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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 13, 2010 on AMC
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Monday, December 13, 2010

At ConFusion, Jackson handed Erica a glass of champagne and then sat down. Jack suggested that they plan their wedding to give the family something to be hopeful about. Erica didn't think that the timing was right because Kendall was grieving. Erica started to blame Greenlee for Kendall's troubles, but Jack insisted that they focus on their future. Erica agreed and then lifted her glass as Jack proposed a toast to "hope." Jack and Erica were unaware that Greenlee stood nearby and that she had overheard part of Jack and Erica's conversation.

After Jack left, Greenlee approached Erica's table. Erica suspected that Greenlee had been waiting for Jack to leave. Greenlee explained that she had hoped to enlist Erica's help with Kendall. Greenlee told Erica about the trip to the beach where Zach had perished. Greenlee had thought that the trip had helped Kendall, but then Greenlee had realized that Kendall had erected a wall between them. Greenlee was certain that she could help Kendall if Erica persuaded Kendall to let Greenlee in.

Erica couldn't believe that Greenlee had made Kendall's tragedy all about Greenlee. Erica advised Greenlee to stay away from Kendall if Greenlee truly wanted to help. Erica reminded Greenlee that Kendall had lost the love of her life. Greenlee recalled thinking that her life had been over after Leo had died, but she had been wrong. Erica was certain that Greenlee was only interested in seeking absolution from Kendall, but Greenlee insisted that Erica was wrong. Erica didn't believe Greenlee; she reminded Greenlee how deeply Zach's tragic death had affected his family.

Jack went to Wildwind to check if Caleb had made any progress with getting Jack's law license reinstated. Jack warned Caleb that it might be difficult because Jack had gone "off the reservation" a few years before, so there might be strong opposition. Caleb realized that it wouldn't be easy, but he promised to do his best. Jack thanked Caleb for all of his help and then left. Afterwards, Jack returned to ConFusion, where he spotted Erica in a heated confrontation with Greenlee. Jack was stunned when he overheard Erica admit that she wished to God that Greenlee had never returned.

Jack was disappointed; he had hoped that they had been beyond that. Greenlee quickly excused herself and then left. Jack immediately blasted Erica for ripping into Greenlee. Erica made it clear that Greenlee had approached her to ask for Erica's help to get through to Kendall. Jack didn't understand why that was a problem. Erica reminded Jack that Kendall was grieving for her husband; Kendall needed her family, not Greenlee.

Jack argued that Erica couldn't possibly blame Greenlee for what had happened to Zach. Erica disagreed because Zach had been on his way to pick up Greenlee and Ryan. Erica insisted that Greenlee and her "so-called husband, David," were responsible for Zach's death. Jack wondered if Erica could try to meet Greenlee halfway because Greenlee was going through a lot at the moment. Erica stared at Jack in disbelief.

Erica reminded Jack that Kendall was the one suffering; it infuriated Erica that Jack had jumped to Greenlee's defense, but he had never once reached out to try to help Kendall, despite his claims that they were family. Jack seemed taken aback as Erica stormed off.

Madison stopped by Kendall's place to drop off some files for Kendall to sign. Madison realized that perhaps it was too soon for Kendall to think about Fusion, so she started to leave. Kendall assured Madison that it was okay and then invited Madison inside. Moments later, the phone rang. Kendall's cheerful greeting of, "Team Slater" filled the air as the answering machine picked up the call. It was Greenlee.

Kendall and Madison listened as Greenlee left a message, apologizing to Kendall for stopping by to share the good news that Ryan and Greenlee had decided to move in together. As Greenlee spoke, Kendall reached over and then stopped the answering machine to spare her and Madison from having to listen to the rest of Greenlee's message. Kendall admitted that it had been difficult without Zach. Madison empathized because she knew that everything reminded Kendall of Zach. Madison was deeply sorry for Kendall's loss, so she promised to help Kendall in any way possible. Kendall assured Madison that it wasn't necessary.

Madison admitted that she could use the distraction. Kendall realized that Madison was referring the breakup with Ryan. Kendall felt bad for Madison, but Madison assured Kendall that she would be okay. Seconds later, Madison had a dizzy spell. Kendall noticed how pale Madison seemed, which she attributed to Madison's gunshot wound. Kendall offered to drive Madison to the hospital to be checked out.

Madison assured Kendall that she was fine and then revealed that she had a doctor's appointment, so there wasn't anything to be concerned about. Kendall insisted on driving Madison to the hospital. Madison accepted the offer after Kendall explained that she had business at the hospital anyway. A short while later, Madison and Kendall arrived at the hospital. After Madison thanked Kendall for the ride, the women went their separate ways. Madison let the nurse know that she was ready for her appointment.

Randi strolled in moments later. Randi immediately assumed that Madison was there to see Frankie about the gunshot wound, so she let the nurse know that Madison was a close family friend and to make certain that Madison didn't wait too long. The nurse was confused; she didn't know if Madison was there to see a surgeon or an OB/GYN. "OB/GYN," Madison quietly clarified. Randi was shocked when Madison revealed that she was pregnant with Ryan's baby. Madison seemed grateful when Randi offered to wait with her.

As they sat down, Randi wondered if Madison had suffered any morning sickness. Madison admitted that she had only had a few dizzy spells. Randi let Madison know how lucky Madison was. Randi confided that she'd had terrible bouts of morning sickness during her pregnancy. Madison was horrified when she realized how insensitive she had been, given the circumstances of Randi's heartbreaking miscarriage. Randi assured Madison that it was in the past.

Madison and Randi then began to talk about Ryan. Randi quickly realized that Madison was still in love with Ryan. The nurse popped into the waiting area to let them know that the doctor would be ready shortly. Greenlee suddenly appeared in the doorway. It was clear to Randi and Madison that Greenlee had overheard the nurse. Randi quickly covered for Madison by explaining to Greenlee that the appointment was for Randi's yearly checkup.

Madison claimed that she was in the hospital to talk to Bianca about Miranda Center business. Greenlee pasted on a saccharine smile and then excused herself. Madison immediately thanked Randi for covering for her. Randi offered to go with Madison for the examination, but Madison declined. Madison decided that she needed to do it on her own. A short time later, Madison learned that she was seven weeks pregnant. She seemed awed when the doctor referred the child as "your baby."

At ConFusion, Amanda was furious that Cara was in town and had pretended that she hadn't known who Amanda was when they had bumped into each other at Krystal's. Griffin insisted that Cara was in town to visit him, but Amanda didn't believe him. Amanda questioned the timing of Cara's email to Jake, Griffin's arrival in Pine Valley, and Cara's unexpected visit. Griffin suggested that perhaps Cara didn't realize that Amanda had been Jake's wife, but Amanda pulled out the holiday card, with Amanda, Jake, and Trevor featured on it, that she had shown to Cara. Amanda feared that Cara wanted Jake back. Griffin assured her that she was wrong, but Amanda warned him that he hadn't been very convincing.

Later, Griffin was furious when he entered David's room to find Kendall standing by David's bed. He reminded her that she had promised him to stay away from David after Griffin had caught her holding a pillow, ready to smother David. Kendall started to apologize, but Griffin grabbed her by the arm and then started to lead her out. Caleb appeared in the doorway and then immediately demanded to know what was going on. In the hallway, Griffin informed Caleb that Kendall's family needed to make certain that Kendall kept her distance from David.

After Griffin walked away, Caleb gently asked Kendall to explain what he had walked in on. Kendall admitted that Griffin had been right to be concerned about her presence in David's room. She explained that she hurt deeply from the grief and that she had been worried about Erica's legal situation. Kendall also admitted that she had felt overwhelmed by anger because she couldn't yell at the person who had been responsible for Zach's death. Caleb was surprised when Kendall confessed that Griffin had recently caught her ready to smother David with a pillow.

Kendall became distraught as she confided that she had no idea what would happen if Erica went to jail for trying to protect a man from David's evil intentions. Caleb assured Kendall that he would do everything in his power to make certain that it didn't happen. After Kendall left, Erica found Caleb outside of David's room. Erica wanted to know what was troubling Kendall because Kendall had seemed rattled when Erica had passed Kendall in the hallway. Caleb suggested that Kendall needed some space. He explained that Kendall was terrified because Kendall had tried to kill David.

Shortly after Kendall arrived home, Jack stopped by to see if she needed anything. Kendall assured him that she was all set, but Jack refused to take no for an answer. He realized that Christmas was difficult for her, so he offered to shop for the boys and even write a letter to Santa; however, he drew the line at leaving "veggies and fuzzy water" out for Santa. According to Jack, Santa didn't roll that way; it was cookies and milk or nothing. Kendall smiled as she accepted Jack's offer.

Greenlee entered David's hospital room to let him know that she was angry that she had been getting all of the flak for what he had done. She wished that she could say that she'd never see David again, but she suspected that they both knew that it wasn't true. After Greenlee left, David began to move as if he were emerging from the coma.

At the hospital, Jake couldn't believe his eyes when he saw Cara standing before him. He wondered what she was doing in Pine Valley. "I came to see you. I need you Jake," she told him. She quickly realized that her choice of words had been inappropriate, so she apologized. Jake was curious what she was sorry for: walking out on him or for leaving him a letter instead of telling him to his face that their marriage was over. Cara claimed that she had never meant to hurt him, but Jake didn't believe her.

Jake thought that she should have realized that her desertion of their marriage would have been painful. Cara didn't know what to say, so Jake suggested that she seek him out after she had found the words. Cara wondered why it mattered when he clearly had moved on with a beautiful wife and cute child. Jake didn't appreciate her checking up on him. Cara quickly clarified that she was there to talk to him about Doctors Without Borders. Jake reminded her that there were a million doctors that she could get to work for the organization, but Cara insisted that none were like him.

Jake decided to take Cara to Krystal's restaurant to continue their conversation over a couple of beers. Jake insisted on knowing why she had walked out on their marriage. Cara remained reluctant to give Jake the answers that he seemed to need. Jake admitted that he hadn't seen any signs that their marriage had been falling apart or that she had been seeing Griffin on the side. Cara claimed that it hadn't been like that, but she refused to elaborate. Instead, she wondered if Jake were happy.

Jake made it clear that she didn't have the right to ask that question. Cara smiled softly as she recalled how fearless and dedicated Jake had been when he had worked for Doctors Without Borders. She remembered how he would look whenever he returned from a dangerous mission and would say, "Reckless abandon." Jake insisted that he wasn't like that any more. Cara admitted that she could see that. Jake was curious what else Cara saw.

Amanda walked in seconds later, marched up to Jake, and then gave her husband a passionate kiss before she turned to Cara and then invited Jake to introduce his "friend." Jake started to make the introductions, but Amanda cut him off. Amanda demanded to know why Cara had intentionally misled her when they had met. Cara explained that she hadn't wanted to cause any problems and then excused herself. After Cara left, Jake apologized to Amanda. He regretted that she had to deal with "all the insanity."

Jake promised that he'd had no idea that Cara had been in town. Amanda was curious how Jake had felt seeing Cara again. He admitted that he was relieved that the first meeting was behind him. Amanda bristled at the suggestion that there might be future encounters. Jake assured Amanda that Cara was leaving town. Amanda wondered if Cara had asked about Jake's marriage to Amanda.

"No," Jake admitted, but he promised Amanda that he was happy with her and Trevor. Amanda seemed to relax, but she realized that she needed to leave to fetch their son. Jake asked for one of their holiday cards, so that he could show it to some of his co-workers. Amanda smiled as she handed the card to him. Jake glanced at the card, but was immediately hit by a memory of a particular Christmas that he had spent with Cara.

Jake recalled ducking for safety with Cara as bullets whizzed over their heads and all around them. Cara and Jake held hands as they tried to distract each other from the danger that they faced. They talked about what they would like for Christmas and their hopes for the future. As the gunfire continued, Cara wished Jake, "Feliz Navidad." Jake shook off the memory, reached out for Amanda, and then kissed her. "Feliz Navidad," Amanda said as Jake wrapped his arms around his wife.

Griffin went to the Yacht Club to see Cara. Cara was happy that he had received her message, but she realized almost immediately that Griffin was mad at her. Griffin admitted that he was trying not to be, but she had made that difficult. He warned her that Jake's wife knew about her. Cara admitted that she was aware of Amanda's discovery and that it had been wrong to lie to Amanda.

Griffin's temper flared when Cara revealed that she had seen Jake, in order to recruit him for Doctors Without Borders. Griffin realized that Cara was in town to see Jake, not him. Cara insisted that it was always a "bonus" to see Griffin, but she hadn't told him about the reason for her visit because she had known that he would try to stop her. "Damn straight I would have," Griffin agreed. After Griffin calmed down, he wondered how it had gone with Cara and Jake.

"Not good," Cara admitted. She confessed that it had been harder than she had thought it would be. Cara's attention drifted momentarily as she recalled spending Christmas with Jake while they had been surrounded by gunfire. She focused on Griffin when he called her name several times to get her attention. He wondered if she were okay. "I'm good," she assured him.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Erica was shocked when Caleb informed her that Kendall had tried to kill David. Caleb explained that if Griffin hadn't interrupted Kendall, she would have smothered David with a pillow. Caleb suggested that Erica get Kendall help. Erica lamented to Caleb that she didn't know how to help Kendall. She thought that perhaps Kendall was holding on to anger to avoid her grief. Erica worried that Griffin would tell others about Kendall threatening David's life, but Caleb assured her he'd handle it.

Erica was grateful to Caleb for representing her and for his advice regarding Kendall. Caleb didn't think Kendall would appreciate his telling Erica about Kendall's attempt to take David's life. Erica hoped that one day Erica could return the favor and help Caleb. He said that she already had, and Erica left.

At Wildwind, a seemingly upbeat Kendall arrived and suggested to Bianca that Fusion throw a holiday party. Kendall announced that she was ready to return to work and also wanted to be part of Zach's plan to expand the Miranda Center. A hesitant Bianca declared her appreciation for Kendall's enthusiasm, but Kendall realized that Bianca doubted that Kendall was up to the tasks.

Bianca assured Kendall that she believed Kendall could handle the work, but implored her to take time for herself. Kendall wondered if Bianca felt like Kendall was encroaching on her territory. Bianca said that she'd prefer to step back from Fusion to work at the Miranda Center full-time, and Kendall thought that her own intent to return to work would benefit both of them.

Ricky arrived to discuss the Miranda Center, but Bianca tried to brush him off. Kendall explained to Ricky that Bianca thought it was too soon for Kendall to immerse herself in new projects, but Ricky wanted to know how Kendall felt. Kendall complained that she was going stir-crazy at home. Bianca advised Kendall that she had nothing to prove, but Kendall thought she had a lot to prove -- to Zach.

Bianca believed that Zach would have wanted Kendall to be happy. Kendall didn't think that was possible, so instead, she desired to become the woman that Zach had wanted her to be. She said that it was her responsibility to keep Zach's memory alive, but she was filled with anger and hate toward the people responsible for Zach's death. After she grew upset, Kendall started to leave, but Ricky assured her that her feelings were justified.

Ricky asked Kendall whether she had hit anything since Zach had died and asked Bianca for an expendable object. Bianca handed Kendall a bowl that David and Greenlee had left behind. Without hesitation, Kendall grabbed it and smashed it on the ground, and she admitted it had felt good. Bianca invited Kendall to go shopping for a Christmas tree later that day, and Kendall accepted.

Caleb returned to Wildwind and noticed that Bianca appeared distant. Bianca said that Kendall had visited and that Kendall was desperate to keep busy to avoid her grief. Caleb remarked that family was important. Bianca informed him that Asher was on his way to fix her computer. Caleb wasn't sure where he stood with Asher. Bianca told Caleb that he had the heart, he just needed the practice. There was a knock at the door, and Caleb retreated upstairs as Bianca let Asher in. Asher asked whether she was alone, and she was vague in her response. Caleb looked in on them from the stairway, unnoticed.

Bianca offered to pay Asher, but he declined because he was there to fix a mistake he had made. She gave him a Christmas present instead. He reluctantly opened it to find a new winter coat. He tried it on and exclaimed that it was a perfect fit. A touched Asher didn't know what to say, so Bianca simply wished him a Merry Christmas. He thanked her, and she made an excuse to leave. After Bianca exited, Caleb entered and called out to Bianca with a question about gifts he had purchased for Kendall's sons. Both Asher and Caleb were surprised to see one another.

Caleb asked Asher about how he had learned about computers and then complimented Asher's new coat. Asher said that it had been a gift from Bianca and explained that he hadn't expected to stick around long enough to spend winter in Pine Valley. Caleb commented that the Kane women always seemed to know what was needed.

Asher observed that Caleb had shopped for Kendall's kids. Caleb admitted that it was difficult to determine what a boy who had just lost his father would want. "He wants his dad," Asher pointedly said. Caleb looked uncomfortable. Asher told Caleb to tell Bianca to call him about any future computer problems, then left.

Erica arrived at Kendall's home and inquired whether she had to worry about Kendall going after David again. Kendall said she might, and Erica was surprised by her daughter's candor. Kendall clarified that she wouldn't necessarily try to kill David again, but she didn't know what she'd do from one minute to the next. Erica asked how she could be of help, but Kendall didn't know. Erica beseeched Kendall not to act on her angry impulses. Kendall said that at the time, attacking David had felt like the right thing to do. Erica counseled that Kendall could find the right answers by thinking of her children.

Erica urged Kendall to consider her boys before she acted impulsively and possibly ended up in prison. Kendall didn't want to see Erica in jail, either. Jackson arrived and was concerned that he was interrupting, and the Kane women silently looked at one another. After an awkward moment, Erica smiled and insisted that they were fine.

Later, at ConFusion, Erica worried to Jackson that Greenlee would always be an issue between them. Jackson asked her to tell him what had been going on between her and Kendall. Erica maintained that it had been nothing.

Bianca arrived for her tree-shopping excursion with Kendall. Kendall apologized that she couldn't make it after all, because Spike had a cold. Kendall told Bianca to go without her. After Bianca reluctantly left, Kendall looked forlornly at her empty living room.

At Krystal's, Jake thought back to when he had prepared to propose to Cara. He had gazed at a ring, which he had quickly hidden when she had arrived at their tent. She had wished him a happy anniversary and had recalled how they had met six months before. She had handed him a gift wrapped in a towel, and he had unwrapped it to find a new medical bag. They had declared their love and had kissed passionately. He had pulled away and had told her that he had something for her, as well. Before he could reveal his surprise, a radio signal had summoned them to handle an emergency.

Amanda and Trevor arrived at Krystal's to meet Jake. Amanda kissed her husband and asked whether he was okay. Jake didn't want to think about Cara, who he believed would leave town within a couple of days. Amanda wondered why Cara was still in town, and Jake confessed that Cara had tried to talk him into rejoining Doctors Without Borders.

Amanda wanted to know how Jake felt about his past in Africa. He tried to change the subject, but she pushed him to be honest with her. She believed that their marriage was solid, but wondered if he felt like a part of his life was missing. Jake declared that he loved everything about their life together, but she was concerned that she and Trevor kept him from following his dreams. To prove his love and commitment, Jake gathered the attention of the restaurant patrons and announced that he was going to sing a love song to his wife. An embarrassed Amanda insisted that she believed him and silenced him with a kiss.

Meanwhile, Tad bumped into Cara in the Yacht Club hallway. They recognized one another, and she revealed that she had already seen Jake. She expected Tad to berate her. Tad wished that he could have said that it was nice to meet her, but he said he'd prefer it if she packed up and left.

Tad told Cara that Jake had a wife and family. She understood that her relationship with Jake wasn't the same as it once had been, but Tad warned her not to mess with Jake's life. She claimed that she had never wanted to hurt Jake, but Tad reminded her that she had broken Jake's heart. Tad credited Amanda with making Jake whole again after Cara had dumped him. Tad told Cara that she wasn't needed or wanted in Pine Valley. She noticed his injured hand and offered to take a look at the wound. Tad sheepishly admitted that he'd had an accident with a kitchen knife. Cara invited him into her room.

Cara tended to Tad's wound. In an attempt to avoid his questions about Griffin, she pulled out a syringe and asked if Tad was afraid of needles. Tad immediately grew silent, but appeared to appreciate her feistiness. Cara gulped down a drink at the bar and offered Tad one. He grimaced in pain as he tried to open the bottle. She used the alcohol to disinfect his cut. He was surprised that she didn't think twice about treating him in her room, and she told him that she had performed surgery with far fewer amenities. He told her that her kindness didn't begin to make up for her hurting Jake.

Later, Tad greeted Jake at the hospital. Jake noticed Tad's bandaged hand and noted that whoever had wrapped Tad's hand had done a good job. Tad admitted that Cara had helped him and that he knew that Jake had seen Cara. Jake mused that it had been strange to see her again, but it hadn't been all bad. Tad observed that Cara was very attractive, and Jake complained that Tad wasn't helping the situation.

Jake admitted that he had loved his life with Doctors Without Borders, and Tad forced him to confess that he had loved Cara, too. Jake disclosed that he had been flooded with memories of Cara since he had seen her. He intended to declare his love for Amanda, but said Cara's name by accident and quickly corrected himself. Tad wondered why Cara was still in town, but Jake insisted she was only there for business.

Cara flashed back to joking with Jake while on assignment in Africa. She had thanked him for urging her to take a chance by accepting the job, but he had thought that she had been born to live that lifestyle. Cara had said that she couldn't imagine being there without him. Cara had recalled that her mother had wanted her to live a safe life, but Cara had felt that she had everything she needed in Jake. Jake had asked her to check for a radio he had left in his bag.

Cara had crossed the room to Jake's medical bag and had been speechless when she had discovered the engagement ring. Jake had apologized that it hadn't been a diamond, but she had stated that it was perfect. He had informed her that he had sold his truck to get it. He had dropped to one knee and had asked her if she'd do him the honor of being his wife. She had joyfully cried yes, and they had kissed. He had slipped the ring on her finger, and she had professed her love. Snapping back to the present, Cara stared at the ring, which she still wore on a chain around her neck.

Cara arrived to visit Griffin at the hospital and presented him with a bag of food. At first, he was standoffish and told her that she shouldn't be there. She tempted him with some of his favorite dishes, and his icy demeanor melted. Tad and Jake passed by as Griffin playfully fed Cara some chips. The affectionate moment wasn't lost on Tad and Jake.

Cara wiped Griffin's face with a napkin. Jake commented to Tad that it didn't appear that Griffin and Cara's relationship was over. Tad pointed out that Griffin and Cara had adjacent rooms at the Yacht Club. Tad offered to dig around to find out more information.

Griffin accused Cara of being in town for more than just Doctors Without Borders. She jokingly asked whether he minded having her around. Tad observed as Griffin and Cara hugged. Meanwhile, Tad covertly snooped in Cara's bag and found a wallet. Upon examining its contents, he rolled his eyes. "You've got to be kidding," he remarked to himself.

Amanda visited Annie, who lamented that JR had been spending time with Marissa and AJ instead of her. Amanda groaned that she could relate, since Cara had just arrived in town. Annie was shocked and asked about Cara's reason for being in Pine Valley. Amanda explained that Cara had tried to convince Jake to return to Doctors Without Borders. Amanda recalled how she had spoken with Cara at Krystal's, but Cara hadn't revealed that she was Jake's ex-wife. Annie thought Cara's motivations didn't look good.

Annie tried to piece together the reasoning behind Cara's arrival in town. Annie wondered why Griffin and Cara were in Pine Valley at the same time. Amanda thought that Annie was projecting her own insecurities about JR onto Amanda and Jake's relationship. Annie believed that Jake and Amanda's marriage was strong, but advised Amanda that she could never be too careful.

Later, Jake arrived at ConFusion, where Amanda pulled him into a passionate kiss. She amorously offered to give him all the excitement he could handle.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

At Krystal's restaurant, Tad revealed to Krystal that he intended to investigate Cara's return - without Jake's knowledge. Krystal thought that was asking for trouble, but Tad figured that he'd tell Jake if a problem surfaced. Tad flirted with Krystal a little and then took off.

AJ and Marissa arrived to meet Krystal for JR's tree-trimming party. Marissa admitted that JR's newfound camaraderie was strange. She wanted to believe that JR was reaching out for AJ's sake, but she was afraid to trust JR. "You should be," Krystal replied.

Marissa became emotional as she recalled what she and JR had gone through during the last holiday season. She figured JR had been remembering it all, too, because the old JR seemed to be reemerging. Krystal assumed that Marissa was contemplating going back to JR, but Marissa swore that it was only about making the best life for AJ.

At the Yacht Club, Annie awakened to find a fully dressed JR beside her in bed. He asked if she liked the tabletop Christmas tree he'd gotten, and she said it was cute. "What about this?" he asked. He presented a gift and claimed he couldn't wait any longer to give it to her.

Annie became emotional upon unwrapping a small velvet box; however, her smile faded when she saw canary diamond earrings tucked inside the ring box. Feigning excitement, she tried them on and asked if he loved her in them. He said he loved her in anything - and in nothing.

JR left for his day with Marissa and AJ, and Annie mocked, "'I love you in anything, Annie. I love you in nothing, Annie. I love you, Annie!' Ugh!" As Annie dressed, she daydreamed that JR had proposed to her after a New Year's Eve party. "Yes, JR, I'll marry you," she dreamily replied. Glancing around the room, she pouted to realize that she was alone.

At the mansion, JR was busily preparing ornaments when Tad arrived. Excited about picking out a tree with Marissa and AJ, JR pulled out a sun ornament that he'd bought for Marissa. He said it had reminded him of the ornament she'd given him the previous year. JR recalled the cancer resurgence and said that Marissa had been his only "sun" during those dark days. JR wanted her to know that he hadn't forgotten it.

JR conveyed that he and Marissa were in a better place, and they were working together to provide security for AJ. Tad asked about Annie, but JR claimed he just worked with her. Tad stated that, while investigating something else earlier, he'd seen JR leave a hotel room. Tad had asked around and learned that JR had been with a woman who'd fit Annie's description.

A resentful JR said he wasn't a little boy in need of supervision. He lied that he and Annie had met a client at the hotel. Tad, who'd seen Adam play dirty with Dixie, ordered JR not to mess with Marissa. Yelling, JR asked what the harm was in taking his son and former wife Christmas tree shopping. JR invited Tad to go along and see the harmlessness for himself.

Later, Tad and JR lugged a tree into the mansion parlor. Krystal, Jenny, Kathy, AJ, and Marissa cheered, but Tad wailed about his aching back. Annie peeked through the terrace doors to see Marissa and JR share a moment over the sun ornament. JR ushered everyone outside to decorate the lawn, and Annie crept in through the terrace. She picked up the sun ornament and heard Tad say not to touch things that weren't hers.

Annie claimed that she was there to see JR about a press release, but Tad asserted that JR was with his family. Tad noted that he'd seen her lurking on the terrace, and he advised her to use the front door the next time. Once Tad exited, Annie dropped the sun ornament on the floor, and it shattered. "Oops," she said and departed through the terrace doors.

Later, JR and Marissa found themselves alone in the parlor, and Marissa remarked that JR seemed to be a different person. JR claimed that Zach and David's fates had renewed his perspective on life. JR regretted hurting her, and he didn't blame her for not trusting him. He only hoped that her feelings would change one day.

Tad, Krystal, and the kids returned inside, and AJ discovered the broken ornament. He offered Marissa a heart ornament as a replacement. Tad pulled JR aside to say that Annie had been there. JR figured that she'd wanted to discuss business; however, Tad warned that JR couldn't work on his family with Annie peeking through the windows.

Back at the Yacht Club, Annie stormed into her hotel room. She knocked JR's Christmas tree off the table and sobbed. By the time JR arrived, she'd put the tree back on the table. JR revealed that she'd been sighted at the house, and she claimed that she'd thoughtlessly gone there to discuss a press release.

JR assured Annie that his plan was working. He was sure that Marissa would drop the custody suit, and then he and Annie could be together. Annie wanted to trust him, but she said she couldn't handle it if he let her down. JR asserted that they'd have it all. Annie acted as if she believed him, but when he hugged her, she scowled.

At Ryan's penthouse, Greenlee arrived downstairs to find a sparkling Christmas tree in the living room. Ryan had decked the tree with "a surprise a day" notes, because they'd once promised to surprise each other every day. While opening some notes, she found a promise to make her laugh, tickets to the circus, and a picture of herself and Kendall.

Greenlee was puzzled, and Ryan said he planned to make things right between Greenlee and Kendall. Greenlee doubted it would happen, but he said he'd use their own relationship as inspiration. The couple kissed, and Greenlee headed to the hospital to see David.

At the hospital, Madison encountered Angie. They chatted about Angie's pregnancy, and Madison asked how the Hubbards had felt when they'd first learned about it. Angie said they'd been excited, but scared. The baby kicked, and Angie put Madison's hand on her belly. Madison felt a kick, got spooked, and rushed off. Angie wondered what was troubling Madison.

Later, Angie encountered Greenlee, who wondered why David's room was empty. Angie said he was undergoing tests. Greenlee didn't know why she'd panicked upon not seeing David there, or why she was visiting him so regularly, for that matter. She figured she wanted to be nearby, because she feared what he'd do once he awakened. Greenlee wished she could make up for the pain her relationship with David had caused, but Angie said they'd all find a way to move on.

Angie stated that she could have shipped David off, but she'd put her personal feelings aside to ensure that he received the best care possible. Handing Angie some paperwork, Greenlee said she'd no longer be involved in it, because she'd relinquished her legal responsibility for David. Greenlee still seemed concerned, though, so Angie assured her that he was in good hands.

Later, Angie met in an exam room with a woman who helped visually impaired women prepare themselves for their infants. Angie revealed that she was excited about the pregnancy, but she worried that a blind woman couldn't take care of a baby. Angie hadn't discussed it with Jesse, because she wanted him to believe that she could do it. The woman replied that Angie needed to believe that she could do it, because it actually was possible.

The woman assured Angie that her other senses would take over, and her family would help her. Angie, however, didn't want help; she wanted to do it herself. Recalling how active baby Frankie had been, Angie worried that she wouldn't be able to deter her new child from hazards. The woman said that was what baby-proofing was for, but Angie asked who'd "baby-proof" her. The woman assured Angie that she'd be fine. Though Angie knew she had a lot to learn and to relearn, she began to feel more confident about the situation.

On Ryan's doorstep, Madison took one look at Ryan and murmured that arriving there had been a mistake. As she stammered about leaving, Ryan escorted her inside. She said she didn't want him to have to "take this on," but he wondered what "this" she was referring to.

Just then, Greenlee entered, and Ryan said Madison wanted to discuss something with him. Madison claimed to have wanted to discuss her decision to resign from Fusion. Flustered, Madison ran out. Ryan tried to stop her, but Greenlee asked him to respect Madison's choice. As Ryan took a phone call, Greenlee hurried into the hall and confronted Madison at the elevator.

Greenlee bluntly told Madison to stop showing up at Ryan's house. Greenlee suspected that Madison hadn't wanted to talk to Ryan about leaving Fusion, and though Greenlee was sorry for all that Madison had gone through, Greenlee felt that it was dangerous to hold onto old feelings. Madison replied that arriving there had been a mistake, and it wouldn't happen again.

When Greenlee returned inside, she told Ryan that Madison had felt bad for showing up there, and she wouldn't do it again. Ryan thought quitting Fusion had been a bad idea, and he was worried about Madison's finances. Believing that Madison had been brave to make a complete break from Ryan, Greenlee readily offered to give her a good severance package.

Greenlee changed the subject to the break she'd made from David, and Ryan assumed that she'd relinquished her medical responsibility for David. Greenlee decided that she needed to give Ryan his surprise of the day. Locking the door, she stated that she was holding him hostage until Emma got home. The two made out on their way upstairs.

At ConFusion, Madison ordered sparkling water and decided that she was on her own.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Randi and Frankie spotted Madison at ConFusion. Randi asked Madison how Ryan had taken the news of Madison's pregnancy, and Madison explained that Greenlee had interrupted her announcement. Madison decided that the baby was none of Ryan's business.

Madison said that Ryan didn't want to be in her life, so she didn't want him in it. She was confused about being pregnant and didn't feel ready to have a baby. Frankie assured her that she wasn't alone. Madison realized that she had to make a decision about her pregnancy very soon. Madison refused to allow her pregnancy to create problems for Ryan and Greenlee. She reminded herself that she had answered to men for most of her life, and while Ryan wasn't like them, she wasn't going to let it happen again.

At the Slater home, Kendall searched for something in a closet. She took down a box from a shelf, carefully opened it, and gazed at a photo of Zach. She told the photo that she had attended the Redwings game the night before. Her voice trailed off as she mentioned that Spike had smiled for the first time since Zach's death. Spike entered, and Kendall suggested they go out to get something to eat. Spike excitedly requested ice cream, and Kendall agreed. After Kendall sent Spike to fetch Ian, she sadly closed the box.

Kendall arrived at Krystal's restaurant with her boys and looked uncomfortable when she spied Greenlee and Ryan kissing. Spike ran into Ryan's arms. Ryan and Greenlee offered to share their table, but it was obvious that Kendall didn't want to sit with them. Greenlee's cell phone rang, and she informed someone that she had relinquished responsibility for David's medical decisions. Greenlee learned that another advocate hadn't been named yet, so she left for the hospital.

Kendall led her boys to the counter to pick out ice cream toppings. Ryan approached Kendall and said that they needed to talk. Ryan realized that Kendall was in pain, but he wanted to help her make Christmas nice for her boys. She agreed to let him help decorate, but insisted that Greenlee be excluded. Ryan told Kendall that Greenlee could help her more than anyone else could, but Kendall didn't want Greenlee's help.

Ryan informed Kendall that Greenlee was tortured by what had happened to Zach. Kendall called it torture to see Ryan and Greenlee happy. Kendall explained that seeing them together reminded her that she'd never share special moments with Zach again. Ryan pointed out that he had also witnessed Zach's plane crash and asked if Kendall felt the same way about him. Kendall responded that she and Ryan shared a child, but otherwise she wanted nothing to do with him.

Ryan apologized for causing Kendall so much discomfort, but he refused to spend Christmas without Greenlee. Ryan thought Zach would have wanted Kendall to be with people who loved her. Kendall barked that she knew what Zach would have wanted and that she was reminded of it every day. Kendall called Spike over to say goodbye to Ryan. Ryan asked Spike to take care of his mommy.

Later, Kendall tried to have a phone conversation while tending to Spike, but ended up spilling water all over the table. After she hung up, Spike asked if Kendall was going to leave, too. Kendall realized that a glass of water had spilled the night before Zach had left, and she reassured Spike that Zach would be with them if he could be.

At the hospital, Frankie told Greenlee that there had been some unusual results on David's monitor, such as elevation in David's heartbeat when Greenlee had walked in. Frankie explained that while technically David was still in a coma, something was going on with him.

Frankie said that David could be having involuntary responses, or the results could mean that David was waking up. Greenlee asked what she was supposed to do. Frankie simply informed her that he had been obligated to notify next of kin when there was a change, and he left to check on another patient. Greenlee told a comatose David that Kendall couldn't even look at her. Greenlee wanted to leave her marriage to David behind, but she couldn't because of Zach's death. She wondered if David was trying to tell her that he'd never let her go. Greenlee saw his finger twitch noticeably, and she called for Frankie.

Greenlee told Frankie about David's finger movement, but Frankie didn't find any change in David's condition. After Frankie left, Greenlee implored David to be a better person if he recovered. After she exited, his fingers visibly moved again.

Greenlee arrived at Ryan's penthouse, where she informed Ryan about David's elevated heartbeat and finger movement. Ryan offered to call Jake for a second opinion, but Greenlee wanted to limit her involvement with David's care. Greenlee hoped that David would wake up so Kendall had someone to take her anger out on. Greenlee speculated about the icy receptions she'd receive from Kendall at Christmas dinner. Ryan informed her that Kendall had said that Greenlee wasn't welcome.

At Krystal's, Tad greeted a frustrated Amanda. Amanda wondered why Cara had pretended not to know who Amanda was when the women had spoken at Krystal's earlier. Tad didn't have an answer, but Amanda thought that Cara and Griffin were hiding something. She asked for Tad's help to find out the real reason Cara was in town.

Angie and Griffin met at ConFusion. He wondered if she had requested to meet with him because he was in trouble. She joked that the female patients hadn't been complaining. He admitted that he wasn't used to typical hospital work. Angie offered him a more permanent position at the hospital. Griffin was concerned that other staff members wouldn't be happy if he accepted. Angie realized that Griffin was referring to Jake. She called Jake a professional and said that what had happened in the past had nothing to do with Jake's life in the present.

Griffin reminded Angie that he had been punched on his first day at the hospital. Griffin told Angie that she ran a great hospital, but that it wasn't the place for him. He intended to leave town after his work at the Miranda Center was completed. She mused that saving the world was admirable, but saving one person at a time had its merits, as well. When Angie got up to leave, Griffin attempted to assist her, but she refused his help. Impressed by her independence, he told her he'd like to take part in some surgeries.

Griffin saw Tad at the bar and asked him how Opal was doing. Tad inquired about Griffin's meeting with Angie. Griffin explained that he had just turned down a full-time job offer at the hospital. Tad wondered what Griffin found so special about working in dangerous situations and asked where Griffin's home was. Griffin cryptically stated that it depended on where he had to go, but he disclosed that he was originally from Mexico. Tad continued to press for information about Griffin's family, but when Griffin balked, Tad explained that he tended to be overprotective of his own family. Tad asked Griffin if he intended to take Cara with him when he left town.

Tad observed that it was strange that Griffin and Cara were both so passionate about their cause, yet they had both ended up in a small town like Pine Valley at the same time. Griffin explained that the Miranda Center was his priority. Tad found it interesting that Cara had ended up the room adjacent to Griffin's. Griffin said it didn't matter because he and Cara would be leaving soon.

Tad asked if Griffin would go back to Mexico and made small talk about his own travels there. Griffin revealed that he had been raised in Juarez, and he doubted that his rough upbringing was like anything Tad had seen in Mexico. Griffin assured Tad that Cara didn't ever stay in one place for long, and he left. Tad did some research on his laptop and was shocked by what he discovered.

At the hospital, Jake admired some holiday photos of the staff's families. He started to move a photo of Amanda and Trevor to a more prominent position, but it dropped to the floor. Jake was surprised when Cara picked up the photo and handed it to him.

Cara tried to get Jake to reconsider returning to Doctors Without Borders. He recalled that she had never shied away from a challenge. She understood if he wanted to walk away from her job offer, but he pointedly said that walking away wasn't his style. She said that she had never meant to hurt him and appealed to him to give a break to the doctors in the field. He ordered her to stop trying to recruit him. Cara remarked that Jake seemed to have found his purpose, and she assumed that their relationship wasn't on his mind anymore. He flatly said it wasn't true.

Jake told Cara that he had been thinking a lot about their time in the field. She complimented his special way with people and insisted that was why she wanted to recruit him. Jake said that he had loved the work and taking away people's pain. He had felt like his life was meaningless when he had first returned to Pine Valley, but eventually he had found his passion. Cara assumed he meant his work at the hospital, but Jake clarified that his passion was Amanda. She covered her emotions and declared that she was happy for him. He was skeptical, but she touched his arm and insisted it was the truth.

Jake jerked his arm away from Cara and accusingly asked her what she was doing. She understood that he didn't want the job. He found it suspicious that she had attempted to recruit him in person, and he ordered her to stay away from him and Amanda. He speculated that Cara's arrival in town had more to do with him than with work. As Jake grew increasingly angry, he berated Cara for not having had the decency to communicate with him when she had left him. He demanded to know how long she had known Griffin before she had left Jake. Tad entered and informed a flabbergasted Jake that Cara had known Griffin since she had been born, because Griffin was her brother.

Jake asked Cara if it was true, but she remained silent. Tad explained that he had found a picture of two small children in Griffin's wallet, and when he had researched the Castillo family from Juarez, he had found the connection. Cara cried that she hadn't been able to tell anyone the truth. She revealed that she had been wearing the identification tag of a Dr. Finn when she had first met Jake, and she had changed her last name because her family hadn't accepted her working in a dangerous situation.

Cara credited Jake with giving her the courage to pursue her dreams. Tad wished Cara luck, and he left. Cara reached out to Jake, but he pushed her away. Jake declared that he had never known her and asked if anything she had ever said had been true. Jake demanded Cara's honesty. She explained that she was young when they had gotten married and that she hadn't been ready. She had called Griffin to help her.

Cara hadn't wanted to hurt Jake, but she had been overwhelmed by their work and their marriage and had wanted to experience other things. She had made it appear like Griffin had been her lover so that Jake would accept the end of their marriage. She noted that Jake had a beautiful wife and adorable son, which was what Jake had wanted all along. He softly said that it was. Cara realized that her arrival in town had been a mistake. She begged Jake to look at her. She tearfully said that she was sorry, and she walked away.

Jake informed Tad of Cara's explanation. Jake was confused, as everything was different from how it had been in his head. Tad said all that mattered was the end result. Tad asked whether Jake's feelings toward Cara had changed since Jake had learned that she hadn't left him for another guy. Jake said no, and thanked Tad for looking out for him.

Griffin found Cara at ConFusion and worried that she had been drinking. He asked why she had summoned him, and she said being in town was a big mistake. She informed Griffin that she had told Jake everything because Tad had learned the truth. Griffin asked what she had told Jake about why she had left him, and Cara said she had used the excuse that she had wanted out of the marriage.

Cara couldn't wait to leave town. Griffin wished he could go with her, but she didn't want him to treat her like a little girl. He lovingly said it was his job, but she was tired of people in her family treating her like a glass doll. She liked that Jake had never thought of her that way. Griffin embraced her, but she broke away to take a phone call. She grew upset when she realized that there was an immigration issue with her Doctors Without Borders paperwork. Griffin asked whether it meant she couldn't leave that night.

Amanda arrived at the hospital and expressed concern about Jake. "Thank God for you," he said repeatedly as he covered her in kisses.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Madison overheard Kendall's frantic call when she walked into Krystal's restaurant. When Kendall ended the call, Madison asked if she could help. Kendall said that she wouldn't be able to keep a scheduled meeting if she couldn't find a babysitter. Madison said that she was willing to watch Kendall's sons. Kendall was perplexed, as she and Madison didn't know each other that well. Madison said that she had the time to pitch in, and felt like Kendall needed something to go right.

Greenlee said that she felt bad that she couldn't actively support Kendall. Despite Kendall letting Ryan into her life only for Spike's sake, Greenlee felt that Kendall was alone. Ryan said that they needed to be patient, and that eventually, Kendall would be able to be around them again. With guilt tingeing her words, Greenlee told Ryan that she really appreciated having Ryan in her life. Ryan echoed the sentiment.

Jake and Amanda grabbed a table at Krystal's restaurant. As soon as they were seated, Amanda asked Jake why he'd been wound up since they left the hospital. Jake said that earlier, he'd found that something he'd strongly believed to be true wasn't. Amanda guessed that the information had something to do with Cara. Jake told Amanda that Tad had done some digging, and uncovered that Griffin and Cara were siblings.

As Amanda digested that information, Jake told Amanda that Cara had pitched the idea of Jake rejoining Doctors Without Borders really hard. Jake said he told Cara that nothing could take him away from his life in Pine Valley. Amanda asked if Cara had left town. Jake thought that Cara was gone, as she hadn't gotten what she wanted by visiting.

Jake tried to change the subject, but Amanda resisted. She didn't want Jake to act like the revelation that Griffin and Cara were siblings was of no consequence. Jake said Cara's reasons for lying didn't matter because Cara had chosen to walk away. Amanda asked if Jake would have gone after Cara if the situation had played differently. Jake asked if they could stop talking about Cara and focus on the holiday season.

Cara frantically paced her hotel room. As Griffin watched, Cara tried to figure out via phone why she wasn't allowed to travel outside of the country. The agent on the other end hung up when Cara became too aggressive. Cara told Griffin that there was a glitch, and that she wouldn't be allowed to leave the country until it was resolved.

Griffin asked if the agent had an idea of how long it would take to fix the glitch, but Cara said that the agent wasn't sure. Cara said that she could drive to New York and talk to someone face-to-face. Griffin said that it was a bad idea, and told Cara she needed to stay in Pine Valley with him. Cara looked at Griffin and said she couldn't stay.

Cara said that Griffin shouldn't want her anywhere around Jake. Griffin said that he wasn't concerned with Jake. Griffin said that he wanted to spend Christmas with his little sister. Cara was worried that she wouldn't be able to avoid Jake or some member of his family if she stayed in town. Griffin asked if there was a part of Cara that was happy she couldn't leave the country.

Cara admitted that she'd hoped her reunion with Jake would have been a bit more romantic. Cara wanted Jake to be so bored with Pine Valley and so desperate to get out of town that he would have jumped at the chance to rejoin DWB. Cara realized that she had to accept that Jake had truly moved on. Griffin said that Jake wasn't good for Cara, but time with family was. Griffin kissed Cara's head and started to leave to check on a patient. Cara asked if she could tag along, because she had nothing better to do.

Ryan stopped by Wildwind to ask for Bianca's help with a personal issue. Ryan asked if Bianca could work with him to reunite Greenlee and Kendall. Bianca said the task was impossible. Bianca added that Kendall and Greenlee would work things out on their own, if they were meant to do so.

Ryan told Bianca that Kendall didn't want Greenlee around for Christmas. Ryan also said that Kendall only allowed Ryan into her life because of Spike. Bianca confessed that while she had fared a bit better with Kendall, Kendall was still holding Bianca at arm's length. Bianca added that Kendall needed to forgive Greenlee, Ryan, and David.

Ryan shared that Greenlee had seen David's hand move. Bianca thought that it would be good for Erica's case if David regained consciousness. Ryan pointed out that everything else would be soured by David's survival. Ryan stood to leave and said that he'd promised Greenlee he would stop by her meeting at Fusion. Bianca reminded Ryan that Kendall and Greenlee had a bond no one could break.

Kendall went home and was pleased when Madison told her the boys had enjoyed their afternoon. Without realizing the impact of her words, Kendall said that she would return the favor someday when Madison had children. Madison's phone rang, and Madison said she had to take a call from Randi. When Madison answered, Randi wanted to know why Madison wasn't at the meeting Greenlee had called.

Madison told Randi that she'd quit her job at Fusion. Randi realized that Madison was trying to avoid Greenlee so that she could keep her pregnancy a secret. Madison said that she just needed time to figure things out. Randi told Madison that they should meet up after the meeting was over. The call ended, and Madison briefly filled Kendall in on the call. Kendall was irate that Greenlee hadn't told her about the meeting.

Kendall became angrier as she realized that everyone at the company but her knew about the meeting. Madison tried to act as if the meeting weren't a big deal, but Kendall pointed out that a full-scale review meant it was a major meeting. Kendall started to gather her things, and asked Madison to stay for an additional 30 minutes until it was time for Spike and Ian to leave for a play date. Without waiting for much of an answer, Kendall ran out of the door.

At ConFusion, Greenlee asked if Randi was up to attending the meeting. Greenlee mentioned the phone call Randi had made, and said it seemed personal. Randi brushed it off and asked if Kendall would be attending the meeting. Greenlee said that Kendall had enough to deal with. Greenlee noted that for the moment, she would make decisions for Fusion, and Bianca would make the decisions regarding the Miranda Center.

Greenlee started the meeting by thanking Randi for all of her hard work. Greenlee then pointed out that she had kept the meeting small, and trusted the department heads to share information from the meeting with their staffs. Greenlee said that she'd been distracted lately, but wanted to assure everyone that she was fine. Greenlee said that she was ready to make some major changes; Kendall walked in and asked if firing Kendall was one the changes.

Greenlee and Kendall took their discussion to a side room. Kendall flung out the accusation that Greenlee was trying to oust Kendall from the company. Greenlee tried to deny it, but she chose the wrong phrasing, and Kendall attacked every word. Finally, Greenlee said Kendall hadn't been herself since the accident. Because of Zach's death, Greenlee didn't want Kendall to make any major decisions about their corporation.

Kendall guessed that Greenlee thought her partner was unbalanced. Greenlee didn't want to have a shouting match with Kendall in a public forum. Kendall, however, was unwilling to back down. Greenlee demanded that Kendall pull herself together. Madison walked in and berated Greenlee for the tone Greenlee had taken with Kendall. Greenlee was incensed that Madison so freely injected herself into the conversation.

Madison had thought Kendall might need backup. Kendall said that she shouldn't have shown up at the meeting, as Greenlee believed Kendall to be dispensable. Kendall said that she would show Greenlee that she wasn't useless, and stalked out. Madison asked what Greenlee had said to Kendall, but Greenlee refused to answer. Madison pointed out that no one ever dared to challenge anything that Greenlee said or did. Greenlee said that Madison didn't belong and wanted to know when Madison would get out of her life.

Randi walked over and asked that Greenlee and Madison calm down. Both Madison and Greenlee ignored Randi and continued to spar. Greenlee wanted to know why Madison continued to hang around after quitting Fusion and supposedly moving on from Ryan.

Randi warned Madison not to say anything she couldn't take back. Madison managed to control herself, and walked away. Madison ran into Ryan on her way out. Ryan asked if Madison was okay. Madison said that she was fine, and disappeared before anyone noticed that she was nauseous. Ryan approached Greenlee and asked what had happened.

Greenlee gave Ryan an overview of what had happened. When Madison returned, Ryan started to check on her again. Instead, Madison loudly announced that she wasn't welcome anymore, and walked out. Greenlee said that she'd tried to spare Kendall from dealing with the business, but the words she'd chosen didn't match her intended sentiment. Ryan suggested that he get the car so that he could take Greenlee home.

After Ryan left, Greenlee asked Randi to check with the department managers to see when they could reschedule the meeting. After Randi scurried off to finalize everything, another employee said that she felt bad for Madison. Greenlee wasn't in the mood to offer sympathy to the woman who'd just bitten her head off. The woman told Greenlee that she'd heard Madison getting sick in the bathroom.

Ryan and Greenlee returned to the penthouse. Greenlee received a letter that stated an advocate had been found for David. Ryan asked Greenlee how it felt to have that chapter of her life completed. Greenlee said that she wanted to see David one more time, to say goodbye. She walked out of the house quickly, and Ryan ran to catch up.

Ryan and Greenlee reached David's room. Although she should've felt happy about saying goodbye, Greenlee felt uneasy. Ryan thought that Greenlee would feel better if they knew who the new advocate was. Greenlee thought it might be in David's chart. As she picked it up and they looked through it, Liza walked in. Liza told Ryan and Greenlee that they no longer had the right to look at David's chart. Greenlee said that only the new advocate could make the claim. Liza introduced herself as the advocate.

At the hospital, Angie told Opal that because of the shortage of doctors, Opal would have a wait on her appointment. Griffin and Cara showed up, and Griffin immediately made sure that Opal was okay. Once Opal confirmed that she was only in need of a checkup, Angie asked to be introduced to Cara. Griffin did the honors, and Tad made some snide comments about Cara's past behavior. Angie piped up again and said that they should all move on from the negative, as Jake had.

Angie swept Griffin away for a consultation. While he was gone, Tad tried to convince Opal to be nice to Cara. As somewhat of a peace offering, Cara asked if she could see the medicine that Opal had been prescribed. Although Opal was skeptical, she eventually handed her empty bottle to Cara. Cara took one look and rattled off a list of side effects Opal was likely dealing with. When Opal confirmed Cara's suspicions, Cara wrote down an alternative medicine that could work better.

Griffin and Angie returned to the waiting area. Griffin told Cara that she would need to be on her own for a while so that he could take care of some business. Cara asked Angie if there were any other hospitals in the area where she could work while in town. Angie told Cara that while PVH desperately needed doctors, she wouldn't offer Cara a job. Angie said that Jake was not only her colleague but also one of her oldest friends.

At that moment, Jake and Amanda walked in. Jake poked fun at Angie for complaining about the shortage of doctors. Jake and Amanda realized at the same time that Angie had been talking to Cara. Cara said that Jake should trust her when she said that she wanted to leave town. Jake made it clear that he didn't trust Cara at all.

Cara awkwardly explained that because of the delay in her departure from Pine Valley, she'd been asking about available work at a different hospital. Angie said that she hadn't offered a position to Cara. Jake said that he was uncomfortable with the way people had been handling him with kid gloves.

Jake said that Cara should be hired if that was what Angie wanted. Angie said that she would agree to hire Cara, but under the condition that Angie would be notified if things started to break down between Jake and Cara. All parties agreed, and Angie and Cara headed off to HR.

The tension in the room was palpable. Jake realized that he'd said he was okay with his ex-wife working at PVH without asking about Amanda's feelings. Amanda said that she only needed to remember their vows: "I love you, I trust you, and every day I'm struck by how much I admire you." Jake thanked Amanda for reminding him what was important. Amanda left for home, and Jake went back to work.

Before Amanda made it out of the hospital, she found Cara in an exam room. Amanda said that she wanted make the most of the time that Cara was in town. Amanda suggested that they have lunch together. Cara agreed, so Amanda said she would call to firm up plans later. After Amanda left the room, she paused to consider the gravity of what she'd done.

Tad found Jake and asked why Jake had insisted that Angie hire Cara. Jake said that he preferred that Cara work in Pine Valley versus somewhere less safe. Tad said that Jake should feel lucky that he had an understanding wife. Tad left abruptly when Griffin walked in. Jake made it clear that he didn't have a problem with Cara, and that Griffin had no need to worry.

Kendall and Griffin ran into each other at the hospital. Griffin said that Kendall looked stressed out. When Kendall took it the wrong way, Griffin thought it would be best to leave Kendall alone. Kendall said that she needed to talk to Griffin. Kendall asked that they establish a new arrangement of their relationship.

Kendall said that she wanted to be involved in the global expansion of the Miranda Center. Griffin was against the idea and said that he could handle the implementation of Zach's dream. Kendall said that she wanted to show that what was important to Zach was important to her. Griffin said that the project was about saving lives, not helping Kendall prove herself to other people. Angry, Kendall announced that she was Zach's wife and that as far as the Miranda project was concerned, Griffin answered to her.

In the hallway, Griffin ran into Cara and Angie. Angie said Cara had agreed to join the team temporarily. Griffin asked if he could speak with Cara alone. Angie told Cara to meet her in HR and left. Griffin told Cara that working at PVH was a bad idea. Cara assured Griffin that everything would be fine. Griffin realized he wouldn't win and told Cara he liked it better when he could boss her around.

Kendall went home and found Madison waiting for her. Madison asked how Kendall was feeling. Kendall said that she'd calmed down since she'd left Fusion. Kendall remarked that she didn't need Greenlee or Fusion to prove that she was getting better. Kendall thanked Madison for defending her at ConFusion. Madison brushed the gratitude aside, told Kendall that her sons were watching TV, and started to leave.

Kendall realized that Madison was unemployed, and asked if Madison would want to take care of her sons on a more regular basis. Madison declined, and Kendall belatedly realized that she'd asked Madison to take care of Ryan's child. Kendall said that the last thing that Madison probably wanted to do was deal with Ryan more than she had to.

Madison said that she appreciated the offer but thought that her rocky connection with Ryan would make things difficult. Kendall asked what Madison planned to do for money. Madison said that she'd thought about taking a trip -- someplace far away, for an indeterminate amount of time.

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