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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 2, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, February 2, 1998

The bomb that JACK made in the shed worked and he and CARLY are now inside Teague's cabin. Carly is wrapped in a blanket and Jack has made a fire in the stove. She finally opens her eyes and talks to him. He tells her there is a ton of snow outside so he knows Teague won't be coming back. He is going to warm her up with water in the tub. He helps her get her clothes off because her hands won't work. After she gets warmed up, he talks about getting Teague's shirt back in time for Holden's trial. (He doesn't know the trial has been moved up.) She says they need to leave right now, but he says that her body won't take the cold again so soon. Carly wants Jack to go back by himself but he won't leave her alone. She asks him when he started to care so much about her. He says that as a professional, he had to do everything he could to save her and keep her alive. When she asks him again how he feels about her as a person, they kiss.

JOHN goes to LISA for her help because he feels he is losing Barbara. He wants to take her back to Tahiti. He has the tickets and wants Lisa to call her and get her over there (to the Mona Lisa). He thinks he can talk her into taking the trip. Lisa calls Barbara's beeper number and asks her to come over to the Mona Lisa to have dinner with her. Matt (the waiter) then asks Lisa if he can leave for a short time because he has an errand to run. At the courthouse Barbara and Hal talk about Carly and she decides that she and the kids will take him out for dinner to make him feel better. She calls Lisa and tells her that she will come to the Mona Lisa for dinner with her tomorrow.

MOLLY is testifying and when asked to tell exactly what happened the night of the fire, she says, "I'm not sure." When Holden turns around and smiles at Lily (because she felt the baby's first kick), Molly says she remembers that Holden became very angry when she told him she loved him. She tells about the tape and that he was in bed with her (with clothes off). She then tells the judge about Abigail. She says after he hit her the first time, she went down and when she got up, she went after him and that's when he started beating her until she passed out. When Tom goes to cross-examine her, he applauds her performance. He goes over the way she tried to blackmail Holden into marrying her and she starts a teary-eyed speech to Holden and stops herself when she says, "Don't you see why I had..." During a recess Holden tells Tom that Jack is out looking for evidence. Later the district attorney questions Molly about why her memory returned just when she saw Holden marrying Lily. She says that he started yelling at her to get out of there and that triggered her memory. Court adjourns until tomorrow.

SAM and KIRK come into the Falcon Club because of a plumbing problem with leaking pipes. They make plans to go to the Mona Lisa for dinner. After they leave their bedroom at home, Matt comes in through a window and the camera zooms in on Sam's purse.

Tuesday, February 3, 1998

JACK and CARLY talk about their feelings for each other. He tells her some of the things she said when she was hallucinating--things about wanting to have a baby and keeping the money. She is worried about what she said but he says there was nothing embarrassing. He goes into the kitchen to look for food. She can't use her hands yet so he feeds her a bowl of soup. She asks him to tell her a story about himself. He tells her about an old girlfriend--Annette--that he met when they were six years old. As she is falling asleep in his arms, he tells her how smart Annette was and that she was an athlete. When he knows she is asleep, he whispers, "Carly, she didn't hold a candle to you."

Matt looks around in Sam and Kirk's bedroom and takes what looks like a lipstick out of Sam's purse, then tucks a large envelope between the arm of the sofa and a pillow and partially covers it with a throw.

BARBARA is disturbed about Lisa's phone call and suggests that she and HAL go to the Mona Lisa for dinner to she can find out what is bothering Lisa. KIRK and SAM come into the Mona Lisa and he orders champagne for all the customers (there aren't many) to cheer up the place. Matt comes back from his "errand" but then Lisa tells him to go check out the competition at the Falcon Club. When Barbara and Hal come in to find out what was so urgent, Lisa tells them it was actually John who wanted her to come over. Barbara suggests that she and Hal and John dine together. Nikki brings a report in to her dad. On her way out, Lisa asks her to go by the Falcon Club and give Matt his keys. John makes a remark about how busy Hal is and Hal takes the cue and leaves. John shows her the plane tickets to Tahiti and she says she needs to think about it. When he goes to call the hospital, Lisa sits down and tells Barbara that if she doesn't go with him, it will be the biggest mistake she has ever made. Lisa tells her about what John went through while she was in the coma. She talks long and hard about it and when John returns to the table, Barbara tells him she will go with him.

In the empty Falcon Club casino, Matt gets into a locked drawer behind the bar and places something in it. Nikki comes in and asks him what he is doing. He tells her a story about how he worked in a casino in Las Vegas. She wants him to show her some of the games and as she gets close to him, he tells her that he doesn't do the whole dating thing and leaves.

Kirk and Sam decide to skip dinner and go home to bed. While Sam is "making herself more beautiful," Kirk conveniently finds the envelope. When he opens it, he finds a wedding picture of Sam and James along with a marriage certificate. He hides it when she comes back in the room but then pulls out the photo and shows it to her, whereupon she is speechless. She tells him that when she was in Monte Carlo and lost her shares of stock in Worldwide to James, he proposed to her and she strung him along, thinking he would give her back her shares. But when he didn't, she backed out. She says that the certificate is a forgery. It shows him as James Stenbeck and she knew him as Mr. James.

Wednesday, December 4, 1998

LUCINDA is showing BEN an issue of the City Times that she has had made up with a fake headline -- NEW EVIDENCE MAY FREE SNYDER. They plant it on Kirk's desk in hopes that Teague will see it and be bothered by it. They have a video camera set up to capture the moment.

MOLLY is talking to Kim. She wishes the whole thing would end. Kim says, "You could end it if you wanted to." Molly tells Kim that she just wants her to change her story. Kim says she only wants the truth. "Stop punishing Holden for loving someone else. Deep down you are a good person. Prove it to yourself." When Cal walks by them and looks at Molly, she says that they all hate me and they always will. "I will not let them push me around and I'm not backing down."

TOM is talking to HAL about trying to raise reasonable doubt when he questions Hal on the stand. LILY and HOLDEN talk to MARGO about Jack's disappearance. She tells them that Jack will lose his badge but she goes to check out his house. When Hal gets on the stand, Tom asks him if the police ever suspected anyone else for the church fire. Hal testifies that they thought it was a hate crime. In a sidebar the judge says he doesn't want to hear about an alleged confession by Teague unless Tom puts Jack Snyder on the stand. Tom asks Hal -- "Once a suspect has been arrested and indicted, the investigation has to stop?" "Yes." Jake Tanner is called (the skinhead who stalked Camille). Jessica questions him as a hostile witness but he won't admit to even knowing Teague. Tom calls Lucinda. She testifies as to Holden's character. He is nonviolent. The judge tells her not to embellish her answers. She tells about the week she spent with Holden locked in the wine cellar. The d.a. says, "You are a formidable woman; I wouldn't want to get on your bad side." She replies, " But it's too late for you." Tom calls Molly back to the stand. He questions her about the night she got Holden to come to the hotel. He calls attention to the fact that she lied in order to get him there, but it's OK to lie sometimes?? She says all she did was get him to come to the hotel and that everything that happened in the hotel room was consentual. She admits to having the tape edited, because she didn't think Lily needed to see everything. He asks about the outtakes but she says she doesn't know anything about them. He asks about the tape she destroyed in front of Lucinda and Lisa. She says that tape was an exact copy of the one she sent to Lily. Tom asks her if she scratched Holden before the beating took place. He interrupts her testimony to question Steve (the film editor) and he wants her to stay in the courtroom to hear it. Steve says that it was obvious that once Holden figured out it was not Lily in the hotel room, he tried to get away. When asked about the scratch, he says that Holden was facing the camera, but it looked like Molly could have scratched him when she grabbed for him. Tom calls Molly back and asks her if she took the outtakes and she denies it. The district attorney reexamine her--"Who beat you up and when did you scratch Holden?" She lies again. Tom warns Holden to stay calm when he is on the stand. Margo comes back in and tells Lily and Holden that papers and mail are piled up at Jack's house.

At the Mona Lisa David bursts in with news for Emily who is sitting at a table. He tells her that he got the job--he is Thorn Apple's Investment Analyst. Emily still wants to go somewhere else and get a job. (Matt is listening to their conversation.) David says James is out of their lives for good. (Lisa wants to know why Matt is so interested in David and Emily. He tells her that Emily is so beautiful, but he will back off.) Lisa leaves for the trial and Matt continues listening to them. David says this spring Emily will have the biggest wedding Oakdale has ever seen, but Emily is recalling her conversation with James where James said that David is just using her. When David gives Matt his credit card to pay the check, Matt runs a second form through the machine and puts it in his pocket. After David and Emily leave, Matt and James speak on the phone and Matt tells him that he has done everything he was supposed to do for James who tells Matt that he will have $5,000 deposited in his account. But Matt says they agreed on $10,000 whereupon James says he is not done. "Nobody is done with me until I say they are done." Matt says, "I want out." James' reply is that by wanting out, he wants to be dead. He says that he will get to him later tonight with further instructions.

Nikki is hassling Andy about his mug shots and about how easy photography is. Later Camille comes in and Nikki tells her she needs to find an easy college class to balance the hard ones she has registered for, and Camille says she knows someone who took photography with Dr. Reed and it was really easy and he gave high grades. Later in a classroom, Nikki is sitting at a desk when Andy comes in. He tells her that Dr. Reed is on sabbatical and that he (Andy) will be teaching the class.

Back at the City Times, Lucinda and Ben are watching the video monitor and see Teague pick up the fake newspaper and mutter to himself that those two have to be frozen by now and what could the evidence be? He leaves and Lucinda and Ben go right after him.

Thursday, February 5, 1998

KIM, BOB and LISA are in the courtroom for the last day of Holden's trial. Although Molly is no where to be found, Kim insists that she is not going to give up on trying to get Molly to tell the truth. TOM and LILY warn HOLDEN that he must keep his cool on the stand and refrain from any angry outbursts because it would be detrimental to his case. CAMILLE and SARA RUTH are also present in the courtroom. Holden is called to the stand by the defense. The PROSECUTOR baits Holden relentlessly bringing up his night of sex with Molly, his illegitimate children, and his marriage into a wealthy family. Holden's temper flares for a moment, but he regains his composure. TOM and the PROSECUTOR offer their closing arguments and then Court is adjourned to await the JUDGE's decision.

BEN and LUCINDA have followed TEAGUE to a diner. Ben is very nervous, but Lucinda tells him to relax and not draw attention to himself. After eating a burger, Teague leaves for the cabin. Ben and Lucinda try to follow him but are stopped by a Trooper who tells them the roads are closed to all vehicles except those with 4-wheel drive. Lucinda rents a vehicle from the waitress, makes a phone call to find out where Teague's cabin is, and then they are off-- hot on Teague's trail.

NIKKI is trying to drop ANDY's photography class, but he challenges her to stay. Nikki is up for the challenge and tells Andy she's going to ace the class, become a better photographer than he is and take his job away.

At the Oakdale Police Department, MARGO and HAL discuss Jack's whereabouts. Hal realizes that Jack is not on sick leave, but out playing "Lone Ranger" again. He warns Margo that if she did anything to encourage him, he'll have her badge, too. She assures him she did not know of Jack's plans. It dawns on Hal that Carly came up missing at the same time Jack did. Hal rushes to find LISA who voices her concerns that she discovered just this morning nothing was gone from Carly's room. Carly left her makeup, her paycheck and her car behind. Hal puts it all together-- Carly is with Jack and both their lives are in danger.

At the cabin, CARLY awakens from a nap to find JACK gone. She is glad he decided to get the evidence back to Oakdale instead of waiting for her. JACK comes through the door. He tells her the weather has cleared and its time to leave. She tries to convince him to leave her there, but Jack won't hear of it. "We're going to face this together." Jack bundles up Carly and is carrying her to a makeshift sled when they are met at the door by TEAGUE and he's holding a gun.

Friday, February 6, 1998

HOLDEN and LILY are awaiting the Judge's verdict. Holden tries to prepare Lily for the worst, but she won't hear of it. He gently tells her that if he has to go to prison he wants her to notify his clients, send money to Aaron, give Luke the birthday present he bought him and remember that he loves her. He also tells her he will do anything and everything in his power to be there when the baby is born.

KIRK and JESSICA are waiting for their hearing to begin. Kirk confronts STENBECK about the phony marriage and tells Stenbeck that Sam conned him. Stenbeck tells Kirk "are you sure I'm the one Samantha conned." After Jessica cross-examines Kirk on the stand, Stenbeck asks permission to address the court. He informs the Judge that he wants to drop the charges. The Judge insists on a reason for his sudden change of heart. Stenbeck tells her it is because Sam, the love of his life, has promised to be with him if he does so. SAM assures Kirk that Stenbeck is crazy and tells Kirk she's glad it's all over, but Kirk knows it has only just begun. Later, Kirk receives a call from his P.I. confirming that James and Samantha's marriage is valid.

DAVID and EMILY discuss David's new job over dinner. Emily does not seem too pleased. David assures her that he got the job on his own with no help from Stenbeck. Later at the courthouse, James overhears Emily and David discussing David's new job. While David is making a phone call, James takes the opportunity to put further doubt in Emily's mind about how David got the job. He then sets in motion a plan to sabotage things for David with Thornapple Industries. Later, MATT, posing as a court bailiff relieves the officer guarding Stenbeck.

MARGO and HAL review the surveillance tapes for any clue of Teague's whereabouts. When they overhear Teague mention a hunting cabin in the mountains, Margo interrogates Teague's wife about its location. When she finally agrees to tell them where it is, Hal orders a police chopper and prepares to rescue Jack and Carly.

TEAGUE has come back to the cabin to finish off JACK and CARLY. He tells Carly he's going to kill her first. As he draws his gun to shoot her, Jack attacks Teague knocking the gun from his hand. Teague pulls a knife from his boot and violently stabs Jack in the stomach. When Teague goes for Carly, LUCINDA and BEN burst through the door. Teague grabs Carly and threatens to slit her throat. Lucinda begins a verbal war with Teague while Ben attends to Jack. Jack whispers to Ben where to gun is located. Ben then begins to taunt Teague. Suddenly, the injured Jack grabs Teague by the legs pulling him to the ground. Ben grabs the gun and shoots Teague. Carly rushes to Jack's side and begs him not to die. When Ben tries to tend to Teague's wounds, Teague grabs him by the throat and with his last dying breath curses him for the color of his skin.

CAL, BOB, KIM, CAMILLE, DAVID and EMILY are all present when the court announces that a verdict has been reached. JUDGE JESSUP takes great pains in reiterating the many holes in Holden's defense. He informs the court that based on the few solid facts that were presented during the trial, namely photographs of a badly beaten Molly and the DNA tests, he has no choice but to find Holden guilty of assault, battery and felony murder.

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