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All My Children Recaps: The week of October 4, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, October 4, 2010

At Krystal's restaurant, Tad found an anxious Colby waiting for Damon to show up. Colby explained that she had learned from another classmate that Damon had passed his GED test, but Damon hadn't called her. She was worried because she was certain that Damon would be eager to celebrate the achievement, so she couldn't understand why he hadn't contacted her. Tad agreed that it was odd that Damon hadn't called.

In the park, Damon filled out some forms and then glanced at his phone. He quickly gathered everything up when he noted the time. Damon was in a rush to leave, so he didn't notice Liza until he had bumped into her. His folder slipped out of his hands, so Liza bent down to help him collect the papers that had scattered to the ground. She was surprised when she realized that he had been filling out a job application. Damon wasn't in the mood to deal with Liza, so he snatched his papers back, explained that he was late, and then left.

Later, Colby and Tad were relieved when Damon showed up at the restaurant. Colby couldn't understand why Damon wasn't excited about getting his GED. Damon revealed that his goal had been to get a better job, so the GED had merely been a stepping stone. Tad appreciated that Damon was focused on a new career, but Tad wanted to celebrate his son's success, so he offered to buy Damon a cheeseburger. Colby, Tad, and Damon sat down at a table to place an order, but a short time later, a woman entered the restaurant.

Damon explained that the woman, Ms. Horne, worked for an employment agency and that she had agreed to meet him at Krystal's to go over his job application. Tad and Colby watched as Damon approached Ms. Horne, introduced himself, and then led her to a nearby table. Damon's confidence sagged after he handed Ms. Horne the application because she had been disappointed to learn that Damon hadn't been to college. The interview went downhill when Damon accidentally mentioned that he had been in trouble with the law in the past. Ms. Horne explained that she wouldn't be able to place him in a suitable job and that he was better off staying where he was.

Colby and Tad tried to speak on Damon's behalf, but Ms. Horne could not be swayed. After Ms. Horne left, Tad and Colby tried to cheer up Damon, but he remained downcast. Damon realized that he should be grateful for the job he had. Damon went to work clearing tables. Meanwhile, Tad and Colby expressed their concern that Damon might suffer a setback because of the disastrous job interview.

Colby promised Tad that she would keep an eye on Damon to make certain that Damon didn't stop taking his medication. Tad smiled with relief and then announced that he had to go see Jake. Colby decided to hang around at Krystal's.

At the jail, Ryan asked if Greenlee were better. Greenlee assured Ryan that she no longer felt as if the walls were closing in on her. He reminded her to try the same relaxation technique that he had shown her the next time she felt overwhelmed. Greenlee thanked Ryan. Ryan jokingly wondered if she wanted him to get himself arrested, so that he would be able to stay in jail with her. Greenlee realized that he would do it if she asked him. Ryan admitted that he would do it without hesitation.

However, Ryan didn't think that it would be necessary because he was confident that she would beat the charges. Greenlee was less optimistic of her chances of clearing her name. Ryan and Greenlee were disappointed when the guard announced that Ryan's time was up. Ryan wanted Greenlee to let him know if she needed anything. Greenlee smiled bravely as she promised Ryan that she was fine.

In the park, Liza was frustrated as she tried to get her assistant to reschedule an appointment with the mayor. Madison walked up as Liza ended the call. Madison revealed that she had been on her way to Liza's office to schedule an appointment. Liza suggested that Madison should consider herself lucky to have bumped into her because Liza's assistant might have made Madison wait until 2011. Madison appeared a bit baffled by the comment, but Liza changed the subject.

Liza was curious why Madison had wanted to talk to her. Madison confessed that she had lied about Greenlee wanting to kill David. Liza didn't appear to believe her, but she was curious why Madison would make such a damaging accusation against Greenlee. Madison claimed that she had acted out of jealousy; she felt threatened by the connection that she sensed between Ryan and Greenlee. Liza wasn't convinced, so Madison explained that she had decided to admit the truth because she wanted things to work out with Ryan. According to Madison, that couldn't happen if she "sandbagged" Greenlee.

Madison and Liza were startled when Ryan suddenly appeared. Madison was mortified when she realized that Ryan had overheard her conversation with Liza, so she panicked and then ran. Ryan started to follow Madison, but Liza stopped him. Liza warned Ryan that she still intended to call Madison to the stand. Ryan suggested that Liza didn't have a case, but Liza didn't seem concerned. She thought that Ryan was the one with problems; namely, Madison and Greenlee.

Madison arrived at Ryan's penthouse. Moments later, Ryan walked through the door. Madison knew that Ryan wasn't interested in hearing her excuses, but she promised Ryan that she hadn't implicated Greenlee in David's murder out of jealous spite. Madison confessed that she had said those things in an effort to undo the damage that her original statement had made. Ryan knew Madison's heart, so he believed her. She was touched when Ryan explained that he wanted to be with her and only her.

Madison felt compelled to admit that there had been times when she had felt twinges of jealously towards Greenlee. Ryan was confident that she would never intentionally hurt Greenlee. Madison wondered how he could be so certain of that when he was aware of her past. Ryan confided that he understood what it was like to live with those kinds of demons. Ryan knew that Madison was nothing like the person that she had been during her marriage to Henry. He proved it by kissing her and then making love to her.

At the hospital, Kendall was thrilled when she learned that Jake would be her supervisor, while she served out her community service at the hospital. Kendall hoped that Jake would sign her in and out without making her do the work, so that she could focus on Fusion and saving her marriage. Jake explained that the courts were sticklers for making certain that people served out their sentences, so he would not let Kendall wiggle out of it. Kendall's spirits plummeted when Jake introduced Kendall to Leona, the woman whom Kendall would work with. Leona handed Kendall a toilet brush as she made it clear that she was not impressed that Kendall was Erica Kane's daughter.

Later, Kendall was miserable after she had been forced to scrub toilets. Leona was annoyed because Kendall had made more of a mess than she had cleaned up. Leona promised to teach Kendall how to properly clean a toilet when they moved on to the bathrooms on the next floor. Kendall was horrified at the prospect of cleaning more toilets, so she practically squealed with delight when Jake suddenly appeared. Jake announced that there had been a change of plans; Leona would be cleaning toilets alone.

Greenlee was using the relaxation techniques that Ryan had taught her when Kendall walked up to the jail cell. Kendall explained that she had been reassigned from scrubbing toilets at the hospital to mopping floors at the jail. Greenlee suspected that Ryan had pulled some strings because he had promised her that she would not be alone for long. Kendall wasn't impressed; she didn't think that Ryan would have opened up to Madison if he had truly cared about Greenlee.

Kendall revealed that she had a talk with Madison, during which she had urged Madison to retract her statement. Greenlee mumbled that she wouldn't hold her breath and then changed the subject. Greenlee confessed that she cared about Ryan, but she didn't plan to tell him until her legal troubles were behind her and she was certain that Ryan had been cleared as a suspect in David's murder. Kendall was curious what Greenlee would do if Ryan decided that he didn't want Greenlee back. Greenlee realized that she had hurt Ryan, but Kendall quickly clarified that Greenlee had crushed Ryan.

Kendall suggested that Ryan might never be ready to be with Greenlee again. According to Kendall, Madison was a walk in the park compared to Greenlee. Greenlee argued that Ryan always showed up when she needed him, even when Greenlee tried to push him away. Greenlee insisted that whatever she and Ryan had shared was still there. Kendall wondered how Madison factored into things. Greenlee acknowledged that Ryan cared about Madison, but she didn't elaborate beyond that.

Kendall reminded Greenlee that being someone's soul mate didn't guarantee that the relationship would work out. Kendall pointed to her own troubles with Zach as an example. Greenlee realized that she and Kendall were a mess. Kendall chuckled and then changed the subject by handing Greenlee a file. Kendall explained that she needed Greenlee's help with some product packaging for a new anti-aging line.

Greenlee couldn't believe that Kendall would want the help of someone who had been accused of poisoning her husband. Kendall reminded Greenlee how Fusion had started. She trusted Greenlee's input. Moments later, a guard announced that it was time for Kendall to leave. Kendall was certain that Greenlee would get out of jail soon; however, Kendall promised to return in the morning.

Greenlee assured Kendall that she would be fine as long as she knew that something was waiting for her when it was over. After Kendall left, Greenlee sat on her cot, looking alone and frightened.

At home, Kendall sipped on some hot tea as she wandered over to the sofa. Kendall glanced down at the coffee table, where she spotted a picture of Zach. Kendall picked up the picture of her husband and then stared at it with an expression of sadness.

At the hospital, Jake received a call from Zach asking for help. A short time later, Amanda arrived to pick up Jake for lunch. She was eager to tell him about Trevor, but Jake announced that he had big news. Jake revealed that Zach had some dicey overseas business that he needed help with. Amanda didn't understand what that had to do with Jake.

Jake explained that he had made some connections while he had been working for Doctors without Borders. He reminded Amanda that Zach had saved him when Zach had sent Aidan to rescue him from the men who had kidnapped Jake. Jake felt that he owed Zach, so he had agreed to introduce Zach to some people. Amanda was upset at the prospect of her husband flying to the same place where he had been taken hostage.

Jake assured Amanda that it wouldn't be as dangerous because he wasn't returning to the exact location that he had been kidnapped and that he was merely making some introductions. Amanda could see that Jake was determined to go, so she asked him to promise her one thing: return safe and sound. Jake readily agreed. Amanda was curious when Jake would be leaving. She was shocked when he told her that he would fly out in the next day or two.

At Amanda's crestfallen expression, Jake realized that he didn't need to travel to help Zach. Jake insisted that he could make the same introductions via "Skype and phone calls." Amanda smiled, but she assured Jake that she wouldn't stop him from leaving. Jake insisted that Amanda and Trevor were his family. He didn't want to leave them.

Later, Jake was surprised when Tad dropped by the hospital to see him. Tad explained that Damon had passed his GED test, but things had not worked out as well as Damon had hoped during a job interview. Jake realized that Tad wanted to find a way to fix things for Damon, but he advised Tad to let Damon work things out for himself. Jake insisted that Damon needed to make his own way in the world. Tad knew that he couldn't do everything for his kids, but he complained that it wasn't easy to do nothing.

Jake believed that Damon had to rescue himself. He assured Tad that things weren't as dire as Tad thought. Jake suggested that Damon might have a job offer right around the corner.

At Krystal's, Damon was working when Liza walked in. Liza asked for a waiter. Damon didn't see a waiter, so he offered to take her order by asking her what she needed. Liza surprised Damon by announcing that she needed a new assistant. Damon didn't trust the job offer, but Liza insisted that she was sincere. Liza explained that Damon would be her new file clerk, which would involve a significant amount of "grunt work."

Damon was reluctant to accept the job, but Liza made it clear that the offer would not remain open for long. Damon wondered what the catch was. Liza confessed that she wanted occasional updates about her daughter. Damon didn't have a problem with that, so he agreed to take the job. Colby demanded to know what was going on when she spotted her mother talking to Damon.

Colby was stunned when Damon told Colby about the job. Colby suspected that it was some kind of stunt, but Damon insisted that he knew what he was doing. Tad entered Krystal's moments later. Tad was just as dubious as Colby had been when he learned about Liza's job offer. Liza assured Tad that it had been a completely legitimate offer. Tad didn't seem thrilled at the idea of Damon working for Liza, but he decided to support his son's decision.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

In Annie's room, a servant carried in the suit that Annie had chosen for Scott to wear to the party. Annie anticipated that Scott would be home soon. Colby entered and asked why Annie had wanted to see her. Annie complimented Colby's youthful looks, but a wary Colby wanted her to get to the point. Annie implied that Colby shouldn't show up at the party. Colby countered that she didn't need to attend to ruin the party, as Annie would do that all by herself.

Colby called Annie pathetic for trying to fit in. Annie insisted that she was part of the family and the company. Colby said that Annie hadn't belonged when she married Adam and never would, as jewels and designer clothes wouldn't change who Annie really was. Annie understood that Colby was still angry about how Annie had hurt Adam.

Annie swore she loved Scott, but Colby believed that Annie just loved Scott's name and money. Annie asserted that Scott believed in her and pointed out how he had appointed her head of PR at Chandler Enterprises. Annie was certain that the party would prove that Annie had earned respect.

Annie vowed that she would make Emma and Scott proud with or without Colby's support and asked that Colby not spoil the night for Scott. Colby agreed not to attend but warned Annie not to drag Scott down with her when Annie embarrassed herself. After Colby left, Annie's cell phone rang, and she excitedly answered it to Scott. He said that he loved her and that he was on his way. She gushed that everything would be perfect.

In the Chandler living room, JR was on the phone, convincing someone not to attend Annie's party. Asher entered and remarked that the house was full of caterers and florists. Asher was surprised because JR had insinuated earlier that the party wasn't going to happen. JR told him to keep his thoughts to himself. Asher pointed out that Annie would be upset if Scott was delayed in Europe. JR smirked and said to let him handle Annie.

Asher asked JR what would happen at the party. Asher knew it wasn't his business but thought he could learn something about how JR operated. JR proclaimed that by that night, everyone would know who was king.

JR advised Asher not to go to the party because JR needed his help with Caleb. JR told Asher that they'd have to find a new way to get to Caleb. JR insisted that there was no way Caleb was going to help Marissa take AJ from him. JR scoffed that Caleb had no clue that Caleb's own son was working with JR against him. Colby entered, and the men clammed up. Colby noted that both of them looked guilty.

Colby questioned whether she had walked into the middle of something. JR insisted they had been working on an IT problem, but Colby recalled the last time she had asked about Asher and JR's connection, JR had given her a wad of cash to stop asking questions. JR asked her nicely to leave. Colby mentioned that Annie had wanted her gone, too.

Asher suggested that they crash the party. Colby declined and found Annie's behavior to be embarrassing. When JR was nonchalant about the party, Colby became suspicious, but she let them get back to "work" and stalked out. JR claimed that Colby would be in a much better mood the next day and ordered Asher to stay out of trouble. Annie walked in, and as Asher surveyed her from head to toe, he exclaimed, "Looking good!" Annie gave him an irritated look, and he left.

Annie inquired when JR was going to leave. JR assured her that he wouldn't stand in her way and asked her to return the favor. She queried whether he had heard from Marissa. He said that Annie and Marissa's spat about the custody fight had just added fuel to the fire. Annie insisted that she had just been trying to help and that she wanted everyone to be happy.

At Wildwind, Marissa thanked Caleb for taking her custody case. Caleb said that it was the least he could do since JR had stolen her attorney. Marissa wondered if he was sure he wanted to proceed, as he was a contract attorney, not a divorce lawyer. He commented that marriage was a contract and asked if she was having second thoughts. She cautioned him that she and JR had already drawn blood. Caleb stated that it was just the beginning.

Marissa worried about what would happen in court. Caleb inquired whether Marissa was scared. She admitted that she was, for AJ, who had been through so much already. Caleb encouraged her to not back down, as he was going to make sure she emerged the winner. Marissa swore that she would fight as hard as she had to.

Caleb explained that the judge's primary consideration would be AJ's welfare, and he suggested that they prove that JR was an unfit father. Caleb asked about JR's alcoholism. Marissa said that JR hadn't taken a drink in over a year and that JR's drug of choice was power. Marissa believed that JR would use the fact that she wasn't AJ's biological mother against her.

Caleb suspected that JR might attempt to portray that Marissa had married JR and adopted AJ for the Chandler money. She was incredulous, but Caleb insisted that JR would play dirty and that Marissa should use everything she knew to prove that JR was a bad parent. Caleb said they both knew what she had on JR, but the question was whether she was willing to use it.

Marissa realized that Caleb wanted her to announce in court that JR had slept with Annie. Caleb asked Marissa whether Annie was still living in the Chandler house. Marissa reluctantly confessed to Caleb that Marissa had slept with Scott. She admitted that it had been a mistake, as she had erroneously believed that Annie and JR had resumed their affair. Caleb made her promise that after he won her case, she would move as far away as she could from the Chandlers.

At home, Angie prepared to return to work, and Jesse asked if she was ready. She couldn't wait to get the hospital back to the state it had been in before David had taken it over. Angie sensed that Jesse was hesitant, and Jesse asked whether she would consider staying on leave until the baby was born. She appreciated his concern, but she was determined not to allow her blindness to prevent her from having a successful career.

At the hospital, Jake showed a picture of Trevor to his co-workers, who quickly became silent when Angie entered. Angie asked why they had stopped talking, and Jake and Frankie each greeted her with a kiss. She announced that she was thrilled to be back but that things wouldn't be business as usual.

Angie claimed that she was better equipped to handle the chief of staff position because she had a greater understanding of how even independent patients had to sometimes rely on medical professionals. She swore that she would perform her duties just fine without her sight but admitted that she needed help as she adjusted. She proclaimed that she hadn't gone soft and promised to run the hospital better than before. Angie implored her staff to get to work.

Angie's staff welcomed her back. Shelley, Angie's mobility specialist, arrived and suggested that they set things up in Angie's office. Jesse wanted to help, but Angie refused his assistance and insisted that she learn to perform tasks by herself. Angie and Shelley left, and Frankie remarked that Angie seemed on top of her game. Jesse expressed his wish that Angie had stayed home. Frankie assured him that Angie would be all right, though Frankie shared the desire to protect Angie, too. Jesse asked for Jake's help to put himself in Angie's shoes.

Later, Angie overheard Frankie on the phone, asking for a copy of hospital budget reports to be sent to him. She reprimanded him for not having the authority to request confidential information. He insisted that he was just trying to help her, but she chastised him for breaking hospital policy. He jokingly asked if she was going to write him up. She said yes, if he repeatedly chose to defy her orders. She demanded that they meet in her office at the end of his shift.

At the Hubbards' home, Jesse told Jake that he wanted to better understand Angie's situation so he could anticipate her needs. Jake thought Jesse was already doing a good job, but Jesse wanted to know what it was like to be blind. He showed Jake a blindfold.

A blindfolded Jesse admitted to Jake that not being able to see was harder than he had thought. After Jesse tripped and fell on the couch, Jake suggested that he take a break. Jesse said that Angie didn't get to take a break and swore he would memorize every bit of their home. Jesse asked for Angie's extra walking cane. Jake discouraged him from using the cane inside, but Jesse announced that they were going outdoors. Jake reluctantly led Jesse out the door.

Outside of Angie's office, Shelley told Angie that Frankie was inside. Angie thought that she should have known. Shelley joked that mind-reading was on the next day's schedule, and she left. Angie entered her office, and after hearing Frankie's voice, she used her cane to make her way over to the chair next to him. She sat and thanked him for letting her get there by herself. She apologized for her earlier words.

Frankie said that he realized that at the hospital he and Angie were doctor and chief, but he couldn't stop being her son when he clocked in. She thought he should try but admitted that she had overreacted. He agreed that she should write him up. She had decided that she wasn't going to formally document his actions, but she joked that the next time he violated the rules, she would hit him upside the head with her cane. He assured her that he had learned his lesson. She remembered how, when he had injured his hands, she had helped him, but he was the one who had to find courage to go on. She was in a similar position and asked if he understood. He hugged his mom.

After returning from their outside excursion, Jesse commented about how the sound of skidding tires was frightening. Frankie and Angie returned from work, and she asked what she had missed. Jesse led her to the couch and asked how her first day was. She sheepishly confessed that she had tripped a doctor with her cane and had accidentally gone into the men's room. She couldn't wait to start all over again the next day.

Jesse explained that he had wanted to learn what Angie's blindness was like, so Jake had blindfolded him. Jake joked that the Hubbards' furniture had suffered during the experiment. Jesse recounted how he had gone for a walk and though he had crossed the street by himself, he had felt disoriented by all the sounds. She was worried that he had almost been hit by a car. He was astounded that Angie was so unfazed by the things that had scared him. She told her husband that he was amazing, and they happily embraced.

At Fusion, Colby demanded that Asher tell her what he and JR had been working on. He claimed that he just worked on computers and ran errands. Colby didn't believe him and speculated that JR needed someone off the books and under the radar. Colby warned Asher about involving himself with JR, who was constantly trying to prove himself to Adam and who fought everyone in the process. Asher commented that Asher wasn't missing much by not having a family. Colby admitted that she loved her family despite their flaws. She continued to press him about the work he was doing for JR, but Asher walked away.

Annie tended to last-minute preparations with her party planner. Emma entered with a bouquet of flowers she had picked for the party. Annie asked if Emma had packed to go to Ryan's for the night. The girl nodded, and Annie promised that she would give Emma all the details about the party the next day. In the foyer, JR eavesdropped as they discussed how Annie would look like a princess in her dress. JR placed a phone call and asked if it was certain that Scott wouldn't make it that night. "Perfect," he said with a sinister smile.

Later, JR made a call to his attorney to inquire how things had been going on the custody front. He thought his attorney should mop the floor with Caleb, who hadn't practiced in decades. JR said that he was aware of Caleb's reputation, but he reminded the attorney that JR had a reputation of his own.

Annie entered the living room, dressed in a beautiful gown. As thunder rumbled outside, Annie wondered why JR hadn't left yet. She worriedly asked if Scott had contacted him. JR insisted that he would have been notified if there had been a problem with the jet and blamed the weather for Scott's delayed arrival. Annie reassured herself that Scott would be there. A reporter entered to attend the party and asked to interview JR. He declined, stating that it was Annie and Scott's one-of-a-kind event. Annie shooed JR out.

Annie told the reporter that she and Scott had pulled out all the stops for the party, since they hadn't hosted a wedding reception. Annie bragged that the elite of Pine Valley would be there. The reporter snapped a few photos of Annie and requested one with Scott. She said her husband would be there any minute.

At Krystal's restaurant, AJ hugged Marissa and told her he had drawn a picture for her. Colby entered and observed that it was nice to see happy people. She asked for a hug from AJ, and he obliged. AJ left to finish his picture. Colby forlornly asked for ice cream.

Marissa realized that Colby didn't know about her plans and admitted that she was suing for primary custody of AJ. Colby asked why Marissa would take AJ away from his father. Marissa called the Chandler house poison, since JR was so consumed by the company and its battles. Colby recalled how her parents had sparred over her, and asked Marissa not to put AJ through the hate and anger. Marissa asserted that she had no other choice and left to see if AJ was ready to leave.

Krystal comforted Colby, who wanted the never-ending fighting to stop. Colby wished that Adam would return to fix things, but Krystal pointed out that he had caused his own craziness. Colby sadly said she missed her father. Krystal worried that Colby was still hanging out with Asher. When Colby mentioned that Asher was working for JR, Krystal told a stunned Colby that Asher had attacked Caleb. Krystal warned Colby to stay away from Asher.

Later, Krystal looked out the window as lightning flashed. JR arrived at the restaurant and tried to convince Krystal that it was a bad idea for Marissa to sue for custody. Krystal disagreed. JR swore that he loved AJ and that he had proven that he would do anything for his son. He recalled how Krystal was involved when AJ was switched at birth. Krystal defended herself by saying that JR had destroyed lives and had tried to kill Jamie.

JR strongly suggested that there was no need to repeat history, but he wasn't afraid of drawing blood. Krystal asked if he was threatening her family. He said that he was simply responding to Marissa firing the first shot. Krystal thought that he couldn't offer a good atmosphere for AJ, between JR's obsession with Chandler and Annie's presence. JR insisted that AJ was his priority, but she compared their father-son relationship to JR and Adam's. JR proclaimed that the outcome wouldn't be good for anyone who tried to cross him.

Caleb sat in front of a roaring fire and remembered a woman's voice screaming for help. The phone rang, and he answered it. He asked if the person on the other end was sure, then hung up. He looked at the portrait of Palmer and mused, "Junior strikes again."

Annie left a frantic message for Scott, asking where he was, as the party had been underway for a half hour. Since no one else had shown up, she lamely explained to the party planner and reporter that everyone must be fashionably late. Caleb arrived, and a relieved Annie introduced him. She offered him a drink, but he said that he needed to talk to her alone.

Annie led Caleb to the foyer and begged him to stay, as he was her only guest. Caleb informed her that everyone was going to be a no-show, including Scott. Caleb revealed that JR had contacted all of the guests to warn them they'd regret it if they attended the party. Caleb advised her to tell Scott to watch his back.

The reporter had eavesdropped on Annie and Caleb's conversation with interest and inquired whether JR had sabotaged Annie's party. A bewildered Annie denied it, but the reporter declared that JR had made a power play and had won. As the reporter left, Annie answered her phone, and Scott informed her that he was in Florida because the pilot had made a "mistake." Annie cried that the night and her life were ruined. The party planner asked a distressed Annie if she could help, but Annie barked for her to get out.

Asher tried to break into Wildwind, but Caleb caught him. "You must have a death wish," Caleb snarled as he pushed Asher up against the wall and poked Asher in the head with his finger.

With the Chandler living room lit only by the fireplace and candles, Annie broke down into sobs. She blew out a candle and knocked a table full of drinking glasses to the floor. JR entered the foyer and smiled wickedly when he heard Annie wailing. She threw a vase across the room, and it barely missed him as he opened the door. JR and a livid Annie faced off.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

At the mansion, JR ducked, and a vase crashed on the floor. Annie screamed that he'd humiliated her by sabotaging her party. He offered her a drink, but smacking it out of his hand, she sobbed that she couldn't believe she'd ever cared about him. JR reached for her, but she warned him to never touch her again. Seething that she hated him, she ran outside into the storm.

JR dragged the rain-soaked Annie back into house and exclaimed that a tree branch had almost fallen on her. She ranted that he'd ruined her chance to be seen at her party. The party had been her opportunity to prove everyone wrong about her, but nothing she tried ever worked. "Look at me. I'm still nothing. God, I'll always be nothing!" she yelled. Annie slumped on the foyer steps and sobbed.

JR claimed that he'd never meant to hurt Annie. Instead, he'd been aiming to break Scott for taking Adam's respect, the company, and Annie from him. Annie disbelieved that she mattered to JR, but he insisted that she was all he'd ever wanted. "That's why all this got so crazy. That's why I did what I did," he said. JR admitted that he'd lost it when Annie had married Scott. He'd lashed out because he'd wanted to be with her instead of her being with Scott.

Annie said she couldn't be with JR, but he implored her to stop fighting it. Recalling that she wanted to be seen, he stated that he was looking right at her, and he saw a strong, beautiful woman who couldn't be broken. He uttered that he knew her, and she needed their connection as much as he did. JR kissed Annie, swept her into his arms, and carried her upstairs.

As JR and Annie made out in her bedroom, Scott arrived home and climbed the stairs. A breathless JR pulled Annie close after they'd slept together. She seemed unnerved, and he asked her to talk to him. "This was wrong," she murmured. Just then, the bedroom door opened, and they were startled to see Scott in the doorway.

As Asher picked the lock at Wildwind, Caleb snagged him up by his hair. Asher claimed to be just visiting. Car lights flashed in the driveway, and Asher slipped out of Caleb's grasp.

Later, a drenched Asher climbed through Colby's bedroom window as she left a message for Damon. Enraged, Colby asked "what the hell" Asher thought he was doing. She confronted him about assaulting Caleb, but Asher claimed that he'd done it for her family. Remarking that Caleb wasn't an innocent, Asher stated that he'd climbed through her window because Caleb had been chasing him. Asher decided that he'd better spend the night in Colby's room, just in case Caleb was still looking for him.

Asher started shedding his wet clothes, but Colby asserted that he wouldn't walk around her house naked. She agreed to let him stay and found him some dry clothes. He asked what had happened to the party, and she guessed that Pine Valley wasn't ready for trash like Annie. Colby relayed that the custody battle for AJ had upset her, and Asher said that at least someone loved AJ enough to fight for him. "Did someone not fight for you, Asher?" Colby asked.

Asher scoffed and then joked about the clothes she'd selected for him. She asked why he always avoided talking about himself, but he claimed that he'd discussed his past with her before. She still felt as if she didn't know him, and he said a little mystery was a good thing.

Over drinks at ConFusion, Kendall asked Bianca to contrive a complication over Gabby's birth records to lure Zach to town; however, Bianca felt that tricks and surprise maneuvers were what had angered Zach to begin with. Kendall said she understood her husband's frustration, but for some reason, she always felt compelled to help Ryan and Greenlee. Kendall decided that she couldn't allow her connection to them to overpower her connection to Zach.

Back outside Wildwind, Caleb expressed surprise to see Erica arrive at his house. Lightning flashed, and she tossed her arms around him. After he escorted her inside, she apologetically explained that she'd grabbed him because storms always frightened her. She admired his new "civilized" appearance, and he noted that she'd returned to town early. Erica said she had unfinished business to attend to, and Jackson had wanted to check on Greenlee.

Erica thanked Caleb for his kindness toward her family, but wondered what he'd been thinking to lose Cortlandt Electronics to JR Chandler. Caleb vowed to get the company back and run it himself as Caleb Cortlandt. Erica was impressed to hear that he'd changed his name, but she asserted that it would take more than a shave to reclaim the company.

Bianca called Erica, who announced that she'd returned to town. Erica requested that her daughters rush to Wildwind to give their mother a hug. Once the call ended, Caleb decided to leave. Thunder rumbled, and he asked if she'd be okay. Erica replied that she'd be fine, and she stared ponderously at him as he departed.

Later, Kendall and Bianca arrived to greet their mother. Erica admonished Kendall for risking her freedom for Greenlee. Claiming that she'd done it for Ryan, Kendall stated that Zach was just as unhappy about her decisions as Erica was. Erica wondered if Kendall needed her own plane to fall from the sky before she wised up to Greenlee.

Kendall and Bianca reasoned that David had been at fault for Erica's crash, but Erica refused to go easy on Greenlee. Kendall decided to leave, but Erica implored Kendall to prevent anyone from harming her family-especially Greenlee. Once Kendall had left, Erica turned her attention to Bianca's marriage. Bianca half-heartedly replied that things were fine with Reese, but she hurried upstairs to check on the kids before Erica could question her further.

In the police interrogation room, Greenlee's defense lawyer suggested that she take a plea deal, but she told him to take a hike. He claimed that he was the best lawyer she could get. "You'll have to forgive me if I disagree," Jackson said, entering the room.

The lawyer left, and Jackson asked why Greenlee hadn't notified him of her arrest. She apologized for alienating him during her marriage, and she guessed that he'd known that it would end badly. Jackson wished he'd been there for his daughter during that time, but from that evening forward, he vowed to stand by her as her lawyer and father.

Greenlee assumed that Jackson wanted to know if she'd killed David; however, Jackson said he already knew that his daughter was no murderer. Greenlee told Jackson that she'd been working with Ryan to free herself from David's blackmail. Jackson called David sick and twisted, but to Jackson's chagrin, Greenlee empathized with her deceased husband. Jackson promised that he'd prove her innocence.

Kendall entered and welcomed Jackson home. He took off to work on the case, and Kendall guessed that he was Greenlee's new lawyer. Greenlee said she'd told Jackson about everything but the vial she'd found in Ryan's coat. Greenlee was confident that Jackson could win without that detail. "So how pissed is Erica?" Greenlee asked, changing the subject.

Kendall remarked that Erica was upset, but mostly concerned about Kendall and Zach. Greenlee advised Kendall to stay away until Greenlee was cleared, but Kendall insisted that she wasn't going anywhere. Greenlee was amazed that she and Kendall had rebuilt their closeness. Kendall joked that, with Zach away, she didn't have anyone else to hang out with. She offered to help Greenlee find somewhere to stay once the charges were dropped, but Greenlee didn't want to put Kendall out. "We always put each other out. That's what we do," Kendall said.

Caleb arrived at Krystal's restaurant and grumbled that he'd caught Asher picking the lock at Wildwind. Krystal got Caleb a beer and thanked him for helping Marissa with the custody case. He mentioned that Erica had returned to town, but when he seemed apathetic about seeing her again, Krystal theorized that Erica's leaving had hurt him. Caleb, however, doubted that Erica could do anything to hurt him.

Krystal wondered if he planned to call Erica. "You know, this is eating into your tip," Caleb warned. Krystal agreed to back off, but then asked, "Did she and Jackson have a good time?" Caleb hopped off his stool and left without an answer. Krystal chuckled to herself.

When Caleb arrived home, he interrupted Erica, who was gushing to Bianca about traveling with Jackson. Caleb mumbled that Erica didn't have to stop on his account. Spike and Miranda scampered in to greet Erica, and then they tumbled onto the sofa with Caleb. Erica laughed, and Bianca called Caleb an unlikely "kid magnet."

Jackson arrived and announced his decision to represent Greenlee. Bianca stated that Caleb had reopened his law practice. Caleb explained that he'd mostly work on reclaiming his company from the Chandlers. He hoped Jackson didn't mind the competition, but Jackson responded that he'd be too busy freeing his daughter to notice. Erica wished that Jackson would accomplish that as soon as possible, because she couldn't wait to plan the wedding.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jack asked Erica if she was ready to leave Wildwind to go home. Despite Caleb's protest, Erica said that she needed to continue the discussion regarding the reacquisition of Cortlandt Electronics. Jake asked Erica not to get home too late, and left the house. Caleb promptly told Erica that he could handle getting Cortlandt Electronics back on his own. Erica reminded Caleb that Palmer had wanted her involved. In turn, Caleb reminded Erica that she had resigned. Caleb said he didn't need Erica. Insulted, Erica insisted that Caleb couldn't be successful without her.

Caleb asked if Erica wanted to run Cortlandt Electronics or not. Erica said she had no intention of working with Caleb, but she believed Caleb could benefit from her expertise. Erica explained that she knew the Chandlers better than anyone, which gave her an advantage. Erica also reminded Caleb that Palmer had trusted her, and said that it was time Caleb did the same. Caleb finally caved in and asked Erica how she would go about regaining control of Cortlandt Electronics.

Erica asked what had been happening with Annie and JR. Caleb related the story of how JR had upended Annie's societal debut party. Erica said that Annie was an Achilles heel for both JR and Scott, and that Annie could be used to their advantage. Caleb said that he had no interest in using people as a means to an end. Erica was frustrated that Caleb could so easily ignore the sexual politics involved in business. Frustrated, Erica stormed out.

Erica went home and found Jack immersed in Greenlee's defense. Erica barely listened as Jack spoke of the case. Jack then noted that only a week before, they'd been ensconced in vacation without a care in the world. Jack sounded depressed that both of them had to deal with the real world again. Erica thought that Jack needed a break. She grasped Jack's hand and led him upstairs to their bedroom.

Some time later, Jack and Erica returned to their living room, enveloped in an afterglow. Erica regretted that reality had called them back from their wonderful pre-wedding honeymoon. Jack suggested that they take another honeymoon after they remarried. Erica was greatly in favor of the idea. Erica then said that she was hungry and asked if Jack's work could wait until they got something to eat. Jack was hungry, but his interest in making love to his fiancée was more alluring.

Marissa stopped by to see Krystal at Krystal's restaurant. Marissa told Krystal that AJ had forgotten his stuffed cow at the Chandler house and couldn't sleep without it. Krystal offered to pick up the toy on her way home, but Marissa rejected the offer. Marissa noted that she wasn't afraid to face JR.

Upon his return home, Scott walked into his bedroom to find Annie and JR naked, in bed. Annie sprung to her feet, ready to apologize. Scott momentarily silenced Annie before she could utter anything consequential. Annie found her voice again and apologized, but said she didn't have a valid reason for what she'd done. Scott said that he didn't want to hear any explanations. He demanded that Annie move out of the house immediately.

Although JR thought that leaving was a good idea, Annie refused to go. Annie begged for a chance to explain, but Scott said he didn't want to hear any more of Annie's lies. JR urged Annie to leave with him. Annie demanded that JR leave her alone with Scott. JR dressed quickly and said that he would wait downstairs. Once he exited the room, Annie told Scott she wanted to explain what had happened before she'd ended up in bed with JR. After that, Annie said that Scott could hate her.

Scott frantically stripped the bedding in an attempt to rid himself of the knowledge of what had just happened. All the while, Annie verbally stumbled around for some sort of explanation that would excuse her behavior. Several times, she mentioned Scott. Scott told Annie that he was not a part of her betrayal. Annie said that after JR tore her down, she had been weak, and her bad choices were borne out of that weak place. Scott didn't think that Annie sleeping with JR was the sensible answer to what JR had done.

Desperate, Annie pointed out that she'd forgiven Scott for sleeping with Marissa. Scott was momentarily stunned that Annie would dare to compare the two situations. Scott made it clear that he wanted Annie to leave. Annie slowly walked out of the bedroom. Annie was startled by the force with which Scott slammed the door behind her.

Marissa arrived at the Chandler mansion and was shocked at the condition of the living room. Just as she picked up a broken frame that housed a photo of JR and AJ, JR walked into the living room. Marissa asked what had happened. JR acted as though the the party had caused the damage, but Marissa was suspicious. Unwilling to explain, JR demanded to know what Marissa wanted. Marissa explained that she needed to fetch AJ's stuffed cow. JR said that he would retrieve the toy from AJ's room, but Marissa said that she was capable of finding it. JR raised his voice as he insisted that Marissa not go to the upper level of the house.

While she waited for JR to return with AJ's stuffed cow, Marissa took pictures of the disarray in the living room. She stopped when she heard JR's footfall on the stairs. Marissa pointed out that scenes like the living room convinced her that AJ didn't need to live there. JR insisted that the Chandler house was AJ's home, which was more than enough reason for AJ to live there. JR caustically asked if Marissa needed anything else. Marissa asked what AJ would have seen if he'd been at the Chandler home earlier in the evening. Instead of answering the question, JR invited Marissa to leave.

Defeated, Annie descended the main staircase in the Chandler mansion. JR immediately approached her. Annie ordered JR to stay away from her. JR didn't want to obey the order, but Annie repeated herself before storming out of the house.

JR thanked one of the household staff members for helping to clean up the living room. As she left, Scott walked in. JR invited Scott to get out the anger Scott had inside. Before Scott could make a move, JR said that what had happened between him and Annie was inevitable. Scott thought JR was foolish to believe he had something special with Annie. Scott said that to JR, Annie was a trophy. Scott pointed out that when JR couldn't take control of the family company, JR had to take something else from Scott.

Scott said that what JR had done earlier in the evening was the last win JR would have. JR said that his actions were not about winning. JR insisted that only one of them was a real Chandler, and therefore, belonged in a seat that controlled the family company. JR rudely asked if Scott knew which of them was the true Chandler. Scott was unimpressed by JR's show of bravado.

JR said that he wasn't acting. Rather, JR believed he was sharing a slice of reality with Scott. Scott said that JR's life goal of filling Adam's shoes was not a shared vision. Scott claimed to be his own man, but JR didn't feel that was good enough. Scott said that JR viewed everything -- the company, AJ, Annie -- equally as things to acquire. JR felt he could have all of the things that Scott listed and more. JR suggested that Scott go back to doing what he was good at -- being Stuart Chandler's son.

Opal stopped by Krystal's restaurant and tried to lure the proprietor out for drinks. Krystal told Opal that she wasn't in the mood. Opal asked what was on Krystal's mind. Krystal confessed that she was worried about the upcoming custody battle for AJ. Krystal knew JR well, and believed that JR would stop at nothing to retain full custody of his son. Krystal revealed her hope that Caleb would win Marissa's case with Marissa's best interests in mind -- not solely for the goal of crushing JR.

Opal said that Krystal needed a distraction -- perhaps one of the male persuasion. Krystal reminded Opal that her last romantic interest had ended up in the hospital, and the beau prior to him was Tad. Opal said that Krystal shouldn't be so easily dissuaded. Krystal agreed to Opal's plan, but only if Opal would let her take things slowly. Opal agreed, but before they could go anywhere, Krystal's phone emitted a signal. Krystal checked her messages and found a text from Jack. Krystal told Opal that Jack and Erica were back in town, and Jack desperately needed Krystal's help.

Krystal and Opal made their way to ConFusion for a drink. The two women briefly discussed how Marissa was doing. Krystal admitted that she was worried about how consumed Marissa had been with the custody battle. Krystal added that she didn't think Marissa had properly grieved the loss of her father.

Suddenly, Opal let out an ear-splitting shriek. A startled Krystal turned and watched as Opal flung herself into Erica's waiting open arms. Opal was excited to see both of her old friends, but her excitement quickly turned to tears. Erica asked if Jack could give her some alone time with Opal. Jack quickly agreed and made his way over to Krystal.

Krystal greeted her once and future boss. Krystal expressed her wish that his return had been to better circumstances. Jack agreed and said that he had a lot of work ahead to build Greenlee's defense. Krystal told Jack that she and her help were at his disposal.

Erica comforted Opal until Opal's tears subsided. Opal was finally able to tell Erica that she still missed Palmer. Opal thought that Erica's close relationship with Palmer made all of Opal's pain over Palmer's death return to the surface. Opal spoke of how outraged she was that Caleb had lost control of Palmer's company and that JR had stolen it. Erica told Opal not to worry, as Erica planned to work with Caleb to wrench control of Cortlandt Electronics out of JR's hands. Opal was pleased to hear that news, and said she believed Palmer had put Erica and Caleb together for a reason.

Marissa stopped by Wildwind and told Caleb about the destruction she had seen at the Chandler house. Marissa said that JR had claimed the party had caused the mess, but she didn't believe JR. Marissa also told Caleb that she'd heard yelling from the upper level of the house, but said that JR refused to let her see what was happening. Marissa showed Caleb the pictures she'd taken of the mess and asked if they could be used as evidence in the custody battle. Caleb agreed the photos could be useful and asked Marissa to have them printed.

In her haste to get to Annie's party, Amanda almost ran over the would-be hostess. Amanda took Annie to ConFusion and wanted to know what was wrong. Annie initially said that she didn't want to talk about the evening's events, but Amanda encouraged Annie to share. Annie told Amanda that JR had managed to cancel the party and, as a result, Annie had hurt Scott in the worst way. Amanda was sure that whatever had happened, Annie could fix things with Scott.

Annie expounded on her confession and said that she had slept with JR, and Scott had walked in on them. Amanda asked what the events meant; Annie said that her marriage was over, and she and her daughter would be out on the streets. Amanda revised her inquiry and asked if Annie loved JR. Annie said that the only emotion she had for JR was hate. Annie said that she'd been happy with Scott before, and didn't understand why she continued to make bad decisions.

Annie said that she'd proven everyone right who believed that Annie was nothing more than a "lying, cheating whore." Amanda said that she'd been connected to all of those words in the past. Amanda remembered that when she'd gotten pregnant, there had been three potential fathers for her baby. Annie said that Amanda was different because Amanda had learned from her mistakes and found happiness in her marriage.

Annie added that she was most disappointed in herself because she was going to let her daughter down again. Annie said that she longed to be the mother that she'd never had. Amanda said that Annie could still be that mother, and reminded Annie that Emma loved her mother unconditionally. Annie thought Emma's love would change once Emma realized that Annie could never keep her promises. Annie broke down crying, and Amanda quickly wrapped Annie in a comforting hug.

Annie wondered why she was unable to resist JR's advances. Amanda sympathized with Annie, as she'd been in a similar position herself. Annie said that JR was the reason why two of her marriages had failed. Annie said that she hated JR, but wondered how and why she still wanted to be with him.

Caleb went to the Chandler house to see Scott. The staff member that answered the door was reluctant to let Caleb in. Behind the closed doors of the living room, Scott said that JR had no right to decide who Scott was or should be. Scott told JR that JR's taunts and slurs couldn't break him down. Scott added that he'd single-handedly saved Chandler Enterprises from total ruin.

Scott said that he had been put in charge of the company to save it from JR's destructive tendencies. JR's temper flared as he mentioned that Scott's saving technique was stealing technology ideas from a dead man. Just as the words exited his mouth, Caleb made his presence known as he cleared his throat at the entryway to the living room.

Caleb said that he'd gotten Scott's message and wanted to know how Scott's trip to Europe had gone. Scott said that he had some reports for Caleb to look over, and briefly left the living room to retrieve them. While Scott was gone, JR made it clear that while in the Chandler house, Caleb would not be able to dig up dirt to be used in the custody battle. JR was convinced that his lawyer would destroy Caleb in court. Caleb was unfazed by the threat.

Scott returned to the living room and handed a set of reports to Caleb. Caleb said that he would review them and contact Scott the following day. When Caleb left, Scott confirmed that Caleb would be representing Marissa in the custody battle for AJ. Scott wondered if Caleb would find it useful to know that JR had slept with Annie earlier that night. JR likened it to when Scott had slept with Marissa.

Scott said the two situations were different. Unlike Scott, JR had been proud and accomplished when Scott found JR in bed with Annie. Scott promised that he would make sure that JR lost everything JR felt he was entitled to.

Marissa watched over a sleeping AJ. Across town, JR stared at the picture of himself with his son in the broken frame. In another part of the house, Scott pensively thought over the night's events, and then coldly threw his wedding ring away. At the same moment, Annie gazed upon a picture of herself with Emma on the day Annie had married Scott.

Erica called Caleb and said that she had some new ideas about how to get Palmer's company back from the Chandlers. Caleb revealed that he'd just returned from a visit to the Chandler house. Caleb said he'd overheard JR say that Scott had stolen something from a dead man. Erica thought that information could be the leverage they needed. Just then, Erica spotted a teary-eyed Annie. She asked Caleb to trust her, and quickly ended her call.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Greenlee woke up in a panic in her holding cell. She remembered Ryan's calming words and told herself that she would get through her ordeal.

Jackson arrived and handed Greenlee a cup of coffee. She thanked him for getting her a change of clothes and a new bail hearing. Jackson thought that the judge who was scheduled to preside over the hearing would be open to granting bail. Greenlee had confidence in her father. He inquired about her claustrophobia, and she said that she had been coping. He hoped that she would be free later that morning. He apologized for turning his back on her and swore he'd stand by her side. They left for the hearing.

Ryan looked at a newspaper article about Greenlee's arrest. Madison noticed the article, and Ryan mentioned that Jackson was helping Greenlee. Madison hoped that Ryan wasn't hungry and showed him her botched attempt at making an omelet. She apologized for her lack of culinary skills and noted that she had purchased a slow cooker because it could do the cooking for her.

Ryan pulled Madison onto his lap. He regretted that they weren't on their vacation but said that she was all he needed. He told her that he had something for her and presented her with a small box. A look of surprise washed over her face when she discovered a key to Ryan's penthouse. He teased that she needed access so she could stir the food in the slow cooker. She hoped that he hadn't given her the key just to avoid her burning the place down. He wanted her to treat his home like her own. They kissed.

Madison successfully made toast and Ryan complimented her efforts. Madison yawned, and he asked if she was tired. She said that she had slept better than she had in a long time -- because of Ryan. He joked that he must not snore or hog the covers. She admitted that she had been thinking a lot about her haunted past ever since Greenlee had been arrested. Madison said that she felt safe since Ryan had chased her nightmares away. As she prepared him another piece of toast, Ryan mentioned that Greenlee's hearing was that day. Madison said that she understood and that she was fine with Ryan being there for Greenlee.

Erica arrived at Wildwind and told Caleb that she had figured out the first step in getting Cortlandt Electronics back from the Chandlers. He was interested in hearing her thoughts. She suspected that the "dead man" JR and Scott had been arguing about was Palmer.

Erica was determined to figure out what Scott had stolen from Palmer. Caleb thought that it wouldn't be easy. Erica pointed out that Annie, who Erica had seen in a messy emotional state, was in the middle of all the Chandler men. Erica was sure that she could get to Annie because Annie needed someone on her side. Caleb was skeptical and recalled that Annie had stabbed Erica.

Erica thought that she could get Annie to admit that Scott had stolen something from Palmer. Caleb scoffed at the idea, but Erica warned him not to underestimate a woman's subtle touch. Erica lectured that women had made great strides while he had been living on the mountain. Caleb declared that Erica had accomplished more in her lifetime than any man or woman he'd ever known.

Colby entered Scott's trashed room and asked Scott what was going on. She implored him to talk to her, and he admitted that Annie and JR had slept together. Colby realized that the act had happened in Scott's bed.

Colby expressed sympathy to Scott because he really had loved Annie. He said that there was nothing left of his marriage to save. He recalled how he had wanted to move out of the house, but Annie had wanted to wait and throw the party at the mansion instead. He blamed himself for going along with her ideas. Colby called him a good guy who was generous and kind, like Stuart, which was why she loved Scott.

Scott wondered if he was weak. Colby called him one of the strongest people she knew. He thought that he should stop reacting and start taking action. Colby advised him to move on and commented that the situation would be far worse if he and Annie had children. She immediately apologized after seeing the look on his face and hugged him. She asked if she could do anything, but he said that he had to leave. Colby warned him that Annie and JR were downstairs. Scott refused to hide from them and smashed a picture against the wall before he stormed out.

Annie entered the Chandler mansion and called frantically for Scott. She tried reaching him on her cell phone and left a message begging him to call her back. JR entered and said they needed to talk. She barked at him to stay away from her, but he wanted to help. Annie didn't believe him and accused him of trying to destroy her. He denied it.

Annie claimed that she had finally tried to make the right decisions and to make her daughter proud, but she had lost the life she had wanted to give Emma in one stupid moment. Annie felt like she had ruined Emma's life and dared JR to explain how she could live with herself.

JR assured Annie that she was a good mom. He told her that Emma would be all right and that Annie wasn't alone. Annie snapped at him to shut up. Annie wished she could go back to the previous morning, when she, Scott, and Emma had been happy. She regretted that JR had dragged her back to the house the night before. He claimed that he had protected her from the lightning storm. She wondered whether being struck by lightning would have been better than Scott finding her in bed with JR.

Annie blamed herself for falling for JR's schemes. She accused him of wanting to destroy her and her marriage. She spat that JR had won and bitterly asked if he felt like a strong, powerful man. He thought she was twisting things. She realized that his actions had everything to do with getting to Adam and Scott and were not because he cared about her. She believed that JR had only wanted her because she had been married to other men in his family. She implored him to tell her the truth. He stated that she would find the absolute truth if she looked in the mirror, where she'd see what he already knew -- that she didn't truly love Scott.

Annie insisted that she did love Scott. JR yelled that she could cry all she wanted but that eventually she would realize that her and JR's lovemaking was a wake-up call, not a mistake. He proclaimed that she had married the wrong man. She sarcastically asked if he was the right one and if he was ready to sweep her off her feet. JR pointed out that he was in the middle of a custody case. Annie said she'd just be in the way. JR insisted they had a connection.

Annie asserted that all JR had wanted was to get Annie back into bed. She pointed out that JR had wanted her, but he had never said he loved her, whereas Scott had said it every day. She hated that she had thrown away the life she had always desired. She told JR to stop pretending that they could be together because they'd destroy one another if they were. He would lose his son, and she would lose the little self-respect she had left. She said that the only thing that had been inevitable was that they both had self-destructed.

Annie declared that she had no future with JR. Erica entered, and JR was surprised to see that she was back in town. Annie offered to leave, but Erica announced that she was there to see Annie. JR welcomed Erica back and exited.

Erica asked if Annie was all right and commented on Annie's ragged appearance. Erica explained that the editor of Tempo was interested writing in a story on the new generation of Chandlers and wanted Annie to participate. Annie was skeptical. Erica said Annie could show the world -- including Brooke -- that she had triumphed. Annie knew Erica couldn't stand Annie and demanded to know why Erica was really there.

Erica told Annie that she knew about JR and Scott's argument over stealing from a dead man. Annie covered her shock and claimed that she didn't know anything about it. Erica was sure that the dead man in question was Palmer and knew that Scott had regularly visited Palmer in the last weeks of Palmer's life. Annie played dumb, but Erica continued to push. A flustered Annie asked Erica to leave. Erica commented that Annie was falling apart after she had worked so hard to build herself up.

At Greenlee's hearing, Liza explained to the judge that Greenlee had serious charges against her and that Greenlee had the money to flee. Greenlee had also allowed everyone to believe that she had been dead for a year. Jackson argued that Greenlee had been gravely injured and unconscious during that time. Liza wondered why they were revisiting bail, as it had already been denied. Jackson countered that Greenlee's previous attorney hadn't made her case and gave his word as Greenlee's attorney and father that she wouldn't leave town. The judge released Greenlee on $100,000 bail. Liza was miffed, but the judge insisted he had made his ruling. Greenlee hugged Jackson and mused in relief that she was free.

Caleb greeted Scott at Krystal's restaurant and asked to speak with him, but Scott said it wasn't a good time. Caleb sat down anyway and said that Scott just had to listen. Caleb compared Scott and JR to Stuart and Adam. Caleb recounted how Palmer hadn't been able to stand Adam, but Palmer had respected Stuart. Caleb understood that Scott had been trying to do the right thing. Caleb suggested that Scott would have to fight to get what he wanted, and if he was fighting someone like JR, then he had to fight harder and dirtier. Caleb was aware that wasn't Scott's style. "Don't be so sure," Scott said.

Scott remembered how Stuart had said that there was good in everyone, even if you had to dig to find it. Caleb offered the advice that he should go for the jugular rather than reason with his enemy if his enemy attacked, or he'd die. Scott declared that he knew exactly what to do.

Colby berated JR for sleeping with Annie. She recalled how she had stood up for JR when she had learned that Marissa was planning to sue for custody of AJ. Colby agreed with Marissa's assessment that the Chandler home was toxic. JR said that the situation had nothing to do with AJ, but Colby felt otherwise. JR swore that his attorney would destroy anyone who got in his way. Colby said that the person most in JR's way was JR himself.

Erica returned to Wildwind and told Caleb about her visit to the Chandler mansion. Erica recounted how Annie had shut down when Erica had questioned her about whether Scott had stolen something from Palmer. Erica admitted that Annie hadn't said anything incriminating, but she had no doubt that Annie knew exactly what had been stolen. Caleb theorized that if JR was protecting Scott, it had to be something that could take down the entire Chandler business. Erica noticed a gleam in his eye and commented that Caleb enjoyed trying to win Palmer's company back. Caleb asked whether their plot was more fun than "cruising around the Mediterranean with Captain Marvel."

Erica urged Caleb to go for the throat to try to get the information they needed, while she continued to work on Annie. Caleb observed that their ways couldn't be more different but that was a good thing. Erica agreed. Erica thought that it was crazy that she and Caleb had teamed up to take on the Chandlers. Caleb pointed out that Palmer had known that it would be a good idea for them to work together. Erica fretted that their plans would take time away from her family and wanted to know what was in it for her.

Looking at Palmer's portrait, Caleb said that getting Cortlandt back would be his way of thanking Palmer for being the only family he had known. Erica understood Caleb's motivation but worried about how their plan would also take her time and energy. Caleb offered to make it worth her while and agreed to run the company together. He admitted that he needed her help.

Ryan met Greenlee and Jackson at ConFusion to celebrate her freedom. Greenlee thanked Ryan for helping her stay sane in jail. Jackson admitted that Ryan had contacted him to inform him about Greenlee's predicament. Greenlee was grateful to them both and declared that even independent women needed their dads and their friends.

Madison arrived and noted that it looked like a party. Ryan announced that Greenlee was out on bail. Madison handed Greenlee some Fusion sales reports. Madison said that she had to get back to work, but Ryan invited her to stay and implied that Greenlee would be fine with Madison taking a bit of personal time. Greenlee half-heartedly agreed.

Jackson offered to treat them to dinner, but Ryan looked forward to a home-cooked meal. Madison thought perhaps they should get some burgers in case her meal wasn't edible, and Greenlee commented that it would be better than jail food. Madison apologized for her blurted admission to Liza about Greenlee's threat against David. Jackson inquired about what had happened. Ryan explained that Madison had recanted her words by saying she was jealous of Greenlee. Madison knew she couldn't make it up to Greenlee but invited Greenlee over for dinner.

A silent Greenlee looked lost in thought, and Jackson prompted her to respond to Madison's invitation. Greenlee politely declined. Madison joked that she wouldn't make chicken again and that she had read the instructions twice for the slow cooker. Madison promised they'd order in food if her cooking attempt went awry. Spotting Ryan's penthouse key in Madison's hand, Greenlee reluctantly accepted.

Madison and Ryan congratulated Greenlee again and left. A forlorn Greenlee watched as they walked out with their arms around one another. Jackson noted her demeanor. She said that the last thing she needed was to get caught up in her lingering feelings for Ryan when she was facing murder charges, especially since those feelings could be perceived as a motive for killing David. Jackson said that the best way to put reasonable doubt in the jurors' heads was to direct attention to another suspect, and the most obvious choice was Ryan.

Colby arrived at Krystal's and informed Scott that she had spoken with JR, who was aware that he had screwed up. Scott said JR was willing to do whatever it took to get what he wanted. Colby asked Scott to talk to JR. Scott said that there was only one way to deal with JR and that was to stoop to JR's level. Colby was worried, as Scott didn't sound like himself. Scott began to leave and said he needed to do something he should have taken care of a long time before.

Annie left another message for Scott and explained that there was a serious issue about the company. JR overheard and demanded that she tell him what had happened. She said everything was ruined. He tried to calm her and assured her that everything was fine. He asked her to tell him if something had threatened Chandler. Annie told JR about Erica's visit and how Caleb had overheard JR and Scott's discussion about stealing from a dead man. He admitted that the situation was bad but that Erica and Caleb didn't know anything yet.

Annie revealed that Erica suspected that Palmer was the dead man they had been discussing. JR panicked that Erica and Caleb were close to the truth and said that he needed Annie's help. She shouted that he was out of his mind. JR worried that Erica would connect the dots. Annie yelled that her marriage had blown up and all JR cared about was the company. JR grabbed her arm as she tried to leave. He said they stood to lose everything.

Annie cried that she and Scott had already lost too much. JR wanted to find Scott to handle the situation together, but Annie accused JR of not caring about the family or Scott. JR bellowed that he was doing everything he could for the family. She said he was only concerned about himself and his ego. She declared that he had already lost but that he just didn't know it yet. Meanwhile, Scott entered the foyer and eavesdropped on their argument. He flashed back to finding Annie and JR in bed together and an ominous look crossed his face.

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