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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of September 2, 2002 on GL
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Monday, September 2, 2002

Due to coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, all CBS soaps were preempted today. These breaks were planned for in the storyline development and there will be no "lost" episodes. Broadcasting will resume tomorrow where Friday's shows concluded.

Tuesday, September 3, 2002

Danny goes to pick up the rest of his things. He confesses to Michelle that he cannot change who he is. Michelle is upset that he is actually going to move out. Meanwhile, Beth tells Bill that she needs time to figure out how to deal with Phillip. Bill offers to help her get through it and to find out who published Lorelei's Diary, but Beth insists on doing it on her own. Bill runs into Michelle and tries to comfort her. He suggests that she join him on Mystic Island as an escape. Gus and Harley decide that Eden will speak with Phillip's arbitrator. Phillip assures Alan that he is dealing with Zach's custody the best he can. The arbitration begins and Eden shocks everyone by lying and claiming that Gus did in fact push that other man off the roof when they were kids. The arbitrator believes her story and grants Phillip full custody of Zach. A devastated Harley confronts Phillip. She declares that she is a good mother and Gus is a good man and she is going to prove it to Phillip no matter what. Alan is thrilled about the outcome of the arbitration. Lillian questions Beth about how much of Lorelei's Diary is true. She encourages Beth not to let it ruin the family she has worked so hard to build.

Wednesday, September 4, 2002

Cassie goes to Danny with half of the money that she had previously promised him. Danny tries to impress upon her how dangerous it is to be in debt to the people that she owes money to. Cassie pleads with him for help and he agrees to try to get an extension for her. Meanwhile, Carmen confides in Edmund what she has learned about Cassie's debt and Edmund is furious. He confronts her at Richard's grave. Beth confronts Phillip about stranding her on Mystic Island and they finally get an opportunity to discuss Lorelei's Diary. Beth is shocked to learnt hat Phillip is not angry with her for Lorelei's actions, but rather hurt that Beth didn't go to him for help in dealing with it. She is frustrated with his constant need to protect her and Beth declares that she is moving out. She suspects that Olivia may be behind the publication of Lorelei's Diary. Unbeknownst to Beth, Phillip questions Olivia about her involvement in the very same thing. Michelle defends her reasons for separating from Danny to Ed. Bill stops by and reiterates his invitation for her to join him on Mystic Island. Unable to escape her memories of Danny, Michelle accepts and starts packing her and Robbie's things to leave.

Thursday, September 5, 2002

At the country club, Danny tells Tony he has moved out and his marriage is over.

At the cemetery, Edmund confronts Cassie about borrowing money from the mob he tells her the Santos' are not her friends. He tells her there are other ways to get the money, and he's put one of them into action for her. She realizes he's talking about taking Reva to court and says she won't do it.

Reva is served with the wrongful death suit Edmund has filed. She tells Josh that Cassie is suing her. He reads the document and tells her he's sure that Edmund is the on that initiated the suit, not Cassie. She tells him that she's not going to let him pay for her actions and leaves to go confront Cassie.

Bill, Michelle and Robby arrive at the cottage, Michelle is going to get away for a little while hoping some distance from Danny will help. Bill puts her to work painting.

At the country club, Tammy tells Marah that she understands what Reva did and that she's glad she did it. She says that Richard wasn't going to get any better, and she knew her mother could never do it.

Edmund tells Cassie about his conflicting feelings for Richard, but one thing he knew, Richard always did the right thing, and that's what the wrongful suit is, it's the right thing to do. She yells at him to leave, that she won't have any part of it. Just after Edmund leaves, Reva arrives. Reva tells Cassie she wants to help her in any way she can, and that she wants to help Cassie financially, but the lawsuit is wrong. She says it's not right for Cassie to go after Josh and his business because she feels what Reva did was wrong. Cassie tells Reva that it was Edmund who filed the suit, and she just told him to hit the road. Reva notices Cassie's engagement ring is missing and asks her if she sold it. She's very concerned about how Cassie is doing financially and pleads with her to let them help, but Cassie refuses. Reva tells Cassie that it's not right for her to be keeping the kids away from the only other family they have now that Richard is gone. She tells Cassie to wake up, that it's not all about her anymore.

Marah comes home and Josh asks her why she didn't come home the night before. Marah tells him about spending the night on the yacht, but nothing happened. Josh is upset, but Marah tells him it was just an accident and everything is ok.

Josh tells Marah that Reva went to see Cassie, and Marah comments on what a dumb idea that was. Josh says that sooner or later Cassie will realize that what Reva did was right, hopefully sooner. Marah asks Josh if he really believes what Reva did was right, or if he's just saying it because he loves her. Josh tells Marah a story about a scary incident that happened to him with a beam falling just a few feet from him while he was in Russia, and from that moment on, he knew that what Reva did for Richard was right. He tells Marah that Reva needs for Marah to know this and understand too. Marah says she just can't right now.

Friday, September 6, 2002

Due to coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, all CBS soaps were preempted today. These breaks were planned for in the storyline development and there will be no "lost" episodes. Broadcasting will resume on Monday where Thursday's shows concluded.

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