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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of October 27, 1997 on ATWT
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Monday, October 27, 1997

LUCINDA visits LILY at the farm. They talk about Molly and the baby. Lucinda says that cash might be the answer. Lily says she won't go for it. She wants Holden. Lily tells Lucinda that Molly will have an abortion if she can't have Holden who has a right to say what happens to the baby. Lily says she feels for Molly as one human being for another.

SUSAN is talking to Molly and HOLDEN at the hospital. Someone comes and tells her that there is a power outage somewhere in the hospital. Holden tells Molly they need to take more time to think this over. He wants her to consider letting him and Lily have the child. Molly doesn't want her child calling Lily "mommy." She says if he doesn't change his mind and marry Molly, she will have the abortion tomorrow. Holden goes back to the farm and tells Lily that he had no luck with Molly. Later he says there is only one thing he can do in this situation and they both know what it is.

HAL is talking to CARLY about losing a parent. An officer tells Hal that power is out in one of the wings at the hospital. Hal tells Carly that family is the most important thing. Nikki brings Jennifer in and interrupts the moment, much to Carly's dismay. She then replays in her mind her discussion with Jessica about the fact that the baby must be born by December 31, 1998, and the other stipulations. Hal is telling Jennifer that he will take her to Chicago to visit the Natural History Museum. He tells Carly that he wishs he had a million kids. He tells her he is married to his job. He has been married three times and screwed it up three times. Carly is telling him that if he meets the right person...her telephone interrupts them and it is Molly asking Carly to come to the Falcon Club to help her figure out what to do. Before Carly leaves, she asks him to go to dinner tomorrow night. Then JACK talks to Hal about his undercover assignment and says that he is to meet Vic Robinson (Jack's assignment) at the Falcon Club. Hal says that is too dangerous because someone there might blow his cover. Later at the club, Carly joins Molly who tells her that Holden won't marry her. Carly tells her that she backed herself into a corner. Molly leaves and Jack comes in. Carly joins him at the bar. He tries to get rid of her but she won't leave. (News bulletin interruption--stock market) Vic has arrived at the bar and Carly is pretending to be Jack's girl friend. Vic is telling Carly that she strongly resembles his deceased wife(?). He tells Carly that he and Jack are working on a small business venture and he feels that she might be his lucky charm. When he goes to use the phone, Jack finally convinces her that Vic is a crook. She wants to leave but Jack makes her stay there because Vic wants her to be there when he gets back from the phone. Vic says that he is in no hurry to make their business deal and he wants to meet Jack back there tomorrow--and bring Carly.

LEW is comforting CAMILLE in the dark. He tells her she can always count on him--he will keep her safe.

Someone is holding a knife close to Ben, saying that it is time he taught Ben a lesson. Ben starts to fight back just as the lights go on. He rips the surgeon's cap off the guy and sees he is a skinhead who then slugs Ben and runs off. Back at the hotel, Lew tells Camille he loves her and is about to kiss her when an officer comes in and tells them that someone tried to attack Ben with a knife. At the hospital a news crew interviews Ben about the attack. They ask him if he is worried about his family. He says he has no immediate family in the area and has no special person in his life. Camille leaves upon hearing that. At the hotel Lew pushes Camille into telling him she still loves him.

Molly is on the phone talking to the counselor, making an appointment. After she hangs up, she wonders what will happen if, although knowing when her appointment is, Holden doesn't show up for it.

Tuesday, October 28, 1997

EMILY is carrying a big box into DAVID's place. He makes her put it down and carries her over the threshold. She sees a banner inside saying "Welcome Home Emily." She is impressed with all the flowers. They make a champagne toast--to new beginnings. As Emily starts to throw a lamp in the trash, LUCINDA arrives and asks her where she is going with it. David breaks the news to Lucinda that Emily is moving in with him. Lucinda says she respects David and if he wants Emily to move in, she gives her blessing. She says that perhaps she and Emily might need to declare a truce since they are both interested in David's well-being. She makes a toast to domestic bliss. As she leaves, she says she will do something about the "offensive lamp." Outside, Lucinda says, "Enjoy it while you may" to Emily. David gives Emily a gift--robe and slippers. He sits her down on the couch and brings in a decorated cake with one candle and sings "Happy Birthday." She makes a wish--that this moment would never end.

CAMILLE answers her door to LEW's knock. He says he was up all night thinking about what she said--that she still has feelings for him. He says he knows she is not ready to make a recommitment. Her mother knocks on the door and says the blackout and attack made the Chicago papers. She says that Camille and Ben's breakup was for the best. Camille gets upset and tells her that it was Ben who broke off the relationship. Lew has to go to the hospital and tells Camille to take the day off and stay there with her mother. (Boring conversation between Camille and mother)

BEN and JESSICA are talking (at the hospital) and laughing about something that happened in a restaurant. Lew walks up and says he has something to discuss with both of them about the lawsuit. He says after last night it would be the worst possible thing for Ben to back down. He wants Jessica to draw up a statement about the hospital's position. They leave to have lunch at the Mona Lisa. Lew then calls Camille and invites her and her mother to have lunch with him--at the Mona Lisa.

LILY goes to the farm and EMMA shows her the clown costume she made for Luc. Lily tells Emma where Holden has gone and what he is doing. She tells her that she and Holden offered to take the baby and raise it but Molly flipped out. She says Holden feels a responsibility to help with the child.

MOLLY is on the phone (at the abortion clinic) with Carly asking her to come and be with her--when HOLDEN comes in. She says if he is not ready to be a father, get out and leave her alone. She tries to lay a big guilt trip on him. She says he is forcing her to have the abortion and Holden insists that she is choosing to have it. He tells her he wishes she wouldn't have this abortion but he will stand by her while she has it. He tells her that he doesn't hate her. She wants to know if they would have had a second chance if it weren't for Lily. The nurse tells her the doctor is ready for her. Holden tells her he will be waiting there for her. She breaks down and says she can't go through with it because she loves him too much. As he takes her out of there, she has a smile on her face. They arrive at the farm and Holden tells Lily that the baby is fine. He goes into the house to see Luc in his costume and Lily starts to tell Molly she knows how difficult this must have been when Molly interrupts and tells her to "save it." Molly gives a speech about how Lily has had everything handed to her on a silver platter and she can't possibly know how Molly feels or what she thinks. Holden comes out with Luc and Molly changes her tone. He says that Luc is going to a Halloween party at WOAK but he offers to stay there with Molly but Molly tells him to go do what he needs to do. As Holden, Lily and Luc go inside, Molly thinks about what she said earlier--"What if there were no Lily--would we have a chance?"

Wednesday, October 29, 1997

CARLY is talking to HAL at the station, telling him Jack introduced her to Vic Robinson. Hal hits the ceiling. JACK says he explained (to Carly) what he was doing at the Falcon Club but she didn't believe him. He tells Hal that Vic wants Carly to be there tonight but Hal says no. Vic calls Jack who tells him that Carly can't make it to the meeting. Vic says the deal is off if Carly doesn't show. Jack tells Hal that he will get Carly in and out of there safely. Hal still says no--she is a civilian, but she says she can handle it. She tells Hal she is a black belt in karate. Hal tells her Vic is a killer. She tells him she and Jack can get along for one night for the sake of the department. Hal agrees to the plan. Jack insists that she follow all his orders. Hal tells her she will get paid if they get Vic--maybe $1000. She says she needs something to wear. Hal tells her they will pay for a dress.

CAMILLE and LEW enter the Mona Lisa and see Ben with Jessica. Of course Lew offers to leave, saying he had no idea Ben would be there. Camille doesn't understand how Ben could be seeing someone else so soon. She wants to leave and as she is on her way out, in walks mother (who is meeting them for lunch). She tells Lew to go on with Camille to another restaurant. Sara Ruth then confronts Ben, telling him how badly he hurt her. (Words between the two of them) Elsewhere Camille and Lew are fishing off a dock before lunch. (Lew thinks they can catch trout off this dock!!!) He talks about his son, Ronnie, and what kind of relationship they will have after the divorce. At the Mona Lisa, Bob comes in as Jessica is leaving. Ben tells him how upset Camille and her mother were. Ben says when this is all over, he needs to do something special for Camille--maybe take her to Paris. He doesn't think she's ever been to Europe (little does he know!). At the dock, Camille says she is going to the rally (for Ben) at the church.

LISA and BARBARA sit down at a table at the Mona Lisa talking about a surprise for John, who comes in and Barbara runs off to the kitchen. Lisa makes excuses for her. Barbara comes back and sits down with John who realizes that she is not wearing what he saw her in when he came in. He guesses that it is her wedding dress and Barbara says their wedding day is today. Lisa has everything all set up. As she gets up to get her bouquet, John says he can't go through with this. She thinks he is backing out of the marriage, but he tells her he doesn't want to get married between the lunch crowd and the dinner crowd. He wants to have family and friends at their wedding (next week).

LILY, HOLDEN and Luc go to WOAK to see their haunted house. Lily tells Kim that she thinks things are going to work out for Holden and her. Molly is peeking at them from behind a clothes rack thinking about "If Lily weren't around..." She ducks down so they won't see her. Luc wanders off to someone in a black cloak and hood (Molly) and Lily and Holden go after him and ask if he made a new friend. When Lily starts questioning her, she walks off and goes into the haunted house. She climbs upstairs and sees a heavy gargoyle figure and says it could kill somebody. Outside Holden and Lily talk about Molly and Lily says she has a right to be upset. She says that maybe this baby will help Molly get on with her life and meet someone else. Lily starts to go in the haunted house and check it out but Holden says he will do it. Molly is inside thinking to herself, "If it wasn't for Lily..." Kim brings Luc back and hands him to Holden, and Lily says she is not afraid--she will go in and check it out. Molly spots Lily as she is going through the spooky place and just as Lily gets below Molly, the gargoyle moves!

Thursday, October 30, 1997

Today's recap was written by Tammy Freeman

HAL gives JACK money to impress VIC and buy the diamonds if possible. JACK and HAL are worried about CARLY's involvement in the bust. CARLY shows off her new dress (cleavage city!!!). HAL and JACK try unsuccessfully to by subtle in showing their appreciation for the dress and her exposed assets. CARLY digs JACK's conservative wardrobe for such a big night on the town. HAL tells JACK to change into a tux for the evening. JACK, HAL and CARLY make last minute double checks on VIC's flunkies and logistics for the backup. They discuss various possibilities and JACK nixes having a unit outside the club and says CARLY's just going to be there as a warm up and then "the chick hits the lavatory." CARLY tries to tweak her part in the operation but JACK balks. HAL's disgusted by their inability to get along and wants to call the whole thing off but the duo works to save their mission. CARL continuously massages HAL's ego and he is clearly affected. HAL continues to give pointers and information on VIC and the bust. He also gives CARLY a few more warnings who displays jitters but insists that she's fine and will do all she can. She again insists that JACK change his clothes. HAL supports CARLY's idea and responds that JACK should "look devoted" when JACK protests and says that VIC will think he's "whipped." CARLY ribs JACK and HAL gives the two the once over and decides that they'll pass as a couple. HAL gives JACK instructions once more to keep CARLY safe. JACK and CARLY arrive at the casino and give each other pep talks and go over signals. JACK tells CARLY to be careful because he doesn't want anything happening to her.

LILY walks through the WOAK haunted house to make sure it's not too scary for LUC. MOLLY sees LILY below her and considers dropping a gargoyle statue on her when HOLDEN sneaks up on an already spooked LILY. The two lovebirds discuss LUC's bravery for the spooks and HOLDEN's future as his daddy. HOLDEN goes to check on LUC while MOLLY wrestles with her desire to do LILY in. HOLDEN rushes back in to check on LILY and KIM meets them. They leave to discuss the rally and MOLLY kicks herself for being such a chicken. Back at The City Times office, MOLLY reassures herself that she'll get another chance, but she can't keep her mind on work. EMILY arrives, giving reporters orders and demands that MOLLY tell her what's up. MOLLY "makes up" a story about a letter from a woman who's lost her lover. EMILY says that the woman should give it up. MOLLY says that he's her whole life and even thought of killing the other woman. EMILY's worried about this woman who is obviously in need of help and the liability of the paper. She worries about the woman committing suicide in a cry for attention, which turns a light bulb on for WACKO MOLLY. MOLLY sits down to write HOLDEN a letter which starts off "Dear Holden. I just can't go on anymore..."

REVEREND DANSBY, BEN and BOB debate about who will give the opening speech for the Hands Across Oakdale rally. REV DANSBY expects that half of Oakdale will attend. CAMILLE and LEW arrive, much to BEN's surprise but CAMILLE tells him that she knows how much this day means to him. He thanks her but reminds her that this day is important to the whole community. SARA RUTH comes on the scene in time to get a dig in on BEN. MARGO tells TOM that she's uneasy about possible reactions from TEAGUE's buddies. ERROLL (TEAGUE's partner) shows up and tells MARGO that "they need to stick together and she should know that." MARGO and EMILY clash quietly over DAVID who walks in with LUCINDA. LUCY spies SUSAN and tries to get her help in breaking up EMILY and DAVID. SUSAN points out to LUCINDA that the kids are happy. LUCY reflects that SUSAN is supportive because of DAVID's money and power, but SUSAN tells her to just butt out. LILY and HOLDEN arrive as do EMMA and CAL. LUCINDA wants the whole family together and sets off to hunt down DAIVD. BOB takes the platform and welcomes the crowd and applauds REV DANSBY's faith and effort in organizing the rally. He speaks of the virtues of Oakdale and the evil of racism, which he describes as a disease that citizens need to guard against. BEN takes the stage and thanks everyone for their involvement and support, making ERROLL very uncomfortable. BEN professes that this has nothing to do with fame but with standing up for what he believes and is certain that it's the right thing to do. TEAGUE and THE SKINHEAD watch on TV as BEN preaches about stopping hatred. TEAGUE responds "I don't have to accept a damn thing, BOY!" BEN suggests taking hatred apart piece by piece, step by step. BEN recounts his experience with racism in small town where a woman taught a little girl to hate and fear him because he's a black man. MARGO checks on ERROLL who is visibly shaken. Using his children's future as incentive, she encourages him to go to the commissioner and tell him what he's seen and heard. Hands are joined: LILY with DAVID, EMILY with LUCINDA, ERROLL even joins hands with MARGO. BEN starts to go to CAMILLE but LEW steps in and reminds BEN of the news cameras. TEAGUE and THE SKINHEAD chuckle over what they think is a hokey gathering when the camera scrolls to ERROLL. TEAGUE declares that "that's the last hand (BEN)will ever hold, BOY!" Hand holders begin to sing "Reach Out and Touch Somebody's HAND" complete with meaningful glances and glimpses of MIA favorites such as NANCY and LISA. A small black girl takes ERROLL's hand. (Goosebump Time, Gang!!!)

Friday, October 31, 1997

Today's recaps was provided by Tammy Freeman

The Hughes kids get ready for Halloween festivities at Margo and Tom's house. KIM praises BEN's speech and MARGO tells the gang that ERROLL was talking to the Commissioner. BEN is troubled because he hadn't taken CAMILLE's hand at the rally. JOHN is playing with the kids complete with a goofy mask. He comes up behind LISA to plant a kiss on her cheek, mask and all. They share a good laugh with BARBARA. JOHN makes an announcement inviting everyone to his and BARBARA's wedding next week. NIKKI is worried about HAL and asks MARGO if she knows how long he'll be. When MARGO finds out that CARLY is working undercover with JACK, she's very upset about being stuck behind a desk. BOB asks BEN if he couldn't tell CAMILLE the truth in private. BEN says that he wishes he could but he's still worried about her. TOM comes in to announce that he's been with the commissioner and that there's a very good chance that BEN will win the case without going to court. TOM tells him that the commissioner was thinking about all the support at the rally and that ERROLL told the commissioner about TEAGUE's treatment of other black suspects. The Commissioner is going to think things over and call TOM tomorrow. MARGO expresses optimism and BEN starts to feel better about his situation. A mini celebration begins. BEN wants to tell CAMILLE and sneaks out and taking another car to keep the stalker fooled. The SKINHEAD follows BEN as he leaves MARGO and TOM's house. He then attacks BEN behind CAMILLE's apartment building.

LEW takes CAMILLE to her apartment to get some more clothes. They discuss the rally but CAMILLE expresses her hurt over BEN's attitude toward her. LEW tells CAMILLE that he's there for her and that she's not alone. He asks if he can help and she says that he already has. She speaks of how she hated the times when they were together but LEW was never around but now that she needs him, he's there for her. LEW picks up a jasmine candle and says he can't believe that she kept it because it was from their trip to Santa Fe. He reminds her of their all-night lovemaking and that she kept it because of him and the fact that she can't forget him. LEW tells her to tell him the truth about wanting to remember. She admits that their relationship wasn't all bad, but that it wasn't all good either. LEW professes that he's through with PAMELA because he wants to be with CAMILLE. He "knew that he had to make a choice" and come to Oakdale to make things right because he chose CAMILLE. She stops him by saying that it's too late for them. She says that she needed to hear all of those things long ago and that she's grateful that they're good friends now. She leaves the room to find more clothes and LEW's phone rings. It's PAMELA and she asks him why his phone number had changed. LEW stutters but recovers saying that he lost the number and had the phone company give him a new one. PAMELA tells him that they need to talk. At that moment CAMILLE walks in and asks who is on the phone. LEW tells PAMELA that he's "hanging up now" and hangs up on her. He tells CAMILLE that it was his son, RONNIE, and when she questions him about it, LEW tells her that PAMELA is trying to keep RONNIE away from him because of the divorce. LEW paints PAMELA as a cold, vindictive, hateful woman. LEW tells CAMILLE that he would like for RONNIE to come stay with him for a while and get to know CAMILLE. CAMILLE apologizes for forgetting that LEW's got troubles of his own. LEW tells her that everything's okay as long as he can be with her because he loves her. They share a tender kiss.

JACK and CARLY play it up in front of VIC. JACK thinks that CARLY's over doing it and tries to throw her signals to leave but CARLY ignores him. JACK tells VIC that it's hard to keep his mind on business with CARLY around. VIC says that it's necessary to enjoy life and wants to know how the lovebirds met. CARLY makes up some story about meeting in Antwerp, the diamond capitol of the world, she having a client who wanted to buy diamonds and JACK with a client looking to sell. They play lovey-dovey, complete with a tender kiss. JACK excuses himself and CARLY "to get VIC a drink." At the bar, JACK jumps all over CARLY for "stomping on the line" instead of straddling it and giving VIC way too much information. CARLY says that she brought up Antwerp to make VIC feel comfortable about talking business in front of her, thinking that she's in the business as well. JACK is worried because VIC doesn't want to talk business, he just wants to enjoy the evening. JACK threatens to reschedule but CARLY tells him "I may not carry a gun and badge, but I know how to get my man!!" LILY bumps into JACK and when she speaks to him, he tells her "I don't believe we've met, have we?" complete with raised eyebrows. LILY gets the hint and says "I guess not. You just looked familiar" JACK returns to CARLY and VIC carrying drinks for all. CARLY exclaims that he brought her favorite drink. CARLY gives a toast to pleasure and profit. VIC's cell phone rings and excuses himself to answer it. Behind VIC's back, CARLY tells JACK that she "hates amaretto." VIC brings the conversation back to business and JACK says that he'd like to have some extra pieces put away for a rainy day. JACK and VIC haggle over each wanting to see the other's goods (JACK's cash and VIC's stones). JACK suggests that they have an appetizer and pulls an envelope full of cash out of his pocket and shows VIC, saying that VIC will see the rest upon full delivery. VIC allows JACK to see a few stones. JACK returns them and says that he wants to see more, perhaps in a more private setting. JACK asks VIC about the rumor that VIC's no longer in the big leagues. VIC assures him that it's only a dry spell. JACK pushes and VIC protests about enjoying dinner. CARLY jumps in and snuggles up to JACK, whispering in his ear "you're blowing it!." He whispers back "he's chicken and you just blew it!!" CARLY recovers by saying that the night is young. VIC asks CARLY to dance. She tells VIC that JACK is jumpy because they spent last week apart and it's killing him. VIC observes that JACK is very devoted to CARLY and she nods yes. He asks what she sees in JACK (does this guy have EYES?!) CARLY explains that they have a very profitable relationship. VIC says that it's not enough for a relationship and asks why she's working in a bank. CARLY bluffs that it's a cover to keep the IRS in the dark. VIC says that CARLY deserves romance and true love, she just needs to know where to look. CARLY mentions dinner and VIC says the she should only dine when well accessorized. He pulls out a diamond necklace that belonged to his late wife, BILLIE. JACK observes this and spills his drink in surprise. VIC tells CARLY that it's hers if she'll dump JACK and leave with him.

At the City Times, MOLLY finishes her "suicide note" to HOLDEN, laying on the guilt and signing it "All My Love Forever, Molly." At the Falcon Club, HOLDEN and LILY enjoy a quiet dinner. HOLDEN suggests that they try to keep MOLLY out of their conversation for the evening. He tells LILY that he ran into HANK SUTTER, the guy that took him to Louisiana last spring and that he wants him to go again. LILY tells HOLDEN that he should do it but HOLDEN says that he wants her to go with him and take LUC along (Who's that?, Lily thinks. heehee) HOLDEN gets paged and leaves to find a phone, whispering something in LILY's ear that makes her laugh. HOLDEN returns the page to find that it was MOLLY. She says that she just called to say good-bye. He asks where she's going and if she's okay. MOLLY says that she's fine and that she'll just be gone and that's all that matters. HOLDEN says that it's not true, what about the baby? She says that the baby wasn't what he wanted and that she had made up her mind to leave. She goes on to say that everything that she had done was because she loved him. She hangs up, leaving HOLDEN troubled. He returns to the table and tells LILY about MOLLY's decision to leave. MOLLY leaves the note on the desk for HOLDEN to find and climbs out of the window onto the ledge saying "Oh God, I hope this works." HOLDEN goes to the office and finds the note and sees the open window. At the Falcon Club, a harried EMILY meets DAVID and tells him that she's worried about meeting deadlines. DAVID spots LILY and asks EMILY if they can stop to say hello. DAVID invites LILY to join them but she declines. They make small talk about the rally, but LILY dismisses his every attempt to make the conversation personal. At their own table, EMILY tells DAVID that she's sorry that LILY was so cold to him. DAVID says that he regrets that LILY's not really his sister even if she doesn't want anything to do with him, that he wants a sister that badly. EMILY points out that there's always SIERA and BIANCA and that maybe he'll get a chance with them. DAVID excuses himself to make a phone call and EMILY walks back to LILY's table. She tries to get LILY to give DAVID a chance but LILY isn't impressed. EMILY says that she's not exactly happy that the man that she loves wants to be around the Walshes but that's what he wants - a real family. LILY points out all that DAVID has done to her and LUCINDA but EMILY defends him. EMILY receives a call on her cell phone that there's a jumper on the ledge of the City Times building. LILY says "Omigod, HOLDEN's there with MOLLY!" DAVID, EMILY and LILY rush out together. Back at EMILY's office, HOLDEN finds MOLLY outside the window, on the ledge. She tells him not to come any closer, that she came out there to get fresh air. HOLDEN tries to get her back inside and tells her that he's read the note. MOLLY says that he wasn't supposed to see that yet. HOLDEN says that he doesn't want her to do this. MOLLY says that his life would be easier without her and moves to jump. HOLDEN starts out the window after her but she makes him stop. He assures her that he's not going to move. MOLLY whines that she's ruined her life, his life and LILY's life and that she can't live without him. She tells him to go away and forget that he saw her or ever knew her. DAVID, LILY and EMILY arrive down below and EMILY spies the open window. LILY realizes that HOLDEN is up there with MOLLY. Back on the ledge, HOLDEN reminds MOLLY of ABIGAIL and her future. MOLLY wails that she has no right to be involved in her own daughter's life. HOLDEN mentions the new child and all that she has to look forward to with this baby that she missed with ABIGAIL. MOLLY tells HOLDEN that he doesn't really care about her and the baby and that he doesn't love her. She tells him to just go away or she'll jump. Just then, her foot slips and she falls from the ledge.

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