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Anna discovered that she might be pregnant. Maureen arrived in town and confided to Aidan that she had killed a man. David recalled that he had helped Maria change her identity five years earlier. Palmer confronted Kendall about her plans for Erica. Bianca was upset to learn that Maggie and Tim had kissed.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 12, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, August 12, 2002

At the darkened loft, Leo tried to convince Greenlee that he had heard Trey's voice while he stood in the hallway. Greenlee replied that he was obsessed with him, but Leo insisted that he just wanted to know who he was. He stated that he wouldn't let "Trey win" and began pulling Greenlee to the door. She abruptly stopped and demanded that he not treat her like "Ethel Mertz." A smile came over Leo's face as he told her to hold that thought while she used her position as landlord to snoop through his apartment. Greenlee snatched her arm away as she informed "Lucy" that he wasn't breaking into Trey's apartment. She declared that such an act would be breaking and entering but Leo reminded her that this wouldn't be the case as she owned the keys to his loft. Sensing that Greenlee wasn't going to budge, Leo asked her to remember their time in Paris and assured her their life could be that way if he could return Vanessa's drug money to the police. Greenlee asked him how he wasn't going to get caught and Leo only stated that this was her responsibility in their "team" mission. Reluctantly, she called Trey on his cell phone and interrupted him with a woman at the Pine Cone Motel. When asked if this was a "bad time", Trey only answered that it was late. As Leo listened on, Greenlee asked him to come down up to her loft to sign his lease. When Trey answered that he wasn't at home, Greenlee quickly assured him that it could wait. After a pause, Leo replied that he would be home in an hour and hung up. At the loft, Greenlee informed Leo that they "were in" and the pair hurried downstairs. At the Pine Cone, Trey repeated the conversation to 'Rebecca' and told her that he suspected something was up. Although Rebecca tried to keep him there, Trey quickly redressed and left.

Trapped in Erica's new apartment at Enchantment, Aidan asked Kendall if he could use her cell phone to call security but she informed him that she didn't have it with her. Suddenly, he remembered that he was supposed to meet Maria and became agitated. When Kendall rudely joked that she "must be hot" for him to be making such a fuss, he blew up and hollered at her to "shut up." Laughing, Kendall tried to figure out who he was seeing and guessed that he was dating a "hot Missus." Unamused, Aidan informed her that not all women were like her and mentioned the strip tease she performed for him while engaged to Ryan. Suddenly upset, Kendall begged him to stop but Aidan was unrelenting. He told her that Ryan had left her with good cause and that everything he had heard about her was true. Finally, Kendall screamed out that she was sorry about teasing him and vowed that she would stop harassing him if he stopped picking on her. Aidan teased her about turning on the waterworks and told her she wouldn't feel so badly if she stopped the victim act. Kendall turned on him and asked him why he had brought her up to the apartment to "deliver" her to Erica. Aidan maintained that it was work-related since he worked for Erica, but Kendall replied that he was only a handyman and that he had made the issue personal. Aidan reminded her about the striptease and Kendall challenged him to admit that he hadn't wanted her but he only assured her that she was overly "confident." He advised her to stop talking about the incident and Kendall assured her that she tried to forget the moment when Ryan walked in and she "lost (her) entire world." Aidan replied that Ryan was lucky to get out alive and was surprised when Kendall's tone change as she started crying. He attempted to console her but she only pushed him away.

Aidan hung up a bed sheet to separate the room and handed Kendall the ice. As he sat on his side, he took of his shirt and advised Kendall that she should cool herself off as well. He watched her silhouette as she removed her shirt and began rubbing ice on her neck and chest. She passed it over to him and Aidan admitted that he didn't like to see women crying. She suggested that he was used to it but Aidan ignored her comment and asked her if she ever heard from Ryan. Quietly, Kendall confided that she hadn't and Aidan revealed that he was surprised at how many times he had given her "second chances." Kendall began to reminisce about their time together and, as she did so, she contemplated about how she ruined everything. Aidan asked her if she ever tired of feeling sorry for herself but Kendall assured him that she didn't. He confessed that she confused him because she had a good upbringing. Kendall sarcastically replied that she was "raised by the two nicest people in the world" but that she was really meant to be Erica Kane's daughter. Aidan stated that people lie and cheat you and began to say something about his own life but abruptly stopped. He continued by saying that you can still trust people and Kendall again brought up the stripping incident with Ryan. Aidan suggested that she had wanted him to walk in and referred the situation to something "Doctor Freud" would find interesting and Kendall suggested that he had wanted to be alone with her that night. "Instead of your fragile flower," she stated and asked him if he had trouble with taking strange women in. Agitated, Aidan told her to stop but Kendall only pushed on, stating that she knew where he lived and would pay him a visit to see his mystery woman. Suddenly, Aidan threw back the curtain and angrily demanded that she do no such thing. Kendall persisted but Aidan warned her to stay away. She got in his face as she asked him if this mystery woman reminded him of the woman who broke his heart and if she, herself, reminded him of her and that was why they were there. "Do I remind you of her, Ryan?" she cried, as Aidan reminded her that he was not her ex-fiancé. She told him that he wanted her so badly he could taste it, as Aidan enveloped her and passionately kissed her.

Tad arrived at Brooke's and, as she opened the door, she was disappointed that he was not Edmund. As Tad stepped into the hallway, she began mumbling that it was her "fault" and that Edmund's "reporter's instincts" had kicked in. Confused, Tad asked her what she meant and Brooke revealed that her fiancé had flown to Nevada to find Maureen Gorman. She explained that Edmund had met her at the airport and told her he would "bail" if she didn't come clean about her time in Nevada, so she had told him everything. Tad called her a "stand up woman" and praised her for her courage, but Brooke only became angry and asked him to stop. Confused, Tad asked her why she was upset. She remembered back to her meeting with Maria and her inability to tell Tad that he had spoken to the 'wrong' Maureen Gorman. Confused, Tad asked her what was going on. Brooke explained that Edmund hadn't "trusted" her enough to believe that Maureen wasn't Maria. Tad assured her that people sometimes needed to see things for themselves and asked her to remember their trip to Switzerland to find Dixie. Sadly, Brooke stated that he didn't trust her and wondered what she was going to do. Tad suggested that she call him but Brooke replied that she left ten messages for him which he hadn't responded to. He asked her when Edmund left but Brooke couldn't answer him. Shocked, Tad asked her if she knew he had even gone and Brooke angrily replied that it wasn't like him to not keep in touch. Tad rose to stand beside her and gently told her that she was beginning to lose it over a few unanswered calls and warned her that if she continued on this path, she would lose everything. Brooke assured him that she was only stressed out and concerned over the fact that he still loved her. Tad advised her that this was always going to be the case and recalled that she had been okay with that. He asked her what had happened to make her change her mind but before she could answer, the phone rang. "Edmund!" Brooke cried, as a smile lit her face. A moment later she hung up and informed Tad that Edmund had been planning a pre-wedding get together for the two of them that evening. Relieved that he wasn't in Nevada, she began blowing candles out. Tad rose to leave and told her to enjoy the evening because she earned and deserved it. Brooke assured him that she would try to the pair left.

Quietly, Greenlee and Leo entered Trey's empty loft. Greenlee admitted that the place gave her the creeps because all she could think about was her father and Simone together. Leo asked her to try to forget about that for the time being and went to another room to investigate. Alone, Greenlee picked up a book of poetry and read the inscription inside. She was furious to realize that it was from Roger to Simone and that the dedication he wrote to her was a carbon copy of the one he had put in Greenlee's same book. She threw it on the floor as Trey entered the apartment and asked her what she was doing there. Greenlee quickly replied that she was worried about his loft and came down to check on it after the power went out. He mentioned the book that she threw on the floor and suggested that Simone had left it behind. Trey told her that Simone was sorry for what had happened but a disgusted Greenlee demanded that they not speak about her. Trey made his way to the bedroom, where Leo was hiding, but Greenlee assured him that she had already checked his room and that everything was fine. After a moment of silence, Trey motioned for her to leave but Greenlee confided that she was scared of the dark and asked him to walk her upstairs to her loft. Reluctantly, Trey obliged. As they closed the door, Leo exited the bedroom and exhaled deeply.

Trey and Greenlee arrived at her front door as Trey asked where Leo was. "He's buying candles," she stated, as she opened the door to reveal a loft heavily lit with several candles. "More candles... I'm afraid of the dark," she stammered. Trey declared that he was a good husband and a good son, as Nessa adored him. "If that's what you call eating your own," Greenlee replied. Trey corrected her and told her he was talking about Nessa, not Vanessa. "Oh yeah, it's so hard to keep up sometimes," she snickered. Trey asked her what they thought about Vanessa's condition but Greenlee would only say that neither one of them talked about her that much. She thanked Trey for walking her up and saw him out. Alone, she stood facing the closed door and wondered where Leo was. Suddenly, a hand came up behind her and covered her mouth. She turned around and was relieved to see Leo. He explained that he had climbed out his bedroom window and went down the fire escape but admitted that he hadn't had enough time to find anything. Quietly, Greenlee confided that Trey was onto them and asked why he would have rushed him if he hadn't suspected anything. Suddenly, she pulled an airline ticket out of her pocket and handed it to Leo. She explained that she swiped it from his apartment and, as he read it, she wondered why he had been in Paris at the same time they were.

Back in his apartment, Trey crept to the living room cabinet and pulled out a CD case. "Agent Stamp's Proteus files," he mused, and was relieved that they hadn't been touched. Quietly, he vowed that he would find Vanessa' money before Leo and admitted that he hadn't burned down Erica's house to lose everything to Leo.

At the Pine Cone Motel, Edmund slipped into a room just as Maria stepped out of the one adjacent to it. She quickly slipped back in as she saw Brooke approaching. With the door ajar, she listened Edmund tell Brooke that he had been waiting for her for a long time.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Aidan and Kendall separated briefly until Kendall moved in to kiss him some more. The kissed for a few more moments until Kendall broke away and slapped him. Kendall told him that she never wanted to kiss him, and he told her that they were coming close to going a lot further then kissing. She said it would never happen, and she changed the subject back to the woman he's got stashed at the Pine Cone. Again, Aidan told her to forget about her, but Kendall said she might just pay her a visit. Aidan told her not to think about it. Kendall recognized that this must be someone important, but Aidan wouldn't talk about her anymore. Aidan told her that everyone is right, she's not worth it. They exchanged a few more insults before the lights came back on. Kendall told him that she wasn't finished talking yet, but Aidan said that he was, so he left.

Trey was about to leave with the Proteus files when Rebecca, the woman he left in bed earlier, started knocking. He quickly hid the disk and let her in. She wanted to spend some more time with him, but he made up an excuse to get rid of her. She told him that she took a cab over, so he offered to drive her home. Grabbing his keys and coat, they left together.

Brooke arrived at the Pine Cone, where Edmund had a celebration planned for her. She told him that she thought he had left, but he reassured her that he didn't have to go looking for anyone. Across from Brooke and Edmund's room, Maria opened her door and heard Edmund confess to Brooke that she is the woman he loves. Confused as to why she even came to Pine Valley, and wondering where Aidan is, Maria placed a phone call to David. Before he could help her, Anna walked in on him, so he made up an excuse and hung up. Frustrated, Maria through the phone against the wall of her room. Hearing the noise from Maria's room, Edmund wanted to investigate. Brooke encouraged him not to leave as she pulled him into an embrace.

David was on the phone, saying, "Where are you?", when Anna reentered the room wearing a negligee. He quickly hung up the phone. She tried to seduce him, telling him she's ready to make a baby, but he wasn't playing along. She noticed something was wrong with him, but he denied it. Finally she said that she knows what's wrong. Anna thought she was rushing things, because she was afraid she might change her mind. She told him that she just had to remind herself that she has David, and that won't change. David assured her that it definitely won't change, and proceeded to undress her so they could make love.

Maria remembered the voices she's heard: Brooke, Edmund, and Tad, and thought to herself why those voices sounded familiar. She also remembered David telling her not to let them get close to her. She asked herself where Aidan was, and decided that she couldn't stay there anymore, as she looked out the window towards Brooke and Edmund's room.

Edmund and Brooke were dancing in their motel room in celebration of their wedding. He reminded Brooke that this will be their last dance before the wedding stuff takes over. After the dance, Brooke apologized again for going off on the wild goose chase, and Edmund reassured her that he understood why she did it. He told her that they will only be looking towards the future from now on. He then remembered that he had another surprise in the car for her, so he ran out to get it.

Maria left a note in her room, saying that she had to leave. She left, and started to lock the door, when she felt a hand on her shoulder. Startled, she turned around and a relieved look came to her face. It was Aidan, and he quickly rushed her back inside, apologizing for leaving her. He noticed a drawing of Wildwind in the room, and Maria told him that she had been drawing it for years, but doesn't know why. He said the only difference between her drawing and Wildwind was the big turret in her drawing. He told her that he brought some necessities for her, but she said she's not staying. She said that she made a big mistake for coming, and was about to leave, against Aidan's wishes, when Edmund knocked on the door. He asked through the door if everything was all right. Aidan opened up the door, while Maria stayed behind it. Edmund asked if there were any problems, and Aidan said that they were just a little clumsy during the blackout. Edmund, still suspicious, asked to see the other person, but Aidan said it would be a bad time. Edmund said, "Not too bad, I hope," as he walked away. Aidan turned and asked Maria what happened while he was gone. She told him the truth, about throwing the phone, and Aidan told her that he wasn't leaving her alone tonight. She asked him why he was being so nice, and he replied that he was trying to make up for past mistakes he's made. He asked her again to stay, for him, and she finally agreed.

Trey returned home from bringing home Rebecca, and disposing of the Proteus files. He told himself that all Greenlee and Leo will find now is a key if they come snooping around, and they'll never figure out where it goes. He noticed the door to his bedroom open, and suspected it was Leo and Greenlee again. Picking up a paperweight, he entered the room. A woman screamed.

Edmund returned to his room with a big package. It was a picture, drawn by Maddie, of her family, including Brooke. He said that Maddie wanted to call her mom, too, and Brooke said was very happy as she replied that it was a sign from God.

Back in Trey's apartment, he's nursing a wounded head, as Kendall prepared a heat pack. He wondered what she was doing, and she reminded him that he said she could have Simone's old room. He told her she could still stay, but only for one night. Kendall told him that he owes her, and she will go to the bar and Adam Chandler, if he doesn't relent. Trey finally told her she could stay for awhile, before going to bed. The next morning, Trey came back out to shut off the TV, as Kendall lay in front of it. She woke up and said that she was watching it, but Trey said it was just some dumb old movie anyway. Kendall informed him that it was Richard Fields, her father, starring in the movie. Trey didn't seem to care, and told her to remember, whenever he's around, "make yourself scarce." He walked out of the room as Kendall turned on the TV and heard Richard Fields tell another character to "make yourself scarce." She stared at the TV in stunned silence.

Brooke woke up the next morning, with Edmund standing over her telling her she will get breakfast in bed from the Pancake Palace next door. She kissed him as he left to get it. Maria watched him leave from across the way, as Aidan asked her how she slept. She said she had dreams again. He noticed something was wrong, and Maria again confessed that she doesn't know why she's here. He asked if it was something from her past, and she said that she doesn't have a past. She can't remember any past.

Anna was about to leave the police station when a purse snatcher was brought in. She began looking through his belongings when the a phone started ringing from his pocket. Anna picked it up.

David decided to try to get a hold of Maria through her cell phone again, and dialed. He was shocked when Anna answered.

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

In the morning Kendall wandered around the loft while listening to Hayley's show "Wave" on TV. It was about lost loves and second chances. She remembered when Ryan left her and was very sad. Trey walked in complaining about the amount of TV she watches. He looked at the TV and recognized Hayley as Adam Chandler's daughter. A knock on the door brought Greenlee into the room. She stormed in, furious that she heard "Simone's" voice. She stopped dead in her tracks when she found Kendall there instead. The two women start yipping at each other and Trey left. Kendall asked Greenlee to hire her to help bring down Erica but Greenlee just laughed at her. Greenlee said after the fiasco at the bridal show she wouldn't let Kendall near her company. Kendall showed Greenlee the key card to Erica's office. Kendall buttered up to Greenlee, who read right through her and told her to take her lips off "my very firm butt." Kendall said she doesn't like admitting that Greenlee is good at her job but that she is . They discussed what Greenlee could do to Enchantment and Greenlee got more interested in Kendall's help, until Kendall mentioned that the only person who knew she was in Erica's office was Aidan. Greenlee said if anything happened to Enchantment Kendall would be the first person they'd come after. Greenlee said she wanted nothing to do with Kendall and left. Kendall grabbed her purse and chased after Greenlee.

At SOS Bianca and Maggie discussed Bianca's new job at Enchantment. Bianca said she was doing it to help keep Greenlee and Kendall off of Erica's back. Maggie said she'd do a great job, that Bianca could do anything she set her mind to. Bianca was nervous about starting out so high up on the corporate ladder and was sure that everyone would sing the "Nepotism Rag" to her. Maggie said Bianca was so together that she was in awe of her and that she realizes what her sister saw in Bianca. Bianca saw Tim across the club and said they should invite him over. Maggie asked why she keeps pushing them together. Maggie said she feels like Bianca has a scheme going on. Bianca denied it but said Tim was cute and that Maggie hadn't exactly been putting herself out on the dating scene . She said she was just trying to help Maggie when Kendall strolled over. Kendall and Bianca threw pointed barbs at each other when Greenlee walked over. The three women shot nasty comments back and forth while Maggie listened. Trey joined them and listened in. Kendall and Greenlee stomped away. Maggie told Bianca she did great against Kendall and Greenlee.

Mateo and JR were cleaning around the bar and Mat thanked him for coming to help with Brooke and Edmund's party. JR thanked him for giving him a second chance. Tim walked over and was a bit sheepish, saying he was supposed to have met Hayley for breakfast but that he got interested in watching her show on TV and lost track of the time. Hayley walked up behind him and was very angry that she had caught Tim in a lie again. She told Tim she had spoken with Uncle Trevor, who is under the impression that Tim hasn't been released by the doctors to come home yet. Tim said he'd straighten things out with his dad but that he just wants to stay in Pine Valley. Hayley demanded that he tell Trevor the truth and Tim promised he would. Hayley walked away to make a phone call and Mat asked why Tim didn't want to go home. Tim admitted that Janet was getting "weirder and weirder" and that Trevor won't listen to him about it. Mateo told Tim to come clean to his father. Tim walked away and Hayley returned. Mateo and Hayley discussed Tim and Tim returned to hear them. He told Hayley that Janet was freaking him out and was just not normal. Hayley sympathized with him but said it was unfair for him to let Trevor think his health was the reason he wasn't coming home. Tim said maybe he could say he wanted to go to PVU and Hayley said that could work.

Brooke sat in the room at the Pine Cone waiting for Edmund to return with breakfast while watching "Wave" on TV. Edmund came in with bagels instead of pancakes. They sat on the bed to eat and joked about the seedy motel and broken bedsprings. Edmund said it had been a really long time since he felt this happy and they kissed. Brooke's phone rang and it was Hayley, asking the two of them to come to SOS to check out the menu for their party. Edmund said he didn't want them sweating the small stuff and asked her to promise they'd have one more quiet moment before all the festivities began. They cuddled on the bed.

Across the way Maureen watched the same show on TV and looked out the window. Aidan told her he'd been thinking about her not having a past and she said there was nothing to think about. He saidthey could go public with her story and Maureen yelled NO! She said she couldn't go public because "those two people" would find her. Aidan said he just wanted to help her and Maureen said she needs to be careful and not let anyone see her before she finds out what's going on. Aidan realized that she doesn't know who she is. He tried to get her to talk about it but she begged him to let it go. He told her the woman who's looking for her could tell her who she is.

Brooke stepped outside the motel room and fished around in her purse for the keys. She yelled out to Edmund and Maureen heard their voices. Maureen looked outside and told Aidan that was the woman who was looking for her. Aidan cracked open the door and they listened to Brooke and Edmund discuss their party at SOS tonight. Maureen said that was Brooke English and asked Aidan if she was with a "Tad something." Aidan said no, it was the man from last night. He told her they were planning a party at SOS that evening and that they should go to it and ask why Brooke is looking for Maureen. She said she didn't want them to find her but Aidan said they'd be in a public place and she couldn't be hurt. Maureen worried about what Brooke knows about her. Aidan tried to convince her to go and mentioned SOS was owned by Mateo Santos. Maureen remembered Brooke saying "Maria Santos Grey." She told Aidan this was all connected and he said they'd go tonight and find out how.

Brooke and Edmund arrived at SOS and went to check menus with Hayley and Mateo. Bianca left Maggie to go say hello to Brooke and Trey sat down in her place. Maggie wanted to know what he wanted from her. He claimed that he just wanted to hang out with her as a friend. Maggie said that was a little weird and left the table. Trey walked away also.

Kendall followed Greenlee and told her the only reason Bianca is working at Enchantment is because of them. Greenlee told her to forget it, she wasn't going to hire her.

Brooke, Edmund, Bianca, and Tim chatted about the party. Brooke asked Tim if Trevor and Janet were going to come, Tim told him they had a conflict but that he'd be there. Hayley brought food over and they sampled the party fare. Edmund and Brooke played kissy-face and acted very silly.

At the police station Anna threatened the person on the stolen cell phone that she'd get a warrant if he didn't identify himself. David hung up the phone and wondered what his wife was doing with Maureen's cell phone. He rushed down to the station and stood outside the door listening to Anna talk to the mugger in custody. Anna asked the man who his boss was and was that him on the phone. The mugger admitted that the cell phone wasn't his and that he'd stolen it from a young woman in the park the other day.He said he saw a young dark haired woman sitting in the park just staring at the mansion on the hill, like she was in a trance. Anna told a cop to book the mugger and take him away. David walked in and Anna said he had his "something happened" look. David denied it and then tried to grill Anna about the mugger. Anna wouldn't tell him much and David claimed that the mugger looked dangerous and he was just worried about her. Then he tried to get information about the victim and Anna became suspicious. She told him to drop it but he asked if they'd caught the man in Pine Valley or someplace else. She told him here and that they were going to track the victim down. She got paged to the evidence room and left David to wait. He sat down and wondered about Maria. When Anna returned he was gone. David drove to Wildwind and vowed to wait there for Maria, saying she wasn't going to get any closer.

Brooke returned to SOS later in the day, all dressed up in a slinky black dress. Edmund said "WOW!" and kissed her. Outside the door Aidan and Maureen stood poised to walk in.

Thursday, August 15, 2002

During Brooke and Edmund's pre-wedding celebration at SOS, Mateo asks Edmund if he is happy. When Edmund responds with a resounding yes, Mateo tells him that is all Maria would want for him. Meanwhile, outside, Maria and Aidan watch the festivities through a window.

Palmer pulls Kendall aside and tells her she should abandon her revenge scheme against Erica. He tries to knock some sense into Kendall by explaining to her that she is her own worst enemy and that she is only going to end up hurting herself. He tells her she needs someone on her side who knows how to play Erica's game. "Who?" Kendall asks. "Me." Palmer replies. Because Kendall reminds Palmer of a young Erica, Palmer wants to protect her. He has hopes that someday Erica will accept Kendall as her daughter. Kendall leaves to look after Petey who is practicing his gambling skills on SOS patrons. Opal sits across from Palmer and lovingly calls him an old softie.

Anna waits for David and tries several times to reach him by phone. She has no idea where he could be. When Maggie comes by, Anna has to share her secret with someone. "I'm late." She whispers. She asks Maggie not to say anything. Anna plans to confirm her pregnancy with a test later in the evening. She doesn't want to tell David until she is sure.

David knocks at Wildwind's big wooden doors. When no one answers he tries the knob. Surprised at the lax security, David lets himself in. He calls for Maureen expecting her to meet him there. When there is no answer, David looks around. He picks up a small framed wedding portrait of Edmund and Maria. When footsteps are heard, David hides as a maid comes in asking who is there. As the maid replaces the picture, David remembers a scene that occurred 5 years earlier. He and Maria were in his car and he was telling her that she would be safe in Nevada. He told Maria that he had created a new identity for her and had a job ready and waiting for her. Everything would be all right if she left immediately and never looked back. Her life depended on it. As David was reliving the past, a security guard came up behind him and asked what he was doing there. David quickly concocted a story about being the family doctor. He claimed to have received an emergency page to come to Wildwind. The security guard decided not to take David's word, but to let the police sort it out.

Maria becomes jittery over the timing of introducing herself to Brooke and Edmund. Overwhelmed, Maria runs back to her motel room. She tells Aidan the past is sometimes best left alone. Aidan disagrees. He thinks she needs to speak to Brooke and get some answers. He asks Maria/Maureen what it is she is so afraid of. Maria mentions the years she has spent running away from what she has done. She wants to trust Aidan, but she can't. Aidan won't give up. He believes her desire for the truth is stronger than her fear. Finally Maria confides to Aidan that she killed a man. A stunned Aidan presses Maria for details, but she can't give him any. He is suspicious because a person like Maria is unlikely to commit cold-blooded murder. Aidan has a feeling someone has been lying to her. Maria flashes back to a memory of being in David's car where he pressured her into running. Maria asks Aidan to leave and get some food. While he is gone, Maria calls David. The Pine Valley police picks up the phone. Maria assumes David has turned on her, hangs up the phone and runs.

Friday, August 16, 2002

The security guard along with Pine Valley policeman accompanied Police Chief, Anna Devane, into Wildwind and confronted David. Why was he there? David said he was called on a medical emergency. Anna dismissed the guard and policeman and stayed behind to talk to David. He tried to pacify her but Anna was not buying it. They argued some and then Anna did a turnaround. She decided she has to stop interrogating David as she does a prisoner and tells David she believes his story. David is pleased. He told Anna he needed to go to Pine Valley Hospital and left Wildwind.

Aidan went to the park hoping he would find Maureen there. She wasn't but Kendall showed up much to Aidan's dismay. They exchanged a few unpleasantries-Kendall taunted him about chasing the mystery woman away and Aidan told Kendall to mind her own business because she wouldn't help anyone unless there was something in it to suit her own purpose. He then left the park.

At Pine Valley Hospital, Tad talked to his father, Dr. Joe, in Jake's office. Tad told Dr. Joe the history so far concerning Brooke's obsession about Maureen being Maria and the trip to Nevada. Tad wanted Dr. Joe to contact the Nevada hospital to get more information about Maureen Gorman and Dr. Joe adamantly refused to get involved. In fact, he berated Tad for becoming as involved as he has. Tad tried to justify his reasons saying he wanted Brooke to be able to walk down the aisle at her wedding with a free conscience-knowing Maria has not come back from the dead. Dr. Joe again strongly advised him to stay out of Brooke's life. When Dr. Joe left Jake's office, Tad wasn't sure what to do next. Suddenly he saw the office computer was turned on and he had an idea. He tried to access the email system but didn't have the code. A summer intern, Sandi Miller, came into the office. Thinking she was talking to Jake she offered to enter the access code and of course Tad said he would be happy if she helped him. Once online, Sandi left Tad to email Los Yermos Hospital and he requested HR records on Maureen Gorman. After waiting what seemed to be an eternity to Tad, Maureen's picture was faxed to him.

Edmund visited Mateo at SOS after all the guests had gone home. Mateo dismissed the staff and he left as well. Edmund put on a CD and he and Brooke danced. Outside the window Maureen watched Edmund and Brooke. She was going to enter SOS but heard someone coming by and hid. It was Mateo and his mother. They stopped outside SOS and talked about his sister, Maria's, death and how much she is missed. Maria seemed to be intrigued by their conversation and was about to come out of hiding to talk with them. However, she became fearful and changed her mind. She quickly left for another hiding place. Mateo, hearing a sound in the ally, went to see who it was but found no one.

Meanwhile back inside SOS, Brooke decided she needed to get her beauty sleep before tomorrow's wedding and wanted to go home to her house. Edmund said he would take her home to Wildwind. "No more being alone," he told her. At Wildwind they were having a nightcap when Edmund discovered Maddie had left her blanket behind when she went to sleep. He left to take it to her. Brooke walked around the room looking at the treasures. She saw the picture of Edmund and Maria on their wedding day on a side table. She gazed at the picture and then turned it face down on the table. When she looked up, she saw Edmund watching her. She apologized for turning the picture down. Edmund said it was ok. It was time to move the picture to Maddie's room. He apologized to her for bringing her into his home with memories of Maria still around which made her uncomfortable.

Maria went to the park to think. She kept hearing the name Maria Santos Grey over and over in her head. She tried to figure out what it meant. She remembers the conversation she had with Brooke in Nevada when Brook also said the same name. Maureen (Maria) pulled out a drawing she did of a castle. She remembered a conversation she had with David five years earlier when he looked at similar drawing she had done. She told him she was always drawing it but couldn't remember where the castle was. Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder. She jumped. It was the park security guard warning her to be careful in the park of muggers. He moved on to his rounds. Maria left the park not noticing the drawing had fallen to the ground.

After David left Wildwood he hurried to the park where he thought Maria might have gone. Arriving there, he saw the drawing of the castle on the ground. Picking it up, he mumbled to himself that he must have just missed her and hurried away.

In her room at the Valley Inn, Anna put on ice champagne for "daddy" and apple juice for "mommy." She then went into the bathroom taking the pregnancy test kit with her. She soon returned, and after pacing fervently while the clock ticked off the waiting period, she was at first surprised and then overjoyed when the results were positive. She phoned David at the hospital to tell him to hurry home for the good news and discovered David had not been at the hospital all evening. She realized David has lied to her again.

At Wildwind, Edmund and Brooke kissed goodnight in the hallway by the front door, pausing before going up the stairs to bed. Outside, by the front door, Maria approached hesitantly. Finally she decided she needed to know whom Edmund and Brooke are and placed her hand on the doorknocker.



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