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Monday, August 5, 2002

At the Hospital, Board member Lucy gloats as she lets step-daughter Livvie know that the 'sonogram' Livvie just submitted to was really a clandestine paternity test arranged by Lucy to expose Livvie as a liar. However, as Lucy and Livvie talk, Livvie's friend Summer comes in to check Livvie's vitals and Lucy waits in the hall.

Meanwhile, at the Pizza Shack, as Jack looks at the photos he took of Alison, his brother Chris arrives and told Jack that he approves of Jack getting it on with Alison. However, Jack sets Chris straight and protests that Jack and Alison are just friends.

Meanwhile, On the Docks, as Rafe calls out the Avatar, the Shadow appears.

AVATAR: "Slayer!'

RAFE: "Your brand of justice is not welcome here, Avatar! Too many people already know what you really are!'

However, Alison makes a sudden noise from her hiding place and Rafe calls for Alison to run and get away.

Officer Doree arrives at the Pizza Shack to see Chris. Chris gives her a rose and an apology, but Doree does not believe most of what Chris has to say. However, Doree does give in enough to agree that maybe Doree and Chris could start all over again and be 'just friends.' Unfortunately for Chris, Chris begins by asking Doree too many questions about the police search for Lancelot, the Shadowy Avenger. Doree angrily accuses Chris of just being interested in pumping her for information about Lancelot, and Doree dumps a glass of ice water on Chris' head.

Meanwhile, back On the Docks, Alison refuses to leave Rafe.

AVATAR: 'What do you want from me, Slayer?'

RAFE: "It's time for you to leave Port Charles. Your work here is done.'

AVATAR: "My work is not finished here.'

RAFE: "And I say it is! You can not control these people, Avatar. I will not let you! '

AVATAR: 'My work is not finished here.'

RAFE: 'I know you have taken a man as a host! Let me speak to him! I know you are a just man. Otherwise, the Avatar would not have chosen you! So - come out! You do not have to hide behind the shroud. Come out! Separate yourself from this spirit. Remember who you really are. Talk to me - man to man!

AVATAR: "We are one and the same!'

RAFE: "Port Charles has seen enough darkness. I will stop you - for the people I care about. For my child!'

Meanwhile, back at the Hospital, Lucy returns to Livvie's Hospital room to gloat about the results Lucy believes Lucy will soon be reading from Dr. Landrum's clandestine paternity test.

As Lucy and Livvie argue, Livvie's friend Summer arrives with the results of the paternity test and hands the envelope to Lucy. However, when Lucy opens the envelope, Lucy is shocked to learn that the tests identify Rafe Kovich as the father of Livvie's baby.

Livvie then taunts her stepmother with the prospect of Livvie notifying her Dad Kevin that Kevin's wife has been terrorizing his daughter. But Livvie suddenly changes her mind and decides to drop the issue - for the time being.

Back at the Pizza Shack, Chris valiantly tries to convince Doree that he did not ask her to meet him 'just' so he could pump her for information about Lancelot. However, when Doree demands the truth, Chris finally admits to Doree that there appears to be a huge market for the kind of media interest that has been generated by Lancelot and Chris believes that if Chris could just market the Avatar's appeal, Chris would soon have a gold mine. Chris finally invites Doree to dinner and she told him that she will think about it!

At the same time, Jack decides he is tired of waiting for Alison, picks up his photos, and went looking for her.

On the Docks, Alison tries to convince Rafe to leave and leave The Shadow Man alone - but Rafe told the Avatar: "I am not afraid of you. I know what you are and I will fight you to the end!

AVATAR: "Too, Slayer! We are both protectors. That makes us brothers!'

RAFE: "Brother? You and I are nothing alike! Your protection comes with a price. You feed off the people you defend. You use them. You want to be their savior, but, then that is not enough for you! You want to control the mind and their hearts! Until you have destroyed every bit of them. Until you have taken over everything. You are not a hero, Avatar! You are an ego-driven, power-hungry fraud! You know what I am. And you know that I can beat you! And you do not like that, because you do not want a real fight. Which is why you can't tell anyone what you really are until it is too late! Because you are a coward! Go away - now!'

The Avatar walks over to the door of its lair, went inside, closes the door and then the room explodes, blowing the door off. However, when Rafe and Alison investigate the room - it is empty.

Back at the Hospital, Livvie gleefully savors her victory and orders Lucy to leave her room. When Lucy has gone, Livvie's friend, Summer, comes in. And Livvie pays Summer off for Summer's help with the paternity test results. When Summer told Livvie that that is not a lot of money for such a big secret, Livvie reminds Summer that Livvie is not the only one with a secret that needs to be kept under wraps, and Summer leaves.

Once Summer has gone, Livvie told herself: "They keep trying, Sweetie. But nobody is as smart as Mommy is. That is why we are going to have everything we ever wanted!'

As Rafe investigates the Avatar's lair, he announces that the Avatar will not return to this spot. When Alison begins making plans to help Rafe defeat The Avatar, Rafe urges her not to help him. But Alison told Rafe how impressed and appreciative she is of what Rafe does and concludes by telling Rafe that she believes he is amazing. As Rafe and Alison hug, Jack accidently arrives at the same end of the Docks and spots them in a warm embrace.

As Chris walks through the Park, he hears the Avatar call: "Shame!' and turns around to see the Avatar.

Tuesday, August 6, 2002

On the Docks, Jack finds Alison and Rafe hugging. Jack interrupts them and sharply reminds Rafe that Rafe has already made his choice - and it was not Alison! Rafe agrees with Jack and told Alison to go home with Jack - then Rafe leaves. After Rafe is gone, Alison dumps on Jack for acting like her jealous boyfriend.

Meanwhile, at the Bike Shop, Marissa and Jamal return from their bike ride and things turn passionate. However, Jamal pulls back and reminds Marissa that Jamal has no plans for any serious relationships right now.

At the Thornhart Loft, Ian tries to call Rafe - just as Rafe arrives to see Ian. Ian reports that Ian believed Chris Ramsey was the host for the Avatar and then the Avatar attacked Ian. Rafe reports his run in with theAvatar, as Rafe told Ian that Rafe tried to run the Avatar out of town.

RAFE: 'The host - whoever it is - already has very strong ties within the town. And it is ticked off.'

Meanwhile, in the Park, the Avatar advances toward Chris, whispering: "Shame,' as Chris tries to convince the Avatar that Chris is the Avatar's biggest fan. Then Chris trips over a tree root and falls down.

At the Port Charles Police Department, Officer Doree remembers her conversation with Chris about the Avatar and Ramsey's conviction that the media attention given to the Avatar is a potential gold mine. Then Doree quietly removes a file and tries to slip it into her briefcase. But Officer Andy catches Doree red-handed with the file.

At the Hospital, Ricky and Karen return from New York and Karen admits that it did feel good to take a break from the Hospital.

As Jamal and Marissa neck at the Bike Shop, Jack and Alison return to the Bike Shop. Outside the shop, Alison asks Jack if he is getting territorial, but Jack assures Alison that he just wants to be her friend while she is going through a tough time. Then Jack and Alison walk in on Jamal and Marissa in a passionate embrace.

Meanwhile, at Ian's Loft, Ian asks Rafe: 'Any good news?'

RAFE: "Some. See - Even though I could not get through to it, I know the human side is still there. It has not completely crossed over to the dark.'

IAN: "And, how do you know that?'

RAFE: "Well, it didn't kill you - and it could have!'

IAN: "That's comforting.'

RAFE: "Also - it needs to find a new lair. It destroyed the old one.'

IAN: "I see. And it does not like to travel?'

RAFE: "It does not like anything that forces it to change its course. See, the Avatar always has a set pattern and we have disrupted that.'

IAN: "Which makes me think we made a mistake, showing our hand.'

RAFE: 'Not at all! See - we forced it to change tactics - before it was ready!'

Meanwhile, in the park, Chris asks the Avatar what it wants with him and the Avatar slowly removes his hood. Chris recognizes The Avatar and exclaims: "Oh, My God! It's you!'

Back at the PCPD, Andy warns Doree that files are not supposed to leave the precinct house and, at this moment, there are too many members of the press chomping at the bit to know more about Lancelot - if it became known that Doree had removed those particular files, her career would be toast. Then Andy told Doree that he believes she can do better than Chris Ramsey. Doree hands the files back to Andy, but informs Andy that Doree's relationship with Chris is none of Andy's business.

At the Bike Shop, Alison warns Marissa that Rafe says that The Avatar is neither human nor a hero and that Marissa had the facts wrong in Marissa's article about Lancelot. Jack objects to Alison's constant reference to 'Rafe says.'

Marissa, Jamal, Jack and Alison suddenly notice that Chris is on TV, claiming to have met Lancelot. At the same time, Colleen, Ricky, Karen and Frank watch the same telecast at the Hospital.

Rafe and Ian catch the same broadcast from Thornhart's Loft.

IAN: "Is that what you meant by changing its tactics?'

RAFE: "Yeah - maybe. What is the story with Ramsey anyway?'

IAN: "Great doctor. No scruples.'

RAFE: "Easily influenced?'

IAN: "Oh - No! No. Not at all! Unless, of course, there is power or money involved.'

RAFE: "Oh!'

IAN: "And - here - I thought he was the Avatar's host!'

RAFE: "No - not its host. It's stooge!'

Chris continues to tell the newscaster that Lancelot prefers to be called Lancelot and has chosen Chris as Lancelot's spokesperson. Chris insists that Lancelot is just an ordinary person who wants peace and justice.

When Ian observes that it sounds like Chris is running for office, Rafe replies: "Do not be surprised if he does - and wins! See - that is part of the Avatar's pattern too. To select a mouthpiece to spread the good word.'

IAN: "So - what is the public relations?'

RAFE: "The whole idea is to get everyone to believe the lie. That he is just an ordinary man, seeking justice.'

IAN: 'What was it doing at Ramsey's Place?'

RAFE: "It had already targeted him to be its champion. So far, looks like he is doing a good job.'

Back at the PCPD, as Andy tries to convince Doree to cut her losses with Chris, other officers make sure that Andy and Doree catch Chris' performance on the evening TV news.

At the Bike Shop, Marissa insists Jack introduce her to Jack's brother, and they all rush out to the Park to find Chris.

As Colleen, Ricky, Karen and Frank discuss Chris' interview, Karen remembers that she met The Avatar face to face and decides she needs to go see Chris. Ricky and Frank tag along with her.

In the Park, Chris is mobbed by well-wishers who want him to carry messages to Lancelot for them.

Jack introduces Marissa to Chris, and Marissa is thrilled when Chris assures her that he can fill in some of the details not included in Marissa's published article.

Ian and Rafe arrive and Alison quietly slips over to see Rafe.

In front of the cameras - Ian challenges Chris: "Before everyone gets too excited about what Dr. Ramsey is claiming, I have got a question for you. How do we know you are not lying? What proof do you have that you know this Lancelot? Do you have a way to prove to us that you are not lying to us about all of this? Who is this guy? One of our neighbors? One of our friends?'

As Chris and Ian talk, Jack notices that Rafe and Alison have drifted together.

Wednesday, August 7, 2002

Ian asks Chris for proof that he actually has met the Avatar. As the crowd waits with baited breath, Chris announces that the Avatar has visited a crack house and has hog-tied the drug dealers in the basement. The crowd cheers as the police officers leave to check it out. Ian tries to tell Chris that the Avatar is dangerous, but Chris waves him off saying he's only a regular guy who's trying to clean up the town. Marissa comes up to Chris and begs for an interview with Lancelot. Chris decides to make her his conduit to the press. Marissa is thrilled. The police return with news that Chris's story checked out. He really does know Lancelot. When he refuses to answer the police's questions as to the identity of the Avenger, they arrest him as the crowd went wild.

Karen is impressed with Lancelot's work. Frank comes over and comments that it is good to see her happy. When she asks how he is doing, Frank says his therapy is working 80 hours a week. He isn't seeing anyone yet.

Alison went over to Rafe and remarks that he seems to be more himself when he's working as a slayer. He's pleased that she understands him unlike Livvie who has been begging him to quit. Alison told Rafe about Christmas and how he fixed everything and got all the couples back together. She wishes he could remember how magical it was.

At the hospital, Summer asks Livvie if they're even now that she has fixed Livvie's paternity test to show that Rafe is her baby's father. Livvie reminds Summer that she has paid her well and that if Livvie lets out Summer's secrets, Summer will never work in a hospital again. Livvie gives Summer one more job to do. Summer hands Kevin the paperwork on Livvie's paternity test and says it was requested by Lucy. When Lucy comes in, Kevin is furious that she interfered in his daughter's life after she promised she would stay out of it. Lucy calls Livvie a liar, but Kevin finds that the results say otherwise.

Kevin and Lucy argue until Kevin needs to leave and get some air. After Kevin is gone, Livvie comes out from where she was eavesdropping and told Lucy, "You mess with my life, I'll mess with yours and then some!" Lucy has underestimated her step daughter, but Livvie has forgotten that Lucy is no one to fool around with.

Thursday, August 8, 2002

Kate meets Ian at the Port Charles Police Department and offers to represent Chris, who has been arrested for refusing to identify 'Lancelot.' But Ian and Kate are both surprised when Chris turns down their offer of help. Kevin returns to the Light House after working late and Lucy demands that they talk about the Livvie situation. Lucy told Kevin that Livvie is a very mixed up girl, but Kevin takes that to mean that he is a lousy father because he has always failed to be there for Livvie at critical periods of her life.

Rafe is surprised to run into Alison at the Pizza Shack. After Rafe cautions Alison once again about getting involved in the fight with The Avatar, Alison told Rafe that she found a reference on the Internet to a situation similar to the Avatar situation in Port Charles. A mysterious figure tracked down a serial killer about 15 years earlier - no one has ever been able to solve the case, but the mysterious figure wore a hooded shroud.

Livvie suddenly appears at the Pizza Shack. When Alison gets ready to leave, Livvie surprises everyone by asking Alison to stay.

At PCPD, Chris insists that he is just standing up for his principles but Ian scoffs at the very notion that Ramsey has ANY principles! As Chris reaffirms that he would die before compromising Lancelot's secret identity, Marissa shows up and begins taking notes.

At Jack's Place, Jack looks at pictures he took of Alison, and wonders what he is doing.

Back at the Pizza Shack, Livvie told Alison that it is time they buried the hatchet and let bygones be bygones. Livvie assumes Alison is accepting her apology and, after making a couple of remarks to remind everyone that Livvie IS pregnant, Livvie asks what Alison and Rafe were so intent on when she arrived. When Alison told Livvie that she was researching Lancelot on her laptop, Rafe is quick to explain to Livvie that Rafe is already involved and Livvie told Rafe that she totally trusts his judgement and, if Rafe believes Lancelot is evil, then Livvie is 100% behind Rafe.

Alison suddenly decides she has somewhere else to be and, after Alison leaves, Rafe asks his wife if she REALLY had to do that!

Meanwhile, back at the Light House, Kevin shares with Lucy his feeling of guilt because he was not able to rescue Livvie from growing up in a nightmare. Kevin admits that he DOES realize that Livvie has problems, but Kevin feels that abandoning Livvie would NOT be the best way to help his daughter.

Back at the Pizza Shack, Rafe accuses Livvie of deliberately upsetting Alison on purpose. But Livvie told Rafe that Livvie is upset because Rafe ignored Livvie's concern about Rafe's safety and Rafe made a decision to go after the Avatar.

LIVVIE: "You LIED to me, Rafe! You said you were NOT going to go after this Avatar!'

RAFE: "Well, I never exactly said that!'

LIVVIE: "Yes - you did!'

RAFE: "No. Maybe that is what you heard.'

LIVVIE: "What?'

RAFE: "I said that I was going to make you and the baby my Number One priority -- and I am. But I NEVER had ANY intention of backing away from this! I AM going to track the Avatar. I AM going to find the host and expose it! THEN I am going to find a way to get it the hell out of town. OK?'

LIVVIE: "I can NOT believe this! Didn't you hear a word I said? This is our life - our CHILD'S life! And you are putting yourself in danger! Why can't you just let it go?'

RAFE: 'Because -- Because -- This IS what I am! THIS is what I was born to do! It is what I have been training my whole LIFE to do!'

LIVVIE: "OK! Well -- I am REALLY scared!'

RAFE: "I know. And I AM sorry! But, if I back away from this, I am denying who I really am.'

LIVVIE: "OK. Well -- Maybe -- I don't know -- Maybe you are wrong about this guy! Maybe he really IS good - this Lancelot!'

RAFE: "I met him today!'

LIVVIE: 'What?'

RAFE: "Yeah. I was this close to him.'

LIVVIE: "Oh, my God!'

RAFE: 'He said we were brothers! He said we are fighting for a common cause! Well, you know what? He is wrong and he HAS to be stopped!'

LIVVIE: 'No - you have to leave this thing alone. Or he will ruin everything!'

RAFE: "He will? What does that mean? You almost sound like you know him!'

LIVVIE: "What are you talking about? Of course, I do NOT know this Avatar. But I DO know darkness. And I know that, if you let it into your life, it will consume you! And, if you can NOT keep it away, it will somehow find its way back in!'

RAFE: I will NOT let that happen! I WILL keep us safe!'

LIVVIE: 'Rafe!'

RAFE: "I have already made up my mind on this! And there is NOTHING you can say to change it. So, I just wish you would stop trying and get behind me on this! All right?'

LIVVIE: "You ARE right. You ARE my husband. And I support you. In whatever you have to do. I support you. I may not like it, but I support you.'

RAFE: "Thank you! I promise - you have NOTHING to be afraid of!'

Meanwhile, Alison arrives at Jack's Place and is puzzled when Jack told Alison he is looking for her shadow - Rafe!

Alison pretends to be there to see if Chris has said anything to Jack about The Avatar business. Jack wonders if Alison is researching the Avatar because she is 'on to' something - or just because it provides her with a good excuse to stay close to Rafe.

Back at the Port Charles Police Department, Chris assures Ian that Chris has NOT made any deals with the devil - and resents hearing Ian compare a hero like Lancelot to the devil! Chris then charges Ian with just being jealous because someone else is playing the hero for a change.

IAN: "Oh, please! If you believe that, you are a bigger idiot than I thought you were!'

CHRIS: "And YOU are a fool! Lancelot has bestowed upon this town a great Gift. And, as long as I have breath in my body - I will be the defender and keeper of the Gift. Did you get all that down, kid?'

MARISSA: "'Keeper of The Gift - Got it!'

IAN: 'Use your head! Hey! This is NOT a man! It is a spirit that took over a man --'

CHRIS: "Do NOT start with the spirit -- '

IAN: "Listen to me! The more people believe in this thing - the more powerful it is going to get. And I know you think you can handle it! I am telling you - you can't! So, tell me who the host is before it is too late!'

CHRIS: "It already IS too late! Lancelot is already too strong for you or anyone else to stop!

As Doree takes Chris away, Kate asks Chris why he is REALLY doing all of this - and, as Doree opens the door, there are shouts of 'Free Ramsey!'

CHRIS: "That answer your question?'

Meanwhile, back at Jack's Place, Jack told Alison he is tired of being the consolation prize, the one Alison looks up every time her Golden Boy Rafe blows her off!

Back at the Light House, Lucy promises Kevin that, from now on, Lucy will respect Kevin's feelings for Livvie.

Ian finds Rafe and Livvie at the Pizza Shack. And Livvie excuses herself so Rafe and Ian can talk. But, Livvie hides around a corner and eavesdrops on their conversation.

IAN: "I tried to reason with Ramsey. It is NO use! He has got the whole town behind him - and this Avatar thing. So we HAVE to come up with something - FAST!'

RAFE: "We have to find a way to reveal the host's identity!'

But, from her hiding place, Livvie says: "No - You will NOT do any such thing, Rafe! Not you - or anyone else!'

Friday, August 9, 2002

Ricky runs in to Frank at the Pizza Shack and Frank deliberately brought up Marissa's resemblance to Ricky's old girlfriend - Casey. Ricky becomes even more annoyed when Frank asks how Karen is adjusting to constantly running into a girl who is a dead ringer for Ricky's previous girlfriend. As Ricky demands service, Frank leaves. Marissa enters, just as Ricky turns around to blast Frank for Frank's inquisitiveness. Ricky is surprised to see Marissa when he turns around.

At Jack's Place, Jack urges Alison to use her head where Rafe and Livvie are concerned.

Meanwhile, at Rachel's old Place, Ian and Rafe brainstorm ways to fight the Avator, while Livvie brought sandwiches and coffee and eavesdrops on their conversation.

IAN: "Let's start with what we know. The thing loves attention!'

RAFE: "It sees itself as a protector. It thinks that what it is doing is honorable.'

IAN: "Yes. But it DOES have an ego! So, let's call it out and strike at it.'

RAFE: "Discredit it publicly!'

But, Livvie warns them that no one will listen to them and points out that there are already fan clubs in town. As Ian and Rafe puzzle over the way the Avatar turned into an overnight media circus, Ian has a sudden idea - maybe Chris WAS on to something and had an idea that Rafe and Ian can now use to get rid of the Avatar.

Meanwhile, back at Jack's place, Jack thanks Alison for being there for him during Caleb's reign of terror and Jack told Alison that she can count on him being there for her during the unsettling turmoil of Alison's love for Rafe.

Ian and Rafe decide that Ian should be the one to go on camera to tell about Ian's experiences with the Avatar. As Rafe and Ian begin to leave, Livvie told Rafe that she believes it is NOT smart for either of them to set themselves up as a target for The Avatar, but Rafe reminds Livvie that this IS something Rafe HAS to do!

At the Pizza Shack, Ricky blasts Marissa for being a spoiled brat with no feeling for what Casey's life was like. Ricky is surprised to learn that Marissa really IS Casey's twin!

Back at Jack's Place, Jack and Alison discuss reading signs in relationships, they begin to play around and end up kissing.

Meanwhile, Rafe and Ian meet with Patrick the Newscaster, and Ian went on camera to describe Ian's experiences in run-ins with the Avatar. Ian calls the Avatar a coward on camera - a fraud who wants to intimidate anyone who gets in his way. Ian challenges the Avatar to come down to the park to discuss its agenda with Ian.

The Avatar paces in his lair and lets out a howl of rage. But Livvie suddenly arrives and says: "Do NOT let them get to you! They are only trying to TRICK you!'

As Ricky blasts Marissa for not caring about her sister, Marissa retorts that she would have given everything in the world to have had even one chance to speak to her sister before Casey died. Marissa breaks down in sobs and cries on Ricky's shoulder.

Back in the Park, as Rafe and Ian discuss their strategy for drawing out the Avatar, Ian told Rafe that Ian has had previous experience with the strange visitors who land in Port Charles - and that Rafe himself has had those experiences. Rafe reminds Ian that Rafe can NOT remember ANY of the events of the last several years of his life - including Rafe's previous experiences in Port Charles.

Ian suggests that maybe Ian could help restore Rafe's lost memory and that shey should run some tests. But Rafe told Ian that Rafe has decided he is just going to let his concern over the memory loss go.

RAFE: "This, though, is helping - believe it or not.'

IAN: "What? Stalking an Avatar?'

RAFE: 'It is the only familiar territory I have found here in Port Charles.'

IAN: "That's funny! NOW - what do we do? If we get our wish -- If this thing starts charging at us full speed - What do we do?'

RAFE: "Well, we try to trap it. And, if we are lucky and we do - then we reason - and we talk to it. Do whatever we can to break through to the host. Because the HOST is the ONLY one who can fight it! And who can force the Avatar out of the body!'

IAN: "All right, all right. But - what if we find this host - and he does NOT want to cooperate? Then what?'

RAFE: 'Well, then, there is only one choice - we kill him!'

At the same time, in the Avatar's lair - the Avatar rages that he will kill Ian Thornhart!

But Livvie convinces the Avatar that he is falling into a trap - and Livvie describes how she overheard Ian and Rafe plotting ways to trick The Avatar into revealing himself. Livvie promises The Avatar that she would NEVER do anything to betray him. Livvie reassures The Avatar that they HAVE to trust each other - and Livvie pushes the hood back to reveal Frank Scanlon!

LIVVIE: "We both need each other too much.'

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