mind for Marty. Luis can't help but wonder if Alistair is feeding them false information, but Sheridan doesn't seem to think so. Luis thinks that Spike may have told Alistair. The telephone rings out of the blue, just like that, and the person claims to have information on Marty and that he knows Marty‘s exact whereabouts.

Tabitha focuses on her goals. She knows that she has to spread evil in order to get Endora back. Her next move is to target Gwen and Theresa. While Gwen and Theresa are arguing, Ethan walks up and asks what's going on. Meanwhile, Rebecca is on the phone calling in her threat on Pilar. She calls a white haired woman in Mexico who Pilar fears. She promises the woman to give her Pilar's whereabouts so that she can kill Pilar's entire family. As soon as Rebecca is about to name the exact location, her phone connection started to break up, so all the woman knows is that Pilar is in New England. Gwen tells Ethan that Theresa is pressing her to give her ok so that he can leave and spend sports day with Little Ethan (LE). Theresa tries to appear as if her request of Gwen is not a selfish act, and Ethan tells her straight out that he is not about to leave Jonathan's side in order to go to sports day with LE. Theresa mumbles to herself that LE is Ethan's son. Ethan tells her that he doesn't understand why she would even revisit this topic after he had already told LE that he was not able to make it, and she was also in the room at the time. Tabitha overhears every single word and realizes how she will bring pain to them. She transforms into a fortune teller and decides to target Theresa. Tabitha bumps into her on purpose, and Theresa recognizes her. She asks Tabitha, who is dressed as a fortune teller, to read her fortune. Tabitha doesn't agree right away, but she eventually agrees to do it, and her plan is to make sure that Theresa makes even bigger mistakes than she has made in the past. Back on the other side of the hospital, Ethan leaves to go check on Jonathan while Rebecca fills Gwen in on her antics. She tells Gwen what she did to Pilar, and Gwen is worried sick that Pilar's entire family will be killed. Meanwhile, the white haired woman fields some call to track down Pilar, and she orders a hit on Pilar and her entire family. Back at the hospital, Gwen tells Rebecca that she only wanted to scare Pilar and that she did not expect Rebecca to go though with the threat. In addition, she tells Rebecca to call the white haired woman and tell her that she made a mistake, and Rebecca promises to try but not without putting up a fight with Gwen. Ethan walks in and ask Gwen what is going on. Back in Mexico, the white haired woman is intent on tracking Pilar down in order to kill her and her entire family. Back at the hospital, Tabitha hopes that the evil she will plant in Theresa's head will help to ransom Endora from the dark side. Theresa asks the fortune teller to show her a way to stop Gwen from taking Ethan from her. Tabitha, the fortune teller, tells Theresa that she will lose Ethan forever, but that is just to throw Theresa off. She tells Theresa about an anti love potion that will stop Gwen from loving Ethan, and he will instead love Theresa forever. It turns out that the love potion is poisonous.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sheridan and Luis get a call from a shadowy figure (Vincent?), who says that he can find Marty, but that the price will be very high. Sheridan and Luis bicker, but eventually Luis gives in and asks what the price will be. The blackmailer asks to speak to Luis alone and tells him that the price is his life. Luis must decide between his life and Marty's.

Pilar is in the confessional beating her breast and bemoaning her sins, though she never actually says what she did to bring down such wrath that if she is exposed her whole family will be killed. Unbeknownst to her, Rebecca has already spilled the beans to Pilar's enemy in an attempt to get Theresa out of the way. Gwen is furious with Rebecca and demands that she stop the assassin from coming after Pilar because she is worried about karma. When Jonathon takes a turn for the worse, she is convinced it is karma and insists that Rebecca do whatever it takes to protect Pilar's family. Meanwhile an Hispanic woman with silver blond hair (or a wig knows that Pilar is in New England, thanks to Rebecca's previous phone call. She is filled with hate and venom for Pilar and alternately stabs and shoots holes in pictures of Pilar, all the while vowing to kill Pillar and her whole family. Rebecca succeeds in leaving a phone message telling the silver-haired woman that she was mistaken about Pilar, that it is a different Pilar, guaranteeing that the blond woman will come after Pilar.

While Gwen and Ethan stay by Jonathon's bedside, Theresa encounters Tabitha disguised as a gypsy fortuneteller with a southern accent. As the fortuneteller, Tabitha gives Theresa an "anti-love" potion, which she says will make Gwen lose interest in Ethan. This seems like the answer to Theresa's prayers. She takes it and plans to put it in Gwen's drink. In reality it is a powerful poison. Tabitha wants Gwen to die so that Endora can be returned to her. Theresa succeeds in getting the potion into Gwen's tea, but when Gwen starts choking and gasping for air, Theresa is stunned by what she has done.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Eve drowns her sorrows at the Blue Note as Julian tries everything he can think of to turn her self-destructive behavior around. Eve still refuses to believe Vincent is dead and warns Julian that he's next on their son's list!

Spike once again tries to close the deal with Esme, unaware of the looming danger to any man who becomes intimate with her. When he moves off to take a call, a mysterious figure wielding a knife threatens to end Spike's reign of terror for good!

Theresa is guilt-stricken when the anti-love potion she slips Gwen turns out to be poison! As doctors desperately try to rescue Gwen, Tabitha gleefully watches the evil she's spread, knowing the Dark Side will be pleased. Rebecca points her finger at Theresa and accuses her of trying to kill Gwen! When Sam finds the bottle of poison with the assailant's fingerprints on it, Theresa panics, knowing she's caught.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

As Gwen fights for her life against the effects of the poison, Ethan is rocked by Theresa's confession that she is behind Gwen's struggle with death. Ethan is torn between his love for Theresa and his fear for the life of the mother of his son, but he stands by Theresa. Tabitha watches from the side, eager for another opportunity to spread evil. Finally, the doctor is able to stabilize Gwen and she slowly regains consciousness. Ethan turns his attention back to Theresa, searching for an explanation -- why would she poison Gwen? An emotional Theresa tells Ethan and Sam about the fortune teller, hoping that they will believe her. Ethan and Sam share a laugh at Theresa's outlandish story, saying they know Theresa would never do such a thing with malice and is sure Gwen is just having a reaction to something she ate. But Theresa's relief is short-lived as the doctor returns with the test results... both the bottle they found and Gwen's cup are positive for poison. Theresa is guilty after all!

A groggy and pained Gwen quizzes Rebecca, wanting to make sure Rebecca has called off the threat to the Lopez-Fitzgeralds. Rebecca is evasive, believing that she has done everything she could to reach the woman in Mexico and stop the threat. Gwen reacts fearfully, not wanting the blood of an entire family on her hands. Meanwhile, Gwen's fears may be realized when we see the mysterious, menacing white-haired woman in Mexico, driven to get her revenge on Pilar and her family.

An emotional Eve has visions of Vincent as she cleans out her office. Her alcohol and pill consumption cause her to fluctuate between reality and fantasy, unable to tell the difference anymore. As Eve continues to lament what she has lost in her life, how Vincent has done damage to an innocent child, someone watches her from the shadows...

At the Blue Note, a drunken Esme and Julian grow closer, flirting like the professionals they are. Esme sees some potential is this rich, recently spurned older man...

Friday, November 16, 2007

Passions no longer airs on Fridays. The show airs Monday through Thursday, with catch-me-up marathons on the weekends.

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