As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 17, 2003 on ATWT

Mike and Jack accompanied Carly to the baby's first ultrasound. Alison fled to Chicago to avoid charges for the fire at the barn. Chris and Emily found Alison and returned her to Oakdale. Katie confronted Simon after she found Henry filming him with another woman. Ben told Jessica he understood why Marshall had to stay with her. Marshall taunted Ben.
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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 17, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, February 17, 2003

At Jack's house, Carly reluctantly told Jack that she and Parker would be staying with Mike. Jack envisioned Carly, Parker, and Mike becoming a family, but Carly insisted that she would love Jack forever. Carly told Jack that the only real home or happiness she had ever known was there with him. Jack tearfully resisted letting Carly return home, although he admitted how much he missed her and Parker. He took her boxes to the car for the move to Mike's house. Carly handed Jack her key to the house, and she left.

At the carriage house, Molly told Mike that she had been at Jack's, seducing Jack, when Carly had shown up. Molly warned Mike that Carly and Jack were not over each other, and Mike insisted that he wanted Jack to forgive Carly. Mike told Molly that Carly was only his friend and that he would always love only Molly. Molly admitted that she had lied about having sex with Jack so that Mike would know the way she had felt when she had found out about Mike and Carly.

Mike offered to find Carly another place to stay if Molly would consider forgiving him. Molly replied that she would always worry about Mike's feelings for Carly, in spite of Mike's insistence that Molly was the only one he loved. Molly told Mike that she had decided that she didn't love him. In response, Mike told Molly, "There's no way I'm giving up on us." Mike asked Molly to take his ring with her, just to remind her of him. Molly cried, "Stop breaking my heart," and she left, with Mike still holding the ring.

Rosanna answered her cell phone outside the garage and told Craig that she had given Lucy a ride, but she faked phone trouble when Craig asked where they were. Lucy wheeled her chair into the garage and found Alison and Aaron naked in bed, with a big red heart drawn on Aaron's chest. Although Aaron insisted that he was innocent, Lucy stormed that it was over for good that time. Lucy told both Alison and Aaron that she remembered that, in St. Louis, Alison had told her that Alison herself had started the fire. Lucy also told them that Will had told her that Alison had forced Will to say that he had started the fire, to keep Alison out of jail.

Lucy turned her wheelchair around to go tell Hal the truth. Aaron ran to Lucy, insisting that he had been drunk and had passed out. Lucy told Aaron that she remembered how much she had loved him, but she had to believe what she had just seen. Rosanna went into the garage, and Lucy asked Rosanna to take her to Hal's, in spite of Alison's protests.

After Lucy left, Aaron insisted that Alison tell him the truth. At first Alison tried lying, but she finally admitted setting the fire to make Aaron look like a hero. Aaron rushed out of the garage, despite Alison's pleas to try to get Lucy to forgive him. Alison, left alone, decided that Will was the only one who could help her. Alison raced out.

At Emily and Hal's house, Emily told Chris that Alison had been obsessed with Will and begged Chris to let her know before anyone else if he found out that Alison had started the fire.

When Rosanna and Lucy arrived at Fairwinds, Rosanna told Craig that she had asked Emily and Hal to go over immediately. Rosanna told Craig how Lucy's heart had been broken when she found Aaron and Alison in bed together. Emily and Chris arrived, telling Rosanna and Craig that Hal was in Chicago. Rosanna insisted that she would notify the police if Emily did not. Lucy entered the room and immediately told them the truth about Alison starting the fire and pressuring Will to lie.

Emily still hoped that there was another explanation, but she told Lucy that she was sorry for the pain it had caused Lucy. Emily and Chris left, and Craig and Rosanna tried to reassure Lucy about Aaron and Alison's betrayal of her. While Lucy left the room temporarily, Rosanna warned Craig not to protect Alison to save his own skin. Lucy returned, and Aaron burst in to tell Lucy how sorry he was and to ask her to forgive him. He asked her to hear him out, if she had ever loved him.

Alison pounded on the door of the pediatric psychiatric ward, insisting that she had to see Will. Chris arrived and told Alison that he would help her if she would tell him exactly why she needed to see Will.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Aaron went to Fairwinds to convince Lucy that Alison had set him up and that he had not slept with her. Lucy assured Aaron that she knew what she had seen and that it was one memory she wished she could lose. As Lucy began to cry, Craig escorted Aaron out. Craig accused Rosanna of helping Lucy regain her memories so she could remember her relationship with Aaron.

Rosanna explained to Craig that she had just been trying to be the mother figure that Craig had asked her to be to Lucy. Craig said that he did want her to be the maternal factor in Lucy's life but not if it went against the plans he had for her. Alison confessed to Chris that she had set the barn on fire because she had wanted to make Aaron look like a hero. Alison played the remorseful act with Chris. When Chris left to call Emily and Susan, Alison ran away.

Though Emily was certain that Alison was guilty, Susan did not believe it. When they arrived at the hospital and saw that Alison was gone, Susan blamed Chris. Meanwhile, Alison went to see Aaron in search of his forgiveness, but he slammed the door in her face. Bob ordered Chris to get out of the situation with Alison and let the police handle it. Kim defended Chris and noted that if it were not for him, the truth would not have been revealed. Bob just hoped that the hospital board and John saw it from Kim's point of view.

As Rose sat and waited for Paul, a stranger mistook her for Lily and kissed her on the neck. When Paul arrived, ready to punch the man, he realized it was his old pal Dusty Donavan. Rose did not accept Dusty's apology for mistaking her for Lily. Rose revealed to Dusty that Lily was happily married to Holden, and a kiss on the neck would have been inappropriate. Rose left when Paul invited Dusty to dinner, claiming she had an appointment. Later, Dusty spotted Kim and Bob, and they discussed Chris's passion in proving Will's innocence.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Rose went to see Lily and told her that Dusty Donovan was back in town. She described how he had planted a kiss on her neck and expressed her disdain for him. Lily was happy to hear that Dusty was back, and she told Rose that Dusty was her best friend, but Rose was suspicious of Dusty. Lily suggested that maybe that kiss had felt better than Rose was letting on.

As Rose and Lily talked, Dusty stopped to see Lily and told her that he had moved back to Oakdale for good. Lily said she would throw a welcome home party for him. Dusty apologized to Rose, but she was still leery of him. Lily told her to give him a chance because he was a really good guy.

John Dixon gave Chris Hughes a hard time and ordered him to work a 48-hour shift. John told Chris he was too easily distracted and needed to get his priorities straight. Chris asked if John was doing that because Chris was Bob Hughes's son. John said he wished Chris acted more like Bob Hughes's son. Chris grew angry, they exchanged words, and then John suspended Chris from the intern program for three days.

Emily and Susan frantically made phone calls to see if they could locate Alison. Jack arrived and told them there was a warrant out for her arrest. Susan was upset, and Jack reminded her that Alison had lied from the beginning, and she had put people's lives at risk. Jack wanted permission to monitor the phone so he could pinpoint Alison's exact location. Alison did call and said she had gone to Chicago to see her father, but he hadn't been home.

Susan got on the phone and tried to convince Alison to return home. The call was disconnected too quickly, so Jack was unable to record it. Later, Susan admitted to Emily that she had hung up the phone because she had panicked when she had seen the recording machine. She said she didn't want Alison to incriminate herself. Emily said Alison was already in enough trouble. Chris arrived and told Susan and Emily that he wanted to offer his help. Susan told him to go to Chicago to find Alison.

Simon was at the bar in the Lakeview when Bartleby walked in and told him to get rid of his wife or else Bartleby would do it for him. Simon saw Henry and told him to take an easy case, following an unfaithful husband and then reporting it back to his wife. When Henry asked who the husband was, Simon said, "The husband is me." Henry didn't want to do it, but Simon forced him. Henry asked, "Don't you love her anymore?" Simon's reply was, "More than ever."

Katie told Margo that something was wrong with Simon. She said he was acting like a completely different person, and she feared that Simon didn't love her anymore. Margo tried to ease Katie's fears, but Katie was still worried, since he hadn't returned home the night before. When Simon went home, he fought with Katie. She begged him to tell her what the problem was, but he only became more hostile. She told him that she loved him, and she wouldn't let him push her away.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Simon met Henry at Yo's. Henry said that he had his video camera, and he was ready to go. Henry asked if Simon was sure that he wanted to go through with it. Simon said that Henry had to videotape him and the girl he had hired and then show it to Katie and break her heart. A blonde woman with a big fur coat walked through the door. Henry took one look at her and said, "You hired Bambi?" Bambi walked over and said hello to the two men.

Simon told Henry to get started. Henry told Bambi to give them a few minutes. He walked over to Simon and wanted to know what was going on. Simon said that he just needed to do it. Henry started to leave. Simon stopped him and told him about Bartleby. He said that if he didn't do that job for Bartleby, then Bartleby would kill Katie. Simon said that if he didn't do something like that, then Katie would follow him to the south of France, where he would pull off the job.

Henry finally understood and told Simon to start his act. Henry started the video camera, and Simon walked over to Bambi. They started to flirt, and Simon kissed her neck a few times. Simon started to show her how to play pool. While he had his arms around Bambi, Katie walked into Yo's. She saw Simon and the woman and then went after the woman. Simon held her back. Katie asked, "What are you doing?" Simon asked her what it looked like. Katie said that it looked like he was setting up a new con and Henry was his sidekick.

Simon looked at Henry, and Henry rolled his eyes. Simon told Katie that she had just walked in on his latest scam. Katie didn't believe that he was going back to his life of crime. He told her that he had tried to leave that life behind, but he just couldn't, and he was good at it. He told her that he missed the traveling and all the money. She asked if she was just supposed to chase after him. He told her that she was not invited.

Katie yelled at Simon and asked, "Since when does a wife need to be invited?" Simon turned to her and said, "Don't suffocate me, Katie!" Katie said, "If you have something to say to me, Simon, just say it!" Simon told her to go home. She asked him why he was acting that way. He said that he had tried to be the man that she wanted him to be, but he couldn't do it. He reminded her that they had only gotten married so he could stay in the country. She told him not to throw that in her face. She told him that the second time had meant something. She knew that he loved her.

Simon said that love didn't let him live the way he had before, and he was missing the old days. Katie slapped his face. She told him to never crawl back to her. She pushed a chair over and stormed out of Yo's. Simon pushed over a table with drinks on it.

Henry walked over, handed Simon the tape, and said they didn't need it anymore. Simon told Henry that she would be back when she cooled off. Henry said that the sun would cool off but not anytime soon. Simon said that they needed to think of something really big -- so big that she would never want to see his face again.

Mike and Carly were having drinks at the Lakeview Lounge. Carly was having a virgin pina colada. While Mike was at the bar, talking to the bartender, Carly called Jack and told him about her sonogram that was scheduled for that day. Jack said that he remembered and to let him know how it went. She was deflated that he didn't want to be at the appointment with her. She told him that she would call and let him know about it.

Carly and Jack hung up, and Mike returned to the table. He asked if everything was okay, and she said that it was. She touched her stomach and said that the baby was very frisky. Mike asked if he could feel her stomach. She said sure, and when Mike put his hand on her tummy, he got a big smile on his face when he felt the baby move. As they were talking and laughing, Mike looked up and saw Molly walking through the door. He told Carly to brace herself.

Carly looked around and saw Molly. Molly approaches Mike and Carly, and Carly said, "Hello, Molly." Molly said, "Why are you not off making more promises to Jack that you will never keep?" Then she added, "Or did he get wise and kick you out for good?" Mike stood up and asked Molly if she was through slinging insults. Molly reminded Mike that he had said that he wanted her back. Carly started to say something, and Molly told her to shut up.

Molly walked away, and Mike followed her. Mike walked over to Molly, and she told him that she had a meeting with Kim, and she wanted him to leave. He told her that she didn't get to hit and run like that. Molly said, "Oh, sorry. Did I upset your girlfriend?" Mike explained that Carly had to get a sonogram that day, and Jack wasn't interested in going with her. Molly said that Jack was "too busy these days," pulling the dagger out of his heart.

Mike told Molly that Jack was a big boy and might be the father of the baby. Mike said that he might be the father of the baby, and he was not going to back away from the child. He told her that backing out of the baby's life because she couldn't handle it was not an option. Carly walked over to Mike and told him that it was time to go. Molly told them to go. She added that she didn't want to hold them up on family bonding time. Mike told her that going to the sonogram had been his idea. Molly just looked at them with a hurt look on her face.

Mike and Carly walked away. Kim had been watching the three, and she walked over to Molly. Kim asked, "How did that go?" Molly told her that Carly had been her best friend, so it looked like she had to start interviewing for a new one. Kim said that she had always been told that a person only got one best friend in life. Kim said that Molly and Carly were closer than -- Molly interrupted Kim and said that they had been close.

Kim said, "Baloney! You two need each other, and when are you going to get busy and do something about it?" Molly told Kim about Mike saying that he would find another place for Carly to live if Molly would return to him. Kim asked why Molly hadn't gone and jumped into Mike arms. Molly said that she had wanted to, but she not only had to forgive Mike, but she had to forgive Carly -- and then there was the baby.

Kim gave Molly a pep talk, and then Molly knew what she had to do. Kim said that business could wait, but life couldn't. Kim left, and Molly called Jack on her cell phone. She asked Jack to meet her at the Lakeview Lounge. Jack said that he could use a break. He asked if everything was okay, and she said that the faster he got there, the quicker they could fix it. Jack said that he was on his way.

When Jack got to the Lakeview Lounge, he found Molly. Before Jack could sit down, she asked Jack what he knew about Carly's sonogram. Jack looked at his watch and said that it was scheduled to be in a few minutes. Molly told him that Mike was with Carly, and Jack should be there too. She told him that if he didn't go then it was like handing Carly and the baby over to Mike. She said that if that was what he wanted, fine, but if not, he had better get over to the hospital.

At the hospital, Carly and Mike walked into the sonogram area, and Carly's doctor met them. The doctor asked how she was doing, and Carly said that the baby had been very active. The doctor said that was good. Carly introduced Mike to her doctor. The doctor said that she imagined that the two of them were very excited about getting a look at the baby. Carly started to tell her doctor that things were kind of complicated. Mike blurted out that he was the baby's father, and he was very excited to be there. Carly looked at Mike like she couldn't believe what he had just said.

Alison found herself at a rundown diner. She walked up to a guy who was clearing tables of dirty dishes. She asked if she could get a job there. The guy asked if she knew how to bus tables. She said that she had done that before. He told her that she would have to talk to the owner when he returned. She asked if this place had once been an ice cream parlor. The guy told her to get lost. The rude man walked away.

Alison saw that a half-eaten doughnut had been left on the table. She sat down and thought about eating the doughnut. She changed her mind and got her cell phone from her purse. The battery was run down. A man appeared at her table and said that he couldn't get her ice cream, but he could buy her a burger. She said no thanks and started to leave. The man stopped her and asked what her name was.

Alison pushed by the man, and then she turned and said that her name was Natasha. The man asked about her parents, and she said that her father was dead and her mother was in prison. The man said that he had noticed that her cell phone battery was run down, and he could fix that for her. She asked how, and he said that he had a charger in his car. She said, "No, thanks, I can use a pay phone." She pushed past the guy, went to the pay phone, and called her mother.

At Hal and Emily's house, Susan waited by the phone. Emily and Chris had teamed up and had left to go to Larry's house to pick up Alison. There was a knock at the door, and when Susan answered it, Jack was there. Jack walked in and asked if Alison had called back. Susan said that she hadn't. Jack said that while he was there, he had thought he would look at Alison's room. Maybe there was something that they had missed. Susan told him to go ahead and look but not to wake up the boys.

The phone rang, and Susan answered it. She pretended that it was Margo, and Jack went upstairs. After Jack was gone, Susan told the operator that she would accept the charges. Susan asked Alison how she was doing. Alison said that she had just called to say goodbye. Susan said that Emily and Chris were on their way to get her, and she was to meet them in front of her father's house. Alison said that she couldn't hear her mother.

Susan tried to repeat it, but Jack reentered the room. He heard that Susan was talking to Alison and said to keep her on the line for two minutes. Susan told her daughter that the phone was bugged, and she should call her sister's cell phone. Susan hung up the phone. Alison told her mother that she couldn't call a cell phone collect, but her mother had already hung up the phone.

Back at Hal's house, Jack looked at Susan like she had lost her mind. He told Susan that had been their only way to find Alison, and he hoped that Alison didn't find trouble out on the streets. Jack stomped out of the house.

Emily and Chris were driving to Larry's house. While they drove, they reminisced about the time they had been together. They had a few laughs. When they got to Larry's house, Alison was nowhere in sight. Emily grew discouraged. Chris asked if there might be someplace that Alison had liked to go when she had visited her father. Emily thought about a pizza place that Alison and Larry had frequented to get pizza. They started toward the restaurant.

Emily received a call on her cell phone. Susan called her and told her that Jack had gone to the house, and Alison had called while he had been there. She said that Jack had wanted to use the tracking device, and she had told Alison what was going on and had told her to hang up. Susan said that Alison had sounded scared and had said she was calling to say goodbye. Emily told her mother to hang in there. She told her about their plan to go downtown and see if they could find Alison at the pizza place.

Emily hung up, and she and Chris started searching again. Emily said something about ice cream, and then she remembered an ice cream place where Larry had taken Alison. She directed Chris to the street where the ice cream place was, but when they got there, the place was a pool hall. Chris noticed that it was a diner too. Chris said that he would go in and check it out. Emily stopped him and said that the part of town looked terrible, and they needed to go on. Chris kept driving.

Meanwhile, at the diner, Alison tried to get away from her admirer. She offered him her earrings for payment for the food he had bought her. He said that he didn't like earrings. She asked him what he did like, and he said, "Seventeen-year-old girls." Alison looked scared. The man told her that they were going to have a party at his house -- that night.

Friday, February 21, 2003

by Andy

Richie grabbed hold of Alison's arm when she declined his advances. Chris walked in and knocked Richie to the ground. Alison wanted to stay on the run, but Emily ordered her to go home to face the music. When Chris and Emily thought that Alison was asleep in the car, Emily admitted to Chris that she did not know how Hal would react to her standing by Alison. Alison overheard Emily. When Alison returned home, she informed Hal that she had set the barn fire and took full responsibility.

Carly got upset with Mike for claiming to be the baby's father. Later, Jack showed up and suggested they get a DNA test to clear up the paternity of the baby. When Carly found out that the DNA test might harm the baby, she did not go through with it. Mike and Jack argued in the corridor when Dr. Schiller called Jack in to look at the sonogram. Jack was happy when he saw that it was a girl. Once Jack remembered that he might not be the father, he sent Mike in and left.

Jessica was surprised when Ben showed up at her door. Jessica was worried how Ben would take the news of Marshall living with her, but he surprisingly understood. When Jessica left the room, Ben and Marshall taunted each other. When Ben left, he gave Jessica a kiss at the door and left Marshall annoyed.


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