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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of July 29, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, July 29, 2002
by Andy

Hal carries Emily to the kitchen door and she opens it with her foot. Barbara smirks and says, "May I come in? I want to see my son." Emily jumps down, then freaks out. "You cannot just barge in here. This is not your home!" Hal tries to get in the middle and offers to set up a more organized visitation schedule. Babs isn't deterred and insists on seeing young Will. Emily quips, "And here I thought only spiders ate their young." Barbara takes a step forward, leans closer to Emily, and measures her words, "Are YOU going to stop me from seeing my son?" Emily says it's not up to her and looks at Hal. Em and Hal quickly talk things over, and Hal agrees to let Barbar visit with Will for a quick ten-minute conversation. Babs lets it slip that she now wants take Will home with her to sleep tonight. Hal nearly blows a gasket and nixes the idea, then goes upstairs to wake Will up. While he's gone, Emily makes some coffee. A reinvigorated Barbara sizes her up and spits, "You certainly have made yourself comfortable haven't you. It's gotta get old-having to live up to ME every day, in my house. In my bed!" Emily snaps back, "Changed the mattress!" Emily pushes back by repeating Hal's testimony that he thinks Barbara is damaged goods. "Why would anyone want to go back to that?" They talk about Will's welfare and Barbara says, "I would no more let you take care of my son, than I would send him out in traffic to play! I'm not worried Emily. You won't last. You never do. You can live off a man. You can take off a man. Within a year, you and little Daniel will be back living at your mom's." Emily calmly says, "Not gonna happen. I treasure this life we're building together." Barbara wants to wager Emily will fail. Just then, Will comes downstairs and gives his mom a big hug. Barbara lays a big bomb and asks Will directly if he wants to go on a big trip "to Hawaii or Europe." She says they could go look for Jennifer. Will is excited, but Hal says he and Barbara will have to discuss this later. Babs subtly asks for time alone with Will, and Hal and Em decide to get some air. Barbar hugs Will tight and says, "Don't you worry. I'm going to find a way for us to be together."

At the Java Café, Jessica implies to Jack that Barbara walked because of sloppy police work. This doesn't sit well with Jack. Jessica presses Jack to gather more evidence against Barbara, but he waffles because he needs James in order to strengthen the case. "You should have shut [the case] down when Barbara's confession was thrown out." He tells her she should do what she needs to do, "Just leave me out of it," then storms off.

In Craig's suite, Lucy and Rosanna negotiate the terms of Lucy's blackmail deal: Rosanna will stay quiet about Lucy's secret relationship with Aaron, and Lucy won't say a word about catching Rosanna kissing Mike Kasnoff. Just then, Craig returns from Montega professing how much he missed his two favorite girls. Lucy coyly smiles. They all quickly catch up, and Lucy presses her father about what Sierra thinks about Aaron. Craig says her mother wouldn't make a decision until she met him in person. She'll arrive in Oakdale shortly. Rosanna turns away and is silently angered by this news. Alison calls and asks Lucy to meet her at Al's. Before Lucy leaves, she turns back to Rosanna, smiles, and says, "I'm glad we had a chance to get to know each other." Rosanna, looking like she was just stabbed, winces and says, "Me too." Craig turns to Rosanna and expresses gratitude that she took such good care of his daughter. Rosanna winces again, then fills him in on the result of Barbara's trial. Craig tells her that nothing happened between him and Sierra, "I wanted to come home and be with you." This touches Rosanna's heart and they kiss. After they make love, Rosanna confesses that she saw Mike. Craig can't place the name. Rosanna says, "I once described him as the love of my life." Craig wants to know why she's telling him. She confesses she saw him, but not that they shared a passionate kiss, nor the fact she propositioned him to get back together. Craig bends down and kisses Rosanna.

Lucy catches up with Alison at Al's. Lucy wants to know Alison's plan to get Aaron to come home. Alison suggests that Lucy call the police and tell them someone fitting Aaron's description stole her wallet. They'll arrest him, bring him home, then Alison will magically say it's all a mistake. Alison comes up with another idea: Lucy should tell Aaron she's in trouble. Lucy doesn't want to lie to Aaron. Alison volunteers. Lucy tells her that plan won't work either, and takes off.

After Barbara leaves, Emily and Hal talk about how they'll manage with Barbara resurfacing in their lives. Hal realizes how stubborn he's been with Alison and wants to change. "From now on, I'm going to treat Alison with the same consideration, that you're treating Will." Hal suggests they get married within two weeks, so if they have a problem, neither of them can run away.

Alison calls Aaron and tells him, "Lucy got hit by a bus and it's really, really bad. She needs you! Come back right away." She takes the tip Lucy left for the waitress and puts it in her purse, then walks out without paying for the drinks.

Mike and Carly meet again for the first time in ages at the Lakeview bar. She suggests that he buy her a cup of coffee so they can catch up, but Mike has other plans. He's tired and needs to get out of town. Carly smirks and says, "No. You can't leave now. I won't let you." "You haven't lost your subtle touch." Carly reminds him about Molly and suggests he would be great for her. Mike says, if she's interested, she'll keep in touch, then says he's in such a weird mood because he ran into Rosanna. Carly's horns perk up. Mike excuses himself to get his luggage. Carly whispers to herself, "There's no way you're derailing Mike and Molly, Rosanna. Not if I can help it." Mike returns with his bags and says he has to leave because of too many bad memories. He remembers their deceased daughter, Nora Tenney Kasnoff. Carly says, their Nora is not a bad memory. Mike asks her about Parker, "Is he Jack's?" She says, no, but doesn't elaborate. Carly invites him to come back to his old house (which Jack bought, refurbished, and now he and Carly live there), to meet her family and have some dinner. He accepts the invitation, then goes to book a couple more nights at the Lakeview. Carly runs into Jack and tells him to expect company for dinner tomorrow night. Carly says Molly is invited too, but she doesn't know it yet.

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Mike shows up at Lily's house, bearing gifts. She welcomes him enthusiastically and playfully scolds him for not keeping in touch. Mike tells her about his awkward reunion with Rosanna. Alison calls Lucy and admits she told Aaron that Lucy was hurt in an accident with a bus. Lucy is furious about the lie, but Alison is sure it will be enough to lure Aaron back to Oakdale. Meanwhile, Aaron shows up at Abigail's house, frantically trying to track down Lucy. He realizes that Alison lied, and Abigail promises not to tell anyone about his return. John talks with Barbara about Margo, and she offers to join him for lunch. Chris and Abigail return from the arcade, covered in paint splatters.

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Molly comes home to find Chris dressed only in a towel. Abigail walks into the room with Chris' clothes. When he goes to change, Abigail explains that they were playing paint ball and his clothes needed to be washed. Molly understands and tells Abigail about her visit with Bridgett and Michelle. Molly says they are kids living in the moment and that they don't think of her as their mother. She says that she and Abigail are family now and they shouldn't bring anyone else in for a while. Molly apologizes for not being there for her daughter.

Carly and Jack set the table for their dinner party. Carly hopes that Molly and Mike will get together and she says this dinner will give them a push. Mike arrives first and is introduced to Jack. They get along well and Mike says the house always had a warm feel to it and it still does. Carly tells him that the extra place setting is for Parker. Mike goes upstairs to look in on a sleeping Parker and when he comes downstairs, he overhears Jack and Carly talking. He now knows that Molly is also invited so he decides to leave. As he is walking out the door, Molly walks in. Carly says, "And fate takes a hand." They have dinner together but Molly leaves right after they eat. Mike goes after her. She says it was one thing hanging out with him in New York but it is difficult hanging out in Oakdale. She tells Mike she needs to slow things down in her life. Mike understands then jokes and says they should give Carly what she wants. They "almost" kiss but then decide not to - they want to keep Carly guessing. Meanwhile, inside the house, Jack tells Carly he has figured out her plan - she wants to get back at Rosanna. Carly admits that she has it all figured out. Molly and Mike will be together and when Craig dumps Rosanna, she'll have no one to go to.

Lily and Holden discuss the situation with Aaron. Holden says it is similar to the time when Lucinda was trying to keep Lily away from Holden. He says he was determined and so is Aaron. Lily says it is not the same because Holden never ran away, he didn't quit school, and he was never in trouble with the law. Lily says she just wants peace within her family and a little consideration from Aaron. She feels that Aaron takes up a lot of Holden's time. Holden says he cannot choose between his children. They are all his family.

Aaron and Lucy hug as Craig walks in. Craig says, "Get your hands off my daughter." Aaron wants to explain but Alison rushes in and goes over to Aaron. She says they are together now, that he is her boyfriend. A shocked Aaron and Lucy aren't sure what to say. Craig asks Lucy what the truth is. Lucy tells Craig that Aaron and Alison are a couple. Aaron tells Lucy he never wanted to hurt her. Lucy is mad at Craig and tells him she doesn't' want to turn out like him. Later, he tries to make her feel better with ice cream sundaes. Craig says that Alison and Aaron are made for each other. Lucy gets upset and says even though Aaron isn't her boyfriend, she still likes him and he isn't a bad person. Lucy is tired of Craig and Rosanna only liking people based on their wealth. Craig says Rosanna is much more than her money. Lucy asks her father if he would like to know exactly the type of woman that Rosanna Cabot is - "a liar and a snake."

Aaron is angry with Alison for the little stunt she pulled. She insists that they must pretend they are together and then no one will suspect when he leaves to go off with Lucy. Alison says they need to act like a couple and she pulls him to her and kisses him. Lily walks in and sees them kissing.

Thursday, August 1, 2002
by MJ

Mike shows Molly his favorite ride. It's a vintage corvette convertible. Mike and Molly go cruisin' down the road. While driving Mike speeds the car down the street he used to race his cars in his younger days. Mike tells Molly that it is a very free feeling. Mike than suggests Molly drive. When Molly gets behind the wheel, Mike persuades her to speed up to 95 mph, then close her eyes and let go of the steering wheel. While Mike maintains the steering, Molly feels as though she is flying. She is ecstatic and free. Mike and Molly end the ride with a kiss.

Lucy tells Craig that Rosanna cheated on him with Mike Kasnoff. Although Craig is reluctant to talk to Lucy about this, Lucy pursues the conversation, telling Craig that Rosanna kissed Mike and made a deal with her to keep it from Craig. Lucy tells Craig that Rosanna is a lair and a cheat, and is someone he should not be involved with because she will only hurt him.

Meanwhile at Java Underground, Rosanna meets with Barbara. Barbara announces to Rosanna how uncomfortable she is about Rosanna's friendship with Craig. Rosanna assures Barbara that she has Craig under control and has had many men since Mike Kasnoff. Rosanna tells Barbara that she knows how to handle men. Rosanna boasts about collecting items from all the men she has conquered. In response to Barbara's question Rosanna tells Barbara that as her victory trophy from Craig, she would collect one of his silk ties. Barbara excuses herself from Rosanna and proceeds to Craig's to happily announce to Craig that Rosanna will dump him. Lucy approaches Rosanna in Java to tell Rosanna that the deal they made is off and that she told her father about her and Mike's kiss and what a huge lair Rosanna is. Rosanna is horrified with this news.

While kissing, Aaron and Alison are caught by Lily. Lily questions Aaron about his disappearance and why Aaron and Alison were kissing. Aaron refuses to explain his situation. Lily finds Holden and the two discuss Aaron. Aaron overhears Holden telling Lily he won't send Aaron back to Seattle. Aaron assumes Lily wants him gone and is deliberately distant to Lily.

Friday, August 2, 2002

Lucy informs Rosanna that since her father has found out about her and Aaron, she has told her dad about Rosanna kissing her ex-boyfriend. Rosanna gets upset with Lucy and tells her that she will get her back. Lucy says that she isn't worried because Rosanna won't be around long enough to retaliate against her. Lucy walks out of Java Underground and calls Aaron. She tells him what has happened between her and Rosanna. Aaron tells her that he and Alison have come up with a new plan and can she meet them at the country club. Lucy says that she will be right there.

At the country club, Lucy, Aaron and Alison sneak into the pool area. Aaron tells Alison to be the lookout and if someone shows up, she is supposed to throw something in the pool. Alison, not happy, leaves the two alone. Aaron realizes that Alison is mad at him. Lucy and Aaron sit and talk about what had happened with Rosanna. As they are talking, Alison comes back with an open bottle of champagne. She tells Lucy and Aaron that the waiters had left it behind. Lucy tells her that she is going to get sick drinking that stuff. Alison tells Lucy that she is a drag. Someone yells at the three that they are trespassing. Alison tells Aaron and Lucy to make a run for it and she will cover for them. Aaron and Lucy leave and Alison meets two guys with a flashlight. They shine the flashlight in her eyes and she pretends to be drunk. They try to take the bottle away from her and she tells them they are being rude. One guy tells the other to look for the others and as the guy walks by Alison, she pushes him into the pool. The first guy tries to grab Alison and she pushes him into the pool also. She stands by the pool laughing at them and tells them that they are supposed to be working, not swimming.

Molly and Mike are parked in his souped up car. They start to kiss and then Molly tells Mike that they can't do this. She tells him that she is not a teenager anymore and they are supposed to be "just friends." Mike tells her that he understands and they sit back and sigh. A few seconds go by and they start kissing again. Later, Molly and Mike go to Java Underground. Rosanna is still there and she is happy to see that Mike has not left town. Molly tells Rosanna that she has been showing Mike all the changes around Oakdale. This does not make Rosanna happy. Rosanna pays her bill and tells Mike that she hopes to run into him again. He says that it is a small town and the chances are good. Rosanna struts past Mike and Molly and leaves. Molly says, "Uh-oh, looks like someone is still carrying a torch for Mikey."

In Avanya, Paul and Katie try to blow up Simon's jail cell. The explosives are not strong enough and Paul decides to go back for stronger explosives. Simon and Katie kiss goodbye and Simon tells Paul to hurry and get him out of the cell. Katie and Paul go back to the hotel and find out that Lucinda, Henry and Rose have found the diamond. It was in Katie's Coconut Simon. Lucinda takes the diamond and puts it in the safe with the provenance. Rose decides that she will not give Donovan the provenance and the diamond until she has her father back. They decide that Henry will be the spokesperson for the group and he will negotiate with Donovan. Henry is not happy to do this, but he leaves to find Donovan. Paul leaves to go find more explosives. Later, Henry comes back and tells them that Donovan Curry has disappeared. As they are discussing what to do next and where to look for Donovan, he walks into the room. Rose goes over and whirls him around. She says that she has had enough and she wants her father. Donovan says that she doesn't get her father until she has put the provenance and the diamond in his hand. He holds out his hand and Rose spits on it and says, "No deal! I want to know my pop is alive and well." Donovan informs her that he is setting the conditions and he licks her spit off his hand. Rose is disgusted. Donovan pulls out a knife and tells her to hand over the diamond and the provenance or he will carve his initials in her heart.

Barbara stops by Craig's hotel suite to tell him to stay away from her company. Craig says that won't be a problem. Barbara informs Craig that Rosanna is only playing him along. She tells him about Rosanna's box of collectables that she has from past loves. A belt buckle here and a cuff link there. She tells him that Rosanna has a space reserved just for him. Craig tells her to leave and she does. After she is gone, he takes another sip of his drink and picks up the phone. He thinks for a second and puts the phone down. He picks up the keys to Rosanna's suite and walks out.

In Rosanna's suite, Craig looks around the room and then goes into her closet. He takes out a cloth-covered box and takes it over to her dressing table. He opens the box and finds a cuff link and then looks at a belt buckle among other items in the box. As he is looking through the box, Rosanna walks into her room. She sees that Craig has found her box of collectables. She asks him what is he doing and he tells her that he knows what this box represents. She asks what it is that he means and then she asks if he has been talking to Barbara. Craig says that he didn't need Barbara to tell him anything. He adds that he has been on to her from the start. She says that she has only been honest with him. Craig says that his daughter thinks differently. Rosanna informs him that his daughter is an adolescent and doesn't know half of what she thinks she does. Craig tells her that she doesn't either. He adds that he doesn't mind a little gamesmanship but he will never play someone's fool. Rosanna tells him that she loves him and he doesn't understand what his daughter is up to. Craig tells her that he will deal with his daughter, but they are through. He takes off his tie and tells her to add it to her collection. Craig walks out. Rosanna puts the tie in the box and then throws it across the room. She takes a deep breath to calm herself down. She goes to the phone and calls the front desk. She tells them to prepare her bill and she asks for the hotel travel service. She adds that she wants to leave on the next plane.

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