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Monday, August 26, 2002

At the Light House, as the radio plays 'Must Be An Angel,' Lucy insists to Alison that the radio IS a sign that they have guessed correctly and that Rafe HAS sold his soul to be with Alison.

Alison insists to Lucy that, IF Rafe really DID sell his soul, that would mean that Rafe would NEVER be able to go back to heaven!

In the Here After's No Man's Land, Ed roots for Alison and Lucy, urging them to guess the truth about Rafe's deal with James. But, James catches Ed and accuses Ed of cheating, thereby forfeiting the bargain to James. But Ed counters with the claim that JAMES was the one who cheated first - when James arranges for James' friend - The Avatar - to take up residence in Port Charles.

Meanwhile, on earth, in the Park, Ian and Rafe capture the Avatar is a net made of a special alloy that the Avatar can NOT break through.

Rafe told Ian they need to get The Avatar to a special place, where Rafe has prepared a facility strong enough to keep the Avatar under control. All the while, Karen dumps on Ian for tricking her into leading them to her friend, Lancelot - and Karen urges Rafe and Ian to be careful that they do NOT hurt Lancelot! Ian orders Karen to go home, but Karen refuses to go - insisting that Karen go along with Rafe and Ian to make sure Rafe and Ian do NOT hurt her friend, Lancelot.

As Ian and Rafe drag the roaring Avatar away, Livvie comes out of the bushes, afraid that, if Rafe and Ian succeed in finding out who the Avatar really is, Livvie's secret will also be exposed - so Livvie follows Rafe, Ian and Karen to the special place Rafe has prepared - a silo in the country outside of town.

Back at the Light House, Alison told Lucy that Rafe is a GOOD angel who LIKES helping people. Lucy tries to persuade Alison that Rafe found a way to come back to Alison - by selling his soul. But Alison refuses to believe Lucy's notion.

Back in No Man's Land, James tries to persuade Ed that the Avatar does GOOD works - so the Avatar is one of ED'S friends. But Ed insists that James SENT the Avatar to Port Charles and, since JAMES cheated, that therefore means that James has ALREADY lost!

But James insists that, since the Avatar needs a HUMAN host who lets a dark soul in, there IS free will - and that the element of free will means that James has NOT cheated - EVEN IF the Avatar IS part of James' dark forces!

As Rafe, Ian and Karen arrive at the special Silo Rafe has prepared to neutralize The Avatar, Rafe and Ian describe to Karen how the Avatar came after Alison and threatened Ian's baby - Danny. Livvie listens from a hiding place outside the Silo. Rafe and Ian explain to Karen that The Avatar is not really a Good Samaritan as Karen believes but, rather, the Avatar is an evil spirit who has taken over a man.

As Ian told Karen about the way The Avatar threatened Ian's family, the Avatar told Karen that Rafe and Ian are lying. When Karen asks the Avatar if Rafe and Ian are telling her the truth, the Avatar told Karen: "They are deceiving you!'

Rafe realizes that Karen's opinion IS important to the Avatar, so Rafe urges the Avatar to prove that the Avatar is worthy of Karen's trust.

The Avatar invites Rafe to come inside and see for himself and Rafe enters The Avatar's cage.

RAFE: "Come on! Show us the face of your host! Leave his body! Leave Port Charles forever!'

AVATAR: "You will NEVER unmask me!'

As Rafe reaches toward the Avatar to try to remove the shroud, Rafe gets a shock that knocks him against a wall.

As Rafe lays motionless at the feet of the Avatar, Livvie rushes out of her hiding place, darts past Ian and enters the Avatar's cage , throwing herself over Rafe's body to shield Rafe from another attack by the Avatar.

Back in No Man's Land, as Ed accuses James of cheating by bringing in the Avatar, James replies: "You know - you angels - you do NOTHING but whine! Now - WHY do you blame me for finding a few new loopholes? That IS what we demons do best!'

Ed warns James that Ed will take this matter up with the Elders, but James reminds Ed that, if the Elders decide that ED is wrong, they will charge Ed with making a false accusation - because Ed's son is at the center of the Port Charles 'mess.'

Ed informs James that Ed will just find a NEW way to resolve this issue - and Ed returns to HIS side of The Here After!

Back at the Light House, Alison told Lucy that IF Rafe DID sell his soul, Rafe should NOT be able to perform a miracle - yet, Rafe DID use miraculous powers to rescue Alison when Alison fell off the cliff! Alison told Lucy that, if Rafe DID sell his soul, then it WOULD be all ALISON'S fault - BECAUSE Alison wanted Rafe back so badly that it was ALISON who lit the first candle and bargained with God to send Rafe back to be with Alison.

Alison implores heaven for a sign to let her know if Rafe really DID sell his soul to come back to her.

The doors to the deck suddenly open and a bright light and peaceful calm suddenly bathe the room.

Back at the Silo, as Livvie rails at the Avatar for hurting Rafe, the Avatar roars: "Fools! You WILL pay!' As Ian drags Rafe out of the Avatar's cage to safety and Rafe begins to recover, Rafe demands to know WHAT Livvie is doing there. And Livvie admits that she sneaked away from Victor and followed Rafe to his dangerous assignment because she loves Rafe.

Rafe informs Ian that getting the shroud off the Avatar will be harder than they thought it would be.

Ian explains to Karen that the Host appears to be connected to Karen in some way. But, if Rafe and Ian can NOT separate the Host from the Avatar, the ONLY solution that will be left would be that they would HAVE to kill the Host to be rid of The Avatar.

Karen agrees to help and enters the Avatar's cage. Karen urges the Avatar to trust her. As Karen approaches the Avatar to remove the shroud, Karen says: "We do NOT have much time! You HAVE to trust me! Please, you HAVE to show them who you are!'

AVATAR: "They can NOT know!'

KAREN: "If you do NOT show them, they WILL destroy you!'

AVATAR: 'Others have tried!'

KAREN: "Let me help you. I want to! Please! Show me who you are!'

Meanwhile, back at the Light House, Alison and Lucy try to not move as they stand transfixed by the beauty of the light. But, as they begin to move TOWARD the light, the light disappears. But Lucy finds a message on the floor where the light just stood and, picking it up, Lucy remarks that the message is in a beautiful script! Lucy reads the message: "A soul without love is a lost soul.'

Lucy insists to Alison that this IS the sign Alison asked to receive.

However, back in No Man's Land, James looks disapprovingly at the screen and, when Ed returns and James objects to Edward's cheesey little light show, Ed claims that he was just leveled the playing field after James added the Avatar to the equation. But, James informs Ed that it will make NO difference WHAT Alison and Lucy discover, because Livvie will NEVER let Rafe go.

Back in the Silo, as Karen approaches the Avatar, she reaches toward the hood and told him that there is something so familiar about him and that she feels safe with him. But - Karen suddenly announces that she does NOT need to remove the hood! As Ian grabs Karen and carries Karen out of the cage, The Avatar assures Karen: "I WILL be free again, Karen. I am NOT alone!'

As Livvie clings to Rafe, Rafe puzzles over the Avatar's assertion that he is NOT alone.

While Rafe puzzles over the Avatar's strange pronouncement, Lucy urges Alison to believe that this is ALISON'S message from heaven. Lucy told Alison that Rafe's ONLY hope is for Alison to convince Rafe that he IS in love with Alison!

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

At the Recovery Room, Alison flashes back to her experience at the Light House, when Alison and Lucy saw a bright light and found a mysterious message that said: "A soul without love is a lost soul.'

As Alison decides that she needs to save Rafe, Jack arrives and cheerfully reminds Alison of their planned trip to Bermuda. Alison told Jack that she can NOT go with him to Bermuda.

Meanwhile, in the grain silo that Rafe has fixed to neutralize the Avatar's power, Rafe tries to convince the Avatar's human host to reveal himself and free himself of the Avatar's spirit before the Avatar can destroy the Host's humanity forever.

AVATAR: "Nice speech, Slayer. But you will NEVER learn who I am!'

At the same time, Ian takes Karen back to her place and demands to know WHY Karen did NOT unmask the Avatar when she had the chance. Ian suggests that Karen is protecting someone close to her and guesses that it is Frank. Karen told Ian that Ian's notion is absurd, going on to point out that first, Ian accused Chris of being Lancelot, now Ian is accusing Frank and probably by next week, Ian will have moved on to suspecting Victor or Kevin.

Back at the Recovery Room, Jack guesses that RAFE is the reason that Alison is bailing on their Bermuda trip. Jack told Alison that he believes their friendship is NOT as important to Alison as it is to Jack and that the friendship is officially ended.

Back at the Grain Silo, the Avatar told Rafe that Rafe is powerless. Rafe tries to appeal to the Avatar's NEED to protect the people of Port Charles and Rafe begins to speak about Rafe's wife, Livvie, and their child that is on the way. The Avatar laughs sardonically and hints that there is something Rafe should know about 'his' child!

Just then, Livvie creeps up behind Rafe, hits him with a piece of wood and knocks Rafe out. Frank suddenly sheds the shroud and appears and asks Livvie what took her so long.

Back at Karen's Place, Ian warns Karen that, IF Frank IS the Avatar's human host, the Avatar will destroy Frank eventually. Karen told Ian that Frank has been with Karen on a couple of occasions at the same time the Avatar was saving people so - unless the Avatar is capable of being in two places at the same time - Frank is NOT Lancelot!

Back at the Recovery Room, Jack accuses Alison of chasing a fantasy and not being able to see what is right in front of her.

Back at the Grain Silo, Livvie demands to know WHY Frank was about to tell Rafe all about Livvie's secret. Livvie warns Frank that if HER secret gets out, Frank's secret will be revealed at the same time.

FRANK/AVATAR: "NOW - get me OUT of here!'

LIVVIE: 'Yeah. All right. I will let you go - but there IS a condition!'

AVATAR: "YOU do NOT give ME conditions! Open the door!'

LIVVIE: "Here it is: You leave Port Charles - forever! No turning back! And I will let you go!'

AVATAR: "You think YOU can control ME?'

LIVVIE: "You see, your freedom DEPENDS on me, Frank! You have no ties to me - none to the baby. You'll take your cloak and go be a hero in some other part of the world!'

AVATAR: "You still have NO idea what I am capable of! You open this door - RIGHT NOW! OR, when I DO get out of here - and I WILL - it will be the WORST day of your evil, twisted life!'

LIVVIE: "That's good. I THOUGHT that is what your answer was going to be. The AVATAR can NOT be killed, Frank. But YOU can!'

FRANK: "Don't be a fool!

LIVVIE: "Then it will leave and have to find a host somewhere else.'

AVATAR: "You will NOT be able to kill me!'

LIVVIE: "See - it IS actually kind of perfect. Because YOU - if I can recall - are the ONLY one who knows my secret. And if YOU are gone, then so are all of my worries!'

AVATAR: "Do NOT be a fool! Save yourself! Let me out!'

LIVVIE: 'The paternity of my child will NEVER hang over my head. And I will be able to sleep - for the first time in ages! And - for the record - Frank - Yeah! I AM capable of killing you!'

Livvie lights a rolled up newspaper and throws it into the sawdust inside the Avatar's cage, as the Avatar roars in rage.

Back at Karen's place, Karen has a dream of being visited by Lancelot and, when Karen removes Lancelot's hood and sees Frank, Karen realizes that Ian WAS right and Frank IS Lancelot! Karen startles out of her sleep and told herself that she should have KNOWN all along that FRANK was Lancelot!

Ian arrives at the Recovery Room, looking for Frank, and Bob the Bartender told Ian that Bob has NOT seen Frank for a couple of days.

Outside the Recovery Room, Jack calls the Cycling Magazine and told them that Jack is coming to Bermuda but his model will NOT be with him. Then Jack runs into Chris and Chris mentions that he is worried because he has NOT heard from Lancelot for a couple of days. Jack suggests that maybe Lancelot is on vacation. Jack told Chris that, since Lancelot is taking a vacation, maybe Chris should take a vacation as well. Jack told Chris that Jack has an extra plane ticket to Bermuda and has rented a condo on the beach and invites Chris to join Jack for a tropical vacation in Bermuda.

Inside the Recovery Room, Ian told Alison that they have captured the Avatar and are holding him in a grain silo outside of town, which Rafe has fixed to neutralize the Avatar's power. AND Ian told Alison that RAFE is guarding The Avatar. Alison told Ian that she needs to talk to Rafe, but Ian told Alison that this is NOT a good idea right now.

Meanwhile, at the Grain Silo, as the Avatar fights the flames, Livvie tries to move Rafe outside the burning silo, but suddenly doubles over in pain. Livvie screams that Frank has done something to her baby, just as the Avatar's cage explodes and triggers an avalanche of heavy grain sacks stored higher up in the Silo. The grain sacks fall from the roof, and onto Livvie and Rafe. Livvie calls out to Rafe, imploring him to wake up and save them. But Rafe can NOT hear Livvie's cries for help.

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Ian told Kevin they have the Avatar trapped at the grain silo. Ian suspects Frank may be the Avatar because of his past relationship with Karen. Ian thinks that if they can break through and reach the man inside the creature, they can defeat the Avatar. Kevin offers to help.

Jack proposes Chris take Alison's ticket. To Chris, the idea of a free first class trip to Bermuda sounds like a great idea, but he has to turn it down because Lancelot may need him. Jack takes a seat at the bar with Jamal as Marissa comes to the Recovery Room to interview Chris about Lancelot. He assumes her first question will be where has Lancelot been. Chris answers his own question by saying that Lance needs a vacation just like everyone else. Soon he will be back on the job keeping Port Charles crime free. Marissa asks about Lancelot threatening Ian's baby son. Chris replies that the whole situation was based on rumor and innuendo. When Marissa continues to ask unflattering questions, Chris decides he doesn't care for her "suspicious attitude", and declared the interview over.

After seeing Marissa leave the table, Jack went back over to sit with his brother. He once again asks Chris to join him in Bermuda. Chris gives him the same answer and told Jack he would love to go, but he has too much time and money invested in promoting Lancelot. Just then, a group of girls come in saying that Lancelot has been caught in a fire at the grain silo. Marissa calls the paper to confirm the story and finds out that it is true. Lancelot is probably dead. Upon hearing this news, Chris decides that a trip to Bermuda might not be a bad idea after all.

As the fire rages in the grain silo, Alison tries to help Livvie free Rafe from the wreckage. Ian comes in just in time to drag Rafe from the flames while Alison does the same for Livvie. When Ian went back in for the Avatar, Livvie tries to stop him, but the intense flames convince Ian that a rescue would be in vain. Meanwhile, Alison cradles Rafe in her arms calling his name until he opens his eyes. When he does, Rafe told Alison and Ian that someone hit him from behind. He is about to reach out to Alison when he sees Livvie. Rafe is immediately concerned for her safety and for the baby. Livvie comes over to Rafe and told him she and the baby are fine, then, surprisingly, told him that it was Alison that saved their lives. Livvie then wanders away leaving Alison and Rafe alone. Rafe remembers that Alison is supposed to be in Bermuda. She told him that it is almost as if someone "up there" knew she would be needed in Port Charles.

The firefighters arrive and Rafe leaves to speak with them. Livvie returned to Alison and thanks her for what she did. Livvie is stunned that Alison saved her life because if Livvie were dead, Alison's problems would be solved. Yet, Alison still saved her life. Livvie asks Alison why? Why did she do it? Alison told Livvie that if she has to ask that question then they are more different than she thought. Livvie admits that if the situation were reversed, she might not do the same thing. Alison doesn't believe that. She asks Livvie if she doesn't ever think about her eternal soul. Livvie says she only thinks about the here and now and never gives eternity a second thought. Alison told her, "Maybe you should."

Karen finds a hooded figure lying on the ground in the woods. He appears to be hurt. She pulls back the hood to find Frank.

Thursday, August 29, 2002

In the woods, away from the burning Silo, Karen works to get Frank breathing again and finally succeeds. As Frank regains consciousness, he thanks Karen for running into the burning building to save him.

Meanwhile, back at the Silo, Livvie asks Alison if Alison really believes that the soul is connected to the heart. Alison told Livvie that Alison is certain that is the way things are. Alison notices that Livvie is badly shaken by her experience and offers Livvie a protein bar from Alison's secret stash.

Farther away from the burning Silo, Kevin points out to Rafe that Livvie almost died to save his life. Kevin told Rafe: "I NEED to know if my daughter is risking everything for nothing! Now, if you can't tell LIVVIE the truth, I am giving you a chance to tell ME the truth. DO you love my daughter?'

At the Recovery Room, Ricky keeps calling Karen's number and getting her answering machine. When Ricky leaves a message for Karen, he reminds Karen that they had a date and then told her that her good buddy Lancelot got burned up in a fire.

Meanwhile, in the woods behind the Silo, Karen asks Frank about his experience with The Avatar.

Frank told Karen that, after Karen dumped him for Ricky, Frank threw himself into his work. When Frank was working late one night, he saw a shadow that turned into a hooded figure, coming right at him. The Avatar asked Frank: "Are you a just man?'

FRANK: "It was as if it read my mind, my heart.'

And Frank said 'yes,' to the Avatar.

AVATAR: "I am Justice - the Avenger of all those who suffer.'

FRANK: 'What do you want with me?'

AVATAR: "Will you become one with me? Fight my fight?'

FRANK: "I will! And then it seemed to move right through me. I felt this amazing jolt of strength. '

KAREN: "So the Avatar gave you his power?'

FRANK: 'He gave me a great gift, Karen...Ever since that day, I have been charged with this incredible mission. I know WHAT I am supposed to do and, since you have saved me, I can do MORE, Karen. I can do SO much more!'

Karen and Frank return to Karen's Place and Karen tries to get Frank to get some rest. Frank insists that Karen understand that Frank is a changed man. Frank told Karen that the power of The Avatar healed him.

Frank speaks movingly of the fact that the Avatar CHOSE Frank for this mission.

KAREN: "The Spirit tapped into the strongest part of you!'

FRANK: ' You have always seen that part of me, Karen. But there are others -- who still do NOT believe - who will not EVER understand! I only tried to help people - people who needed me! Ian and Rafe tried to trap me. They tried to hurt me.'

KAREN: 'That was because they were scared - with everything they have been through.'

FRANK: "I can NOT let them stop me, Karen. I HAVE to stop them first. And I WILL!'

Back at the Burning Silo, Kevin tries to get a straight answer from Rafe.

Rafe: "I made a promise, and I AM going to keep it - OK?'

KEVIN: 'My daughter deserves to be loved! She needs stability, Rafe. She craves it. She needs it in her life because her mother and her aunt were never dependable. And God knows, I was never there.'

RAFE: "Oh, well - just because YOU were not there for her does NOT mean that I won't be!'

KEVIN: "Look - if you can NOT give her your whole heart, then let her go, Rafe. Do NOT let her die trying to prove herself to you!'

RAFE: "You are not even giving us a chance - OK? You are talking as if Livvie and I are strangers! And - OK - maybe it feels that way - a little bit. But I AM trying! And I KNOW how screwed up her life has been. And I know that being loved, for her, is as important as the air she breathes!'

KEVIN: 'But, my daughter is NOT like other women. I mean, she has done things that a reasonable person would believe were....'

RAFE: "Crazy? That IS what you want to say - right? That IS what you are thinking! That is what you are REALLY worried about! You think Livvie is this broken, fragile flower who is going to end up in an institution - just like her mother - Right? OK - well - You know what? I am NOT going to let that happen! And whether I have your approval or not - I AM Livvie's husband. And I AM going to take care of her. So --- it IS what I am going to do right now. I am going to go - take my wife home. OK?'

But a firefighter delays Rafe again, to ask for more details about the fire.

As Livvie and Alison share a protein bar, they remember some of the good times they shared when they were friends - and the times they have rescued each other. However, Alison suddenly asks Livvie if Livvie ever felt guilty about rushing Rafe to the altar. But Livvie turns Alison's question into a plea for Alison to love Rafe enough to let him stay with his family. For the future of the child that Rafe already loves - could Alison love Rafe enough to walk away?

ALISON: "No matter what you think - it is NOT up to me whether or not to let Rafe go.'

LIVVIE: "No, Alison. I NEED to save my marriage BECAUSE of this baby!'

ALISON: "And Rafe needs to save his soul!'

LIVVIE: "What are you talking about?'

ALISON: "He came back to this earth in human form for a reason!'

LIVVIE: "And I think that was to marry me and to have this baby.'

ALISON: "That was YOUR doing! Rafe needs to make his OWN choices and his OWN destiny!'

LIVVIE: "Yeah! What about this child's destiny? Don't you think it is connected to Rafe's? This is the first REAL thing Rafe has EVER had!'

Rafe suddenly arrives: 'Livvie - how are you feeling?'

LIVVIE: "I am fine. I was just thanking Alison for saving our lives. And for putting this child before her own concerns.'

RAFE: 'We are BOTH really grateful. I mean, if anything had happened to this baby - I - well - Just - Just Thanks! Yeah. Yeah! Maybe I should get you home. OK?'

LIVVIE: "Yeah - right! Alison - think about what I said. Please?'

In the meantime, Kevin calls someone at the Hospital and asks them to pull all of Livvie's medical records right away.

As Livvie leaves the barnyard, she stumbles, and Rafe catches her. Livvie clings to Rafe and told him: "I am SO sorry this happened.'

RAFE: "No. No. No. It is MY fault! Look. It's MY fault. I got careless!'

LIVVIE: 'It is just that I love you! I love you SO much! And I would fall apart if I ever lost you!'

RAFE: "You know what? It is NOT going to happen! Because you are my wife and we made a life together. And we ARE making our lives together. And -- I love you!' They hug.

Back at Karen's Place, Frank told Karen that he does NOT understand WHY Rafe and Ian are trying to stop him. Karen suggests that maybe Frank HAS been a LITTLE over-zealous. Karen tries to convince Frank that he can now give up being the Avatar, because everyone believes the Avatar died in the fire. But Frank told Karen: "I have been given a sacred trust! I HAVE to finish what I have started!'

Karen tries to persuade Frank that, now that Frank and Karen are back together, Frank has nothing to prove - to himself - or to anyone else. And they can just enjoy their relationship!

FRANK: 'Yes - but they HAVE to be taught a lesson!'

KAREN: "No! Revenge is NEVER the answer!'

Frank and Karen begin to kiss - and, at that same time, Ricky comes to Karen's door - but hesitates before knocking.

Friday, August 30, 2002

As Frank and Karen kiss at Karen's Place, they are interrupted by a knock at the door and Frank told Karen that he can see Ricky through the peep-hole. Karen told Frank that she wants to talk to Ricky alone, but Frank ignores Karen and opens the door. Frank bluntly told Ricky that Frank and Karen are back together again. Meanw

hile, at the Recovery Room, Livvie asks Rafe if he really meant it when he told her he loves her and Rafe assures Livvie that he SHOULD have told her that a LOT sooner.

Meanwhile, at the Hospital, Kevin explains to Lucy that he is going over Livvie's medical records to see if Livvie is exhibiting any symptoms of the same mental condition that her mother - Grace - and Grandmother - Estelle - suffered with for so many years. Kevin confides to Lucy that Livvie has become a magnet for danger and Kevin believes he needs to know WHY his daughter is taking so many risks with her life.

While Lucy waits for Kevin to finish checking Livvie's records, Lucy runs into Alison. Alison told Lucy that Alison is NOT sure that breaking up a family would be the BEST way to safe Rafe's soul! As Lucy proclaims that it is FATE which keeps bringing Rafe and Alison together, Alison asks: "What does fate have to say about Rafe's child? I can NOT interfere with this! He WANTS to be the father for this child. How am I supposed to destroy that? How can I intervene and destroy this child's future?'

Even though Lucy assures Alison that Rafe would love the child even if Rafe were separated from Livvie, Alison continues to question HOW it would take breaking up a family to save Rafe's soul.

As Kevin looks for Livvie's medical files, he finds that some are missing. When Nurse Summer takes an undo interest in Kevin's search for the missing records, Kevin begins to quiz Summer about what Summer knows. Summer finally confesses that Livvie threatened to get Summer fired from her job at the Hospital unless Summer helped Livvie change the results of Livvie's paternity tests. After further prodding from Kevin, Summer finally produces the missing charts and Kevin learns that Rafe is NOT the father of Livvie's child!

At the Recovery Room, Livvie told Rafe how happy they can be now that Rafe has decided that he loves Livvie, now that the Avatar is gone - and now that Livvie is even beginning to make some kind of peace with Alison.

Ian suddenly arrives with Daniel and Ian told Rafe that Ian is taking Daniel to New York to stay with a friend - where Ian believes Danny might be safer than Danny has been in Port Charles. As Rafe and Ian express some doubt that the Avatar is truly gone since no body was discovered by the firefighters in the remains of the Silo, Rafe asks if Ian has seen his friend Frank and Ian admits that Ian has NOT seen Frank.

At Karen's Place, Frank told Ricky that Ricky can hit the road, but Ricky refuses to take the news about Karen's change of mind calmly. Ricky takes a swing at Frank but Frank quickly overpowers Ricky and begins to threaten Ricky.

However, when Karen requests that Frank let Ricky alone and leave, so that Karen can talk to Ricky privately, Frank reluctantly agrees and leaves.

Once alone, Ricky reminds Karen that Frank is a REAL bully - who has been abusive to Karen in the past and Ricky warns Karen that she turns into a doormat whenever she gets around Frank. Karen admits that Karen got back with Frank because of Lancelot - because Lancelot did many of the things that Karen could remember Frank doing, way back when she was a kid, living down the street from the Scanlons.

Back at the Hospital, Lucy told Alison: "We got a sign from upstairs, somehow, telling us that YOU are the absolute ONLY one who can save Rafe's soul!'

ALISON: "But why would GOD break up a family, even before this baby is born?'

When Lucy admits that Lucy does NOT have the answer to that question, Alison decides that maybe she should go to the chapel to pray for some guidance and Lucy agrees.

Back at the Recovery Room, Rafe reminds Ian that the Host for the Avatar HAD to be someone from Port Charles. Rafe also mentions to Ian that Rafe has done a lot of research and taken a lot of notes about their experience with The Avatar.

As Rafe, Ian and Livvie pay attention to Daniel, Frank arrives outside the Recovery Room and, seeing all of The Avatar's enemies gathered in one spot, Frank says: "You never should have set that fire, Livvie. Such a bad girl. And we all know what happens to bad girls, don't we?'

Meanwhile, back at Karen's Place, Ricky persists in pointing out to Karen that NONE of Karen's past history with Frank changes the fact that Frank is NUTS! Ricky suddenly picks Karen up and carries her off to talk some sense into her.

In the Hospital Chapel, Alison ponders the sign she saw when the note saying: 'A soul without love is a lost soul,' was delivered at the Light House by a bright light. And Alison apologizes for needing another sign - but asks for SOME sign that will point her in the right direction where Rafe is concerned.

Kevin told Lucy that the original paternity tests given to Livvie showed that Rafe is NOT the father of Livvie's child.

As Ian wheels Daniel away from the Recovery Room, Ian runs into Frank. After Frank admits that Karen has already told Frank that Ian believed that Frank was the Host for Lancelot and that Frank and Karen are getting closer, Ian announces to Frank that Daniel and Ian are taking some time off, then Ian wheels Danny away.

Meanwhile, inside the Recovery Room, as Rafe and Livvie make plans about Lamaze classes, Frank enters the Recovery Room and announces to a startled Livvie: 'Sorry to interrupt the happy Mommy-to-Be. Hello, Livvie, Rafe! Mind if I join you?'

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