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Monday, August 19, 2002

In the Park, as Rafe comforts Livvie, Jack repeats his question, asking WHY Livvie would be telling the Avatar that Livvie's baby was NOT The Avatar's baby. Livvie covers by telling Rafe that the Avatar wanted her baby and was grabbing toward the baby. When Jack and Alison try to contradict Livvie, Rafe snaps at them and told them that Livvie does NOT have to defend herself to them.

Elsewhere in the Park, Marissa and Jamal are making out when Ricky finds them and informs them that the Avatar has taken Karen away.

Meanwhile, in the Avatar's Lair, Karen thanks the Avatar for saving her from the mugger in the Park. When Karen asks if the Avatar remembers her, Lancelot replies: ' I won't hurt you. I would NEVER hurt you!'

Back in the Park, Rafe told Livvie that he will take her to the Hospital if she feels she needs to be checked out. But Livvie insists she will be fine now that Rafe has arrived.

Jack and Alison decide to leave but, before they go, Rafe thanks Jack and Alison for taking care of his wife. After Rafe and Livvie leave, Alison told Jack that she is hurt that Rafe treated her like a total stranger and Alison confides in Jack that it is like her life is flashing before her eyes, except someone else is living it. Alison told Jack that she feels like she has really lost Rafe for good.

Elsewhere in the Park, Ricky describes how Karen disappeared with The Avatar - but Marissa points out that that is NOT the Avatar's M.O. Marissa angers Ricky when Marissa suggests the Avatar has fallen in love with Karen. Jamal and Marissa agree to help Ricky look for Karen.

In the Avatar's lair, Karen told the Avatar she is not afraid of him, but feels safe. But, when Karen asks to see his face, the Avatar stops her and told her: "No!' But the Avatar touches Karen's face and told her that she is beautiful.

As Jack, Marissa and Ricky search for Karen, Marissa continues to babble on about Lancelot being in love with Karen. Finally, Ricky told Marissa: "He is crazy! He is NOT a hero! He is NOT a man!'

In the Avatar's lair, Karen is surprised that the Avatar knows her name. Karen looks at the news clippings of Lancelot's exploits that have been pasted on the wall and Karen observes: "You found the most amazing things! Fought the good fight when everyone else has given up. You have the courage to stick up for those who need you. I have never known anyone like you. Yet - I feel like I have known you forever!'

Karen hears Ricky calling for her and The Avatar roars.

When Jack and Alison return to Lucy's Old Place, Alison describes how Rafe's love once took Alison's breath away and now Rafe acts like Alison is not even there. Alison invites Jack to take his turn at complaining. Alison finally told Jack that she would like it if she got a sign from the Universe. Just then, Jack gets a call from the Cycling Magazine, with an invitation for Jack and Alison to go to Bermuda to do a layout for the magazine. Alison decides she WILL go with Jack to Bermuda, and she hugs him. The hug turns into a kiss, which startles both Jack AND Alison.

At Rachel's Old Place, Rafe told Livvie that he believes that Livvie was right when she kept telling Rafe that the past did NOT matter - all that mattered was the present and the future. Rafe told Livvie that he needs to drive The Avatar out of town - for HIS family! Livvie is thrilled when Rafe told her that he believes he is REALLY ready to put the past BEHIND him - and everything and everyONE who went with it!

LIVVIE: "You really mean that?'

RAFE: 'Yeah. YOU are my future , Livvie. You are. I know that now!'

Back at Lucy's, Alison and Jack are both surprised about the kiss but later, when Mary calls, Alison told Mary that Alison can NOT put in any extra shifts at the Recovery Room BECAUSE Alison is going to Bermuda with Jack!

When Karen hears Ricky calling for her in the Park, Karen told the Avatar she will NOT let Ricky find The Avatar.

The Avatar asks Karen to stay, but Karen told the Avatar that she does NOT want anything to happen to him and that Karen SHOULD go. Then Karen leaves the Avatar's lair.

Marissa, Jamal and Ricky are surprised when Karen suddenly comes out of the woods. Karen tell Ricky that the Avatar was protecting her. As Marissa tries to learn if Karen got a peek under the Shroud, Jamal grabs Marissa and carries her away. Karen assures Ricky that the Avatar was protective and kind. But Karen agrees to let Ricky take her home. Frank looks out from the Avatar's Lair and watches Karen disappear with her friends. Frank promises: "Soon, Karen. You will be mine again - soon!'

At Rafe and Livvie's Place, Rafe carries on a conversation with his child and Livvie told Rafe that she has never loved him as much as she does right at that moment. Rafe told Livvie that the baby is changing everything in his life. Rafe told Livvie: "When we got married, I promised you that I would take care of you forever. And maybe I did NOT really mean those words as much as I should have because I was so confused. But - not any more! I am NOT confused any more! I KNOW that we are going to have a VERY happy life. AND the Avatar is NOT going to come anywhere near you - OR hurt you! And there is just NO way he is going to get to our baby.'

But, as Livvie hugs Rafe, she flashes back to the Avatar, reminding Livvie WHO is the true father of Livvie's child.

Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Chris is surprised when Kevin shows up in his jail cell and announces that Kevin has just been appointed by the court to evaluate Chris' mental state.

At the Hospital, Ian is surprised to learn that Kate is leaving AND that she is leaving BECAUSE of Ian!

Lucy arrives at Alison's Place (Lucy's old place!) to see Alison and confesses that Lucy told Rafe that Rafe is an angel.

Jack runs into Rafe at the Pizza Shack and, when Rafe notices Jack has brochures of Bermuda, Jack admits that he and his model are going to do a layout in Bermuda.

Back at the Hospital, Ian suggests that Kate should NOT leave town just because Ian kissed her. But Kate reminds Ian that Kate is STILL very much in love with Brennan - even though they are separated at the moment. Kate went on to explain that she wants to do whatever it takes to salvage her relationship with Brennan - even if it means quitting her job and leaving Port Charles to return to New York.

At Alison's Place, Alison points out to Lucy that the reason Alison never told Rafe about his heavenly connection was because Alison believed it would be too much for Rafe to handle. Alison told Lucy that Rafe has moved on and now Alison plans to go to Bermuda and just have fun with Jack. Alison told Lucy that Alison needs to find a way to forget about Rafe - FOREVER!

As Rafe and Jack talk at the Pizza Shack, Jack drops his portfolio and Rafe realizes that the model going to Bermuda with Jack is Alison.

At the Port Charles Police Department, Chris counters Kevin's attempt to analyze Chris with the suggestion that the PCPD could work WITH Lancelot to clean up crime in Port Charles - and Chris points out statistics showing that, as the crime rate went down, property values and tourism soared, thereby strengthening the economy all around. However, Doree and Andy suggest that, if Lancelot is sincere about fighting crime, Lancelot should get some training at the Police Academy, and do his work legally.

As Andy demands that Chris tell the police WHO Lancelot really is, Chris' attorney, David Harmon, arrives and serves Doree and Andy with paperwork to begin lawsuits against the two of them - personally - for false arrest!

At the Hospital, Ian wishes Kate good luck in mending fences with Brennan. They hug and Kate leaves.

Back at Alison's Place, Lucy begs Alison NOT to give up on Rafe yet. Lucy insists that Rafe's heart is leading him back to Alison.

But Alison told Lucy that Alison does NOT believe that God would be so cruel as to send back the great love of Alison's life and then have Rafe marry Alison's enemy. Alison insists that she IS going to Bermuda with Jack!

Back at the Pizza Shack, Rafe pointedly asks Jack why Jack did not mention to Rafe that the model Jack would be sharing his Bermuda vacation with was Alison. Jack replies that Jack did not mention taking Alison to Bermuda because Jack did not want Rafe to show up there and mess with Alison's head some more.

Rafe assures Jack that Rafe would never do anything of the sort. As Jack leaves, Jack told Rafe: 'You know - it is too bad Avatars do not have a talisman! You know, that is what finally did Caleb in! But - good luck!'

Rafe calls Ian and told Ian that Rafe has a plan for trapping the Avatar.

Back in Jail, Attorney David Harmon hands Andy and Doree copies of a statement that David is planning to make at the next press conference. As Andy sputters in protest, Kevin takes Andy aside and urges Andy to take Lancelot up on Lancelot's offer to work with the police - in the hope that working with Lancelot would give the police a better chance to get close enough to Lancelot to pinpoint Lancelot's identity. Andy agrees to play along with Kevin's plan.

Andy announces to David Harmon that Chris will be released and the police will work out the details of working with Lancelot.

After Kevin's leaves Chris' jail cell, Lucy meets Kevin at the PCPD and Lucy asks her husband if he remembers the name of the 'boss' who showed up when Kevin and Ian were seeking clues to the identity of the two angels - Amy and Paige. Kevin told Lucy that the Angels' boss was named 'Ed.' After Kevin leaves, Lucy secretly plans a sťance to ask Ed why Rafe is back in Port Charles, WHY did Rafe lose his memory and HOW are they going to get Rafe back with Alison.

Rafe and Ian meet later at the Pizza Shack, and decide that the secret of the Avatar's power MUST be in its shroud. Rafe and Ian begin to discuss plans to find a way to get hold of Lancelot's shroud.

Jack arrives at Alison's place and told her that they will be staying in the same condo - alone - together - while in Bermuda.

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

After receiving an urgent call from Marissa, Jamal rushes to her room. Jamal thinks something must be wrong, and asks what happened. She told him it's a good thing then twirls around in front of him asking him to guess what's different about her. When he doesn't have a clue, Marissa excitedly told Jamal she's been made the new star reporter at the Port Charles Herald.

Jamal is relieved and happy for Marissa. They hug and kiss for awhile then Jamal told her he was surprised how she gave up a great story the other night to go look for him. He says if felt really good to matter to someone. The kiss some more then Jamal quietly told Marissa he wants to make love to her.

Ricky is worried about Karen's emotional and physical health after her kidnapping, but Karen is in good spirits. As they make love, Karen can't help thinking about the time she spent with Lancelot. Afterwards, Ricky wants to cuddle, but Karen abruptly told him she has to leave. She *remembers* she was scheduled for work. Once Ricky is alone he gets the box with Casey's picture from the closet and throws it away. Later, as he tries watching TV, Ricky flashes to a memory of Casey saying goodbye. Ricky keeps glancing at the garbage can with the box in it. Finally he gets up, retrieves the box and puts it back in the closet.

Karen, instead of going to work like she told Ricky, went to the cemetery to talk to Eve. She told Eve how great Ricky is, but also told her how she can't stop thinking about Lancelot. She gives Eve a detailed account of what is was like in Lancelot's Lair and how it felt to be with him. Karen doesn't know it, but Ian is standing nearby listening to every word.

At the Pizza Shack, Ian and Rafe try to figure out the Avatar's weakness. They wonder if perhaps its shroud is its talisman. As they strategize, they speculate what is it that keeps the Avatar in Port Charles. Why is it staying when there is a slayer in town causing it grief? They wonder if there is any possible way to de-robe the Avatar.

Livvie is in the park when Frank comes up behind her. He wants to make sure Livvie remembers who is in control and doesn't want her screwing things up. He told her she has a job to do. She needs to keep him informed of what Rafe is up to. Livvie told Frank there is no way she is spying on her husband. Things are going too well for her. Frank says she doesn't have a choice. Livvie then asks Frank why he's staying in Port Charles. She tries to tell him that he has done a lot of good for the town, but there are so many other towns he could help. She doesn't understand why he is staying there if Rafe is such a problem. Finally Livvie understands. She accuses Frank of staying because he's still in love with Karen. Then Livvie needles him a bit because Karen is dating Ricky. Frank is not amused. He grabs Livvie by the hair and told her don't ever mention Karen's name again. When Livvie yells that he's hurting her, Frank informs Livvie she doesn't even know what pain is.

Thursday, August 22, 2002

As Ian listens by the cemetery gate, Karen told 'Eve' how excited she was when Lancelot carried Karen off to his lair. Karen admits that she can NOT quit thinking about Lancelot and believes that Lancelot feels the same way about her.

However, when Ian speaks to Karen and mentions that he heard that Karen had had another Close Encounter with Lancelot, Karen told Ian that it was nothing significant and then Karen dashes off to the hospital before Ian can raise any more issues with her.

In the Park, a horrified Rafe sees Frank grab Livvie's arm and yell at her. Rafe rushes forward and demands to know what is going on, but Livvie covers by telling Rafe that she felt dizzy and Frank grabbed her arm to steady her. And Frank was just strenuously warning Livvie that it was not really safe for Livvie to wander around the Park at night.

When Rafe asks why Livvie IS in the Park, Livvie told Rafe that it is because she wanted to see Rafe.

After Frank leaves, Rafe told Livvie: "You know what? This is all going to be over soon.'

LIVVIE: "What do you mean?'

RAFE: "I found a way to get rid of The Avatar!'

Meanwhile, at the Lighthouse, Lucy gets ready for a seance and plans to reach Ed in heaven to ask Ed WHY Rafe is back and WHY Rafe is with Livvie instead of Alison.

Unfortunately for Lucy's plans, Kevin returns home and believes the candles and cushy pillows are for a seduction. And Kevin gets right into the mood almost immediately.

Jack arrives at Lucy's Old Place, where Alison is packing for the Bermuda trip. When Alison mentions that she is having second thoughts about the Bermuda trip, Jack told Alison that, even if they ARE staying in the same condo, there will be a separate bedroom for Alison and a couch in the living room, where Jack will bunk.

But Alison told Jack that Alison believes that Jack may have hope they will land in bed together. But Jack assures Alison that JACK has no such plans! Alison is skeptical and admits to Jack that ALISON has thought about the possibility of Jack and Alison landing in bed together.

Meanwhile, back in the Park, Livvie asks Rafe: "You know how to stop the Avatar?"

RAFE: 'I think his shroud is the key.'

LIVVIE: "His shroud?'

RAFE: "I am convinced that is what is protecting him. It is the secret of his power, but it is also the secret of his weakness. If we can just get it off --'

LIVVIE: "Well - HOW are you going to do that?'

RAFE: "Ian and I think we can trap him.'

LIVVIE: "No - no - no! No! No! You can NOT do that! You are going to make him angry - and then he will just - ah!'

RAFE: "What? No - what?'

LIVVIE: "Ah! That is just it! RAFE! I do NOT know! My God - he has already come after me and the baby!'

RAFE: "OK. I know. You do NOT have to worry about that! I will make SURE you are NOWHERE near where this is going to go down. OK?'

LIVVIE: "Yeah - but YOU are still going to be --'

RAFE: 'I know - Livvie! But, I HAVE to do this!'

LIVVIE: "OK! But we already know what the Avatar does when he is pushed. He CAN be SO cruel!'

RAFE: "EXACTLY! He has threatened my family. I can NOT let him do that again!'

LIVVIE: 'OK. OK! I will be more careful! And I won't go out alone! Please! We'll move or something.'

RAFE: 'No - Stop! I can NOT take any more chances!'

LIVVIE: 'YOU are taking the biggest chance ever by going after him!'

RAFE: "I know what I am doing! All right? It WILL be OK!'

LIVVIE: "And what if it is NOT OK? What if it does NOT work?'

RAFE: "I'm sorry. But there are NO other options!'

LIVVIE: "I just think that knowing WHAT protects the Avatar and STOPPING it are TWO totally DIFFERENT things! How are you even going to get close enough to him to do that?'

IAN: "I may have an answer for that. I need to talk to you in private for a moment.' {Indicating Rafe.}

LIVVIE: "No! No! Absolutely not! If this has ANYthing to do with the Avatar, I NEED to know!'

IAN: "No - you don't!'

As Ian tries to get Livvie out of the picture so Ian can speak to Rafe ALONE, Livvie argues persuasively that she NEEDS to know what is going on as Rafe and Ian make plans to destroy The Avatar, so that Livvie can protect the baby.

IAN: "OK. Let's keep this between the three of us.'


IAN: 'Our ticket to the Avatar is Karen Wexler!'

Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Karen suddenly senses Lancelot's presence, and told it she has to see it and talk to it.

However, when Karen returns to the Nurses' Station, only Frank shows up!

Back at the Lighthouse, Kevin cooperates enthusiastically with Lucy's 'seduction,' but Kevin wonders HOW Lucy managed to find out that Kevin's meeting had been cancelled. Lucy soon packs Kevin off to bed while Lucy stays behind to phone good-nights to Serena and Christina, who are staying together, overnight, with Scott.

In the meantime, at Lucy's Old Place, Jack assures Alison that hopping in bed with Alison NEVER occurred to him - but Jack suggests that maybe ALISON was thinking about hopping in to bed with Jack. And Alison admits that she HAD thought about it!

But Jack continues to reassure Alison that ALL he wants to do is have fun in Bermuda. And Alison told Jack she is lucky to have him in her life. Jack replies: "Yeah! Yeah! You ARE lucky!'

Back at the Hospital, Karen is surprised when Frank shows up. Karen gets annoyed when Frank asks about her most recent encounter with Lancelot. Karen insists that she is OK. When Frank suggests that it sounds like Karen was happy to see Lancelot again, Karen told Frank that he is being ridiculous and then rushes off to take care of patients.

Back in the Park, Ian tries to get Rafe to wait until tomorrow to talk over a plan to capture the Avatar - when Livvie is NOT listening in.

But Livvie convinces Ian that Ian KNOWS that Livvie does NOT want dark forces gaining a toehold in Port Charles any more than Ian does.

LIVVIE: "Please, Ian! This thing almost attacked me and our unborn child! And now my husband is putting his life on the line to stop it! I HAVE to know what is going on! Or else I'm going to make myself crazy, thinking about this!'

RAFE: "It's OK. I WANT her to know!'

Ian explains how Ian overheard Karen telling 'Eve' about Karen's attraction to Lancelot and that Karen believed the attraction was mutual. However, when Ian asked Karen about her latest encounter with Lancelot, Karen brushed it off by telling Ian that the encounter had been 'nothing significant!' Ian points out that, since the Avatar took Karen to its lair, Karen knows WHERE the Avatar is hiding out!

When Rafe asks if Karen would lead Rafe and Ian to The Avatar, Ian says he doubts it - 'Not unless we can trick her!'

RAFE: "We can use Karen to lure The Avatar out in the open and then we can trap him.'

IAN: 'Yeah. You have any ideas?'

RAFE: "Yeah! I think I know something that can work. And we can get the shroud off it, find out WHO the host is AND then get rid of the Avatar - all in one shot!'

LIVVIE: "When is this going to happen?'

RAFE: "Tonight!'

Back at the Lighthouse, as Lucy finishes her good-night call to Serena and Christina, she is surprised when Alison arrives at the door, ready to attend the seance that Lucy invited Alison to attend!

Ian returns to the hospital to see Karen. Ian told Karen that she does NOT need to worry about being bothered by Lancelot any more because Ian is helping set a trap for Lancelot tonight.

Meanwhile, in The Avatar's lair, Frank says: "I KNOW how you feel about me, Karen! You WILL come to me. I KNOW you will!'

Back in the Park, Rafe checks with Victor about some special equipment Victor is rounding up.

Livvie announces that she should go home, but she is surprised when Rafe says: "No! You are NOT going anywhere!'

LIVVIE: "What? I'm fine! I'm just going home!'

RAFE: NO - Livvie! Listen to me -- I am NOT letting you out of my sight!'

LIVVIE: "Rafe - I'm tired! Don't be silly!'

RAFE: 'I am NOT taking any more chances with my family's safety - OK? So, until the Avatar is gone - I am NOT leaving you alone - not for one moment!'

Friday, August 23, 2002

Jack meets Jamal at the Pizza Shack to announce that Jack and Alison are going to Bermuda. Together. Tomorrow. When Jack sees how cozy Jamal and Marissa have become, Jack guesses that Jamal HAS moved on and Jamal confirms that.

Alison arrives at the Light House and, when Alison realizes that Lucy really DOES intend that Lucy and Alison will have a REAL sťance to try to contact Angel Boss Ed, Alison at first refuses to go along with the plan.

Meanwhile, Rafe takes Livvie with him when Rafe went to the Recovery Room to pick up some materials from Victor. And Livvie is upset when she realizes that Victor is supposed to 'watch over' Livvie while Rafe and Ian trap the Avatar.

Livvie is afraid that, if the Avatar is captured, The Avatar will tell Rafe the truth about Livvie's baby. But, as long as Victor is 'watching over' Livvie, there is no way Livvie can warn Frank that Rafe and Ian are setting a trap by using Karen as bait.

At the Hospital, Karen remembers Ian informing her that he is setting a trap for Lancelot and Karen leaves as soon as possible to warn Lancelot about the trap. But Ian follows Karen, hoping she will lead him to The Avatar.

Back at the Light House, Alison told Lucy that Alison has ALREADY tried to contact Angel Boss Ed MANY times and Ed does NOT answer because Ed is a 'by the book' kind of guy. But Lucy convinces Alison to at least give the sťance a try.

Lucy urges Alison to sit down and focus on Ed and Rafe. But, after a prolonged period of focusing, nothing seems to be happening.

Meanwhile, in the Park, Karen calls for Lancelot and believes she can sense his presence nearby. But Ian snaps a twig and Karen suddenly realizes that she is NOT alone. As Karen searches for Lancelot, Ian follows her.

Back at the Recovery Room, Rafe gets a message from Ian that Ian is already tracking Karen. Rafe rushes to grab the special equipment Victor got for them, and then rushes out to help Ian. Victor then tries to interest Livvie in some games but finds that his granddaughter is less than impressed with Victor's 'baby-sitting skills!'

Back at the Pizza Shack, Jamal told Jack that remaining friends with Jack is more important to Jamal than who has a relationship with Alison. But, Jamal warns Jack that, if Jack DOES persist in believing that Jack will have a relationship with Alison, then Jack will have to learn that Jack will ALWAYS be in second place in Alison's life. But, after Jack leaves the Pizza Shack, Jack remains convinced that Alison IS over being in love with Rafe.

In the meantime, at the Light House, as Alison decides that Lucy's sťance is NOT working and Alison gets ready to leave, the door suddenly blows open!

Back at the Recovery Room, Livvie cons Victor into letting her help one of the cooks cut up lemons and limes for the following day's business. But, as Victor tries to entice Livvie with prospects of goodies, Livvie suddenly looks up at her grandfather and 'slips' with her knife and cuts Bob, the bartender. As Victor rushes for the first aid kit for Bob, Livvie bolts out the door.

Meanwhile, in the Park, Karen warns whomever is following her that Lancelot will protect her, so Ian suddenly grabs Karen from behind and Karen screams for Lancelot to help her.

Back at the Light House, Lucy is convinced that her sťance is working but Alison insists that Alison believes that the wind blowing open the door was just plain old wind, and Alison prepares again to leave.

LUCY: "Thank about it! Think back! When you were down and you were praying that you could see Rafe again, you were as low as it gets. Rafe FOUND a way to come back to earth for you!'

ALISON: "Explain one thing to me. WHY is he with Livvie?'

LUCY: 'I don't know. I do NOT have an explanation for that. But what I DO know is that he would do anything to get back to you! Anything! He would lose his memory. He would sell his soul!'

When Lucy says that Rafe would sell his soul, the radio suddenly switches on and the radio plays: "Must be an angel, watching over me. A spirit guiding destiny. With the crazy things I have made it through...'

LUCY: "Sell his soul.'

ALISON: "What did you just say?'

LUCY: "I said, sell his soul.'

ALISON: "Oh, my God!'

LUCY: "You know, when you were so down. You were as low as you can get. And he needed to come back and help you.'


LUCY: "What if he did? What if he sold his soul to the devil? And what if this is some awful trick that hell is playing on him - making him lose his memory to do it?'

ALISON: 'Oh, my God! Lucy! No, no. NO! This can't be true. This can NOT be true!'

Back in the Park, as Karen struggles with Ian, Karen calls for Lancelot and Lancelot suddenly appears and begins to knock Ian around. But Karen begs Lancelot NOT to hurt Ian. As the Avatar advances toward a stunned Ian, Rafe suddenly emerges from the shadows and throws a net over the Avatar. As the Avatar threatens to kill both Ian and Rafe, Rafe informs the Avatar that the net is made of the strongest alloy known to man and is too strong for the Avatar to break or cut through.

Karen is angry that Ian used her to bait a trap for her friend Lancelot and Karen told The Avatar that she is sorry. As the Avatar groans, Rafe and Ian work at separating the shroud from the host.

Just then, Livvie arrives, but remains in hiding, as Livvie observes: "Oh, God! No! I am too late!'

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