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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 8, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, September 8, 1997

by Jeannae Dickerson

NIKKI and JACK are talking at the station. She tells him she will be working part-time while going to college. She wants to get an assignment working only with Jack when he returns from his vacation.

LILY goes to pick up Luke from CAL who gives her some advice. He says there is a way she can stop the trouble with Holden. He knows that Holden slept with Molly (thanks to Lucinda). He says it's not too late unless she wants it to be. He tells her to forget her pride. She admits that she and Holden still love one another but things keep getting in the way. They can't seem to deal with their problems and work them out together. "We don't trust each other." Cal tells her they can learn to communicate.

HOLDEN gets a job offer (by phone) from Montana. He says he will leave tonight. He tells Molly that he will be breaking wild horses for a woman. He leaves for Cal's to see if one of his hands will take care of the horses while he is gone. When he leaves Molly makes a call and tells someone "It worked. I will get the money to you somehow." She then goes to the police station and asks Jack to loan her $1000. She says she will have to ask Holden for it if Jack doesn't come through. He writes out a check for her. She gives him a hug and a kiss and leaves. Jack says to himself, "Can you say 'patsy,' Jack?" Nikki asks him if that was his girl friend, then begins telling him what kind of girl she thinks he would like. It suddenly dawns on him that she has a major crush on him. When Hal calls her away, Jack tells Margo that he is in big trouble. When Margo asks him about the look on his face, he says, "That would be the light bulb going on over my head." Margo tells him that he must tell Nikki that she is too young for him. He talks to Nikki. She goes into another room where she is crying when Hal finds her. She tells him that maybe college is what she really needs rather than being in the real world right now.

Lily is off looking for Luke when Holden gets to Cal's and tells him that he is leaving for Montana. Cal asks him if this is a good time to go away. Lily returns. Cal goes to get Luke and gives Lily and Holden a chance to talk. They seem to be getting someplace in their conversation when low and behold, who should burst in but Molly announcing that she got some travel guides of Montana for him. Lily asks if they are going to Montana together. She walks out and Molly apologizes--AGAIN. Then she suggests that she accompany him to Montana because---he shouldn't be alone just now. Holden turns down her offer. She tells him about how everybody in town hates her. He says it is not the right thing to do.

Holden goes to the station to tell Jack about his trip. Jack wants to go with him and Holden agrees; they leave the station. Next scene, Jack and Holden are loading things in the back of the pickup (with a tarp over it). As they go to get bacon and eggs and propane, Molly sneaks in and crawls under the tarp.

At the free clinic, Bob is talking to Camille about her first day back in school. Lew comes in to check on a child patient. Camille accuses him of lying to her about the computer he gave her. She tries to give it back but he urges her to take it--no strings attached. She says that she does not want to be dependent on him any more. Bob comes up and tells them that he thinks the hospital staff should organize and give Ben some support in his lawsuit. Lew doesn't think it's a good idea. Camille calls Margo and asks if they can talk. Margo goes to the clinic. She tells Camille that she is paying the price for having an affair with a married man. Camille says that slipping back into her old life with Lew would be really easy. The two women plan an evening together with Ben and Tom (within earshot of Lew).

Tuesday, September 9, 1997, 1997

by Jeannae Dickerson

LUCINDA brings coq au vin (rather than chicken soup) to soothe LILY who says she is going back to work at the station. Kim is going to have her do an investigative report for WOAK on who else but David. He is listening in through the bugged figurine and says, "Great! That's just what I need." Lily asks Lucinda about David's adoptive parents, his personal and corporate life before coming to Oakdale. All Lucinda knows is something about his previous job. David quickly puts his equipment away when EMILY comes in with tomorrow's issue of the City Times. He tells her that he was listening to talk radio when she asks him about the voices she heard. He talks about all the power he has now and how he might lose it all if his property gets confiscated. They talk about how much they have helped each other. They kiss and this time Emily doesn't pull away. She tells him she feels safe with him.

JACK and HOLDEN are having a bumpy ride to Montana. Holden still thinks he and Lily can work things out. All the while MOLLY is riding in the back of the truck, Jack is saying that Holden needs to get as far away from Molly as he can get. Holden and Jack get into a big argument about their feelings for Molly and Lily. Holden slams on the brake and as they are pulling things out of the truck, up pops Molly who says, "Hi, Holden" (never mind that Jack is standing there also). She tells them that they are her only friends. They both tell her she has to go back to Oakdale. Holden says that tomorrow they will find the ranch and then the nearest airport. She tells him that she is broke and he says he will cover the ticket (as Jack gives her a wondering look since he just loaned her $1000). Holden and Jack tell her she has to put her sleeping bag away from theirs but of course she gets frightened by nature's nighttime sounds (didn't she grow up on a farm) and moved over by them.

SAM arrives at Lily's house and Lily tells her about her investigation. Sam asks Lily to give her mother a break and hold off on the investigation. Meanwhile after Emily leaves, David tunes in to Lily's house again and hears Sam and Lily talking. Sam tells her she needs a fling with "a hunk." David makes a phone call to someone named Peter and tells him he has a little job for him. Later Peter arrives and David shows him Lily's picture. "Lily Grimaldi--she's the target." "I think I'm going to like this assignment."

MARGO, TOM, BEN and CAMILLE come into an eating place after having been to a movie. Ben starts to kiss Camille and she gets obviously upset. As the men go to the counter to get cappuccino, Camille tells Margo that she and Lew always did everything in secret. He never showed a sign of recognition in public places. Ben tells Tom that he feels like Camille is always holding something back. Tom tries to tell him that women are like this. Later as Ben is apologizing to Camille, they kiss.

Wednesday, September 10, 1997

by Jeannae Dickerson

DAVID comes into JOHN'S office with a copy of a flyer being handed out by people at the entrance to the hospital. They are getting petitions signed to get Teague removed from the police force. David demands that Ben drop the lawsuit. John says that there is no way he can persuade Ben to do that. David tells him that he is Ben's boss and he can give Ben a direct order just as David is giving one to John. David has called Ben to come to John's office. As Ben arrives, David compliments him on his work at the clinic and then leaves. Ben and John have some small talk and then John asks him to quiet down his lawsuit for the sake of the hospital. Ben says he will not drop the suit but that he is not talking to the press about it. He leaves and Margo drops in. She asks about Barbara and offers her help. He tells her that his job is not what he thought it would be. After Margo leaves, David returns and John tells him Ben is going ahead with the law suit. As David threatens to replace John, John quits his job and tells David that he is going to continue practicing medicine at the hospital.

LEW (now being played by Monti Sharp) is at the Free Clinic saying that he thinks the petitions might be a mistake. A call comes in for Camille from her mother. As Nancy goes to get her, Lew picks up the phone and talks to Sarah Ruth (Camille's mother). He asks her if she is using the exercise bike he gave her. When Camille talks with her, all she wants to talk about is Lew and whether he has divorced his wife. Camille tells her she can't talk about this and hangs up. Later she called her mother back and apologizes. Her mother insists that she (Camille) loves Lew and not Ben.

MARGO and NIKKI are talking at the station. Margo is telling her to play the field. Nikki says, "Like your friend Camille?" She says that she saw Camille at the student union talking with Lew. She thinks Camille is juggling two guys. Margo calls Camille and tells her what Nikki saw. They plan to meet for lunch

It's dream time. MOLLY is dreaming of Holden telling Lily she is a spoiled princess and telling Molly that he loves her. LILY is dreaming that she and Holden are getting married. HOLDEN is dreaming that Lily has forgiven him and understands why he did what he did. JACK is dreaming that Molly wakes him up and tells him she has been living in the past and kisses him.

SAM comes in Lily's house and wakes her. An intern (Terry) at WOAK brings Lily some video tapes of research (film clips, press conferences, etc.) on David Allen.

Jack, Molly and Holden get up and realize that they have slept later than they had planned. When they want to fix breakfast, they find that no one had brought the bacon and eggs. The only food they have is dry oatmeal which Molly proceeds to drop in the sand. They are in South Dakota headed for Muscle Shell. When Holden goes to the stream to wash out some cups, Jack asks Molly about the $1000 he loaned her. She had told him that she was going to use the money to get an apartment. She tells him that she had to pay off some debts and that used up most of the money. As they are getting in the truck, Jack says, "With the money they're paying you, this place (in Montana) should be some joint." Holden says, "I bet it's beautiful." At the same time, we see CARLY (with very short hair) putting up a sign in front of a run-down cabin--Double X Ranch--and saying, "What a dump!"

Terry (the intern) returns to Lily's house and tells her that she has located David's parents. They died in 1983.

Thursday, September 11, 1997

by Sage Scrogham

LISA and BARBARA are on the phone, Lisa's help has quit to work at the coffee shop and she's swamped and has to get off the phone. Barbara feels guilty and gets out of bed, takes off her robe, with the intentions of starting to get dressed. Before she can even get a button undone on her PJ's, JOHN walks in and asks her what in the world does she think she's doing. She tries to fluff it off as just getting up to do something little for herself and John calls her on it. He tells her that it looked like she had intentions of getting dressed to him and for someone who has strict bed rest, well... they don't need to be dressed. He starts screaming at her that this was a danger to her and their baby. He checks her pulse rate and tells her that it's elevated. She tells him that it's elevated because he's yelling at her. He screams that he's scared and doesn't want her to risk her self or the baby, because he loves her. Barbara is taken aback by it all, but very pleased. She tells him that she knew he said that in a moment of great emotion and that he can take it back if he wants to. He tells her that he doesn't want to take it back, because that is the way he feels. He tells her that he hasn't felt this way in a very long time and he likes feeling this way again about someone, her. He apologizes for yelling at her, he was just so damn scared. She tells him that it's O.K. The pay off was worth it and that she loves him. He tells her that he has some bad news. He quit his job with Health Tech. He tells her that David Allen was pressuring him to pressure Ben with the loss of his clinic if he didn't drop the suit against the Oakdale P.D. He says he just couldn't do it. Barbara tells him that she is proud of him because he stood up for his principals. John tells her that just because he quit Health Tech doesn't mean he won't be able to provide for her and the baby. Barbara tells him that she doesn't need his money. She tells him that he's always been a wonderful Dr. and should go back to doing that. It's not as powerful a position, he says, and you know how I enjoy power, but that is probably just what he'd do. He crawls in bed next to Barbara. He tells her that he wasn't able to be with most of his other children while they were little and growing up. He wants to be there for this one. Barbara is happy and they share a sweet kiss.

LILY is at her house collecting up all of Holden's things and putting them into a card board box to return to him. Old pictures, things he'd given her. There's a knock at the door and an internist of hers, TERRI, is there with some info on David Allen. Terri tells her that her sources say that David Allen's parents are dead. DAVID, who is listening in from his new office at World Wide, throws his head phones across the room as LUCINDA enters. David quickly closes his briefcase of surveillance equipment and makes some lame excuse that he was listening to some music on his new headphones and the darn things kept shorting out. Lucinda tells him that she understands and ask if everyone is treating him good here at the company. He tells her that everyone is being great to him here, but he's got problems with someone outside of the company. Lucinda demands to know who. He tells her it's Lily. That he's always wanted a sister and now that he has one, she won't give him a chance. Lucinda tells him that she'll see what she can do about that. He tells her, "Thanks for helping me, Mom, Mother....I just never know what to call you." Lucinda smiles and tells him that he ain't seen nothin' yet. As Lucinda passes through the doorway into the hall, David says, "I certainly hope not." Back at Lily's....Lily wants to make sure that it's the right Allens they are talking about, so she sends Terri out to search for more information. She grabs the mail and goes through it. There is a small manila envelope addressed to Molly. Lily opens it. It's Molly's pictures from the Smithfield fair. Lily stars at the picture on top, it's of Holden with his arm around Molly, (the one that Abigail took). As she stares at the picture the image of Holden and Molly making love pops back into her mind. Lily starts to crunch the picture up, but then decides not to. She just throws it into the box with the rest of Holden's things. She walks over to the front door and plops the box down. She notices Holden's jeans jacket draped over a chair. She picks it up and holds it to her. She remembers back to when he gave it to her. It was while Damian was back and they had to see each other secretly. She was at the farm, and kissing him. She didn't want to go, she just wished she could take him with her. He told her to take his jacket. She smells it. "It smells like you", she says. She comes back to reality. She smells the jacket, and embraces it. She struggles with the thought, then tosses the jacket into the box along with the other things. She stares into the box. She pulls out a picture of Molly and walks over to the mirror. As she gazes into the mirror and check her reflection against that of the picture of Molly, SAMANTHA walks in. Sam tells he not to be doing that. Don't be comparing yourself to Molly. You did nothing wrong and you are much prettier than Molly ever could be. Lily lies and says that she was doing no such a thing, only to crumble into Sam's arms and ask what could have made Holden want Molly that way. Was it because she has thinner thighs? Sam tells her that she's here on a mission, she'd come to kidnap her. Lily tells her to reword that, because after her past, kidnapping is not a good choice of words, and grins. Samantha tells her to grab her purse and come on, she on a mission. Lily reluctantly goes. They head straight for Lisa's clothing shop. LISA runs up and immediately asks Lily if she's there to pick out a new wardrobe to take on her honey moon. Lily tells Sam that this was a very bad idea and wants to go. Sam grabs her and tells her to go to the dressing room and she'll be there in a minute. Sam tells Lisa that the wedding is off and she'll explain that in more detail later on. Lisa understands and they go pick out some outfits for the "Princess." Lily try things on, one by one and with each outfit her spirits rise. On the last one she's at the top of her game and says, "I'll take them all!" Sam and Lisa laugh, the plan to cheer up Lily was a success. They get back to Lily's house, packages in hand, and they are no sooner through the door when LUCINDA walks in from another room and greets them. Lily is in high spirits and Lucinda commends Sam on a wonderful job. Lily thanks Sam for getting her out of her pitty party. Sam smiles and has to go. Lucinda quickly changes her subject to David. She asks Lily to give him a chance. Lily says she will, right after she finishes her investigation of him. There's a knock a the door. It's Terri, back with more information. Lucinda is standing by Lily, when Terri tells her that she has the Death Certificates of David Allen's parents. That they died in 1983. Lucinda tries to make excuses, but Lily cuts her off. "He's been lying to you, mother." Lucinda tells her that there is probably a perfectly good explanation for all of this. David listens in with a concerned look on his face.

Out in Montana HOLDEN recognizes CARLY and tells her that he thought she was in Hong Kong or someplace like that. She tells him that it's a long story and she'll tell him about it some other time. He asks where the horses are. Carly shoots a look MOLLY's way and tells him that she'll show them to them later. That they'd probably like to get cleaned up from their long road trip. The guys to into clean up and Molly and Carly chat. "Where's the $1,000.00 dollars." Carly demands. "Nice to see you too", responds Molly pulling out the cash and putting in into Carly's hand. Molly tells her that she got her post card and wanted to know what happened. Carly tells her that there weren't any "runways" in Hong Kong, only "sweat shops." After her father died she came back to get away from it all. Jack and Holden come back out. Jack ask Carly directions to the nearest airport. Carly laughs and tells him that the nearest airport isn't within 500 miles. Jack and Holden decide that Jack will just have to drive Molly. So they start checking out the condition of the truck to get it road ready once again. Molly and Carly go inside. Molly begs for Carly to come up with some sort of job for her to do so she can stay. She just has to be near Holden, it is crucial. Carly tells her that there really isn't anything for her to do there, but...maybe she could be the cook. Molly laughs and says that Cooking isn't her forte. Carly tells her that their wouldn't be anything fancy to cook, she can't afford fancy right now. Molly tells her if it's gonna be simple things, then she has herself a cook. Jack walks in and says "No way! You're leaving!" Molly insists that Carly needs her to help out. Jack tells her that there is no way for Molly to pull her weight around that place, that she's definitely not a cook. Molly wants to know how he's gonna pull his weight as she walks out. Carly grabs him as he starts to go after Molly. Just how do you plan on pulling your weight around here, she wants to know. She tells him that she's heard he barely knows his way around a tractor. He tells her that he adapts to his situations well. That he's a cop. "Great", she says. "I used to be a FED," he continues with a grin. "Oh, can this get any better", she comments. "Undercover, so I can slide into any role convincingly," he finishes. "Wonderful," she groans. Jack teases her and asks why that bothers her so much, is she with the mob. " hope," she teases. They play this thing, "You hope...You wish, back and forth for a while(It's sort of cute). While outside, Molly is buttering Holden up. She apologizes for coming and interfering when he obviously needed to be alone, she apologizes for what happened between him and Lily. Finally she jokingly apologizes for breathing. (That's the one she should seriously apologize for. hehehe...) She tells Holden that she'll leave. He tells her that he's sorry, he didn't mean for her to feel so unwelcome. She wants to know if he really means that. He says yes. Her hook is baited and nabbed, she reels him in. "Well, I've been asked to stay on as cook, if you don't mind me staying then..." she tells him. Holden tells her that that would be fine with him.

Friday, September 12, 1997

by Sage

JACK comes back from up the lane with the mail. He tells HOLDEN that from the looks of things he'd better ask for his money up front. Jack jumps in the truck and tells Holden that it looks like there is enough gas to get Molly to the airport. Holden tells Jack that Molly isn't going to be leaving, that he told her she can stay. Jack geeks out and tells Holden, "I can't leave you alone for a minute with out you finding new ways to screw up your life!" Holden tells him to knock it off. Jack reminds him that they had an agreement, that Molly was to go back to Oakdale. Holden tells him that, yes, they did have an agreement, but, Molly didn't. And if she wants to stay and work, it's not their place to decide for her. Jack tells him that they have a job to do and need to get it done fast so they can get out of Montana and get back to Oakdale. So off they go to the stables. Inside...MOLLY is telling CARLY that she needs her to distract Jack so she can have some alone time with Holden. Carly tells her, "I didn't sign on to babysit 'The Cop', cuz." Molly begs for Carly to help her out. Carly asks her what kind of plan she has. Molly tells her that she didn't have one beyond getting Holden out to Montana, it was kind of a rush situation. She had to get Holden away from Lily before they could work things out. She'd done that, she'd even gotten him into bed. Now she just needs to find a way for him to see that she's the one who can love him forever. Molly asks Carly for advice. She tells her it's better just not to fall in love. Molly realizes that someone must have really done a number on her. Carly tells her that she's right. Molly ask her if it's someone from Oakdale. Carly says, yes. Molly asks who and because she might know him. Carly tells her, "Kasnoff." "Mark? He's a looker." Molly states. Carly explains that it wasn't Mark, but his brother Mike and, no, Mike wasn't hard on the eyes, but there was a lot more to him than just his good looks. Molly wants to know how far things went. Carly tells her to drop it and gives her some advice. "If you do fall in love with a man...never let him get the upper hand." Carly tells her that as far as the rest of it goes, she's on her own. She got Holden and her out here to Montana, she'll have to do the rest. Carly takes off to her room and slams the door. Molly is left frustrated and alone. Jack and Holden burst in and ask were Carly is and what the big deal is. Jack lays the mail down on the table. Molly tells them that she just went to one of the back bedrooms and goes to yell for her. Carly come out and asks what all the commotion is about. Jack and Holden want to know where the horses are. Carly doesn't know what they mean. They tell her that there are no horses in the barn or the corral. Carly freaks out, going on about how she has to find them, that she can't afford to lose them it's too big an investment. Jack wants to call the police to help find them. Carly tells them "NO" that they can't do that. She then goes into some big story about how the Sheriff hates her family, because of all the domestic disturbances that her Dad and stepmother used to have called on them. That they view her in the same way, because in his mind, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Jack doesn't buy it, but Carly make a comment that why would the big FED need help from the "Local Yocals" to round up some horses. Jack get huffy and asks for a description. Carly tells him, "Well they're big and brown. And if they don't have someone on their back yelling 'Giddy-up', then they are probably mine." Holden grabs Jack before he has a chance to totally go off on Carly. Holden wants to know where's a good place to start looking. Carly tells him down by the grove of trees. They take off to look. Molly tells Carly that she's so sorry. Carly tells her not to be. Molly wants to know what she means. "There never were any horses," she says calmly. Molly goes off. Carly tells her that when her dad died it was either sell the horses or sell the whole ranch, so she sold the horses. "At least it's better than living in the streets," Carly says. "They are going to figure this out," Molly says. "Don't worry cousin. I've had oats, hay and fresh manure hauled in to make it all look real," Carly finishes. The guys come back and Holden tells them that by the looks of things, they couldn't have been gone for more than two hours. Carly shoots a victorious smile Molly's way. Carly starts acting frantic again and sends the guys back out to look for them before it gets too dark. They scoot, and Molly and Carly talk some more. Carly wonders how the mail got there as she starts going trough it. Molly is telling her that after the morning when they still don't find the horses, that Holden will go home and she'll have accomplished nothing. Carly is lost in a letter that she's opened. "How did they find me here," Carly says to herself. Molly asks what's so interesting in that letter. Carly changes the subject and her tune. She tells Molly that she needs to be out there with Holden in the dark looking for those phoney horses. Molly tells her that she wouldn't be alone with him, Jack is there. Carly tells her that she'll help distract Jack for her. Molly asks why the change of heart. She tells her not to worry about it, and they'd better get on out there with the guys. Molly takes off in front of her. Carly takes a hard look at the letter and venomously asks herself, "SHE will not do this to me!"

DAVID is listen in on conversations at LILY's house from his briefcase at work. Lily and TERRI are discussing how the information that Terri has found is on public record, not sensational enough. Lily sneezes. Terri asks what exactly does she want...the history of old girl friends, school and college things, past work history. Lily says yes, everything. She wants David Allen's life to be an open book. Terri says that she'll get right on it. She'll dig up old school and college years books, etc... As Terri is leaving, Sam is entering. They all meet and greet in the breeze way. Terri takes off. Sam asks Lily if she's still pursuing the David investigation. Lily tells her of course she is. Sam tells her that David is Lucinda's son. That DNA testing proves it. He makes Lucinda happy, so shouldn't she just leave him alone for Lucinda's sake. David grins and is loving Auntie Sam more all the time. Lily tells Sam that she is doing this for Lucinda. Lily sneezes and Sam ask if she's getting a cold. Lily says she thinks she's fine. Sam decides that there is no use discussing this anymore so she, dressed in her fine evening gown, came to get Lily to run interference between her and Kirk. Lily half-heartedly agrees to do so and comes down with one of her slinkiest new dress. Sam lets her know that the men won't be able to keep their eyes off of her in that dress. Lily starts to chicken out on that thought. David makes a call to his lackey, PETER and tells him that tonight is the night. He tells him to be at the Falcon Club and be ready to work. Peter tells him that he doesn't have any money. David tells him that he never does. David tells him to stop by the office, he'll still be there for a while, and come pick up the funds. David hangs up and EMILY comes in. David has to build her confidence once again, because of the way he ran her off the night before. She's pulled back into his web. They kiss. Peter bursts in. Emily scoots away from David and acts like nothing was going on. Emily excuses herself and tells David she has things to do back at the paper anyway. David asks if he can call her. She smile and says yes. She leaves and David hands a roll of cash over to Peter. He wants to know if that's it. David tell him there is more where that came from if he call be and effective distraction for Lily. Peter tells him that he has a way with women. David wishes him luck anyway, because he's gonna need it. Peter leave and David makes a phone call to Fashions. He orders a evening gown for Emily and wants it delivered with a note saying "Meet me at the Falcon Club at eight. Love, David." Sam convinces Lily to go and they show up at the Falcon club. Lily is catching quite a few looks. The bartender is an old employee of hers and they chat. Sam tells her that just talking to her old buddy the bartender doesn't count as making new friends. Sam has to go talk to KIRK, he's come up with some excuse to get her cornered over renovations of some room. Lily tries to run interference, but Sam tells her that this is business, so she'll be O.K. Kirk plans are renovating the old guest room on the yacht from the linen storage it has become, into a love nest for them. Kirk is still living in Barbara's condo apartment, Sam won't go there and Sam lives with Lucinda. Kirk playfully complains that the desk and couch in the office aren't that comfortable. Sam giggles. She tells him that she's not sure, but she needs to go be with Lily tonight. David is waiting on Emily and she shows up. He raves about how beautiful she looks and he hopes she can stand being the center of attention, because all eyes are going to be on her. She smiles and says she's ready. They go to their table, talk and drink champagne. On her way over to Lily, Sam see's a man bolt out of the club. He was some jerk that Lily chased off by telling him to leave before she did to him what she did to the lemon. (She'd had the bartender hand her the cutting board, lemon and a knife. Then copped the lemon in half.) Sam laughes, and convinces Lily to stay and make a friend. That having a goodtime consists of more that eating all the bar nuts and staring into her club soda. "The next guy, just talk to him," Sam pleads. Some FREAK show's up, he's definitely a few fries short of a Happy Meal, ordering a PINK PUSSY CAT. Lily just shoots Sam a look. Sam tells her, O.K., not him but, the next one... if he's normal. David smiles as he sees PETER walk in. Peter makes his way to the bar. Sam tell Lily that this one looks normal, just talk to him if the occasion comes up. Sam takes off when she hears Peter order a Malt Scotch. Peter asks the bartender for some nuts, since the bowl in front of him is empty. Lily sees the opportunity and slides hers to him. He smiles and starts talking to her. "Don't you just hate it," he says while pushing his finger through the bowl of nuts, "when people pick out all the good nuts and only leave the peanuts." Lily squirms, because she is the one who did just that. David smiles as he sees his plan coming together there across the room. Emily tells David that they'd better order, because the champagne is starting to go to her head. David tells her that he's taken the liberty to have his own special menu phoned in ahead. That he wants tonight to be perfect, because it's only just beginning. "It's only begun, the best is yet to come," he tells her. Emily is mesmerized by it all. Back over at the bar...Peter is continuing his theory. "I just have an image of this type of person." He continues, "Some 'SOCIETY SQUIRREL', with her jaws packed full of nuts. They go home and bury them in the back yard." He laughs at his own clever little remarks as Lily smiles, uneasily, and stares into her club soda with a feigned chuckle of her own.

TERRI runs into her buddy NIKKI at college. Nikki tells her job at the Police Department and Terri tells her about her job as an intern for Lily Grimaldi at WOAK. She tells Nikki that they are doing this neat investigative report. She hesitates to say then she tells Nikki anyway. She tells her that the report is on David Allen. Nikki is excited, because she and her dad think David Allen is a horses butt. Nikki tells Terri that she might be able to help her. Terri wants to know how. Nikki tells her that her dad doesn't know it, but she saw his access code to the police computer network. Terri wants to know if she's afraid of getting caught. Nikki says sure, but she's tired of being treated like a kid. That if she can uncover something to bring David Allen down, then they'll have to give her more respect. That's it's worth the risk.


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