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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of December 14, 1998 on ATWT
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Monday, December 14, 1998

Lily is at the clinic and hears a nurse talking to Rita, whom she had met the day before. The nurse puts Rita on hold to go look up something in the next room. Lily picks up the phone to say Hi to Rita and Rita is very cold to her. Lily doesn't understand why she is acting that way. Rita asks Lily to put the nurse back on the phone. The nurse walks in and Lily hands her the phone. Lily tells Holden how Rita had acted and Holden dismisses it saying that maybe she was having a bad day. The doctor comes in and asks Lily and Holden and the baby to come into his office. He tells them that the test look good and there is nothing serious to be concerned with. He tells them that Hope's brain appeared to be smaller than usual, but it was nothing to be concerned about. They are happy and head back to Oakdale to do some Christmas shopping.

Molly is walking through the mall and trying to call Andy on her cell phone. She is worried about him since Nikki broke up with him. He is not answering so she hangs up and calls a camera man over and gives him some direction about getting shots for her "In Your Face" program. She sees Carly at a jewelry counter and walks up to her. Carly asks how she likes the brooch she is holding. Molly loves it. Carly tells the sales person to send it to an address anonymously. Molly has misunderstood and tells Carly that she doesn't have to send it to her house, she will take it with her and promise not to open it before Christmas. Carly tells her that she misunderstood her, the brooch is not for her. Carly tells her that she hopes someday that she will be able to buy presents like that for her. Carly tells Molly that she is going to a clinic in Groverton to see a doctor about inducing her labor early. She wants Molly to come with her. Molly tells her she can't because she is doing the "In Your Face" program. Molly tells her that she needs to check up on Andy and she tells Carly about Andy having a bad day with Nikki breaking up with him. Carly says for her to tell Andy that he is better off not having that girl around. Carly leaves and Molly spots the cutest little baby. She goes over to the mother and starts to tell her about her show that will be airing later and she would love to take some shots of her baby. (The woman is Rita and the real baby Hope.) The woman tells her that she doesn't think that is such a good idea. She tries to walk away and Molly stops her and tries to tell her about the program and she starts to digress, saying that the baby reminds her of her own child that she had to give away when she was younger. Molly tells her how much she looks like her daughter and her daughter looked so much like her father. The woman runs away from Molly. The camera man tells Molly that there are a lot more babies at the mall. Molly whines to him, "But I want that baby."

Emily is in her apartment, sitting on the floor and clutching the drapes, crying her eyes out over Tom. There is a knock at the door and she leaps to her feet saying "Tom" as she opens the door. Eddie is standing in the doorway. He pushes his way in and slams the door behind him. Emily goes for the phone and he rips the phone out of the wall. He tells her that he has heard that other people now know that she set him up for her mugging. She tries to tell him that a little information has been misconstrued. She tells him that it is like when you play telephones, you start something at one end and by the time it gets to the other end the message is all messed up. He tells her what a little liar she is and she tells him to get out. She threatens to call the police but he has ripped the phone out of the wall. Eddie tells her that anything could happen to her now and no one would believe her. As he is threatening her, she sees her cell phone across the room. She runs to it and tells Eddie that she is going to call the police. He tells her to go ahead, no one will believe anything that she says now. She says to him that Tom still cares and she starts to dial the phone.

Margo and Tom are having a heart to heart about what has happened to them the last few months. Tom tells Margo that he knows that Emily is nothing but a liar. He tries to explain to her how she made him feel. Just like Margo had said that Eddie made her feel alive, he wanted to feel that way, too. So, he turned to Emily, which now he knows was the biggest mistake of his life. As they are talking the phone rings. Margo answers it and Emily is on the line asking to speak to Tom. She tells Margo it is an emergency and she needs to talk to Tom, NOW! Margo holds the phone to Tom and says that Emily needs to speak to him. He says that he doesn't want to talk to her. Margo says that it is an emergency. Reluctantly, he takes the phone. Emily tells him that Eddie is at her house and is threatening her. Tom tells her that he is not coming over and she will have to deal with it herself. She says that she is locked in the bathroom and he could break down the door at anytime. Tom tells her to call the police if she is having a problem and he hangs up the phone. He turns to Margo and says that he knows that he has made some big mistakes and he is very sorry and would she please find it in her heart for forgive him.

Back at Emily's apartment, Eddie is having a good time. He is laughing at Emily telling her that nobody cares. She grabs him by the collar and tells him that he does not know who he is dealing with. He looks at her and says, "oooh." He says to her who broke down the door? Emily did. Who ripped the phone out of the wall? Emily did. He tells her that no one is going to believe anything she says anymore. He says that she has lost everything, including Tom and he leaves.

Lisa is walking into the mall and goes to the jewelry counter and tells the sales clerk that she had received a brooch without a name of the person who sent it. The clerk explained that the person who sent it wished to remain anonymous. Lisa sees John Dixon walk in and she says that she may have her answer. She walks up to John and tries to give him the brooch back. He tells her that he would like to take the credit, but he didn't give her the brooch. She wonders who could have sent it and he suggests it may be one of the many admirers.

Carly meets with the doctor at the clinic in Groverton. She tells him that she may need to have her labor induced because she thinks that she will go over her due date. The doctor tells her that most new mothers go over their due date. She tries to tell him how important it is that she have this child by a certain date. The doctor informs her that he can't do the inducing, it is against the law. She gets mad and tells him that she will have to find herself another doctor and he tells her good luck. He says that any reputable doctor will not perform the induction.

Lily and Holden are shopping in the mall and Holden tells her that he needs to leave for a little while to go get a special present. She tells him, "No appliances." After he is gone, Lily spots Rita with Melinda walking through the mall. She runs after her and tries to speak with her. Rita turns around and tells her that she doesn't know who she is and her name is not Rita. Lily is stunned and she reminds Rita that they had met at the clinic. Rita tells her that she has the wrong person and just leave her alone.

Tuesday, December 15, 1998

Molly goes to Andy's apartment to see if she can find him. She finds a bunch of empty bottles of booze. She wonders, out loud, where Andy could be. He answers her from the bedroom. He walks out holding his head. Molly asks him if AA frowned on drinking alcohol. He tells her that is cute. She starts to massage his head to make him feel better. She tells him that she has a court date later and she is making small talk. She tells him again how much she appreciates him letting her crash at his place and he says that she has told him that. She tells him how sorry she is that he had to go through so much the day before, the thing with his sister, the thing with Nikki and then the thing that happened between them. Andy looks at her puzzled and then he remembers and blurts out, "Oh God, I kissed you!!" Then he says that he is sorry. She says that it is OK. They give each other a little hug. Andy tells her that he is going to get cleaned up and then go to an AA meeting and try to get back on track. Molly goes into the other room and Andy makes a call to Nikki. A guy answers the phone and Andy asks for Nikki. The guy tells him that Nikki is asleep. Andy asks if he is her roommate and he says no, he is her boyfriend. Andy hangs up. Molly has been listening to the conversation. She walks up to Andy and he tells her he was calling the station to see if they needed him and she asks if they do need him. He says no and says that he is going to leave. She wants to know where he is going and he tells her that he is going to the AA meeting, remember?

Tom and Margo decide to spend Christmas together. The boys are listening to them at the top of the stairs. When Margo sees them, they come running downstairs and hug their parents. Margo tells them that their dad will only be there for Christmas, after the holiday he will be going back to the hotel. The boys want to know why. Margo says that they have a few more issues to work out. Margo tells them to go get their coats and they will go to the mall and do some Christmas shopping. The boys run upstairs, they are very happy. Margo looks at Tom and says that they made two people very happy and Tom says that three people are happy.

Emily is shopping at the mall. She sees "his and her" bathrobes. The sales clerk ask her if she would like to purchase them. She tells her she would and would she wrap the men's bathrobe. The sales clerk says that she will take care of that for her. Emily goes on shopping and from behind she hears someone say, "I hope you are not purchasing that for my son-in-law." It is Kim. She tells Emily that her efforts are going to waste. Margo and Tom are going to weather this storm and they will get back together. Emily says, "Is that right?" She reminds Kim that she is carrying Tom's baby. Kim says that she doesn't need to be reminded of that. She tells Emily that she is being tacky. Bob comes up and tries to break up the two women. Emily reminds Kim that it was tacky that Bob slept with her mother and that Kim slept with Bob when he was still married to Kim's sister. Kim looks at her and tells her to remember what she said. As they walk away, Emily says, under her breath, "I'll get Tom back, just watch."

Margo and Tom meet up with Kim and Bob in the mall. Casey and Adam come running up and Adam asks Kim and Bob if they have heard the good news. He tells them that his dad is moving back home. Margo says that he is moving back for the holidays. They say that is good news and Bob asks Tom to go with him to get some coffee. When they are alone, Bob tells Tom about him and Kim running into Emily. Tom says, "Great, just when everything is going better. I sure don't want to run into her."

Adam is looking at a shop window and Emily walks up and says HI to him. He says Hi back and she asks him if he has heard the latest Pearl Jam CD. Adam says that he is impressed. Emily says that she remembered that was one of his favorite groups and Adam says, "Like before you messed up my life?" He tells her that nobody likes Pearl Jam anymore unless they are old and he has a news flash for her, his dad is moving back in with them and his mom. He walks away and Emily looks worried.

Kim and Bob see Andy at the mall and try to talk to him. They ask him about Nikki and is she ready to come home for the holidays. Andy tells them that he doesn't know. They question him about that and he makes up some excuse about her schedule with exams. They tells him to make sure and spend some time with them over the holidays. Kim asks him if he is OK and he says that he is fine. He walks away and Kim asks Bob if he was acting strange.

Emily walks up to Margo and Tom and asks Tom about him moving back home. Margo wants to know since when that was any of her business. She says that she understands that Tom needs to keep up appearance for the boys' sake. She tells Tom that if he wants to stop by Christmas morning that she has something for him. He tells her that he will be with his family on Christmas morning. She tells him to have a Merry Christmas and she leaves. Tom turns to Margo to apologize and she walks away.

Molly sees Bob in the mall and tells him about Nikki breaking up with Andy. Bob goes to Kim and tells her that he found out why Andy was acting the way he was, he and Nikki broke up.

Lily is fretting about how oddly Rita was acting and she is worried about baby Melinda. She and Holden decide to go find where Rita and the baby live and check up on her. They go to the house and Rita looks out and sees them and has the housekeeper act like she is Melinda's mother. Rita and the mystery guy are hiding. The housekeeper tells Lily and Holden that she had to fire Rita. They tell her that they just wanted to make sure the baby was OK since Rita was acting so strange. After they leave, Rita gives the housekeeper a quick update on what is happening. The housekeeper says to let her know if she can help out again. Lily and Holden go back to the clinic to get copies of Hope's test for her records and Lily is still fretting about what bad nanny Rita turned out to be. Lily thinks that she should be reported.

Adam comes up to Margo and Tom and asks where Casey is and Margo says that he is sitting on Santa's lap. When they look over at Santa, Casey is no where to be found. Margo and Tom start yelling for Casey. Casey is in a store looking at some merchandise. Someone walks up behind him and he turns around and says, "Hi there!"

Wednesday, December 16, 1998

Camille leaves Brad a message that she's going to be late for his hearing, then relays to Ben the encouraging news from her doctor's appointment. Over her protests, he whisks her away. Molly and Brad celebrate the charges being dropped. Brad should consider himself lucky, Emma chides her nephew. Andy deflects Kim's attention away from the champagne he's carrying as he spots Margo looking frantically for Casey. Kim and Bob join in the search. Andy runs into Susan and worries that Emily is behind Casey's disappearance. Emily chats with Casey.

Ben leads Camille to a surprise shower in another part of the hospital, thrown together by matron of honor Julia. Jack and Brad go toe to toe outside the courtroom. Emma struggles to understand Jack's rage at Brad's always being let off the hook. Susan informs Andy of Emily's violent tendencies. Emily buys Casey a toy he was looking at and tells him of her impending motherhood, urging him to be a friend to her child.

Molly and Brad spend the last of their money on decorations for the courtyard. Margo orders the police to search for Emily's car as Emily shows up with Casey in tow. Camille is touched by the mustard seed necklace her fellow cancer patient Elaine gives her as a gift. She tells Ben that she has to leave the party--she's got a date with Brad.

Jack chides his brother for making Jack look bad. Both he and Brad are stunned when their mother arrives on the scene and tells "Jackie" to stop the arguing. Emily denies knowing Casey was lost as she is interrogated by everyone, including Susan. Tom follows Emily when she walks away and challenges her to look him in the eye. Sara Ruth disapproves, but Camille urges her not to ruin an otherwise-perfect day. He trusts her, Ben tells his fiancée. Julia offers to give Camille a ride--she promised Jack she'd meet him at the courthouse.

Jack and Brad's mom Dolores tells them she flew in from Oregon to spend the holidays with her sons. Everyone feels awkward when Jack and Brad's dad is mentioned. Brad learns that Jack was the one who invited her to come. Andy accepts the alcohol-laced eggnog that Brad gives him, ignoring Molly's warnings. Andy finds a message from Susan on his machine wondering why he missed the AA meeting. Molly is disturbed to see Andy opening a bottle of champagne.

Tom accuses Emily of taking Casey because she knew it would send Margo over the edge. She's not lying to him...this time, she claims. Dolores intuits that Brad stayed in Oakdale because of a woman. Camille and Julia arrive and Brad grows uncomfortable when Dolores asks them which one is Brad's girlfriend. Camille's engaged, Brad explains to his mom.

He can control his drinking, Andy insists--last night was an aberration. Kim worries about her son buying champagne, but Bob advises her to give her adult son some space. Tom assures Margo he'll get rid of Emily. Meanwhile, Emily is insisting to her mother that Tom is going to be a part of her and her child's life.

Molly urges Andy to turn to a friend since he's in trouble and declines to drink with him. Brad orders Jack not to grill their mom about their dad's death. Tom questions Casey about what happened but Casey conveys that Emily wanting to bring him back to his family--he was the one who wanted to stay and look at toys. Emily arranges to have a present given to her with a note saying it's from David.

Thursday, December 17, 1998

Due to CBS News coverage of the impeachment arguments for and against President Clinton and the attack on Iraq, As The World Turns was pre-empted. Coverage will resume on Friday where Wednesday's show concluded.

Friday, December 18, 1998

Dolores insists that Brad and Jack start acting like brothers, by going to dinner with her. Carly scares Lisa by making a threatening phone call to her with a disguised voice. Emily crows over the personal ad she had placed in the paper, begging David to leave her alone. Tom tells John to back off Emily--she didn't snatch John's grandson. A grateful Emily embraces Tom as Margo walks in. The Snyder brothers are tense en route to dinner--Brad warns Molly that she can bow out but she declines. Camille is shocked when Ben relays the good news--next week will be her last chemotherapy treatment. Emily's pleased when she observes Margo lighting into Tom for defending her.

Camille is stunned when Ben shares that he and Sara Ruth have joined forces to take care of some of the annoying details of their wedding. Julia tries to get Jack to see the truth of Brad's claims, but Jack will have none of it, and regrets having invited his mother. Carly's tete-a-tete with Molly in the ladies' room is interrupted by Dolores. Carly quickly maligns her, then is embarrassed when Molly belated introduces her as being Jack's mom. Carly turns on the charm but Dolores isn't fooled--Carly's not her Jackie's type, Dolores sniffs. Brad introduces his mother to Ben and Dolores tells Ben that when she first saw his fiance, she thought she'd be perfect for her Brad. Ben and Brad are quick to assure her that Camille's taken.

Emma and Dolores share a joyful reunion when she joins Brad, Molly, Jack and Julia at the table. Emma mentions having visited the grave of Brad and Jack's father recently and Dolores' response reveals that she hasn't visited it in several years. Brad jumps in that he hasn't been there recently, either.

Carly sneaks into Lisa's apartment and hides the video camera that she hopes will catch her husband in the act, congratulating herself at her handiwork. Lisa spots Carly outside her door and Carly fibs that she came because she wanted to talk to her. She then observes as Lisa plays her messages and hears the disguised voice again. Tom insists he will set boundaries. Margo picks up Emily's ringing cell phone, just as Emily hangs up from the pay phone down the hall. Margo sees the paperweight in Emily's bag inscribed "David and Emily" and drops it into Tom's hand.

Carly lets it drop to her husband about Lisa possibly being stalked and John runs off. Dolores steps on a few toes when she approves of Julia's Pennsylvania roots but not of her and Jack's having moved in together. John breaks into Lisa's when he gets no answer--she was taking a bath, she explains.

Emily claims to have found the paperweight on her doorstep, but Margo proclaims that Emily sent it to herself. Camille counsels Julia that it'll get better with Jack's mom over time, but she refuses to talk about the allegations Brad made. Lisa is pleased by John's concern, but tells him to go home to his wife. He wants to be right here, he affirms, and they embrace, as the camera records every moment.

Dolores calls her husband Frank and Julia overhears her begging Frank not to sue for a divorce. A peeping Carly is ecstatic that her plan is working so well. Tom promises Margo that Emily is on her own--he's not going to rescue her again. Returning home, Emily drops her keys and is startled by the man standing in front of her.

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