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Passions Recaps: The week of August 12, 2002 on PS
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Monday, August 12, 2002

Sam and TC manage to get one of the back up generators to work, giving Charity another slim chance at life.

Timmy begs Tabitha to stop trying to end Charity's life. He says he died to save her and does not want Tabitha to ruin all that he worked for. Tabitha says she cannot promise him that.

Jessica keeps rubbing it in to Kay that Charity is going to live and that Miguel will only love her.

Simone keeps going on to Whitney about how much in love she and Chad are. She tells her sis that their parents are just going to have to accept the fact that she and Chad are a couple. As Simone goes to get glasses to make a toast, Whitney tells Chad that she will set Simone straight now. She tells Chad that they have no choice.

Theresa and Phyllis switch the drugged tea and Gwen manages to drink it. She falls asleep, snoring on her feet. Theresa gets Rebecca to admit that they drugged her tea. Rebecca got bested by Theresa and is not taking it too well. She spies on Theresa and Ethan as they embrace. Theresa asks Ethan to be her baby's godfather. Ethan eagerly accepts.

Sheridan takes Luis to the gazebo and tells him that she fell in love with another man when she lost her memory. Luis tries to stay calm until he hears that the other man is Antonio.

Pilar walks in on Antonio and hears the startling news that Sheridan Crane is alive and engaged to him. She stalls Antonio and goes to find Sheridan and Luis. Pilar realizes that Luis knows the news and is not taking it well. Pilar tells Luis that the important thing is the Sheridan is alive and her should be thanking god on his knees.

Antonio collapses on the cottage porch. Both Pilar and Sheridan think Luis had something to do with it.

Tabitha tries to keep her promise and not kill Charity, thus killing Timmy's heart. Timmy is made a "Guardian Angel" and is given his wings.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Antonio collapses and falls through the glass door of Sheridan's cottage. For a moment both Sheridan and Pilar think Luis had another fight with Antonio. Luis assures the two women that he found his brother like that. They rush Antonio to the hospital.

The Bennett's and the Russell's are shocked and delighted to see that Sheridan Crane is alive. They are surprised to hear that Luis' long lost brother is back in Harmony and was the one who saved Sheridan. Hank can read between the lines and knows that something is amiss with Sheridan and Luis.

Eve successfully transplants Timmy's heart into Charity. Charity's body accepts the heart for the time being. She is not out of the woods yet and everyone goes to the chapel to pray for her recovery. Kay tries to enter the chapel and the statues come to life. They tells Kay to leave because she is evil.

Whitney tries to tell Simone that she is in love with Chad but Simone keeps interrupting her sister's confession. When Whitney finally gets up the courage for one last try, Simone drops a happy bombshell on Whitney. Simone tells her sister that Theresa is alive and well. Whitney is ecstatic. She hugs Chad as Simone looks on rather jealously. After hearing the good news, Whitney wants to see Theresa, leaving the confession to be put off yet again. Sheridan tells Luis that she slept with his brother Antonio.

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Simone questions Chad as to why he wants to accompany Whitney to the Crane mansion instead of going with her to the hospital. Whitney and Chad try to tell Simone the truth but she jumps to the conclusion that Chad knows how shaky Whitney is after hearing the good news. She believes that Chad wants to make sure Whitney gets to the Crane mansion safely.

Simone then goes on about how it is finally her time. Things are starting to turn around for her for a change now that she has a boyfriend. This news makes it all the harder for the couple to tell Simone the truth. Simone heads off to the hospital.

Kay sees the statues come to life and call her evil. She tries to fight them off as Miguel, Jessica and Reese watch her, not seeing the live statues. They think Kay is acting weird. Kay confesses what she saw to Father Lonigan. He tells her again that she must tell all to Miguel. Miguel tells Kay he is sorry to have accused her of tricking him into bed. He says that they must have been under a spell or he would never have made love to her. This confession hurts Kay, who believes that a part of Miguel knew it was really her.

Antonio wakes up and asks for Sheridan. Eve almost lets it slip that Luis is the one engaged to Sheridan. Pilar confides to Eve that Sheridan is engaged to both of her sons. Eve is still waiting for Antonio's test results. Sheridan rushes to Antonio's bedside as Luis refuses to. Luis tells Pilar that Sheridan is going to marry him and Antonio will just have to accept it.

Thursday, August 15, 2002

Father Lonigan urges Kay to tell Miguel the whole truth. Kay refuses telling the priest that she can't risk losing Miguel forever. Father Lonigan reminds her that Miguel will only love Charity and all the deception she has tries has not worked. Kay tells the priest that she did not try hard enough and has to try harder in the future. Father Lonigan tells Kay he is heartbroken to hear that she will not give up her evil ways.

Miguel sits by Charity's bedside. She awakes and speaks to Miguel. She tells Miguel that she remembers saying goodbye to him before she "died."

Antonio tells Sheridan he pities anyone who tries to come between them. He says he had to fight for her in the past and he will do it again. Hank stops Luis from telling Antonio the truth about Sheridan. Hank tells Luis that he needs to concentrate on the fact that god answered his prayers and brought Sheridan back from the dead. He reminds Luis that Antonio did not fall in love with Luis' fiancé on purpose. He tells Luis that Sheridan is easy to fall for and reminds Luis that even he fell for her a long time ago.

Sheridan sits by Antonio feeling guilty. She bends down to kiss Antonio and Luis walks in.

Ivy and Rebecca have a comedy of errors trying to revive a drugged Gwen. They finally manage to get her awake so she can go and fight for Ethan. Meanwhile, Theresa keeps using the baby to keep Ethan by her side. Ethan tells Theresa straight out that they are still broken up. He says that he still cannot trust her. She should have come to him when she saw the doctored video tape and trusted him. Gwen comes to and goes to Ethan side. He asks her how she fells and tells Gwen that he will take care of her. Theresa looks heartbroken as Rebecca spies on the scene and smiles at her.

Friday, August 16, 2002

Tabitha tries to make martimmies and realizes how alone she is without Timmy. The floor of her living room opens up. Fire and smoke rise up from the depths. Out of a flame of fire, materializes Zombie Charity. Tabitha can't believe that she is back. The zombie tells Tabby that she is only a ghost, not a zombie anymore. She has no powers. She came back from the depths of hell to talk Tabitha into destroying everyone in Harmony.

The zombie wants Tabby to destroy the town with a natural disaster. Tabitha has other ideas. She plans on using the love of the people in Harmony to destroy them. She hangs triangles in the air and puts faces in the love triangles. She tells the zombie she is going to tear the lovers apart and asks for a knife to shoot straight through their hearts. She wants the people of Harmony to hurt with the most painful kind of emotional pain.

Kay tells Simone that no one cares for her. She reminds Simone of how her father found Ethan and how her mother found John and how she is last on the family list. All she ever wanted was Miguel and Charity has him.

Charity points to Kay. Simone fears that she remembered what Kay did to her. Miguel tells Kay that Charity wants to see her NOW.

Luis is livid that Sheridan tells Antonio that he can stay with her at the cottage. Luis accuses Sheridan of not knowing her true feelings for his brother. He asks Sheridan point blank who she loves.

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