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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 26, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, May 26, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

EMILY is pilfering through the desk in James' office as JACK walks in on her. She says that the owner of the club just helped David Allen become acting district attorney. (She came to that conclusion by using redial on his phone and getting the d.a.'s office.) He gets her out of there pronto.

LUCINDA is holding a rifle (with silencer) on JAMES. She says that if she shoots him, the people who know him to be alive will think he just disappeared. She says that she would hide his body anywhere in the house (Fairwinds)--she knows every nook and cranny of the place. Lucy demands that James return her WorldWide stocks. He says he won them fair and square. She tells him that if he wants her to acknowledge David Allen, he must give her her shares. He wants her to give David the love that he has been denied. Then and only then Samantha will get back her shares and he (James) will disappear. He then tells Lucinda that the gun she is holding isn't loaded, but she says "It is now." Lucinda tells him that no one will miss him or grieve for him. James says that he has things arranged so that if she kills him, David will find out that he is his father. She finally shoots, deliberately missing him, and tosses the gun to him, then leaves.

HOLDEN and LILY make love in the garden behind her house (while a fireworks show is going on). Lily talks about the last time at the Bell Tower and said that it never should have happened because she was married to Damian at the time. They say they will start anew in their relationship. More of the same.

After Molly throws a drink in a customer's face, he attacks her behind the bar. She fights back but Jack appears and breaks it up and throws out the customer. She picks up the paper that has a baby's footprint on it and puts it back in her pocket. Emily shows up and Molly serves her a glass of wine. When Jack comes back, Molly was expecting to be fired after getting into a fight the first night on the job, but he just tells her to take a few minutes to cool off. Emily talks to Jack and tells him that she just wants to talk to the owner. Molly returns and tells Emily that she never should have talked to the guy and that it was her fault. Emily asks her a lot of questions about the Falcon Club, its security and its owner. Molly tells her that she needs to ask Jack. Emily gives her a $100 bill and says, "If you want to meet this guy's big brother, give me a call." As the club closes, Molly sits and drinks a beer and Jack tells her to stay there as long as she wants, then leaves. She pulls the piece of paper out of her pocket and we see the date 1985.

JOHN arrives at BARBARA'S house with a bouquet of flowers. As he is standing outside, he thinks about the night they made love and about their conversation the next evening. When he comes in, we find that she had invited him for dinner at 9:00. He arrived at 9:30 (with an excuse that didn't satisfy her) and finds that she has already eaten. She hands him the leftovers and tells him he could heat them in the microwave. He then suggests that they go away and have a good time somewhere. She says she has a real life with responsibilities and can't just take off. Barbara says they are just too different--the relationship won't work. He asks what she wants him to do. She says, "Grow up." She sends him away with the leftovers and tosses the flowers out after him. She locks the door when he says, "How about a little dessert?"

Tuesday, May 27, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

EMILY is trying to write a success story about Mark Kasnoff and the Wonder Building--a hometown boy making good--getting a big break. Mark walks in and wants to know what is going on (with a photographer, lights, etc.) He doesn't want to do this interview because he thinks it is fake and he doesn't want to toot his own horn. CONNOR talks him into it. He tells Emily that working for a large corporation is not all roses. He tells her that he doesn't even know the name of the CEO. Emily picks up on that, but Connor explains it away by saying that maybe he is an eccentric. Emily wonders why so many business deals are showing up in Oakdale concerning an anonymous person. After Emily leaves, Mark tells Connor that he has not received the "up-front" check he was supposed to have received several days ago. Mark then gets a phone call from Amber explaining why he has not received the check; she says that he won't get the check for 5 - 10 days. Connor offers to take a personal loan to tide him over but he refuses. (James is watching all this.) Connor insists that the Wonder Corporation is sound.

TOM is visiting MARGO; she continues to let him believe that the Stenbeck thing was just an hallucination. He questions her about the candy tin she is holding -- the one James left. She tells him that she found it. They discuss the children. He says he has an appointment but will be back. HAL enters as Tom leaves. She tells him that James S. is alive and that he has visited her. She wants him to check the immigration records and go over all the paper work in their files. He goes along with her but tells a medic on the way out to watch her because she is not doing so well. Back at the office, Hal calls the immigration office to have them check for info. Tom comes in and can't believe that Hal believes Margo. He says he did it because she asked him to.

SAMANTHA walks into the room where LUCINDA is and says "Good morning." Lucy asks her about her big evening with James. She then tells Sam that she knows him and that some people refer to him as the devil incarnate. Lucy tells her that he was "The Falcon" who was well-known as a drug lord; Sam was familiar with him. She tells about his "death" at the hand of his son, Paul. Sam thinks she is making it up. Lucy then shows her a folder of information about him. Sam asks her why she hasn't turned him in; she wants to know what James is holding over her. Lucy says that he is not blackmailing her, but he is threatening her. She says that if Sam turns him in, he will be gone before the police can close in on him and then he will retaliate. Lucy warns her not to see him again, but Sam says she can't just stop seeing him; Lucy tells her that James will kill her (Sam) if she toys with him. Sam says she just wants to find out what makes him tick. Lucy says he is using Sam to get to her. Sam then tells Lucy that James thinks she is going to marry him. Lucinda asks Sam if she could end it all with James if she can give her some examples of his depravity. Lucinda tells her that she once had an affair with him which ended very badly and he is trying to get back at her through members of her family. She gives her cash from her safe to go back to Monte Carlo. Samantha goes to Fairwinds and tells James that she knows who he is and about his past. He asks her what she intends to do about it. She says she is still considering her options. He wants her to stay in town and spend every evening with him (and keep her mouth shut). While Lucinda is on the phone trying to get Sam booked on a plane, Matthew announces that an upset David Allen is in the foyer to see her.

BEN comes into a restaurant where CAMILLE is working as a waitress. She is familiar with a medical term in a paper he is studying. She says that she worked in a doctor's office for a couple of years and took a few courses thinking that she might want to be a doctor. As they are discussing the past, Jessica comes in to have coffee with Ben. Emily bursts in and tells Jessica that the unions at her paper are threatening to strike, and that it is all Lucinda's doing. Jessica tells her that she will give her some names of lawyers who might represent her. After Jessica and Emily leave, Ben suggests that some time he and Camille might go out to lunch.

Wednesday, May 28, 1997
by Sage

Sam wants to know what James wants in Oakdale. He says to settle old scores and he said he settling one as they speak. James asks her to join him in some wine. $1,500 a bottle....she dumps it down the side of his face and demands to know what he wants with her sister. James tells her to ask her sister. He tells her once she finds out that she'll realize that it is wonderful, a miracle. Sam leaves on good terms.

John and Amber tell Bob that National Health Tech has bought out Memorial Hospital. John tells Bob that he's his new boss. Bob has a fit. He tells John that he got what he wanted. Amber tells Bob that they'll need his office for the "New Administrator", John. Bob fumes and asks if they'd like his stethoscope. John and Amber leave. Later, Kim comes in. Bob tells her about what just took place and the ramifications of the HMO taking over. Patient care is second priority. Kim tells him to fight it. He says he will. Susan pops in, saying she heard a bizarre rumor. By there faces..she knows it's true. Susan wants to know how all this could happen so fast. Susan tells him that the staff will back him. Susan leaves. Bob tells Kim he doesn't want to start a panic. Kim and Bob agree that they'll get through.

Matthew shows David Allen in to Lucinda's study. David wants to know why Lucinda is so interested in him and why he paid an L.A. Law firm to hire him. He gets quite upset and adamant about it. David threatens to arrest Holden for obstruction of justice and threatens to arrest Lily for attempted murder. He tells her that he would do anything to rid her from his life. Lucinda sees a definite resemblance between David and James. Lucinda tells him to get out. David is upset by being dismissed and starts to have some sort of medical difficulty. Lucinda gets concerned for him. Lucinda tells him that she is going to call her doctor. He tells her not to touch him, to leave him alone and stumbles out the door. Sam passes him in the hall. Lucinda tells her that her tickets are ready. Sam tells her she's not leaving. She then asks Lucy if she "Believes in miracles", that James wants to know. Lucy is upset that Sam went to talk to James. Sam wants Lucinda to tell her what is going on.

Lisa and Barbara go to the Falcon Club. Barbara wants to find out about her designs and what the owner thinks of them. Jack comes up and Barbara tells him that she wants to see the owner. Barbara is upset. Lisa gets Babs to tell her what is really wrong, her and John. Jack calls James tells him that Ms. Ryan is there and wants to know what he thought of the new designs. James tells him that he hasn't even looked at them yet. Jack wants to know what he should tell her. "Tell her to go with the first ones." James says. Jack goes to the table and tells Barbara that the owner hasn't seen her new designs, but wants to just go ahead with the first ones. Barbara is furious and demands to talk the owner. Jack stammers around but finally dials the secret number for her. Barbara waits for he phone to be picked up. Lisa looks over her shoulder in time to see John enter the Falcon Club. James is busy talking to Sam and takes the phone off of the hook and replaces it. Barbara thinks Jack gave her a phony connection. Jack tells her that the owner didn't want to be disturbed. Barbara goes back to Lisa and runs into John. Barbara and John go off to talk. John apologizes. John flatters her and tells her that he doesn't want to screw up what they have. Babs tell him that she doesn't buy it. She tells him that this will all pass. Barbara tells John that he's O.K. for something spontaneous, but nothing long term. John wants to know if she just wants "occasional fun."..O.K. he'll go for that. Barbara huffs off.

Amber returns to James. She wonders why he gave such a wonderful job to John and what the plan is. James uses the wine goblets as example. " know that John and Bob are doing battle on a daily know that Barbara is upset at what John is doing to Bob and Kim...and Three...John Dixons to realize who he is working for." James says as he flings them across the room. Amber wants to know why he has to be here in Oakdale to do this...the Feds will catch on eventually. James tells her that most of the Feds think he's dead, and the ones that do know he's alive ...will be to baffled to matter.

In the office of the Falcon Club....Jack is breaking into a drawer. He finds something interesting to him. Later...Jack goes down stairs and gets a phone call. "You got my message." He says. He asks the person on the other end to meet him, not at the dock, but at a private, secure place.

David calls James and wants him to get Lucinda off his back. James asks him why he's having trouble breathing and does he want him to call him his doctor. David says "No." David just wants Lucinda off his back. "You'll have to handle her on your own." James tells him. David is upset.

Sam keeps pressuring Lucinda about James and her secret. Lucinda swears her to secrecy and tells her about the affair with James, the child she thought was still born, who instead was alive and adopted out....James' "Miracle." the fellow you just passed in the hall. "Not, David Allen?" Sam says. Lucinda confirms Sam's question.

Thursday, May 29, 1997
by FemPerez

Molly is gazing at her baby foot print, when Holden comes in with Luke. Luke had tripped while playing outside and has a boo-boo. Holden has Molly get the first aid kit and Holden patches Luke up. Molly is moved by Holden's TLC of Luke. Lily comes in and sees everything is under control. Molly stares at the trio and decides to leave. She says she has to go into work early and help Jack with some inventory. Molly runs to the barn crying and remembers when she and Holden were together in the barn loft, way back when. While at the barn, Molly sees Jack meeting with some woman. Molly bumps a rake. Jack hears and goes in search of the "maker of the noise." He comes up empty handed. He credits it to a spooked horse and finishes his meeting with the female agent. He tells her that he found James Stenbeck's Electronic Note Pad and came across evidence of James brokering Stinger Missiles to terrorist. The female agent tells him to be careful...or he could lose his life if James finds out.

Lily puts Luke down for a nap and comes out on the porch to talk with Holden. Holden remembers a time with Aaron, when Aaron fell. He felt that he wasn't watching him like he should have. He said that's when he realized he wasn't being the father Aaron needed and that's when he realized he'd be better off with Calob and Julie in Seattle. Holden tells Lily that he thought Aaron's stay with them would only be temporary... Aaron's in second grade now and he's settled in. It wouldn't be fair to up root him now. Lily agrees with his thinking. Holden feels like he's a bad father. Lily tells him that he is a good father, that he put Aaron's needs before his own and that he's been wonderful with Luke. Holden ask Lily if she remembers when Luke was born. "Of course", she laughs. They replay the scene in their minds. Holden tells Lily that he instantly loved Luke the first time he held him, because he was a part of her. He tells her that he knows he can't fill Damian's shoes, but he wants Luke to know that he can depend on him to be there. Since he can't be there for Aaron now, he'd like to be there for Luke if it's all right with Lily. Lily kisses him. Later Luke wakes up from his nap and Holden gives him a special car he's had since he was a child. Lily picks up the ball Luke had been playing with and turns around to watch Holden and Luke playing on the floor. Suddenly, in her minds eye, she sees Damian, playing on the floor with Luke, when Luke was a baby....the ball drops from her hands attracting Holden's attention. Holden calls to her. More images of Damian flood her mind. Damian holding her, Damian kissing her... She snaps back to reality at Holden's call. Holden asks her if she's all right. "Fine", she says. She picks the ball back up and goes over to play with them, feeling strange about the images and feelings she just had.

Later Molly is at work. She asks Jack where he was when he was supposed to be doing inventory with her. Jack says he had something to take care of. She tells him "I was surprised though...I didn't realize you were leading a double life." Jack grabs her arm and demands to know what she knows. She tells Jack that she never thought Jack was the kind who would hit on someone while he was seeing somebody. She said she saw him at the Snyder barn with his girlfriend. Jack ask her what all she saw and heard. She tells him that she left before he got gross with her. Jack notices that Molly sounds a bit jealous and teases her. He plays it off that way and tells her that she knows one of his secrets, now he just needs to know one of hers. Molly laughs and hands Jack some receipts. The "baby foot print paper" accidentally got mixed in with them. Jack instantly sees it. Molly grabs it back, lies and tells him that she found it in her parents things after they died, that it's her print, her inheritance from them. Jack tells her that he doesn't buy it. He then proceeds to tease her a bit about being so secretive. Molly gets very defensive. Jack puts two and two together and asks Molly "Do you have a baby?"

Margo is on the phone to the police station telling them to have Hal call her when he gets back. She hangs up and turns around to find Tom standing there. She makes an excuse saying that she wanted to ask him about Adam's grades. Tom calls her on it and tells her he knows about her having Hal investigate James Stenbeck. He chews her out for lying to him and then he gets disgusted with her over her mental progress. Margo tells him that she isn't slipping this time. Margo has to leave for a session with her doctor. Tom tells her to mention to her doctor the stuff about James Stenbeck. Margo sadly says she will and leaves. Tom hits the wall in frustration. He feels a sympathetic hand on his's Bob, his dad. Tom tells his dad that he's not sure he can take it anymore. That he's wiped out. He's tired of being "the strong one." Bob tells him that he has to have faith. Tom tells Bob that he doesn't understand, that he doesn't know what it's like to be married to a person who's totally different now. Bob tells him about his and Kim's ordeal after her surgery. Tom realizes that his dad does understand a bit and he asks him how he got through the tough time. Bob says he's not sure exactly how it happened, but he does know that they just gave it time. That things will get better, that he and Margo love each other and just need to give it time. They hug as Margo gets back from her session. She's asks if everything is all right with the boys. Bob tells her that all THREE of her boys are just fine. Tom smiles.

Lucinda tells Sam all about the supposed death of the baby, the relationship with James. She then tells Sam that James came to Oakdale to tell her about David, the baby, being alive. Lucinda tells Sam that James says he just wants her to accept David and he'll disappear. Lucinda then tells Sam that she doesn't believe it... She thinks James just wants Power. Lucinda tells Sam that she was excited when she found out the baby had lived. But she now knows who David is and considering who his father is...she won't be a part of it. Sam tells Lucinda not to worry, the family would accept David in with open arms. Sam asks Lucinda if David even knows James, that maybe David is a victim too. Lucinda isn't sure...she thinks David maybe in cahoots with James in a big con game with her. Lucinda tells Sam that she should head back to the South of France. Sam hugs Lucinda and tells her that she's not going to leave her now. Lucinda is touched. Lucinda tells Sam that she has some phone calls to make and leaves . Sam says that "Lucinda may not want help...but she has it now." Sam goes to visit Kirk in jail. She tells him that Lucinda caught her trying to rig the stock files, so she confessed to losing them in a card game with James and then she assures Kirk that she didn't get him involved. Sam tells Kirk that he has to get out of jail and she'll help him. She needs his help. Kirk tells her that he'll do anything for her. She tells him she needs someone taken care of, someone big.

Friday, May 30, 1997

SAM tells KIRK that she was set up by the guy who got her stock..that he was after the stock all along, so he could get to Lucinda. Kirk asks who it is? She tells him that she can't tell him. But..she does tell him that Lucinda is afraid of this man. "He makes Diego Santana look like a puppy." Quips Sam.

EMILY goes to DAVID ALLEN for help. She wants to borrow his "High Powered Friend", she thinks that his friend would be able to keep her paper workers from going on strike and putting her out of business.

LILY is standing in the living room of her home when she's flooded by more memory flashes of DAMIAN...Damian holding her, kissing her, making love to her... HOLDEN comes down stairs from putting Luke to bed and tells her that he has a present for her. It's a "sun, moon and stars" snow globe. He tells her that it's a down payment on everything she's ever wanted...He just thought he'd start with the "sun, moon and the stars." She tells him how wonderful she thinks he is. They start to get romantic on the couch...Luke interrupts them by making noises with his car upstairs.

JACK apologizes to MOLLY for pressuring her and figuring out her secret. He asks her if she'd like to talk about it. Molly tells him some far fetched story about getting married to some bum in Vegas, who dumped her after a month and she gave the baby girl up for adoption. Jack asks how long ago that was. Molly says she doesn't remember, math never was her thing. Jack grabs the "foot print" paper and tells her that the dates are usually on them. Molly grabs it back just as Jack says "1985." She takes off to deliver some drinks.

EMILY continues to badger DAVID about getting the number of his "Mentor." David tells her no, time after time. David flirts a bit with Emily as JAMES watches. "My, my, my...All of my sons have a weakness for that little tramp." He spats. Emily tells David that his "Mentor" is also the owner of the Falcon Club. "You didn't know that, did you?" she says smugly. She then goes on to tell him that most Casino owners have ties to the underground and that could make for an interesting story. "Don't threaten me." David fumes. "I just wish you'd let me call your "Mentor."" Emily persuades. "Be careful what you wish for, Emily." James smirks.

LISA and LUCINDA show up at Lily's house. Holden had left them both a message on their answering machines in hopes that at least one of them would get the message and be able to watch Luke while he took Lily out for a romantic evening. HOLDEN grabs LILY and hustles her out the door, telling both of the ladies thanks for coming to their rescue. Lisa and Lucinda discuss David Allen. Lisa teases Lucinda, making hints to her being romantically interested in David...Lucinda venomously denies it. Lisa apologizes and tells her that she's just kidding, not that Lucy hasn't robbed the cradle before. Lucinda says that David does sort of remind her of Lisa's son Scott. Lisa goes on to talk about all her trouble with Scott, but she still loves the boy and wishes he'd call. Lucinda tells her that it's not Lisa's fault the way Scott turned out...Lisa didn't get to raise him. Lucinda listens to Lisa as she talks about the son she never got to raise, taking it all in. Lucinda apologizes to Lisa for comparing Scott to David. Lucinda tells Lisa that they need to keep digging up stuff on David Allen so they can run him out of town. Lisa tells about all David has done to her family...She mentions that he blamed Margo for breaking into his ground floor apartment through the window and holding him at gun point. A light goes on in Lucinda's eyes. Asks Lisa if she minds staying alone to watch Luke, that she has something that she needs to do.

JACK tells MOLLY that he's done the math. That she was only 15 when she had the baby. Molly realizes what he's getting at and tells him that the baby wasn't Holden's. He tells her it must have happened very soon after him then. "I was on the rebound." She retorts. Jack tells he that he knows the baby had to be Holden's...that that would have been the only reason she'd have been willing to jump bail and spend the rest of her life running. Jack lets Molly know that he's there for her. She tells him that she has a twelve year old child out there somewhere. That her parents were humiliated when they found out she was pregnant, so much so, that they packed up the family and moved during the night. They made her give up the baby so she/Molly could have a good life. Molly breaks down. She tells him that her life has been a mess ever since they took the baby away. Molly confesses to Jack that she did come back for Holden, but she got a best friend out of the deal instead. And if she couldn't be with Holden, she's glad Lily is. Jack listens. She makes Jack promise not to tell Holden about the baby. She doesn't want to mess things up. Jack tells her that as her friend, he wont interfere. She tells Jack "Well, I need you to interfere, just a little." "WHAT?" Jack says confused.

DAVID finally gives into EMILY's demands, takes her cell phone and places the call. No answer, David tells her he tried. Emily acts grateful for the attempt. David tells her that he has to be going. Once David leaves...Emily checks her cell phone to see what the last number called was, "Bingo" there it is. She then calls an acquaintance to find the address to the phone number. "Clever Emily. Maybe a bit too, clever." James says to himself while watching her on the monitor.

HOLDEN takes LILY to a romantic room somewhere. Candles are lit and a garden tub full of bubbles awaits them. Lily is breathless. They enjoy sharing the bath and feeding each other fruit. Later... while asleep in bed next to Holden, Lily dreams of her past with bed making love to Damian. It moves to other scenes, the last being Lily and Luke saying goodbye to Damian before he boarded the plane while trying to clear his name, so Luke would be proud to be Damian's son and wear the Grimaldi name. "I love you both more than my life." Damian says. Lily jumps up startled, wide awake in bed. Holden asks her what's the matter. He asks if she had a bad dream. He comforts her. She tells him that everything is O.K.

SAM tells KIRK that she's sorry she unloaded all of this on him...that it wasn't fair, considering that he really can't be a help to her. Kirk tells her that she came to the right man. That he'd give anything for another chance to prove his love for her. Sam tells Kirk that she can't make any promises. Kirk tells her that, that's O.K., that he just wants to protect her. He wants to know where this guy lives. Sam tells Kirk that she is not a killer, nor does she intend to be an accessory to murder. He tells her that that isn't what he has planned. He asks her to be a wife to him and refuse to testify against him. "Trust me." Kirk says. "I can't believe you'd ask me that!" Sam replies. "Believe it", he says. MILY, at "Fairwinds", lets herself in. "Hello..anybody home? Did you know your door was open? Did you know your decorator forgot to finish the outside of your house..and the inside as well..?" She realizes that she's alone and starts snooping. She finds a box under the desk, opens it to find some paper work. "James Stenbeck?" She gasps looking at his name on the paper. "Hello Emily. I'm alive and you just hit the jackpot." JAMES says smoothly. Emily freaks out and plows over the desk to get away from him, hits the wall scattering pictures and other debris in her way, 'until she's out of room to run. James calmly stands by and watches her, amused.

HOLDEN gets up and asks LILY to join him on the other side of the room. He starts telling her how much she means to him and how he wants a future with her and their children. He gets down on his knee and asks her to marry him. Lily gets down on her knees joining him in a kiss.

Somewhere unknown at the moment... Two men are standing in a garden, just after sunset. "He shouldn't be out here. It's supposed to get chilly tonight." A man says concerned about a fellow sitting with his back turned away in a chair. The other man replies..."It's all right, DAMIAN is much stronger now."

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