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Passions Recaps: The week of September 2, 2002 on PS
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Monday, September 2, 2002

Gwen corners Theresa and tells her to give up on Ethan because Ethan made a commitment to her. Gwen reminds Theresa that Ethan made love to her last night and all Theresa could do was listen. Theresa laughs in Gwen's face and calls her insecure. Theresa then gets a phone call from Pilar informing her that Sheridan is alive. Theresa happily gives Ethan the news. It is Theresa not Gwen that Ethan hugs and scoops up in his arms in celebration. As Ethan rushes off to the cottage, it is Theresa's turn to corner Gwen. She tells Gwen that miracles do happen. Since Sheridan returned to Luis she now has no doubts that Ethan will return to her.

Rebecca puts her plan to rid the Crane mansion of Theresa in motion. She finds all the records of how much money Theresa has spent since she became a Crane. Julian is astounded and angry. Rebecca urges him to call Alistair about it.

Sheridan, Pilar and Luis hear that Antonio has very little time left. Eve explains that since his first race car accident, his brain received a serve injury. She says that this second crash aggravated the condition and there will be no stopping the swelling of his brain. If he takes medication and is kept calm, he may live a few months longer. She tells Luis that under no circumstances should he be told about Luis and Sheridan's engagement.

Kay slaps her mother across the face. Graces rushes out of the room in tears. David tries to talk to Kay who wants nothing to do with him or her mother. David momentarily lets it slip that John never knew his real mother. He then covers and says until a few months ago. Kay gets little suspicious. Sam walks in on David trying to clam Kay down and misinterprets what he sees. He demands that David take his hands the hell off his daughter. Grace comes in and explains what happened. Sam apologizes to David and then turns on Kay. David leaves to meet with Ivy. Kay rushes out of the house. She runs to the park where David and Ivy are having a secret meeting. Kay overhears Ivy demands that David break up Sam and Grace.

Tuesday, September 3, 2002

Miguel rushes to the hospital to see Antonio. Miguel let's it slip that Antonio could not possible be engaged to Sheridan Crane because she is engaged to someone else. Miguel gets a frantic call from Charity warning him not to give Antonio any more information. Charity had a premonition that Luis was going to get into a fight and kill someone named Antonio.

Antonio asks Hank to get Sheridan for him so he can find out what is going on. Eve warns Luis that Antonio must be kept calm. Luis is angry that Sheridan is willing to go along and possibly sleep with Antonio to keep up the charade. Sheridan tells Luis that she owes Antonio her life. She also tells him that this last car crash was her fault. Sheridan explains that Antonio entered the car race to get money to pay off her gambling debts.

Kay runs away from her parents and ends up in the park. She overhears Ivy and David having their "secret" meeting. Kay now knows the truth, David was hired by Ivy to break up her parent's marriage. Kay comes back home and apologizes to her parents. David and Ivy show up at the Bennett home. Kay tells everyone she has something important to say. Everyone waits for the big announcement. Kay fantasizes about how her parents will react to the news. Kay imagines Grace slapping Ivy and calling her a bitch. She also sees Sam beating up David to the point that John thinks his father is dead. Kay changes her mind about spilling the truth. She plans on using what she knows to her advantage. She plans on using the information to get Miguel and to get even with her parents.

Wednesday, September 4, 2002

Kay is determined to drop the bomb about Ivy hiring David on her mother. She wants to see Grace's world fall apart. The zombie is thrilled to hear this but Tabitha is not. Tabitha says the timing is wrong. For her plans of pain and suffering to take root, Kay must keep quiet about David and Ivy a while longer.

As Kay gets ready to make her big announcement, Tabitha purposely interrupts. She acts pitiful, pretending to have heard Timmy's voice and acting like she forgot he was dead. Grace insists that Kay make Tabitha a cup of tea to calm her down. In the kitchen, the zombie tries to get Kay to postpone her announcement. She tries to get Kay to see that if her parents are busy fending off Ivy and David, they will not have time to concentrate on her and she would be free to work on getting Miguel. Kay flatly refuses and goes back to make her big announcement, which she assures will change the lives of everyone in the room. This makes Ivy and David nervous.

Whitney and Chad once again plan on telling Simone the truth. As they meet in Charity's hospital room, Chad, Simone and Whitney realize that Miguel has a secret to tell Charity. Miguel wants to tells Charity that he made love to Kay thinking it was her. Simone says that whatever the announcement is, Charity is better off not knowing. This makes Whitney think that she and Chad will never be able to level with Simone about being in love with each other.

Antonio's health begins to deteriorate when he asks Sheridan who she was engaged to. As Sheridan describes how in love she was with her fiancÚ, Antonio gets even sicker. Sheridan tells Antonio a half truth. She reveals her fiancÚ not as Luis but as her former fiancÚ, Jean-Luc. Antonio is relived to hear that he is dead and nothing seems to have changed between them. Luis looks on as Antonio embraces Sheridan.

Thursday, September 5, 2002

Kay gets into an argument with Grace before she can tell her mother about Ivy plotting to ruin her marriage. Kay tells Grace to remember that she wanted to help but Grace just pushed her away. The zombie then moves in for the kill. She tells Kay that by telling Grace the truth, she will ruin screw up any chance she has of getting Miguel. Kay says to hell with her mother. No one looks out for her happiness so she better look out for herself.

Theresa and Ethan rush to the hospital to see Antonio and Sheridan. They are headed off by Eve. She explains about Antonio's condition and how they must not tell Antonio that Sheridan and Luis are engaged.

Theresa is devastated. She wanted to give a party for Sheridan's return. Antonio is excited about the party. He wants to show off his fiancÚ for the whole world to see. They decide to have the party anyway. When asked, Luis refuses to go. Antonio then puts Sheridan's hand into Luis' and insist that they get to know each other better. Luis and Sheridan exchange guilty looks.

Friday, September 6, 2002

Antonio, Sheridan, Luis and Pilar arrive back at the cottage. Antonio is happy to be out of the hospital and reunited once again with his lovely fiancÚ. He gushes on and on about their future and how they will need an bigger place to live as soon as the babies start arriving. Luis gets so angry he breaks the glass he is drinking from with his bare hands.

Theresa decorates the Crane mansion for a party with a "Mexican" theme. Ivy, Julian and Rebecca think the mansion looks tacky. Julian orders Theresa to get rid of the objectionable decorations but Theresa won't budge. She says that this party if for her brother Antonio. She also warns everybody about Antonio's condition and threatens them not to let anything about Luis and Sheridan slip out. Rebecca fleetingly considers telling but Gwen warns her off. Julian talks to Alistair on the phone and says he will mention Luis being engaged to Sheridan to get rid of both Lopez-Fitzgerald brothers. Alistair orders him not to. He says Luis is too preoccupied with keeping Antonio and Sheridan apart that he will not come snooping after their Crane secrets. Alistair also stuns everyone by telling Theresa she can have her job at Crane Industries. He makes her a new vice president. Theresa asks Ethan to be part of her staff.

Kay gets Miguel to leave Charity's side to go to the party. She gets John to stay with her cousin. She is hopping that they will fall for each other. John already seems to be half in love with Charity.

The zombie asks the basement demons to give Tabby a new living doll. Antonio wants to make love to Sheridan. Sheridan does her best to put him off. He comes up behind her and takes her by surprise. As they fall onto the bed kissing, Luis walks into the bedroom.

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