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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of August 25, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, August 25, 1997

by Jeannae Dickerson

LEW is still in CAMILLE's apartment trying to convince her to go on a trip with him--perhaps San Francisco. He tells her she doesn't have to choose between him and Ben at this time. On and on and on. They hear the buzzer; Camille answers over the intercom and Ben says he has a surprise for her. She asks Lew to leave down the stairs at the end of the hall before Ben gets there. As he leaves, he says that he is moving to Oakdale (without Pamela) and will accept the job at the hospital. When Ben arrives he has a chair to match the one she has at her table. He sees the omelet that Lew had prepared. She invites him to share it and he accepts. He raves over the omelet and asks what her recipe is but she declines to give it out. He tells her a long story about how he got the chair. After breakfast they talk about what they would like to do this weekend. They plan to go out Saturday night.

JOHN and BARBARA are in her hospital room waiting for Dr. Samuels to come back with the results of the tests. Barbara is still worried about the drug given her by Stenbeck. Dr. Samuels tells her the baby is fine and she has ruled out the separated placenta being the cause of the bleeding. She assigns her to complete bed rest. Barbara is worried about how she can take care of her children. John says he will help her. He makes arrangements with Kim and Lisa to help out and he will stay with them at night.

In the motel room HOLDEN tells MOLLY that he has to find Lily (sound familiar?). JACK arrives at the motel and tells Holden that she is long gone. He won't tell Holden why she left. They yell at each other. Jack explains that Lily and Damian were saying goodbye at the church. Damian left with the priest to go to a monastery where he is studying to become a priest. Holden thinks that is not true. He asks why Jack and Lily spent all this time looking for him and then she just disappeared. Jack tells Holden that Lily will be back and Holden needs to be in Oakdale when she returns. Jack leaves. Holden tells Molly that everything that happened is his fault. Molly tries to take some of the blame. Holden says that last night never should have happened. Molly says that it was all part of "the experience" of finding Abigail. Holden calls Lucinda and Cal and leaves messages for them to call him at the motel. Cal returns his call. He talks to Emma in Seattle in case Lily contacts her. He goes to check out and tells Molly to meet him at the car, leaving her to cry and hug the pillow and the stuffed elephant.

DAMIAN comes into the garden (at the monastery) where LILY is waiting for him. She tells him that it is over between Holden and her. She wants him to help her put her life back together. She won't tell Damian what Holden has done but she will not go back to him. Damian says that he can tell she still loves Holden. He talks to her about God and love and tells her to go to Holden--wherever he is. She says she will send him pictures of Luke. They say goodbye and she leaves. After she leaves Damian talks to God and asks if this was a test for him and he hopes he has done God's will in sending her away and back to Holden.

Tuesday, August 26, 1997, 1997

by Jeannae Dickerson

LILY arrives at CAL's and breaks out in tears when she sees him. She tells him that she went to see Damian. She says that she and Jack caught up with Holden but didn't talk to him (How strange is that, he thinks). All she will tell him is that something happened. She doesn't want Cal to tell Holden that he has seen her. Cal tells her that sometimes people who love each other hurt one another when they don't mean to. He shows her a letter from Connor who says she is getting married today and won't be back anytime soon (good!). He tries to relate his inability to forgive Connor to Lily's situation.

MOLLY, HOLDEN and JACK arrive at Lily's house and find that she is not there. Holden leaves and Molly and Jack talk. Jack tells her about what Lily saw at the motel. She tells Jack that Holden made love to her because he loves her. She figures out that Lily went to see Damian. She tells him that Lily brought this on herself by keeping Holden dangling. Jack tells her that Holden would never love her as much as he loves Lily. "You know that in your heart." He leaves.

LUCINDA is telling HOLDEN that she hasn't seen Lily. Holden tells her that she was with Jack but took off. He says that he should have handled things differently concerning Lily. Lucinda says that she can't imagine anyone now who would make a better husband for Lily and father for Luke.

Jack arrives at Cal's and talks to Lily. She tells him that Damian asked her to come back and work things out with Holden. Jack urges her to go to Holden and forgive him.

Holden goes back to Lily's and he and Molly go over their night together--yet again. He is sorry and she isn't. "I could make you so happy if you'd just let me." He tells her again that he loves Lily. Molly tells him that Lily ran off to be with Damian. She says Lily treated him like garbage. "She is a spoiled princess." He tells her again that he loves Lily. She says, "No, you love me. I know you do" and kisses him--just as Lily walks in. Lily says, "I want you to get out of my house--both of you!" Holden--"You don't understand. We should talk." Lily--"Molly, my great friend--I trusted you--I want you to get out of my house and I never want to see you again." Molly leaves (because Holden gently pushes her out). On the front porch, she says, "You do love me. I felt it last night and I'm never going to give you up."

EMILY is at home working out, then says (on the phone) to run a big story about David's resignation. He arrives just then and says he has another week at the DA's office. She asks what is next for David Allen. He is going to see his adoptive parents. He says there was confrontation in his home every single day. They gave him nothing--no love or encouragement. She wants to go with him but he says he needs to do this alone. SUSAN comes in just as he is leaving. She tells Emily there is something about him that she doesn't like. She just doesn't trust him. Emily tells Susan that she and David are taking things slow--that they have a great friendship. She asks Susan to keep an open mind and try to get to know him.

DAVID is outdoors in front of a stone wall rehearsing his speech to his parents. "You stole me from my real parents at birth. Do you have any idea how much you hurt me every day of my life?...I was never good enough for you no matter what I did...Getting through law school and passing the bar meant nothing to you...Never did you wish me well or love me...James Stenbeck loves me like a father should...Lucinda Walsh is my mother. As her son I will have more power than you could ever imagine and I am going to use it to do great things. I am going to prove myself to everyone--even you." But wait!! As the camera shifts, we see that he is in a cemetery and we see two gravestones--one marked WARREN ALLEN and the other, MARIAN ALLEN!!! It wasn't a rehearsal after all.

Wednesday, August 27, 1997

by Jeannae Dickerson

At the Free Clinic CAMILLE receives flowers from Lew. She tells the delivery girl to take them back. BEN walks up and asks who sent the flowers. She tells him they are from a patient and tells the girl to just leave them. She throws Lew's card in the trash.

LILY tells HOLDEN to leave her house. He tells her that the kiss wasn't what she thinks. Then he tells her that he thought she married Damian. Lily--"When did you find out you were wrong--before or after you slept with Molly?" She tells him that she followed him to Chicago, etc. and how she found them at the motel. "You ruined everything that we had." Holden says that he is sorry. He thought that he had lost her. Lily asks how he could turn to somebody else so quickly. Holden--"I could say the same thing to you about Damian." Lily says that she needed somebody to talk to. Holden tells her how he felt all the time Damian was back in Oakdale. He says, "You fell for Damian all over again." Lily tells him that she has feelings for Damian. Holden reminds her about how she left him for Damian before. Lily--"Molly got exactly what she wanted." He tells her that Molly had never come onto him before. Lily tells him that he slept with Molly because he cares about her. "She has always wanted you and she saw her opportunity last night and she went for it." She tells him to leave and he does.

MOLLY is outside at the farm crying and saying, "Don't let me lose him." Jack shows up. He tells her Holden is going to be back with Lily. She tells him he doesn't understand how it is to love someone for such a long time. He says maybe he does. She tells him that she and Holden have a child together and he doesn't have that with Lily. Jack tells her she is wasting her time waiting for something that is never going to happen. Molly says that someday their daughter might come looking for them and they owe it to her to be together.

DAVID comes into the clinic and talks to Ben about the hospital and his lawsuit. EMILY comes in to interview Ben about the lawsuit. David asks her to kill the story because the hospital doesn't need that kind of publicity. She says the City Times will handle it very sensitively. Ben tells her it isn't about him--it is about racism. She tells him he needs to get his story out there and make people understand. He looks at Camille for her opinion and she agrees with Emily. Ben leaves with Emily to go to the scene of the crime. As Camille is smelling the white roses, Lew appears and says, "You do remember." She tells him he shouldn't have sent them because she had to lie to Ben. He reminds her of the last time he gave her white roses in Palm Beach. Camille remembers how he had to leave because his wife called and said their son was sick. It was to have been Camille's birthday celebration. Lew now presents her with a diamond bracelet and she gives it back. More of the same conversation. Ben comes back and Lew leaves. Later after Ben goes back to work, Lew returns with a friendship bracelet like the one he gave Camille when he was an intern. She lets him put it on her.

In her hospital room BARBARA tells JOHN that she wants to go home. He tells her that he is coordinating the care of the kids. He tells her that the kids would be OK if she never came home. That sets her off on a crying jag. DAVID interrupts and asks to talk to John. He says he wants Ben's lawsuit stopped. It is in the hospital's best interest for him to drop the suit. John doesn't agree. David tells John to tell Dr. Harris to drop the lawsuit or he will find another hospital administrator. Later Barbara says she can't eat the hospital food, so John leaves and brings her a huge tray of food from the Mona Lisa (complete with candle and flower) and her children.

Emily and David meet for coffee. She tells him about the interview with Ben. She tells him the article won't make the hospital look bad. He wants to look at the article. Emily says she knows he wants to censor the article. He apologizes and says that now that he has control of WorldWide, etc., he feels the desire to control everything.

Thursday, August 28, 1997

by Sage Scrogham

Emily finds David at Fairwinds watching the tape James left him after his arrest. David makes comment that he's thinking of living there. Emily tells him that she doesn't think that living at Fairwinds is a good idea. David asks her if James attached her to while he had her. She tells him "No", then goes on to explain how that when she was 17 she met James in Europe and became his mistress. David tells her that that was a long time ago and doesn't matter now. Emily is relieved. Emily tells him about her bad luck in choosing men. David reaches out to comfort her and she recoils. She tells him not to back away, that even though she's not acting like it, she wants him to hold her. Emily tells David she trusts him. David holds her and you can see a bit of relief in Emily's eyes.

Margo goes to a hotel to deliver some police papers to a "Mr. Gibson." She knocks and the door comes open. She calls out to him, but no answer. Room service brings up a tray while she's there. It's champagne and peanut butter fudge brownies...just like in her dream. Margo puts two and two together and hollers once again for "Mr. Gibson" and she finds Tom, in a towel, waiting in the bathroom. He comes out and she enjoys the surprise. She is so shocked that he remembered the details of her dream. He tells her that his mother is keeping the boys and they have the night together. After the throws of passion, snuggled up in bed, Margo realizes that Tom doesn't know about David's resignation of the D.A.'s office. She shows him the paper. He lets her know that he likes being his own boss and doesn't want to go back to the D.A. job. Tom then ask Margo what the peanut butter fudge brownies were used for in her Mel Gibson dream. Margo whispers something delightfully evil in his ear and Tom says with a grin, "Oh.. Mel Gibson would never do that. You're lucky it's me here instead." Margo giggles as she pulls him back down into the sheets.

Molly comes back to Lily's. Lily tells her to get her things and get out. Lucinda glares from the sidelines. Molly acts surprised. Lily tells her that she wants her gone before tonight. Molly goes to pack. Lucinda tries to convince Lily that all that has happened is Molly's fault, that she warned her about her. Lucinda tells Lily that she needs to forgive Holden and get on with it. Out side in the breezeway, Molly comes down with her things. She hears Lucinda and Lily talking. She puts her things down and goes to eavesdrop at the door. The room is quiet, then all of a sudden the door burst open. Lily asks Molly if she's heard anything interesting. Molly tries to convince Lily that she was just coming to say goodbye and didn't want to disturb the conversation. Lily calls her on it and tells her that people who are wanting to tell people goodbye don't lurk behind doors. Lily tells her to get out and never cross her path again. Then Lily stomps out of the room. Molly starts to leave but, Lucinda hinders her departure. "Not so fast," Lucinda says. Lucinda proceeds to tell her that if she doesn't "get out of Dodge", she'll regret ever coming back to Oakdale. Molly asks if that's a threat. Lucinda tells her that it's fact and she'll find out if she stays around. Molly leaves. Lily comes back out and talks with Lucinda some more. Lucinda asks her if she'd like to go away on a vacation. Just the two of them and Luke. Lily tells her that she has to stay and ride this thing out. Lucinda asks if she can stay the night to watch over her. Lily walks Lucinda to the door and tells her that she'll be fine.

Holden talks to Jack about all the stuff that keeps happening to Lily and his relationship. He goes on and on about all the negative forces working against them. Jack tells Holden that he needs to take some responsibility for his own actions. Holden starts to realize that Jack is right. Molly walks up to the guys talking in the barn lot. She smiles at Holden and tells Jack and Holden that she's now officially homeless. Holden tells Jack that he needs to talk to Molly, alone. Jack leaves. Holden tells her that he's sorry that he used her. That it's his fault that she's homeless. He offer's her money for a hotel. Molly refuses, saying she has things taken care of. Molly starts telling him how she'd NEVER do that to him. Holden stops her and tells her that he loves Lily and has to get her back. That all the bad things that happened are his fault. Molly stops him and tries to tell him how all of this isn't his fault, that it's Lily's. Holden tells her that he has to get over and straighten things out with Lily.

Jack goes to talk to Lily at her house and passes Lucinda on her way out the door. Lucinda puts her hand on Jacks chest to try to keep him out. Lily tells her that it's all right and tells her good night. Jack walks in. They talk about Holden. Jack tells her how bad Holden is hurting over all of this. Lily tells him that she's hurting to, but it's got to end. Maybe they just weren't meant to be together.

Friday, August 29, 1997

by Sage

Molly comes up to Samantha at the bar of the Falcon Club. Sam asks what she's doing there so early. Molly tells her that she used one of the empty cabins at the Falcon Club last night. "You know...the one you gave me a key for and told me I could use if ever I needed to." Then Molly tells Sam that she'll need to move into it for a while if that's O.K. Sam tells her that it's definitely NOT O.K. after what she's done to Holden and Lily. Molly is shocked. Sam then tells her that as a matter of fact... she's fired. Molly doesn't think that's fair. Sam reminds Molly of what a good friend Lily was to her and she showed her appreciation by betraying her. Molly tells Sam that Lily isn't good enough for Holden, that she didn't appreciate him. Sam tells her to get out. Molly asks for her last paycheck. "When you get a permanent address, call me and I'll mail it to you," Sam smirks.

Camille come into the Clinic and gives Ben a big hug. She tells him that she just got the best news, as she waves a letter back and forth, and it's all because of him. It's a letter of acceptance from Oakdale U. The grants almost come out to being the equivalent of a full scholarship. She tells him that she'll have to cut back her hours at the clinic. He tells her that that's fine, that they'll work around her schedule. Ben tells her that he wants her to announce the good news at the Hughes BBQ. She tells him that she doesn't want to do that, just in case she flunks out the first semester. He tells her to have faith in herself. Lew strolls by and asks what all the smiles are about. They tell him Camille's good news. He's glad for her. Ben asks if he has any good news for him yet. Lew tells Ben that he's not sure Oakdale is for him, that he still has some things he needs to work out, he finishes while looking at Camille. Ben gets paged and has to leave. Lew talks to Camille and tells her that he's very glad for her that he was always afraid to let her have a life of her own. He's just glad she's taking control and doing it now. He tells her that he's decided not to stay in Oakdale, that he's letting her go. It's hard, but he has to let her move on. Lew tells her goodbye. Camille watches him leave. Later....while Lew is packing to leave Oakdale, Camille show up on his doorstep.

Jessica and Tom are at the Falcon Club and are discussing David's resignation. Tom comments that he'll probably just be more obnoxious now, if that's possible. Speak of the devil, David walks in. He strolls over to their table and tells Tom that since he's resigning, he'll recommend him for the position of D.A. Tom tells him "No Thanks" that he, David, didn't do such a wonderful job at it, so any recommendation from him wouldn't pull much weight. David mentions Ben's case, that it won't be good for their firms Public Opinion. Tom tells David that, unlike him, he doesn't care about what the public thinks. Then Tom finishes with, "At least I don't have James Stenbeck for a father." David quips back, "Has Margo had anymore of those embarrassing episodes lately?" David leaves and goes over to talk to Samantha.

Lily gazing at the picture of her and Holden, glances down at her engagement ring. An image of Holden and Molly rustling the sheets flashes through her mind painfully. Lily puts the photo face down on the desk, then goes and lays down on the couch. There's a knock at the door. It's Holden, red eyed from lack of sleep and weepy looking. Lily is pretty much in the same shape herself. Lily tells him that there is nothing left to say that they haven't already said last night. He tells her that they have to talk, they just have to get past this. They basically go over the same things they said the night before, only in calmer voiced. Lily doesn't understand why Holden lost faith in her. Holden explains to her that this wouldn't have been the first time that she'd said one thing and then gone and done another. Holden tells her that he made a mistake and he'll never let it happen again. Lily wants to know just how many times they've told each other that they'd "never hurt each other again." Lily tells him that they just weren't strong enough, that they were never meant to be together. They don't trust each other, and they can't have a relationship with out trust. She him, "Let's just cut our loses. I can't keep doing this to Luke. It has to be over. Yes, that's it, it's over. Everything, for good," as she looks at her engagement ring. She hands him his ring and walks him to the door. Holden tells her "No, it'll never be over." Lily shuts the door on a weeping Holden. Lily crumbles against the door, sobbing.

Lucinda goes out to the farm to talk to Jack. Jack is surprised when Lucinda tells him that she still wants Lily and Holden to work things out. Jack tells her that that's what he wants for them too, but Lily seems to have given up on them. That she sounds defeated and he doesn't like the sound of it. Lucinda tells Jack that in the past she was unfair to Holden, but she wants them to be happy now. Jack lets Lucinda know that UNFAIR is the understatement of the decade. Lucinda starts slamming Molly's character and Jack defends her. Jack tells Lucinda that Molly is honestly in love with Holden. Lucinda tells him that Molly came to town with designs to get Holden. Jack lets Lucinda know that Holden played a big part in all of this too. Molly didn't hold a gun to Holden's head to get him into bed. Jack lets Lucinda know that Molly won't give up, she'll fight for Holden. Lucinda leaves to take care of business.

David and Sam are chatting at the Falcon Club, Lucinda walks up. David calls her "Mother" and tells her that he's ready for the world to know about them. And he's ready to start with Tom and Jessica. Lucinda tells him that they can't tell anyone 'til she tells Lily and it's a bad time for Lily right now. She tells Sam that when she drove by Lily's Holden's truck was there. David acts sad, but understanding about her wanting to wait a bit longer. Lucinda decides that Lily can handle it, that she'll have a luncheon at her house, today. She'll invite Lily and Holden, too. David tells her that he hopes Lily can accept him. Lucinda tells him that Lily always wanted a big brother. David smiles. Sam takes Lucinda off to the side and asks if that is such a good idea. Lucinda tells her it will be fine. Lucinda tells Sam that she has something she wants her to do for her. Sam cuts her off and tells her that it's already been taken care of. Lucinda looks puzzled. "I fired her this morning." Sam says. Lucinda smiles and tells her thank you.

Molly goes out to the farm barn lot and asks Jack if she can crash out in the hayloft for a few nights. Jack tells her no and offers to give her money for a hotel. She gets mad and tells him "No thanks." Jack tells her that Holden still loves Lily, just leave them alone and they'll work this out. Jack leaves her standing there. Molly goes over to the work bench and picks up the portable phone. She dials. "I'm glad you're there," Molly says to an unknown person, "I really need your help."

Holden gets back to the farm house. The events of the day run through his mind. Lily telling him about her feeling for Damian, and his reaction to her running off to talk to him, because she could trust him, even though she loved Holden more. Holden picks up the phone as he pulls out a scrap of paper from his wallet. He dials. "Is this a Monastery?" He asks. It is. "Is Damian Grimaldi still there?" He continues. The answer is yes. Holden hangs up with a determined look on his face.

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