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An experimental drug that David had given Maria years earlier kept her from remembering her old life. Greenlee and Leo tried to convince Trey to help them find Proteus' drug money. Vanessa escaped from the sanitarium. Anna struggled to cope with her pregnancy and David's involvement with Maria.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of September 2, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, September 2, 2002

In her office, Erica met with the photographers for her latest shoot. She informed one of the men that her new "model" was also her new fiancÚ and reasoned that he was late because he was up in the penthouse. She assured the crew that he would arrive shortly and, as she sat down, she whispered that "he better be."

At the police station, Chris banged away on the computer and, as he looked through his files, he was shocked to realize that he finally discovered something that had been in front of his face the whole time.

Erica placed a call to the police station and was shocked to find Chris there. She reminded him that they had a shoot that day but he only replied that he was preoccupied with something important and asked her to reschedule it. Before she could respond, Chris told her that he loved her and hung up. Showing a calm and cool exterior, a furious Erica approached the photographers and began to take solo photos. Suddenly, she told the photographers to wait there, as she scooped up Chris' suit and left to find him.

Erica stormed into Chris' office and threw the suit at him. Chris informed her that he was busy with something important and Erica was outraged that he thought her work wasn't just as important. She explained that she had set up the photo shoot for the two of them and Chris was amused to learn that she wanted to "show (him) off." He explained that Anna had called in some information that could break the Proteus case and Erica was shocked that he had been doing police work "behind (her) back." Angry, Chris replied that he wasn't aware that he had to punch a card through a time clock every time he wasn't with her. He closed the door as he told Erica that he couldn't spend all of his free time with her. Calming down, Erica replied that she thought about him and was available twenty-fours hours a day, and wondered why he couldn't match the commitment. Quietly, Chris informed her that he had been thinking about her the whole day and that he was now close to catching the person who had burned down her house. Shocked, Erica asked him who it was but Chris only replied that he didn't have a specific culprit but he had found a specific motive. He explained that he had been close to figuring out the Proteus case when the fire occurred and reasoned that someone had stolen his files, made copies, then set the fire to cover his tracks. Scared, Erica begged Chris to find him and Chris assured her that he would.

At the loft, Leo advised Trey that it would be better for him to keep the police out of his situation. He explained to a shocked Greenlee that he could see himself getting into a similar problem but Greenlee was unconvinced that Leo should support him. Trey agreed that he didn't deserve it but Leo assured him that the truth would come out in time and that he would be there if he needed him. "Have you totally lost your mind?" Greenlee hissed. She assured Trey that the shock would wear off and Leo would see the light in due time. Leo asked her to give Trey a chance to explain his story and Greenlee obliged, convinced that such a story would only sound "ludicrous" and unconvincing. Trey told her that he had an awful childhood and had no one to turn to, so he had to learn about the world on his own. "And did you sell matches on the corner and die one snowy night?" Greenlee snickered. Trey replied that he wished his life was different but when he had heard that the only connection to his birth mother was through Trey Kenyon, he decided to go for it. He explained that it was hard keeping up appearances and regretted lying, though once he started, he didn't know how to stop. Still unconvinced, Greenlee told him to "put (his) DNA where (his) mouth is" and Trey agreed. Suddenly, Leo told her that wasn't necessary just yet and suggested that he meet their brother, David. Trey was unsure about meeting him immediately and Greenlee told him that was a good idea because David would never buy into his story. Leo pulled Greenlee aside and asked her again to give Trey a second chance. He reminded her about how he acted when they first met and Greenlee replied that he was different because he had "a soul" and wasn't a pure liar. Once more, he asked her to listen to Trey and she finally agreed. Trey approached them and told them he was going to leave. Before he did, Leo asked him if he found his father and speculated that they may share more than the same mother. Trey confessed that he hadn't even thought about his birth father yet and suggested that they team up to discover the truth. Leo brushed it off and accompanied Trey to the door. He told him he would set up a time with David and Trey thanked him before leaving. Alone, Leo appealed to Greenlee for her understanding. He confided that it would do no harm to humor Trey because they didn't know the outcome of his situation yet. He admitted that he didn't necessarily believe Trey but Greenlee didn't buy it. She reflected on his mother's change of personality and now Trey's and wondered if David was going to turn out to be the Pope. Greenlee admitted that she was scared for their marriage because they didn't want the same thing. Leo assured her that she was the most important thing in his life and he would do right by her but Greenlee wasn't so sure. She reminded him of when he told her that the perfect scam only happens when the target wants the situation to be true and confided that she was uncomfortable with how true this was with him. Leo assured her that he knew what he was d

Mateo and Hayley rushed to Wildwind and asked Edmund why he had wanted them to hurry over. They asked where Brooke was and he informed them that she had gone home. A confused Hayley mentioned that Brooke told her they were going to live together at Wildwind but Edmund only replied that what Brooke didn't say was of more importance. Quietly, he told the couple that they had better sit down. He filled the pair in on Maria's reappearance and they were shocked to learn that she had survived the plane crash and had been living in Nevada the whole time. An upset Mateo wished that he had been able to do something for her but Hayley assured him that they couldn't have done anything because they didn't know. Edmund confided that David knew and told the pair that he had found Maria after the crash and nursed her back to health. Irate, Mateo wished that someone else had known instead and Edmund replied that someone had, "at least for the last six weeks." Quietly, he whispered that "Brooke knew." Hayley recalled Brooke telling her that Maria was alive but confessed that she had thought Brooke was having a "meltdown" because she thought she didn't deserve Edmund or her new life with him. Mateo was angry but Hayley suggested that there may be more to the story. Edmund quickly stated that he didn't care what Brooke had to say and that all he wanted was to have his wife and child safely returned to him. Aidan, Maria and Maddie approached Aidan's car in the parking lot and he was annoyed to find that some "idiot" had blocked them in. As he honked the horn, Kendall approached the trio and informed them that she had done it to make sure they didn't flee. Maria put Maddie into the car and asked what was going on. Kendall informed Aidan that she knew who Maria really was and that Edmund's daughter was missing. When Maria did not seem to recognize her, Kendall was shocked and asked Aidan what he had done to her. Angry, Aidan grabbed Kendall and demanded that she give him the keys to her car so they could leave. Suddenly, the sound of police sirens could be heard and Aidan threw her, shocked that she had called the police. Again, he demanded that she give him the keys and Kendall threw them into the bushes. "I guess we're going to have to wait for the police after all," she snickered, as Maria and Aidan rummaged through the bushes. The police sirens got louder as Maria took Maddie from the car and tried to run. A police officer stopped her and Maria let Maddie go. Aidan attempted to run with her but another officer quickly told him to freeze and made him put his hands on the car. Anna rushed up and asked Aidan what he was doing. Alone, Maddie looked confused and scared and Aidan told Anna to comfort her. Anna quickly rushed to Maddie and hugged her as Kendall noticed that Maria had disappeared again. Maddie assured Anna that she was alright because her "angel mommy" took care of her. Detective Sanchez went to call Edmund then whisked Maddie off to the police car. Alone, Anna asked Aidan why he was with Maria. He confided that Maria had told him she had killed someone and he believed her. Aidan suggested that the police sirens hadn't helped in calming her down and Anna admitted "that was not the way it was supposed to go down" and that they wanted "to help her, not arrest her." She stated that Maria had a rough couple of years and admitted that David had found her after the crash. Disgusted, Aidan asked her what her husband had done now. She gave him the Cliff Notes on David's involvement and assured him that he would be charged if he committed any crimes. They pair went to leave but the accompanying officer reminded him that he assaulted an officer and led him to the police car. As he walked away, Aidan vowed that Kendall would pay.

Hayley tried to comfort Edmund by asking him to look on the bright side of the situation: Maria was alive and could come home to her family. Edmund replied that he didn't know what kind of mind games David had played on her but before he could get any further, the phone rang. Edmund answered it and a few seconds later he announced to Hayley and Mateo that the police found Maddie and that she was coming home.

Maddie ran into Edmund's arms and assured him that she was fine. She confided to him that her mother said she would see her again and Edmund told her she was right. Hayley headed upstairs with Maddie and Edmund thanked Detective Sanchez for bringing his daughter home. The detective apologized for not being able to do the same for Maria and assured Mateo that she had seen her and she looked fine. She advised the pair to not worry and told them that the police would find her. Alone, Edmund and Mateo wandered back into the living room. Suddenly, Edmund ran towards the door and told Mateo he was going to search for Maria. Mateo quickly ran after him.

Chris and Erica arrived at her office, dressed and ready for the photo shoot. Walter, the photographer, asked them to get into place and suddenly Chris' phone rang. "You've got to be kidding?" Erica hissed, as Chris answered the call. She looked on as he advised the caller to go ahead and get the software. He hung up as Erica asked him to get rid of the phone but he refused. They angrily stood to pose and Walter asked them if they planned on smiling. "No!" they grunted, in unison. Suddenly, Chris enveloped Erica in a giant hug and began picking her up, as Erica began laughing and the cameras began flashing.

Alone at his desk, Trey sat in front of his computer. Suddenly, he called Nessa and told her about his talk with Leo. He was happy that she felt good about it and told her he would talk to her later. He hung up the phone and whispered that she should be happy while she can because she was going to finally pay.

Mateo arrived back and told Hayley that Edmund was still looking. She mused that it was fate that Maria was sent back to them and that their son's illness had prompted Maria to return to her own children. Mateo was unconvinced but she reminded him of his mother's belief that God always had a plan. Suddenly, Mateo jumped up and called his mother. "It's about Maria," he whispered into the phone.

Edmund ran into the barn to look for Maria. He turned on the lights but realized she wasn't there. He remembered back to the time they spent in the barn all those years ago and began to turn the lights off again. Sighing, he turned around and standing before him was Maria.

Tuesday, September 3, 2002

Leo and Greenlee cuddled on their couch and reminisced about Leo's bizarre family tree, until Greenlee told him she didn't want to discuss his twisted family. The phone interrupted their thoughts, and Greenlee answered it. She told Leo that it was "The Bulletin" informing them that David was in jail. She went on and said that he drugged a cop. Leo said he needed to help him, but Greenlee tried to talk him out of it. She said her "in-laws are outlaws", and getting involved would only cause more problems. Leo tried to reason with her and said that he isn't going to hang his brother out to dry.

Anna arrived to see David, who was pacing in his jail cell. She informed him that they found Maddie, and she asked him where they could find Maria. He said he didn't know, and all that matters is that he loves her. When he asked her again to release him from jail, she replied, "Wrong answer," and walked away.

Aidan exchanged words with an officer, blaming them for Maria running away, and telling them that she would be home right now if they hadn't shown up. Anna arrived and told Aidan that his arraignment's been moved up and he'll be out of there as soon as he makes bail. Kendall overheard him say that he has to leave and find Maria, and told him to give up the hero bit. Anna questioned why she was still there, but she ignored the question. She said to herself that there's only one hero, "and it's time I got the credit," as she picked up her phone and dialed.

Brooke was staring sadly out the window of her room when Tad knocked on the door. Against her wishes, he let himself in and informed her that Maddie's home. She was relieved and then asked him, "What about Maria?" Tad told her that she's still out there somewhere. He tried to comfort her, but she pulled away. He told her not to put on a brave front, but she said she wasn't. She told him that she doesn't deserve his sympathy, because she's getting everything she deserved. Tad said that life sucks sometimes, but she doesn't deserve this. He told her to give it time and Edmund will forgive her. She tried to argue with him that she doesn't deserve forgiveness. She said that she wanted Maria to stay dead, and that feeling hasn't changed. Tad said that it's only natural, but Brooke responded that it doesn't matter. She's still evil and she doesn't deserve an "I'm sorry" or tears. Tad responded, "Congratulations! Welcome to my world. You're a screw-up. How does it feel?" She told him to stop joking, because she's done terrible damage. She told him to stop trying to let her off the hook. Tad told her that she isn't evil, and she needs to go easy on herself. He tried to compare her situation to his situation with Dixie. He said he would do anything to have her again. She said it isn't the same. He went on and said that just the fact that she went looking for Maria proves that she isn't a bad person. She turned on him and told him to stop trying to make her a martyr. He said she isn't a martyr, or a monster, she's just a human being. He tried to get her to join him in a movie on TV, but she said she'd rather have time alone. Tad agreed to take Jamie for the night, and, on his way out, reminded her that he's proud she's the mother of his son, and not a day goes by that he doesn't thank God for that. He said, "I love you, and that's never going to change," as he shut the door.

Edmund was staring at Maria from across the tack room. She said, "Edmund?" With tears in his eyes, Edmund ran across the room and embraced her. Confused, Maria didn't hug back. Edmund told her that he prayed and prayed that she survived, and now she's back home. He said that she's been lied to, but she doesn't have to run anymore. Maria interrupted him and told him he doesn't understand. She said, "I'm not Maria." She went on and said that she had no memory of the stables, and no memories of him. Edmund's face fell as she said, "I don't know you, Edmund." He tried to convince her that does remember, because she knew his name and she knew Maddie. She said that people told her that she lived there, and she assumed he was Edmund because of the way he looked at her. Maddie called her mommy, and her heart just melted, but she didn't remember her. She said that he wants things to fall into place for her, but it just isn't working. She said that nothing around her seems familiar. She told him that he's a stranger to her. Edmund said that he knows she can remember their love, but she responded that it was a mistake to come here. Edmund stopped her and said, "No. You can remember our love, and I'll prove it to you." Maria told him that she's searched her soul, and she doesn't remember. He told her again that he'll prove to her that she's Maria. He had her close her eyes and try to remember their wedding day. He said they cried during their vows, and their love was as perfect as any love could be. He reached out to grab her hand and said that he had never felt anything as perfect as there love. "Tell me you feel it too," he said. She said that she doesn't feel it. It's gone. He said he never gives up, but she said he should. He told her that he wants her to feel like this town is her home. She said that she just can't put all her faith and trust in his hands, because there are too many unanswered questions. He asked her what kind of questions, and she responded, "Like, where does Brooke English fit into this happy ending?" She reminded him that he just exchanged vows with her yesterday, and he was ready to spend the rest of his life with her. He tried to tell her it all changed. Edmund told Maria that the one thing he knows is that he never stopped loving her. She responded by fainting in his arms.

Donald Steele, along with a press contingent, surrounded Kendall in the police station. She began her story about how she "foiled a kidnapping." Steele sarcastically asked questions such as "When's the ticker tape parade?" When Kendall said that Aidan Devane was wildly attracted to her, Aidan walked up and said that's a bunch of bull. He isn't attracted to her and the press shouldn't listen to a word that she says. Steele turned his attention to Aidan and asked him what his relationship to Maria was. Aidan ripped on the press and told them that they'll force Maria further into hiding if they print any of this. He then told Kendall that he hopes to see her in the same position that she put Maria. Kendall looked after him as he stalked off. She began handing out a brief-bio to the press as Greenlee and Leo walked up. Kendall grabbed Greenlee and told her to smile for the press, because her new assistant's the town hero. After the press left, Leo went to go see David. Greenlee went up to Kendall and told her that the press better not come back to haunt them. Kendall said that the P.R. she scored is priceless. Greenlee reminded her that Donald Steele doesn't do "puff pieces." Kendall walked away in a huff, saying "See you at the office." Greenlee watched her go, as Anna walked out of her office. Greenlee stopped her and said, "We need to talk."

Leo walked up to David, who was crouched in the corner of his cell, and told him he wanted to help him. David tried to tell Leo to leave it alone, and don't worry about it, but Leo responded that it's his turn to help. David said that he doesn't even know why he's in here, and he proceeded to tell Leo about keeping Maria a secret for five years. He finished by telling him that his secret cost him Anna. Leo didn't let this news scare him away, and he still offered to help him. David said that if he wants to help he should leave. He should take Greenlee and walk away from him, Vanessa, and the whole family. Leo said that he'll leave for now, but he's coming back. David told him that the family curse won't be lifted until he and Vanessa are put away. Leo told him that he doesn't want to hit him when he's down, but they have a new family member. David was shocked when Leo told him that Trey Kenyon is their brother, and he's probably worse then the two of them combined.

Anna and Greenlee walked into her office, after Anna explained to Greenlee what David had done. Greenlee said that Anna knew the type of person he was, but Anna said that she didn't know he could be cruel. She empathized with Maria, and she knows that losing years with your child is hard to recover from. She said that she can't forgive David for costing Maria those years with Maddie. Before Greenlee could respond, a man walked in and introduced himself as Grayson Brown, David's attorney. He told Anna that he was contacted last night, and Anna realized that he was called before David was arrested. She turned to Grayson and told him that he might wind up pulling double duty. She asked him to tell David that his wife plans to file divorce papers first thing in the morning.

Donald and Kendall walked into the park, with Donald telling her that he's going to have to spin the story to meet the high standards of his readers. She said, "Spin to your heart's content," before he walked away. Aidan walked into the park, before Kendall could leave, and began ripping into her for what might happen to Maria. Tears began to form in her eyes as she told him that she was sorry, but Aidan simply shook his head. She admitted that it was selfish and stupid and she messed up. He asked her what she means, and she said that she was jealous. Jealous of the attention he paid to Maria. She said that she wanted him to treat her that way. She slowly pulled Aidan to her and kissed him. He kissed back passionately.

Brooke was sitting at the desk in her room, and noticed her wedding ring on her finger. She took it off and set it on the desk. Taking out a piece of paper, she began to write. She began the letter to Edmund, "Words cannot begin to express how deeply sorry I am."

Wednesday, September 4, 2002

Kendall and Aidan shared a kiss in the park. Aidan pulled back and asked what that was for. Kendall said it was payback and made sure Aidan knew that her apology for calling the cops was a fake. Aidan told her she was manipulative and self centered. Kendall agreed and said he couldn't resist her. Aidan told her she was sick. Kendall said he's attracted to her and just can't help himself. She said he liked to play the hero, referring to his protection of Maria. Aidan got very angry and told her to shut up. Kendall said now he'd have to find another damsel in distress and Aidan said that was exactly what Kendall was. They argued intensely over who exactly was the hero and who was the villain. Kendall said she reunited a family tonight but Aidan said she was just trying to polish her badly tarnished reputation in Pine Valley. Aidan said Kendall had caused much more pain than she'd ever endured in her lifetime. "You're all alone and always will be!" he shouted at Kendall. Aidan stormed away and Kendall sadly sat down on the park bench.

JR brought Laurie into Chandler Mansion and gave her the grand tour. She was quite impressed and wondered why he didn't stay there all the time. JR said he didn't really feel wanted there. She asked why he didn't stay at Mr. Martin's house. JR said Tad was cool but he's not around much. Laurie said her house was too small and crowded and that she can't even hear herself think there. JR said this house was too quiet, that all he could hear was the sound of his own footsteps. They sat on the couch and started to kiss when Liza burst in and broke it up. She yelled at JR and told him there were rules to follow in this house and that his hormones were in overdrive. JR told her not to take out her anger at Adam on him. JR said his father warned him that Liza would be upset. Liza realized that JR had spoken with Adam and grilled him on when and where. Then she asked if he'd talked to Colby. JR said Colby was fine and would be coming home soon. Liza said thank God and JR yelled "Yeah, the kid you really care about is coming home and now you can stop pretending with me!." Liza tried to deny that she was pretending to care about him but he just grabbed Laurie and left the house. He took Laurie back to her house where they sat in the driveway for a few minutes. She said her house looked like a shoe box with curtains compared to his house. JR apologized for the way Liza had spoken to them and Laurie told him to forget it, that she already had. She leaned over and kiss him and JR got a little passionate. She quickly pulled back and reminded him to ask before making a move. Laurie said she wanted "face time" with him but it had to be about them, not about him being mad at Liza. She went in the house and JR sat in the car, not a very happy young man. He listened to a news bulletin on the radio saying Maria Grey had been found and taken to the Pine Valley Hospital. He turned the station to hard rock music and drove away.

At the police station, David's attorney told him Chandler Enterprises was paying his fees. Then he told David that he doesn't do civil cases so he'd have to get a different attorney for his divorce. David was confused and said he wasn't getting a divorce. The lawyer said that's not what his wife says and left. David told a nearby cop to get the Chief of Police for him. The cop told David the Chief won't speak to the subject of a criminal investigation. David said "But I'm her husband!" Anna walked out of her office and said "Not for long." He couldn't believe that she really wanted a divorce. Anna said he had no idea how much she didn't want to be married to him. She asked him if he ever stopped to consider how his actions affected other people and then said she just didn't understand him. She referred to Dixie's memorial service and how he disrupted that. She said that was when she knew he was extremely insensitive but she never thought he could be purposely cruel too. David tried to explain that Maria didn't know who she was when he found her and that Anna didn't know the whole story. Anna said he was right, she didn't know the whole story but coming from him it would be a pack of lies. They went into her office and Anna said there was a time she thought David was redeemable but not anymore. David offered to move out of their suite and let her have some space if that would help. She said what would help would be him telling the truth. David said ok, "But who's asking, my wife or the Chief of Police?" He said he'd tell the truth to his wife. With tears in her eyes Anna said she's not his wife anymore. David got a little choked up and said he wouldn't say another word without his attorney. He started to leave but Anna asked why his attorney was hired by Liza Chandler. David wouldn't tell her and left. Anna flashed back to taking the pregnancy test and how happy she was. She sat down and could barely hold herself together. Jackson walked in and asked if she was ok. Anna said yes and then said if he asked for her badge right now she'd give it to him. Jack said that wasn't what he was there for and then told her that Maria had been found and taken to the hospital. The two of them rushed out together.

At the hospital, a very worried Edmund spoke with Frank Hubbard about Maria's condition. Frank said her vitals were stable but she was disoriented. Edmund wanted to see her but Frank said Maria asked for no visitors. Frank left and Anna and Jack arrived. Edmund told them how Maria came to the stables and what happened from there. Edmund said the doctors had asked if Maria took drugs and he said he didn't know what she'd been doing for the last 5 years. He said he wants to be with her and not let her out of his sight again. Jack tried to comfort Edmund. Edmund said he wanted to find Joe Martin and have him check Maria. Jack said if he couldn't find Joe to get Jake. Edmund left and Anna had to sit down. Jack showed concern for her and she told him she was just a bit lightheaded. Jack told her to go home and rest since it would be a long time until they were able to question Maria. She said she'd love to but she doesn't have a home to go to any more. Jack offered to let her go to his place for some sleep but she refused. Anna asked if he knew that Liza had financed David's legal defense. Jack did know and they discussed possible reasons why. Edmund returned and said they were still running some tests on Maria. Jack asked if he'd told Mateo and Isabella yet and Edmund said yes they knew but he should update them and left to call them. Anna felt horrible at the pain her husband had caused, especially for the two children. Jack was sympathetic and Anna said she should've sensed that David could do something like this. Jack said there was no way she could've known about this. Anna said she thought she could handle David but she's really clueless.

Liza called Tad to see if JR had shown up there. Tad said no and Liza asked that he call her if JR came there. The doorbell rang so Liza hung up and opened the door to find David. He told her that the police know that she paid for his attorney so they may be coming over with a search warrant. David demanded his research materials and Liza refused. She said his fate was in her hands now and that was exactly where it was going to stay. David told her not to make him angry "I can be a very dangerous enemy!." Liza said that he'd sold her out for his own hide and that if she was going down so was he. She said his information was in a very safe place but he still wanted it back. Liza said she had a use for David, to help her make Adam pay for what he's done to her and Colby. David laughed and said she constantly amazed him. JR ran in and was astounded to see David there. He went off on David and Liza and said David was the reason his mother was dead. He said the sight of the two of them made him sick and ran off. Liza said she can't do anything right with JR. David said she'd just better make sure that kid didn't open his mouth and left. A few minutes later the phone rang and Liza answered it. Adam was calling to tell her they would be home next week. Liza said that was good, that she missed him. She told him they needed to work things out. Adam asked about JR and she told him they had had a fight and it was her fault.

JR went to the park and called for Warren, his drug dealer. But Kendall answered instead and told him Ryan had ordered Warren to stay away from JR. JR lashed out at Kendall and told her it was her fault Ryan wasn't there now. She began to cry and JR tried to apologize. She said he was right and sobbed even harder. JR tried to comfort her and they kissed. They both pulled back and began apologizing to each other. JR said she was the only person in town who'd been nice to him and she said he was the only person in town who would say that to her. Kendall told JR that he was a good person and should stay that way. They ended up in each other's arms kissing.

Aidan rushed to the hospital and asked at the nurses' station for Maria. The nurse told him she was having tests run and he should take a seat. Aidan walked to the waiting area and sat down. Edmund returned and asked the nurse if Dr. Martin had returned the page. As she checked Edmund sat next to Aidan. Aidan looked at him and asked if he knew him. Edmund reminded him of being at the Pine Cone. Then Aidan realized this was Maria's husband.

David ran into the hospital and asked at another desk where his patient Maria Grey was. The nurse began to look up the information and David looked across the room in time to see Jackson put his arm around Anna.

Thursday, September 5, 2002

Kendall and JR share a passionate kiss. When Kendall finally backs away, she's sure there must be a law against what they just did. She tells JR that she wouldn't let anything happen between her and a kid. JR is disappointed that she thinks of him this way, but tells Kendall he's glad they met up tonight. Kendall apologizes for dragging him into the mess she calls a life, then tells him that what they did can never happen again. JR says that tonight was the first time in forever that he's felt anything good.

Brooke is horrified when Tad brings Jamie home with a black eye. Jamie explains that he was defending his mom. Some guys were talking "trash" about her, but he took care of it. Jamie goes on to say that the guys said Brooke knew Maria was alive, but went ahead with the wedding anyway. Brooke admits to Jamie that what they said was the truth. Jamie is appalled at her confession. He says in disbelief, "You don't DO things like this!" Jamie storms upstairs to his room.

Isabella arrives at Brooke's home saying what a shock it was to find out her Maria was alive and well and living in Nevada. She tells Brooke how Maria collapsed at Wildwind after being overwhelmed with the knowledge of who she was. Isabella sadly says it didn't have to be this way for Maria. Brooke offers no excuse. A distraught Isabella slaps Brooke hard across the face. Brooke is stunned, Isabella furious. Isabella can't believe how Brooke lied to them over and over. She cries out that Brooke herself was a mother who lost a child. She should know the pain Isabella has been suffering all these years. As Tad escorts Isabella to the door, Isabella screams, "You should have gone down in that plane instead of Maria. You should have been the one who died!" Brooke feels she does deserve to die. She is sure no one in Pine Valley will ever be able to trust her again. Especially Jamie. As Jamie eavesdrops, Tad assures Brooke that good people make mistakes. Brooke is not sure she is strong enough to start over again.

At the hospital, Jack acts protective of Anna when David appears. Anna tells Jack there's isn't a problem David isn't there to see her, he's there to check on Maria Grey. David says yes, he is there to check on Maria, but only because she is his patient. When Anna shakes her head in disgust, David says he never dreamt the whole Maria fiasco would ever end up impacting Anna in any way. He's a different man now, David claims. All David wants is a chance to make it up to Anna. He tells Anna that Maria is just a patient to him, while she is his reason for living. When David says he loves her, Anna tells him those are just words. She asks him to move out. David reluctantly agrees, but tells Anna he'll wait a lifetime for her. Later, Anna consults with a doctor about her pregnancy. She wants to talk to him about her options.

Edmund patiently sits in the hospital waiting room until Jake comes out saying he has news on Maria. Immediately both Edmund and Aidan stand up. Edmund asks Aidan who he is and how he knows his wife. Aidan tells Edmund how he found Maria in the park and befriended her. Edmund begins to berate Aidan over not contacting the police when he found Maria who was obviously in need of help. They argue until Maddie and Sam arrive. Jake, unfortunately, has to tell Edmund that Maria is not asking for him, she is asking to see Aidan.

Edmund turns his attention to his children instead. He tries to explain to them the unexplainable. Maddie is afraid that her newfound mommy will leave again. Edmund assures her Maria is there to stay. Next Maddie asks a more difficult question. Since they can't see this mommy, can they see Brooke mommy instead? Edmund struggles with her request, then swallows his pride and calls Brooke. Brooke is surprised, but agrees to come.

Meanwhile, Maria tells Aidan how difficult it has been for her to process everything. She tells him how Edmund looked at her with his eyes so full of love and she felt nothing at all. Aidan asks here to give it some time and maybe her feelings for Edmund will return. Maria makes Aidan promise he won't leave her. As Edmund listens outside the door, Maria tells Aidan he is the only person she knows and trusts. The only person she feels safe with.

Friday, September 6, 2002

In Maria's room at Pine Valley Hospital, Maria told Edmund she understood he is her husband even though she doesn't remember him. She hoped he will understand why she wants Aidan to be with her. She feels more comfortable with Aidan because he knows her as the person she is at the present time. Maria told Edmund she wants to be fair with him and that right now she feels safer with Aidan. She sees all of Edmund's hopes and dreams in his eyes and it frightens her. Aidan told Edmund Maria was bringing Maddie home to Wildwind when the police arrested her. He wanted Edmund to know Maria was not kidnapping Maddie. Jake came into the room with the test results. Everything checked out ok. He told Edmund that there is a possibility that Maria may never regain her memory.

Anna waited in Dr. Clader's office for the blood test results. Dr. Clader came in and confirmed that Anna is pregnant. Anna is unsure what she wants to do and wants to discuss her options with Dr. Clader as soon as possible. Dr. Clader realized Anna may want to terminate the pregnancy. Anna asked him not to tell David she is pregnant and of course, he agreed.

Also at Pine Valley hospital, Tad confronted David as David was trying to steal Maria's chart. They got into a heated argument and stopped momentarily when Brooke came by. David continued the argument arrogantly saying he had saved Maria's life. He picked on Brooke and told her she caused Maria pain not him. To get David's focus off Brooke, Tad told Brooke to go find Maddie. David noticed Tad called Brooke sweetheart and taunted Tad for moving onto Brooke now that Dixie is dead and buried. That pushed Tad's buttons and the confrontation continued. Anna passed by the two of them snarling at each other. She wondered what was up and Tad quickly pointed out that David had Maria's chart in his hand. Anna took the chart and walked over to the nurses' station. Pulling out her police shield, she told the nurse the chart was part of a police investigation and to lock it up. David was stunned. He began to object just as Jake came around the corner into the area. He told David he was no longer on hospital staff and to leave the premises. David began to argue the Board needed to agree. Anna told him the Board was in agreement because of her recommendation to dismiss him. David was livid. He couldn't believe Anna would do such a thing!

David asked Anna for another chance to reconcile. Anna's reply was all his chances are used up. David couldn't believe Anna wants to divorce him. She told him she was moving out.

Greenlee and Leo were having a snack in the living room of their condo. They talked about David and his knowledge that Maria was alive for five years. Greenlee commented that David was taking his God complex to the highest level. The doorbell rang. Leo answered the door and let in Trey. Leo had asked him to come over. Greenlee told Trey that if Leo turns over Vanessa's drug money to the DA, all charges of being an accessory will be dropped. Trey was interested in why Leo was charged with being an accessory and asked Leo about it. Leo explained he went on a little spending spree with Vanessa's drug money. Greenlee challenged Trey that if he wants to be part of the family he needs to help Leo find the money. Trey said he knew zip about where the money is. Trey offered to team up with Leo. Leo asked what is in it for him. Trey believed the DA will not charged him with identity theft if he returns the money. As they leave to go to the hospital to see Vanessa, Simone is at the door. Greenlee had invited her.

Simone was pleased Greenlee had asked her over. She thought Greenlee had forgiven her but Greenlee quickly told her she only wanted information about Simone's former roomie, Trey. Greenlee told Simone about his relationship to Leo and that his real name is Ben Sheppard. Simone told Greenlee Trey didn't have any girl friends and didn't talk much about anything. She commented on him being accident prone: always coming home with bruises and he had a large burn on his arm. Their conversation was interrupted when Greenlee's cell phone rang. Greenlee commented about being called back to work so late at night and that the limo driver should buzz her when he arrived. She then dismissed Simone telling her she has to take care of some crises at work.

Maddie and Sam were playing with Mateo in the hospital waiting room outside Maria's room. They saw Brooke and greeted her. They told her they wanted to see their angel mommy and Brooke agreed to take them to Maria. Brooke and the children entered Maria's room. Sam and Maddie climbed onto Maria's bed. She gave them a big hug and assured them she was never going away again.

Trey and Leo arrived at the hospital outside Vanessa's room. Leo noticed there no longer was a security guard at the door. When they entered the room, it was empty. Leo rushed out of the room to go find Greenlee.

Meanwhile Tad and Jake talked about David's interest in Maria's chart. They realized that David may have been using a test drug on Maria. Tad commented to Jake as Anna passed by that the one thing to bring David to his knees is Maria.

David walked outside the emergency room entrance. Suddenly an arm reached out behind him and grabbed his neck, pressing on a pressure point causing David to fall to the ground unconscious. Aidan stepped out of the doorway and looked down at David.

Riding in the limo, Greenlee complained to the driver that he could have least opened the door for her. She wondered out loud what could be the crises at work. After all she had underlings to take care of those things. She suddenly noticed the limo was going in the wrong direction. They were going to New Jersey. She tried to get the limo driver's attention but the shield between the compartments was closed and she could not open it.



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