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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 29, 2003 on ATWT
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Monday, December 29, 2003

Chris deals with the social worker that is overseeing his abandoned baby patient. Alison tells Aaron that Chris can't ever find out he's the father because he will definitely take her baby away. Later, Aaron runs into Lucy, and although tempted, he doesn't reveal the truth about the baby. Rosanna confronts Craig about setting up Paul, but he denies it. Jennifer overhears Barbara inquiring about the search of Molly's room and wonders what she is up to. Barbara learns Hal didn't find anything in Molly's room. When Barbara goes back to Molly's to find the evidence she planted, Jennifer catches her and demands the truth. Meanwhile, Craig plants the champagne bottle and goblet behind Paul's crypt. Jack informs Carly that Molly was the one who busted up Rose's car and spray-painted death threats. Carly is shocked about Molly but insists that Mitzi had more cause to kill Rose. Molly tells Carly why she planted the poison in Dusty's room. She breaks down as she thinks no one will believe that she didn't kill Rose. Katie fills Margo in about her disastrous first date with Mike. When Margo leaves, Mike returns, asking to do over their first date. Mike and Katie dance at Al's. He kisses her and she melts. Mitzi runs into Lily in Atlantic City, thinking that she's Rose. Lily claims that all is forgiven but Mitzi is not so sure. She slips Lily sleeping pills. A sheriff from Illinois arrests Mitzi. Meanwhile, the pills hit Lily and she hallucinates seeing Holden and Lucinda. Soon after, Holden arrives and finds Lily dancing with some guy who thinks her name is Rose.

Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Sarah is brought in to the police station. She admits to Troy that she tried to steal a woman's ID and cash. Jessica volunteers to be Sarah's lawyer. Mitzi is shocked to learn that Rose is dead. Carly tells Mitzi the main reason she thinks she is guilty and Mitzi insists that Rose forgave her. Jack loans Mitzi money to stay in town at the Wagon Wheel Motel. Jennifer urges Barbara to come clean with the cops. Barbara explains to Jennifer she wanted to make sure the police focused on someone other than her family. Meanwhile, Craig places an anonymous call about evidence in Rose's case to Paul. At the mausoleum, Paul finds the goblet and glasses in his crypt and is caught red handed by the cops. Hal questions Paul and is angry Paul didn't pass along the info to the police. Paul accuses Barbara of planting the missing evidence in his crypt, but she denies it. Holden can't reach Lily, who makes herself up as Rose and kisses him. Dr. Michaels tries to get through to Lily, but she refuses to listen and runs out. At the Lakeview, Dusty tries to tell Lily that Rose is dead. He says she is making a mockery of Rose's memory. Dusty calls Holden to inform him that he is tailing Lily and they are headed to the farm. Lily walks into the pond and follows Rose's reflection deeper in. Dusty realizes Lily has gone into the water and jumps in. A sinking Lily sees Rose materialize before her and hugs her. Dusty finds Lily and pulls her to the surface, dragging her away from Rose and out of the water. Dusty is able to convince her that Rose is dead. He holds Lily as she breaks down in tears, just as Holden arrives.

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

ATWT was pre-empted today due to special holiday programming. Regular programming will resume on Thursday, January 1st.

Thursday, January 1, 2003

As Joe was sitting at Rose's grave, a voice over of Rose talked about her life, how she had changed and what she had accomplished. She said she was too young to die and she promised she would find out who killed her and that person would pay dearly. Rose runs down the suspects: Paul, Dusty, Molly, Mitzi and Barbara!

Jack walked in as Hal was looking at the list of suspects. Jack asked him if he figured out who killed Rose. Hal said no but he would. Hal started to list out the possible motive of each person. Hal said Mitzi's motive was that she had stolen money from Rose. Jack dismissed it because he felt that Mitzi wasn't that shocked to see Lily, who was portraying Rose, when she and Lily met at the bar. Hal called Mitzi an opportunist and she wouldn't pass up an opportunity. Next up was Dusty, who was brought in to break Rose and Paul up but was a walking contradiction. Then there is Molly, the scorned lover. She was in love with Dusty and jealousy could have driven her to kill Rose. All the evidence has pointed to Paul but Hal doesn't feel that Paul did it. Jack said he was the number one suspect. Lastly, there was Barbara. Hal said every time he thought of her, he got a pit in the middle of his stomach. Hal thinks Barbara is the number one suspect.

Mitzi showed up at the hospital to see Lily. Lily made Mitzi promise to go to Rose's and make sure no one gave away Rose's things. Later, at Rose's, Holden was putting Rose's things in boxes for the church to pick up. Mitzi intercepted and hid them just as Lily asked. Lily was released from the hospital and went directly to Rose's where she watched the wedding video as Holden pounded on the door.

Molly was telling Craig about Dusty's behavior. Craig asked her why she was wasting her time dwelling on Dusty's fixation with Rose. Molly told him that she really loved Dusty and doesn't know what to do. Craig told her not to worry because the police have their number one suspect: Paul! Late, Molly told Craig he got a call from Miss Feddle saying she would be paying him a visit real soon!.

Jennifer told Paul what Barbara did with the evidence but also told him that Barbara did it to protect him. Paul didn't buy it. Paul knows someone is setting him up and went to ask Molly about the police searching her room. Then, thinking it was Barbara who set him up, went to see Barbara and told her that whatever game she was playing he didn't want any part of it.

Friday, January 2, 2003

by Andy

Alison tells Katie she is crumbling under the pressure of keeping the paternity a secret from Chris. Katie says she needs to tell him before Aaron does, or else.

Aaron spies Lucy having lunch with Clark at Al's. Alison calls to tell Aaron she has made up her mind to tell Chris the truth today. She apologizes again, and he hangs up. He goes in, has lunch, and daydreams that all is right with Lucy. He snaps out of it, and asks Lucy if they might still have a chance if all of his mess was fixable. She says they might have a chance. He rushes off to the hospital to watch Alison confess.

Mitzi and Lily go through Rose's old things. Lily dons an old scarf that makes her feel closer to Rose. Mitzi puts on one of Rose's old dresses. Holden knocks at the door and they both scramble to hide Rose's things. Holden and Lily return to the house. Mitzi imagines how to ask Lily for the Roller Palace.

Tom demands that Hal bring Paul in for questioning. Jack confirms the call placed to Paul was untraceable since it was made with a disposable phone.

Later at the Snyder mansion, Holden notices the scarf and shows a little concern that Lily might be flipping out again. He makes an excuse to run an errand. Dusty stops by to tell Lily about Paul. He demands she step up to the plate to convict him of murder. Dusty pokes at her, "Come down to the station with me and make it very clear to the cops what they need to do." Just as her rage starts to simmer, Luke comes in and asks when she's coming back to the kitchen because they need to finish the cookies. Lily wavers but Dusty pushes her to use her influence to pressure the police. She calls Mitzi and asks her to babysit. Holden returns and finds Mitzi. He confronts her about Rose's old clothes. "What's your game? If you think I'm going to let you use my wife like you used her sister...think again." She leaves, and outside she says, "You won't see it comin'."

At the Lakeview, Jen tells Babs to come clean because they just took Paul in for questioning. Barbara zips off to the station to make sure Paul sticks to her version of the story.

At the hospital Aaron and Chris get into a shoving match over a misunderstanding. Alison gets in the way and is pushed to the ground. Neither Aaron nor Alison tell Chris the truth. The baby seems to be OK.

At the station, Hal, Jack, and Tom tell Paul their story and demand that Paul corroborate their plot. Paul can't believe his ears and says, "You wanna talk to someone? Talk to Barbara." Barbara and Jen arrive in time to hear Jack press Paul to explain how Babs is involved. Hearing only half the story, Barbar gasps, "You told them?" Hal takes this as confirmation and asks her to explain. She says, "I'm familiar with the story...and I cannot believe that my son is telling such vicious scandalous lies about me." Babs and Jen leave. Lily and Dusty arrive. An officer gives Hal the red goblet. Lily zones out and remembers handing Rose her final drink. She returns to reality and demands that Hal arrest Paul. After Tom tells her to take the drama down a notch, he asks Hal to arrest Paul.



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