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Lindsay decided to look for Troy's ex-wife. Antonio ended up in bed with a distressed woman whose car had broken down. Natalie decided to date Chad after not being certain of Cristian's feelings. Jen slept with Al and hoped to get pregnant.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of September 2, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, September 2, 2002

Blair apologizes to Chad, she is okay now and doesn't need to lean on him anymore. Chad just wants to help Blair. After deciding to have just a professional relationship, Chad leaves to go to the Break Bar.

Natalie runs into Cristian at the airport as she, Jessica and Seth are getting ready to leave. Cris wants to talk with Natalie about the conversation they had at the hospital. Natalie understands what Cris meant by "more than friends." They have a very special friendship as Cris has really helped her with everything she has had to deal with lately. Natalie knows how much Cris loves Jen. Cris starts to explain when Keri comes up frantically looking for Antonio. A very uncomfortable Natalie leaves so they can talk.

Troy runs into Lindsay at the elevator in the hospital. Troy cannot believe his eyes. Lindsay tries to explain that she has been pardoned. Troy doesn't believe even the govenor would pardon her. Nora walks up and confirms this is true, she just heard it from the warden at the prison herself. Nora explains the girl Lindsay saved, Molly, was the govenor's granddaughter. Troy demands Lindsay just leave, Ben has already been released and Jen is not at the hospital. Lindsay is grateful to have gotten a second chance and she plans on moving on with her life. After Lindsay leaves, Nora loses it. What are they going to do? How could have anyone let her out? Troy comforts Nora and decides they will leave their past in the past. He will worry about Lindsay, but no one can bring them down. As Nora and Troy kiss, Lindsay watches.

Jen confirms that her room is the very same room her best friend Natalie had stayed in. She gazes at the bed and invisions Natalie and Cris rolling around together. Al knocks at the door and interrupts Jen's daydream.

Lindsay goes to Jen and Cris's loft looking for Jen. While waiting for Jen to answer the door, the super walks up and lets Lindsay in.

Chad runs into Emily outside her loft and wants to say goodbye. Emily has decided to stay in Llanview for Troy. Chad asks what classes she enrolled in. Emily responds she will be taking Public Speaking for one. Emily tells Chad she had a bad experience at her brother's wedding and made a fool out of herself. Cristian's door is cracked and Lindsay overhears this. Lindsay flashes back to Lanie and Colin's wedding. She wonders where Colin's family is. Colin doesn't speak with his family and they won't be attending the wedding. Lindsay puts two and two together and realizes Troy has been married before.

Al tries to make Jen understand why he set the fire. Al just wanted Jen to love him. He knows now that it will never happen. Jen surprises Al, she understands why he started the fire. He did it for love, she can understand that. Al thinks Jen is going to call the police. Al apologizes, he didn't mean to hurt her and he knows she will never forgive him. Jen does forgive Al. Jen admits Al was right about Chris and Natalie. Al wishes he could help. Jen tells him he can and asks Al to make love to her.

Tuesday, September 3, 2002

Under the guise she is hurt by Cris and Natalie's deception, Jennifer aggressively goes about the business of seducing Al. He isn't sure Jen knows what she wants in her vulnerable condition, though he is eager to comply with the girl's desire to make love with him. He still hesitates and she insists Cris is no longer in love with her. He hadn't expected this invitation when she called. After a little more prodding, he capitulates, taking her ravenously. A nefarious smile passes her lips while locked in his embrace. Afterwards, he tells the girl he has ached for that he will always love her. She responds saying what just transpired has been a huge mistake. Her mood takes an erratic turn, as she accuses Al of taking advantage of her. The young man is entirely bewildered by her reaction and apologizes effusively. She wants to be alone so that she may think, issuing an ultimatum stating either he leave the Inn or she will. Again, he professes his love for her and promises not to mention what happened between them to anyone. As she makes her way to the door he vows to do whatever she pleases. Once outside she exclaims to herself how happy she is that he had said that.

Fascinated by what she learned by eavesdropping on Emily's and Chad's conversation outside of Cris's loft, Lindsay is dedicated to finding out if her notion about Troy having been married is correct. She telephones Emily, pretending she is conducting a survey among siblings of twins. When asked if she has any other brothers or sisters, Emily hurriedly answers no and hangs up the phone. Her suspicion confirmed, she now wonders why Troy has kept his being wed a secret. Immediately, she pushes her interfering instincts aside, reminding herself that she promised to change her destructive ways and make the most of the second chance bestowed upon her. Just as Lindsay is fighting off the temptation to dig into Troy's past, her daughter arrives home. Upon seeing her mother, Jen immediately contrives that Lindsay is on the run, until her Mom retells the story of how she redeemed a pardon. Her mother goes on to say how she plans to reform, doing away with her plotting and conniving habits. She suspects Jennifer is still disappointed in her for having drugged Nora and nearly kiiled Troy. Surprisingly, her daughter offers understanding, not recriminations. She confides to her mother how it is now clear to her that she must have being driven by acts of betrayal to go to the lengths that she had. Vindicated by her flesh and blood, she promises Jen to accept Cris as the man she loves. The pair plan to spend time together the following day. Lindsay explains she must leave to tell Sam and the rest of her family about her being set free. Jen agrees, saying she herself should inform Cris about the turn of events before he reads it in the paper. Lindsay considers herself lucky her dark days are in the past. Mother and daughter embrace before Lindsay books. Once alone, Jen looks for fertility information on the Internet.

Antonio is on the road, trying to out-run his guilt for having shot Ben. He stops for coffee at a diner. Having met Ben on an occasion, the clerk remarks what a nice guy he seemed to be and can't believe that a cop shot him. In a rush to leave, the suspended detective barrels into a stranger, spilling his coffee all over her. He keeps repeating, in a tortured voice, I didn't mean it! He apologizes to the woman who at this point is weeping, for no apparent reason other than getting a coffee soaking. He leaves the diner and hits the road again.

Emily rushes to Troy's loft to share the news about Lindsay. Unbeknownst to her he is fully aware of her new set of circumstances. His position stands that he will be careful of Lindsay, but will not live in fear and spend every moment in the past. She is surprised at his cavalier attitude. The subject of his wedding plays into the conversation, as Emily recounts how mortified she was when toasting him and Joanna. He inquires what provided her with the impetus to think of that, she answers she had mentioned it recently to a friend. He nearly flips out and wants to know if she had told anyone about his marriage to Joanna. She assures him she had only mentioned the toast at the reception to Chad, and if asked, would cover by lying she was referring to Colin's nuptials to Melanie. He is somewhat relieved, changes the subject saying he is sorry things had not worked out between her and Chad. He goes on to say that nothing will get in the way of his having a good life with Nora.

Natalie confesses her love for Cris to Rex. It would be much easier if she didn't see him all the time. Rex opines that Cris's feelings for her are mutal. She retorts that Cris is simply trying to be a good friend and not lead her on. Again he disagrees. He is a amazing guy, she admits, but he belongs to Jen, whose attitude toward her has changed for the better since she discovered the reason Cris had been spending so much time with her was because of Viki and the whole D.I.D. business. She feels bad about wanting to covet Cris for herself, but can't get him out of her mind. Jen may be a witch, but she has been and always will be devoted to Cris. Rex contends that his sister is a much better person than Jennifer. In any case, she would rather not see Cris as it hurts when he speaks of loving his girlfriend. She is about to leave for the airport to retrieve her wallet when she finds the scheming Shawna behind the front door.

She is there to visit Rex, who leaves for the kitchen to get refreshments. When alone with Shawna, Natalie endeavors to point out the age inequity between the pair, to which Shawna replies that he's old enough. She asks Natalie if perhaps she was expecting someone else, then asks in a malevolent tone who she will be taking to the first school dance of the season. She doesn't answer and leaves, taking the back way out as that is where her car is parked. She promises Rex, through smiling teeth, to look forward to having a conversation with her when she returns.

Meanwhile, Cris is having a similar conversation with Keri. He doesn't 'think' he loves Natalie, he is certain of it. Keri advises him not to hide his feelings. The receent timing, he informs her, couldn't have been worse, as both girls had been going through a chaotic period. He wants to find Natalie and tell her his true feelings. His former professor encourages him not to waste any time. The difficult part will be breaking off his relationship with Jennifer, as she will feel betrayed. It's not betrayal, insists Keri, it's a matter of him having to move on. She will be hurt at first, she says, but love has a way of making everything right. They embrace, and he doesn't want to leave her alone. She confides to him that she will be fine, her plans are to find Antonio. He imparts how torn apart his brother was about shooting Ben and breaking up with her, as he tried talking to him, but Antonio wasn't having it. Before he leaves he is curious what Keri will say if she finds her former fiancée. Keri answers she isn't entirely sure, however, she will mention he isn't alone and say she loves him. That said, Cris takes off for Llanfair.

Shawna tells Rex her friendship with Molli may be ruined because of him. Rex scolds Shawna for taunting Natalie. She feigns ignorance at first, then adds Natalie was already angry at him. She was merely having fun, besides how did she react when she discovered he left Mollie behind in the woods to be kidnapped. Rex replies he has neither told Nat or Jess about it. Molli is still upset with him, she adds, because she knew he'd rather be with her. He now realizes the reason for her visit. They begin to kiss. There's a knock on the door and it's Cris looking for Natalie. Rex hesitates then invites him in. Shawna leaves at her host's request.

Al is at the airport to pick up a package for Max. He inquires about a trip he sees advertised to Puerta Vallarta. He asks how much the trip would cost for two, the agent is about to answer when Jen calls out Al's name. She accuses that he cares only for Jen. He discloses that Jen told him what is going on between her and Cris.

Rex lies to Cris that Natalie is out on a date. He adds that she doesn't care about him anymore.

The sounds of the gun shot echo in Antonio's mind. He's driving on a lonely stretch of highway and thinks he spots Keri standing over a stalled auto pulled off to the side of the road.

Lindsay is revisiting a time when she and Troy were kissing deeply. She is standing outside his door poised her body pressed against it, but enourages herself to move on. He enters the hall asking, what the hell are you doing here?

Jen learns from the Internet that the optimum way to secure a pregnancy is to have intercourse at least two times.

Wednesday, September 4, 2002

While driving in his car, Antonio thinks he see Keri off to the side of the road, peering under the hood of her car. When he stops and grabs her arm, it turns out to be the woman he encountered previously when he spilled his coffee on her. She grabs a can of pepper spray but he manages to convince her that he won't hurt her and that he was having a rough time before. She's had a terrible time herself since returning from Africa and now her husband's car is on the fritz. Unable to be of much help and with neither of them able to get cell phone signals, Antonio offers to drive her back to the diner so that she can use the phone. She apologizes for her previous behavior towards him but also refuses to discuss her personal life in any way.

Troy opens his loft door to Lindsay and asks if she's stalking him. First she's at the hospital and now here. She was visiting Jen, she retorts. He invites her in but stops her short to ask if that's what she wanted. She flashes back to the two of them making love and wonders if he does the same. He and Nora are together and in love and no, he doesn't think of her at all, he says. He knows she's no better than before and orders her to stay away from Nora and to stop blaming everyone else for her problems. Emily arrives after waiting for Troy to pick her up and asks about the woman standing near. She introduces herself but tries to go after Lindsay when Troy identifies her. He holds her back and urges her to return to her place, he'll be by shortly. Lindsay accuses Troy of being able to reinvent his past to suit him and this angers him. He kicks her out of the loft where she admits to herself that now she'll have to get even. Emily returns for her brother and they discuss Lindsay stopping by to make trouble. They hope not to see her again.

Rex informs Cris that Nat is out on a date and that she's happy and moving on with a great guy. He avoids answering any specifics about said date but admits that Nat once had a thing for Cris but doesn't care anymore; she got tired of being second best. He urges Cris to give her up.

Jess and Seth reminisce about Ben and his being around Llanfair. Jess informs Seth that she's convinced Rex to stick around and apply to Llanview U, but Seth is a bit dismayed at this. When Jess calls him on it he reluctantly shows her a newspaper article detailing Rex's abandonment of Mollie on Llantano Mountain which resulted in her being involved in the shootout. He suggests that Jess really doesn't know much about Rex but it's too late as the university accepted her brother and she's already written the tuition check. Rex walks in on their conversation in time to hear Seth's annoyance. The boys have words and Rex claims that the journalist has gotten everything wrong. The whole trip to the mountain was Mollie's idea and she ran off because she was angry that he wasn't into her. He left because he couldn't find her. Jess accepts his story though Seth finds the whole thing a little bit difficult to swallow. Seth goes inside with Jess close behind as Rex thanks her for sticking up for him. Seth and Jess agree that they don't want to fight over her brother. Seth only wants to protect her, he tells her as they begin to kiss. Rex spies on them from outside. Shawna approaches and asks what he's up to.

Jen does some research on getting pregnant and realizes she will have to sleep with Al again for success. All she knows is, she needs a baby.

Nat bumps into Al at the airport where she learns that Jen supposedly knows all about Nat and Cris' secret relationship because she told Al about it. Nat tries to explain that it's a lie and besides she and Jen are friends now but Al won't buy it. Just then he receives a call from a distraught-sounding Jen who wants to meet up with Al in the same room at the Bayberry Inn again. He takes off without further discussion with Nat. At the Bayberry Inn, Jen convinces Al that things have gotten worse with Cris and he's run off with Natalie. She's confused and wants to die, she whines. Al feels that Jen deserves better, he tells her. She wants to make love again and though she was confused before and feeling guilty, she's ok with it this time around. As they start to kiss, Al suddenly stops. She's too upset and he doesn't want to take advantage of her, he explains to a startled Jen. When he states that he loves her, Jen urges him to prove it. He wants her to feel better with him than the way she is with Cris so he carries her to the bed. Later, Jen recalls her research as they both agree that this is exactly what each of them needed. He spills to Jen that he told Natalie only moments before how awful she and Cris have been to Jen. He also told her that Jen knows everything, he says. Jen becomes quite upset with this admission.

Nat goes to visit Jen but encounters Cris instead. She makes up a story about someone waiting for her. They agree they're friends and he tells her he hopes she meets a great guy who treats her well. She's already met him, she replies. He's happy for her and she asks if it's because they're friends. He responds yes and goes into his apartment. She lingers in the hallway. They both think about each other: he thinks she really deserves someone, she doesn't want anyone else. When it gets to be a bit much for Cris, he decides to flee the apartment but runs into Nat who is still standing in the hallway, crying. He wants to know why.

Once back at the art gallery, Lindsay locates an old copy of Troy's resumé. She'll start looking for clues in Africa where she'll try to locate Troy's secret wife.

Antonio gets the woman settled into a hotel room for the night.

Thursday, September 5, 2002

The mystery woman and Antonio are at the motel as the motel manager leaves, she thanks Antonio for all his help and he decides to leave. She shuts the door and starts to cry, Antonio comes back to leave the number for the garage where her car is.

Asa and Nigel are talking at the airport upon his return from Switzerland where he went to see Ben and Viki. Gretel shows up giving him a hard time letting him know she will be there to help him through it. He accuses her of being the blame for him not being able to tell his son goodbye.

Rex and Shawna are talking and she is accusing him of spying of Jessica and Seth as he is picking in the window. Jessica interrupts them and is rude to Shawna telling her that Rex is busy and she says she is there to invite him out. Rex interrupts and asks Shawna to excuse him for a minute while he talks to Jessica. Jessica starts bad mouthing Shawna, asking him if he knows how bad she is and he says that is why he likes her!

Al and Jen are in bed and he is trying to explain why he told Natalie about Jen knowing all about her and Cris. He says he did it because he knows it was bothering her and he did it for her. Jen starts screaming at him and accuses him of butting in and says he has ruined everything.

Cris and Natalie are talking and he sees she has been crying, she tries to leave and he won't let her go as Troy comes and asks what is going on and if everything is ok. Cris says, "No, everything is NOT ok."

Jessica and Rex are still talking and she is telling him all about Shawna and the things she has done. He comments that he isn't going to waste his time on someone like Shawna when there is someone as wonderful as her around. He hugs her and thanks her.

Antonio comes into the motel room and asks the woman if she is ok, she says she is but is holding back tears. He tries to cheer her up and they start to talk.

Natalie tells Troy she is all right and then Troy asks them if they had seen Lindsay around, they are both surprised thinking she was back in prison. He tells them she is out because of Mollie's grandfather and that she had been around the apartment earlier saying she was looking for Jen.

Al is pretty bewildered with Jen's reaction and says he doesn't understand. She yells at him about not keeping a secret and he replies that he didn't know it was a secret. She is freaking out, and starts to get dressed as Al is ranting about what they have together and that is what they should be thinking about, not Natalie and Cris. She tells his she is sorry and is acting very confusing and says she is humiliated and if it weren't for him she would just crawl in a hole and never come out. He tells her exactly what he told Natalie and says " She didn't even believe me, if you want I will find her and do some damage control." He wants to know if she will wait in the room for him but she says she has to see Cris. Al does not take this good asking why she would want to see Cris again. She tells him there is something she hadn't told him yet.

Gretel is telling Asa about expressing his grief and he yells back for her to stop analyzing him and she says she isn't talking as a doctor but as a wife. He tells her she knows the only reason he married her is because he didn't want to go to prison for life. She says "you made your bed Asa, you told me your dirty little secrets and as you put it A woman's got to do what a woman's got to do." Asa talks back about how she put the word out and he was pestered by the press and missed the call about Ben and so it is her fault he couldn't talk to his son. Renee interrupts and says "I'm not going to keep quiet, why did you two get married?"

Antonio is asking the woman if her husband hurt her, she replies, " No, he was wonderful, he was so good to me, he died. We had gone to Africa for a second honeymoon, it was so perfect and then there was a car accident – I spread his ashes there, he said it was the most beautiful place on earth." Antonio apologizes and she says no she is sorry she dumped all this on him. She starts to cry and says how everyday she misses him and he says he knows how it is to love that way. She starts to tell him about her husband, how he was such a good guy – "kinda like you". He asks if she is hungry and he volunteers to go get her something from the diner, she thanks him.

Jen tells Al that her mom is out of prison because she saved Mollie's life. Al says he isn't sure what to say "congratulations or tough luck," He tells her she is lucky her mom is free and maybe she learned something being in prison but he doesn't see how this has to do with Cristian. She says she just feels she wants to tell him rather than hearing it somewhere else. She begs him to go find Natalie and convince her he was wrong about what he told her. Jen prepares to leave and leaves Al in bed with a questioning look on his face.

Cris is asking Natalie if he hurt her and that he cares for her a lot, she says she knows and is trying to get away when he pushes to know why she was there. She says she was there to see Jen, not to talk about school but to talk about them.

Jessica and Seth are alone in the living room and begin to make out, Rex is watching from outside. Shawna comes back and he starts hitting on her, telling her they have to be very, very quiet and they start to make out.

Natalie tells Cris what Al told her that Jen knows what they are doing and he says that Jen doesn't know anything and Natalie says "There is nothing going on, is there?" Cris replies "no, nothing." Jen comes in and is acting real friendly with them, Natalie leaves and Jen tells Cris that she couldn't handle it if her mom broke them up again and for him to please not to let that happen.

The mystery woman is reading the paper as Antonio returns with some food and she has quit crying so he says he should leave. She offers him some of the food and he says he doesn't feel much like eating. She replies, is it because you shot that guy?"

Al catches up with Natalie and asks if she told Cris about what he said and she asks why. He replies that it was all a lie and she tells him he is a freak and she doesn't have time to hear about his crush on Jen and leaves. He says, "It isn't a crush! Jen and I will be together, you wait and see."

Jen is telling Cris that she talked to her mom and told her she started in on him and Natalie but that she told her that her and Natalie are friends now and that she would never hurt her. He said it was good she stood up for herself and that she tells him she couldn't have done that if it hadn't been for him. That between him and Natalie she has finally learned what it is to trust. She starts to kiss him and asks if he is tired. He says yes and she says she can hardly wait to cuddle in his arms. He says he wants to shower first and she asks why Natalie left so sudden and he replies that she had a date. As he goes to the shower she thinks to herself "Lying to me again, the only guy Natalie is interested in is you and I am going to make you both so sorry".

Renee is asking why Asa would want to marry Gretel and she replies that maybe he loves her but Asa tells her to let it go. Renee replies, "you are kidding" and leaves. Asa says, "You made me just hurt the finest woman in Landview ". She replies, "Well since you won't let me help you, I did bring the checkbook, I need some signatures."

Antonio asks, "how did you know" and she replies the newspaper. She tries to make him understand that it was an accident and he tells her she wasn't there. He tells her about Ben, how he had a wife and family and he took it all away. She is trying to make him feel better telling him it was an accident but Antonio tells her he was so set on finding this one criminal (R.J.) that he lost focus and that is when he stopped being a good cop, that is when you make mistakes and he has lost everything just like Ben Davidson. She tells him he doesn't have hate and he says he does hate someone that much. They are consoling each other and one thing leads to another and they start to kiss with the camera fading as they fall to the bed.

Asa gives Gretel the signed checks and they are battering back and forth, he tells her he can't stand the sight of her. He tells her he has a family that still loves him no matter what he has done. That Renee has forgiven him and also his sons, where was her daughter Skye through all this. She is furious and leaves to get on the plane.

Nigel and Renee are talking about how nice Asa was in Switzerland and how she can't understand why he would be with Gretel. Nigel finally tells her the truth about how Gretel blackmailed Asa into marrying her and then says, "oh dear, I said too much" leaving Renee smiling.

Natalie comes into the living room interrupting Jessica and Rex making love. She is looking for Rex, who is getting dressed on the back porch – giving Shawna her clothes and says, "get dressed, I will walk you to your car."

Jen calls Al and asks about Natalie, he tells her it is so good to hear her voice. He tells her he told Natalie and she is no problem. He goes on about how happy he is and today was so incredible – she is telling him she has to go and he says "I miss you Jen" she replies back "I miss you too Al" and Cristian is at the doorway.

Friday, September 6, 2002

Jen successfully explains away her phone call to Al in front of Cristian. Al is stunned when Jen says that she and Cristian are still together. Jen warns Al to stay away from her. Rex confesses to Natalie that he told Cristian she had been on a date. Wanting to get on with her life, Natalie invites Chad on a date. Cristian warns Chad not to hurt Natalie. Chad tells Natalie he thinks Cristian has feelings for her. Troy discovers Lindsay at the airport as she purchases a ticket to Africa. Lindsay covers her true destination from Troy. Antonio and the woman find renewed inner strength after their night of passion. Still in love with Keri, Antonio decides to return to Llanview. Keri pines for Antonio. Bo warns R.J. that Keri will eventually realize his misdeeds. Bo tells Gabrielle he has new evidence about the fire.

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