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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 7, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, December 7, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Patty Bighi

Camille bails Brad out of jail and when Jack finds out, he is not too happy. Sara Ruth comes to the jail to talk Camille out of it, but it's too late. Camille tries to talk Jack into being nice with Brad, but he says no way. She then tells him that Brad told her that their mom killed their father and not Brad, but Jack doesn't buy it. Later when Jack confronts Brad, Brad denies it and says that Camille is lying so that Jack will feel sympathy for him. Brad leaves and Camille follows him.

Molly & Carly finally let Lisa & John out of the supplies room. Lisa is on to Carly and Molly tells her it will take alot more than that to get Lisa to sleep with John so Carly can prove he's an adulterer.

Lily & Holden go to an out of town doctor to check out Hope and while there, Lily runs into the nanny that has been taking care of "baby." The nanny says that the baby's name is Melinda and that her parents are very nice but that right now the dad is sick. Later, the doctor calles the Snyder's in and when the nany hears their name she runs out. Lily is curious.

Tuesday, December 8, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Patty Bighi

Carly & Molly go to Java and Carly decides she wants to start using her money and what better way to start than building a house. Molly decides that since Carly needs a builder and Brad needs a job, they should all discuss it. As usually, Carly & Brad argue, but Carly realizes that Jack might not like the idea of her working with Brad and instantly hires him.

After Sara Ruth arrives at Brad's, she asks him to leave and she tries to convince Camille to let Brad go. Camille tells her that she loves Ben but she also loves Brad. Camille says that all white men want from black women is one thing. Camille tells her she's just angry because her father left them and then asks her mother to tell her about her father. Sara Ruth says that her dad was wonderful and very romantic until she found out that Sara Ruth was pregnant and then the next thing she knew, he skipped town. Camille tells her that not all men are like that.

Jack calls his mom to ask her the truth about the night his father died, but can't quite get around to ask the question. He invites his mother to come to town but she says that she and Frank are "leaving to Turkey in ten days." She tells Jack to get along with Brad and hangs up. Then, she pours herself a drink. Jack doesn't believe Brad's story.

Lily goes to the house where Melinda and her nanny are at. It seems the nanny took the wrong diaper bag. While there, the nanny sweeps the newspaper article about Lily under the table. Lily asks her for some advice on Hope while the mysterious stranger looks on. Later, the stranger tells the nanny to get rid of them. Lily cuts her hand and the nanny goes to get a band aid. Then, Holden and Hope come into the house. The nanny finally gets rid of them and tells the stranger that the Snyder's seem like nice people. He then crumbles up the article of Lily.

Jack and Julia go to Holden and Lily's house to tell them that the ransom money has been discovered. Holden tries to tell Jack that Molly and Brad have probably not been in contact with David and Jack wonders why he is defending Molly. Later, Julia asks Holden about Jack's mother and Jack gets upset.

Wednesday, December 9, 1998

Margo and Andy arrive on John's doorstep with copies of the Argus in hand to confront John about his marriage. When Camille collapses, Ben orders Brad away and takes over. Emily spies Eddie and Katie at the park and asks the teen if Eddie is bothering her. Instead she gets an earful from Katie, who lashes out at her for wrecking Margo's marriage. Eddie taunts Emily about her pinning the blame on him for her mugging, then sidesteps Katie's curiosity about Emily's reference to his "record."

Carly leaves so Margo and Andy can talk about their new stepmother. They turn their ire to their father instead. Camille comes to and doesn't want any medical attention. Brad looks on in frustration. Margo is especially critical of John's behavior and Andy deduces that she's really angry at Tom. Bob reins in an anxious Ben and after checking out Camille, attributes her collapse to stress and low blood sugar. Brad dismisses Molly's attention, but as soon as he gets rid of her, Carly arrives wanting to discuss house plans.

At Adam's behest, Tom stays to fix the computer, and sees a file on James Stenbeck. Margo arrives and accuses him of snooping. Brad is frazzled when Molly reappears with matching ice cream sundaes. Eddie can't believe his bad luck when he and Katie go to Java, only to see Emily again. Eddie's old boss there gives him a hard time when he orders drinks. When Eddie discovers he's short on cash, the boss refuses to budge, so he changes his order.

Katie applauds Andy as a "romantic" for giving up his teaching job for Nikki. When a customer reports being robbed of her $50, the boss accuses Eddie of being the culprit. Emily looks on in satisfaction.

Molly is irked when Carly and Brad ignore her. Carly pulls her aside and tells her she's acting like a jealous girlfriend. Molly then calls John and rats on her cousin's whereabouts. Margo walks out on Tom's umpteenth apology about Emily.

Java's boss asks Emily to back up the fact of Eddie's unsavory past. Andy challenges her to tell the truth about her mugging. Brad is drawn in by Carly's plans for the nursery to lavish "Joe" and tells her she'll be a good mother. John arrives on the scene and promptly escorts Carly out. Camille asks Ben to stay with her and cuddle in front of the TV but Ben thinks her rest is more important.

Katie defends Eddie and the owner accuses her of being his accomplice. Andy pulls Emily aside and urges her to confess the truth--that she was never mugged at all. Margo walks in on the heels of this revelation and is shocked.

Carly figures out that Molly was the one who snitched to John about her and yells at her cousin as John takes her away. Molly finds Brad's apartment now empty. Camille hurries to the door, thinking Ben has come back, but finds Brad instead.

Thursday, December 10, 1998

Brad can't help but stop by to see Camille. Brad tries to hide it when he notices Camille is losing some of her hair. However, Camille is aware of it and thanks Brad for caring about her. As Camille and Brad share a close moment, Camille receives a phone call from Ben. When she hangs up from talking with Ben, she turns to find Brad gone.

Katie finds the missing money wadded up in a napkin and lying on the floor proving to everyone that Eddie's not a thief. Later, back at the apartment, Georgia warns Eddie that he should tell Katie the truth about his college status.

Margo is furious when she overhears Andy and Emily discussing the mugging. She confronts Emily about her lies and threatens to have her arrested. As Emily rushes out, Margo expresses her bitter disappointment to Andy, asking why he did nothing to stop Emily and help save her marriage with Tom. Andy tries to explain AA's silent code, but Margo continues to verbally lash out at her brother. Meanwhile, Emily begs her mother to help her cover up her lies about the mugging. Knowing that it was probably Susan Andy overheard talking at the AA meeting, she goes to Susan to get the truth. Susan confesses, in front of Emily, that Emily's wounds were obviously self-inflicted.

A despondent Andy returns home only to receive more bad news in the form of a "Dear John" letter from Nikki. Molly tries to comfort him, but Andy leaves, returning home later with a bottle of vodka.

Friday, December 11, 1998

Andy's stare-down contest with the bottle of vodka is interrupted by Molly. Georgia is confused when Eddie tells her she wasn't part of the plan. Susan admits to Margo that when she treated Emily's wounds, she could see they were self-inflicted. Emily's only response after Margo storms out is hysterical laughter. Georgia is disappointed when Eddie asks for her friendship--he wants some insight on the female psyche. Eddie panics when he realizes Katie picked up his notebook with his college application inside.

Tom worries when Katie relates the events at Java to him. Emily begins smashing things. Alison stands in the doorway crying. Molly becomes convinced that what Andy is hiding behind his back is a Christmas present for her. Their playful hide and seek turns into a kiss. Eddie is critical of himself, worrying that he's just as phony as he's accused Emily of being. He hurries to find Katie and be honest with her about himself before it's too late. Margo fills in Katie about Emily's misdeeds and worries to her sis that Eddie never gets a break, not even with his starting school next semester...Susan comforts Alison as an upset Emily walks out. Katie asks Georgia why she lied about Eddie.

Margo tells a stunned Eddie that Emily faked her mugging entirely. Molly backs away from Andy's kiss, citing his being on the rebound and their being roommates. Andy confesses that he feels like he let his family down, because he stood by while Margo's marriage fell apart. He won't tell her any more than that, however. Katie tells Georgia she doesn't understand why Georgia would go along with Eddie's lie about going to college.

Tom is puzzled by Emily's repeated insistence that she wasn't going to be a victim anymore. He becomes enraged when she finally tells him that she faked the mugging before Eddie could destroy her and Tom. How do you live with yourself? Tom queries.

Katie criticizes Georgia for having such a low opinion of her, that she would believe Katie was such a snob. Eddie had his reasons for lying, Georgia insists. For her part, Katie promises not to mention her knowledge to Eddie.

When Eddie suggests revenge on Emily, Margo urges him to move on. Margo refuses Eddie's suggestion that they seek out Tom, to tell him about Emily--if Tom can't see through her victim act, Margo doesn't want him in her life.

Tom refuses to listen to Emily's explanations and disengages himself from Emily's clinging. Andy calls and leaves a message with his AA sponsor. Believing he has "nothing" in his life, Andy downs the vodka with deliberation.

Margo lets in a somber Tom. Emily finds Eddie on her doorstep.

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