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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 1, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, September 1, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

Due to CBS's coverage of the U.S. Open tennis tournament, As The World Turns did not air today.

Tuesday, September 2, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

TOM and MARGO have thrown a Labor Day barbecue and lots of people are there. BEN is waiting for Camille who is at Lew's hotel room returning the friendship bracelet he gave her. He is packing because she wanted him to leave. He says that he doesn't want to hurt her any more than he already has. He shows her an envelope containing pictures of them. He tries to give them to her because he says he couldn't bring himself to destroy them. Lew says that he left Pamela and sold his practice but he won't stay in Oakdale if Camille doesn't want him to. After he leaves, he has a smirk on his face (at least that's the way I saw it). Back at the barbecue some police officers are talking (one of whom is Teague's partner who is standing up for Teague). He is making disparaging remarks about Ben to the other two. He backs into Ben (on purpose) causing food to spill on Ben and makes a caustic remark. Words exchange between the two of them until Bob and Tom intervene. Hal approaches the cop and tells him to leave Ben alone and stay away from the beer. Ben then makes an announcement to everyone about racism and the reasons for his lawsuit. Lew arrives and tells Camille that he was invited and that this is not the place to tell Ben and Bob that he is not taking the job.

HOLDEN is at the monastery. He tells Damian that Damian has not changed--that he is still in there trying to mess with Lily's life. Damian denies it. Holden wants to know what questions Lily asked him and what lies he told her. Damian tells Holden that Lily came to him because she needed a friend. Holden says that he wants to know how Damian feels about Lily and wants a promise that he will leave them alone. As Holden is laying all the blame on Damian, Damian questions him about why Holden and Lily are farther apart since Damian is out of the picture. Damian then figures out the reason for their separation (and who he did it with) and yells at Holden about it. Holden says everything was going great until Damian came back. Damian says, "You had the best woman in the world and you blew it!" He says that he hopes Holden and Lily can work things out. He admits that he caused problems for them and he apologizes. They shake hands while Damian tells him that he will not interfere with their lives. But he tells Holden that Lily will always be in his heart and if she ever needs him for anything, he will be there.

At the barbecue NIKKI tells Hal that she has changed her plans for the future; she doesn't want to go to college. She wants to stay on at the station and later apply for entrance to the academy. Hal puts his foot down and says she must go to college.

LUCINDA and LILY are getting ready to go on a picnic. Lily tells her mother that she can no longer trust Holden. Lucinda gives Lily the news--that she has a son and that it is David Allen. She tells her the whole story. Lily is blown away. As Lucinda is talking about family, David comes in and tells Lily how happy he is that they are related. He has been invited to go on the picnic. Lily tells David that he is up to something that is just not right and she is going to find out what it is. She says it is going to take a lot more than DNA to make him a Walsh.

Wednesday, September 3, 1997
by Jeannae Dickerson

CAMILLE and BEN have arrived at the church for breakfast. The minister and his wife greet them and talk about the lawsuit. LEW comes in. Ben introduces him to the minister saying that he is going to be on staff at the hospital. Lew follows Camille into the hallway and says that he is staying there for the sake of the people of Oakdale. He says that since she is ready to move on with her life, it shouldn't make a difference whether he goes or stays. She tells him that their life together made her feel dirty and cheap and scared. She says she is not completely recovered from her relationship with him. Ben joins them and wants to know what is going on. Lew tells him that they were just talking about his reason for being there at the breakfast. Lew warns Ben about the consequences that may result from the lawsuit. He later tells Camille that he is mainly concerned about the effect that the lawsuit might have on her.

HAL is showing BARBARA some pictures that the children have made for her. He sees the drawings that John has brought from them. Barbara thanks him for his help in taking care of the kids. He hugs her just as JOHN opens the door. He tells them that Barbara gets to go home as long as she stays in bed. Hal offers to drive her and go to the grocery store but John tells him that won't be necessary--it is his job now. When John leaves the room, Hal asks her if she is all right with this arrangement with John. He asks her if they are getting married or going to live together (both answers are no) and wonders how John can help her by long distance. Later John tells her that she is his top priority now. He picks her up to carry her out rather than putting her in a wheelchair.

LUCINDA is talking to LILY about taking a trip rather than wallowing in self-pity. Lily asks her to give her a few days before making any plans.

DAVID is in a somewhat darkened room at Fairwinds as EMILY comes in. He tells her that the Feds have notified him that James' property is under investigation--they could confiscate it if it was obtained with dirty money. That is why he must get close to the Walsh side of the family. He tells her how hostile Lily was when she found out that they were related. Emily suggests that he invite her over and give her a present "dripping with sentiment." He calls Lily and invites her over for a cup of coffee. She tries to refuse but Lucinda says, "What have you got to lose that you haven't already lost?" She accepts. Emily and David start to kiss but she ducks out and says she has to leave. Lily arrives and asks why he has invited her here. He wants to convince her that he doesn't want anything from them but to be part of the family. She says the reason she is there is because her mother asked her to come. He picks up the bird figurine that Damian gave her in Malta. He says he found it in the attic and thought she should have it. She says, "What's in it for you, David?" She reminds him that he tried to put her in jail for life, he took her mother's company away, and he tried to put her mother in jail for life. He says that he didn't ask to be district attorney. Later Lucinda tells Lily that David is just filled with sentiment. As Lily says, "David is up to something and I'm going to find out what it is," we see that David is listening in (he must have planted a bug in the figurine). He says, "No way, sis. You'll never figure it out."

NIKKI comes into Hal's office with an application for the police academy. He tells her she is going to college, not to the police academy. He says he has dreams for her. He wants what is best for her. She is smart and beautiful. If she gets a good education, she can do anything that she wants. She says she doesn't like studying. He says he will not sign the form. She threatens to go someplace else and become a cop. He tells her how dangerous the profession is. She says she understands that--she worries every time he goes on duty.

Thursday, September 4, 1997
by Sage Scrogham

Lucinda is at Lily's house. She tells her that she needs go to Holden and work things out. Lily tells her that there is nothing to work out, that it is over. Lucinda tells her that that is just fine, she must not have really loved Holden in the first place if she can let him go that easy. Lily gets a bit defensive and tells Lucinda that she does love Holden. Lucinda just smiles. Lily realizing the trap she just walked into, tells her mother that it's over. She and Holden are finished.

Molly is at the farm talking to Holden. She tells him that what happened between them wasn't all his or their fault. That Lily played a big part in it. She tells him that Sam even fired her from the Falcon Club because of it. Holden tells her that he's sorry. She mentions to him that maybe it would be a good time for him to go away for a while. Holden tells her that he was thinking of doing just that, but he has responsibilities to his Horse Training jobs that are to start up in October, but he'd like to leave for awhile to gain perspective on this situation. Molly leaves to go get her last paycheck, that she is in desperate need of.

Hal takes Nikki out to breakfast, at Oakdale U. Nikki tells him that his little plan isn't going to work. Hal pretends not to know what she's talking about, with a grin. He tells her to just look around, maybe she'll get interested. Nikki finally agrees to go to college, as long as she can still work part time down at the Police Station. Hal agrees, as long as her studies come first, and don't suffer because of the job. She agrees. Anyway, she noticed that they have some Criminal Justice Classes available.

Ben and Camille are talking at the Clinic. Camille it apprehensive about registering for college classes today. Ben reassures her that she'll fit in just fine. He hands her a present, it's a bunch of new freshly sharpened pencils, wrapped in a red ribbon. He told her that it was a tradition, sort of. His mother did that for him every school year from the first grade on. Camille is touched and goes to registrar. While at the college, Lew hunts Camille up. He tells her he thought that she'd probably could use a familiar face about now. Camille tells him that she thought he was going to give her some space. Lew tells her is down there for professional reasons also. He's been asked to give some "Guest Lectures" in a some of the medical classes. Camille is happy for him. He tells her that he has a gift for her. He hands her a lap top computer. He tells her that he knows she can use it, and since he has two of them, and this was just his backup...he wants her to have it. Camille fusses a bit and then gives in, telling him that if and when he needs it back, to just say so. Lew reaches out and holds her hand, just as Nikki and Hal walk past. Camille grabs her hand back, but not before Nikki notices. Hal doesn't pick up on it, and starts to chit chat with Camille and Lew. Camille tells them how she just ran into Lew here, that she's going to school and Lew may start giving some medical lectures. They finish chatting. Hal and a suspicious Nikki leave. Camille tells Lew that that just felt like all the old times, covering their tracks so Pam wouldn't know that they were together, but this time it's Ben instead. Lew tells her that this time it's not like that. Camille doesn't quite agree. Back at the Clinic later that day, Ben asks Camille how things when and is looking through her books and things. She's as bubbly as a child on Christmas Day. He tells her that she is absolutely glowing. She tells him thanks for not letting her quit before she even got started, that things look like they'll be great at the college. Ben notices the lap top computer, and asked her where she got it. She tells him that a friend is letting her borrow it. "Must be some friend", Ben comments. Camille asks why. He tells her that it's only been on the market for about a week, it's state of the art. That he was just looking at one the other day and he wanted to wait until the price came down some. Camille gets an upset look on her face.

Lucinda goes to see Holden at the farm. She asks him why he isn't busy trying to win Lily back. Why he isn't out begging for her forgiveness as they speak. Holden tells he that all of this isn't just his fault, that Lily did play a part in it. Lucinda tries to throw the whole mess off on Molly and Holden won't hear of it. He tells her that they thought they saw Lily marry Damian. That neither one of them knew different. "It might be better if I just left town." Holden says.

Molly strolls into the Falcon Club, before hours, and uses the bar phone. She tells her mystery person to make the phone call, that she doesn't have the $1,000 dollar for them just yet, but she will, so make the call! Samantha walks in as she's hanging up. She asks Molly why she's there. She tells her that she's come for her check. Sam tells her that she told her she'd mail it to her. Molly tells her that she'll save her 32 cents and take it now. Sam decides to give it to her. Molly check it out and complains that it's short. Sam informs her that the deduction is for the uniforms. Molly tells her that she has no use for those uniforms. Sam tells her that that is her problem. Molly then proceeds to tell Sam that she doesn't think that it's fair that she fired her. Besides, the "little indiscretion" with Holden was just as much Lily's doing as it was her and Holden's. "How did I have anything to do with you seducing Holden in a sleazy little motel?" Lily asks just entering the room. Molly is caught off guard by Lily. Molly gathers her thoughts and lets Lily have it, telling her that it's her fault. That she left two men hanging while she made up her mind, and that wasn't fair to Holden. Lily says she did no such thing. Molly tells her that it wouldn't have happened if she'd just told Damian that she was in love and going to marry Holden in the first place. Lily tells Molly that what she and Holden saw was a misunderstanding (Lily marring Damian), but what she saw at the motel definitely wasn't a misunderstanding. Molly tells Lily that she wished she'd told Holden way before she did about her feeling for him, but she didn't for Lily's sake. Lily tells Molly, "I bet it makes you sick that he still LOVES ME." Molly tells her that she's gonna fight for what she wants from now on, and she wants Holden. Molly storms off. Lily has a determined look on her face. Sam asks her why doesn't she just go and try to work things out with Holden. Lily tells her that she can't. It's over. There is no trust there, that she should know what she's talking about. She tells her that it's just like her and Kirk. Sam turns her head, because Lily doesn't know about her and Kirk's newly rekindled romance. She tells Lily that her and Kirk's love is nothing like what she and Holden feel for each other. Lily leaves. Sam notices that she forgot her sunglasses. Kirk comes in and sits down next to Sam at the bar. Sam tells him about the spat between Lily and Molly. She tells him that Lily really is partly to blame, for riding the fence as long as she did, but Lily's just so damn nice. Kirk tells her that she should learn from Lily's mistake and seize the great love she has before her and not let it slip away. Kirk works Sam like putty in his hands. She submits to a long passionate kiss. Later...Lily comes back after her sunglasses. Sam tells her that she really should try to work things out with Holden. Lily tells her that it's over, she just wishes he'd move far away. "Be careful what you wish for." Lucinda quips, "You just might get it." Lily wants to know what Lucinda means. Her mother tells her that she was just over talking to Holden and he was talking about doing just that, leaving town. Lily looks distraught and leaves. Lucinda finishes telling Sam about her talk with Holden. That Holden has pretty much given up on them getting back together. Sam said she just had the same conversation with Lily.

Back at the farm....Molly comes in and tells Holden that she got her last paycheck. She has $10 for Jack, that she owes him. Holden tells her that Jack probably wouldn't mind her paying him back later when she gets back on her feet. Molly tells him, no, that she doesn't like to be indebted to people. Holden asked if Sam gave her a hard time when she went to get her check. Molly tells him, that Sam didn't but someone else did. Holden wants to know who. Molly tells him that it was Lily. Holden wanted to know everything that was said. Molly tells him bits and pieces. The phone rings and Holden answers. It's someone from Montana needing him to come there for something to do with horses. Molly grins as her plan starts falling into place.

Friday, September 5, 1997
by Sage

Due to CBS's coverage of the U.S. Open tennis tournament, As The World Turns did not air today.

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