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Monday, January 7, 2008

Ryan fell to the ground after being shot in the head by Hannah. Kendall, Zach, Greenlee, Aidan, and Babe rushed to Ryan's side as blood gushed from his head. Ryan faintly whispered that Kendall was the real target. Then, Ryan passed out and was quickly rushed to the hospital. Zach, Kendall, and Babe went to the hospital as well.

Babe immediately went to the psych ward to find Annie. Meanwhile, Richie was about to follow through with his diabolical plan to have Annie stab him when the doctor entered. The doctor announced that Richie was a possible candidate for a bone marrow transplant. Richie and Annie looked stunned. Annie asked what Richie's chances were with the transplant. The doctor believed that Richie had a 20% chance of survival, if he found a suitable donor. The doctor then urged Annie to get tested because siblings were often a match. Annie looked hesitant as Richie explained that he and his sister were not close. Then, Babe entered and told Annie that Ryan was shot. After Annie ran off, Richie told Babe about his new prognosis. Babe was happy to hear the news, but Richie was still skeptical. Richie broke into tears as he explained that he could not get his hopes up. Babe assured Richie that Annie would save his life, if she could. Richie was not sure because of the terrible things he did to Annie. Babe then admitted that she kidnapped Miranda. Babe believed that if she could be forgiven then Richie could be forgiven too. Richie felt better and kissed Babe. Babe looked uncomfortable and said she had to leave. Then, Richie threw away his knife.

Joe worked on saving Ryan's life, while Zach, Kendall, and Annie anxiously waited. Finally, Joe announced that Ryan would be fine. Ryan was lucky because the bullet only grazed his skull. Everyone was relieved. Annie then went to see Ryan. Ryan was groggy, but reassured his wife that he was ok. Then, Zach and Kendall entered. They both thanked Ryan for saving Kendall's life.

Greenlee wanted to go to the hospital, but Aidan would not let her. Aidan demanded that Greenlee get rest. Then, they received a phone call saying that Ryan pulled through, so Greenlee finally agreed to rest. Then suddenly, Greenlee heard a noise and called out for Zach. Afterwards, Greenlee felt embarrassed over the slip up. Aidan thought it was natural for Greenlee to call for Zach because of the time they spent together in the bomb shelter. Greenlee was grateful to have an understanding boyfriend. Greenlee then told Aidan that she wanted him. Aidan was hesitant since Greenlee was not fully recovered. Greenlee promised Aidan that she ready, so they began to kiss passionately.

After Hannah missed her target, she went to Josh's apartment. Josh answered the door and Hannah immediately began kissing him. Josh could tell that Hannah was acting oddly, so he asked what was going on. Hannah then admitted all of her evil deeds to Josh, including working for Adam and trying to shoot Kendall. Then, Zach called Josh, but before Josh could answer, Hannah pistol whipped him. As Zach continued to call, Hannah tied Josh up and held him at gunpoint. When Josh awoke, he wondered why Hannah resorted to these violent measures. Hannah explained that she never got over Zach. Also, Hannah felt that if Kendall was out of the picture, then Zach would turn to her for comfort. Josh said this would never happen. Hannah did not care and still wanted revenge on Kendall for "stealing her life." So, Hannah vowed to destroy everything that Kendall loved. Josh asked what Hannah would do next. Hannah planned to wait with Josh until Zach came by to check on him. Just then, Zach and Kendall knocked on Josh's door!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

When Babe recounts the horrifying events surrounding Kendall's shooting, Krystal has a feeling that her daughter has other problems on the brain. Babe tells Krystal that she kissed Richie after finding out he might be eligible for a bone marrow transport. Babe admits she is not sure exactly how she feels about Richie or JR. As Krystal tends to Jenny, Babe fantasizes about making love to Richie.

Ryan wakes up to find Annie by his beside at Pine Valley Hospital. Annie says that Zach and Kendall went to warn Josh about a shooter being on the loose. A nurse comes in to tend to Ryan, giving Julia a chance to see how Annie is doing. After shedding a few tears in Julia's arms, Annie goes back to check on her husband. Ryan decided to write "I am alive" on a piece of tape and stick it to the bandage around his head. The gesture makes Annie smile and laugh.

Zach continues knocking at the door, but Josh does not answer. Before Zach tries to bust the door in, Josh yells that Hannah is with him inside the apartment with a gun. Josh tells Zach to leave with Kendall, but Zach refuses to go. With Ryan not being dead, Zach tries to convince Hannah she could get a plea deal, but Hannah feels the justice system has failed her since Kendall was not punished for framing Greenlee. Zach ushers Kendall away to call the police, promising that nothing will happen to him. Zach apologizes for hurting Hannah, but she does not believe him. Josh is able to slip out of the ropes as Hannah is distracted talking to Zach. Josh runs behind Hannah and tries to wrestle the gun out of her hands. Zach and Kendall rush in to find Josh alive, but Hannah gone. Zach goes after Hannah but comes back when he can't find her. Zach tells Josh to get his men looking for Hannah, and if necessary, kill her. Josh, Zach and Kendall head back to the Slater home to put Ian and Spike to bed. But it is not long before Josh and Zach head out the door to find Hannah.

Colby is disappointed that Sean is late meeting her at the park. Instead, she runs into Dre, who claims he has been hiding out from his family the past few days. Dre explains that his father is running for senator and things have been tense with their relationship. Dre asks how things are going with Sean. Colby says it has been hard, but wonders about Dre's relationship status. Dre says he is too busy focusing on his music to worry about girls. Knowing Dre needs a place to crash, Colby shows him the tunnels in the Chandler mansion.

As Sean is another section of the park waiting on Colby, Hannah runs smack into him. Sean asks if Hannah was running away from someone, but then says it is not his business. Hannah takes the opportunity to kiss Sean after finding out he is 19. They decide to take their make-out session elsewhere.

As JR tackles an arcade game, he tells Tad about Adam's $50 million proposal. Tad says JR needs to figure out what he wants in life, and not be suckered into Adam's games. JR says he wants a better life with Babe in the picture. JR decides to go visit Babe, who surprisingly offers him a chance to bunk with Little Adam for the night.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Erica went to visit Ryan in the hospital. Erica thanked Ryan for saving Kendall's life. Ryan said he did not need a thank you because he considered himself the luckiest man in the world. Then, Ryan got up from his bed and happily proclaimed that he was alive. Erica laughed, but urged Ryan to get back into bed. However, Ryan wanted to dance with Erica. Erica said she would dance, but only if she could lead. So, they began to waltz around the hospital room. Then, just as Julia entered, Erica and Ryan embraced. Julia and Erica coldly greeted each other. Erica then left and Julia gave Ryan a checkup. Ryan asked why Julia and Erica were so short with each other. Julia explained that she became "friends" with Jack and Erica did not like this. Ryan affirmed that Erica could be possessive, but wondered if Julia and Jack could develop into more than just "friends."

Greenlee had a nightmare and woke up screaming. Jack rushed to his daughter's side and calmed her down. Greenlee admitted that this was not the first time she had a nightmare since being rescued from the bomb shelter. Jack assured Greenlee that everything and everyone was alright. However, Greenlee was deeply concerned for Zach's safety since Hannah was still on the loose. Jack felt that some fresh air would help Greenlee, so they went to the park. As they sat on a bench, Jack wondered if Greenlee fell in love with Zach. Greenlee laughed because normally she and Kendall would go after the same guy. However, Greenlee did not have romantic feelings for Zach. Greenlee believed that she and Kendall would never hurt each other that way again. Then, Greenlee asked about Jack and Erica's status. Jack said that he had a nice time with Erica on New Year's Eve, but did not see them getting back together. Jack was finding it very difficult to forgive Erica for hurting Greenlee. Greenlee was surprisingly supportive of a possible reunion between Jack and Erica. Then, Jack went to buy them hot chocolate. After Jack walked away, Greenlee had a dizzy spell.

Annie saw Richie in the hospital. Richie divulged that their father was not a match for his bone marrow transplant. Richie then claimed that he would not ask Annie to be tested. Annie knew that Richie was trying to guilt her into taking the test. Annie affirmed that a guilt trip would not work on her, so Richie tried to be truthful with his sister for once. Richie admitted that he called Annie to the hospital so he could set her up to kill him. Annie was shocked and demanded to see the letter that Richie wanted to give her. Richie complied. Annie was even more horrified to see that the letter was blank. Richie apologized and promised that if he lived, he would be the brother Annie always wanted. Annie did not believe this. Richie then swore that he would never hurt Annie again, if she saved his life. Annie snidely retorted that Richie would never hurt her again, if she let him die. Then, Annie went to see Ryan. Annie lay next to Ryan as he slept. Annie whispered that she would never let anything stand in the way of their happiness again.

Aidan went to Zach and Kendall's home to let them know that he could not find any leads on Hannah. Zach thought he might have a lead, so he asked Aidan to watch Kendall. Kendall did not want Zach to leave, but Zach felt compelled to find Hannah. Then, as Zach kissed Kendall goodbye, he commented that he was trusting Aidan with his wife. Kendall and Aidan looked guilty over the comment. This prompted Kendall to express her lingering feelings of guilt over their affair. Aidan tried to comfort Kendall and touched her arm. Kendall jumped back and scolded Aidan for touching her. Aidan claimed the touch was innocent, but Kendall did not care. Then, as they argued about their infidelity, Erica entered. Erica got worried when she heard the shouting. Kendall and Aidan assured Erica that they were fine. Then, Aidan went outside and Erica demanded to know why Kendall was upset. Kendall stated that she felt responsible for Erica and Jack's strained relationship. Erica asserted that Kendall was not to blame.

Adam was at the yacht club having breakfast when Zach accosted him. Zach demanded to know Hannah's whereabouts. Adam said he did not know. Zach explained that Hannah tried to murder Kendall. Zach threatened to kill Adam if he was involved in the shooting. Adam affirmed that he would not harm Kendall, Erica's daughter. Zach then asked how Adam got Hannah to work for him. Adam simply stated that he just hired her. Then, Zach walked away and Adam made a business call. Adam told his associate to buy as much Cambias stock as possible. Then, Adam requested that security guards be placed on JR. Adam also mandated that Hannah not be allowed in the Chandler offices.

Sean was in sleeping in bed naked as Hannah called Zach. Hannah wanted to see Zach and assumed that he was "dying" to see her as well.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

JR wakes up at Babe's house after she asked him to stay overnight. JR. JR tells Babe that he came by to ask her out on a date, so Babe assumes he means the two of them. But JR says he wanted all of them to spend time together by helping Little Adam make his first snowman. They head to the park with all of the necessary Snowman accessories - a mouth, a nose, eyes and a top hat. Babe and JR rest on the bench as Little Adam plays. They come close to sharing a kiss when leaning down to pick something up.

Colby brings Dre an iPod, blankets and pillows as he continues to hide out in the Chandler mansion tunnels. She suggests that Dre write postcards to his father so the spy will leave him alone. Adam calls out for Colby, but she stays hidden with Dre. Colby tells Dre about her criminal history, giving Dre a chance to open up about his mother's death. She died in the Sept. 11 attack, although her body was never found. Dre says his father used her death to splash himself all over the television during an election. Colby suggests Dre just put something simple on the postcard to make it seem like he is in New York working on his music career. After the postcard is written, they decide to share earphones and listen to music.

Jackson brings Greenlee home. A bit tired and groggy, Greenlee asks her father for some breakfast, but passes out when she tries to walk. Just as a precaution, Joe comes by to check Greenlee out. He says that she needs to rest properly or else will have to go back to the hospital for the remainder of her recovery. After Joe leaves, Greenlee says she would rather be taking care of Kendall instead of sitting at home. Joe returns with a vitamin supplement to help Greenlee's body get back to normal. Jackson escorts Joe outside, who says he is not quite sure if Greenlee's problems are physical or psychological.

Zach agrees to meet Hannah at the rocks at River Falls alone after she has slept with Sean. Hannah remembers begging Zach to give her another child since Ethan died, but he rejected her offer. Sean wakes up and is shocked to find Hannah holding her gun. Hannah kisses Sean good-bye and he immediately locks the door after she leaves. A few minutes later, Sean sees a news anchor explaining that Hannah is a fugitive.

Kendall worries about Zach going after Hannah, even though Erica tries to calm her down. Erica says Zach is smart and would not do anything foolish to endanger his life. Aidan goes outside to find Zach, who tells him he is going to meet Hannah alone. Zach tells Aidan he has everything under control, but needs Aidan to look after Kendall. Inside, Erica wonders why Kendall and Aidan are fighting so much. Kendall thinks Aidan should be with Greenlee instead of babysitting her. Kendall goes outside and Aidan tells her the noise they heard was just a dog. He demands she go back inside, allowing Zach to slip back in front of Aidan. Aidan suggests he go after Hannah, but Zach says it is not Aidan's battle to fight. Erica asks if something happened between Kendall and Aidan, leading Kendall to snap that just because her mother cheated does not mean she did. Kendall immediately apologizes for the remark, saying she is just stressed out. After Aidan comes back inside, Erica calls Jackson to check on Greenlee. Jackson says Greenlee is well, but Erica thinks he and Greenlee would be safer at Kendall's house surrounded by bodyguards. Greenlee excitedly agrees to go to the Slater residence as Erica tells Aidan and Kendall that Jackson thought it would be best to hide out with Greenlee there. Jackson and Greenlee arrive at the Slater home, where Sean calls Jackson to tell him he spent the night with Hannah. Sean tells Jackson Hannah left the hotel room with a gun. Jackson calls Aidan to ask to speak to him privately outside so no one else will hear. They make excuses to go outside, giving Jackson a chance to tell Aidan about Sean's night with Hannah. Aidan says Hannah has gone to meet with Zach and wants him to make an excuse to the girls so he can go find Zach.

Friday, January 11, 2008

After arriving in his hospital room to a shower of compliments, Annie delivers the good news that Joe is allowing Ryan to go home. He is more than thrilled with it, and can't wait to get back to life as they once knew it. He then asks her when she was planning on telling him that Richie might live. She apologizes for not being forthcoming, but Ryan tells her that with his new lease on life, he isn't going to let anything get him or his family down. He asks if she plans to be a donor, and she admits that she hasn't decided. Fine with that revelation, Ryan drops the subject and packs to go home. Joe shows up shortly thereafter with Ryan's medication and to confirm that his patient understands the conditions under which he is being released. Ryan reiterates that he will only rest at home, and that he will return to the hospital in a week's time for a checkup. Satisfied with the response, Joe calls for a wheelchair. Ryan tries to reject it, but Joe reminds him that it is hospital policy. Joe finishes the call and takes his leave. In typical Ryan style, he impulsively decides to throw rules to the wind, picks up his wife and makes a beeline for the door.

On the other side of the hospital, Richie places a phone call to the prison to check and see if a message had been delivered. Once he does that, he goes into a room and meets with some of the staff psychologists to see about being released. He answers all of their questions honestly about being angry with his sister for testifying against him and sending him to prison, and about being consumed with wanting revenge once he got out, considering he had nothing to lose. Then, he affects a softer tone, and says that when he found out that he had a second chance at living out his life, he changed his tune. He tells them about meeting Babe, and about his hopes that perhaps things will happen between the two of them once he is released. They wrap up the session, and Richie tells them that if they need any other proof that he is mentally stable enough to be on his own, they could check with Dr. Chambers. The psychologists look at each other, and then decide that they need to let Richie know that Dr. Chambers was killed earlier in the day. Richie reacts as a normal person would, shocked and upset that a good man, a man who believed in him and gave him the chance to live out his days outside of a prison, is now dead. With tears streaming down his face, he sputters that he wishes he could find the monsters that did this so that they could be brought to justice. A short time later, having been released, he walks down the hall in his regular clothes, carrying a bag with his belongings. He makes a call from his cell phone, and thanks the person on the other end for "taking care of" Chambers. He relates how he played out the perfect reaction to finding out the doctor had been killed, and gloats at how he once again was able to pull the wool over the eyes of the people in charge.

In the park, Babe snaps her head away at the last second, managing to stop JR from kissing her. She reminds him again that they have already tried being together and they know that it doesn't work. JR tells Babe plainly that he still loves her, and says that the fact that she can still look at him as a good person despite the fact that he is an alcoholic with no job and no place to live gives him hope that they could make the third time a charm. Babe denies him, saying that they can't try to fix their mistakes by having sex. JR acquiesces, and says that more than anything, he wants them to be friends, and good parents. He tells her that he would like it if they could try for that, but keep an open mind about possibly something more in the future. Babe agrees to the first part fully, and tells him that she will keep the second part in mind. He gives her a kiss on the cheek, and then they gather their son and head back to the condo. When they arrive, JR asks if he might take a shower before he has to leave. Little A pipes up and asks if his daddy really has to go. Melting a little, Babe tells him that his daddy can stay for a little while if he wants. Pleased, JR places a kiss on his son's head, caresses her cheek and goes to shower. The living room empties, and after a short time, JR calls out to Babe for a different shampoo than what is in the shower. When he doesn't get a response, he emerges from the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around his waist and continues to call for her. Before he gets a response, the doorbell rings and he goes to answer it. He opens it and finds Richie on the other side just as Babe walks up behind him. She asks Richie why he came to visit, but Richie is more concerned about JR. He asks the young man if he came at a bad time and true to form, JR shoots out a response to make things seem like something other than what they actually are.

At the falls, Hannah thinks that Zach is trying to play her instead of taking her seriously. Zach tries to assure her that playing her is the last thing on his mind, especially since he thinks that she is too smart to fall for any games. He acknowledges his anger at her for trying to kill Kendall and says that she needs to let go of the fantasy that they will ever be together. He goes on to justify her feelings he knows that he abandoned her at the worst possible time, and he is aware of how much pain that has caused her over the years. She tells him that he has no idea, and proceeds to tell him about how alone she felt while she was pregnant with his child and waiting for him to come home. Slowly, she then tells him of the horrors that she suffered at the hands of his father, who took what he wanted, as he often did, and then kicked her out and called her a whore when he was done with her. Pain flashes across Zach's face as he realizes just how horrible Hannah's life had been. She tells him that she managed to get herself together enough to find a good home for Ethan, and then molded herself into the successful businesswoman everyone has come to know.

Outside the Slater house, Aidan tells Jack as much as he dares about what he knows regarding Zach and Hannah's location. He warns Jack that when he goes back into the house, he needs to be able to convince the ladies that there is nothing untoward happening. He takes off to provide backup to Zach, but when Jack goes back inside, his attempts to smooth ragged nerves fails. They call him out on being a horrible liar, so he breaks down and tells them that Aidan has a lead on where Zach is and went to check it out. Kendall and Greenlee freak out, knowing that Hannah is out there, wielding a gun, and could kill both the men they love. Jack tries to calm them down, saying that both men know what they are doing and that they will be fine. Kendall and Greenlee don't feel like they can just sit around and do nothing, but they soon talk themselves down, instead commiserating over being in love with a man who always thinks he is right, who always feels that he knows best. The doorbell rings then, and Jack feels as though he is spared a certain death at the hands of his daughters. He opens the door to find his wayward nephew, and takes but a split second before announcing that they need to step outside and talk. Once they do, Jack wants to hear the whole story. Sean tells him that he and Hannah literally ran into each other in the park the previous night, and ended up hooking up. Jack wants to know what that means, and Erica joins them outside just as Sean admits that he went to the Pine Cone with Hannah and they had sex. Erica is shocked at what she is hearing, but Jack doesn't allow her to dwell on it for more than a few seconds, hoping that by continuing to make Sean talk, they might be able to figure out where Zach and Aidan went. Sean tells them that he didn't discuss much with his one-time paramour, save Hannah's questions about a place where teenagers might go to make out, someplace romantic but not overly crowded. He goes on to tell them that the place he suggested were the falls right outside of town. Jack instructs Sean to go to the police station immediately and tell Derek the information so that they can get police out there to help. Sean does as he asks, and Jack and Erica head back inside. They tell Kendall and Greenlee what they found out and Greenlee notes that those are the same falls where Leo died. They immediately bounce back to wanting to go and save their men. Then, Kendall appears to have another change of heart, saying that Greenlee is far too sick to be running around after Aidan, and that she would more than likely just get in the way, much to Jack and Erica's relief. Kendall gives Jack her coat to hang up, but when she and Greenlee maneuver their parents in front of the closet door, they push them both inside and lock the door. The two young women then grab a nearby seat and wedge it under the door handle to keep Jack and Erica inside. They then run out the door and head directly for the falls. Inside, Jack and Erica bang on the door, quickly realizing that it is a futile effort. Erica tries to blame their situation on Jack but he refuses to shoulder all of the blame. Erica then lets it slip that she had a feeling that something was going on, and amused, Jack holds her accountable for not doing something to keep their daughters from leaving.

Ryan and Annie return to the penthouse and after he grabs some mistletoe that was left hanging and lays a kiss on his wife, she tells him that Rachael is watching the kids so that they can have a low-key first night back home. She notes that she will call and check in on them, and then put all of his belongings away. She comes back a short time later, but doesn't find Ryan waiting in the living room. She quickly checks in the kitchen but with no sign of her husband, she returns to the main area. She then spies him out on the balcony, in only his underwear, amidst the wind and the snow. She calls out to him, but he seems lost in his own world.

As Aidan arrives and stations himself covertly with a gun trained on Hannah, Zach apologizes for not rescuing her and says that if he had known, he would have. Sobbing, Hannah tells Zach that she is the only woman he ever left to fend for herself. He tells her that she is giving him too much credit, but she follows with proof in the form of a list of names Maria, Dixie, Julia, Erica, Greenlee, and Kendall. She tells him that she wanted Kendall to be punished so that she would finally have a shot at what she missed with him. He tells her that he can save her now, and talks to her as if she is the 17 year old girl he left. Finally, after a few moments of coaxing, Hannah lowers her gun and falls into Zach's arms. She cries the tears she had been holding in for so long, and Zach acts as her fortress, as promised. He turns her and tells her that they can leave and that he will take care of her. As he does, she loses her footing and, as Kendall and Greenlee rush on to the scene, they both fall towards the edge.

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