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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 19, 2001 on ATWT
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Monday, March 19, 2001

Julia wakes up in the cab of Candi's truck just outside Chicago on the Edens Expressway. Candi advises her she was mumbling Jack's name while she slept. After Julia falls back asleep, Candi turns around and returns her to Jack in Oakdale. Bryant surprises Isaac when he repays the money he took plus interest. He's pleased to learn the charges were dropped and guesses that it's because of Isaac. He's unaware that Hal dropped them after Lucinda came through for him. Isaac offers to talk to the police to get the charges against him dropped. Hal takes great pleasure in handcuffing Craig and taking him to the station house where he is booked in front of an angry Barbara. When Cass arrives, Craig asks to talk with Lucinda and explains that the paper with her signature is real. He explains that she signed it for him when she was stuck in her wheelchair suffering from her stroke in Florida. Realizing he's right, Lucinda is forced to drop the charges. Holden pleases Rose when he decides to keep the kids at the farm. Lily calls and interrupts Rose's chat with Holden to explain that she's decided to come out of hiding and will be heading back to Oakdale. Rose struggles to hide her jealousy. Carly moves herself and Parker into Molly's old place and says a quiet thanks to Lucinda for the $25,000 check in payment for the paper she took from Craig's place. She then lights a candle in the window as a signal to Jack that she wants to see him.

Tuesday, March 20, 2001

Carly awoke on the couch and realized that Jack never showed up and she vowed that that was last time she would wait for him. Molly showed up to welcome Carly to her new home.

Jack demanded Julia to tell him why she ran away. Playing on Jack's emotions, Julia told him that she thought it was best if she were not around to make anymore mistakes. She felt the strain in their relationship and she thought Jack wanted her gone. But when Jack said he was worried, Julia felt hopeful they could work things out.

Hal went to Barbara's to talk to her only to find out from Jennifer that she had gone to see Paul for a couple of days. Hal surmised she went to tell him about her impending marriage to Craig. Jennifer was shocked.

At his suite, Craig got a phone call from his creditor asking him to meet him at St. Michael's church. Before he could find out why he wanted to meet him, the caller hung up. He desperately tried to trace the call to no avail and feared this could be the end.

Jennifer told Hal her mother is insane for wanting to marry Craig so soon, but Hal said he's not giving up on her mother and he will never stop caring about her. Hal left and Bryant showed up. Jen filled him on the news and the two left to find Craig.

Molly is concerned about Carly, but Carly said things are finally going to be over between her and Jack; She is done playing games and is tired of all the "Julia" excuses and had decided that she needs to move on. Molly told her, however, it's hard to give up on your true love.

Jack told Julia he pushed their relationship to hard in the beginning and that's why they have had so many problems and are so unhappy. But Julia fought back and said they still have a chance to make things right. Julia said because he was so worried about her when she was gone only proves he cares about her, but Jack didn't give in. Julia pleaded to let them try to work things out, then she turned and said their failing marriage is the result of Carly and, because of her, Jack has not been able to be true to Julia. Jack finally told Julia, that although he knows how many mistakes he has made, he doesn't love her anymore!

The autopsy results on Flashdance came in and the cause of death was an overdose of sleeping pills that were administered via the horse's food. Hal still suspected Craig.

Craig went to the church and, inside a confessional, he broke down and pleaded for the safety of his family and promised to have the money in one week. The man conceded and Craig, breathing a sigh of relief, left.

Julia slapped Jack and went into a rage blaming him for ruining their marriage. Jack tried to restrain her and told her he can't go on pretending anymore. He said it's time she find someone else who will care for her better than he can. Hal interrupted them and Julia ran upstairs.

Byrant and Jen confronted Craig about he and Barbara. Craig admitted that they will be getting married and Bryant told his father he makes him sick; he doesn't care about anyone but himself. Bryant vowed to Jen that he will stop the marriage.

Hal filled Jack in on the autopsy results and the duo tried to figure out what motive Craig would have to kill the horse. Jack thought maybe Craig is the beneficiary of a big insurance policy. Jack, realizing that sleeping pills were the cause of the horse's death, flashed back to Julia's open bottle of pills he found on the desk. After Hal left, Jack discovered that Julia's pills and the ones mentioned in the autopsy report were one and the same.

Hal got the insurance policy from Hong Kong and searched it for clues to the beneficiary.

Craig returned home to a message from Barbara saying she needs some more time to think about his proposal and she will be in touch soon. Craig sensed his time is running out.

Jack confronted Julia about Flashdance's death.

Wednesday, March 21, 2001

At the Airport:

Holden, Luke and Faith are at the airport to meet Lily. Luke told Holden that he forgot to bring the flowers they had for Lily. Rose runs up with the flowers, using that as an excuse to talk to Holden before Lily's plane landed. Rose wanted to know if she has a chance now that Lily is home, or does their friendship disappear now. They don't realize that Lily is close by listening, until Luke calls out "Mommy." Lily smiled at everyone and gave Holden a big hug, as Rose looks on with disappointment. Lily asks Rose for a favor; she would like to have time alone with her family. Rose leaves the airport. Lily is anxious to go home. Holden wants to know where home is. Lily told Holden she has so many things to tell him and she found out that everything she wanted and needed is right here. She asks Holden to take her home and also asks for him to forgive her for what she has done in the past few months.

Lily and Holden's house:

Holden, Lily and the kids get home. The kids go to their room to play. Holden is surprised that Lucinda didn't have a marching band to greet Lily. Lily told him that she wanted time alone with him so she didn't let Lucinda know when she was coming home. She said she had a present for him; it was a small cat carved out of wood. She told him she met a nice old man that made woodcarvings from driftwood. She talked to the man and told him about Holden, the kids and Simon. The man told her to go back to the beginning and see who is there. The man gave Lily the cat he made. She told Holden when he put it in her hand, she realized how much she missed him. Holden told Lily that he didn't think she was ever coming home. She wanted to know if it's because of Rose. Holden explains that Rose and Joe have been staying at the farm while Joe was recuperating. He told Lily that Rose is fun, kind and good. Lily wanted to know if he'd ever forgive her. He doesn't think there is anything to forgive because she didn't do anything on purpose. He said it's not about forgiveness; it's about trust. Lily wanted to know if he could trust her one more time. He told her he wants to say yes, but he doesn't know if he can. Holden said he didn't want to hurt her. She admits she was lost, but has found her way home and he is all she wants. She wants things to go back to the way they were and she'll spend the rest of her life making it up to him. Holden told her he couldn't promise her that his feelings of her are as they were before. She told Holden that she loves him and that he's the love of her life. She wanted to know if Holden has any love for her at all. Holden told her he loves her and always will, but he's a little lost right now. He doesn't know about their future. He told her he has to leave and kisses her on the cheek. Lily told him again that she loves him. As Holden leaves, Rose walks up to the house, without anyone seeing her.

Jack and Julia's house:

Jack wants answers from Julia about the death of the horse. She claims she knows nothing about it. Jack pressed the matter and points out that the drug that killed the horse was the same as the pills she was taking. He grabs Julia by the shoulders and continued to badger her until she confessed that she killed the horse. Jack wanted to know why. She told Jack that she killed the horse because of Carly. Jack asks why she would kill an innocent horse. Julia told him she poisoned the horse so that Carly would stay with Craig. If Carly were rich she'd leave Craig and go after Jack. She told Jack she didn't mean to kill the horse, she just wanted to do something that would make him less valuable. Jack forces Julia to tell him how she did it. He said he knew the number of pills she got from the doctor weren't enough to kill a horse. Julia doesn't want to tell him. If she doesn't tell him, Jack told her he'll have to give the case to Hal and began to dial the phone. Julia panics and told him she'll tell him what he wanted to know. She explained that she stole some of the prescription slips as she distracted her doctor. With the prescription slips, she bought more pills from several pharmacies. She told Jack that she did it for him, to protect him from Carly hurting him again. Jack told Julia that he is scared for her. Julia doesn't want Jack to arrest her. She promised she'd go to therapy three times a week. Jack is happy that she is willing to get help, but said he wants her to have full time care. She is angry that Jack wants to commit her. He described all the irrational things that she has done lately. He doesn't know what to expect from her anymore. He doesn't want her to go to jail; a hospital is the only way to keep her safe. Julia is upset about being committed. Jack told her he doesn't see any other way. She said she'd do anything for him, and agreed to go to the hospital. She gave him a big hug. As she looked over his shoulder, she had a strange look on her face.

Craig's Hotel Suite:

Craig looked at the picture of Lucy and Bryant. He again listens to Barbara's message on his answering machine. It angers him that she is gone and isn't there since he needs her money. Cass knocks at Craig's door and asked where he had been. Craig told him he met with someone that had a gun pointed at him. Cass told him to go to the police. Craig would like to but they would retaliate vigorously against his family. Cass has good news about Flashdance. The insurance company is ready to pay for his untimely death. Cass told Craig that the horse died of suspicious circumstances so the insurance company isn't willing to pay the original amount of the policy. The policy doesn't mention Craig's name so the money will go to Carly. Cass wants Craig to tell Carly of the trouble he is in and borrow money from her to get him out of trouble.

After visiting Carly, Craig returns home to finds his suite door ajar, and walks in cautiously. He sees a shadow and said he'll have it in a week. Margo steps out and told him she wanted to know what was going on. He acted like he didn't know what she was talking about. Margo told him she wanted the truth. She wanted to know how dirty he was.

Carly's apartment:

Hal has the autopsy report and told Carly her horse died of a drug overdose. Carly thinks it's funny. Hal is not amused by her antics. Hal told her that the insurance company wants to settle in her favor. Hal warned Carly of Craig. She asked why, since Craig is in jail for forgery. Hal told her that the charges didn't stick. Craig tricked Lucinda to sign the papers when she was recovering from a stroke. Carly told Hal she isn't giving any of her money to Craig. After Hal leaves, Carly smiles happily and thought about being rich and having enough money to buy a house for her and Parker. Her joy changes to disappointment that she can't share it with Jack.

Craig visits Carly. She told him to leave. He told her he'll go as soon as he figured out how much she owes him for all the things he's done for her, and he deserves a moment of her time. Craig wanted to talk about the deal they had about selling the horse. Carly told him the amount of insurance money is only a fraction of what they would have gotten from a live horse, and that she didn't think she owed him anything. Craig talked about Winston Lowe and admits that the deal he had with Winston was shady, but he trusted him. Craig told her that Winston victimized both of them. Trying to work on her sympathy, he told her that if she keeps all the money for herself, she's no better than Winston was. He told her that the insurance money is his last chance. Craig leaves.

Carly thinks about Jack telling her to put the candle in the window. She picked up the candleholder and throws it in the wastepaper basket. She looks at the autopsy papers and pats it with her hand, as she says, " my ticket to freedom, no one will ever own me again."

Thursday, March 23, 2001

Bryant reports to Gabe that the charges against him were dropped. He then asks for his help breaking up Craig and Barbara. When Barbara came home a saw Jennifer there, Jen confronted her about marrying Craig, and Barbara doesn't exactly know what to say so Jen helps her. When Jennifer calls Barbara stupid for believing that Craig loves her, Barbara slaps her across the face, which sends Jennifer out.

Mr. Yee explains to Carly that his insurance company won't give her the full amount for Flashdance's death until the complications are cleared up. He then hands her a check and Carly reacts to the six zeros attached to the dollar amount. Giving her the check, Mr. Yee explains that his company considers the case now closed.

Pressed by his sister for the truth, Craig advises Margo that he owes money and if he doesn't repay it by next week, his family will be killed. She asks him for details but he won't talk. She offers him whatever money she and Tom have saved but he won't take it. She then surmises that his interest in Barbara is purely financial and asks him about Carly. After leaving Craig's Margo decides to go pay Carly a visit.

When Rose finds Holden at the stables, he complains about her appearance at the airport and lets slip that Lily wants him back. He quickly reports that he is not going to be forced into making a decision by either her or her sister. He then confides that he likes Rose a lot and will not end things with her just because Lily's back. With Simon bartending at the Java Underground today, Rose calls Lily and asks her to meet her there in hopes that she'll get those two back together.

Friday, March 23, 2001

At Mabel's Diner, Jennifer informed Hal that she intended to move in with him if her mother decided to marry Craig Montgomery. Hal thought it was a bad idea and advised her to be patient and stay with her mom. Jen was upset at first but agreed to stay put for the time being.

Margo tried to convince Carly that the threats to Craig's daughter, Lucy, were very real and he was in dire need of the insurance money. Carly refused to believe her and maintained that Craig would do or say anything to get his hands on the money.

At the Lakeview, Barbara met Craig for drinks, unaware that Gabriel and Ruby were watching them closely. Craig was ecstatic when Barbara agreed to marry him, but his elation was shortlived when she informed him of her intention of having a prenuptial agreement drawn up before the wedding. Craig blamed her decision on Hal and when they argued, Barbara threatened to call off the whole thing. Furious and frustrated, Craig left the restaurant and returned to his suite where he broke down, unaware that Carly was watching.

Lien met Ben at Java Underground to discuss Curtis's adoption, and he introduced her to Isaac and Denise. Ben was shocked when Lien informed him that Curtis's father, Leo Thompson, whom he thought was dead, was actually alive and living in prison. Lien assured Ben that she would go to the prison herself to have Curtis's father sign the adoption papers.

Jake and Molly went to dinner at the Lakeview to discuss their wedding plans. Molly was dismayed when Jake suggested they get married at Mabel's Diner, the place of their first dance and first kiss. She eventually realized that he was joking and he laughingly told her she could have the wedding anyplace she wanted. Abigail was babysitting the girls and was amused when she received simultaneous phone calls from Molly and Jake checking up on them.

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