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Diego's body was found in the trunk of Margo's car. Lily was released, and Margo was arrested for killing Diego Santana. Jack Snyder heard from a mysterious caller who wanted to buy the Falcon Club. Margo began to remember what had happened at 'the wedding from hell.'
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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 14, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, April 14, 1997

by Sage

Lucinda went to Kirk's house to plead for the gun so she could free Lily. Kirk was packing to leave. Kirk told her obviously she couldn't find Sam, so the deal was off. He'd dump the gun in the biggest body of water he could find. Lucinda left. There was a knock at the door. Kirk thought it had to be Lucy again and answered it. He found Sam standing there, alone. They talked. Lucinda barged back in and demanded the gun, since she had, after all, delivered Sam.

Holden caught a guy out at his family farm. The guy claimed to be his city cousin from Chicago, Jack Snyder. Emma heard a commotion, went out, and vouched for him. Jack told Holden that he and Emma talked on the phone a few times a year, and the last time he had talked to her, she had mentioned the Lily predicament to him. Jack just happened to be a private investigator. Holden confronted him on his lousy conduct, posing as a priest and breaking into houses.

Jack told Holden that Holden wouldn't be mad at him for long because he had found "this." He showed Holden a gun. Jack told Holden and Emma that he had followed a strangely behaving Margo from a place where she'd had a flat and had found the gun then back to her house, and he had watched her lock it up in her closet, where Jack had broken in and retrieved it. Holden and Jack took off to the police station with the gun.

John and Tom got out of the closet Margo had put them in. She was long gone. Tom went out to find her, and John stayed behind in case she returned.

At the police station, Margo was in the fenced-in, locked evidence room, with the key, frantically searching for something. Hal went down, sent everyone else away, and tried to talk her out. He asked her if she was looking for the gun. It piqued her interest, and she walked toward him. She stared at his gun in his shoulder holster. "The murder weapon," she said. Hal told her that it was his gun, not the murder weapon. He took it off and laid it down on a stack of boxes behind him.

Hal told Margo to let him in, and he'd help her look for the murder weapon. Margo eyed his gun lying behind him then let him in. She walked a circle around the room and toppled a table over on Hal. She fled out the self-locking fence door, grabbed Hal's gun, and split. Hal hollered for help. Help arrived, and Hal was released. He said to put out an APB on Margo -- and to consider her "armed and dangerous."

Jack and Holden gave the gun to an apprehensive Hal. Hal sent the gun out to be checked for registration and tested with ballistics. The weapon was registered to Cal Strickland, the weapon Lily had taken with her to the wedding.

Tom couldn't find Margo, so he went to the police station. Hal filled him in. An officer found Margo and radioed in his position. Tom left for the site. The officer told Margo to walk around. She still had the gun, and he told her to drop it. Margo looked at her hand and said, "That's not the gun." Another officer rushed her and took the gun.

Tom walked up just as they started to cuff Margo. Tom told them that it was not necessary. Margo, still in a strange state of mind, kept mumbling about needing something in the trunk. She went to the trunk and opened it. In the trunk of her car, she found a decomposing Diego.

Tuesday, April 15, 1997

by Sage

Margo screamed. Tom rushed over to the open trunk of Margo's car and found Diego's decomposing body inside. Margo didn't remember how it had gotten there or if she had shot him, but because of the circumstances, she thought she had to have been the one to do it. When they got back to the police station, Margo confessed to killing Diego.

David Allen tried to get closer to Connor with the saving of the "tree house." Mark got suspicious. David received a call on his cell phone and had to leave for the police station. The gun Jack had found was Cal's gun, the one Lily had fired at the wedding. Ballistics didn't match the slug in her gun to Diego, but her gun had matched the slug in the sign at the church. David had to arrange for Lily's release. Tom told David to go ahead and handle Margo's case.

Holden told Lily that she was being released. Later, Lily was released. Molly was alone and sad. Lucinda and Sam went to Kirk. Kirk, because Lucinda had delivered Sam to him, gave Lucinda the gun. Lucinda left to have the gun tested. Lucinda pulled the gun on Emily, pointed it to the ceiling, and fired. It was a starter's pistol. She asked Emily just how far Emily and Kirk had thought they'd get on their little scam.

Lucinda told Emily that she had delivered Sam to Kirk, and he was on her side, not Emily's. Lucinda said that she'd have the City Times back because Kirk would be a witness to her being held at gunpoint to sign it over. Sam and Kirk talked, but Sam slipped out while Kirk took a phone call from a frantic Emily. Hal booked Margo for the murder of Diego.

Wednesday, April 16, 1997

by Nicolas Stroman

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Thursday, April 17, 1997

by Sage

Sam sat reading the paper, feeling bad for Margo, when she found the fluff article about Kirk. Sam couldn't believe he had finagled that one. Kirk walked in and acted as if he didn't know about the article. Sam called his bluff. Sam asked Kirk what he'd had to offer Emily to get her to write that. He told her that Emily owed him for trying to set him up for the murder. "Good for you. Now go!" Sam told him.

Kirk started to plea his case to her, past and present. He insisted they could have a life together. He told her about the time she had thought he had drowned at sea. "I don't remember," she told him. He told her that he couldn't live without her -- that was why he had fallen apart. He kept on telling her about their past and reminding her of the good times. "Yes, it was good, and it could have gotten better," Sam told Kirk, "but you killed it." Kirk begged her to give them another chance.

Sam told Kirk that she had given up on them a long time before, and the only reason she hadn't left yet was because she was short of funds. She wanted to get out of Oakdale so badly that she would even ask him for the money if she knew he had it. Kirk looked into to Sam's eyes and told her that she hadn't forgotten him then he grabbed her and kissed her. They finished their long kiss then Sam slapped him and tore up one of the flowers he had given her.

Sam told Kirk that she hated him. Kirk told her that there was a thin line between love and hate. He asked her to give them just one night to see if they could recapture the magic. Sam told Kirk that he was a coward and pathetic -- that she was upset that he didn't trust her to help him make the "Kingsly Malta Embezzlement" right. "I thought we were soul mates," Sam told Kirk. "I made a mistake," he said.

"You made the mother of all mistakes. You doubted me," Sam said, and she left. Kirk thought for a second. "She still loves me," he said in partial amazement. Later, Kirk was still sitting in the office, waiting for Sam to return, but there was no Sam. He walked over and picked up the remainders of the flowers he had given her and smiled. "Diego's dead, Sam's back, everything's gonna start going my way," Kirk said as he left.

Jack and Holden went to the Falcon Club. Holden went to pick up Lily. Jack went to the bar and talked to the manager of the Falcon Club, Teddy, and told Teddy that he knew what he was supposed to do. Teddy tried to balk, but Jack let him know that, even though the job had been a good one for him, what "we" had to offer him was better. Teddy decided to play it out.

Margo was in the holding cell at the police station, and Lily went to visit her. Lily told Margo that she had just found out about Margo the night before, after Lily had gotten home. Margo asked the guard to let Lily in with her. Lily seemed unnerved when the bars shut behind her. Margo reminded her that she didn't have to stay there anymore because she was free. Lily told Margo that she didn't belong in there. Margo replied that, yes, she did, "because, Lily, you don't know what I've done."

Margo went on to say that she had done many scary things that she didn't remember. Margo told Lily that she was worrying about her boys. Lily told her that she had to remember what had happened that night at the wedding. Holden entered and talked to Margo through the bars. "What you said about your memory, I think I can help you with that," Holden told Margo. Holden told Margo that she couldn't force a memory and that she had to let it happen on its own.

Margo told Holden and Lily that she was afraid if she remembered, she'd go into a blackout again and never emerge, and that scared her. It also scared her that she might remember that she, in fact, had pulled the trigger. Holden told her that sometimes he'd get anxious when memories started returning. And he told Margo some of the techniques he had learned at Bethesda Hospital in Maryland. Holden excused himself to make a phone call.

Lily asked Margo if it would be okay if Lily took the boys out to the farm for a visit once in a while. Margo smiled and said yes. Margo told Lily she should go -- Lily had spent enough time behind bars. Holden called Jack. Jack was on the phone at the Falcon Club with Holden when Holden told Jack to go ahead and get the table and make the arrangements.

Jack hung up and told Teddy to get ready because they were on their way. "5K severance pay, right?" Teddy asked. "That's what we told ya. I got it right here, but you get it when the job's done," Jack said. "No cops, right?" Teddy asked. "You have my word. You wait 'til Mrs. Grimaldi gets here and we're all seated at the table," Jack said. Teddy walked away, and Jack shook his head in disgust, like he had just talked to the world's biggest moron. Jack sat down at the table.

Later, Lily and Holden walked in and were seated at the table. Jack, Lily, and Holden made small talk. Lily talked about how strange it was to have her freedom back. Jack told them that he was going to have to go back to Chicago. Lily told him that she wished he could stay around. He said he couldn't because he was his P.I. business, and it was going to fold if he didn't get back to it. Jack all of a sudden jumped up from the table, screaming, "Give it up! Give it up!" grabbing Teddy at the bar.

"What's the matter with you?" Teddy asked. Lily and Holden asked Jack what he thought he was doing. Jack told them that he had seen Teddy skimming money from the bar. Teddy said that he had just been getting ready to make a deposit. Jack told Holden to check Teddy's left pocket -- he had seen Teddy put some cash in there. Holden checked and found a couple of hundred dollars. Jack gave Teddy an extra twist of the arm, and Teddy fessed up in pain.

Holden started to call the cops. Jack told Holden that he didn't want to do that. Holden wanted to know why he shouldn't call the cops. Jack asked if Holden really wanted to put Lily trough the lawyers, trials, and hearings again, so soon after her ordeal. Lily told Jack to let Teddy go. Lily told Teddy that she never wanted to see him in there again. Teddy rushed out, and Jack followed. Jack gave Teddy his money and told him that he had done a good job, but he better never hear him talking about it to anyone. "I'm onto you," Jack said, "and I keep my promises, you know." Teddy said he understood.

Jack walked back in and told Lily and Holden that Teddy wouldn't be back. "How did you know?" Holden asked. Jack told them a story about him working undercover in a restaurant he had been managing, and he had caught the bartender there doing the same thing. Lily said she needed another manager and asked Jack if he was interested. Jack grinned.

Jack told Lily and Holden that they didn't owe him a thing. Jack told them the place he had run had just been for the undercover work, and it hadn't been as upscale as the Falcon Club. Lily told him that he had to have done a good job managing to be convincing. "I did," Jack said. Lily said, "So you'll take the job." Jack agreed to take the job on a trial basis. Lily and Holden left.

Jack made a phone call to the Mystery Caller. "I'm in," Jack said. "Good," replied the Mystery Caller. Outside, Lily and Holden talked on the deck of the Falcon Club. Lily thanked Holden for all that he had done for her and her mother. Holden told Lily that the reason he had gotten out of the wine cellar was because he hadn't been able to bear the thought of never seeing Lily again.

Bob and Kim were home, talking about Margo. Kim said she'd call the family and see if they could work out some sort of a schedule to help Tom out with the boys. Bob and Kim talked about their life at that moment and how it had had its ups and downs lately. Kim told Bob that she hadn't realized that she could love him even more after the surgery. They cuddled and kissed on the couch. "You haven't kissed me like that since our last ski trip," she said

Kim told Bob that she was afraid to really let go and was afraid she might short-fuse. "That won't happen," Bob told her. She told him that was why she slept in the den. Bob told Kim that he'd take his chances when she was willing to move back upstairs. They kissed and cuddled some more. Kim stopped and stressed because her valve was clicking faster. "It's supposed to," Bob told her, "you're getting excited."

Bob told Kim that he found that encouraging. Bob asked her if she wanted to go upstairs. Kim said yes. Bob's beeper went off. They were both highly disappointed. Bob had to leave. They were both disappointed but planned on picking things up where they had left off.

Bob left. Kim got up and looked at her and Bob's wedding picture. She started recalling sweet old memories of their life together, before the surgery. "Tonight, I get to sleep with my husband again," Kim said. She sighed and smiled.

Margo lay alone in her jail cell, trying to recall the wedding fiasco and what had happened to her gun. The guard told Margo that she had another visitor. "Hi, stranger," Sam said. Margo looked surprised. They talked. Margo told Sam what had been happening to her. Then Sam told her what she had been up to. Margo commented on how Sam was the only one she could talk to who really understood the situation after the crash.

Margo started to have flashbacks of the wedding and the "scent" that was almost there. If she could just get it, she could remember. "Why am I so scared that I can't remember?" Margo said to herself. Sam looked on helplessly. Margo was thinking clearly. "What perfume are you wearing?" Margo asked Sam. "I'm not wearing any," Sam said. "I can smell it. What is it? I smelled the same thing at the wedding, when my gun disappeared," Margo insisted.

"Really, Margo," Sam replied, "Before I came over here, Kirk was hanging all over me like a cheap suit. If you smell anything, it's probably his cologne." Margo took it all in.

Friday, April 18, 1997

Mark and Connor walked on the deck of the ship that the Falcon Club was on. Jack found them on the deck and told Mark that he was the new manager of the Falcon Club and that he was the one that had called him about the ship taking on some water, due to rusty bolts in the seam of the main hull. Mark told Jack that he'd get changed and get right down there to check it out. Connor insisted that she got to help him. Mark teased her about "rats," and she started to reconsider.

Margo and Tom spoke in her cell at the jail. She told Tom about the scent -- the scent that she had been hunting for when she had bought all those perfumes at the drug store and the scent she had been hunting for when she had gone nuts at Alderman's Department Store. "Sam had that fragrance on when she came to visit me," Margo told him. Tom told Margo that Sam hadn't even been in the country at the time Santana had been shot.

Margo then told Tom that she knew that, and Sam hadn't been wearing any perfume when she had visited Margo, anyway, but -- Kirk Anderson had visited Sam before she had gone to see Margo, and his cologne had rubbed off onto Sam. Sam had confirmed it, Margo told him. Tom said that Kirk had some serious explaining to do. They knew Kirk was lying, but Margo wanted to know why he was lying,.

Margo told Tom that she was afraid that Kirk might be trying to protect her. Maybe he had seen her shoot Diego and didn't want to say anything because perhaps he thought no one should have to pay for killing such a scumbag. Tom told Margo that Kirk was not that kind of a selfless guy. Margo told Tom that he needed to take Kirk back in for questioning, and no matter what he revealed, whether or not the news was bad, she wanted Kirk to go down and tell her himself what he had to say. Tom agreed.

Lisa was talking to Margo at the jail cell and was telling her that all would be fine and that things would work out. Margo told her that she was only remembering fragments of that night. Lisa tried to comfort her.

David Allen was having a drink at the Falcon Club bar when Lisa walked up and joined him. Lisa told him how proud of him she was, because he had dropped the charges on Lily. David read between the lines and told Lisa not to count on him doing the same thing for her daughter-in-law. Lisa told him that there was no reason why he shouldn't. David told Lisa that the difference between Lily and Margo was that Lily hadn't killed Santana -- Margo had.

David told Lisa that he didn't think she really liked him, and he thought that Lisa had been setting him up from day one with the mother hen concern, trying to fix him up, welcome wagon routine, to try to get to him. David told Lisa, "And don't think I didn't know it." Lisa told him that he was very smart and sweetly asked if she was really that transparent. Lisa tried to get him to do the profile on him in the Argus. She was sincere, she insisted. "You're digging for information," David said, "and there is nothing to find."

Just as David and Lisa's conversation ended, he spotted Connor, and he headed over Connor's way. Cal saw Connor walk by. He was in the Falcon Club with Kim to talk. They discussed Kim's condition, and Cal sympathized with her. Cal told Kim that he'd had the same sort of fears about his heart and then his paralysis returning.

Kim asked Cal what he had done to overcome his fear. Cal told her some of his little things, like laughing in fear's face. They talked some more about how Bob was acting around her. Cal suggested that Kim tell Bob what she had just told him. Kim agreed to think about doing that.

Connor decided to help anyway. They got changed and got down into the hull of the ship. They were standing in about a foot and a half of water, and there was a leak or two. Mark started to fix the problems, and Connor ended up all wet. She wondered out loud to Mark why she was the only one who was soaking wet then she playfully splashed him. Mark splashed Connor back, and they both ended up falling into the water, rolling around together.

Later, Connor was up on the deck alone, giggling to herself about her "rat in the hold" adventure with Mark, when David Allen walked out and asked her what she was laughing about and why she was wet. She filled him in on her and Mark's patching of the hull. Connor accidentally dropped the towel she was drying her hair with, and David went to pick it up for her, spilling all the contents of his folder on the deck. The wind scattered them about. Connor helped him pick them up.

Connor and David got his papers all gathered up, and David said he'd better be going because he had work to do. He left. Just then, Connor saw a paper they had missed, stuck in the railing. She picked it up and ran to see if she could catch David. She missed him. Connor looked at the paper, and it was an old photo of Mark, but the caption read, "Mark Jennings."

Jack was on the phone to the Mystery Caller, telling the Mystery Caller that Kasnoff had just said that the major repairs for the hull would be an extra 10 to 20 grand on top of the purchase price. Mystery Caller yelled at Jack, telling him that he didn't care about how much it cost. He just wanted that ship -- and he wanted Jack to make an offer that night. Jack obeyed.

John was filling in as temporary chief of staff in Bob's office, and Barbara entered. John got off the phone with Spring Lake Mental Hospital, where he had just arranged a bed space for Margo. Bob walked in. John and Barbara greeted him. John told Bob that anytime he needed John to pinch-hit, to just call. Bob told John that, as of that moment, he was back full-time. John told him that that was great.

Some potential investors stopped in from taking a tour of the hospital. They asked to take a look at the books. Bob asked the fellows to wait just a second while he talked something over with John. Bob straightened John out on a few things and told the fellows that Memorial was not seeking investors at that time. He said he would see them out. John and Barbara discussed the condition of the hospital's finances. John said that maybe Bob needed to step aside and let someone else take charge.

Bob and Susan walked in. John and Barbara left. Bob told Susan that John's "Mother Teresa act" was over, and he was back to plain old John again. They talked a bit, and Bob tried to go through some mail. Susan told Bob that the mail could wait. "Go home. Your wife needs you," Susan said.

Out in the hall, John was hollering about Bob and his supreme authority trip. Barbara asked herself out loud, "Why am I going out to dinner with such an annoying human being?" John shut up and apologized. Barbara told him that he had enough to worry about with Margo without taking on the hospital problems too. John agreed.

John and Barbara turned to leave. John stopped and eyeballed the "Robert Hughes, Chief of Staff" nameplate and grinned. Bob and Susan talked about Kim's situation and how he should handle it. He just didn't want to make things worse.

Tom was waiting in a room at the police station. Kirk walked in asking if he'd been summoned in for parking ticket violations. "Not the Santana case. I've already been interviewed twice now, Tom," Kirk said. He told Tom that he had been looped, he didn't remember much clearly, and he was not proud of that. Tom asked Kirk where he had been standing. "Off to the side somewhere," Kirk replied. "Near Margo?" Tom quizzed.

Kirk claimed not to have been anywhere near Margo. "That would be a fine answer if you were telling the truth," Tom stated. "I beg your pardon," Kirk says, "I didn't see anything." "If you did see something, would you fess up to it?" Tom asked. Kirk realized what Tom was getting at. "I did not see Margo pump a slug into that piece of human filth," Kirk said. Kirk let Tom know that if he had known someone else had done it instead of Lily, he would have taken that information to Lucinda and milked it for all it was worth.

"You know what I wish I saw, Tom?" Kirk said, continuing, "I wish I saw that Margo didn't kill Diego. But as I've told you time and time again, I was nowhere near her. I'm sorry. Tell Margo she's in my thoughts." Kirk started to leave. "Go tell her yourself," Tom said.

Kirk was taken off guard by Tom's suggestion. Tom said he wanted Kirk to go talk to her. "You will if you don't have anything to hide," Tom finished. Kirk was not going for it. Tom told Kirk that he would go down there and visit Margo, or Tom would trump up some charges and keep Kirk in jail overnight.

Kirk agreed to go see Margo. Lisa left, and Kirk walked in to see Margo. Margo walked slowly across the cell to him. She thanked him for going to see her. The scent of his cologne hit her, and she got a flash of memory: a hand grabbing her gun -- then Kirk's face. She turned and stared at Kirk. "What's the matter?" Kirk asked.

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