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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 4, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, May 4, 1998

Julia dresses up as a surgeon to hide from a man who is looking for her. Jack want to know why the man was looking for her. Julia tells him that the man was a bill collector. Then tells Jack a wild story about having 7 siblings to support and needs money. Jack of course does not believe her story. Julia then tells him that she ran away and is hiding from her fiancé.

Eddie grabs hold of Matt and he releases Adam. Margo hugs Eddie and thanks him for saving her son's life. Margo and Tom try to get Adam to get up off the bench but he is too scared to move. Eddie talks to Adam and gets him to move. Margo tells Eddie that she will be back in time for his trial. But his trial starts as soon as she leaves. Eddie is convicted of robbery. Margo shows up as he is leaving the court room. Margo tells Tom that she has a plan to help Eddie. She then tells Tom that she wants Eddie to come and live with them.

Carly faints in front of Hal. Hal wants her to go to the hospital but she refuses. Hal wants to call Bob and have him come over and take a look at her but she says he is not her dr. He goes ahead and calls Bob. As soon as Hal leaves the room Carly sneaks onto the phone and calls John, who rushes over. Bob shows up and Carly tells him that she is fine and he may go. He looks at Carly and tells her she should go to the hospital. John shows up and examines Carly also and says she should go to the hospital.. Hal, Carly, Bob and John are in John's office when Hal receives a call about Adam. Bob and Hal go to see Adam. John immediately tells Carly that he wants to do a pregnancy test. Carly gets excited about the idea of being pregnant and now can get all the money. John gets a call from the lab saying they are backed up and the test will take longer to process. He says he will be right down.

Tuesday, May 5, 1998

Holden and Lily invite Fran and Marty over for dinner. As Fran is looking at a picture of Luke she lets slips that she has a little boy also. The couple has to quickly come up a story about the little boy being adopted. While Lily takes Fran up to see the nursery, Marty searches through the drawers and finds Lily pre-natal vitamins. Holden catches him and asks what is he doing. As soon as Lucinda arrives for the dinner Fran suddenly says she does not feel well and the couple leave. Outside the door Marty makes a call to David and tells him the mission was a success. In the morning Lily discovers that someone was rummaging through the drawers. She asks Holden about it and he tells her that the couple they had over last night is not who they are suppose to be.

Molly is getting a massage when Lucinda comes in. She asks Molly where the "list" is. Molly tells her she did not get it yet. David knocks on the door and Lucinda has to hide in the bathroom. David throws down his briefcase. After he leaves Molly notices the briefcase and finds the list. She notices that Lily is the one being followed. David surprises Molly with breakfast in bed.

John goes to the lab to get the test results. On the way to the lab he runs into Hal who demands to know the test results. John tells him they are not done yet and Hal goes to wait with Carly. Barbara shows up at John's office looking for John. Carly tells her that John is not there. Barbara then has a few words with Carly who suddenly starts hyperventilating. Hal shows up and calms Carly down. John finally comes back to his office and Barbara asks him to go look at his car. John tells Carly that he would like to admit her overnight for observation. Hal takes Barbara home. John gives Carly the test results. She IS pregnant. When Hal comes to pick up Carly, she is just about to tell Hal the good news when Hal says he has done some reading up on her medical condition and they can not have a baby right now.

Wednesday, May 6, 1998

Holden and Lily discover that their wedding picture is gone. Holden tells Lily that he had the Bailey's checked out and that there is nobody with that name in their Lamaze class or a patient of Dr Samuels. Lucinda stops by their house and Holden tell Lucinda about the Bailey's. Lucinda and Holden go to Molly's room. Holden demands David to call off the Baileys. David insists that he does not know what they are talking about. Lucinda got a hold of David's briefcase and they searched it. But they find nothing. Emma comes over to Lily's. Lily thinks the Baileys may have planted a bug in the house. Luke calls out and Emma and Lily go to him. They discover that his favorite stuffed animal has been torn apart. Lily goes to take a prenatal vitamin and instead finds a tranquilizer.

Carly tells Hal that she is pregnant. Hal is not happy about the news. He says it is too dangerous for someone with a heart condition like hers to have a baby. Carly calls John and wants him to come talk to Hal. John tries to tell Hal that Carly can have a normal pregnancy. Hal tells John that he does not trust him. Carly tells John that the baby has to be born by Dec 31st.

Barbara is suspicious about why John is in such a good mood. She tells John that she thinks something is going on between him and Carly. After John is called away Barbara calls Fashions and has Carly's old employ file faxed to her house. She then calls the hospital pretending to be Carly and finds out the Carly is pregnant.

Tom and Margo talk about Eddie moving in with them. Tom does not what him to. Adam wants to know if he can go see Eddie. Margo tells Adam that Eddie was convicted of robbery. Tom tells Adam they can go see Eddie. Adam thanks Eddie for saving his life and gives him some comic books.

Thursday, May 7, 1998

Margo tries to convince Tom that they are Eddie's last chance. Tom finally agrees and together they tell Eddie they are willing to let him live with them for six months. Eddie wants to know what the catch is. Margo tells him there is no catch. All he has to do is get a job and stay out of trouble while he is on probation. But, Tom warns Eddie that he will only get one chance.

Ben and Camille visit Jack in the hospital. They tell him about all the commotion going on in the hospital. Apparently a wealthy Prince is searching for his fiancée and he thinks she may be there. When Julia tells Jack she's leaving Chicago, Jack realizes that Julia is the "missing" fiancée and he offers to help her evade the Prince.

Andy and Nikki set up for Camille's photo shoot. Sara Ruth arrives to cheer on her daughter. Camille, already feeling uncomfortable, is offended when the photographer makes a comment about her breasts. Camille wants to walk off the shoot, but Ben and Sara Ruth convince her not to.

John is appalled to learn about Carly's deadline and refuses to risk a child's life for money. Hal arrives to take his wife home. While at home Hal tries to convince Carly that giving birth is too big of a risk, but Carly convinces Hal that everything will be okay. Meanwhile, John rushes to Lisa and frantically begs her to convince Carly to forget about inducing labor early. Not convinced that Lisa was able to reach Carly, John shows up on Carly's doorstep. He warns Carly "carry the baby to full term or I'll tell Hal everything."

Friday, May 8, 1998

Julia explains to Jack how she became the Prince's fiancée and why she doesn't want to marry him. Jack tells Julia he can help her evade the Prince, but he'll need to check out of the hospital. Julia tells him no way. Jack finally agrees to stay in the hospital and makes arrangements with one of his contacts to hide Julia. Later, Julia overhears Jack informing to the Prince he knows the whereabouts of his fiancée and it will cost him to find out where she is.

Camille leaves Andy and Nikki her limo. Andy asks Nikki to join him for a night on the town. After pizza and dancing, they share a kiss.

Molly continues to pester David to let her in on his plan for Lily. When Holden and Lucinda arrive at the Falcon Club for dinner, Holden takes the opportunity to warn Molly about David. Later, Molly tells Lucinda that David had nothing to do with the Baileys.

Kim informs Lily that an anonymous party has offered to buy WOAK. Lily knows it's David and refuses to sell. Hal arrives to seek Kim's advice about Carly's heart condition. When a frightened Lily receives a crank phone call, she asks for Hal's help and tells him about all the strange things that have been happening lately. Barbara stops by to see Kim. She tells Kim that she knows for a fact that Carly doesn't have a heart condition. When Barbara tells Kim she can't stand the fact that Carly has involved John in her scheme, Kim questions why she cares. Later, Hal informs Lily that Mr. Bailey has a rap sheet a mile long.

John continues to plead with Carly to carry the baby to full term. He begs her to remember what it was like when she lost Nora and he tearfully tells her how he would give all the money in the world if he could hold his son again. Nevertheless, Carly insists the baby has to be born by December 31 to collect the money. John tells her he has no choice but to tell Hal everything. Carly tells John, "Blab to Hal and I'll destroy you." When Hal comes home and finds John there he wants to know what is going on. Carly says she will explain when John leaves, but John tells Carly, "I'm not leaving. We're not done here yet."

While at the Falcon Club, Holden watches a disturbing news broadcast reporting a tragedy involving Lily Snyder. He grabs Lucinda's hand and informs her they have to get to WOAK fast because something has happened to Lily.



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