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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of August 12, 2002 on GL
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Monday, August 12, 2002

Eden tells Nicky/Gus to call off his "dog" - Harley- who has handcuffed herself to Eden with the intent of dragging her physically back to Springfield. Gus pleads with his sister to please do this favor for him, since he changed his whole life for her when he pleaded guilty to her actions all those years ago. Eden reminds Gus that promises were made to her father and to her. Harley argues that Gus has certainly gone way beyond his duty. Eden accuses Nicky/Gus of throwing over family obligation because he has fallen in love. Gus tells her he's not breaking his promise because she is going to admit the truth herself. Eden says there is no way she is going to open herself up to legal retribution simply because her brother wants to appease his girlfriend. Gus begs that she only reveal the truth to Phillip so that Harley can have her son back, and promises that he and Harley will protect her from any kind of police involvement in the case. Eden uses nostalgia to try one last time to get Nicky/Gus to let her off the hook. Finally she relents. Gus thanks her and they embrace. Then Eden asks to be released from the handcuffs, but Harley says no. Not only does she think it unwise to let Eden go, she does not even have the key with her if she wanted to.

Lizzie and Marina have a heart to heart at Company, where Marina tells Lizzie that Ben is her ticket out of Economy and into First Class. Marina applies some lipstick and follows Ben off to the front porch outside. She comes on strong, but Ben accuses her of being "all talk." Marina takes that as a challenge and invites her to meet him on the beach tonight to see whether action follows her talk or not. Ben tells Marina that if she keeps pushing, she might find just the trouble she's looking for. He tells her tonight's not good, and in fact, the whole week looks bad. But next week, for sure. And he kisses her. Marina goes back in to report that her first date with Ben is on, and that he sealed it with a kiss. Lizzie reminds her that next Wednesday is the date of the Beacon opening and she's sure Ben is going to be there instead of with Marina. Marina says she'll find a way to get invited to the Beacon opening - and then after - they'll have their date on the beach together. Buzz returns from his trip visiting his sons and Frank is thrilled to see him. He fills his father in on all that is happening with Harley and Phillip and Zach.

Marah runs into Father Ray and they begin to talk about Richard's death. When Marah becomes hesitant, Father Ray encourages her to talk more about what is really bothering her. Marah evades by saying she's not Catholic, but Ray reminds her that regardless of her religion, he is still a good listener and might be able to help her. Then, with a look from Marah, Ray realizes that it is more his status as a Santos, than a priest, that is keeping Marah from revealing her heart to him. Ben shows up at the beach where Marah is still thinking over things - Richard and Cassie and Reva, Tony. When Ben offers to help her figure some things out - she tells him that it's "too late." He wants to know if she means it's too late for them, or too late in regard to whatever she is struggling with. She comments that Ben is just like Tony when it comes to constantly bringing up the past. She mentions the talk with Tony that she had after Richard's funeral. Ben wants to know if that means there is still hope for Tony and her, but she assures him that is not a possibility after what Tony did to her. Ben advises Marah to finally move on from Tony. To completely cut the ties. He suggests she stick with someone who thinks the world of her, and invites her to the Beacon opening, as a step forward, a step away from Tony Santos and the past. She accepts.

Michelle confronts Danny and asks him if she is being played for a fool by Carmen, once again. "Is the tape real, or not", she asks her husband? Danny tells Michelle that the tape is indeed real, but that he did what he had to do to protect her and their family. Michelle makes Danny say that he was threatening to murder Edmund. Danny says he is not going to apologize for protecting his family. He then volunteers that the reason he didn't follow through with killing Edmund is because it became unnecessary. Michelle had called to tell him that the hospital already knew that Richard's life support had been shut off. Of course, Michelle wants to know if she had not called him with that news, would Edmund be dead right now? Danny advises her not to go asking questions that she cannot handle the answer to. She asks him what the heck kind of answer "don't ask" is. She tells her husband that this all reminds her of the day Danny took her down to the docks to shoot her. She needs to know that Danny could no more have killed Edmund than he could have killed her. Danny says he would have done it, for the Bauers, for Robby, and mostly for her. He said it was that killing Edmund became pointless that he didn't do it. Michelle keeps fighting for a piece of hope that Danny is not capable of murder, but he keeps telling her that he is. To protect his family, yes, he would kill someone. Michelle is shattered. She walks out, leaving Danny wondering what she is thinking of doing.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

On the beach, Marina talks to Tony about Marah and why all the guys think she's so hot.

At the Lewis house, Bill arrives and he and Marah discuss the Beacon opening gala. She asks him if he's going, but he says no. He makes a comment about a woman and Marah wants to know about the woman that he's hiding, but he's not telling. He tells Marah there are secrets about this woman and things she doesn't know. Marah tells him he has to tell her, but Bill says they are things that could ruin her life. Marah tries to convince him that not telling her could ruin her life.

Alan walks into the study to find Beth almost frantically drawing, she has drawn a picture of a building and it appears to be in Mexico. Alan wants to know if it's a place she remembers. She tells him she doesn't know, but she's going to keep drawing until she remembers.

Sam returns to town for a visit with Olivia. They run into Phillip at the Country Club and Phillip who is trying to apply suntan lotion. Olivia offers to help and is rubbing it on his back when Phillip tells her he knows what she's doing. Alan is due to show up any minute and she's hoping he'll see them and be jealous. He teases her about this and tells her after the kiss in the hot tub, it's going to take more than rubbing suntan lotion on him. Olivia is offended at the comment, and later admits to Sam that she is developing feelings for Phillip. She tells him it started as a game, but they just connect in so many ways.

Back at the beach, Marina tells Tony that Marah is ruining things for her with Ben. She mentions that Marah and Ben are going to the gala together, and how she should be going with Ben, not Marah. Tony tells Marina if she's looking for social status to forget it. Her grandfather owns a diner and her father is a cop and she's not going to get the social status she's looking for. He lets her know it's not all it's cracked up to be. He tells Marina to find a guy from her world, that he knows that crossing over just doesn't work.

Bill shows up at the mansion to see Beth and is excited to see her sketches. She notices this and asks him if he recognizes the place. Beth says she had remembered something about a mission when she returned from Mexico and she and Phillip went to check it out, but that she hadn't really been there before. She wants to know if he remembers it and if they were there together, He tells her yes, it was a mission in Mexico.

Alan arrives at the Country Club and finds Phillip. He tells Phillip he has to go home right away and put his foot down with Beth, that she is drawing a place she remembers from Mexico and he has to get her to stop trying to remember. Phillip refuses and tells Alan to tend to his own life, that Olivia confides in him things that she doesn't tell Alan. He says he'll take care of his life and Beth.

As Bill is about to tell Beth about when they were at the mission, Lizzie runs in to show Beth her new swimsuit. She's embarrassed when she sees Bill. She asks Beth if the swimsuit will pass the Dad test and Beth tells her not to worry. After seeing this, Bill backs down from telling Beth about what really happened at the mission. He says they just had some fun and made out in the pews.

At the beach, Marina asks Tony why he and Marah are no longer together. She says they just seemed to belong together. Marah shows up and asks Marina to leave. She needs to talk to Tony. Marina isn't happy about this, but she leaves. Tony asks Marah why she did that and wants to know if Marah thought he was going to hurt Marina. Marah admits that she was jealous seeing him with someone else.

Marina runs into Ben at Company and brings up the date they have planned. She tells him it's the same night as the gala and asks him to take her, not letting on that she knows he's taking Marah. Ben says he can't take her to the gala, but he can meet her afterward. He admits he got the nights mixed up and he's going to the gala with Marah. Marina tells him she knew, but was trying to give him a chance to change his mind and take her instead. Marina is incensed that Ben won't take her and calls him a snob. She hurries off while she's telling him that he needs her, he just doesn't know it yet.

Beth wants to know why Bill had such a reaction to the drawings if all that happened was that they had a little fun. Bill says he was just happy that she's remembering more.

Olivia is leaving the Country Club and makes arrangements to catch up with Sam later. He wants to know why she's with Alan and she tells him it's because Alan is good to her, he even helped her get the Beacon. But, now she's falling in love with his son.

Phillip comes in and sees the drawings Beth has done and asks if they are of some place she remembers. She tells him she doesn't know, but that she knows she was there with Bill Lewis. Phillip wants to know what Bill said happened between them at this place. Beth frantically goes through the drawings, she is obsessed with them. Phillip takes hold of her arm and says that HE is there with her now, not Bill and not Lorelei.

At Company, Ben tries to get Bill to go to the gala. He says he's sure Bill could find a date and they could go with him and Marah. Bill tells him no and Ben says he has to get a life. He jokingly asks Bill if he's married, and Bill says yes!

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Outside of Company

Olivia met with the publisher about the diary. He said he was missing a week of entries in the diary after Lorelei left Mexico and went to Texas. Olivia had no idea where the pages are. She wanted to know if there was a man named Bill mentioned in the diary. He requested that she try to get a hold of the missing pages.

At Company

Ben wanted to know what Bill was talking about since he said he was married. Ben tried to convince Bill to invite a date to the Beacon Fest. Olivia enters and asked Ben to leave. Ben exits.

At the Spaulding mansion

She put the picture of the church on the easel, but Phillip was obsessed with knowing why this was so important to her. She reminded him that she was trying to recapture a memory. He kept telling her that she is letting it stop her from living her life. He accidentally ripped the picture of the church. Beth was shocked that he ripped her drawing. He asked her if she was happy with her life. He seemed to be getting tired of her trying to relive Lorelei's memory. He couldn't understand why she wanted to do this. He continued to argue trying to find an explanation. He told her she better figure it out and let if go before she does some real damage. Phillip exits. But aloud she said she couldn't let it go. She had a flashback of her and Bill together. She saw herself and Bill knocking on the church door in a drunken state. When she returned to reality, she realized what probably happened. Beth called Felicia and told her about the flashback she had. She said she thought Lorelei was trying to come back. Felicia said that it probably meant that she is unsettled. Beth explained what she saw and she recognized Bill smoking a cigar and talking to a priest. In the background Olivia is listening. Felicia told her to let the memories come back naturally.

Bill called Olivia and told her he is on his way to the airport. He thought it would be good to get out of Springfield for a few days. Olivia told her that she couldn't call him because he is on a plane. Olivia refused to tell her where Bill was going. Olivia decided to tell her that she is having a lakeside cottage renovated for Alan and she gave the job to Bill. Olivia exits to make a phone call. Beth got in Olivia's briefcase to get Bill's number. Smiling, Olivia watched Beth through the doorway. Beth exits. Phillip enters. He asked Olivia where Beth was.

Thursday, August 15, 2002

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Friday, August 16, 2002

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