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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 18, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, August 18, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

BOB is showing LEW around the hospital and they end up in the free clinic. While Bob is attending to a patient, Lew talks to CAMILLE. He wants to take her to dinner, but she tells him to leave her alone. She remembers a time when they were together and promised to be with each other always. Bob leaves Lew with Ben who tells him what the clinic could offer him in the way of facilities. Ben asks Lew to meet him and his date for dinner. Lew goes to make a phone call. When Camille finds out about the dinner plans, she suggests that she would just be in the way and needs to do work there at the hospital. When Lew approaches she drops her files and Lew tells Ben that they already know each other. Camille acts like she doesn't recognize him but he says he treated her mother in Philadelphia. Both the men urge her to have dinner with them. Ben makes a reservation for three at Mona Lisa (It's been a long time since we've been there. Will we recognize it?). Camille says she needs to go home and change clothes.

JACK and LILY are looking under the hood of their car. The radiator hose is broken and they are in the middle of nowhere. Lily laments what has happened to her and Holden. Jack (trying to reassure her) tells her about Holden's plan to elope. Just then a car stops to help them. It is the man with the stuffed animals at the fair. He goes to get them a new hose and when he finds out they are headed to Smithfield, he tells him that the whole town will be at the carnival. (Lily really overacts today.)

At the fair the jelly bean winner is announced -- Abigail Williams. HOLDEN and MOLLY admire her as she speaks to the crowd about how she came up with the right number. Molly wants to talk to her but Holden protests. She follows Abigail and her group of friends. Molly asks Abigail to take a picture of her and her boyfriend. Then Molly asks Abigail if she can take a picture of her. "Why?? You don't even know me." "Yes, I do." (Commercial) "You just won the jelly bean contest and that makes you the biggest celebrity here." Holden and Molly watch as Abigail's parents congratulate her. They agree that Abigail is in good hands and lives in a good community in which to grow up. Holden wants to go back to the motel but Molly convinces him to stay at the carnival.

KIRK and SAM are at the club. LUCINDA comes in looking for David who has asked her to meet him there. He has asked Kirk as well. DAVID arrives and the four of them sit down at a table. David says he is soon going to publicly announce that he is Lucinda's son. Kirk thinks it is a scam and has a laughing spell. Lucinda says, "I am proud to see WorldWide in your capable hands." Kirk thinks Lucinda and David are in cahoots (possibly against him). Later Kirk and Sam talk and she convinces him that it is true.

Tuesday, August 19, 1997, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

LEW is greeted by LISA at the Mona Lisa. He says he is there to meet BEN who (together with CAMILLE) follows him in. They are seated and begin to talk about the hospital; Camille sits quietly until Lew begins to question her about her job. Ben says that he is trying to get her to go back to school. Lew stares openly at her. BOB and KIM come in and speak briefly to them before being seated at another table. Ben asks Lew why he wants to relocate. He answers that it is time for a change. Ben gets paged by the hospital and has to leave. Lew tells Camille that he is leaving his wife. He has told her that before. She tells him that she wants him to go back to Philadelphia. He won't accept the fact that she is with Ben now. She gets up and leaves.

Lisa is talking to Kim and Bob; she tells them she is worried about Barbara having to go through the "baby thing" alone. After she leaves their table, they talk about Ben's lawsuit.

LILY and JACK are at the carnival looking for Holden and Molly. Lily calls home and talks to Cal. He tells her about Holden's message on the answering machine. She finds out that Molly and Holden are registered at a motel and calls there to see if they are in. The clerk tells them that they left earlier and are probably at the carnival. They continue looking. Lily calls the motel again and leaves a note for Holden telling him that she did not marry Damian. She and Jack split up and agree to meet after 15 minutes, then go to the motel if they have not found them yet. She runs into Emmet who realizes that it is Holden and Molly that she is looking for. He tells her that he saw them a short time ago.

MOLLY and HOLDEN are following Abigail and her parents at the fair. Abigail goes off to be with her friends but meets her boyfriend instead. Molly says, "She knows that boy way too well." Molly is afraid Abigail will make the same mistakes that she did. Molly tells Holden that they are both miserable and should go after their own happiness. She runs off by herself and Holden tries to find her. Later she is back at the motel and writing in her diary when there is a knock on the door. The clerk from the front desk brings a note for Holden and asks her to give it to him. Of course she opens it and reads it, then wads it up and throws it away. Holden comes in and finds her packing. She is anxious to leave but wants to stop by the carnival on the way out of town. When they get to the fair, they run into Abigail and her parents. Abigail speaks to them and tells her parents that they had asked her to take a picture of them earlier. They shake hands with the parents after which Abigail and her folks leave for home.

When Lily and Jack get to the motel, they find the rooms empty. She calls the desk and finds that Holden and Molly just checked out.

As BARBARA is making dinner, she hears a knock on the door. JOHN brings in a box containing a crib, surprising Barbara. She asks him to stay for dinner with her and the kids--macaroni and cheese. When she doesn't eat, she tells him it's the same old thing. He remembers that he brought her some soup. He brought the kids candy and apologizes to them for being grouchy at Fashions the other day. He jokes around with them and asks them to call him John. Barbara is pleasantly surprised at his change in character.

Wednesday, August 20, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

CAMILLE is ready to knock on Ben's door when he walks up behind her. She kisses him and tells him she has brought him some food since he had to leave before the dinner. He wants to talk to her about Dr. McCloud; he asks her what she thinks about him and what she remembers about his treatment of her mother. She gets upset and wants to stop talking about him. She fusses at him for not being able to separate his work from his private life. Later as they are enjoying a cozy time, he gets a call to go back to the hospital. She stays to clean up. After he leaves, she calls the hotel and asks for Lew's room.

JACK and LILY are driving in the rain. They stop at a cafe. She wonders why Holden didn't wait for her at the motel since the clerk said he hand-delivered her note. Jack looks as though he might suspect that Molly got it and didn't show it to Holden but of course keeps his thoughts to himself. He orders a meal but Lily's stomach is "tied up in knots." As Lily talks about Holden's and Molly's experience in finding their daughter and how emotional it must have been for them, it suddenly dawns on her that something might be going on between the two of them now since Holden thinks she married Damian.

MOLLY and HOLDEN have stopped at a motel because of the rain. They have to share a room because it was the last vacancy. He talks about tearing up his photo of Lily, then Molly shows him a picture of him that she has been carrying around for years. She says she has never loved anybody the way she loved him--the way she still loves him. Of course he is flabbergasted; he never suspected!! She tells him that Jack figured it out--he is the only one who knows. She talks about how badly she thinks Lily treated him. She says that if she were the woman he loved, she would never hurt him. They kiss.

JOHN is cleaning up after dinner as BARBARA is putting the children to bed. He makes her a cup of tea and they kiss. They talk about making love but he is hesitant because he doesn't want to endanger her or the baby. Jennifer comes in and saves the day by saying she can't sleep. She wants John to tell her a story. She falls asleep in his lap while he is telling her the story of "Beauty and the Beast" as Barbara looks on in wonder at the change in him. He carries Jennifer up to bed and when he comes back down he finds that Barbara has taken the crib pieces out of the box so they can put it together. She says that she is ready now to tell the children about the baby.

Thursday, August 21, 1997
by Sage Scrogham

Lew isn't in his hotel room. Camille hangs up, disgusted at herself for even trying to reach him. She goes to the police department to talk to MARGO. Margo asks her what she's doing out at this time of night. Camille tells Margo that she need to talk to her. Camille tells her that the guy she was involved with is married and that he is in Oakdale, that he's a doctor and that Bob Hughes and Ben are trying to recruit him. He says he's leaving his wife and wants to be with her. He's said it before. Margo tells Camille that Ben is a great guy and that it is pretty much no contest. Camille agrees. Margo tells Camille that she needs to tell Ben about it. He's a great guy and he'll understand. Camille says that she isn't sure about that. Margo tells her about her past with James Stenbeck. Camille is surprised. "And Tom knew?" She asks. Margo tells her yes and that they love each other anyway.

BEN and LEW are talking in the hospital. Ben thinks that Lew is talking about racism, when he is really talking about being a doctor. Ben laughs when he realizes that they had their wires crossed. Lew asks if there is a problem with racism in Oakdale. Not too bad, Ben tells him then he continues to tell him about his run in with the Oakdale PD a week or so back and that he's suing the city. Ben then tells him that it happened right in front of his girl, Camille. They'd only been seeing each other a few weeks and that happened. But she's stood beside him and it has made them closer. Lew is glad to know that they haven't been seeing each other very long and that Camille and Ben's relationship isn't exactly what Camille has made it out to be. Lew tells Ben to be careful, that all the publicity might scare his girl off. Ben tells him that she already told him that it won't be a problem.

KIRK tells SAMANTHA that he had a dream last night about them and table #14. Samantha tells him that she had a dream too. "It was about a tractor, or maybe a bulldozer," she says. "And it was squashing everything in it's path," Kirk finishes. Just then....DAVID and EMILY walk into the Falcon Club and are greeted by Samantha and Kirk. David tells them that he's glad they are there and he's calling another FAMILY meeting. Lucinda should be there any minute, he says. Kirk comments that Emily isn't family. David lets him know that she's there for the story and asks where they can be seated. Sam tells them to use table 14, it won't be used for anything else tonight. Kirk asks Sam why David's called another meeting. Sam tells him that she doesn't know. That maybe it's about him. They seat themselves and Lucinda comes in. They all come and sit at the table, Sam, Kirk, Lucinda, David and Emily. David tells them all that he has some news. He's resigning as D.A. and he wants to get closer to his mother, Lucinda, work side by side with her, because he feels as if they got off on a bad start. He wants to put his family first. Lucinda smiles as David gets up, walks over to her and gives her a kiss on the cheek. Lucinda is so touched, she almost blushes. She is thrilled with the turn of events. On her way out, Lucinda tells David that she can't wait to tell Lily about him. Sam and Kirk go back behind the bar and start discussing dreams again. Kirk tells Sam that he just has to be alone with her. Sam tells him to meet her in the monitor room. "I'm right behind you," he chirps. Alone in the closing Falcon Club Emily asks David what he's up to. She tells him that he's not going to be big news as a common civilian. She wants to know what he's up to. He tells her that it's just like what he said. He wants to join his new family and let his mother help carry him to new heights.

LILY tells JACK that there is a lull in the storm and they have to leave now to catch up with Holden and Molly. Jack tells her that its' just the middle of the storm. Lily won't hear it, so they set off in the storm after Holden and Molly. The storm starts to rage again. Jack tells Lily that maybe they pulled off somewhere. All the lights are out in the houses along the road. Just then Lily spots the motel. She tells Jack to look. "See there, that's Holden's truck!" She says. Jack tells her that that could be anyone's truck. Lily gets Jack to pull off the side of the road and she runs off in the storm to find Holden.

HOLDEN responds when MOLLY kisses him. He tells her that he can't believe it. All the old feelings just came flooding back, it's just the same as it was. The storm knocks the lights out. They light candles and Holden tells her that when she disappeared he had to put his feelings for her in the back of his mind, just like they were locked up in a box. Molly wants to get back to the new ground she had just claimed and puts on the radio. "I'll Make Love To You" (by Boyz II Men) is playing. Molly moves in on him and starts to dance with him. They rub all over one another. Then Molly starts dancing for, on and around Holden. (GAG! LOL!) I guess it does the trick for Holden and the next thing we know....they are peeling each other like banana's and hitting the sheets. [Kay(2) gets so sick, that she has to turn off the TV!] While Holden and Molly are doing the HORIZONTAL BOP, thunder and lightning crashing out side. LILY is pounding on the door to their room. They can't hear her for all the noise that the storm and they are making. The door isn't locked, so Lily lets herself in. (Oops!) The "Princess" gets an eyeful and shuts the door while holding her hand over her mouth. (My guess, if she would have eaten with Jack, she would have hacked it up right then and there.) Holden and Molly don't even break rhythm, Lily goes away totally unnoticed. Lily runs back through the rain to the car where JACK is waiting. Jack tells her that he was just getting ready to come check on her. Lily tells him to drive. She doesn't want to talk. The wind blows a hard gust and the door to the motel room door bursts open. Holden grabs a towel to cover himself, and runs to the door. He stands there gazing out the door wondering why it would fly open like that. (Could it be that a certain "Princess Peeper" didn't latch it back properly?) Molly, while lying in the bed, smiles a triumphant smirk. A bit later down the road, Jack asked if she saw Holden. Lily tells him that she saw Holden and Molly, they were making love, they didn't notice her. Jack's jaw drops.

Friday, August 22, 1997
by Sage

CAMILLE wakes up in her apartment and notices a smell. It's breakfast and LEW has bribed the doorman with $20 to let him in to cook it. Camille is livid. She tells him to get out. That she needs to get ready for work. Lew tries to bring up all the good times they had together. Camille brings up all the broken promises and lies. She keeps throwing his wife back up in his face. Lew keeps trying to stroll down memory lane, but Camille keeps putting up a wall. Lew tells her that he knows what this is all about, Ben Harris. He tells her that she'd be crazy to give up a great guy like that. But that's the neat thing about their relationship, it was always crazy and alive. He tells her that she'll just have the safe and comfortable life with Ben. It's easy to be safe when you don't care about what you could lose, that she doesn't care enough about Ben to worry about losing him. He tells her that she'll never share the kind of love with Ben that she had with him, that she needs their great crazy love. She tells him that that price tag is just a little to high for her. She doesn't want to go through that again and she throws all the bad memories back up in his face. He tells her that he's already accepted the job at Memorial and Pamela, his wife, is not coming with him. He keeps telling her that all of this is for them, "US" he keeps saying. Camille tells him that she has nothing to do with it. "Not unless you want to." Lew tells her. Camille tells him that she's moved on. He tells her that she wrong if she thinks she can erase what they had with Dr. Ben. He tells her just to say yes to a chance with their love again. Lew tells Camille that he's leaving his practice, his wife, his home, all for her. She tells him that she's heard it all before. He tells her that it's different. He asks her if she cares for Ben more than him. She tells him "yes." He comes closer in and tells her that he doesn't believe her. Camille tells him to quit questioning her decisions. He tells her that she shouldn't stand for second best. Camille tells him that Ben is not second best. He tells her that he wants a chance to prove that she can trust him. She tells him that she can't do that again. Lew asks her to come away for the weekend. That they have a love that most people never find, don't throw it away with out giving it one last try.

BOB and KIM are sitting having breakfast at some restaurant and reading the paper. Ben's story is already making the front page. They discuss the pro's and con's of it for Ben's future and his relationship with Camille. Bob tells Kim that he knew she'd approve of Camille. Kim tells him that she thinks Camille is perfect for Ben. Bob tells Kim that he's invited Ben to breakfast to cheer him up. Kim thinks that that is a wonderful idea. BEN walks in and sits down. Kim shows him the paper. They talk about his future and how much they like Camille. Ben tells them that she says she can handle it. He's glad that they like Camille, he knew they would. Bob sees JOHN and BARBARA walk in. Bob asks John, "Shouldn't you be making rounds?" John laughs and tells him that he's taking Barbara to breakfast. They smile at John and Barbara as John escorts Barbara to a table. Barbara asks John if he's missing his rounds. He tells her that he's taken the day off and has someone covering his rounds for him, so he can spend the day with her. Barbara is thrilled that he did that for her. John then tells her that he thinks it would be a good idea if she cut back on her work load, and she agrees. John then pulls out some brochures for a weekend get away to the TIP TOP LODGE. Barbara is thrilled at the idea. John is happy to please. Barbara tells him that she looks forward to this. Just then Barbara get sharp abdominal pains. John quietly takes her out of the restaurant. Barbara doesn't want to unnecessarily worry Bob and Kim so she tells them that she's lost her appetite, and they all know how that goes. Kim brings the topic back to Camille. Ben tells them that he has a surprise to give Camille, sometime soon. Kim tells him to go do it right now. Ben smiles and agrees to take her advice and asks Bob if he can cover for him at the Clinic. Bob says yes and Ben goes to surprise Camille.

JOHN gets BARBARA to the hospital. At the hospital, Barbara tells him that she's been through three pregnancies before and she's never felt this way. John tells her that they've never had a child together before and that no child of theirs would let them off that easy. It's probably just his DNA kicking in. Barbara smiles. DR. SAMUELS comes in and starts asking Barbara some questions about her problems. John answers all the questions. Dr. Samuels finally has to tell John let her form her own opinions about Barbara. John continues to answer for Barbara. Dr. Samuels tells John that she's going to need to examine Barbara now and he'll have to wait outside. "You mean you want me to leave?" John asks. Dr. Samuels tells him, "yes." Barbara asks if he'll wait outside the door. John agrees. Dr. Samuels finishes the exam and asks John back in the room. She tells them that Barbara is bleeding again and it could be more serious this time. She tells them that she needs to take another ultrasound. Barbara just wants to know, "Is my baby going to be all right?"

LILY tells JACK that she is taking a flight out for a while. Jack wants to take Lily back to Oakdale. He tells her to give it 24 hours and if she feels the same after that then he'll bring her back to the airport. She tells him that she's leaving now. She says that she can't face Molly or Holden right now. Jack tells her that Holden loves her, that she needs to see this mess through Holden's eyes. Lily tells him that it's not understandable. She gets mad and keeps telling him to quit telling her that Holden loves her. Lily tries to grab her bag to leave. Jack asks what she's going to do about Luke. She tells him that she's arranged for him to stay with the Cobbs for a few days. Jack wants to know, "What about Holden, what do I tell him when he gets back." Lily is very adamant that he not tell Holden that she found him in the motel, and that he not tell him that he took her to the airport or that she's gone." Jack tells her not to have him do this. Lily says "Promise." Jack promises. Lily leaves to catch her flight.

HOLDEN wakes up alone in the motel. MOLLY enters the room with a bag of breakfast and some coffee. Molly realizes that Holden is being distant and asks if he's sorry about last night. He tells her that he's not sorry. Molly tells him that he needs to drink his coffee and eat his food while it's still hot. She tells him that she just wants everything to be perfect. Holdens mind wanders again. She tells him to come back. She tells him that she remembers that look. It's the same look he had the first time she met him. The start talking about the past. She told him that when she got home from meeting Holden that first time long ago, that she called her best friend and told her that she'd met the one. The man she would love for the rest of the life. Holden tells Molly that it's not right. That he's no good for her right now. Holden tells her that he can't give her what she needs right now. She tells him that whatever he can give her will be enough. It's not right he keeps telling her. She tells him that she's happy and glad to be helping him, what's wrong with that. She tells him that she just wants to be with him and she'll be with him as long as he'll let her. No string and no promises. Holden holds her. Holden's mind wanders again. Molly tells him that he needs to quit thinking. Quit thinking about the past and the future. Holden tells her that he doesn't want to take advantage of her. Molly tells him to let her help him. Molly tells him to just think about them, alone, in this room, nothing else. "Just quit thinking," Holden repeats. (Like he hasn't done that a long time ago...JMHO. LOL) Molly tells him to just think about this and she kisses him. Holden tells her that he doesn't want to hurt her. Molly tells him that her parents hurt her, that giving up their daughter hurt her, helping him is definitely not going to hurt her. The phone rings. Holden asks if anyone knows where they are, because he hasn't called anyone from there. Molly tells him that she hasn't called anyone either. Holden picks it up. It's Jack. Jack tells him that he's glad he finally got ahold of him. Holden wants to know how he found him. Jack tells him that he's been following him for days, and he wishes he'd caught up with him sooner. Holden wants to know why. Jack tells him that Lily never married Damian, that it never happened. Holden looks sick.

LILY in front of what appears to be a monastery, goes and knocks on the door. A man answers and asks, "Can I help you?" "Yes," Lily replies, "I need to see Damian Grimaldi."

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