One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 26, 2002 on OLTL

Jen was angry after hearing that Al had set fire to her room. Viki took charge over Niki after a violent rescue. Ben was sent to a clinic in Switzerland. Lindsay was pardoned for her crimes. Jen was jealous of Cristian and Natalie.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 26, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, August 26, 2002

Allison struggles with the gun as Bo and Antonio try to get the situation under control. Niki is trying to escape as Ben is trying to catch her. Antonio fires a shot and Ben and Niki go down. Bo quickly gets everyone under control. Allison goes ballistic over Dave being shot. Allison screams that it is all Antonio's fault for Dave being shot as she is lead away. Niki assumes she is free to leave. Niki has a fit when Bo refers to her as a prisoner.

Bo goes over to sit by Ben. Ben tells Bo he is not doing so hot. Bo assures Ben he will be alright. Bo demands Niki to come over and see Ben. Ben pleads with Niki to let Viki come back, he needs her. Viki comes back. Viki doesn't understand what is going on.

Renee walks in to what she believes is a joke. Asa and Rae are getting married. Rae says she can explain. Asa quickly takes Renee out of the room. Rae asks Rev. Carpenter to wait. Rae explains to Nigel why she is doing this. If only there were some way she wouldn't hurt Renee in the process. Nigel offers up some advice to Rae. He reminded her there is something she can do, don't marry Asa Buchanan. Renee is a little hysterical, she cannot understand how the man that ruined Rae's life, now wants to marry her. Renee believes this is another plan to ruin Rae. Asa adamently denies having anything to do with this, but reaffirms his upcoming marriage. Renee demands to know if this is a marriage about revenge. Rae enters, tries to explain to Renee that she wants to marry Asa. Renee cannot believe her ears. Rae thinks it is for her own good, she asks Renee to trust her. Renee sputters she would never trust Rae again. Rae is nothing but a backstabbing, 2 bit.....Renee then turns to Asa and pleads with him. Renee then wishes them farewell. Rae calls for Nigel to get the Rev. Carpenter.

Max takes Roxanne to the Capricorn for drinks. Max has plans to get Roxy drunk so he can get rid of the reporters at his house. This way Max is sure no one will see Roxy before court tomorrow. R.J. reminds Max the club is closed. While Roxy is in the restroom, Max lets R.J. in on his plan. Roxy comes back to the bar and R.J. starts pouring shots. Roxy thinks she remembers R.J. with a woman. Max determines Roxy has met R.J. before with him. Roxy starts opening up about her adventure. R.J. gets visibly nervous when she mentions Rae's basement. Roxy says she cannot remember anything. Roxy demands music while Max makes his excuses to stop by the house. Roxy and R.J. start discussing the night she disappeared. Roxy explains how she got to Rae's and then has a flashback of R.J. speaking with Allison.

Lindsay begs to get her handcuffs off. When Antonio refuses her, Allison makes a snide comment about Antonio being the one who shot Dave. A hysterical Viki is demanding answers. The ambulance arrives and she is going with Ben, Bo sends Antonio along to watch Viki. Lindsay begs Bo not to let her go back to prison. Molly comes forward and acknowledges that Lindsay did save her life. Bo warns Lindsay that nothing had better happen to Ben. Lindsay pleads to Bo that he cannot blame her for everything that has happened. It was not her plan to escape. Bo still thinks Lindsay was the mastermind.

Gabrielle asks Al point blank if he started the fire at Jen's. When Al will not answer directly, Gabrielle decides to leave. Fearful of what she will do, Al follows. They get to the door to find Jen. Jen reminds Al to listen to his mother, mothers are full of good advice. Jen leaves to run some errands. Gabrielle keeps pressing Al on the fire issue, until he breaks down and admits he is the one who started the fire. Unbeknownst to Al or Gabrielle, Max is standing in the shadows.

Rae and Asa are married. Asa vows revenge.

R.J. asks Roxy what is wrong. Roxy makes a harried excuse to leave. R.J. won't let Roxy leave. R.J. has a call he must take, Roxy calls the police.

Larry comes out with news that Ben is alert. Viki rushes in.

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

While Al and his mother are discussing the fire and his part in it, Max interrupts and inquires what exactly it was that his son had done. Al confesses deceiving Jen into believing Cris was romantically involved with Natalie, while in truth the time he had spent with her was totally innocuous. Gabrielle besieges her son to tell the whole truth. Max accepts his son's explanations, as he promises his Dad that he is done with sabotaging Cris and Jennifer's relationship. Gabrielle is sick with Al's manipulations and storms out of the house, disgusted with what her son has become.

Cognizant that R. J. was in Rae's house talking to Allison, Roxy phones the police. She asks if a reward is being offered leading to the identity of the accessory involved in the prison break. R.J. overhears the conversation and disconnects the call. She pretends to have been on the phone with her manicurist and starts to leave, but R.J. stops her, knowing full well she is lying. Roxy drops the masquerade and admits to knowing R.J's connection to Allison. He promises her something more valuable than money in exchange for her silence. She listens as he betrays Max's confidence, saying her husband doesn't love her. He continues, exposing Max's intention to get her drunk so that she would be incapable of interfering with his early morning appointment to secure a divorce, claiming that she deserted him. As his words penetrate, she begins to sober and asks for black coffee and plenty of it. R.J. complies but reminds Roxy, should she renege on their bargain he would be a great source of danger to her. She confides to him that Max will discover what she is capable of.

Max meets with his attorney, who has a scheduling conflict. He explains they need to move their morning appointment back to the afternoon. Max strongly objects, wanting to meet with the judge as early as possible and decides to represent himself.

Sam and Jennifer are at home discussing the fire, when he once again credits Al for saving her life. She confides to him that Natalie wants to snag her boyfriend for her own. He inquires how Cris feels about it. She replies his position is that they are merely friends. Sam encourages her to confront the man she loves. If she keeps her anger inside, he advises, it might destroy her as it has Lindsay. He continues about Al, relating to his daughter how her savior rushed out of Llanfair when he learned she was at home in a distressed state. The phone rings interrupting their conversation. Sam tells Jen it was an urgent call from Antonio telling him he should leave for the hospital immediately. Once alone, the girl reexamines Al's behavior on the night of the blaze. She recalls him telling her Natalie is dangerous and how vigorously he advised her not to go home. After a few moments of reflection she concludes that Al set the fire.

Bo questions Allison about the escape. She is in shock, having seen "Dave" shot. She does, however, answer that it was Lindsay's idea to break out of prison. Bo presses on, asking the incoherent woman if anyone helped them escape, that's when she unspools entirely and starts speaking gibberish. Lindsay contends she was Allison's hostage from the start. Bo isn't buying any of it. He questions her about impersonating Rae at the hospital, and insists her "captor" forced her into it. Bo goes on to inform the lying woman that he has a witness who identified her. She doubts the existence of a witness and is cut off in mid sentence by Molli, who recapitulates if it were not for Lindsay, she would be dead. Bo receives a call from Antonio telling him he is needed at the hospital.

Roxy arrives home, leading Max to believe she is blotoed. All she wants to do is crash on the sofa. Max is delighted that his plan seems to be working and heads upstairs for a good night of sleep. When he is out of ear shot, she says aloud that he doesn't know what he is "in for."

Miss Sharpe arrives to collect Lindsay and return her to Statesville. She pleads to be allowed to stay in the local Jail. The prison guard reminds her Tilly and all of her friends are awaiting her return. Molli pledges to Lindsay her Grandfather's support. The captured prisoner scoffs at the girl.

Al arrives at Gabrielle's and Bo's apartment. She is livid that he lied to Max about the fire and is contuining to hold back the truth. He apologizes, but it does nothing to calm her. She isn't satisfied with her son's empty words. She reminds him that the commissioner of police is her roommate and she can't keep his secret. He lashes out at her, blaming his mother's influence for his actions. His guilt trip does not move her, as she is determined not to lie anymore, keeping her promise to Bo. Besides, she is trying desperately not to revert to her old habits. Al accuses her of selling him out, and tells his mother to turn him in. He goes on to say that she will be responsible for putting him behind bars for the sake of a man that she's "known for five minutes." Having said that he rushes for the door.

Allison is outfitted in a straight jacket, sitting in a padded room saying "I did a bad thing."

Antonio is guilt ridden for having mistakenly shot Ben. He asks Larry if he will survive the trauma. The doctor answers that he doesn't think he will.

Viki and Ben are finally reunited. She sits at his bedside in the hospital, reassuring him that he is going to be all right. Ben is upset with himself for not having noticed the personality change in his wife. She assuages him, saying he hadn't known Niki Smith and didn't recognize her because all he saw when he looked at her was his wife, the woman he loves. What matters now is their future together. She excuses herself for a moment so that she may speak with Larry. Viki is suspicious of the Doctor, who encourgages her to stay in the room while he conducts a brief examination. He tells his long time friend to spend as much time as she can with her husband. Antonio looks on, grief stricken as the man he wounded lay in bed, his body breaking down. Larry confides the truth to Viki about Ben's condition. He has extensive brain damage and will lapse into a coma. She returns to her husband's side, aware that time is a precious commodity. Ben is sorry for having to leave her, but she stands firm saying otherwise. He reminds her that he is a doctor and is cogent enough to appreciate the extent of his injuries. Ben shares with Viki that she is his first real love. Téars pouring from her eyes, she tells him it is a love that will last forever, the couple softly kiss. Ben tells his wife how happy her smile makes him and how very beautiful she is. The family files into Ben's room. Antonio looks on in misery as Viki sobs uncontrollably in Larry's arms. In a voice choking back tears, he lets his mother know that he wishes they had had more years together and how he is so glad he found her. He is a better man for having had her in his life. Renee can't control the emotion building inside her. He silences Sam when his brother insists that he can survive. To Bo he wishes they could have grown up together and the brother he never knew he had vows to look after Renee. Sam express his love for Ben and his brother returns the sentiment. Knowing his time is short, he has Sam promise to insure that Viki go on with her life without him. Sam so vows. Viki enters and Ben requests to be alone with his wife of so few years, and says "its time."

Antonio apologizes to Bo about the shooting. He nods, not saying a word. The detective reminds his boss he is familiar with the procedure following a shooting and will report to him in the morning.

In tears, Viki and Ben reaffirm their love and commitment for one another. His head falls to the pillow. Music swells up and with see images of the couple in happier times flash on the screen. A bright smile appears on Ben's tear stained face, his tired eyes are nearly closed.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Asa's happy bride has a wedding cake delivered along with phone calls from the press whom she's tipped off. Asa is NOT happy! Nigel announces that there's a call from the hospital; they've been trying to reach him since the previous night.

Max is in court representing himself. He tells the judge how his wife is missing, abandoned him actually and apparently doesn't want to be found. He thinks she wanted out of this marriage all along. He continues that he needs closure to go on and lays it on thickly. Outside the courtroom, Roxy makes a quick call to R.J. to thank him for the heads up while he warns her not to spill on his helping the escaped prisoners. No problem she lets him know, as she strides into the courtroom, taking her husband and the judge by surprise. Roxy explains her whereabouts being held hostage by Allison and how she attempted to contact her husband three times-she begged him for help-and he hung up. Then he tried to get her drunk to miss the hearing. Max tries to weasel out of it all while the judge questions whether all of this can be confirmed. Roxy urges her to call the commish to check. The judge decides that Max has perpetrated a fraud; she will grant the divorce but Mrs. Holden receives all assets-EVERYTHING! The judge suggests that Roxy get as far away as possible but when Max suddenly snuggles up to her, acting lovey-dovey, Roxy decides to change her mind and take him back. This way she can have everything and the man, she announces.

Keri cries on R.J.'s shoulder over her split with Antonio. He thinks she still loves him and she confirms that she always will. R.J. is sorry it's his fault since he's her father but Keri advises him that she wouldn't even be in Llanview if he wasn't. He's sorry that she has to go through this, he says. Keri picks up a newspaper and spots headlines on the shooting of Ben by Antonio. She shockingly drops the paper and runs out while R.J. has gone off to another room. R.J. returns and looks for his daughter but finds the dropped paper.

At the police station Cris locates a crying Antonio who informs him of his shooting of Ben and how he was trying to aim at Allison. They are interrupted by Bo who wants to see Antonio in his office. He wants his badge and gun which should have been taken the night before and enlightens his police officer that he's suspended with pay pending investigation. Antonio believes that Bo thinks he was too quick to shoot because he was more concerned with getting R.J. and was too personally involved. It's up to I.A. to decide, not him, Bo retorts as he walks out, announcing that he must go say good-bye to his brother. Cris tries to comfort Antonio but gets yelled at instead. Cris can't relate to the situation so he can't accept his sympathy, Antonio snarls. Cris couldn't possibly understand, he repeats as he orders him away.

Viki sits with Ben and hears Larry tell her that Ben can't be helped. Natalie and Jess arrive and join Renee and Sam. Viki tells the girls that there's a clinic in Switzerland willing to take her husband in but there's no hope that the coma will be reversed. Natalie wants to take off but Viki won't allow it. Bo has filled her in on Niki's treatment of Nat among other things and she wants her daughter to know that she would never hurt her, that she loves her and needs her badly. The two embrace as Viki apologizes for the wrong that her alter has done.

Jen pays Al a visit; she shows him a cigarette lighter that she found in her room and tells him she's figured out that he's the one who set the fire. She wants to know why he tried to kill her. Al denies everything but says that she wasn't supposed to be there and then verifies that he just wanted to burn her house and blame Natalie so that she could see that Cris would back Nat up always. Jen attempts to point out how illogical this thinking is, even when Al mentions the fact that the two of them were alone in a romantic hotel room at the Bayberry Inn. Jen thinks that Al is stalking her. Just then she receives a call from Sam to get to the hospital to see her uncle. Al wants to know what she's planning as far as the fire is concerned but she runs out, refusing to discuss it further.

Asa and Rae arrive at the hospital as Ben is being wheeled out with the family gathered around. Asa stops them so that he can talk to his son, telling him that he can beat it and will receive the best care. Everyone wanders off so that Viki can spend a last few minutes with Ben. She'll be right there behind them, she says. She didn't come back to lose him now. Besides, he promised to dance with her at their 2 year anniversary in a few months. She replaces his wedding ring and says, "In sickness or in health." She kisses him good-bye and he's wheeled off. Rae follows Viki into Ben's room to comfort her, Cris shows up and does the same to Natalie. She in turn commiserates with him about Antonio. She's there for him as a friend, she explains. We're a lot more than friends, Cris replies, just in time for an arriving Jen to hear.

Keri arrives at the police station looking for Antonio but he's long gone. At home Antonio packs up to leave, taking a gun with him.

Rae apologizes to Viki and Renee walks in and blames her former friend for it all. She suggests that Gretel fill in a confused looking Viki. She's not a therapist, she's not qualified and should never have brought out the alter.

Thursday, August 29, 2002

Viki is at the hospital with Rae and Renee is telling Viki about Rae and that she is in no way able to help Viki. Rae tries to stop Renee, but finally admits to Viki she is a complete and total fraud.

Troy and Nora are still at the cabin and Troy is looking at the necklace and hears Joanna calling for him. He is remembering as Nora comes running in and happily tells him Lindsay is back in Statesville and that they are free.

Lindsay is in the warden's office trying to blame Allison for the escape. The warden is really mad about the escape and tells her that her sentence will be doubled and to get her out of there.

Gabrielle arrives at Al's and he says he thought it was the police coming to take him away. She tells him she hasn't told Bo yet and he says that Jen figured it out and she will turn him in.

Cristian and Natalie are talking at the hospital and Jen is listening from the hall and she hears him tell Natalie that they can't keep going on like they are, they both know they are more than friends and must talk about it. Jen is devastated!

Viki is so bewildered about Rae and is ranting about that she came to her for help when she had no where else to turn and that she treated her regarding Niki Smith and that she trusted her! They were friends! She said "it took me years of antagonizing pain to integrate and in one afternoon she destroyed it all!" How could she have done that and did she have any training at all? "Did you even know Niki had come out? This is all your fault Rae!" Rae is trying to explain and Renee tells her to stop. Viki tells her that she does not know how she is going to deal with this. Rae says "You have just lost your husband, you need time to absorb all of this" and Viki yells at her and says "Ben is not dead!" Renee says "You fraud, how can you stand around here Gretel" and when Viki doesn't understand the name Gretel, she tells her that Rae's name is Gretel and how Rae stole a man's identity-RAY CUMMINGS and Viki says is that true? Viki says "Renee I think I have to talk to Rae alone". Rae tells Viki what matters most is that she is there for her no matter what and Viki responds with "Do you realize you brought out my worst enemy even after I told you how bad she was and I told you what she was capable of. Not only did you allow her to run over my life but also you never told anyone. You said you could help me. If only you had admitted you weren't capable of it, because of you Niki was set free to destroy my family, which she did. She had Natalie thinking she was sick in the head and my husband is in an irreversible coma. How could you do that to us!" she screams. Rae looks at her with a stunned look.

Natalie is telling Cristian she is going to check on her mother and Cris says he is going with her. (Jen is listening). Jen runs away crying and goes into the storage room, saying it is true, Natalie has made Chris fall in love with her. "Damn her", she falls to the floor crying.

Gabrielle asks Al about Jen and what he told her when she confronted him, Al admits that he told Jen the truth about how much he loves her and that is why he did it. He doesn't understand why she doesn't see why he did it – it was for her. He says Jen is going to turn him in; in fact she might have already done it. Gabrielle says she will call Bo and he says, "NO, I have to run, I have to get away."

Lindsay and the guard are going to her cell, Lindsay is saying at least Tillie is in solitary and she is apologizing to the guard who is very upset telling her she got demoted because of what she did. She opens the cell and Lindsay says "You didn't tell me I was getting a new roommate, is she new?" Tillie sits up and says, "Hello Goldilocks, welcome back, I've been waiting for ya,"

Troy and Nora are hugging and Nora is going on and on about how she kept watching him sleep the night before and it finally hit her that it doesn't matter to her anymore about Lindsay. She says she is over Lindsay. "IT IS OVER, OVER, OVER" she proclaims smiling.

Lindsay cannot believe she is going to be in a cell with Tillie and says, "I thought she was in solitary?" Tillie is taunting her saying she had a lot of time to think while she was in solitary and she is going to get rid of her one inch at a time. Lindsay grabs the guard's keys and throws them and says I broke the rules, put me in solitary. She replies "Lindsay it doesn't work that way".

Al is screaming at Gabrielle about how he can't go to prison, she is trying to convince him that it will be okay. If he runs away they will be apart forever and it would kill her. He says, "I am sorry mom but I can't go to jail". She says she can understand he can live without his mother and father, but can he live without Jennifer?

Jen goes bonkers in the storage room saying "I HATE HER, I HATE HER" as she is throwing everything off the shelves crying and screaming at the same time.

Natalie and Cris come into the room to see Viki and ask if she is okay. Viki is explaining to them about how she had gone to Rae to help her because she couldn't tell anyone else but Rae betrayed her. "You treated Allison Perkins so she could come back into my life and ruin it." Rae says without Allison you would never have known about Natalie and she wouldn't have her in her life. You can't blame me, but Viki says "Oh yes I can, you have destroyed so much of my life, you let out Allison and you let out Niki and now Ben is gone and someday you are going to pay for that!"

Nora and Troy are hugging and kissing and she says she is going to get the sleeping bag, but he says he will take care of it, she can go pack, she leaves thanking him and cheering. Troy says to himself "No Nora, thank you" and he kisses the necklace and throws it saying, "Good-bye Joanna."

The guard is saying for Lindsay to take her chances with Tillie and Tillie is telling her they lost their privileges because of her and she will pay. Lindsay says she is threatening me and to get the warden, but the guard doesn't care. She tells her the warden hates her worse then they do. Lindsay demands her lawyer and the guard says she will, but she has to wait in the cell.

Renee is at the hospital with Asa crying, telling him about her talk with Ben about Viki the night before and how he should have faith that she would return to them. She sobs in Asa's arms as he says Ben will come back to them as well someday – he just knows it. He holds Renee and she sobs saying "our son, our precious son".

Rae tries to talk to Viki but Cris tells her to go. She leaves and Cris goes to make sure security takes her out.

Viki tells Natalie that she is being so kind to her even after all she has done to her. Natalie tells her SHE hasn't done anything to her that it was all Niki Smith and that she never stopped loving her.

Jen is crying in the storage room at the hospital saying ...THERE IS NO Natalie and Cristian and there will never be! "I will make you pay". She pulls off the calendar page and says "you will never be together, I will make you sorry for the rest of your miserable lives."

Gabrielle and Al are talking at the house and she is trying to convince him the best thing to do is turn himself in. He is feeling sorry for himself because Jen knows he set the fire. He asks his mom that if he apologizes and says he is sorry, will her friend the commissioner go easy on him? She says no not that way, but he might get the minimum sentence. She says he doesn't have any other choice. He finally agrees and says, "she is right". She says ok, let's do it now. He says not yet, he should handle it alone. "I love you and don't want you to go to prison". He responds that he doesn't want to go to jail but he sees no other way. He tells her "it isn't your fault, it is mine." She says it probably is in some way her fault, but he is so sweet to say that and he is such a good boy. She leaves and Al just stands there with a look of despair.

Jen has left the storage room after figuring out a plan and saying "Yeah I can do that", holding the calendar page. At the hospital as Rae is being escorted out of the hospital by security, she stops in front of Asa and Renee and says Asa tell them who I am, he says "she is my wife but get her out of here. My son is in an irreversible coma and I need to be with his mother right now". Rae leaves and Renee asks about the marriage and he says, "it doesn't matter now, we have lost our son. I never got to tell him I loved him" and Renee tells him "He knew".

Larry is telling Viki that he has made arrangements for therapy for her at Susannah Hanen's clinic in Switzerland and she will be in good hands and Ben will be right next-door. She thanks him and Natalie questions if it is a good clinic and Viki assures her it is, it is the same doctor who helped her before with her D.I.D. Viki tells Natalie before she leaves, she has somewhere to go first and Natalie asks to go with her. Viki tells her she would love to have her with her as they are smiling at each other. Natalie thanks her for coming back to her.

Troy is packing up the sleeping bag in the mountains and his sister Emily arrives to let them know Lindsay has been captured. He says they heard and that he has come to a decision about his past. That he can either keep torturing himself or let it go and live. He is going to let it go and there is no need for Nora to ever know about Joanna. He says she is gone and there is nothing he can do about it but he will never make the same mistake again. This is going to be the beginning of a new life. He says he is forgiving himself, as there was nothing he could have done. Nora comes out and is happy to see Emily and he hugs them both saying nothing can ever take this away from him, he has the woman he loves and his beautiful little sister.

Lindsay faints as she is being put in the cell and the guard picks her up while yelling at her and starts to put her in Tillie's cell when the warden comes up and stops her.

Jen catches up to Cristian and he is saying he will be there for her and is so sorry about her uncle, but she says yeah her uncle was always straight with her and would never lie to her but she needs to be alone. She has a lot to do, her mom is back in prison, her dad needs her and she has to call Will and update him so maybe he should be with Natalie right now – she probably needs him more. Cris is pretty bewildered by her comment and says are you sure you are okay?

Al picks up the phone and calls Bo when another call comes in – it is Jen and she says "I haven't turned you in yet and that if you know what is good for you, you will do exactly what I say".

Viki and Natalie are at Crossroads and she is telling Natalie that is where she and Ben met and fell in love, we didn't even know each other's names. She is telling Natalie about how she had first come to Crossroads after a friend had died in a plane crash and she started questioning herself and one night she found herself there and even though she isn't the bar type. When she opened that door she saw Ben Davidson standing there and she found her way again and so did he. She asks Natalie to wait for her outside for her for a few minutes and Natalie says, "I have waited my whole life to have a mother to love her as you do, I will wait as long as you want". Viki opens the door and looks around, touching the pool table then goes up to the bar and stands there sobbing.

Friday, August 30, 2002

Viki sees Ben in Crossroads. Intellectually, she understands he isn't physically present, but it is a very vivid memory. He brings a smile to her face when he jokes about always having wanted to see the Swiss Alps. He jokes Asa really had cared about him, as he is financing his trip. Viki imparts how fortunate she is for having met him during a time when she had lost all direction. He reminds her of his state of affairs at the time, being on the run from the mob. Viki gave him love and a reason for living. He gifted her with the courage to explore new experiences. They recall her winning the karaoke competition for her rendition of "I Will Survive." She is reminded of her prize, the fuzzy dice. But will she really be able to go on without him. They rehash their life together, Viki points out that violence had played such an integral part in it. How ironic that a bullet had both taken him away and brought them together. Ben recalls how she nursed him in the attic after being shot. His wife regrets the precious time they lost when she stubbornly separated from him when he chose to deal with Asa using a gun. They reunited though, Ben tells her, right there in the bar. She fears that Niki isn't done with her. She came out for a specific reason and fears she can't forge on without him at her side. He answers that after all they learned from one another she has to have the strength to continue. In spite of the myriad of obstacles thrown at them, they survived. Music begins to play and they have a close dance. Why did it have to end, she wonders, sooner or later everything ends, says her husband.

R.J. phones a prison contact. He wants to garner any information he can regarding Lindsay giving up his part in the escape. So far she hasn't. He orders the person on the other end of the line to keep him posted. He then knocks on the door of the millhouse.

Roxy is taunting Max with Judge Fitzwater's ruling, providing her with half of Max's wealth whether divorced or not. She answers the door and finds R.J. on the other side, who reiterates his warning that she keep her part of their bargain and say nothing of his role in the prison break. She welcomes him into her home. Max fills his friend in on the judge's ruling while his wife is in the kitchen. Desperate, R.J. offers art as collateral in exchange for a sum of cash. Max agrees, and R.J. splits, promising to return.

Lindsay is about to be locked in a cell with Tilly when the warden intercedes. It seems Molli kept her promise to solicit her grandfather's help on Mrs. Rappaport's behalf. An aide attached to the Governor's office produces a pardon based on Lindsay's unselfish heroic act, for saving the life of a hostage and being held captive herself. The document clears her of all charges. Lindsay is ecstatic and turns to Molli exclaiming, your grandfather knows the Governor? It turns out he is the Governor of the state. Overwhelmed, she bids good-bye to everyone and removes her prison shirt, leaving it for Tilly to launder. A free woman, she returns home savoring her new found freedom. She drinks in the reality of her release and phones Will, leaving him a message. She can't decide what to do next, when she is bathed in the realization that the only person who can threaten her last minute reprieve is R.J., as he knows the real truth about her engineering the escape. She decides to brush that problem aside for the moment and wash off the past couple of days. Lindsay emerges from her living quarters to discover R.J. in the gallery. He is taken aback at the sight of her. He inquires if she sold him out for a deal. She answers no, and relays the story of her saving the life of the Governor's granddaughter, securing for herself a full pardon. Her cohort finds it difficult to believe she would put anyone's safety ahead of her own. She tells him she has changed and realizes what is really important in life. He advises her that he will begin the process of selling the art studio back to her. Dressed and ready to face the town, she splits.

Weather conditions are rapidly changing on the island, where Todd accuses Ross of wanting to make off with the raft, leaving he and Téa behind. He swears he would never desert them, in spite of Téa's decision to stay involved with her former husband. Given they will be stranded on the island for at least six months, Téa wants an assurance from Todd that he will trust her for the long haul. He takes off for the bunker, she follows him. He again expresses his distrust for Rayburn, and worries Blair will turn his children against him in his absence. She buoys his spirits, reasoning that when he returns to Llanview he will hold the advantage against his wife. Considering he had been stranded on an island, no reasonable judge who would deny him access to his children. He is impressed with her sharp thinking and admits if he has to be stuck with someone he's glad it's her. While it's true she wants to be with him forever, she will not live under the relentless scrutiny of him doubting her loyalty and being constantly jealous. If he doesn't reverse his behavior she will leave him regardless of her deep love for him.

Ross discovers a shirt of his in the cave that Téa once wore. He vacillates about bringing it to her.

While Nora is at the hospital with Troy she notices Sam. She approaches him about how relieved she is that Lindsay has been captured. Its obvious she is unaware of what transpired in the cabin. He relates to her the circumstances surrounding Ben being shot and that he is in an irreversible coma. She is taken aback by the news and comforts her former lover, in plain sight of Troy. She reminds him that she will be there for him, but he prefers to be alone with his thoughts. Emily asks her brother if this public display of affection disturbs him. It doesn't, especially under the dire circumstances. She insists though that no one would blame him for being jealous, any normal person would. He has learned, because of Joanna, a lesson that others may not have. He realizes how damaging jealousy can be. He goes on to say perhaps his appreciating that was his wife's final gift to him. Alone with Nora, Troy philosophizes how all they have is the here and now. They express their love for one another, sharing a long embrace.

Chad demands answers about her firing him through Sam. Blair can't believe what she is hearing and inquires if perhaps it was a misunderstanding. He assures her it wasn't. She leaves him with an assignment and takes off to confront her friend. She tracks him down at the hospital and tells him in a shrill voice she has found out what happened. He thinks she is referring to Ben, but she is clueless, until a nurse approaches with a message from Larry reporting on their status in the air, en route to Switzerland. She expresses her sorrow to Sam. At least Ben went out on his own terms, comments Sam, helping the woman he loved. He confides to Blair he will not take anything for granted again. Concerning Ben's condition he offers that divine intervention aside, his brother's coma is incontrovertible. She inquires if he will be okay, he says he hasn't much choice as he has to keep himself together for his children's sake. She wants to help, but the one person he wants is lost to him. As he walks away, Blair whispers, me too.

Max packs a bag. He may have to stay wed to Roxy, but he sure doesn't have to live with her. She naturally wants to go with him. It doesn't happen. Roxanne determines that she will make Max love her!

Blair returns to THE SUN. Chad notices something is bothering his boss. She explains about Ben and isn't sure how she or Starr will deal with the loss of Jack's godfather. Chad squeezes her arm tightly and comforts the distraught woman.

Todd agrees to Téa's terms. She pledges her love for him once more, wanting him to return the sentiment. He equivocates and finally relents, saying nothing will come between them and they share a sweet kiss.

Nora is off to collect Matthew in Chicago. Troy regrets he can't join her and says good-bye. She leaves and he turns for the elevator. The doors open, he sees Lindsay standing there.

Ben thanks Viki for the dance and they softly kiss. He disappears from her sight. Sobbing, she takes one last look around the place where they fell in love.

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