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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 10, 2005 on ATWT
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Monday, January 10, 2005

As Rosanna wonders what would drive Emily to torture her, Paul tells her that she wasn't the target of the attacks. He believes Will was and that Emily had plenty of reason to want him gone. Paul asks Rosanna to put all the craziness aside and concentrate on both their marriage and convincing Will to rejoin their family. Rosanna promises him that they'll turn things around. Meanwhile, Alison, having just torched the incriminating map, is also a little curious about Emily's motives. Emily admits she can now remember committing the acts, but doesn't know what made her do them. She asks Alison for help and Alison agrees to talk to Paul for her. When Alison shows up at Fairwinds, she tells Rosanna and Paul that Emily shouldn't be blamed for something she doesn't remember doing. But, an incredulous Paul tells Alison that Emily's memory, or lack there of, won't excuse the torture she put Rosanna through.

Rafi relays to Craig his feelings for Lucy and his hopes that Lucy feels the same way. Though he doesn't spell it out, he implies to Craig that things got intimate with Lucy while they were trapped in the cave. Craig reminds Rafi about Lucy's feelings for Dusty but Rafi's optimistic that he's given Lucy a reason to stay away from Dusty. Sierra enters and alone with Craig, she learns of Rafi's feelings. Sierra warns Craig not to use this information to drive Lucy and Dusty further apart but newly reformed Craig vows he'll stay out of it and Sierra's impressed. When everyone returns, Craig gives a gracious toast in which he thanks Dusty for saving his daughters life. However, tension mounts as Dusty and Rafi clink glasses and later, when both men vie for her attention, Lucy declines them both to go off with her mom. Alone, Rafi asks Craig to help him get Lucy, but Craig is morally bound not to, though he privately hopes Rafi does come out on top.

Julia and Holden's kiss is interrupted by a call from Jack, apologizing about not getting JJ. She haughtily tells Jack she's fine and hangs up. When Holden tries to defend Jack, Julia questions why Holden's been a huge help while Jack's been so absent. She tells Holden he's really been her only friend. Later, as Julia is leaving for the Lakeview, Jack arrives and asks to talk to Holden. Julia goes and twigged Jack wonders if Holden and Lily's split had anything to do with Julia and JJ. Holden, correctly suspecting that Lily and Carly dispatched Jack, tells Jack to remind Lily that she's the one who ruined their marriage. Meanwhile, Lily has summoned Julia to the Lakeview to make her an offer. Lily tells Julia that she understands that Julia did lose a lot when Jack decided to go back to Carly and she's willing to help her financially get back on her feet, if it means leaving her husband alone. But Julia doesn't bite and threatens to go to Holden with Lily's attempt at bribery. Later, back at Milltown, Jack tells Carly that he couldn't get through to Holden and thinks Julia has been distracting him from fixing his marriage. Jack feels responsible and explains how he wishes he could deal with JJ without interference from Julia. Later, Lily returns to Carly, depressed that their plan backfired, when Carly says they're going to get dirty and she's got a plan.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

While Katie waits in a restaurant for Henry, she sees the announcement that he has eagerly placed in the newspaper about their engagement. She seems to have some second thoughts, but when Henry arrives he gets down on bended knee and offers her an enormous diamond engagement ring. What's a better way to drive Mike crazy, Henry suggests, than to wear a big rock? That convinces her to accept it. Meanwhile, Mike and Jennifer are in bed at his home enjoying the afterglow of their first night together. Jennifer reads in the newspaper about Katie's engagement and asks Mike if he's ready for the comedy section, but Mike thinks it looks real. When Mike and Jennifer go to get lunch, they run into Katie and Henry, who look to be celebrating their engagement. Mike and Jennifer both seem suspicious -- and when Mike talks to Katie alone, he asks her, "What's up with this? How far will you go to get under my skin?"

Kim has gone to Fairwinds to chat with Rosanna and Paul about Will. They are very concerned about him and ask what they can do to help. Kim tells them that Will has told her that he never wants to see either of them again, let alone move back to Fairwinds. Paul is understandably angry about Emily's actions, but Kim is confused. She tells them how sick Emily was the last time she saw her, and how she didn't think she should drive herself to the doctor's office. Paul wants to get to the bottom of this, but when he goes to see Emily in her cell, he still accuses her of the crimes. Emily says she doesn't understand her actions, that they have no connection to reality at all for her. Paul is indignant when Emily tells him his mother was very helpful during her illness, that she even made tea for her every day... Rosanna tries to talk to Will at Al's Diner, but while he is cordial, he seems uncomfortable. But when Rosanna presents him with a brand new car, he seems surprised and confused!

Carly suggests to Jack that he take JJ on a camping trip so that they can spend time together without Julia. Jack loves the idea, and Carly convinces him it would also be good to invite Holden and Luke. Jack is thrilled and thanks his wife for her "great idea" as he leaves to talk with Holden. Carly is pleased that her plan is coming together. But things aren't going so well for Lily, for as she tries to talk to Holden about Luke, Julia walks into the Snyder kitchen and instantly accuses Lily of telling Holden "her" side of the story about the money Lily offered. Of course, Lily was not talking about the "offer" but Holden was furious with her when Julia told him what Lily had done. Lily was disgusted with Holden when he believed Julia's version of the story without question. When Holden told her that he would call her later about Luke, Lily told him not to bother -- that it was obvious he had already made his choice in families!

Moments later, Holden and Julia hold hands across the kitchen table as Julia tells him that there is no amount of money that would make her leave Oakdale now, making sure he understands that it is because of him. Jack barges in on the scene and seems surprised to see their intimacy, but asks Julia if JJ can join on the camping trip. Julia says no. Holden encourages her to allow JJ to go, and Jack asks Holden if he and Luke would like to join them. Realizing that it would be a great time for them all to be together, Holden agrees and Julia changes her mind. Jack calls Carly on her cell phone to tell her the trip is on. She is waiting for his call at Al's Diner with Lily, and the two of them are relieved to hear that both Jack and Holden will be out of town for awhile...

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Emily convinces Paul that she's on the level about being sick and not remembering why she did the things she did. Paul questions her about Barbara's helpfulness and Emily realizes Paul could be onto something. When Alison realizes that Emily could never have drawn the map of Fairwinds with such details without help, Paul is fueled even further and he promises to keep searching for the truth. Later, Paul encounters Barbara who's learned from Tom that she's being allowed to move about town. Paul twigs Barbara that he may be helping Emily, and later, Barbara finds Emily alone and tells her neither Paul nor Hal will be able to save her.

Rosanna thinks she's made headway with Will when he accepts the car. But, Will remains upset that everyone seems to be ready to give Emily the benefit of the doubt, when nobody gave it to him. Angry and feeling alone, Will takes the car to a hilltop and lets it crash. Later, as Rosanna is about to give Paul the happy news about Will, Will brings her the keys telling her he totaled the car.

Mike refuses to believe Katie and Henry's engagement is real, despite Jennifer's belief that it could happen. Katie, meanwhile, is banking on the fact that Mike still has feelings for her and won't let the wedding happen, though the wedding is exactly what Henry wants.

Aaron goes to the hospital for tests and encounters Ben and Jessica. He learns that Ben encouraged him to have more tests done because he believes Aaron can still get the use of his arm back. Aaron is psyched and asks Ben to stay and look at his results. Later, as Aaron shares the optimistic news with Alison, Ben sees a problem in Aaron's test results.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Lucy was at the police station giving her statement when Craig came in to tell her that Dusty and Rafael were looking for her. Craig knows what happened between Lucy and Raphael. Lucy tried to deny it but Craig said he saw the look on Raphael's face when Lucy went off with Dusty. Lucy thought that her father was trying to get Raphael on his side so Lucy would get away from Dusty. Craig said that nothing would make him happier if she never saw Dusty again but he promised he wouldn't tell Dusty about them. Lucy told her father she was very confused because Dusty hurt her so badly and Raphael was so good to her. Craig said she would figure it out and they hugged. Over at Metro, Dusty told Raphael to stay away from Lucy but Raphael told Dusty to remember he was a fighter and walked out. Later, Lucy showed up to talk to Dusty. Lucy told him that she had been avoiding him because she had been hiding the fact that she and Raphael made love. Dusty replied, "I know."

Aaron told Alison about the additional tests he took when his head started to hurt. Alison asked him to sit down and they talked about being with each other. Shortly after, Aaron collapsed. Over at the hospital Ben was looking over Aaron's X-ray's when Bob approached and told Ben he had to leave. Bob told Ben he was worried Ben would lose his license but Ben said he didn't care and showed Bob the blood clot on Aaron's X-ray. They both rushed to find Aaron who was being brought into the ER. They tried to find a surgeon but Alison asked why Ben couldn't perform the surgery. Bob put Ben back on staff and ordered an Operating Room, STAT!

Jack, Holden, Luke and JJ were at the cabin. Jack asked Holden how he and Luke were doing. When Jack pressures Holden, he told Jack that the marriage was over. Holden admitted he loved Lily but they had drifted so far apart that they drifted somewhere else. Jack said, "To Julia." Holden said he liked Julia and was just being a friend to her since everyone else treated her so badly. Holden told Jack he should let go of JJ because he couldn't be the kind of father JJ needed since Carly and Julia hated each other. Meanwhile, Lily and Carly arrived at Emma to drop off some things for the auction. Lily was afraid she wasn't welcome because of Julia but Emma said that it didn't matter who was staying there, she was always welcome. Carly had a plan to use her compass to get rid Julia. Carly said she was going to plant the compass in Julia's room where Emma could find out and throw her out. Lily wasn't up for it until Carly told her that she needed to fight for Holden. Carly said that Julia was an operator and a predator. She explained about what Julia did to Jack when he had amnesia. Lily took the compass and said, "Where do we hide it?" They thought Julia was going to be working for a while but they were wrong when Julia arrived at home just as they were going to her room. They started to exchange words when Julia said she was going to her room. As Carly tried to stop her by grabbing her purse, Julia's purse fell to the ground and the compass rolled out just as Emma walked in. Carly accused Julia of taking the compass and when Carly kept pushing, Julia walked out and went right to the cabin and right into Holden's arms!

Friday, January 14, 2005

Carly's on a high when she and Lily return to Milltown, but Lily is troubled by guilt for framing Julia and manipulating Emma.

Meanwhile, Jack enters the cabin and is stunned to see Julia there but even more so when Julia reveals to him and Holden that Lily and Carly tried to frame her. Jack decides to head back to Oakdale and confront Carly. Julia apologizes for ruining the trip and gets ready to leave herself, but Holden, concerned because it's dark, suggests she stay. The two share beers and their problems in front of the fire and Holden says he can see why Jack fell in love with her. Julia tells him she can see why Lily is fighting so hard to keep a man as wonderful as Holden. Finally, they come together out of mutual want, need and loneliness into a kiss that grows more and more passionate.

Meanwhile, Jack arrives home to a shocked Carly and confronts her about what happened. Carly owns up to it, admits that she wants Julia gone and Jack flips out, realizing this will set him even further back with JJ. Carly, desperately searching for a resolution to their constant fighting, tells Jack that its time to let JJ go.

As a distraught Alison waits in the corridor, Ben rushes Aaron to the OR. Alison calls Lily to tell her about Aaron's condition but when Lily tries to reach Holden, she realizes there's no cell phone reception at the cabin. Privately guilty, she nervously waits with Alison for word on Aaron. Finally, Ben emerges from the OR with the good news that Aaron is out of danger. Upon hearing the good news, Lily decides to drive up to the cabin to tell Holden about Aaron as Holden and Julia make love in front of the fire!

Later, Ben goes to the police station to find Jessica and tell her Aaron's surgery was a success, and they take a step toward reconciliation. Later, Aaron squeezes a thrilled Alison's hand using his bad arm.

Lucy is relieved when Dusty assures her he is not mad at what happened between her and Rafi in the cave. He accepts responsibility for pushing her away and allowing her to think it was over between them. Everything seems to be going well until Dusty says that what happened between Lucy and Rafi didn't mean anything and they should pretend it never happened. Lucy, upset, says she cares about Rafi, and what happened between them did mean something to her. They reach an impasse, and Dusty turns away. Meanwhile, Craig meets Sierra and tells her he's taken his first step to being a better father to Lucy. He fills her in on his talk with Lucy about Dusty and Rafi, and how he advised Lucy to follow her heart. Later, an upset Lucy cries to Craig and Sierra that she doesn't know if things can ever be the same between her and Dusty as a frustrated Dusty tries to deal with his feelings.


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