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I have to wonder what was going on in the writer's room as they plotted out the last months/weeks of the show: three kidnappings -- is that as original as they could get? Where are Lisa and Susan? Instead, we have to continually look at more of Iris and Blackie and Janet and Gabriel and Liberty; these are not the characters that longtime viewers are caring a lot about as the end is rapidly approaching. Did anyone think about that at all?

Barbara's Kidnapping
For weeks, we have watched Barbara in an abandoned warehouse then in the wine cellar of her son's house; never outsmarting Iris Dumb-rowski. Hasn't Barbara always been the victor in these types of situations? She has perpetually been the schemer so why couldn't she get the upper hand with Iris? I couldn't understand this then to have Emily fall prey to Iris too was laughable.

It is now over and they have been rescued by the same clueless people who could not solve this mystery for weeks. If there were ever a time when making idiots out of a bunch of smart characters who have been the ones to create the drama, this plot was one for the history books.

The one bright note in all of this was bringing back Will and Gwen -- it was great to see them as a strong couple. However, I couldn't believe that Gwen fell once again for their mother's machinations.

Blackie and Dusty
I like Billy Warlock as an actor though he started off strong in his dealings with Lucinda and Craig then it all went downhill. I don't know if it was because he was tied to Janet that made his character so unappealing. I think I need to blame the writers once again for botching this up: more mob action in Oakdale?

No, not another kidnapping in Oakdale! How many times has Dusty been kidnapped? He is getting close to Lily's kidnapping record for sure. Couldn't there have been another way after just finishing the Barbara kidnapping plot? It comes across that the writers did not really care too much as we approach the end and were just throwing together things in order to fill the days until the end. There are better ways that these final days could have been filled without multiple kidnappings.

Lucinda and Lily
This is the first time since Noelle Beck took over the role of Lily that she has shown her strength as Lily. Finally, she stood up to Lucinda for betraying her. One of the problems that I have had with her portrayal of Lily is that Lily has come off as such a weakling in her dealings with Lucinda. Of course, Lily is involved with Craig and if the show were to continue, would they allow them to become a couple? I remember Lily as a teenager looking up to Craig as a big brother so any romantic dealings between these two would not feel right.

The Chief of Staff Position
The job belongs to Reid as he is definitely the most deserving between himself and Chris. Has Chris ever wanted to be Chief of Staff before Reid wanted it? It has been great to see the growth in the character of Reid. I liked the conversation between Reid and Luke about helping out Chris.

One question: if Noah is truly moving on, why was it necessary to call Luke and tell him about what he saw at the Lakeview? With Reid in the picture, it is over between Luke and Noah.

Let's see what some readers have to say:

  • Travis said, "The only thing that keeps me watching is Barbara's story. I would enjoy Lucinda if she weren't surrounded by fake Lily and fake Craig all the time. They should've just written them out and Liberty and Faith as well -- - -- and Gabriel --- and that Janet ----waste of space. I love the Barbara, Will, Paul, Katie, Henry, Kim, Bob days ---- don't watch Carly, Jack and Janet days. I literally erase those days without watching."

  • Kristy said, "As we count the days down, what's most upsetting is that no matter what we say or do, the 'writers' (and I use the term loosely) as of now, have done a terrible job sending our show off with a bang. I along with so many others who are sick that they've continued to bring in characters, leaving our original characters in the background for the most part. Lisa and Susan are nowhere to be found... maybe she's out looking for John. I just hope that the last show isn't Nancy's funeral. Nice remembrance, but not a way to go out... unless of course they bring every family member and relative back to say good bye. It's a sad thing. What more can you say."

  • M said, "In an ideal world, ATWT would never end, and continue to provide a well-needed hourly escape from the "real world" to future generations of my family. In reality, I'm coming to terms with the end of a show that has become a part of my life in so many ways I can't begin to explain. That said, I would be devastated if several characters don't figure prominently in ATWT's final weeks: Bob, Kim, and Lisa; Emma Snyder and the entire Snyder clan (please, one more scene with Holden and the Real Lily, the unforgettable Martha Byrne); Tom and Margo; Barbara and Paul; the Stewarts (where the heck is Susan?); and my most favorite villain, James. In my fantasy world, James returns to unleash some crazy kind of hell on the "good citizens" of Oakdale, effectively ending the show with one helluva bang. I will miss most of the characters, new and old, and wish all of the actors promising futures -- and I thank each and every one of them for becoming an indelible part of my life."

  • Sharon said, "We are all starting to mourn the coming loss of our beloved ATWT. I have watched it for thirty years now and it is a part of my life. I think we need to send a message to CBS and NOT watch any talk/game shows they put in soap slots. Maybe with a lack of viewership they would treat the soaps with a little more respect."

  • Barbara said, "I would like to see something between Lucinda and James before the end of best soap ever -- As the World Turns. I am in my 70's and have watched this show for most of my Adult life and will miss it very much."

  • Isaac said, "I too found the Barbara kidnapping idiotic on so many levels. You have mentioned all of the vital points. Iris' magical ability to move Barbara and not be seen and so on. I'm really supposed to believe Iris planned all of this by herself all just for money! It is a real insult to my intelligence!! When Barbara was in the party place, there were endless supplies she could have used to overpower Iris and escape. But did she? No, she chooses to run off at the mouth and plant a pen instead! I do hope Molly returns before it is too late because I would rather have Holden & Molly versus Holden and Lily (Noelle) at the end!"

    Finally, I believe most of my complaints about the show are just me mourning the fact it is truly ending in less than a month. To have the characters of Oakdale there for me as an escape from life's challenges at times has been such a comfort -- so now, what do I do? When it was done well -- it was well worth it. I can't understand those behind the scenes not just going full throttle at the end to please the viewers and fans of this iconic drama. So we just grit our teeth and savor these last moments of our time in Oakdale -- and watch old clips too whenever possible.

    That's all I have for now.
    Reggie Jackson

  • Reggie Jackson
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