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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 10, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, March 10, 1997
by Sage

Lucinda comes to visit Lily at County Jail and brings her a picture of Luke. She tells Lily that she must retract her guilty statement. Lucinda also tells Lily that she wants to hire her better attorneys. Lily refuses and tells her that the papers have already branded her as the "rich girl" who's mother is going to get her freed. They begin to discuss her plea bargain deal. Lucinda doesn't want her to go for the deal. Then they argue more on the possibility of getting new lawyers but Lily wins. Lucinda finally agrees to drop it. She asks Lily to drop her guilty plea and fight... please do it for her. Lily tells Lucinda that there is nothing she can do to change her mind. Jessica arrives and they discuss Lily's options. Jessica tells Lucinda that it is in Lily's best interest to accept the deal that Tom has offered. Lucinda things that it's the worst possible decision. Lucinda thinks that the young David Allen is an opportunist. Speaking of the devil, David enters. They all sit down to discuss the matter at hand. Jessica tells David that they are going to take the deal. David tells them that all deals are off the table. Lucinda comments by saying "Thank God!" Lily and Jessica are stunned. David then tells them that he's amending Lily's charge. The State is now going for murder in the first degree. Jessica tells him that Tom and her had an agreement. David reminds her that Tom is no longer in charge.

Cal enters Mark and Connor's hideaway cabin while they are out. He find the gun and a bloody shirt in the tool box and takes them. Cal fantasizes about how Mark could have killed Diego. He comes back to reality and hears the happy couple returning and flees the cabin with the gun and shirt in tow. Mark and Connor enter the cabin, unaware that anyone else had been there and start up their "love bird" thing again. They talk. She tells him that she wants to take off and go traveling... just the two of them. He tells her it sounds like fun. Mark picks up a bag and shovel and says that he'll be back. Connor worries and then decides to check on the gun. It's gone. After a few minutes, Mark comes back in and she asks him what he buried? He says he buried the trash... trash men don't make calls to the woods. Connor then confronts him about the gun. She tells him that she knows about it and asks him if he buried it too? Mark asks her why in the world would he bury his gun. Connor says because it's the murder weapon. Mark looks puzzled then tells her that when she found the gun, she knew exactly what it meant, didn't she? Mark wonders how Connor must have felt knowing that he did something like that... keeping it all to herself and not letting it slip out even once... that she must really love him to stick by him knowing what he was capable of. He then tells her she must have known how much he was hurting over Jones and that he couldn't bear to watch Lily marry that man. So he had to leave... then he waited and then he blew him away.

Mike calls Hal to find out why the "Keystone Cops" are there ripping his place apart. Hal tells him they think Mark took Lily's gun and hid it and are also looking for a video tape. When he hangs up, Pilar is knocking at the door. They begin to fight. Pilar tries to apologize to him and admit that she's made mistakes and bad decisions. She asks what she can do. Mike shuts her out. He tells her that his feelings have changed for her and she leaves. She makes her way to the track to take her car out. Sparky tells her that her car just got pieced back together and hasn't been out for a test drive yet. Pilar says that she'll take it for the test drive and jumps in. Sparky argues with her but she takes off anyway. Later at the Kasnoff house, Hal shows up. Hal shows the tape they were looking for to Mike. Mike asks where they found it. Hal tells him that they found it in a box in the garage with a bunch of old magazines. Hal thinks that there must be something pretty good on there for it to have been hidden that good. Hal plays the tape. It shows Diego tampering with Jones's vehicle. Hal thinks this shows that Mark had a pretty powerful motive to kill Diego. Mike tires to make excuses for Mark. The phone rings. Mike answer to find Sparky on the other end. Sparky tells Mike that Pilar is out on the track driving crazy. Mike hangs up and tells Hal that he has to leave and to have his "goons" clean up when they get ready to leave. After Mike leaves, Hal talks to one of his men about Mark and the case they could have against him when Cal walks in. Cal tells Hal that he has even better evidence for him. He found something hot at Mark's hideout. Hal gets mad that Cal didn't tell him that he knew where Mark was. Cal shows Hal the bloody shirt and the .38 that he found there in the tool box but is quick to mention that it isn't one of his. Hal check it out. Cal thinks that this makes the case against Mark Kasnoff even stronger. Meanwhile, at the track, Mike catches up with Pilar and asks her to stop her suicide mission. Pilar asks him why since he supposedly doesn't care anymore about her. Mike tells her that he's sorry about everything he said to her. She thinks he was right. She says she has been obsessed and she always knew how Diego was. She then tells Mike about the night of the murder... about the nurse and getting away from him, then looking for Diego. While she was waiting to see her brother all she could feel was hate She hated him so much she could have killed him.

Holden goes to talk with Hal at the police station. He asks Hal about pictures taken the night Diego was shot. Holden also tells Hal about his visit with Margo. He mentions Margo talking about her dream about her gun being taken. Hal chalks it up to Margo's PTS. Hal tells him that there is a line a mile long of people who wanted to kill Diego. Holden asks who. Hal says he has some pictures of most of them and pulls out the wedding photos. They go through the pictures. Holden asks if this is all the pictures? Hal tells him that the pictures taken outside the church were underexposed. Holden sees the name and address of the photographer is on the back of the pictures. Hal gets a phone call and Holden snatches a picture and hides it in his jacket. Hal gets off the phone and tells Holden to leave him alone to do his job and escorts him out. Holden goes to see the photographer from the wedding and asks him about the Santana wedding photos. The guy tells him that the police took most of the photos with them and the only ones left weren't of any use to them. Holden asks the photographer if he cropped any of the shots? (Trimmed them for a better look.) The photographer thinks about it for a minute, then remembers that he cropped off one of the photos the police took. Holden asks to see the whole photo. Holden thinks he sees something. They take a closer look. They think that there might be something metalic in the background along with a person. Holden asks if the photo can be blown up larger. When the enlargement is ready, the photographer tells Holden that there is someone standing back there and there is something in his hand. Holden takes a look and says... "Oh my God.. .It's Kasnoff."

Tuesday, March 11, 1997
   Recapped Sage Scrogham

Holden looks at the enlarged photo from the photographer at the wedding. "It's Kasnoff" he says. Holden wants to know what's in Kasnoff's hand. He asks for another enlargement of that area. The photographer tells him it would lose it's quality and be just a blur. Meanwhile, at the County Jail, David tells Lucinda, Lily and Jessica that he's changing Lily's charge from involuntary manslaughter to murder in the first degree. Lucinda asks him if he is really willing to advance his career at the expense of her daughter. Jessica asks David what his reason is for changing the charge? He tells Jessica that Lily had no plan of going through with the wedding, she brought her grandfather's gun and then shot an unarmed man. Jessica thinks he'll need a miracle to get the first degree murder wrap to stick. Lily freaks out and demands to know if she gets a life sentence, how long will it be before she could get to see her son. David tellsher that if she gets out early, for good behavior, that she could possibly make her son's graduation from college. Lily screams that she's not going to miss out on her son's childhood. David thinks she should have thought about that before she pulled the trigger. Lucinda jumps in and asks what Tom knows about this. He tells her not much but he's in charge now, not Tom. Lucinda tells him that he's making a big mistake messing with her. After David leaves, they talk about David's change in charge. Holden enters and they tell him the news. Holden tells them that Lily may not have been the only armed person at the wedding and may not have been the one who killed Diego. Holden explains about Margo's dream. They are happy about at the possibility. Holden tells them that Margo thinks her gun was taken somewhere around the church entrance. Holden hands the Lucinda the enlarged picture and tells them to brace themselves. "It's Kasnoff" Lucinda says. "Mark?" Lily asks. "No, Mike" Lucinda tells her. Lily stands up for Mike and tells them that he wouldn't do that and if he did, he wouldn't let her rot in jail for it. Lucinda reminds her that he had a nasty bump on his head and may not remember. Lily says that you can't even make out what is in his hand anyway. Lucinda wants to check this out further and leaves. Later after Jessica leaves, Lily and Holden discuss Mike and what he has meant to and done for her. Lily tells Holden that if it wasn't for Mike in the past year, she never would have made it. Holden tells her that he is happy that Mike was there for her. He tries to convince her that there is a chance that her bullet isn't the one that got Diego. Holden wants Lily to keep fighting. She tells him that she is getting tired to fight. He wants her to fight for Luke and asks her if she has at least one more good fight in her. She tells him that yes, she will fight, now.

Cal and Hal enter the police station arguing. Cal wants Hal to get on the stick and get up to the cabin before Mark Kasnoff takes off. Hal tells him that he has to do some testing first. Hal thinks that Cal is jealous and should let him worry about Mark and Connor. Later, Hal goes to see Margo at the hospital. She is working on a lap-top computer when he enters with flowers for her. He asks he about the dream she had that Holden mentioned. She tells him that her gun could have killed Diego and that she could have even done it herself. Hal asks Margo to take her head off the "butchers block" He hasn't heard anything to lead him to think that she had any responsibility for Diego's death or Lily's predicament. He tells her not to worry and just rest and get well. He tells her the gang at the station has a pool on when she'll be back... all of them had no later than Memorial Day. Hal gives her a hug and leaves. She has another flashback of her gun getting taken.

Mark tells Connor how he waited on Diego outside of the church and then blew him away. He tells her that she knew he killed Diego and didn't say anything, that she made love to him knowing that he was a murderer. He doesn't understand how she could let him touch her knowing he'd done something like that. He tells her the truth... that he didn't even know that Diego had been shot and if he had known, he wouldn't have run. He explains to her that he ran off because if he hadn't he would have killed Diego. She tells him that she was afraid to ask him so she assumed. Mark asks her to tell him what happened after he left. Connor tells him that Lily confessed to killing Diego. Mark can't believe it. Connor says that's hard to believe. He thinks it's impossible. Mark asks her why he thought that he did it or why she was willing to let Lily rot for a murder that she thought he committed? He is very disappointed in Connor's line of thinking. Connor asks him that if he didn't bury the gun, then where is it? Mark thinks that maybe someone has snuck in and has taken it. Connor tells him she thinks she may know who took the gun and his shirt. They leave the cabin and show up at Cal's front door. He opens the door and lets them in. Connor asks Cal how he found them. Cal told her that it wasn't hard. Mark gets onto Cal for robbing his place. Connor tells him that Mark didn't kill Diego. Cal is bitter towards Mark and tells them that Mark belongs in jail. Mark asks for what? Killing Diego or falling in love with Connor? Cal tells Connor that Mark is never going to bring her anything but heartache. She tells Cal that she loves Mark and is going to stick by him for the rest of her life. Cal is steaming. He tells her that he can accept that they are no longer married but he will never accept her and Mark as a couple. The phone rings and it's Hal. He tells Cal that the blood wasn't Diego's and that the gun didn't shoot the bullet that killed him either. Mark and Connor leave. Outside, Connor congratulates Mark on being cleared. Mark is upset with Connor. She asks him what he's going to do now? He tells her that he is going to see if there is anything he can do for Lily and leaves Connor standing there with her mouth hanging open.

Mike listens to Pilar talk about the night Diego died. She tells him that when she saw him dead, the main thing she felt was relief. Mike pulls her close and comforts her. He talks some sense into her. She says that Lily did exactly what she wanted to do. She feels bad that she wanted to kill Diego herself. Mike convinces her that she should go help Lily. Later, David is waiting on the press. Mike and Pilar come in. Pilar tells David that she needs to talk to him. David says he has good news for her. Pilar says she wants to go first. He asks her what it is. She says that she is there to clear Lily Grimaldi. David looks as if someone has knocked the wind out of his sails. She explains how Diego was really Umberto Malzone and that he was responsible for Damian's death. He asks her how he could have done that. She doesn't know. She tells him that Diego said he did something to the plane and is now telling him because she wants to help Lily and that Lily had a right to hate him and to kill him. David thanks her for coming. Pilar asks if now Lily can be let out on bail and to go easier on her. David says no. He tells her that he knows that she came here to help Mrs. Santana but what she has really done is strengthen his case by supplying him with a motive. Pilar is clearly upset by the turn of events. Meanwhile, out in the squad room, Lucinda finds Mike there and asks him how he could have done this? Mike asks her if she's been drinking? She shows him the picture and asks him if that's a gun in his hand? Mike is confused. Hal walks up and asks to see the picture. Mike is troubled. They talk about the picture. Mike says that yes, it is him but thinks it's the candlestick that Diego bopped him with. Mike asks Lucinda if she really believes that he would let Lily take the wrap for something if he did it? Lucinda tells him she doesn't believe that he did it but she is just so frustrated. Lucinda tells them why... Lily is now being charged with first degree murder. The guys are shocked. Mike tells them that he has some good news, at least he hopes it's good. He says that Pilar is going to help Lily out by telling David about Diego's past. They argue over the significance of her telling him about Diego's true identity. He tells her that it's insignificant. Pilar leaves in disgust. David goes out into the squad room. Lucinda asks David if he's letting her daughter out on bail. He tells her that knowing that Diego was Umberto doesn't mean a thing to the case. Lucinda and Mike are mad now. Lucinda tells David that she knows the Governor and Senators of the state and she owns the City Times... if it's the publicity he wants then it's publicity he'll get... but not the kind he was expecting. Lucinda storms off. Mike asks David where Pilar went. David tells Mike that he doesn't know and then leaves with a worried look on his face. Pilar returns to Diego's apartment. She says "Diego, please forgive me" and then goes inside. Right after Pilar goes into the apartment, the shadow of a person falls mysteriously across the staircase.

Wednesday, March 12, 1997
by Nicolas Stroman

Mark and Mike run into each other at the police station. Mike wants answers about Mark's whereabouts during his disappearing act but Mark first had to talk to Hal about Diego's murder. Mark asks Hal where Lily is and tells him that he wants to see her. Hal explained that she was at the county jail facing first degree murder charges. Mark also told Hal that he had no idea where Lily's gun was and that the minute he found out about the murder, he returned to Oakdale. Hal didn't completely believe Mark, but told him to stick around the station because he had other questions for him--the main one being about the videotape of Diego sabatoging Jones' car. When Hal left the brothers alone, Mike blasted Mark for his behavior. Mike wondered why he hadn't called or come to see him at the hospital after his collision with Diego and the candlestick. Mark told him that he had no idea that anyone had been shot or that Mike was hurt at the wedding. Mike compared Mark's absence this time to the time when he walked out on him when they were kids and when Mike went to prison and no one visited him. Mark lost it and their argument got physical as the brothers each wrapped their hands around the other's neck. Mark and Mike broke up their mini-fight and apologized. Mark told Mike that it was difficult for him to stay for the whole wedding and that is why he left. Then Mark told Mike about the evidence that Cal had brought against him and how Connor had believed that he was a murderer too. Mark wanted to know how Connor could think such a thing and still stay with him. While Mike was trying to tell Mark to calm down and realize that Connor just cares about him, Connor walked in. Mike leaves so they can talk. Mark and Connor continued their argument at the police station. Connor begged him to forgive her, but he wasn't sure because of how she had immediately doubted his innocence. Connor told him she would not walk out on their relationship. Connor wanted to know why it was so wrong that Mark had a woman that loved him unconditionally and wanted to protect him. He responded by giving her a passionate kiss right in the middle of the police station. (puh-leeze!).

Pilar goes into Diego's apartment and logs into his computer. She wanted to get evidence that would implicate her brother and hopefully set Lily free. She finds the figures of Diego's embezzlement from WorldWide and various other people and is shocked to find files detailing his involvement in the plane crash. Just when Pilar was starting to make progress on the computer, the files starting deleting. All were erased and a message comes up:

    "Forget what you saw Pilar or Mike is dead and so are you!!"
Mike comes to Diego's place and hears Pilar talking to someone inside. She swears that nothing was wrong and that no one else was there. Pilar tells him about her meeting with David and that her info only helped his case against Lily. Mike started to look at the computer, but Pilar shut it down before he could see anything. Mike sat down at the computer and tried to access the files, but Pilar convinced him that the files were all deleted. Mike tried to tell Pilar that she had nothing to be afraid of. Pilar wanted him to leave because he would only be hurt by Diego's schemes. She runs out and Mike follows her.

Lucinda meets with David Allen. While he tries to explain to her why Pilar's statement didn't help Lily's case, Lucinda ignored him. He tells her he would get the visiting hours extended, but she still ignored him. Finally, Lucinda tells him that she knew what he wanted from Oakdale and that to get it, he would need her help. Lucinda tells David that what he wants is power and that he is using Lily to get it. She wanted to know if he was planning on settling for the ADA job and a small apartment? He told her that he was just doing his job and that he could not help it if he was representing someone (Diego) that wasn't very popular in Oakdale (understatement of the year). Lucinda tells him that she has looked into his last job and that there were some things that did not add up. Lucinda asks David why he hadn't become partner at his last firm in Chicago, Rhodes and McKnight? The firm would have made him a millionaire, but apparently David was just happy with his work in general. Lucinda tells him that she is a good friend of Jack Rhodes, David's former employer and that she knew quite a bit about David's time at the firm. David tells Lucinda that the past is the past and that she should just quit wasting her time on researching him. She assured him that she would not give up and leaves. Lucinda goes to the Mona Lisa to ask for Lisa's help with the beating Lily was taking in the newspapers. Lucinda presented Lisa with a list of possible stories that Lisa could print in the Argus. Lucinda thought that by having a united front, Lily would be tried fairly when it came to the actual trial. Lisa finally agreed that the two of them must be on the same side. Lisa and Lucinda discussed their plan to help Lily out of her ordeal. Lucinda wanted to focus on David Allen since she felt he was responsible for Lily's imprisonment. Lisa didn't really know much about him though. Lucinda continues to badmouth him and wants Lisa to promise that she would run stories on the DA's office as well as ones on Lily and Diego. Lisa told her that she would take care of Mr. Allen. Later, Lisa goes to the David's office later and brings him a chocolate cake to butter him up. She tells him that she is Tom's mother and wanted him to know that she was his welcoming committee to Oakdale. He was appreciative and had no idea that Lisa had a hidden agenda.

While John was sorting through his TV dinners at the pool house, Barbara drops by. She is concered about Kim and wants to know if John thought she was lonely or depressed. John assures her that Kim would be fine. Barbara then asks John if he would like to go out for dinner. (so much for the concern about Kim!!) John thought they should stay inside and build a fire. He asks her to admit that she missed him and she does. Barbara and John reminisced about their first kiss on New Year's Eve and John wants to know exactly what it was that Barbara missed most about him. She told him that she had just come over for a pineapple daiquiri and a dance, but John told her that he didn't want either one. He had another suggestion... for the both of them to take their clothes off. (Whoa!!) Later, John's apartment is shown with clothes strung out everywhere and it shows John and Barbara wrapped in a blanket by the fire, appearing to be naked. Lucinda walks in at this moment (LOL) looking for John to speak to him about her day. When she saw them intertwined in the blanket, she immediately started back for the door. Barbara and John wanted her to stay because there was nothing to hide. They stood up and removed the blanket. They they stood wearing bathing suits. Lucinda tells John that all she wanted was to talk to him about Lily. He tells her to go ahead and talk, but she wouldn't take him seriously with his trunks on. Lucinda leaves. John and Barbara go back to what they were doing. He tells her that he missed her and they kiss.

Cal and Emma talk about Luke's condition with his mom being in jail. Emma gives Cal some tips on what he could do for Luke when he gets upset. Emma notices that Cal seems distant and concerned about something. Cal tells her that he thought that he had found the person that shot Diego... Mark. He tells her about the gun and the shirt and how he had eventually had been wrong. Emma points out to him that everything always comes back to Connor. Cal tells Emma about his love that he still has for Connor and how her and Mark had confronted him about his trying to implicate Mark in the murder. He then admitted that he was still hurt by the affair that Connor had. Emma reminded him that she and Cal had once come close to getting married. They embraced.

Thursday & Friday, March 12 & March 13, 1997

Episodes were pre-empted for the "March Madness" NCAA College Basketball tournament.

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