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Port Charles Recaps: The week of May 4, 1998 on PC
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Monday, May 4, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Marguerite Czajka

Julie finds out that Lark was the one who told the police she killed her dad, and Julie vows to kill Lark. She's in the courtroom with Scott and Frank and rants a little before court begins. Scott asks for bail, given Lark's false accusation. The judge sets bail at $1 million. Julie protests she doesn't have it - just then Nicole comes in and offers to pay. Julie is very happy to see her. Later, at home, Julie and Nicole talk about their love/hate feelings for Bennett. Lark comes in with a big bunch of flowers to welcome Julie home and apologize. Julie says Lark must really have hated her to do what she did and says things are going to be different from now on. Lark looks apprehensive. Later, after dark, Frank comes home and after looking around, shoots up in the kitchen. Julie and Nicole come in right after he finishes. They talk about dinner and Julie says how she won't have any more dinners or holidays with her Dad. Lark comes in and asks about dinner. Lark offers to run to the store for what they need. Nicole wants a pen to make a list, and Julie finds hers from her dad - it wasn't the murder weapon after all!

Lucy comes in with Bennett's mail - Kevin asks about it. Lucy claims she took the mail as part of her civic duty. Kevin asks if that's according to Lucy Logic. She retorts that someone has to get Julie out of jail. The mail shows that Devlin had hired a PI to dig up dirt on Eve. Kevin thinks that's natural since Eve was suing Devlin. They argue about Eve - Kevin defends Eve, Lucy says she's trying to save Scott. Kevin concludes that Lucy is just jealous. Ellen arrives and Lucy takes her purloined mail off to another room. Ellen told Kevin about the job offer and admits she's afraid of making a mistake. She asks if he's ever been attracted to someone he's supervised. He thinks it happens to everyone and guesses that she's talking about Matt. She admits she is and that she's afraid of losing someone she loves again - like she did her husband. Kevin points out that by leaving, she's losing anyway. Kevin gets her to think about what would be worse - losing Matt or the job. Ellen decides she knows what she wants and leaves to go see Matt. Lucy gets the PI to come over. He didn't find much dirt on her except some unsubstantiated rumors about Eve working for an escort service. Lucy leaps on this bit of news. Kevin questions whether Lucy really wants to be the bearer of bad news to Scott.

Matt, posing as Chris, calls about getting his credit report. Grace arrives and he hangs up. She notices he's distracted and he says it's because of the murder. He thinks Chris was involved somehow with Devlin. Grace is dishing out Chinese food and spills it on herself - she went to jump in the shower. Matt told her to feel free to wear some of his clothes. (Okay all you psychic viewers - can you guess where this is going??) Ellen arrives and just then Grace comes out wearing only a shirt and complaining she couldn't find any sweat pants. Ellen apologizes for intruding and they tell her what happened and invite her in. She declines, saying she just came by to tell him that she's taking the job. She leaves.

Scott and Eve talk to Lee about Eve's dismissal. The hospital is willing to reinstate her (with back pay) in return for dropping the harassment suit. Eve hugs Lee, then Scott, then Chris (the last making Scott look perturbed). Eve signs some papers about the deal with a cheap pen. Chris asks Eve where the expensive one Devlin gave her is - she doesn't know. Scott looks suspicious about the pen.

Tuesday, May 5, 1998

While going through Victor's jacket, Kevin found a photo of a himself and Ryan as young boys as well as a photo of a woman that Victor had pretended to destroy. Seeing the photos led Kevin to hear a calliope tune and he once again flashed on the vision of a knife. Kevin spoke with Gail and was hesitant to keep dredging up the past, but Gail convinced him to keep moving forward. Later, Victor finally agreed to help Kevin in his quest for the truth. Scott questioned Eve about the pen that Bennett had given her that she had subsequently lost. Scott then told Eve that the pen used to kill Bennett did not belong to Julie. Eve realized that Scott thought she had used her pen to kill Bennett and said that anyone in the Scanlon household could have had access to it. Eve became angry over Scott's suspicions and relentless questioning and said that she no longer wanted to see him unless he could trust her. Ellen told the interns that she was leaving General Hospital to take the position in San Diego and the interns were surprised at how attached they had become to Ellen. Dr. May then took over Ellen's duties with the interns. Meanwhile, Joe and Karen developed a special attachment to a young cancer patient, Neil, at the hospital.

At the coffeehouse, Devon spilled his drink. Kay approached him and asked if he needed a hand. Devon said he was just clumsy. Kay offered to help Devon if he ever needed a hand.

Wednesday, May 6, 1998

Victor told Kevin that he had once had an affair with a woman named Marsha, who was the best friend of Kevin's mother. Victor went on to say that Kevin's mother had found out about the affair and had confronted Victor and Marsha on the day of the ill-fated picnic. Victor said that Marsha had fallen over a cliff after being confronted by Kevin's mother and that Marsha had then drowned. Victor then admitted that Kevin and Ryan had witnessed the event and tried to justify his actions to an angry Kevin. Although Victor claimed that Marsha's death was an accident, Kevin later learned that her death was still listed as being an unsolved murder. Kevin wanted to tell the police what Victor had told him, but feared for his father. Kevin spoke with Lucy and remembered that he had also gone to a circus on the day of the picnic. Kevin told Lucy about his vision of a hand holding a knife and about hearing calliope music in his head. Kevin then scared Lucy when he said the music was exactly the same as the music that was playing when Ryan died and Kevin was convinced that all these events were connected. Scott tried to convince Dara to drop her case against Julie, but Dara refused. Lucy then arrived at Scott's and said that Scott couldn't go on protecting Eve at Julie's expense. Lucy was then delighted to learn that Scott and Eve had broken up. Meanwhile, Nicole told Julie that she had to return to Chicago and Frank promised Nicole that he would take care of Julie. Later, at the hospital, Julie overheard a woman telling Dr. May to keep Julie away from the patients. Dr. May assured Julie that they could work something out and Eve tried to cheer Julie up and told her not to listen to gossip. Later, Julie learned that the Grand Jury had decided to indict her for murder. Joe and Karen made plans for Dr. May's upcoming circus themed fund-raiser at the hospital.

Thursday, May 7, 1998

Eve makes sure Scotty knows she has a hot date with a new guy, then enlists Chris' help in her scheme to make him jealous. Frank continues to secretly inject himself with high doses of the nerve regeneration drug. As Ellen packs for her move to San Diego, Alice tries to convince her daughter to change her plans and stay in Port Charles. At the hospital, Frank boasts to an appalled Karen how he broke up a fight by punching out one of the combatants. When Frank suddenly begins coming on to her, Karen grows uncomfortable but decides not to mention the incident to Joe. Matt presses Ellen for the truth about her feelings for him. After an unlabeled vial rolls out of Frank's pocket, Grace cautions her friend against the temptation among health care workers to self-medicate. Ellen tearfully confesses to Matt how deeply she cares for him. Later, Ellen and Matt begin to give in to their passion. Too lonely for Scott, Eve cuts short her dinner with Chris and shows up dripping wet on his doorstep. A sexually aggressive Frank surprises Julie.

Friday, May 8, 1998

Ellen admits to Matt how for a long time she believed that making love with another man would be a kind of betrayal of her late husband. Insisting she's ready at last to move on, Ellen is pleased when Matt explains that his spinal cord injury did not affect his sexual capabilities. Kevin again pressures Victor for the truth about Marsha's death on Jasmine Island. Eve is annoyed to learn that Lucy has been prying into her past. Following a session of wild sex on the kitchen floor, Frank attempts to convince Julie to continue the party out on the town, then storms out of the house when she refuses. Lucy pushes Eve to confess to murder but only earns herself the bum's rush from Scotty. Later, Scotty promises Eve that there's nothing Lucy can do or say which will change the way he feels about her. Frank flies into a rage when he overhears his brother expressing doubts about Julie's innocence. Matt and Ellen make love for the first time. Afterwards, Ellen thanks Matt for bringing light back into her life. Karen is forced to step in and separate the Scanlon brothers when Frank and Joe begin throwing punches. Victor told a stunned Kevin that he and his twin brother killed Marsha.

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