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Monday, August 5, 2002

by Andy

In the country club, Alison tells Aaron and Lucy to run while she distracts the security guards. A policeman arrives and hauls Alison down to the station. Hal finds Alison and she tries to curry favor with the "guy who's sleeping with my sister."

Craig comes home looking for Lucy, but she is nowhere to be found.

Aaron drives Lucy back to the Snyder barn on his motorcycle. Aaron feels sorry that Alison took the fall, but Lucy says Alison "spent her life in trouble. She always gets out of it." Lily walks in and catches Lucy and Aaron sharing a kiss. She clears her throat and they try to come up with an excuse. Lily won't hear any of it, and gives Lucy the keys to her car and tells her to head on home. Lily says she won't stand by and let him two-time her niece. Holden walks in, and Lily tells Aaron he won't be losing his country club job. Holden wants to speak with Lily alone. Lily, not knowing the truth, is concerned about Lucy's feelings and thinks Aaron is stringing two women along. Holden wants to let Aaron handle his own love life.

Carly stops by Hal's to confide in Emily. Carly admits she is conspiring to get Molly and Mike together to stick it to Rosanna. Emily points out the obvious, "If you want Rosanna nursing a broken heart, shouldn't you be working on Craig?" Carly smirks and says she and Jack made a deal. Jack doesn't look for Julia anymore, and Carly agrees to stay out of Craig's life. There's a knock at the door, and it's Craig looking for Lucy. Craig and Emily trade insults while Carly sneaks into view. Craig sees Carly and tells her to stay out of his daughter's life. He admonishes her for helping Lucy & Aaron meet up at the keg-party a few weeks ago. He also fills her in that a college boy tried to overpower Lucy. Carly winces. Craig offers her some salt as she chews on her good intentions. Hal calls Emily and lets her know Alison is in the big house. Emily rushes off to rescue Alison, and Craig soon follows.

Craig comes home and finds that Lucy left him a phone message telling him she was on her way home. Craig is relieved. There's a knock and Carly is at the door. She says she's there, "Because I owe you an apology." She confesses she helped get Lucy and Aaron together at the college party. "The only reason I helped Lucy is because I could not believe you would let my stuck-up witch of a sister tell you how to raise your kid." There's a knock at the door. Craig finds a bellhop holding the silk tie he gave to Rosanna earlier. Carly creeps forward. The bellhop continues, and says Rosanna has packed her bags and left in a limo to the airport. Carly is overjoyed hearing this news and dances to her purse, finds a tip, and gives it to the messenger. Carly grabs his head, kisses him, and says, "Thank you kind sir, for putting a rainbow in my sky!" She thanks Craig for the uncanny ability to be able to blow it with every woman he ever meets, because now Rosanna is out of her life. Lucy finally comes home, and Carly leaves. Dad and daughter have a little chat about Lucy's whereabouts that evening, and Lucy covers her tracks before heading off to bed. Craig throws his tie away, then has second thoughts and retrieves it before heading off to bed. Later, Lucy sneaks out of her room and calls Aaron. They catch each other up on their situations, and Aaron decides he has to go down to the station to be there for his "girlfriend."

At the station, Hal counsels Alison to cool it with the rebellious behavior. Alison blows him off, and then the alcohol takes its next effect. She starts to get sick and rushes off to steer the porcelain bus. While she's gone, Emily arrives and asks Hal for a favor. She wants to handle the situation with Alison herself, and not involve Susan. Hal says he can't do that because legally, he has to get the mother involved. Emily begs, while Alison smirks from around the corner.

Donovan brandishes a knife at Rose demanding cooperation. Paul grabs the knife and the two struggle for control. Donovan loses the battle and is stabbed directly in the stomach. As Donovan struggles for breath, Katie demands information from him. He gasps and says he was supposed to deliver the diamond to Slade tonight. Rose wants to know how she's going to get her Pop back. Donovan laughs and says, "You don't!" He suggests that once Slade gets his hands on the diamond, they'll kill Joe. Katie screams at him demanding to know what to do next, but he takes his last breath and dies. Paul and Katie suggest that the scheduled meeting should still take place and that Simon should take Donovan's place. Paul and Katie take off to try to free Simon.

Lucinda and Henry find a trunk and pack the dead Donovan inside.

Katie tries to visit Simon again, but is quickly turned away by the jailer. Katie sneaks around the back and gives Simon some explosives.

Katie finds her way back to the hotel, then hears a large explosion. She hopes Simon is OK. Just then, Slade walks in and demands the diamond from Lucinda, Katie, Rose, Paul, and Henry.

Tuesday, August 6, 2002

Alison swears she works alone as far as breaking into the country club, and was drinking at the pool with people she didn't know. Hal wants to call Susan but Emily wants to handle it herself. Meanwhile, since Alison is being uncooperative, Susan is called and later shows up to tell Emily her parenting may work with a 3-year-old but not a teenager. Meanwhile, Aaron shows up and agrees to take Alison home but not before going to the farm to talk. Almost ready to kiss, Lucy shows up to see what is going on. Aaron explains what happened and he takes Alison home.

Bonnie is dancing in her room when she notices someone looking in on her. She later finds out it is Marshall Travers who wants to tell Jessica he is going to announce his running for District Attorney. Bonnie then tells him exactly how she feels about everything including her love for Isaac.

Katie, Henry, Lucinda, Paul and Rose meet Slane who wants the diamond. Katie sees Simon in the wings and they go up to their room. She explains to him that he needs to pose as Donovan since there is suppose to be a meeting between Donovan and Slane, but Donavan is now dead after an altercation between Rose and Paul. Simon agrees and dresses up like Donovan and later meets with Slane who wants the diamond in exchange for Joe. Simon later heads off to Slane's boat for the exchange. Meanwhile Katie receives an urgent message from Oakdale saying Margo is in the hospital and needs her she is in serious condition and needs her to return home. Katie doesn't tell Simon but feels she needs to return to Oakdale since Margo has never asked her for anything before so she isn't going to make her wait.

John stops in Margo's room who is wondering where Tom is. She saw him park and wanted to see him. Tom walks in and Tom explains he had to go back for her gift. John tells them they need to do more testing on her. He proceeds to tell her they have reason to believe she has a form of cancer which is common with Hepatitis C and she and Tom are quick to ask about treatment. John states that a transplant may be needed if the rest of the tests come back the same and her name has already been put on a waiting list as a precaution. After John leaves, Tom and Margo find comfort in each other to handle the news. Tom tells Margo she is stubborn and can not leave; she needs to stay to get well, and he continues to tell her he is stubborn and she is not leaving him. Margo offers to walk Tom to the elevator but Tom declines knowing she will try to leave with him. Tom told her as a consolation prize she can have the last word if she makes it good, so she calls him and Bully and he in turn says he loves her, Margo knows she can't top it, so Tom leaves and Margo opens his gift. The gift is a mobile of pictures of their family which makes Margo cry and question why this is happening to her.

Wednesday, August 7, 2002

Bonnie welcomes Isaac to Jessica's home for a romantic candlelight brunch. Isaac is impressed by the spread until he realizes Bonnie has hired a personal chef. Bonnie wants to discuss a business deal concerning Java Underground.

Mike appears at Molly's door with news: he has received a construction job offer that is too good to turn down. The problem is, the job is in Caracas in Venezuela!

Emily orders her wedding flowers and Hal reminds young Will that he needs to be fitted today for his tuxedo. Tomorrow night is the wedding. Barbara shows up unannounced and offers to take Will to the fitting. Hal sends Will out of the room so he can engage in some "constructive honesty" with Barbara. He tells her that her timing is lousy and asks her to leave. Barbara tells Emily that Will is her son and to get used to seeing her around.

Tom meets Lucy outside Margo's hospital room and fills her in on some points about Margo's condition. Aaron appears and Lucy asks some questions about his taking Alison home after her release from jail last night. Lucy and Aaron go in to visit Margo together, but Lucy makes a point of telling Margo that they are no longer "together."

Tom runs into Craig at Margo's door and tells him John's fear of the possibility that Margo may have liver cancer. Tom mentions that Lucy and Aaron are visiting her at them moment, and that makes Craig furious. He goes into the hospital room and asks Aaron to leave.

Bonnie tells Isaac that she wants to be a part-owner of Java Underground and has plans to "upgrade" it. Isaac is not thrilled and tells her that he already has a partner in that business, Lisa. Isaac and Bonnie briefly discuss Marshall Travers' run for Jessica's job as DA.

Mike and Molly try to figure out whether their relationship has a future if they are on separate continents. Mike asks Molly to come with him, but she cannot leave Abigail and the girls in Bay City. Molly is hurt and asks Mike to leave. She slams the door after him, but reconsiders within about 45 seconds. When she opens the door to call to him, he is standing right outside.

Tom arrives at Hal's and asks Emily to take Daniel for a few days. He has totally forgotten that tomorrow is Hal and Emily's wedding day and that they have planned a honeymoon. Tom does not tell them the seriousness of Margo's condition, but he is obviously very worried and needs to spend time with her. Emily readily agrees to postpone her honeymoon.

Craig and Margo have a chat and Margo asks him to make arrangements with a lawyer to draw up both a living will and a Do Not Resuscitate order for her. She does not want to burden Tom with this. In fact, she does not want Tom or John to even know about them yet.

Lucy finds Aaron at the coffee shop and apologizes for her father's behavior. She continues to quiz Aaron about his time with Alison, and says she does not like this charade of pretending that Aaron and Alison are now a couple. Lucy is worried about Emily's wedding, but Aaron assures her that he has great plans for them to be together.

John tells Margo that he has located Katie in Avanya and has sent for her. This worries Margo that perhaps John is gathering the family as if he expects her condition to worsen.

Isaac turns down Bonnie for her business offer and she is upset. She tells Isaac that she will be looking for a new job tomorrow because she does not want to work at Java any more.

Barbara reappears outside Hal's after Will has returned from his tux fitting. She brings him a new baseball glove, which delights him. She mentions that while Hal and Emily are away on their honeymoon, perhaps Will can come and stay with her. Hal overhears this conversation and is furious. He has already made plans for Will to be with Kim and Bob during the honeymoon. Barbara threatens Hal and tells him not to make her take further steps regarding the boy's custody.

Emily visits Margo in the hospital and tries to be nice. Margo isn't buying nice from Emily, however, and tries to get out of bed, but collapses in to Emily's arms. Emily gives Margo a stern lecture about fighting for her life and tells her to "get over herself." Margo grins and tells Emily that is the nicest, most sincere thing Emily has ever said to her.

Molly and Mike decide to make the most of the 20 hours left before Mike has to leave for the new job in South America. They begin making plans.

Thursday, August 8, 2002

Mike and Molly run into Jack and Carly who are waiting for Hal and Emily in the bar at the Lakeview. Carly teases Molly about Mike; this is three nights in a row that the two of them have dated. Molly tells Carly that Mike is leaving for Caracas in less than twenty-four hours and that they are trying to figure out if there is a future for them. Carly tells Molly that as long as there are telephones, Mike and Molly can keep in touch, no matter where he is. Mike overhears Carly tell Molly that Rosanna has left town.

Back at Molly's, Abigail cannot choose between two dresses to wear to the wedding and asks Chris Hughes to help her choose. Aaron arrives to ask Abigail for advice on how to make the evening special for Lucy, even though it must appear that he is Alison's "date." Abigail suggests renting a limo for a couple of hours and whisking Lucy away to a romantic picnic on the shores of Lake Michigan. Chris interrupts by saying that is a bad idea.

Emily comes home and tells Hal about her visit with Margo in the hospital. Alison bursts in to apologize for her behavior the previous night when she got drunk after hours at the country club. Emily forgives her and Alison assumes she has been reinstated as Maid of Honor in the wedding, No, says Emily, that job now falls to Carly, and Alison is welcome as a guest, but not as an attendant. Alison storms out, upset.

Craig has called Lyla in California to inform her of Margo's condition. He suggests that he and Lucy go visit Margo tomorrow themselves, but Lucy tells him she has been invited to the wedding instead. Craig informs Lucy that before she left, Rosanna told him that Lucy and Aaron were only pretending to break up and still cared for each other. Lucy lies to her father by denying this.

Tom drops in on Margo at the hospital. They have a serious discussion and Margo tells him she wants out of the hospital. She cannot stand feeling cooped up any longer.

Chris Hughes warns Aaron that people will catch on to his limo scheme, but Aaron decides to go through with it and borrows fifty dollars from Abigail. Chris tells Abigail he is sorry to disappoint her, but he can't go to Emily's wedding.

Lucy is surprised by a visit from an upset Alison. Alison swears she will not even go to the wedding if she cannot be in it. Craig asks her where Emily is right now and Alison tells him about the foursome in the bar downstairs at the Lakeview. Craig leaves to find Emily, and Alison gets a phone call from Aaron. She nixes the limo idea and asks to meet him for coffee in a few minutes. Lucy does not realize Alison has been talking to Aaron.

Chris is having second thoughts about being around the people in Oakdale whom he hurt before. Abigail tells him that people are very forgiving and that Emily will see Chris as the different person he has become. He reconsiders and then picks out a dress for Abigail to wear and agrees to accompany her to the nuptials.

Mike tells Molly that Rosanna kissed him but that he cares not a bit about her. He only wants to make the most of the time he has left with Molly.

Craig finds Hal and Emily and Jack and Carly in the lounge. He wishes the almost-weds well and gives a pompous speech about how much he has done for each of them. He really wants an invitation to the wedding. The four friends burst into laughter at the outrageous speech, but Hal takes pity on Craig. He asks Craig privately why he is so eager to attend, and Craig tells him he wants to protect Lucy from the evil influence of Aaron. Hal agrees to let Craig come, but he also sets some rules as to how Craig must deal with Lucy if there is a problem. Two o'clock the next afternoon at Susan Stewart's house, Hal tells him.

Alison finds Emily at the Lakeview and apologizes once again and says she will come to the wedding as a guest.

Tom tells Margo she must stay in the hospital because she is so weak. She argues that her liver is severely damaged anyway, so why can't she wait for a donor at home? Tom cannot go along with her on this, and he leaves. Margo begins to get up because she cannot face another night there when suddenly Adam walks in. Margo is astonished to see him and tries to recruit him to help her leave. He catches her when she begins to collapse

Back at the Lakeview, Jack tells Carly that he is not upset that Craig is coming to the wedding, and that tomorrow will be a great day and Carly should prepare herself for a surprise.

Friday, August 9, 2002

Lucy comes out of her room all dressed for the wedding. She twirls around the room for her father and Craig tells her how beautiful she is. As she heads for the door, Craig asks if she is sure she really wants to do this. He reminds her that Alison is dating Aaron now and she will be with her new boyfriend at her sister's wedding. Lucy tells her father that the reception may go late and not to wait up for her. She sprints out the door and Craig mutters to himself, "I think that I have just been handled by my daughter." As Craig is getting ready for the wedding, Katie comes walking through the door. She tells her brother that she is back from Avanya because she got a message that Margo needs her. Craig fills Katie in on Margo's illness. Katie gets upset but Craig tells her to be brave for their sister. He adds that she needs them now. Katie says that she will be strong. Craig leaves to go to the wedding and Katie heads for the hospital.

At the hospital, Margo is begging John Dixon to let her go home and rest. She promises to be a good girl and stay in bed and let her family take care of her. John knows that will only last about four minutes and then she will be up and taking over. Adam comes in with a duffle bag of clothes for Margo from home. Margo is busted and John tells her that he has spies all over the hospital and she will not get passed the front door. Tom comes in and tells Margo that he agrees with John and she would be better staying in the hospital. Tom and Adam leave to go to Hal and Emily's wedding and John gives Margo a final warning to stay in bed. Frustrated, Margo takes her pillow and hurls it at the door. The pillow hits Katie as she walks in the door. Margo apologizes and then starts to cry when she sees her baby sister. Margo tells Katie about the illness and that she wants to go home but no one will let her leave. Katie asks, "Since when do you listen to what other people want you to do?" Katie goes to the supply closet and gets a doctor's coat and a facemask. She returns and helps Margo to a wheel chair. After Margo is secure in the chair, Katie places a huge bouquet of flowers in Margo's lap. Katie puts on her facemask and Margo hides behind the flowers. Margo tells her sister that she is so glad that she didn't go into a life of crime. Katie tells Margo to hold on and she will be home soon. Katie pushes Margo out of the hospital room.

At Susan's home, Emily is dressed in her wedding dress and she is crying. Susan comes in and asks what is wrong. Emily tells her mother that she woke up this morning realizing that it is her wedding day and she is sure that something is going to go wrong. Susan settles her daughter down and tells her that everything is going to be ok. She says that she will have a perfect wedding even if it kills her. Alison walks in with Aaron to see her mother and sister hugging. She tells Emily to stop crying. She adds that Hal is not that bad and he won't get better looking and she won't either for that matter. Emily looks at her sister with disgust. Aaron makes a hasty retreat to the back yard. Susan follows. Alison starts to whine to Emily about losing her right to be the maid of honor. Emily tells her sister that Carly is going to be her maid of honor and that is that. Carly comes in and gasps when she sees Emily in her wedding dress. Carly comments on the dress and how great it looks on Emily. As she is checking out the dress, Alison has to make a few more comments. When Emily suggests to Carly that it won't be long until she and Jack will be heading down the aisle. Alison tells the women that they are disgusting and all they want is a ring on their finger. Alison turns and whips her dress around and walks out into the back yard. Carly asks Emily who bit her and Emily says, "You did. You are my maid of honor?" Carly remembers what had happened and says, Oh, yeah."

Out in the back yard, Aaron starts to look for Lucy. When he sees her come in, he takes out his cell phone and points to it. Lucy gets the hint and takes out her cell phone and calls Aaron. As they are talking, Lucy sees her father walk into the back yard. She is disgusted and hangs up the phone. Alison comes over and sits with Lucy. Lucy tells Alison that their plans are over now that her father has shown up to spy on her. Alison asks if she is going to give up just like that. Lucy tells Alison that she is right. Why shouldn't she be able to see Aaron? Craig walks over to the two girls and tells them how lovely they look. Lucy tells her father that she knows what he is up to and she is not impressed. She gets up and walks away.

Back inside, Carly is telling Emily that every time the topic of marriage comes up Jack avoids discussing it. As the two are talking, Jack comes in and tells Emily that her guests have started to arrive. Emily tells Carly that she is not ready and she leaves to finish dressing. After she leaves, Carly and Jack start to get into a fight and Craig's name comes up just as Craig walks in the door. Carly tells him to leave and Jack says that he needs to stay for what is going to happen next. Carly can't figure out what Jack is talking about. Jack takes a small box from his coat pocket and bends down on one knee. Emily walks back into the room just in time to see Jack ask Carly to marry him. Carly's mouth is wide open. Jack puts the ring on her finger and asks again if she will marry him. Carly says yes and gives him a kiss. Emily and Carly hug each other and Emily asks when is the wedding date. Carly and Jack just look at each other and then Emily suggests that they get married on Halloween. Carly looks at Jack and says, "Let's do it!" Craig, looking deflated, walks back out the door. Kim walks in and tells Emily that she should come to the back yard. Emily looks at Kim and Kim tells her that Barbara has shown up with her lawyer. They all go to the back yard and Barbara's lawyer, Marshall is handing Hal some papers. He tells him that the papers are temporary custody papers for William Munson. Hal looks at Barbara and tells her this not a good time. Barbara looks at her son and tells him to come with her. Will looks at his father and says, "Dad?" Hal tells his son not to move. He adds that he is going to be his best man at his wedding and nothing, not even court papers are going to change that. Back inside, Alison comes walking in all dressed in leather and high heals. She puts a CD on the stereo and turns it up very loud. She walks into the back yard and everyone turns to look at her. She walks over to Kim and starts to dance. Emily looks up and says, "I knew it was too good to be true."


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