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Monday, December 20, 2010

At ConFusion, Erica and Jackson discussed wedding plans. Jack wanted to keep things simple by having a brunch wedding, but Erica wanted something a bit more elaborate. Jack glanced up in time to see Caleb approaching their table. As Caleb sat down, Erica wondered if Liza had made a decision about whether or not to file charges against her for shooting David. "Not yet," Caleb revealed.

Erica was hopeful that it was a good sign. Caleb confessed that he wasn't comfortable with the other side dictating events. Jack was curious what Caleb had in mind. "Let Erica be Erica," Caleb suggested. Caleb thought that Erica should beat Liza at the public relations game.

Erica wondered what they wanted her to do. Caleb and Jack explained that Erica should use the press to remind everyone that Liza had prosecuted an innocent woman for killing a man who hadn't been dead. Caleb and Jack suspected that Liza hoped to use Erica's status as a celebrity to climb the ladder, so Erica should impugn Liza's integrity. Caleb thought that Erica had the advantage of public sympathy because of Zach's tragic death. Erica refused to exploit her family to save herself.

Erica insisted that Kendall and the rest of the family were off-limits. Caleb appeared to be impressed by Erica's decision. Erica suggested that she go "one-on-one" with Liza, but Caleb and Jack strongly objected. Caleb, Jack, and Erica brainstormed for several minutes until they all agreed that it would be best for Jack to talk to Liza. Shortly after Jack left, Erica received a call from Doug at the SEC.

Erica was delighted to learn that the SEC had ruled in their favor, so the sale of Cortlandt Electronics would be voided. After Erica ended the call, she explained to a disbelieving Caleb that Chandler Enterprises would be heavily fined and sanctioned. A jubilant Caleb picked up Erica and then hugged her. Caleb and Erica tensed for a moment, but pulled away to focus on their victory over JR. Caleb was eager to celebrate, so he suggested that they call Marissa. Erica decided to visit Kendall, but she promised to call Caleb later.

At the hospital, Ryan and Greenlee were shocked to learn that Liza was David's patient advocate. Ryan was certain that Liza intended to use the position to "nail Erica" by questioning David as soon as David woke up from the coma. Liza explained that the judge had known that Liza had once handled David's legal matters, so the judge had asked her to step in as David's advocate. Liza claimed that she didn't like it any more than Ryan and Greenlee did. Greenlee wanted a moment alone with David, so Liza agreed.

After Liza and Ryan left, Greenlee looked down at David's comatose body and then let him know that Liza would be in charge. Greenlee realized that she should probably hate David, but she confessed that she didn't. Greenlee acknowledged that David had saved her life and had made it possible for Greenlee to have a second chance with Ryan. She thanked David and then admitted that she hoped that he would wake up one day. Greenlee wanted David to turn his life around and perhaps find as much happiness as she had.

Greenlee glanced down at David's hand, but it didn't move. Moments later, Liza returned to find out if Greenlee was done. "He's all yours," Greenlee remarked as she breezed out of the room with a smile. Liza strolled to the foot of David's bed. She held up a file and then explained to David's unconscious body that it contained all of the witness statements of the shooting.

Liza wondered if David had really tried to kill Ryan or if Erica had made up the story to justify shooting David. She conceded that David was an "SOB," but she didn't think that he deserved to exist in the state that he was in. Jack called out to Liza after she left David's room. Liza was curious if Jack had sought her out to discuss Erica's case. "Yes," Jack confirmed. Liza smiled because he had saved her a phone call.

At Kendall's house, Kendall wondered why Madison had decided to leave town. Madison explained that she had to figure what to do next. Kendall assumed that Madison was referring to Madison's breakup with Ryan. "Ryan and a lot more," Madison cryptically revealed. Madison followed Kendall to the living room, where they began to pick up some toys while they continued their conversation.

Kendall tried to persuade Madison to stay in Pine Valley, but Madison insisted that it was too difficult for her to see Ryan and Greenlee together. Madison compared it to staring at the sun. Madison acknowledged that she had made a ton of mistakes, but she refused to continue to make them. Kendall was curious what kind of mistakes Madison had made, but the doorbell rang before Madison could respond.

Reverend Torres had stopped by after he had received Kendall's message. Kendall quickly introduced Rev. Torres to Madison and then added that he preferred to be called "Ricky." However, Kendall wasn't comfortable using the his first name. Kendall explained that she had called Rev. Torres because she wanted to let him know that Spike had enjoyed the game that Ricky had given her tickets to. Ricky smiled as he glanced into the living room and then noticed the dismantled railroad set.

Kendall admitted that she and Madison had tried to assemble it, but were in over their heads. Ricky quickly offered his services, so Madison decided to leave. Kendall followed Madison to the door to make another attempt to change Madison's mind about leaving town by offering to help Madison find another job. Madison promised to think about it. After Madison left, Kendall returned to the living room.

Kendall was impressed when Ricky managed to assemble the train set. She wondered if he would be busy for the holidays. Ricky smiled as he confessed, "just a little." Kendall returned the smile until Ricky asked her how she was holding up without Zach. Kendall admitted that she was "hanging in."

Ricky let her know that he was around if she needed someone to talk to. Kendall appreciated the offer, but she promised him that she was okay. Shortly afterwards, Ricky decided to leave. Outside, he bumped into Ryan. Ryan was curious how Kendall was doing. Ricky explained that Kendall needed the help of her loved ones to move on. After Ricky left, Ryan knocked on the door.

Kendall was holding a hammer when she opened the door. Ryan smiled as he questioned why she had a hammer. Kendall explained that she had been trying to fix something. Kendall bristled when Ryan wondered if she knew how to use the hammer. Kendall marched into the living room to show him the railroad set that she had been working on.

To Kendall's horror, the toy collapsed when she touched it. Frustrated, Kendall wondered why Ryan had stopped by. Ryan explained that it was a nice day, so he had decided to take Spike out for a while. Kendall informed him that she had just put Spike down for a nap. Ryan decided to wait, so he offered to help Kendall with her project. Kendall grudgingly accepted.

Ryan revealed that she would need a wrench instead of a hammer. As they worked together, Ryan tried to talk to Kendall about Greenlee. Kendall realized that Greenlee and Ryan hadn't wished for Zach to die, but it was hard for her to see Greenlee and Ryan together without being reminded of what she had lost. Kendall insisted that she couldn't "pull a Madison," by leaving town because things were uncomfortable. Ryan seemed stunned by the revelation.

Kendall reminded Ryan that Madison had a broken heart. Ryan wished that he could fix things for Kendall and Madison, but Kendall argued that it was impossible. Ryan assured Kendall that he intended to be there for Spike. Kendall was pleased because she was certain that Spike would need him. Ryan wondered about Christmas. Kendall assured Ryan that he could spend time with Spike.

Ryan sensed that Kendall had put up a wall. He realized that she was hurting, but he wanted to help her. Kendall appreciated his concern, but she needed for him to leave her alone. Ryan reluctantly agreed, gathered his coat, and then left.

Madison went to the hospital to tell Frankie about her decision. Frankie couldn't believe that Madison wanted to leave Pine Valley, but Madison insisted that she couldn't make the right decision if she remained in town. Madison explained that seeing Ryan and Greenlee just confused her. Frankie warned Madison that she couldn't do it alone. He suggested that she could run from Ryan, but not the baby. Moments later, Frankie received a page, so he had to leave.

Madison looked up to find Greenlee standing nearby. The two women exchanged a long glance and then Madison left. A short time later, Greenlee returned to David's room to look for his wallet. After Greenlee found David's hospital card, she went in search of a computer. Greenlee quickly tried to access patient records, using David's card, but a nurse caught Greenlee on the computer.

"Mrs. Hayward," the nurse said when she recognized Greenlee. The nurse relaxed when Greenlee explained that she had been checking her hospital email account. After the nurse left, Greenlee managed to locate Madison's patient file. Greenlee was shocked to discover that Madison was pregnant.

Ryan found Madison at ConFusion. Madison made it clear that she wasn't in the mood to talk to Ryan, but Ryan refused to leave. He admitted that he knew that she had been thinking of leaving town. Madison was surprised when Ryan revealed that he didn't want her to go. She warned Ryan that it wasn't his call to make.

Erica dropped by to see how Kendall was doing. Kendall was amazed by how calm Erica was, even though Liza had threatened to press charges against Erica. Erica insisted that she had complete faith in Caleb and Jack, so she wanted to focus on Christmas and the wedding plans. Kendall couldn't get into the holiday spirit because David was still alive. Moments later, Jack arrived. Jack had bad news; Liza had decided to file attempted murder charges against Erica.

At Krystal's restaurant, Annie and Amanda were enjoying a glass of wine after a day of Christmas shopping. Amanda was curious what was going on between Annie and JR. Annie complained about being JR's "secret girlfriend," but she was determined not to let it get her down. Annie's resolve was tested moments later when JR and Marissa entered the restaurant loaded down with shopping bags. Annie glared as JR and Marissa sat down at a table.

Annie and Amanda noticed how friendly JR and Marissa seemed. Meanwhile, JR spotted Annie sitting nearby, so he explained to Marissa that he had some Chandler business to discuss with Annie and then promised to return shortly. Annie tried to ignore JR as he walked up to her table, but JR asked Annie to reschedule a public relations meeting. Annie gritted her teeth as she plastered on a smile and then promised to take care of it. Amanda admitted that JR was smooth as she and Annie watched him return to Marissa's table.

Annie told Amanda about the Christmas ornament that JR had bought for Marissa. Annie was miffed that she had just been given a pair of diamond earrings. Amanda chuckled as she commented, "Poor you." Annie confessed that she had been hoping for a ring. Amanda was stunned that Annie wanted JR to propose so soon.

Annie didn't think it would be "that crazy" for JR to ask Annie to marry him. Amanda decided to veer to safer waters by reminding Annie that JR was being friendly towards Marissa for AJ's sake. Annie's temper flared when she noticed JR and Marissa sharing a plate of pasta. Annie's anger was short-lived because, JR sent Annie a text message that said that he wanted to jump across the room to kiss the life out of her. The message ended with a request for her to meet him at the hotel.

Annie quickly gathered her things, promised to call Amanda, and then left. JR smiled as he watched Annie leave. Marissa noticed JR's reaction, so she assumed that JR would have to get back to work. JR assured Marissa that he had time. Marissa smiled, but moments later her phone rang.

Marissa excused herself as she stepped away to take the call, but remained close enough for JR to hear her end of the conversation. Marissa admitted that she had been anticipating the call. After a few minutes, Marissa promised to see the person soon and then ended the call. JR wondered if Marissa was dating someone. Marissa reminded JR that he didn't have the right to ask those kinds of questions anymore.

Marissa assured JR that if it affected AJ then she would tell him. She quickly gathered her things, promised to see him on Christmas, and then left. A short time later, JR met Annie in her hotel room. Annie was in a foul mood because she had hated seeing JR and Marissa together. JR promised Annie that it was all for AJ's sake.

Annie was not amused when JR admitted that Annie's reaction was adorable. Annie insisted that she felt like a trashy mistress. JR sobered as he reminded her how much he cared about her. He kissed her to illustrate his point and then assured her that it was just a temporary situation. He couldn't wait until they could go public with their relationship.

Annie feared that she would shrivel up in the dark, while he was out on the town with Marissa. JR kissed Annie again. Annie became more agitated when he asked if things were good between them. As Annie ranted, she inadvertently blurted out that she was in love with JR. The confession left JR momentarily speechless.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

After Annie blurted out that she loved JR, she immediately explained that her admission had been unintentional but that it was true. She anxiously hoped that he felt the same way. There was a knock at the door, and she begged him to ignore it, but JR shuffled a reluctant Annie into the bathroom to hide. JR quickly tried to cover up signs of Annie's presence and then opened the door to Caleb. JR tried to get rid of Caleb, but Caleb announced that the SEC had ruled that Cortlandt Electronics was back where it belonged.

JR asked when the decision had been made, and Caleb told him it had been recent. JR expected Caleb to gloat, but Caleb simply gave JR 24 hours to turn over Cortlandt's financial statements and threatened to get a court order if JR didn't cooperate. JR expressed confidence that the SEC's decision could be overturned. Caleb taunted that JR had allowed his personal life to get in the way of business. Caleb declared that it was just a matter of time before JR lost Chandler Enterprises, too.

Caleb said that everyone would soon see that JR was about to lose everything. JR scoffed at the idea, pointing out that Caleb himself had invested in Chandler, but Caleb revealed that he himself had dumped his stock that morning. Caleb advised JR to check his messages, and he left. JR glanced at his phone and stormed out. An incredulous Annie emerged from her hiding spot to find JR gone.

Annie used her public relations contacts to request a copy of the SEC ruling. There was a knock at the door, and Annie called JR's name, but Amanda had arrived to return one of Annie's shopping bags. Amanda had heard about the SEC's decision, and she asked how JR was handling it. Annie lamented that he had left without telling her anything. Amanda urged Annie not to take it personally. Annie complained that she had declared her love, but JR had opted to stash her in the bathroom while he had dealt with Caleb. Annie was tired of feeling like her relationship with JR was a dirty secret.

Amanda asked Annie whether JR had expressed his own feelings. Annie worried that her relationship with JR would go bad, just like all the other things that had once been good in her life. Annie whined that every time she had been close to getting what she wanted, something got in the way. Amanda thought maybe that "something" was Annie herself. Annie grew upset, but Amanda explained that love was more than words and that it took time and work. Amanda advised Annie to trust her feelings and to be patient.

JR arrived at the Chandler mansion, where he berated an employee for giving JR's hotel information to Caleb. Several phone lines began to ring, and JR ordered the employee to handle the calls and not to bother him. The employee answered JR's cell phone, and handed it to JR, who barked to leave him alone. The employee nervously informed JR that Adam was on the line.

Later, a distraught JR pulled the phone out of the wall as Marissa arrived, holding a gift. He knowingly spat that he should have expected to see her. Marissa was unsure what he meant, so JR informed her that the SEC had returned Cortlandt to Caleb. She was speechless at first, but tried to comfort him by saying that it was just a business setback. JR wailed that the Chandler stock was in a freefall and that the company was on the verge of falling apart.

JR acknowledged to Marissa that he had refused to speak with Adam because he hadn't known how to tell his father that he'd blown it. JR blamed himself for jeopardizing AJ's future. Marissa claimed that JR hadn't, because AJ didn't care about money or power -- AJ cared about his dad and the love they shared. She insisted that JR had been through worse and that they'd figure something out. Marissa reminded JR that he had fought and won his battle against cancer. She called him a good father who had lived for his son.

Marissa encouraged JR to return Adam's call, but JR speculated about all the negative things Adam might say. Marissa thought perhaps Adam had been calling to strategize or to wish his family happy holidays. JR wasn't afraid of being blasted, but worried that perhaps he really was a failure. Marissa implored JR to be the strong, kind man she had fallen in love with. JR said it was easier to show his tender side when she was around. Marissa handed JR his phone. JR dialed and hesitantly greeted Adam.

Marissa listened as JR spoke with Adam. JR outlined his course of action for Chandler Enterprises and wished Adam a Merry Christmas. After JR hung up, she remarked that the conversation hadn't seemed to have gone badly. He credited Marissa with giving him the courage to deal with Adam. They shared an awkward moment, and she moved to place her presents under the tree. He grabbed her hand and started to declare how much she meant to him, but Annie interrupted them.

Annie apologized for barging in and made a lame excuse about postponing a conference call. Marissa hastily left, and JR silently picked up his computer. After a pause, Annie reminded him that he had left their hotel room suddenly and hadn't included Annie in a huge event in his life. He apologized, but she accused him of not treating her like his partner. She admitted that she felt insecure.

JR explained to Annie that he had frozen when Adam had called. She offered to support him while he called back, but JR revealed that he already had and that Adam believed that JR had things under control. She was relieved that the conversation had gone well and wanted to be by JR's side. She called him her world and hugged him, but he gazed over his shoulder at the gift Marissa had left behind.

Jackson informed Erica and Kendall that Liza had filed charges against Erica. Kendall grew upset, although Erica tried to reassure her daughter that everything would be all right. Kendall yelled that David should be dead, and she refused to let anything else bad happen to their family. Erica was concerned about the stress Kendall was under. Erica believed that Kendall was afraid of losing Erica, and encouraged her daughter to focus on her children. Kendall insisted that she could handle more than one thing at once.

Erica asked Kendall to promise that she'd concentrate on making Christmas wonderful for her boys, as Erica was sure that everything would be fine. Kendall doubted that was possible, but Erica begged her to try. Kendall didn't know how to cope with her loss, but she firmly believed that Erica shouldn't go to prison for shooting David.

Kendall left to take Spike to a play date. Jackson worried about what Kendall intended to do. Erica simply stated that Kendall was upset, but Jackson thought that there was more was going on. Erica insisted that she keep her promise to Kendall that everything would work out.

Erica entered Wildwind and called out. A champagne-carrying Caleb startled her and asked if she was there to celebrate. She inquired whether he'd seen JR, and Caleb crowed that JR's face had turned seven shades of white. They agreed that Palmer would have been proud of Caleb. Caleb apologized that he had undermined Palmer's idea to put Caleb and Erica together as partners. Caleb declared that he had some ideas to make Cortlandt great again, including offering a position to Asher. Erica commented that she'd never seen Caleb so happy, and he confessed that it felt good to be back in the game. He toasted that he owed most of his success to her.

Caleb wondered why Erica hadn't told him about her indictment, as he was her attorney. She blamed it on his lack of cell phone, but he realized that she hadn't wanted to spoil his victory. Erica wanted to keep her family out of her legal issues. Caleb asked whether Jack knew about Kendall's attempt on David's life, but Erica thought it would only complicate matters. Caleb said she wasn't making her case easy, but she thought dealing with attempted murder charges should be a piece of cake for him after he'd taken down the Chandlers.

Caleb realized that Erica was trying to protect her family. Erica appreciated that he understood that she needed to put her family first. Caleb wondered whether she actually trusted him and noted that she didn't let people in easily. He commented that it was a tough way to live, and Erica acknowledged that her gut feeling was to trust him.

After Greenlee saw the results, which indicated that Madison was pregnant, Randi spotted Greenlee using the hospital computer. Randi noted that Greenlee appeared frazzled. After some small talk, Greenlee changed the subject to how Madison was doing. Greenlee feigned concern about how the pressure she had put on Madison had made Madison physically sick and offered to help. Randi skirted Greenlee's questions.

Greenlee suggested that Randi set Madison up with someone new, but Randi flatly said that wasn't going to happen, as she and Frankie had already unsuccessfully tried. Greenlee pointedly asked whether there had been anyone else Madison had been involved with, but Randi insisted that Madison only had eyes for Ryan.

After the conversation with Greenlee, Randi left a message for Madison, and asked to meet at Krystal's later. Greenlee eavesdropped as she covertly picked up David's hospital pass. Greenlee admitted to Randi that it had been Greenlee's fault that Madison had left Fusion and again offered to help, but Randi advised that Greenlee stay away from Madison.

Madison told Ryan that it was better for everyone if she left Pine Valley, but Ryan doubted that it was best for her. He reminded her that she had a support system in town. Madison asserted that she was tired of running into Ryan and Greenlee and that she wanted to move on. Madison's phone rang, and Ryan saw that it was a call from the hospital.

Madison looked uncomfortable as Ryan expressed concern over Madison's call, but she said she'd handle it. Ryan realized that he had stepped into rescue mode again, and she told him to back off. Madison left, leaving her sweater behind. Meanwhile, Ryan made an appointment for Madison to see a specialist for her shoulder injury, at his expense.

Madison found Frankie at the hospital and informed him that Ryan had been upset to learn that she intended to leave town. Frankie wished that she had told Ryan about her pregnancy. Frankie said that while he and Randi would support Madison no matter what Madison decided, they wanted her to stick around.

Ryan ran into Madison at the hospital and introduced her to the specialist, who told a stunned Madison that a complete physical had been scheduled for her the next morning. Madison was livid that Ryan had interfered in her life again. He felt that her gunshot was his fault because of his fight with David, but she ordered him to stop feeling guilty. Madison wondered how Greenlee felt about his attempts to help Madison. Ryan wanted Madison to explain how she herself felt, but she balked.

Ryan chased after Madison. He thought that there was more to her story and worried that her anger toward him was putting her health in jeopardy. She said that his actions simply reminded her of what she had lost. She asserted her independence and walked away.

Greenlee found Kendall at Krystal's and said that they needed to talk. Kendall started to leave, but Greenlee declared that she was concerned about Madison. A skeptical Kendall told her not to worry, because Madison intended to leave town. Greenlee was surprised, though Kendall pointed out that it was difficult for Madison to see Greenlee and Ryan together. Kendall mentioned that Madison had been helping Kendall, but it would be one more thing Kendall would lose because of Greenlee.

Greenlee admitted that she had pushed too hard, but promised to stop. Kendall advised Greenlee to stay away from Erica and Madison. Greenlee was surprised about Kendall's protectiveness of Erica, but Kendall informed Greenlee that Erica had been indicted. "Have a great Christmas, Greenlee. Somebody should," Kendall snapped.

At home, Kendall suggested to Spike that they order pizza for dinner, but Spike adamantly shook his head. He declared that all he and Ian wanted was Zach back. Spike demanded to see Ryan, and when Kendall suggested he wait until the next day, the boy ran upstairs.

Frankie berated Ryan for interfering in Madison's life. Frankie said that Madison was getting all the help she needed and that she didn't want it from Ryan. Ryan's phone rang, and Kendall asked him to stop by because Spike needed him.

Ryan arrived at the Slater home, where Spike excitedly greeted him. Ryan suggested that he and the boys go upstairs to give Kendall a break. As they retreated, Kendall looked at a newspaper article about Erica possibly going to prison.

Greenlee spied Madison at ConFusion. Greenlee confronted Madison, who tried to walk away. Greenlee blurted that she knew Madison was pregnant.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

At home, Kendall became woozy as Ryan entered her living room. He expressed concern about her heart, but she claimed that she was fine. She accused him of hanging around because he thought that she'd completely lost it; however, he claimed that he was visiting because she'd told him that Spike was missing his father.

Kendall vaguely recalled saying that and conveyed that it was hard to prepare the house for the holidays. Ryan offered to help, but she said she had to take Spike to a play date. Ryan replied that Spike had just returned from a play date. Claiming that the child had another one, Kendall ushered Ryan out of the house.

At ConFusion, Greenlee confronted Madison about the pregnancy. Madison tried to deny it, but Greenlee said she'd seen the hospital records. An outraged Madison cited that such snooping wasn't even legal. Unconcerned about the law, Greenlee forced Madison to admit that Ryan was the baby's father. Madison explained that she was overwhelmed because she'd just learned about the baby while recovering from a gunshot wound.

Greenlee guessed Madison would use the baby to recapture Ryan's heart, but asserted that a baby wouldn't make that happen. Madison accused Greenlee of behaving like a jealous schoolgirl. Greenlee said she and Ryan could finally pick up where they'd left off; however, Madison's pregnancy had tossed everything into the air again. Madison claimed that she wasn't a threat, and she didn't have a master plan to ruin Greenlee's life

Just then, Ryan approached and asked what the problem was. Madison claimed Greenlee was still upset that Madison had intervened in an argument between Greenlee and Kendall. Madison insisted that Greenlee forget about her. Ryan thought that everyone should just keep their distance from each other. "Works for me," Madison replied and rushed off.

When Greenlee and Ryan arrived home later, Ryan was still worried about Madison, who'd canceled the doctor's appointment he'd made for her, quit her job, and planned to leave town. He sensed that something was going on. Greenlee stated that Madison had asked to be left alone, and she didn't want Ryan's help.

Ryan wished to help not only Madison, but Kendall and Erica, too. He realized, though, that his priority had to be himself and Greenlee. He suggested that he and Greenlee shut out the world for just one day, and she agreed to do it. As Greenlee warned that she might forget that everyone else in the world existed, Madison sat at Krystal's restaurant, staring at her phone.

At the Yacht Club, Griffin returned to his hotel room to retrieve his forgotten phone, and Cara teased him about all the missed calls he'd gotten from women. He asserted that he wasn't leading anyone on or making them pine for him, because doing so would be unhealthy.

Assuming that Griffin had just taken a shot at her about Jake, Cara insisted she was over her ex. She said she'd arrived in town to make a job offer; however, Jake had declined, and she couldn't wait to get back into the field. "I think you can't wait to stalk your ex," Griffin replied, adding that she'd gotten a job at Jake's hospital. Cara remembered that she had to work that day, and she asked Griffin to give her a ride to the hospital.

Clad in a Santa hat, Amanda pulled Jake aside at the hospital to give him some Christmas treats. He said he couldn't wait for the family dinner, and she wondered if she'd mentioned that she'd invited Cara and Griffin to the event. Jake said he could tolerate Cara at the short-staffed hospital, but he wasn't keen on socializing with his ex-wife.

Amanda felt that since Cara would be in Pine Valley, it'd be easier if the women were friends, not enemies. "That's why we made a date for lunch," Amanda added. Jake wasn't thrilled about that, either, but Amanda figured she'd get to know Cara and hear stories about him saving people. She claimed that it would make him "awesomer" in her eyes, and the two kissed.

Griffin and Cara strode down the corridor in time to witness the Martins kissing. Griffin pulled Cara out of sight, but she said she wasn't bothered by what they'd seen. He asked how she'd feel if Jake had accepted her job offer, but she refused to entertain the hypothetical. She felt that Jake was where he belonged, and she would be, too. Griffin said she didn't have to pretend with him. Cara figured that while Griffin thought he knew her well, he didn't know her at all.

Griffin left, and after Amanda had gone, Cara approached Jake and guessed that they were working the same shift. He pretended that it was fine with him. As he prepared to brief her on their patients, he inquired about her lunch date with his wife. Cara claimed that she hadn't pushed Amanda into it. Jake said he knew that, because Amanda was a straightforward person.

Cara assumed that Jake was insinuating that she wasn't straightforward, and Jake stated that she hated admitting when she was wrong. They began bickering about the time she'd driven their Jeep into a ditch while he'd been setting someone's leg in the back seat. They insulted each other's driving skills, and walking away, Jake noted that he still hadn't heard an apology.

"I'm sorry, Jake," Cara said, stopping him in his tracks. Cara was sorry for the way that she'd left, for lying about her brother, and most importantly, for hurting Jake. Though Jake considered Cara's apology to be a good start, he asked her to do him a favor and keep the lunch with his wife brief.

Later, Jake entered an exam room to give a little boy named Simon a shot. Jake joked with the child and offered to play a game called "Funny Faces," which he'd made up while in Africa. Cara entered, and Jake briefed her about Simon's nervousness. She also suggested that they play "Funny Faces," and she and Jake took turns doing animal impressions as they administered the shot. The giggling Simon hardly noticed that he'd been pricked.

At the nurses' station later, Jake couldn't believe Cara had remembered "Funny Faces," and she replied, "Some things, you never forget." Amanda arrived, and Jake decided to take off early. The Martins left, and Cara pulled out a necklace with the two rings on it. Griffin approached, and she quickly tucked it back into her shirt. Griffin asked how working with Jake had been, and Cara replied that it was as if Jake hadn't even been around.

At Krystal's restaurant, Griffin met Bianca about the Miranda Center. Bianca wished to discuss concerns that some of the center's donors had expressed about him. Griffin guessed that she'd heard he didn't play by the rules. Bianca stated that he'd manipulated people and pitted them against each other; however, Griffin countered that he'd gotten results. Bianca explained that the center bore her daughter's name, and with Zach dead, Bianca had to run it alone. "Really? It's that easy?" Kendall interrupted, approaching them.

Kendall assumed that Bianca was undercutting Zach's contributions, and Kendall insisted that she was the one spearheading the project. Griffin and Bianca claimed that they weren't trying to minimize the Slaters' efforts. Instead, they were discussing the donors' reluctance to work with Griffin. Kendall anxiously asserted that she could work with the donors and win them back over to Zach's vision. Observing Kendall's frantic demeanor, Griffin doubted she could.

Kendall insisted that there be no more secret meetings, and she decided to take a walk to cool off. Griffin noted that Kendall was unlike the woman he'd envisioned from Zach's description. Griffin offered to continue their meeting, but Bianca didn't want to do it without Kendall. Griffin didn't understand why people bothered to fall in love so deeply that losing each other destroyed their lives. Bianca said if she actually had to explain it, then Griffin was too hopeless for words.

When Kendall arrived on her porch later, she got disoriented. Ricky approached in time to catch her as she wobbled. Inside, a sobbing Kendall explained that she'd tried to assert herself at a meeting about the Miranda Center, but she'd fallen apart. Working on the project made her feel closer to Zach. Without it, she was lost. Ricky advised her to take it a day at a time.

Kendall stated that she always felt herself reverting and asking why Zach had to die. Ricky said she'd never know the answer to that, but if the center had been important to Zach, then she had to try again. Kendall worried that she'd fall apart again, but Ricky replied that he was good at picking up the pieces.

Kendall was alone when Bianca arrived later to apologize for their misunderstanding at Krystal's restaurant. Bianca offered to help decorate the house for Christmas, but Kendall said it wasn't a good time. Bianca insisted upon at least hanging stockings for the boys. While searching for the stockings, Bianca found a box that Kendall didn't recognize and guessed that Zach had left it in the closet.

In the box were wrapped gifts addressed to the children. Kendall became emotional to find one for her, as well. Bianca asked if Kendall wanted to open it, but Kendall sobbed, shrinking away from it. Bianca said Kendall wasn't alone, and they'd get through it together.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Due to the extended Christmas holiday, ABC opted to air encore episodes of its entire daytime lineup -- All My Children, One Life to Live, and General Hospital. This scheduling change was anticipated and there will be no "lost" episodes as a result of the scheduling change.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, December 27 and pick up where the Wednesday, December 22 episode concluded.

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