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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 19, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, May 19, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

DAVID ALLEN tells LUCINDA that he is now the district attorney. She says she is going to find out whose idea it was to oust Tom Hughes and put David in his place. He says he has a few friends in the right places. She tells him that she came to talk to Tom but she does not want to discuss the matter with David. Later Lucinda is back home and finds JAMES there. He tells her he knows she got the DNA test results. She wants to know how much it cost James to get David appointed district attorney; she asks James what he wants. He says he has their son's best interests at heart. He cannot understand how a mother can deny her own son. Lucinda tells James that she went to find Tom to tell him about James; then she says that it may be time to talk to the FBI. James says he hopes he never has to tell David that he is his father. Lucinda says if she has to accept David, then she has to accept James and she would rather swallow poison. He says that she and David need each other. He says David means more to him than anything else in the world. Lucinda says she will accept David when James is dead.

EMILY calls David to find out why he has not returned to give her the "big scoop" he promised. He tells her that as soon as he gets through with Lucinda, he will be there. David returns to his room and tells Emily he is acting district attorney. He says he believes in honesty and fairness with no special treatment. She wants to know who he knew to get himself appointed. He says sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time. She thinks he wants to get into politics and she tells him maybe she can help, but that she has a funny feeling that he is already pretty well connected.

As HOLDEN and LILY are about to make love in the hayloft, they see MOLLY. Holden recognizes her; he tells Lily that she was his girlfriend long ago. Lily asks why Molly didn't tell her that she knew Holden. Molly says she just couldn't tell her after finding out that Holden was Lily's boyfriend. She says she was too embarrassed to see Holden; that's why she kept out of sight. Holden and Lily find out that Jack had been hiding her. Lily says she wants to be alone with Molly. Jack and Holden go to the pond where they talk about Molly and the past. Holden remembers her being real shy but with a wild streak. Holden says that Molly told him she had been married. In the meantime Lily asks Molly if Holden is the guy she came back for. Molly says she knew Lily and Holden were so much in love and that the thing between Holden and herself was "kid stuff." She tells Lily that she was glamorizing things about her teenage romance with Holden. Lily asks Molly to come home and stay with her; Molly says she will see her tomorrow.

HAL and NIKKI are talking about her graduation. She tells him that she did not invite her mother or anyone else. ADAM comes in and says he wants to talk to Nikki alone. Hal goes upstairs and calls Tom to tell him that Adam was there. Tom arrives and wants to know what's going on. Adam tearfully admits he set a locker on fire at school. It was a boy's locker who had said Adam's mom was crazy and in the looney bin and never getting out. Tom tells him he has to learn to ignore remarks like that. He explains that Margo is like a person with a broken leg whose leg has to be put into a cast until it heals; she is ill inside and has to have time to heal and then will come home. Tom asks him why he didn't come to him to talk and Adam says that Tom is never around. Tom tells Adam that he must go back to stay with Casey and Gram because Tom has to go back and see Mom again.

Tuesday, May 20, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

MARGO wakes up suddenly when touched by TOM. He tells her that he spent the night there. She remembers rushing into his office the night before in the middle of the press conference. He tells her that everything she remembers really happened. She thinks the press conference was because of her. Margo insists that James is still alive. When she had her PTS episodes, she didn't remember anything, but with James, she remembers everything. She again shows Tom her nightgown that James cut. He tries to tell her that she might have gotten hold of some scissors somehow. After Tom leaves, Margo gets dressed and has her session with her doctor. She brings him back to her room and shows him the nightgown. He tells her to think about James and why she might be seeing him now and tells her to jot it down in a notebook. Lisa visits Margo and tells her Tom has been asked to step down as district attorney. Margo asks when the announcement was made and finds out it was last night after the press conference. She says everything that has happened to Tom is because of her. She wants to somehow let Tom off the hook permanently. Lisa tries to comfort her and tells her that she will be well.

DAVID A. takes his place behind his new desk and discards Tom's name plate in the wastebasket. The phone rings; it is a man named Fred thanking him for stepping into the D.A.'s shoes at such short notice. LISA storms into the office accusing David of being after Tom's job all along. David defends himself and suggests that Lisa call the governor and let him explain it. Tom (unaware of what has happened) walks in and Lisa shows him the newspaper account about David being named D.A. Lisa leaves. Tom talks to Fred on the phone about how this happened. He then asks David to whom he sold his soul to get Margo's and his careers ruined. Tom says the people elected him. David says the governor chose him. He tells Tom that the press conference was televised and that the state capital has TV's and could watch it. Tom tells David that he will make him sorry he ever heard the word "Oakdale."

HOLDEN visits MOLLY in the loft as she awakens. He says he didn't sleep all night because he was thinking of her. He tells her he missed her, he loves her--then they kiss. He says, "Promise me that you're not going to leave me again." He says that he and Lily have never been good for each other. She was not in his heart. AHHH but--it's all a dream! Jack wakes her up and wonders what she was dreaming about. He questions her about why she doesn't want to go back to Lily's. Of course, he suspects that she still loves Holden. They go to the Falcon Club for breakfast. He asks her what she told Lily about her and Holden. She says she just told her that they dated. He tells her that no one was ever good to her since Holden and that is why she still cares for him. While discussing Molly's staying with Lily, he suggests that she spend her nights with him. He wants her to bartend at the Falcon Club and to think about staying on after her hearing.

HOLDEN arrives at LILY'S house bringing her a bouquet of flowers. He tells her it was just puppy love between him and Molly. When asked by Lily about his memories of that time, he insists he doesn't remember that much. But he remembers all about his times with Lily. They both think about the early days when they first fell in love. Things start to heat up between them, then Lily says Molly should be home soon. Lily asks why he and Molly broke up. Holden says that her family moved away suddenly. Lily thinks Molly deserves a break. She wants her to concentrate on her writing and considers making an office for her upstairs. Molly comes in and tells Holden and Lily that she will be bartending nights at the Falcon Club and should earn good tips. She also says that she might stay on in Oakdale. Lily says, "Great!" and hugs her--but seems less than thrilled.

Daytime Emmys Wednesday, May 21, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

AMBER informs JAMES that Mark Kasnoff has stretched himself to the limit (financially) in preparation for the Wonder Building project.

CONNOR visits KIRK at the jail; he tells her that he needs her negotiating skills to get through to Samantha for him. "She is the only one who can help me now." He wants to see her and tells Connor that there will be no tricks or ulterior motive.

SAMANTHA walks in on and stops the argument between TOM and DAVID. She says that she got a call that the district attorney needed to see her. As Tom leaves, he tells David to have his secretary give him a call when he (David) will be out of the office; then Tom will come to get his things. David tells Sam that he needs her help; he wants to put Kirk away for a long time. He says that he wants to get a life sentence without parole for Kirk. He wants to know if she is going to be a friendly witness or a hostile one. She says that she will be an honest witness. At that point, she gets a phone call from Connor asking her to go to the jail and talk to Kirk. Sam says she will think about it. Afterwards, David suggests that Sam go to see him wearing a wire. When she refuses, he tells her that it would be improper for a state witness to visit the accused. As she leaves, David gets a call from James asking how he likes his new office. He says that he thinks he is entitled to one little favor--lunch together at his house. As David goes inside James' house, he says, "I can't figure out why you would put a palace like this inside such a dump house." James says he does not like uninvited guests. He toasts to David's new career. David wants to know what James wants from him. James says, "Some respect for one thing." David says he is not for sale. James says he is powerful, influential and rich. He says he is looking for ways to give back to the world--to leave something after he is gone. He says he believes in David; he sees qualities in him that no one else does. He gives David his private number to use whenever he needs it. He wants David to be his legacy of something that's pure and good and would never ask him to do anything illegal. David has just inherited his own personal guru with no strings attached. But James says he must give him a warning. He tells David that he (David) has made enemies--namely, Lucinda, and that he should mend his fences. She has power and he needs her. "She can help you or she can destroy you. Earn her respect; you won't regret it."

At the Falcon Club, LUCINDA and JOHN meet and sit at a table with JAMES looking on (and listening) from his office. Lucy shows John the newspaper article about the shift in the district attorney's office. John is very disturbed with what David has done to the members of his family. He tells Lucy to go to David and tell him that she is his mother and show him the proof. "He needs a mother now more than ever." Lucy says that as long as he stays in Oakdale, she must keep it a secret. BARBARA walks in and sees John with his arm around Lucy's shoulders. She drops off her sketches with the bartender. When Amber shows the sketches to James, he says that they are exactly what he wanted. However, upon listening to John suggesting to Barbara that they see each other that evening, he tells Amber to return the sketches to Barbara and tell her that they are completely unsatisfactory and that he wants a new set of sketches in the morning. When Barbara gets this news she says, "Obviously he has no idea who he is dealing with," and leaves. John then tells Lucy that she might be able to straighten David out. He begs her to tell him who the father is. She says it wouldn't be fair to John to tell him. "The father is dangerous. I just would like him to be dead--really dead."

Connor goes to MARK's office and tells him about her visit to Kirk and what he wants. Mark wants to go shopping for wedding rings but she says they should not be spending extra money just now. Connor wants to loan Mark some money for the company; he refuses. He will go to the bank and get a loan on the company.

Sam goes to the jail. Kirk tells her that she must hack into Lucinda's computer and transfer her Worldwide shares back into Lucy's name so she will be able to account for them on paper. Then he tells her that his freedom is in her hands. He tells her he didn't kill Diego; he only said it to get her back. He promises to do anything she wants if she will help him.

As Tom is cleaning out his desk, Margo calls. He tells her that maybe it is for the best. He can concentrate on her and the boys. He says David is going to be going back to school and he (Tom) will be his teacher.

Thursday, May 22, 1997
by FemPerez

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Friday, May 23, 1997

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