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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of September 2, 2002 on ATWT
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Monday, September 2, 2002

Due to coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, all CBS soaps were preempted today. These breaks were planned for in the storyline development and there will be no "lost" episodes. Broadcasting will resume tomorrow where Friday's shows concluded.

Tuesday, September 3, 2002

Paul meets with Travers and finds out that Travers did work for Stenbeck however he denies doing so now. He said his business ended years ago and he didn't know what it was even about. Paul was reluctant to buy this so he threatened Travers who fired back telling him he can prove Paul is too emotional to make a judgment on His running for Oakdale D.A. After their meeting he runs to Isaac to find Bonnie so he can tell her about Travers so she can tell Jessica.

At the country club a blast from Aaron's past shows up to mess everything up between He and Lucy. Tonya is all over Aaron professing her love and telling Lucy how Aaron said he loved her and would come back for her and how much in love they were. Aaron tried to get Lucy to ignore Tonya's accusations however Lucy got upset and went home. Aaron ignored his boss who told him if he left not to come back, and went after her only to find her at home. Craig wouldn't let Aaron in however Aaron would not take no for an answer. Aaron called for Lucy who came out and told Craig to let him in. Aaron tried to explain and told her how Craig was somehow responsible for this and Lucy said she didn't know who to trust anymore and asked Aaron to leave. Meanwhile Alison saw what happened at the country club and decided to take matters into her own hand and asked Tonya who set her up for this. Tonya played dumb but Alison asked if Rosanna Cabot had anything to do with it and she looked shocked that Alison knew her. Alison stole Tonya's purse to see how much she was paid to set Aaron up like this and then threw her money in the air and left, but not before declining to take a job at the country club. Alison decides to go to the Lakeview to see Rosanna, who walked out on Craig after he told her they should stay away from each other for a while. Alison tells Rosanna she knows she put Tonya up to breaking up Aaron and Lucy and Rosanna decides to bribe Alison. Alison decides that she doesn't want the money but she did want Rosanna's cell phone. Rosanna tries to get it back and just when she thinks Alison will cave and give it to her she runs out. Rosanna yells for her but Alison leaves.

Carly and molly are at Java discussing how they can get work for Mike without him finding out. Carly wants Molly to make and anonymous donation to the burn unit at Memorial however the catch would be Kasnoff construction would have to do the work on the unit. Molly doesn't like that idea since she is not going to lie to mike to get him to stay. She tries to explain to Carly she has changed and she can not lie to him. Mike later shows up and tells both Carly and Molly that he found a job working with Sparky at the auto body shop and wants to take Molly out. Molly points out that this job won't give him much money and Mike seemed less than surprised and said it didn't matter. Molly asks Mike to get the car and then tells Carly to make a donation and push Kasnoff construction. Recap --->

Wednesday, September 4, 2002

Barbara begs Lisa to be her partner again now that Rosanna has pulled her money out of BRO. Lisa reminds Barbara that she is now in business with Carly and suggests that Barbara accept Rosanna's offer to buy her out. Meanwhile, Hal goes to see Will at the Snyder Farm and is sorry to disappoint his son that he cannot take him home with him. Luke confides in Holden that Will is a liar and Holden explains that Will is going through a lot right now. Barbara is livid to find Hal with Will and cautions him that if ever tries to see Will again, she will make sure it is the last time. Alison attempts to blackmail Rosanna for her phone, unaware that Rosanna has arranged to meet with Susan. Rosanna tells Emily and Susan that Alison stole her cell phone, but she thinks she knows how she can help Alison. She offers to help Alison get a Cabot scholarship to an all girls boarding school to help straighten Alison out. Despite Emily's concerns, Susan decides to consider the idea. Alison listens to how upset Aaron is over the incident with Tanya and Lucy. She gives him the phone that she stole from Rosanna, which proves that Rosanna is the reason that Tanya was in town. Aaron thanks Alison for being such a good friend, and he takes off to confront Rosanna. Craig tries to comfort Lucy while she is mourning her break up with Aaron. He wants her to move back in with him, but Lucy insists that she can't live with him while he is seeing Rosanna.

Thursday, September 5, 2002

At the hospital, Tom is trying to keep Margo from working. She tells him that she is bored and she can at least look over some files. Finally, Tom gets her to see the light, just as Lucinda walks in and wants some police advice. Tom tries to get Lucinda to leave, but Margo says that she can at least listen. Tom gives up. Lucinda says that she just has one teeny, tiny question. She asks Margo the status of Henry Coleman's bail. She adds that it was revoked, wasn't it? Margo asks if it was Lucinda that brought him back to Oakdale. Lucinda adds that Henry had made commitments that he has not followed through on and if he ended up in jail, that would take care of him. Lucinda says that even from the hospital she knows that Margo can get hold of him. Tom is standing behind Lucinda shaking his head no. Katie and Simon come back from Katie's walk. Tom tells Margo that it is her turn to take a walk. Tom tells Lucinda to take her police business to Hal or Jack. Margo tells Lucinda, as she leaves, that she will call her. Tom says, "No you won't." Margo mouths the words to Lucinda that she will call her. After they are gone, Lucinda tells Katie how heroic she is. Lucinda gives her a pat on the back and leaves the two alone. When Lucinda walks out into the hallway, Henry is watching her from around the corner. Simon follows Lucinda out and asks about the money she owes him. She tells him that she paid him already. Simon informs her that that money was stolen and she knows that. Lucinda makes him a deal, if he finds out what Henry is up to, she will pay him some more money. Simon agrees and the two walk away. When they are gone, Henry goes into Katie's room. He tells Katie that he needs twenty thousand dollars to go find the Rose of Sharon. Katie tells him that he needs to leave the diamond alone. She tells him that she and Simon are saving their nest egg for something special. He starts to argue with her, but the door opens and Margo and Tom steps inside. Margo tells Henry that he is under arrest.

Susan finds Alison asleep in the Snyder barn. She wakes up her daughter and informs her that she is going to send her away to boarding school. Alison throws a fit and says that she will not go away to school. She tells here mother that this is her senior year and all her friends are here in Oakdale. Susan says that the only friend that she has is Lucy and Lucy is dating Aaron. She tells her daughter that that can't be fun for her. Alison yells at her mother and says that if she sends her to this school, as soon as she is eighteen, she will leave the school and never come home again. Alison stomps out of the barn.

At the Lakeview dining room, Aaron is holding Rosanna's cell phone in her face. Rosanna tries to grab it and Aaron pulls it out of her reach. He tells her that he has got her and he is tired of her and Mr. Montgomery always undermining his relationship to Lucy. He tells Rosanna to listen to him. He informs her that he going to make her an offer and he is only giving it to her once. Rosanna offers for Aaron to sit down. He says that he will stand. He tells Rosanna that Lucy is a smart girl and if he gives her the cell phone and she scrolls through the numbers, she will figure out that Rosanna made contact with his ex-girlfriend. Rosanna calls his bluff and tells him to take it to her right now. Aaron says that if he gives the phone to Lucy, she will go to her father and her father will come after Rosanna. He asks if she sees how the problem keeps going. She says that she does and she has underestimated him. Aaron says that he will not throw this out of proportion if they can make a deal. He tells Rosanna that if Tonya Cole does not show up in Oakdale again or if she does not spy on him or Lucy then he will not show the phone to Lucy. Rosanna asks if he does not show the phone to Lucy, how does he think he will win her back. He tells her that is his job. He asks if they have a deal. Rosanna asks if she has a choice. Aaron tells her that everyone has a choice they just have to live with it after they make it. Rosanna asks if she can trust him and he asks if he can trust her. They smile at each other and Aaron tells her that it has been a pleasure talking with her. Aaron walks away. After Aaron is gone, Rosanna picks up her phone and dials Craig's number.

At Craig's suite, he is trying to convince Lucy to move back in with him. Lucy says that she can't be there because Rosanna is always there. Craig asks if she would move back in if he broke up with Rosanna. Lucy says that that isn't fair to him. She tries to make her father understand that Rosanna is cold to her when he is not around and she wants her to go back to Montega. Craig asks if things would work if Rosanna doesn't come to the suite. If he only sees her away somewhere and she can call him on his cell phone so Lucy doesn't have to listen to any of her messages. Craig says that they compromised with Aaron and they can compromise with Rosanna. The phone rings and when Craig answers it, Rosanna is on the other end. She tells him that Aaron is on his way up to his suite. To throw Lucy off, Craig pretends to talk about the stock market. Rosanna tells him that Aaron has her cell phone that has the number of Tonya Cole on it. Craig thanks her for the tip and hangs up. He turns to his daughter and sends her to Aunt Katie's room to look for a CD that she wanted him to bring to the hospital. As she leaves the room, there is a knock at the door. Craig answers the door and Aaron is there. Aaron tells Craig that he needs to speak to Lucy. Craig tells him that Lucy doesn't want to talk to him. Lucy comes back into the room and tells her father that she will talk to Aaron. Aaron comes in and tries to explain to Lucy that he knows how she felt about seeing Tonya with her hands all over him. He says that he would feel the same if a guy from Montega came to see her and he had his hands all over her. He tells her how special she is to him and that he went to Tonya's hotel room and she was gone. Lucy softens. Aaron asks if she will go with him so they can talk. He tells her that they can go to the Snyder pond and have a picnic. Craig is listening to all this and he rolls his eyes. Lucy says that she will go and get a sweater and be right back. After Lucy is gone, Craig asks Aaron what happens when his girlfriend returns. Aaron says that it won't happen and he takes the cell phone out of his pocket and asks Craig if it looks familiar. Craig asks if it is Rosanna Cabots. Aaron says that it is and he asks Craig if he cares to guess how many times she called Tonya Cole or shall they just wait for Lucy to return and he can tell them both. Aaron tells Craig that he doesn't want Lucy to find out that he and his girlfriend has set him up. Craig asks what does he want. Aaron says that all he wants is to spend time with Lucy without he or Rosanna getting involved. Craig asks about the phone and Aaron asks, "What phone?" Aaron adds that if Craig crosses him again he will tell Lucy. Lucy walks in and asks, "Tell me what?"

As Rosanna returns to her table, she sees Barbara sitting there. Barbara is there to talk about BRO. Rosanna tells her again that they can't be partners. Barbara begs her to give her another chance. Barbara tells Rosanna that she has tried family and friends and no one will give her money to buy Rosanna out. Rosanna tells her that was never an option. Rosanna reminds her that she has made her a very generous offer and she can't go with that then she will have to liquidate the company. Rosanna gets up to leave and Barbara grabs her. Barbara falls to her knees and starts begging Rosanna to help her. Rosanna tells Barbara to get up off the floor. As all this is going on, Will walks in and sees his mother. He can't take anymore and he covers his ears and starts yelling, "Stop!! Stop it! STOP IT!!"

Friday, September 6, 2002

Due to coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, all CBS soaps were preempted today. These breaks were planned for in the storyline development and there will be no "lost" episodes. Broadcasting will resume on Monday where Thursday's shows concluded.



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