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Monday, September 2, 2002

Livvie is shocked when Frank casually saunters into the Recovery Room. Frank 'guesses' from the looks on their faces that they had heard about Ian's theory that Frank was the human host for the Avatar. As Frank told Rafe that Rafe's wife just 'glows' with her pregnancy, Livvie nervously tries to keep Rafe by her side. But Rafe suddenly remembers that he needs to check out the Forensics Reports of the fire, and leaves to dash over to the Hospital.

When Rafe leaves, Frank subtly begins to threaten Livvie.

At his office at the Hospital, Kevin confides in Lucy that Kevin believes that Livvie is beginning to show signs of the mental condition that her mother - Grace; grandmother - Estelle; and Aunt - Rachel, suffered from for so many years. Kevin also begins to worry about the effect that Kevin's dead brother Ryan - the serial killer - might have on Livvie's gene pool.

Meanwhile, in the Chapel, Alison prays for one more sign so she will know what to do to save Rafe's soul. As Alison prays, Rafe suddenly shows up and asks Alison WHOSE soul she is praying about.

Alison explains that she was praying for a friend who is in a lot of serious trouble. Alison then begins to quiz Rafe about what RAFE would do if he could save someone he loved, but ONLY by sacrificing his own soul - and Rafe agrees that he would probably do whatever it took to save someone he loved.

Rafe suddenly notices that Rebecca's candle, which Rafe brought to the chapel months ago, is still burning. As Alison looks at the candle, she recognizes the candle as the candle Rebecca used to send Kevin to 'Nowhere.' As Alison continues to quiz him, Rafe told about discovering the candle in the woods on the day that Rafe woke up in the woods with no memory and how Rafe carried the candle around with him without knowing exactly what to do with it. Rafe told how Rafe brought the candle to the Hospital chapel on the day that he and Livvie were planning to leave Port Charles forever, put the candle down in the chapel and lit it - not knowing exactly WHY he lit the candle - but only that he had the vague feeling that somehow, by lighting the candle, he would be helping Alison.

Meanwhile, at the Recovery Room, Frank told Livvie: "The Avatar is NOT dead, Livvie. He is just taking a little vacation!'

LIVVIE: "How did you --- ?'

FRANK: 'Live? How did I escape the flames?' Oh - you people are SO limited! You have seen what I am capable of - but you STILL underestimate me!'

LIVVIE: "No - I have NEVER --'

FRANK: "No? - of course you do! Livvie, you treat me like that poor husband of yours that you so desperately want to hang on to! Of course, his tragic flaw is believing you - and the lies you tell him. Especially - this one!'

LIVVIE: "Don't touch me!'

FRANK: "Oh - Just a little late for that - don't you think?'

LIVVIE: "Listen, Frank. You do NOT want anyone to find out that you are the father of this baby. OR that you are the Avatar because everyone LOVES Frank Scanlon...'

FRANK: "Frank Scanlon is gone, Livvie!'

LIVVIE: "What?'

FRANK: "More or less. I have grown so strong in his body, so powerful in this town. It will NOT be long before what is left of him disappears completely! You are a treacherous woman, Livvie. And I WILL have my justice on you. You WILL pay for what you have done! You may not know HOW or WHEN - but, I promise you - it IS coming! But, in the meantime, as I said to your noble husband, this pregnancy truly agrees with you. You look swell!'

In the Chapel, as Alison realizes that Rafe DID come back to rescue her and DID rescue her from certain death by lighting Rebecca's candle so Kevin could return and prove that Kevin had NOT been murdered by anyone!

Alison excitedly told a puzzled Rafe that this changes everything. Alison suddenly puts the candle down and rushes away, leaving Rafe to wonder what Alison meant by what she said.

In Kevin's office, Kevin told Lucy that Kevin HAS to confront Livvie with his suspicions that Livvie is suffering from some kind of mental trauma. Although Lucy offers to go along with him, Kevin insists that Kevin needs to speak to his daughter alone!

As Kevin heads to Livvie's Place to confront his daughter about her strange behavior, Livvie is busy, ordering a psychotropic drug that triggers psychotic breaks, intending to give the drug to Frank so that Frank will flip out in front of everyone. Once Livvie has the drug in hand, Livvie invites Frank to meet her at her apartment to try to patch up the rift between then.

Frank agrees to meet Livvie. However, after Frank talks to Livvie, Frank calls Karen. When Karen does NOT answer her phone, Frank heads out to Karen's Place to find out WHY Karen is NOT answering her phone.

In the meantime, Colleen finds Rafe in the Chapel and hands Rafe the forensic report from the fire. Rafe concludes that, since there were NO human remains in the fire, the Avatar must STILL be around.

Livvie calls the Recovery Room to check on Frank and discovers that Frank HAS left. So Livvie gets a syringe ready to inject Frank with the mind altering drug as soon as Frank arrives - and before The Avatar can carry out any of his threats.

However, Frank arrives instead at KAREN'S apartment. When Frank finds the door open and furniture knocked over in Karen's apartment, Frank leaps to the conclusion that Ricky has kidnapped Karen. Frank went into a rage and begins trashing the place, roaring out his hatred for Ricky.

Alison finds Lucy in Kevin's office and told Lucy that Rafe was the one who lit Rebecca's candle and brought Kevin back from his sojourn in The Mystical Forests of Nowhere with Rebecca. As Alison explains to Lucy that Alison is now convinced that Alison IS the one who should help Rafe now in Rafe's dilemma, Alison ALSO confesses that Alison is not quite sure HOW she should proceed, since Rafe DOES seem so committed to making a proper home for Livvie's child. Lucy told Alison that Kevin discovered proof that Rafe is NOT the father of Livvie's baby, so Alison can have a clear conscience about loving Rafe.

When Kevin arrives at Livvie's Place to confront Livvie about her strange behavior, Livvie believes it is Frank at the door and Livvie injects Kevin with the mind-altering drug before she realizes it IS Kevin at the door.

Kevin reacts immediately to the drug - he screams at Livvie to leave him alone and then rushes off into the night, screaming: "NO!'

Tuesday, September 3, 2002

At Ricky's Place, Ricky tries to entice Karen into a good mood with pizza, but she rejects his attempts to get her to realize that he is truly worried about her physical safety whenever she is anywhere near Frank. Ricky warns Karen that she will most likely end up with a lot more that is broken than her heart if she reunites with Frank, but Karen refuses to listen to Ricky.

At Livvie's Place, a broken-hearted Livvie dissolves into hysterical tears as she realizes she accidentally injected her father with a mind-altering drug that was intended for Frank.

Meanwhile, at the Light House, Alison and Lucy discuss the latest revelation about the paternity of Livvie's baby. Lucy believes they should tell Rafe the facts about the baby right away, but Alison told Lucy that Alison believes Rafe should find out ON HIS OWN that Livvie is lying!

ALISON: "I feel like telling Rafe right now is the WRONG thing to do! If he is going to find his way back to me, then he needs to figure out the truth on his own. He HAS to! It has to be pure, true love! His soul depends on it!'

Chris and Jack return home from Bermuda and head to the Recovery Room, where they find Rafe, outside, puzzling over ways to get rid of the Avatar. Rafe told Chris and Jack that the Avatar escaped the fire. Chris is thrilled that Lancelot is still alive, but Rafe lashes out at Chris and accuses Chris of being the one who knocked Rafe out from behind BEFORE the fire started - so that the Avatar could escape. Jack assures Rafe that Chris could NOT have been at the Silo when the fire started. Chris went inside to spread the good news about Lancelot's escape.

But, outside, Rafe told Jack that Rafe believes the Avatar is just regrouping for an even more bitter assault on Port Charles. Rafe told Jack that Rafe plans to KILL the Avatar. When Jack reminds Rafe that it has been RAFE who has been telling people that the Avatar can NOT be killed, Rafe corrects Jack and told Jack that the facts are that, SO FAR, the Avatar has NOT been killed. But, that does NOT mean that the Avatar can NOT be killed!

Inside the Recovery Room, Chris spots Frank and asks Frank what happened during the fire. But Frank refuses to tell Chris anything - except that Frank is NOW out for revenge!

Outside the Recovery Room, Jack suggests that Rafe should try taking some time off from saving the world and try relaxing for a change. But Rafe told Jack that Rafe can NOT give up his life's mission.

JACK: "Since you have NEVER made any choices - HOW do you know that this IS your life's mission? How do you know that this is exactly what you were sent down to this earth to do?'

As Lucy and Alison talk at the Light House about Rafe, Alison told Lucy that the only thing Alison really wants is for Rafe to be able to go home - back to heaven. Lucy confides to Alison that Kevin blames himself for not being available for Livvie while she was growing up. Alison convinces Lucy that they need to prevent Kevin from blurting out the truth to Rafe.

ALISON: "Only when Rafe remembers me with his OWN heart will he ever get his soul back!'

Alison and Lucy are interrupted when Livvie begins insistently ringing the doorbell and Lucy urges Alison to hide in the other room in order to avoid a fight. Livvie pushes past Lucy when Lucy answers the door - and Livvie rushes into the room, calling for Kevin. Lucy told Livvie that Kevin was supposed to be with Livvie. Livvie acts surprised to know that Kevin wanted to talk to her. When Livvie asks Lucy if Lucy knows WHY Kevin wanted to talk to Livvie, Lucy plays dumb.

Back at Ricky's Place, Karen finally convinces Ricky that Karen's feelings for Frank are the 'ever after' kind of feelings. As Karen thanks Ricky for being there at a point in her life when she needed him, Ricky and Karen begin to discuss their feelings for Casey and for Frank. Karen finally kisses Ricky gently, but Ricky warns Karen that there IS NO cure for Frank's kind of temper. And Ricky reminds Karen that, IF Frank DOES turn psycho on her again, she only needs to call him for help.

Back outside the Recovery Room, Rafe admits to Jack that Rafe never had a choice about the direction his life would take. When Jack asks Rafe what Rafe would do if he could do anything he wanted, Rafe talks about standing on a beach, just watching the waves and clouds. But, when Jack asks Rafe WHO would be on the beach WITH Rafe - Rafe has NO answer for Jack.

Meanwhile, at the Light House, Lucy asks Livvie if something is wrong and Livvie told Lucy to have Kevin call her when he gets home. Then Livvie storms out.

Alison comes out of hiding as soon as Livvie leaves and Alison thanks Lucy for staying mum about what they now know about the paternity of Livvie's baby. However, outside the Light House, Livvie continues worrying about Kevin and frantically rushes off to continue the search.

When Karen kisses Ricky good-bye and leaves Ricky's Place, Ricky shuts the door and, when he turns around, he finds himself looking at the Avatar, who says: "Shame!'

Meanwhile, at Livvie's Place, Livvie huddles on the couch, rocking back and forth and crying bitterly as she tries to explain to an imaginary Kevin that it was all an accident.

When Rafe comes home, Livvie does NOT see him enter, as Livvie continues to shake and mumble to herself. When Rafe gently asks Livvie what is wrong, Livvie flinches away and cries out to Rafe that she does NOT want to be touched! Then Livvie begins to hysterically sob that she does NOT deserve to live. As Livvie sobs that Rafe should leave her alone, Rafe instead takes her gently in his arms and tries to comfort her.

At the Light House, as Alison prepares to leave, the phone rings. Believing it might be Kevin, Lucy rushes to answer - but discovers that no one is on the line.

After Alison leaves, Lucy calls Victor and told Victor to have Kevin call home, should Victor hear from Kevin before Lucy does.

Then Lucy receives another call. This time, Lucy, Lucy can hear someone breathing on the other end and demands that whomever it is speak to her, but there is no answer on the other end.

Wednesday, September 4, 2002

Horrified to find Ricky beaten bloody, Marissa is even more alarmed when he reveals that it was "Lancelot" who attacked him. Alison informs Jamal that unless she can get Rafe to fall back in love with her he will be doomed to spend eternity in hell. Meanwhile, Rafe entreats his hysterical wife to calm down and tell him what's wrong. Frank responds to Marissa's call for a paramedic and transports his own victim to the hospital for treatment. Livvie screams at Rafe that she is not crazy but her bizarre behavior continues to confuse her husband. Fed up when Livvie blames him for not paying enough attention to her and the baby, Rafe snaps back that he's tired of saving the world. Jamal suggests to Alison that she give Rafe a taste of life without her by pretending she's found someone else.

Thursday, September 5, 2002

In New York City, Ian meets with his friend, Tim, and brought Tim up to speed on the campaign to rid Port Charles of The Avatar.

Kate soon arrives at the same restaurant and accuses Ian of following her.

At the Light House, Lucy continues to receive strange calls and Victor soon arrives and tries to convince Lucy that she is over-reacting to Kevin's brief absence.

Meanwhile, at the Recovery Room, Rafe is surprised and puzzled when Jamal suddenly announces that he and Alison are back together.

When Tim returns from making a phone call, Ian introduces Tim to Kate, then Tim leaves. Ian invites Kate to join him for dinner and she accepts. But, when Ian casually remarks that Kate's boyfriend is a jerk for not appreciating Kate the way she deserves, Kate angrily defends her boyfriend.

Back at the Recovery Room, as Jamal told Rafe that Jamal and Alison NEVER stopped loving each other, Marissa suddenly arrives and announces that it is news to Marissa that Alison and Jamal never stopped loving each other. Marissa angrily accuses Jamal of lying to her just to get her into bed.

Back in New York City, Ian is surprised when Kate jumps all over Ian for passing judgment on Brennan without having ever met him, and Kate announces that maybe having dinner with Ian was a bad idea.

Back at the Recovery Room, Jamal tries to shush Marissa, but Marissa is so upset, hurt and angry that Alison finally told Marissa that Jamal just said that to help Alison out.

Rafe is then upset and hurt that Alison would actually go along with playing such a trick on Rafe - since it is obvious to Rafe that Jamal's story had something to do with Rafe.

At the Light House, as Lucy frets about Kevin and Victor tries to calm her, Mac arrives and assures Lucy that he will begin a search for Kevin even though Kevin has NOT been missing more than a few hours. Lucy hints that Kevin was worried about Livvie and was going to confront his daughter about some disturbing news that Kevin had learned - but Lucy refuses to go into detail. Victor suddenly receives a call from the Constable at Jasmine Island - who looks after the Collins family home there. Victor reports that Kevin has been spotted on Jasmine Island - and observes that Jasmine Island is the last place where Victor, Melanie, Kevin and Ryan were together as a family. Lucy admits that Kevin IS worried that the insanity that has plagued the Collins family is now claiming Livvie. Lucy plans to rush right out to Jasmine Island to get Kevin, but Victor reports that Kevin has already left the Island.

Back in New York, as Ian asks Kate WHY she would feel guilty about having dinner with Ian, Kate is approached by an angry man named Sam, who complains that Kate's last check bounced, that he is cancelling their little arrangement and that he wants to be paid in full - immediately.

Back at the Recovery Room, Jamal admits it was HIS idea to pretend to be a couple with Alison, but Marissa is NOT satisfied with Jamal's explanation, and storms out. Alison encourages Jamal to follow Marissa and Jamal takes her advice.

Alison apologizes to Rafe for that whole scene. Rafe replies: "Look, Alison - I have got a lot going on in my life right now. So the LAST thing I need is for someone else to be lying to me and for you and your friend to be screwing with my head - OK?'

Alison against attempts to apologize but Rafe just walks away.

Victor and Mac convince Lucy to stick around the house so she will be there if Kevin tries to contact her at the Light House. After Mac and Victor leave, Lucy worries about Kevin's plight. 'Kevin' suddenly walks in and a very relieved Lucy gives him a warm welcome.

Friday, September 6, 2002

At the Lighthouse, Lucy gives a returning Kevin a warm welcome home. Lucy confesses that she is confused about the reason WHY Kevin returned to Jasmine Island when there are so many bad memories there for him. Kevin stuns his wife when Kevin announces that Jasmine Island is, after all, his home.

At Lucy's old place, Alison tries to work out the puzzle of how to help Rafe save his soul. Alison hears a tree branch knocking outside and went outside to investigate.

At Rafe and Livvie's place, as Rafe and Livvie sit down for dinner, Rafe answers the phone and it is the Avatar, who says: "Justice, Slayer! The next time you see your blond friend, she will be paying a high price for YOUR crimes!'

Rafe throws the phone down and rushes out the door. When Livvie picks up the phone, it is dead. But Frank suddenly appears from the bedroom!

In New York City, Kate's belligerent bill-collector hassles Kate for immediate payment of her debt, until Ian demands that the Bill-Collector leave.

After Sam leaves, Kate confesses to Ian that she has had money troubles since leaving her Port Charles job, but Ian suggests that Ian believes that Kate's problem is a lot worse than Kate is letting on.

Alison is surprised when Rafe suddenly bursts in on her, demanding to know where The Avatar is. When Rafe realizes that Alison is NOT in danger, Rafe realizes that the Avatar decoyed Rafe away from his own home so that the Avatar could go after Rafe's pregnant wife - Livvie! When Rafe rushes back home to rescue Livvie, Alison follows him.

Meanwhile, at the Kovich apartment, Frank told Livvie how much he is going to enjoy making sure that Livvie pays for her crimes - especially setting fire to Frank's cage in the Silo.

As Frank advances menacingly toward Livvie, Lucy is at the lighthouse, trying to get Kevin to admit how upset he is about Livvie's deceptions. Instead, Kevin told Lucy that what he really needs is to hit the sheets - with her - right that moment! So they head toward the bedroom.

At the Kovich apartment, Livvie tries to reason with Frank but, when it becomes obvious she is getting nowhere, Livvie suddenly yells at Frank: "Fine! Fine! I have to pay with my life - Go ahead! Do it! I don't care!'

But Frank told Livvie that merely killing her would be too easy - he wants her to suffer. Frank suddenly asks Livvie how much she loves her father, then Frank told Livvie that he is there to enact justice. Then Frank morphs into The Avatar, while Livvie vainly screams for help.

Back in New York City, Kate protests that she is NOT in trouble and that she does NOT appreciate Ian grilling her about her private life when she has drawn a line. Ian told Kate that he would like to help her out. But Kate told Ian that he can NOT help her, then Kate storms away from the table.

When Rafe and Alison arrive at the Kovich Apartment, they find Livvie gone and a note from Livvie, saying that she has received good news about her father and has gone to check it out. Rafe realizes that things do NOT quite add up, but can NOT put his finger on HOW they don't add up.

Alison suddenly thanks Rafe for rushing to rescue her when he believed she was in danger.

Meanwhile, at the Light House, Lucy begins to notice that Kevin is not quite himself, when Kevin suddenly suggests that Lucy should dye her hair a lighter shade.

In New York City, Kate returns to her apartment with bundles of groceries and leaves the door open behind her, as she says to Brennan: "Hey, Brennan! Hi - sweetheart! I'm sorry that took so long. Everything is fine. I do NOT want you to worry about a thing - OK, sweetheart? We'll manage somehow. I WILL get the money - I promise. I am NEVER going to leave you alone again!'

Ian slips up to the open apartment door and exclaims: "Dear God!'

At the Kovich Apartment, Rafe told Alison that he SHOULD go around and check on everyone, to make sure they are all safe. When Alison suggests that Rafe should give himself a break, Rafe protests that that is his calling! Rafe admits that, sometimes, he wishes that his calling belonged to someone else and he could just take off to some place like Bermuda or Hawaii and just enjoy himself.

Alison admits that she has always wanted to go to Africa. Rafe told about wanting sometimes to be able to sail around the world on a yacht.

As Alison begins to describe some of the things she would want, Rafe suddenly says: 'You!'

ALISON: "What?'

RAFE: "I want you, Alison. I want you!'

Meanwhile, at the Light House, as Lucy tries to figure out what is different about Kevin, he suddenly announces that he is really RYAN! Terrified, Lucy tries to run away.

Outside the Light House, The Avatar insists that Livvie watch. As Livvie watches Kevin try to strangle Lucy, the Avatar told Livvie: "YOU did this to him - JUSTICE!'

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