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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 6, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, November 6, 2000

Molly walks outside and sees a woman in a long white dress. She asks, "Emily, why are you still here?" The woman turns around and it is Vicky, Jake's dead wife. Molly screams and falls to the floor and the lights go out. Jake runs outside and sees Molly lying on the ground. He helps her up and asks what happened? Craig comes out and helps Jake take Molly inside. Craig goes for a glass of water. Jake asks Molly what happened outside? She doesn't want to tell him that she saw a ghost and says that she just fainted. Carly comes over to Molly and asks what is going on? She tells Molly she looks like she saw a ghost. Jake asks Carly to stay with Molly while he goes to get the car. Carly sits with Molly and asks her what is going on? She says that she had better not be on some crazy diet. Molly says that she knows her better than that. Molly asks Carly if she remembers the night she stayed with her and Abigail at Jake's apartment? Carly says that she had that crazy dream that night. Molly says that she had thought she had felt Vicky's presence that night. Carly tells her that it was just crazy talk. Molly says that she saw her, she saw Vicky tonight, outside. Jake comes back inside and Carly tells Molly to call her and they will dish about the party. Jake takes Molly to her apartment and Abigail is there and all excited about her night with Adam and Jennifer and Bryant. She starts to tell Molly and Jake about being spooked in the barn and they thought that this dead guy was after them. Jake tries to stop her but Abigail keeps going. She tells them about Lucinda being behind all the happenings that had occurred. Molly starts to cry. Abigail asks if she said something she shouldn't have. Molly apologizes to her and tells her that it is not her fault and she should get to bed, she has school tomorrow. Abigail goes to bed. Jake and Molly talk about the evening. Molly tells Jake about seeing Vicky. He jumps up and makes himself a drink. He tells Molly that it was Emily. Molly tells him that she is not being gas lighted by anyone, she saw Vicky. She tells him that she was beautiful and she was glowing. Jake tells her to stop it. He says that he is supposed to believe that his dead wife has come back to haunt him? Molly says, "Not you, honey, she is haunting me!"

After Jake and Molly leaves, Craig tells Carly to come with him; they have something to talk about. Ma-ling joins them and they talk about how careless Carly was tonight. Carly says that she has no idea who tipped Jack off. She tells Craig that he had his men watching her all night and she did not go near Jack. Craig and Ma-ling talk about how they are going to handle things from here. Craig comes up with a great idea. He is going to have Carly purposely betray him to Jack. Carly refuses. She says that she will not hurt Jack. Craig tells her that he is not asking. She says, "No means no!" And she leaves. Ma-ling asks what are they going to do with her. Craig says that she will come around. Carly goes out to the lobby and calls Jack. She gets his answering machine. She leaves Jack a message about Craig's new plan. She says that she is going to be there for him.

Katie is talking to Simon at the garage. They get a visit from an INS agent. The agent asks Simon some questions and then tells him that he will be hearing from them again. The agent sticks his card into Simon's pocket. After the agent is gone, Simon throws the card away and Katie asks what is he doing? He says that he is not worried. He picks up a six-pack of beer and sits down in the back seat of a convertible that he is working on. Katie follows and sits down with him. Simon tells her about being on the island and that he and Lily had not been "together." Katie can't believe what a prude Lily can be. She says that they could have "done it" and no one would have known. Simon says that he does not want to talk about it. Katie decides that if Simon is not going to take advantage of her short dress, she is going to leave. Simon pulls her back down in the car and says that she is in no shape to get behind the wheel of a car. Katie says that he can drive her home. Simon says that he is in enough trouble with the law. They look at each other and start to kiss. They are going at it hot and heavy and Katie stops and gets her purse. Simon asks what is she doing? Katie pulls out a condom. She says that a girl can never be too safe. Simon takes it and holds the package up to the light. He says that he is trying to see if Holden's name is engraved on it. Katie grabs the condom as they both laugh. Katie asks if she should put....or can he handle it himself? Simon takes it and puts in his mouth. He asks, "Where were we?' Katie says that they were right here and she puts his arms around her. They start making out again.

Emily walks into her office and she is really mad about the events of the evening. Chris walks in after her and asks how can she be so cruel. She tells him to go and leave her alone. Chris says that he is not going to leave her. He wants to try to understand how she can be so cruel to people. He tells her that Jake doesn't like her at all and she should not try these antics to get his attention. Emily explains to him that she grew up with an alcoholic mother and how that makes you hard and you learn to lie. Chris tries to explain to her how he feels about her. He comes right out and tells her that he is in love with her. He tells her that when they are in the room together it is so hard for him to ignore his feelings that it hurts. She looks at him, stunned. He grabs her and starts to kiss her. She pushes him away. They look at each other and then she starts to laugh. She says, "What the hell!" She grabs Chris and starts kissing him again. She pushes Chris into a chair and lifts her dress and straddles him. She tells him to shut up and kiss her. He says, "Yes, boss!"

Tuesday, November 7, 2000

Emily and Chris wake up with newspapers covering their naked bodies. Emily springs up and remembers that Henry could be in at any time. Chris says that he doesn't care. Emily tells him that he could use this information against them. Emily tells Chris that this can never happen again. Chris doesn't like this; he wants to do it again and again. Emily puts her dress back on and Chris is still in his underwear. Emily tells him to get dressed. Chris stops her and asks her why is she being so shy? She tells him that she has a newspaper to run and she can't be caught in her office with a much younger man. Chris runs out into the hall in his underwear and yells that Emily Stewart makes him feel great. Emily pulls him back into the office and tells him that he is a lunatic. Chris says that they are both lunatics. He picks her up and spins around and around. Henry walks in and tells Chris that he had better put that woman down. Chris puts her down and Emily picks up Chris's clothes and hands them to him. Chris starts to get dressed. Henry says that he can see that the early bird does get the worm. Emily says that she and Chris were working all night on a story. Henry informs them that he was in the office earlier and they were both snoring and, oh yes, they were naked. He tells them that they are in the business to report on sleaze and they have to rise above the sleaze and keep themselves out of trouble. Emily asks if he will keep this under his hat and he agrees, but he will have to report to their "leader". Emily informs him that she is the boss and not Craig. Henry insults her and she leaves. Chris tells Henry that he should punch his lights out. Henry informs Chris that he will not get paid for working overtime to do the boss. Chris says that he will be working a lot of overtime. Henry says that he expects he will. Chris says that he won't be with Emily; he will be working on finding dirt on Henry. Chris says that he is sure that he can find some people who hate Henry. Chris leaves and Henry's smile becomes a frown.

Lily is leaving her house and runs into Lucinda. Lucinda is there to "beg a boon". Lily says that this is great; she has a favor to ask Lucinda also. Lucinda talks to her about what she could be giving up by insisting on hanging on to Simon. Lily tries to explain her side, but Lucinda is worried about the consequences of her decisions. Lily tells her that she is a grown woman and she is responsible for her decisions. Lucinda decides that she will let Lily make her mistakes, but she will still worry about her. Lucinda starts to leave and Lily stops her. She tells Lucinda that she wants her to get rid of Rose. Lucinda tells Lily that she has kept her around because she feels that things will smooth over and she might want to get to know Rose later, down the road. Lily says that she will never want to get to know Rose. Lily tells Lucinda about Rose showing up at Craig's party dressed as Lily and she tried to fool Holden again. Lucinda says that she understands how Lily feels. She says that if it will help Lily get through what she is going through, she will get rid of Rose. Lucinda starts to leave and Lily stops her and gives her a hug.

Simon and Katie are asleep in the back of the convertible. They have put the top up on the car and the windows are steamed over. Simon is dreaming about Lily and he has a smile on his face. Katie scoots closer to Simon and puts her head on his shoulder. Simon cozies up to Katie, thinking it is Lily. When he opens his eyes, he sees Katie and looks like he can't believe what he has done. Someone starts to knock on the window and Katie wakes up and screams. Simon tells her to be quiet, it could be the INS. Katie jumps to the front seat to get dressed and accidentally pushes the button that puts the convertible top back down. When the top rises on the car, Rose is standing there and she can't believe what she is seeing. She asks Simon if he has axle grease for brains? She says that she can't believe that he "did" this person. She adds that Lily hates Katie more than she hates Rose. Katie jumps out of the car to go to the restroom to get dressed. Rose picks up her thong and tells her that it might get a bit drafty without these. Katie comes back and grabs her panties and stomps off to the restroom. Rose jumps all over Simon. She says that Lily is not like them, she likes her men to wear a chastity belt. Simon tells Rose that he and Lily are finished. Rose says that they can't be finished. She has a plan and he could still have a chance with Lily. She explains to him that if he comes between Lily and Holden, Lucinda will cut off Lily's money. But, if she can get Holden to leave Lily, Lucinda will leave Lily's money alone and they can live high and mighty the rest of their lives. Simon says that he never wanted any of Lily's money. Rose begs him to just tell Lily that he is not ready to give up on them and she will take care of the rest. Katie comes running out yelling about a bug in her hair. Simon looks at her hair and doesn't see anything. Rose says that she can't watch this anymore and she is leaving. Before she leaves, she whispers to Simon about their proposition. After she goes, Katie asks about the proposition. Simon tells her that it is nothing. Katie tells Simon that her night with him was wonderful. She asks if it is always like that? Simon says that it is different with different people and he adds that she knows that. Katie informs him that it was her first time. Simon says, "Huh?" Katie tells him that she was a virgin. Simon tells her that her first time should have been with someone special, not some stranger in the back seat of a car. Katie tells him that his is sweet, but he is not a stranger. She says, "I have to go now, lover. Call me later?" And she happily leaves. Simon smacks his head and says, "What have I done?"

WEDNESDAY, November 8, 2000

As she is packing her things, Denise tells Kim she doesn't know how to say goodbye to her. Andy walks into a bar and orders a beer. Lily visits Simon and apologizes for having given him mixed signals. A guilty Simon tells Lily he wishes she had come to him 24 hours sooner, but doesn't elaborate. When Lily kisses him, he pulls back and tells her it may be too late.

Kim confides in Denise that she feels she may be responsible for Andy's problems. Tom and Chris find Andy and stop him just as he's about to drink the beer. Andy reveals that Denise and Hope are moving out today and didn't want him around. Tom and Chris tell their brother about a paralysis rehab center in Seattle and tell him they want him to go there and get better. Anyone would be proud to call her "mother," Denise insists to Kim.

Simon explains to Lily that he was visited by an INS agent and may be deported. Lily suspects Lucinda was involved in alerting the INS about Simon. Andy thinks his family is ashamed of him and refuses to "go and hide" like they want him to do. Simon assures Lily that if they were together he wouldn't force her to live in Australia and be away from her kids--he'd live anywhere she wanted.

Kim says goodbye to Hope, with Denise promising to bring her often for visits. An angry Chris takes Andy's cane away to try to get his attention. Tom chides Chris and warns Andy that if he gets drunk not to call either of them.

After his brothers leave Andy orders another beer, but stops himself from drinking it, shaking. Kim remembers family dinners with Andy, Denise and Hope sitting around the kitchen table. Denise exults when she returns to her old apartment--she's finally free, she tells Hope. Lily proposes to Simon that they spend a romantic weekend at a cottage--Holden has already agreed to take care of the kids. Mindful of how little time together they might have left, Simon accepts--they'll make it a time to remember, he vows.

Thursday, November 9, 2000

Lucinda and John had drinks and discussed how each of them have made mistakes with their children. John blames himself for Andy's shortcomings, seeing as he wasn't there from diapers to diploma for any of his kids. He also blames himself for Camille's leaving for Chicago.

Carly found an envelope addressed to Jack in Craig's jacket pocket. Craig walked in and told her to get dressed and put on the earrings containing the microchips because they were moving them to a safe haven incase jack and/or Hal decide to obtain a search warrant. In the mean time Katie walks in and Craig tells Carly to get ready to go. Craig yells at Katie for not being at the clean-up from his party and Katie lashed back at how Bryant doesn't want to be in the same room with him and how he never calls his daughter because she is a girl and how he never calls Sierra. He lashed back and fired her and told her to get out of his place. She couldn't believe it and asked him for money so she could find somewhere to live and he gave her a quarter and told her to call Margo and tell her to get the basement ready because she was coming home.

Carly decides to call Jack to tell him about the secret meeting. Jack and Julia are arguing about the fact that she may be pregnant and when Carly calls Julia threatens Jack about taking the phone call. He does and after Carly tells him everything Jack tells her he can't talk and to find a compass and have it lead her in the right direction. When they hang up Craig comes in and tells Carly he is ready to go.

Friday, November 10, 2000

At Hal and Barbara's house, Hal reluctantly agreed with Jack that they would allow Carly to assist in bringing down Craig Montgomery. Jack left to rendezvous with Carly at the boathouse to discuss the details. When Barbara arrived home from running errands, Hal implied that instead of running errands, she had been to see Craig. Barbara was insulted that Hal was jealous of Craig and a heated argument ensued. Hal maintained that after all of their years together, they were yet again at the same place, her keeping secrets and him in the dark. Exasperated and indignant, Barbara stormed out of the room.

Molly told Vicky's mother, Donna, about seeing Vicky's ghost at the Halloween party. Donna pressed Molly for the exact details of the sighting and was astounded when she realized that the dress Molly described Vicky to be wearing was, in fact, one that Donna had given her and had been her favorite. Overwhelmed and excited, Donna left with a promise to call in two days if she didn't hear from Molly sooner. Soon Molly fell asleep and dreamed of falling into a great body of water and hearing Vicky's voice calling out to her.

Vicky's twin sister, Marley, paid Jake a visit and was skeptical upon hearing of Molly's sighting of Vicky's ghost. Marley suggested that perhaps Molly was having visions as a result of being in a coma and having major head trauma. She suggested that Molly be examined by a neurologist. Jake agreed that it was a possible explanation and called Ben Harris, Molly's doctor.

Julia was distraught when Barbara told her that Craig Montgomery was the one who rid them of the lawyer, Mr. Stiles, at the Halloween party. Barbara agreed to talk to Craig on Julia's behalf about the envelope that Stiles was preparing to give to Jack. Julia finally took a pregnancy test and was delighted to find her suspicions were confirmed--she was definitely pregnant.

Craig and Carly paid a visit to Isaac at Java Underground. Craig insisted that the earrings would be safer in the club's safe. Isaac protested, but Craig reminded him that it wasn't a request but an order. When Craig excused himself to take a phone call, Carly proposed to Isaac that they work together to get rid of Craig once and for all. Craig returned before they concluded their conversation. When she informed Craig that she was meeting Jack later in the evening, he thought it was a good idea. That way she could convince Jack that she would help him and in the meantime, distract Jack from harassing Craig. He even wished her good luck.

Jack arrived at the boathouse, which bought back vivid memories of he and Carly making passionate love there. Just as he decided to leave, Carly arrived.


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