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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 27, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, April 27, 1998

David chases after Emily. As Emily gets to the edge of the boat she jumps into the river and David goes in after her. David pulls Emily out of the water and gives her a blanket to keep warm David tells Emily that he loves her and wants to start over with her. David wants Emily to take off her clothes and Tom comes to her rescue and punches David. David gets up and a fight starts. Emily takes off in the speed boat, leaving Tom and David behind. Once on dry land Emily cries and says that she still wants David.

Hal asks John why was Carly in his office last night. John gets paged to go look at a patient and has to leave. Hal says he will still be there when he gets back. John goes back to his office and finds that Hal is still waiting for him. John tell Hal that Carly wanted to see a dr. and that is all he can say. Hal then believes that since John is a cardiologist something may be wrong with her heart.

Lily gets a hold of Carly and asks to come to Chicago and see Jack. She takes the World Wide Jet. Jack is running a high fever and is hallucinating about Carly and Teague. Jack finally has to be restrained. Carly finally shows up in Jack's room. He wants her to take the restraints off, but she won't do it. Finally she get him to calm down. Jack tells Carly that he loves her.

Lucinda tries to have the police arrest James but instead they handcuff Lucinda. James tells Lucinda he will set her free if she agrees to do 2 things for him. She tells him no. Lucinda finally gets James to take the handcuffs off.

Tuesday, April 28, 1998

John shows up at Hal's home looking for Carly and finds Barbara there instead. Barbara asks John what is he doing there. He tells her he is making a house call. Barbara starts to panic thinking he is there for Hal, that something is wrong with him. John tells Barbara he is there looking for Carly not Hal. Barbara tries to get John to tell her what is wrong with Carly, but he won't say anything.

Hal call Mercy Hospital and finds out Jack is a patient. Hal goes to the hospital and asks Ben which room is Jack in. Jacks fever finally breaks and he goes to sleep. Ben asks Carly what did they talk about. Carly won't tell him what they really talked about. Ben introduces Julia to Holden & Lily. Lily thinks Julia looks familiar. Carly talks to Jack as he sleeps, telling him that she loves Hal. Jack wakes up and sees Carly sitting there. He asks if this is a dream. She tells him no. Carly manages to sneak out of Jack's room just as Hal is about to enter. Hal asks Jack if he has seen Carly. He says no.

Emily goes back to her office when Tom shows up, asking if she is alright. Tom wants Emily to go to the police station to get a warrant for David , but she won't. Emily says it is her fault that tonight happened. Tom says no it is not. Emily tells Tom that she wanted David to kiss her.

David goes home where he finds Molly there. Molly asks why is he home so early. David tells her everything was going great until Tom showed up. David romantically kisses Molly, then takes her to bed.

Wednesday, April 29, 1998

Holden and Lily go a Lamaze class. Why they are waiting for the teacher to show up they meet a strange couple who share the same due date and doctor. They tell Holden and Lily that they are first time parents and are a little nervous. They ask if they can sit next to them. As soon as the teacher dismisses the class for a break the couple suddenly fake labor pains. Holden and Lily come to their rescue by giving them some crackers from her purse. As class is dismissed the strange man shows his wife the set of keys he stole from Lily.

Emily starts to throw away all the gifts from David but Tom stops her. Emily tells Tom that she is grateful for him showing up when he did and she will never forget it. Emily finally throws away the gifts. Emily says she is swearing off men forever. David shows up at Emily's office wanting to talk to her alone but she will not let Tom go. David tried to get Emily to come back to him but she tells him it is over. Emily tells David that she never wants to see him again. Then hugs Tom as David looks on.

Lucinda goes home and calls James. Sam enters while Lucinda is on the phone and wants to know about her going to see James. Lucinda is told that James is no longer on the island. Lucinda tells Sam what happened on the island, and that James is over Sam. Sam then thinks that Lucinda is interested in James.

Camille tells Ben that she has a doctor appt with Susan for a check-up. Susan examines Camille who tells her she is in great shape. Camille suddenly has another pain. Susan examines the pain and tells her that it is a pulled muscle. After the appointment Camille runs into her mother who wants to tell Camille something.

Molly wants David to admit that he has felling for her. But he won't. Molly goes to Lucinda's and demand to speak with her. Molly tells Lucinda that their agreement is over. Lucinda thinks that Molly has feelings for David. Lily goes to see her mother and runs into Molly and wants to know why is she there.

Thursday, April 30
by CBS

Holden runs into the Baileys; they return Lily's "lost" keys and wangle an invitation for dinner, later reporting their success to a "Mr. Stenbeck". Lucinda covers to Lily about Molly's presence, and Molly agrees to continue her undercover work -- above the covers. Camille gets upset when Sara Ruth tells her about the history of breast cancer on her father's side of the family. A desperate Hal breaks into John's office, looking for Carly's medical files, but is caught in the act by John. A returning Carly tries to get in touch with John, but comes face to face with Hal.

Friday, May 1, 1998

Tom is painting the house when he receives a call from Margo that she will be late coming home because of Eddie's hearing. Not pleased by Margo's plans, Tom takes out his irritation on Emily when she arrives with a gift for him. He quickly changes his mood when he unwraps the gift-- a framed copy of Tom first Argus article for the Argus. Emily also stays to help Adam with a school project. Later, Tom decides to support Margo. He takes Adam with him to the courthouse.

After Lisa, Nikki and Andy testify at Matt's trial, they decide to go to Java for coffee. While Andy is making a phone call, Nikki confesses to Lisa that she can't help caring about Matt because he saved her life. Nikki decides to go back to the courthouse to be there for Matt when the verdict is read.

Julia nervously pops into Jack's hospital room as if she is hiding from someone. Later, Emma comes to visit Jack.

Hal tells Carly he knows why she came to see John. She has a heart condition. Baffled, Carly assures Hal he is wrong. However, when John returns to his office, he "informs" the couple that preliminary testing shows that Carly has a heart arrhythmia. Hal wants John to do further testing. As Hal waits outside, Carly expresses her displeasure of their newest lie. John explains that he had no choice and that it will actually work to their advantage-- Hal will be nice to Carly and they can meet whenever necessary an not draw suspicion. He tells Carly she needs to start exhibiting minor symptoms to make things believable. Later, Lisa overhears John dictating a memo regarding Carly's heart condition. She demands to know what is going on. When Hal and Carly return home, Carly faints in Hal's arms.

While Eddie, Margo, Jessica, Tom and Adam are waiting for Eddie's hearing to start, Nikki comes out of the courtroom upset. She explains that they found Matt guilty of all the charges. As Matt is lead away, he asks to speak to Nikki. When the guards agree, Matt takes Adam hostage.

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