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July 12, 2010 columns
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First of all, congratulations to Emmy winners Julie Pinson, Michael Park, and Maura West -- some well-deserved accolades for major talents that will be missed after September. As I watched the Emmys, I realized some things were missing, like a longer tribute to ATWT -- it's been 54 years of outstanding daytime drama. Instead, we got an abnormally long Dick Clark tribute. Where were the acknowledgements of those that have passed away this past year like Frances Reid and Helen Wagner? I am very happy for the wins and I am sure some of our folks will be nominated next year.

It is really starting to sink in that after September 17th, the world will stop turning for the folks of Oakdale and that includes the fans who have watched through the great days and not-so-terrific times. Wow! However, with some of the writing lately, I have felt less sad about the demise at times: there is too much Liberty and Gabriel and their changing hair. Why is Jack worried about his ex-wife's living arrangements if she is continually saying she can take care of herself? Another new person -- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Where were Luke, Reid, or even a glimpse of Lisa this past week?

Another Loss for Henry
Vienna has gone too far with the non-miscarriage -- how hurtful to do something like that to Henry after what he went through the first time. This completely destroys the character of Vienna and I hope she is one of the characters that will be gone before the finale. Her character used to be so full of fun and excitement and now, to go to lengths like this to keep a man, she is so not like the woman who sailed into town with Simon.

I was not interested in their wedding at all, especially knowing that Barbara was not going to interrupt. I wish it could have been an Independence Day like the old days with a Hughes Barbeque with Dr. Bob giving a speech -- how fitting would that have been for the last Fourth of July in Oakdale.

Barbara's Kidnapping
Who is responsible for the kidnapping? My guess is Emily -- she is acting too nonchalant about the whole thing. I don't know the reason for her to do this; it can't be because Barbara ruined her dress. There are no other suspects besides Vienna, and she is spending all of her time trying to hide a fake pregnancy and now fake a miscarriage.

Colleen Zenk's one-woman show is quite good -- as lame as this kidnapping thing is, I am enjoying Barbara and Chuckles. It's moments like these and seeing acting like that makes these final days more sad.

We get Will and Gwen back in town; in some ways it's like they never left, as they know just about everything that is going on. So Hallie will save the day by giving her parents Barbara's passport -- just let this be over soon.

Katie and Chris
I got some emails about my last column saying that they were acting like adults -- I owe an apology to everyone who said or even thought that. I do like that Katie is getting angry with Vienna and trying to make her do the right thing.

I have always said that I like Katie and Chris as a couple, and he is good for her. I think he may be just the man to heal her grieving heart.

I am so glad that Katie finally told Henry the truth -- if only, she could have before the wedding then he might have married Barbara instead.

Jack and Carly and Janet and Dusty
I know they are dragging things out -- we know that Jack and Carly will end up together, right? I would be surprised if they did not and it would just be a bust for the audience if they did not.

Well, right now they are having the same arguments again and again. I, for one, would love for them to be happy from now until the end. I can't imagine what other obstacle can be thrown at them now. By the way, where are J.J. and Sage?

Janet continues to be on her high horse with Dusty; how many times can he be sorry for what he did to Miss Perfect? She is getting on my nerves with her unreasonably high standards when she could be living quite nicely on Dusty's millions.

Liberty and Gabriel
Not interested in these two at all -- there is nothing that they can do that I would like, except leave town. Parker needs to take Faith up on her interest and forget Liberty.

  • This close to closing, instead of focus on the storyline that needs to finish up making sense--we are getting a batch of old timers--and newcomers which are supposedly coming in addition to the regulars. This is the LAST thing that was needed and I think the ending will be a wretched, befuddled disaster (instead of what it could have been with more common sense, and some forethought. They should have given consideration to the boards in some of their story directions to discover just what it was, that devoted fans would LOVE to see and to remember. It will be a "rocky- road" ahead, I fear. A lot of viewers are going to just "take a hike" in another direction. -- Ski

  • I'm so happy that Michael and Maura won for lead actor and actress. These two have made daytime history because this is the first time that a supercouple both won for lead actor and actress. Good for them! I was even happy that JP won for best supporting actress even though I don't like her character. I'm with you I get tired of the Ciccone show almost every day. And to add insult to injury from what GM said on his twitter account Dusty and Janet are the only ones in the final scene. I think either all of the characters should be in the last scene or at least Bob and Kim and Bob should utter the last words now that the beloved NW has passed. I'm going to miss this wonderful show so much. -- Judy

  • The Ciccone women are being shoved down our throats, along with newbies like Gabriel. There was no need to bring new people in or recasts -- we have three months left to go! What is the likelihood that we'll see Don Hastings, Kathryn Hays, or Eileen Fulton again on a daytime drama?! I wish ATWT would spotlight their characters as we approach the end, but it looks like we will get Ciccone material all the way through. -- Michael

  • What are you thinking? Katie and Chris acting like adults? Sure, if hacking into the hospital records to change them -- after being told it's a federal crime to do so -- and allowing those changes to stand, is adult. Not to mention that Katie is betraying a man who's been a friend to her far longer than Vienna in doing so. -- Carol

  • I just wish they would all go away... along with Janet and Libby and Allison and Casey... maybe even Katie and Chris. I too want more focus on our veterans. I am a 50+ year viewer and am so saddened by the neglect in ignoring of our beloved actors who have been there for so long. I was shocked to see the writers were up for an award... and thrilled for Maura West and Michael Park -- the recognition they both deserved. We can only now hope someone on the staff wised up since now there is nothing we can do to slap the writers upside the head. Maybe we should have done that from the first word of cancellation -- but who would have thought they would do what they have done. I'm sick of it all. -- Kristy

    Finally, it has been great seeing Bob and Kim so involved with just about everything happening in Oakdale. I am sure the memorial for Nancy Hughes is going to be happening before the end -- are they going to bring back characters from the past like Days did for Alice Horton? I want to see Penny and Donald and Andy and maybe even Ellen Stewart -- it is me dreaming of what it should be like. Who would you like to see come back for Nancy's memorial?

    That's all I have for now.
    Reggie Jackson

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