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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of November 13, 2000 on ATWT
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Monday, November 13, 2000

Isaac knocks on Ben's door and Curtis lets him in. Curtis has his bags packed and he is going to move in with another foster family. Curtis is very unhappy about this. And, he thinks that Ben has forgotten that he is moving out. Isaac tells him that Ben never forgets anything and he will be there to say goodbye. When Ben finally gets there, he has a surprise for Curtis. Ben tells Curtis that he got a three-month trial extension for him to stay with Ben. Curtis is very excited and goes to unpack his things. Isaac tells Ben that he is doing a good thing. Ben says that he prayed about it and in the eleventh hour, he had a peace come over him and he decided to keep Curtis a little longer. Isaac tells Ben that he is special and if he ever needs help with Curtis, just give him a call. Curtis comes out and gives Ben a beater to his mixer, one house shoe and a bottle of cologne. Ben asks what this is for and Curtis says that he took a few things so when Ben missed them; he would come looking for him. The three men laugh and Ben hugs Curtis.

Carly meets Jack at the boathouse and she tells him about Craig's new plan. Jack doesn't believe her because she has deceived him before. She tells him that the new plan that Craig has come up with will allow them to talk freely and she can help him catch Craig. Jack's phone rings and when he answers it, Julia is on the other end. She tells him that she was thinking that he should wrap up whatever he is doing and hurry home. Then she asks, "What are you doing, anyway." He looks at Carly and says, "Police business." She tells him that she is waiting and she hangs up the phone. Carly tells Jack that Craig has an envelope with his name on it. She says that Craig is confiscating his mail. She says to prove her loyalty; she will get the envelope for him. Jack says that she has made a lot of noise about being trustworthy and she had better come through. She suggests that they meet in the boathouse every night. He says, "Not every night." He tells her to get the envelope and if he can, he will try to make it happen. She holds out the compass and says that this old relic came through for them. She adds that it shows true North, where the heart lies. Jack looks away and then leaves. Carly walks out the door and clasps the compass close to her chest. She says, "Jack, this is just the beginning."

When Jack gets home, Julia is waiting up for him and she walks up behind him. When he turns to her, she pops a cigar in his mouth. She says that she loves a man with a cigar in his mouth, but he will have to wait nine months to smoke it. Jack says, "What, are you...? She says, "Yes, I am pregnant with your child." They hug and Jack says, "That's great." He doesn't look very pleased.

Kim is up and it is late. She is waiting and worrying about Andy. Andy walks in the door and he can't believe that his mother is still up. He tells her that he just attended back-to-back AA meetings and he just doesn't have any touchy-feely left in him. She makes him sit and tries to talk to him about his problems. She tells him that he almost took a drink, but he didn't, he was strong and went to the meeting. Andy tells her that he doesn't feel like a hero. He adds that almost everyone that he knows isn't talking to him and he does not have a wife any more. Kim tells him that he needs to concentrate on himself and make himself stronger so he doesn't need a cane to walk with anymore. Andy throws the cane across the floor and tells his mother that it is not about his legs, it is about his head. He is sick in the head. She tells him to work on it. He says that it isn't going to happen this moment and he gets up and stumbles a little. He tells her that he is going to go to bed. He uses the counter to walk and Kim picks up his cane and thrusts it at him. She is upset about the encounter that she and Andy has just had and Bob comes in and asks why is she still up. She tells him that she is worried about her son and she is worried about John. Bob says that the review board will investigate John and find out if he had anything to do with what Andy pulled on Ben. Kim tells Bob that he doesn't talk to Andy anymore and that is bothering him. Bob says that he will talk with Andy and get things straight. Kim is very upset and she leaves the kitchen. Bob lets out a sigh and shakes his head.

Molly is having another nightmare. She is flying through the air and then she hears Vicky call her name. She starts falling down toward water. She wakes up and she is wet and the room is wet and it is raining inside her room. She looks over at the door and Vicky is standing at the door. Molly reaches for the light and when she turns it on, Vicky disappears. Molly gets out of bed and she is very upset. She runs into the bathroom and grabs a bunch of towels. She tries to mop up the room with the towels. Then she hears a noise in the other room. She runs into the living room and sees an empty wheel chair and it is rolling across the room. Molly looks away and when she looks back, Vicky is sitting in the chair. Molly asks her what she wants? Vicky tries to speak, but nothing comes out. Molly begs her to tell her what she wants. Abigail runs into the room and turns the light on. Molly is crying and Abigail tries to calm her down. Molly tells her about her nightmare and she tells Abigail to go look at her room. Abigail goes into the bedroom and then comes out and says that she doesn't know what she is looking for. Molly runs into the room and the room is dry. Molly tells Abigail that she is not going crazy. She tells Abigail about being haunted by Vicky. At first, Abigail looks at her like she thinks she needs some help. Then she tells Molly that she doesn't believe in ghost, but she does believe in her. She says that Adam has been studying the paranormal and he has equipment that he can bring over and check the air with it. Molly doesn't want anyone to know about this, but Abigail tells her that Adam takes it serious and it will be OK. Molly is feeling better and the two go out into the living room. Molly stops abruptly and Abigail runs into her. Molly is terrified again and she points to the carpet. Abigail looks and there are two tracks on the carpet where wheels have gone across. Molly says, "Look, she was here. Vicky was here!"

Tuesday, November 14, 2000

Craig goes to Java Underground to see Bryant. Isaac comes out and sees the two talking, but doesn't let on that he and Craig are in business together. Isaac tells Craig that Bryant is doing a very good job. Then, Isaac sends Bryant downstairs to do something. After Bryant is gone, Craig thanks Isaac for not saying anything about them being partners. Isaac says that he doesn't feel like Craig is a partner, he feels more like Craig is the boss. Isaac reminds him that his son works for him and he has his valuables in his safe, so Craig had better watch how he treats him. Craig gives Isaac the stare. Bryant comes back upstairs and Craig says goodbye to him and leaves.

Holden goes to Lily's house to pick up Luke for school. Luke is so glad to see his dad. Lily sends him out to get his backpack and after Luke is gone, Lily reminds Holden that he is going to take the kids this weekend. Holden tells her that he can't, he has a horse show that he must attend. He tells her that now that he is back in the business, he has to attend these things. Lily tells him that they had planned it. Holden says that they could move it up a few days. What is the big deal? Lily just looks at him. Then Holden gets it. He realizes that Lily and Simon have plans, too. He tells Lily that he is not going to babysit the kids while she and Simon go off together. Luke runs in and Holden picks him up and leaves. Lily waves goodbye to Luke as they go.

Rose goes to the farm looking for Holden, but she runs into Emma. She and Rose have a heart to heart and Rose tells her how crazy she is about Holden. She tells Emma that she can't help it, she loves him. Holden shows up and Emma leaves. Holden, once again, tries to convince Rose that they can't be together. He tells her that it won't be the same as last summer. He adds that the big house and all the money is Lily's, not his. He lives on the farm where the air stinks and his hands are dirty all day. She stands up and says that she doesn't care. She loves him and she can't help it. She tells him that she knows that he feels a little something for her too. He gives her a funny look. She says that she knows because of the gloves. The work gloves that she gave him, he is using. She grabs his face and plants a big smooch on him. She tells him that there is more where that came from, but he knows that and she leaves. Holden takes the handle of the pitchfork he is holding and hits himself in the head with it.

Simon walks out into the garage and puts out the OPEN sign. He walks back by the car where he and Katie made love and sees that there is a blanket lying over the seat. He picks up the blanket and Katie is asleep underneath. He looks up and says, "What have I got myself into?" He puts the blanket back over Katie's head and leaves to get coffee. Katie takes the blanket off her face and looks around. When Simon comes back, she pretends to sleep and Simon puts his coffee cup by her face. Katie jumps and then says good morning. Simon asks her why she spent the night in the car. She makes up several excuses and then she comes clean. She tells Simon that Craig kicked her out. Lily walks in and Simon and Katie both look guilty. Katie says hi to Lily, but Lily is not impressed. Lily reminds Katie that she had known that Lily was missing for months and didn't tell anyone so she could get closer to her husband. Katie decides that it is time for her to go. She asks Simon if he could work on her car tomorrow, with a wink. Simon catches on, she is covering for him. After Katie leaves, Lily says that with all the mechanics in Oakdale, she has to come to him for service? Simon changes the subject and tells Lily that he can't wait to be alone with her this weekend. Lily breaks the bad news to Simon about Holden. Simon says that he can understand, he would probably do the same thing. Simon goes over to the door and puts out the CLOSED sign. He tells Lily that they don't have to wait to be together and he kisses her. Lily takes Simon's shirt off. Then they kiss. Simon takes Lily's top off and then unhooks her bra. Then they kiss some more. Katie is watching through the window. Katie leaves the two and goes to the diner and calls the INS. She asks them what it would take to keep someone in the country?

Wednesday, November 15, 2000

Simon pulls back from making love to Lily and admits he slept with someone after Craig's party. Lily surprises Simon when she says she'll get over it--if he tells her the woman's name. Katie asks Tom for legal advice on how to keep someone from being deported. Jennifer sees Bryant flirting with Ruby and is irked when Ruby assumes Jennifer is Bryant's little sister.

Tom tells Katie the best bet for her "friend" to stay in the U.S. is to marry a U.S. citizen. Simon tells Lily the woman's name isn't important and is angered by her lack of reaction to the news he hasn't been faithful. Lily insists she does care about him--too much to let him go.

Tom warns Katie about the penalties for marrying someone in bad faith, sensing she's thinking of marrying her "friend." But Kate revels in the possibility of being able to make a decision all by herself, without being controlled by Henry or Craig. Bryant blasts Jennifer for talking to her mother about them, revealing that Hal has threatened to charge him with statutory rape if they ever have sex. Jennifer blurts out that she talked to her mom because she wants to have sex with him. Pleased, Bryant promises her he'll make their night perfect, but their quiet moment is interrupted by Ruby.

Lily promises to talk to Lucinda about Simon's case with the INS. Katie boldly interrupts the two of them kissing and makes a crack about it being a "full-service" station. Tom tells a worried Margo he fears Katie is up to her old tricks. After Lily leaves, Katie teases Simon that she's found a way to keep him in the country.

Thursday, November 16, 2000

Katie goes to see Simon to tell him she found out a way to keep him in the country...marriage. She proposes to him and he tries to decline. She said that Tom told her marriage is the only way to keep him in the country. She also tells him that a justice of the peace can fit them in today, but Simon seems less than grateful for Katie's news.

Craig asks Carly about Winston. He also asks her if she ever wonders how he found out how he found out where she was. Carly said yes and she can't wait to find out how he found out because then it would give her a chance to get Jack back forever. Craig later looks at the envelope addressed to Jack which contains a picture on Julia and Winston. He decides to call Barbara and meet her for lunch to talk about the Julia and Winston picture.

Meanwhile Hal and Jen discuss the fact that Barbara went to Craig to discuss Jen and Bryant's sex life, or lack there of. Jen was very angry at her but Hal reassured her that Barbara loves her very much and is only trying to help. Jen said she wants to make her own decisions and Hal agreed so now they have to get Barbara to agree. However Barbara was waiting in the doorway and overheard everything. She said she is sorry and pretty much promised not to do it again and Jen went to school. Barb then apologized to Hal and he also apologized to her for being a jerk. He said he never meant to hurt her and she said no on ever hurt her like Hal and he apologized again and they agreed to work through things together. Then Barbara went to see Craig but told Hal she had earned to run. Later Hal went out to the Lakeview and told Jen he wanted to see Carly and tell her things with Parker were ok and to make sure she is staying out of trouble however he seems to have another agenda.

Lily and Lucinda discuss Simon and Lily wants Lucinda to help Simon stay in the country. Lucinda declines to help because she started the ball rolling on the deportation. Lily threatens to leave the country with Simon if she didn't agree to help however Lucinda still didn't cave however after lily left the house Lucinda wonders if maybe she was wrong.

Friday, November 17, 2000

Against Molly's wishes, Abigail told Adam about Molly's ghostly visions of Vicky at Jake's apartment. When Molly arrived home, she was upset to find the both of them there along with Adam's paranormal "ghost finding" equipment.

Jake met with Ben to discuss the possibility of Molly's visions possibly being related to her prior head injury. Ben suggested running a battery of tests on her. When Jake came home, he was skeptical of Adam's ghostly instruments, but Adam left his ghost meter in the apartment anyway. Molly was apprehensive when Jake informed her he had made an appointment for her with Ben to run tests, but agreed to go through with them. When she bent down to examine Adam's ghost meter, she was terrified to find the needle waving madly, which was supposed to indicate the presence of a ghost.

Katie went to Craig's apartment to retrieve the rest of her belongings and caught Carly rummaging through Craig's briefcase. While she was there, Carly received another visitor--Hal, who came to warn her not to come between Jack and Julia. She received a phone call from Jack while Hal was there but pretended to be talking to Molly. As Katie was leaving, she slyly informed Hal that his wife was having a cozy lunch downstairs with Craig.

Barbara and Craig had a very friendly lunch together at the Lakeview. She was surprised and delighted when Craig gave her the envelope containing the newspaper photo of Julia and Winston Lowe. Their lunch was interrupted when Hal walked up to the table and demanded to know what was going on.

At the farm, Emma was overjoyed to hear the news that Jack and Julia are expecting a baby. Jack was very distracted and excused himself to make a private phone call regarding police business. Julia walked up to him during the phone call and was alarmed to hear Carly's voice on the other end of the line.

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