One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 12, 2002 on OLTL

Jessica apologized for accusing Natalie of hurting Ben. Asa and Rae took jabs at each other. Starr searched for Todd in Viki's attic. Allison held Viki and Roxy captive. Troy had nightmares. Cristian confessed that he had feelings for both Jen and Natalie.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 12, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, August 12, 2002

Bo and Antonio are in Bo's office discussing the prison escape. Antonio confirms R.J. had an alibi. Keri and R.J. were watching a wedding show during the time of the escape. Antonio does have a problem with this, since R.J.'s money clip was found at the scene. R.J. walks into the office. Bo demands to know why he is there. R.J. would like to have his money clip back as it was a gift from his daughter. Bo wonders how the money clip ended up in the same place as two prisoners escaped. R.J. thinks the thief who stole it must have dropped it there when they were helping Lindsay and Allison escape. R.J. then asks if there have been any leads on the two escapees. R.J. goes out to fill out the paperwork to get his moneyclip back. Antonio believes R.J. is lying.

Natalie blames herself for Niki getting away. Rex reassures her everything will be okay. Rex feels that Natalie is the best sister anyone could have. Jessica comes into the room and apologizes to Natalie. Jess admits she was wrong to accuse Natalie of pushing Ben out the window. Natalie feels she had good reason. Niki made it look like she did it. Jess was made to think she saw Natalie do it. Jessica had blamed Natalie for losing her mom and gaining Roxy as a mother. Jess cannot imagine what it has been like, how everyone has treated Natalie. It means a lot to Natalie that Jessica told her all of this.

Cristian flashes back to him and Natalie kissing as he gazes at Jen in bed. Jen gets up and decides she is going to the police station to check on her mom. Cris decides to go with her. Jen apologizes for her jealous behavior, she was afraid Cristian wanted Natalie.

Allison comes downstairs to give Roxy breakfast. Roxy demands to know if Allison is trying to poison her. Allison laughs at this and explains she hit the jackpot thanks to Roxy. Roxy is curious to know what is in the trunk. Allison replies it is her new room-mate. Ally unties Roxy so that she can eat. Roxy wolfs down her food as Allison reads the paper outloud to Roxy. Roxanne thinks Allison killed Lindsay. Allison leaves Roxy alone.

Keri and Nora are having a discussion. Keri tells Nora how Antonio accused R.J. of helping Lindsay escape and Keri provided the alibi. Keri is relieved Nora believes her, she feels Antonio doesn't believe her. Nora describes R.J.'s and Antonio's relationship to Keri. Keri also admits that Antonio believes R.J. provided the drug that erased Nora's memory. This gives Nora pause for thought. Nora wonders if Antonio has any proof. Keri decides to go down to the police station and verify R.J.'s alibi is iron clad.

Troy discusses his plan with Emily to take Nora out of town until they catch Lindsay. He would like Emily to come with them. Emily refuses. Emily is worried about Troy, she is very sorry she brought up Joanna. Troy states he will not lose Nora like he lost his wife! Troy confesses Nora doesn't even know he has been married. He feels so guilty about what happened to Joanna. Emily reminds him, he is nothing like Colin.

Jen and Cris arrive at the police station. Bo would like to speak with Jen in private for a few minutes. Bo wonders about Lindsay's relationship with Allison. Jen admits she did mail a birthday card to Allison in jail from her mother. Bo wonders why Lindsay would do that. Bo advises Jen to be prepared, her mother is a fugitive now and anything can happen. Lindsay is in a very dangerous position, not just from the police, but Allison.

Antonio and Cris discuss Natalie. Cristian admits he has strong feelings for Natalie, they grow stronger every time he sees her. Antonio questions if he still loves Jen. Cris admits he does. Cristian is very confused. Jen comes out of Bo's office and to Cris's surprise announces she would like to go and check on Natalie.

Meanwhile, Rex is questioning Natalie on her feelings for Cristian. Rex admits he knows they kissed, he overheard them discussing it. Natalie admits she is totally crazy for Cristian. No one has ever believed in her the way he does. Cris just makes her feel good. Natalie doesn't know how Cristian feels about her. Just then Cris and Jen walk in.

Antonio finds something on R.J. and rushes into Bo's office with it. Antonio would like to confront R.J. on this piece of evidence. Bo decides he should be the one to do it, this might get ugly. Antonio believes it is already ugly. Bo calls R.J. in and Antonio goes out to make a phone call.

Troy picks Nora up. Nora feels like she is running away. Nora doesn't want to be afraid of Lindsay. Troy feels he must do everything in his power to protect Nora. He couldn't forgive himself if anything happened to her. Troy convinces Nora to leave.

R.J. enters Bo's office and Bo starts closing the blinds. R.J. wonders what is going on. Bo hands him a sheet of paper and asks him to explain this.

Antonio is speaking on the phone as he says,"this will finally be the last nail in R.J.'s coffin", Keri walks up disbelieving what Antonio has just said.

Roxy remembers she has a key to the trunk. She scoots over and gets it. When Roxy opens the trunk, she discovers Viki!

Jen apologizes to Natalie and gets a call from Will. Jen steps out onto the terrace to speak with Will. Due to bad reception, she decides to call him from another phone. As Jen is walking back in, she hears Natalie telling Cris that she will never tell Jen they almost slept together last night.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Natalie promises Cris she will never tell Jen that they nearly had sex, twice. He thinks they should come clean about everything, saying his girlfriend might understand. Natalie points out to him that Jen has already forgiven them one indiscretion, she would not be able to handle multiple deceptions. She reminds him, he and Jennifer belong together. It seems Cris is about to spill his true feelings for her when Nat is called to the phone by Rex, who tells her she can't pick it up in the library but has to take the call in the kitchen.

Jen is on the patio and overhears the entire conversation between the pair. Téars streaming down her face, she is cognizant of the fact that she has been lied to and manipulated by the man she loves. As the deceptions resonate she becomes angry and begins smashing anything in sight, screaming, "lies." Cris hears the noise from the patio and goes outside to investigate. He believes Jen is upset because of Lindsay. The girl quickly composes herself and simply asks for a glass of water. Cris complies with her request and leaves to fetch it for her.

Antonio shares the new evidence they have against R. J. with Keri. She asks Antonio if he thinks her a liar. He prevaricates, answering that maybe her Dad had gotten to her. Livid, she presses for an answer, does he think she is lying. Meanwhile, Bo presents the Statesville visiting and telephone call logs to R. J., and encourages him to confess. The accused accessory retorts he has a very good reason for communicating with Lindsay. He purchased her Art Gallery, and has the documents to prove it. The commissioner has no choice but to let him go. Keri sees her Dad at police headquarters. Exasperated that her future husband thinks she is covering for her father, Keri tells Antonio, the marriage is off, and she leaves.

Lindsay is filled with jealousy that Nora had comforted her daughter. Allison tells her at least the girl has someone to lean on. Lindsay asks her cohort why she has been spending time in the basement. She replies that she killed a big rat. Lindsay says she couldn't bring herself to kill anything, and inquires of the woman if that's how she deals with things that block her way. Allison answers, she sometimes tortures them first then moves in for the kill. She immediately plays it off as a joke.

Meanwhile, in the basement, Roxy speculates what Allison's motives were for killing Viki. She decides she must escape before she meets the same fate as Mrs. Davidson. Noticing a sharp object on the lid of the trunk, she makes her way toward it thinking she may be able to cut through the ropes binding her hands. Her work is in vain, as she topples onto the floor, producing a loud thud.

Upstairs, in Rae's house, the escapees decide to leave that evening for Canada. Lindsay has a visceral feeling they have stayed in the house long enough and must split before being apprehended. They turn on the television to gauge whatever progress the police might have made tracking them. What they see is Asa talking to a reporter about Rae Cummings. Lindsay is not a fan of the disgraced woman, however, she vilifies Asa for his relentless assault on her. Suddenly, Lindsay hears a loud thump sound emanating from the basement and wants to check it out. Allison blows it off, but Lindsay persists and heads toward the basement door.

Rae takes responibility for Niki having taken over Viki's life. Renee assures her friend that she is a qualified therapist and not to blame herself. Sam shows up at the Palace Bar to pay Rae a courtesy call. He tells her he must enter her home to collect her patient files, as they are considered evidence in the law suits against her. Rae begins to site doctor patient confidentially, and stops herself realizing that privilege is null and void, as she wasn't a licensed therapist. A waiter interrupts and hands Rae an unsigned note instructing her to tune in to station WVLE. She jokes that she may be profiled on "America's Most Hated." They turn on the TV and at first they see nothing. After a while a report comes on profiling Rae, and how she deceived the entire town. Asa is the guest of Smokey Jones, the reporter moderating the program. She rolls the tape of Rae dispensing advice to Shawna, who had set her up to believe she really needed her help. Asa remarks the woman can't stop herself and needs help, which he volunteers to pay for, with the caveat that "Gretel" leave Llanview. Unaware Asa is listening in the shadows, Rae remarks that she has just reached rock bottom. Sam bids the women good-bye and heads to Rae's house to collect the patient files. He knows where to find them as Rae told him where she stored them, and asked him to say hello to her house for her.

Antonio takes his frustrations out on his desk, tossing everything off in anger. Bo decides to officially remove the detective from the case. Antonio says he could kill his future father-in -law. Bo discourages such talk, and adds things might get better between he and Keri if he stops investigating R. J.. Antonio remarks aloud that the damage has already been done.

Asa taunts Gretel she could had gotten away with her scam if she were as smart as him. He swears to run her out of town and that she can't stop him. Having said that he leaves. Rae is mulling over what her tormentor had said, all of a sudden she smiles and says aloud "Asa is wrong, very wrong."

Allison blocks Lindsay's way to the basement, and tells the "pea brained blonde" not to move.

Sam is poised to unlock Rae's front door.

Keri is sitting in the park crying. Her Dad sits next to her.

On his way to bring his girlfriend the water she requested. Cris stops to admire a photo of Natalie.

Jen invites Natalie out to the patio. She says she wants to talk to her about what's been going on "really going on."

Wednesday, August 14, 2002

Ross and Téa work on making a raft while in another spot on the island Todd realizes it's too difficult to survive on his own. He talks to the picture of his children and tells them he blew it, he's treated Téa terribly. He thinks back to Téa and Starr together and how much she loved the little girl. Starr was always right about Téa. Ross thinks that Téa is using him to make Todd jealous but tells her it's ok since he sees a chance for himself if things don't work out. He'll wait for her, he confides. He has new feelings that he's never had before. He goes for a swim which gives Todd the chance to talk to Téa. She stalks off but he catches up. She accuses Todd of acting like nothing has happened between them because he's jealous of Ross. Well, she's just fine with that, she yells at him. But he can't forget, he admits.

Max is thrilled as there's been no sign of Roxy. He attempts to reach Nora by phone to inform her of this and that he probably doesn't need to share any money now. He spies Al and mentions that he thinks his son has been getting no sleep or food and has been appearing rather jumpy. Al swears he's fine and makes a quick call to Jen to check on how she's doing. Gabrielle pops into the bar with a newspaper and shows her son the article about his heroism. She advises him that the police are looking for him, probably to commend him. He's ill at ease with this and Gabby just can't understand why he can't accept being a hero. She thinks he's just not over Jen and now, come to think of it, how come he's not using the fire to get her back? Max returns and suggests that their son is acting strangely. He thinks maybe Al is concerned over what would have happened if he hadn't rescued Jen and Al readily agrees. He states further that Al has become a man and will deserve a woman's love and will get her with no more pranks. Just then Al receives a call from Bo-he's wanted at the police station.

As Cris looks at a picture of Natalie, Rex mentions how lucky she is to have him. Cris thinks it's about the kiss and says she doesn't have him. Rex replies that he was only talking about his friendship. Outside, Jen wants to speak with Nat about the two of them and Cris. Though she replays the conversation in her head that she overheard between the two of them, she only says that she knows why Nat sought Cris' help; it was because he was a friend. Cris steps outside and suggests they go home to discuss it but Jen wants to continue. She apologizes for being suspicious of Natalie and she forgives her for not telling her about Al. Cris and Nat exchange confused looks. Jen admits to not always being nice and suggests that she and Nat be friends. Cris is about to say something but Nat stops him. After Cris and Jen leave, Nat and Rex talk. Nat thought that Jen was about to say that she knew everything but Jen wants to be friends. Maybe it's better this way, she continues. If she sees Jen and Cris together it'll make her realize that there's no future for herself and Cris.

While Allison is trying to prevent Lindsay from going into the basement, Sam is fumbling with keys to get into Rae's house. The women dash into a closet and listen as Sam gets in to retrieve Rae's patient files. Sam is annoyed when Rae walks in and he lectures her that the house is off limits. She expected him to understand as a friend, she retorts, but he's not there as a friend, he responds back. He cannot allow her to have any of the files, he advises her. He comes across Jen's file which spurs Rae to tell him about how horrible a mother Lindsay was, a monster. She's thrilled that the woman was put away. As far as her having Allison released, she continues, everyone on the board agreed with her recommendation though the woman turned out to be psychotic and evil. Allison slams the closet door then, but Rae figures it's probably the water heater. As Sam decides to check for himself, Rae makes a dash for the desk. Sam hears her and quickly gets back to her side, ordering her to leave. She may not have any files, he tells her again. She understands but holds a cassette tape behind her back. Sam advises her that the police will be by regularly. She just wants to get something from the closet, she announces.

Blair visits Addie and confides that she's no longer helping Sam out. She's endangered lives because of what she's done, all because she was trying to forget Todd. She needs to keep Sam as a friend and he forgave her, she explains. Her mom thinks she has a crush on the attorney but Blair laughs off this suggestion. She's not the kind of woman that Sam wants; she's not nice, dependable or honest. She just needs to be a good mother for now, she confirms to her mom. She just pities the next woman who loves Todd. Nearby, Starr has one of her cartoon daydreams-her dad is back in town but he won't speak to her. Starr is worried that Jack will forget their father and has decided that she will search for him.

Back at Cris' place, Jen comes on to him. He tells her that it's not the proper time but she tells him she needs to know she can depend on him and have him to lean on.

Thursday, August 15, 2002

Ross is sitting on the beach daydreaming about him and Téa kissing, saying, "this can't be happening". Todd and Téa are in the cave, Todd tells her he can't forget what happened and he denied it because he thought Téa was trying to make a fool of him. Téa tells him she can't let herself get close to him again only for him to pull away.

Asa is reliving his interview on his laptop and is so proud of himself for trashing Rae (Gretel) on the television show. Renee walks in and asks him if he made a DVD of the interview and he lets her know he put it on a new website on the Internet so anyone who signs on can watch it 24/7.

Rae is trying to get into her closet with Sam while Lindsay and Allison are holding the door shut from inside.

Nora and Troy are relaxing at a cabin Troy rented through the Internet; Nora is feeling better because Matthew is in Chicago with her mother. They are startled when they open the door to the cabin and see a complete trashed cabin, not the romantic site Troy had hoped for.

Al is thinking what Bo might want with him, feeling he is going to arrest him. Al goes into Bo's office – Bo says, "I guess you know why I asked you to come down here".

Jen is asking Cristian to make love to her and he is reluctant and tries to make excuses as what she says makes him feel very guilty, he is remembering Natalie and what almost happened between them. He says he needs to tell her something.

The owner of the cabin comes and introduces himself and Troy is angry with him, as he has misrepresented the cabin. Nora says maybe they can dust and clean it up a little since there is no other cabin available. Nora says it isn't so bad and she says "oh look a twin bed, I haven't slept in a twin bed since I was a teenager. Troy thanks her for being so wonderful.

Renee asks Asa what Rae ever did to him to deserve this and he says she is nothing but a con artist and could have killed someone with her psychiatric bull. Renee says he may regret what he is doing but he says NEVER!

Sam tells Rae he is going to have to report her if she doesn't leave and she says angrily that she does have options and it is time she fought back. She leaves and calls a publishing agent on the phone and says she has a book proposal and if she plays her cards right it will be a best seller as she looks down at the tape of Asa's sessions.

Jen tells Cristian that if she didn't have him she wouldn't know what to do, she has no one else. Will is so far away and her dad is busy with Matthew. Cristian tells her they will find her mom and he says it will get better. To trust him, everything changes and she says not everything, not your love for me and kisses him.

Bo tells Al he had a couple questions about the fire. He asks him if he saw anything that could help them find out who set it. Al thinks back to when he started the fire and says he really can't remember anything because all he cared about was getting Jen out of the fire. Al holds the evidence envelope with the keys in it. Bo tells Al whoever left Natalie's keys had left prints all over them. Al asks whose prints but Bo says they aren't Natalie's and they won't know until they check them. Al gets really upset and starts ranting about whoever set that fire he would like to get his hands on them. Gabrielle interrupts them with a snack for Bo and Al tries to blame the fire on Todd saying his mom told him Todd was upset with Sam for losing Blair. Bo is called out of the office and Gabrielle jumps Al and said why was he lying as she hadn't told him anything about Todd and Blair.

Téa and Todd argue about Ross and Téa says Ross is the only one who can get them off of the island. Téa says she just wants her life back – one without Todd in it. Todd says she was bored without him and she says, "Yes, but happy." She says she is going to get that life back and Ross will see to it. He asks her "What about me, you going to just leave me here"?

Jen is still trying to make love to Cristian and says don't you care for me anymore? Cristian says of course he does and they kiss and fall to the floor. Jen jumps up and says, "This isn't going to work".

Sam is looking through files at Rae's house and then leaves as Allison and Lindsay come out of the closet. Allison starts looking around wondering what was going on. Allison wants to leave for Canada and Lindsay is looking at a picture from Rae's desk of Troy and Nora at the gallery.

Nora and Troy are cleaning the cabin and come across a Nancy Drew book. Nora says Nancy Drew taught her that if you just follow clues you could solve any mystery. She teases him saying that is how she learned about Dr. Troy, following clues.

Todd asks Téa if they are going to leave him on the island and Téa asks if that is what this is all about. Todd tries to leave the cave and Téa says if he wants to leave he has to help with the rope to build the raft. She hands him the rope and says, "Go for it!"

Bo returns and tells Al not to worry that the Rapapport's fire is going to get the proper attention. Bo says he will look into the Todd angle and also look into maybe Allison Perkins, as the fire was the same night as the prison breakout.

Jen says she shouldn't use sex to forget about her mom and how her mom always said she did everything for love of her kids, but she didn't know what love is and that she knows Cristian and Natalie are just friends and she is not going to mistrust them. Jen really is putting a guilt trip on Cristian saying she knows he would never hurt her or lie to her. Jen says she is going to make it all up to him and she is going to invite Natalie over – right now! Cristian says this isn't a good time to invite her over, and Jen says, "why not, don't you still like her?" Al shows up and says he wanted to tell them the police are doing a full investigation about the fire and Jen says she just doesn't understand how Natalie's keys got there. Al says "Well they couldn't be from Natalie as they know she was with Cristian". Cristian makes an excuse to leave saying he promised his mom to meet her.

Lindsay is upset by the picture and says how Troy and Nora made such a fool of her; Allison says she has to get ready to leave, as they have to get out of there.

Rae confronts Asa and tells him he has always been clever and says that what she is going to be when she writes her book. Asa says not to bother writing a tell-all book and she says, "I'm not writing a book about me, it is ALL ABOUT YOU! Rae Cummings tells all about her best patient", She tells him she records all her sessions and the day he told her all about the things he had done in the past she has on tape. He tells her she can't use it because of doctor/patient confidentiality and she says but he has shown the world she isn't a doctor. She tells him this is going to be the bestseller of all times - Asa Buchanan in his own words. Asa is listening to the tape and cringing.

Téa overhears Todd saying to himself "You always have gotten the best of me Delgado" and Téa overhears and says to herself "I can't do this again" and runs away. Ross is sitting on the beach watching Téa going into the water. She motions for him to join her, which he does happily.

Al is trying to pump Jen for information about Natalie and she cuts him off saying she knows exactly what he is doing.

Gabrielle is back in Bo's office with a change of clothes because she knows he won't come home until he has finished this case. He thanks her and she tells him it has been a bit lonely at the apartment without him.

Allison is in the basement and sees Roxy has made her way to the truck and says that she sure has been busy. Roxy asks her what she did to Viki, that she knows she is in the trunk.

Troy and Nora are in bed and Troy is having a terrible nightmare about Joanna, he keeps saying "stop, stop, stop". He wakes up and Nora says, it's ok, she's not here, thinking it is about Lindsay.

Friday, August 16, 2002

Max is in a euphoric mood. Since Roxy's absence is considered marital abandonment, he is not compelled by law to honor the prenuptial agreement and is ostensibly a free man. He is so overwhelmed with joy, that when Chad asks for a few hours off to go on a job interview, he gives the bartender the entire night off. Meanwhile, Jessica is posting fliers of her missing mother hoping she might get a lead and find Viki. Seth offers his help, she refuses saying she'd rather go home to absorb the events of recent days. He understands her need for solitude, she leaves Break Bar for home.

Rae plays back the tape recording of her therapy sessions with Asa, when she was his court appointed therapist. Asa threatens she can't use the tape, and Rae reminds her tormentor, once again, that doctor patient confidentially does not apply especially since he made it clear to the world she wasn't ever a licensed psychologist. He shoots back that no one will print a word of her planned expose, considering her ravaged reputation. Rae gladly produces a book deal contract. Asa still doubts her, but phones a contact in the publishing industry to disprove the veracity of her claim. He learns she is telling the truth. Rae has changed her tactics in dealing with the malevolent tycoon. She had comported herself with dignity since the day he exposed her. Even through the television interview, the lawsuits and ultimately the "Gretel is a Fraud" website. Now she has decided to follow his lead and fight just has he had, to get what he wanted. If the publication makes its way to the presses, Asa will be arrested for his secret crimes and incarcerated the remainder of his life. Realizing this, he reasons that murdering her will buy him the same time behind bars, and raises a fire poker poised to strike his enemy. Nigel hears the commotion and rushes into the living room. He endeavors to calm his employer, but when he learns of Rae's plans, he menaces her with the weapon. He reminds her that she has certain knowledge of questionable events and circumstances including his involvement that might place him in Statesville. Asa encourages the enraged butler to kill her. Nigel stops himself, as he is disgraced and sickened by his actions and leaves the room.

Troy has a nightmare about his wife, Joanna. He screams in his sleep "it has to stop," over and over. He wakes and Nora soothes him. He quizzes his lover about what he said, and she tells him. He asks what she meant when she said "she's not here" and she replied that she was referring to Lindsay. He tells the woman he loves he never wants to lose her, she reassures him that he won't. He goes off on a tangent saying people never know what the future holds, she wants to confirm if he is still talking about Lindsay. He answers nothing else is going on. Anything could happen with Lindsay on the run. The woman is fueled with jealousy, and he fears she may turn lethal, given she already nearly killed them both. He promises to protect her from harm, always.

Blair returns to "THE SUN" with intentions of assuming the role of publisher and editor-in-chief. Someone has to, since Todd is gone. She immediately disposes of her husband's desk nameplate. Dennis Giles, a newspaper employee, inquires if she is ready to resume working. Blair admits to missing Todd, but has decided she must move on with her life and returning to the paper would help. She is painfully reminded that the staff is still loyal to Todd. She finds herself in need of a personal assistant, someone whose allegiance will be solely to her. Mr. Giles had already arranged an appointment with a LVU student to interview for an intern position. Blair is still questioing the wisdom of her decision to take on this endeavor, when Chad walks into the office. He is introduced by Dennis as C. B. Bennett, someone he understands the Banner was pursuing. Chad is flustered at the sight of Mrs. Manning and he tells her, after Mr. Giles leaves, that given their history they should forget about the interview. She stops him, as she is still vacillating about staying on herself. She mulls it over for a few minutes and firmly decides she is staying. With Chad as her assistant it might be easier to forget Todd. Afterall, Chad would make for the perfect assistant considering his credentials and absolute dedication to her. The young man suggests she should make the employees aware that she is back and in charge. He further advises all things belonging to and reminding her of Todd should be trashed. Her feelings about her husband polarized, she reluctantly agrees. The pair get to work, clearing out the former publisher's belongings. Blair toasts Todd being gone, raising a cup of coffee to his memory, and accidentally spilling it all over the young man's shirt. She tells him to remove the article of clothing so that she may rinse it out, promising a reluctant Chad that she isn't hitting on him.

Starr searches for her Dad in Viki's attic. She calls his name saying the game is over and to come out. Jessie enters the attic responding to the noise, thinking her Mom may be there. The cousins commiserate about their missing parents. Jesse tells Starr her father has gone away and she must accept it. The girls decide the only thing left to do is to wait, hope and pray for Todd and Viki's return. Starr portends that their Mom and Dad will eventually return to them out of love. Jessica is impressed by her cousin's wisdom.

Roxy has run out of chances with Allison, who threatens to take the woman with her and use her body as a human shield. Roxy attempts to make one last deal with her gun toting captor. She would call Max and offer him a divorce in exchange for cash. Allison adopts a what the hell attitude, and allows her prisoner to call her husband. When Max answers the phone she offers him a divorce at the bargain basement price of $50,000 dollars. Max rejects the offer, stating she abandoned him and he doesn't have to give her a cent. She tells him she is being held captive and needs his help. He responds by hanging up.

Ross explains to Téa the logistics of returning to civilization. He suggests Todd work for a change while they have a break. She caresses his face, telling him Todd is in her past. He is too complex and tortured. She feels good being with Ross, and he tells Téa that she could say anything to him, without fear of later condemations. He would like to have a chance with her one day, but for now will settle for what they have. Téa explains that being deserted on the island may be influencing his romantic notions.

Meanwhile Todd is laboring in the hot sun, gathering tree palms for the raft. He hears Starr's voice, shrugs it off, thinking he is hallucinating and says aloud that he has got to get off that island. Todd continues to hear his daughter's voice and begins answering her. He worries Téa may choose Rayburn over him.

Jessie and Starr walk in on Chad and Blair while she is buttoning the young stud's shirt.

Téa tells Ross that he is a "wonderful" man, to which he replies that it is her influence on him. They share a warm long kiss.

Max rethinks Roxy's kidnap story because of what Seth says about Viki disappearing without a trace.

Rae gives Asa a list of demands. She strongly suggests he comply with them or be arrested.

Allison and Roxy are discussing Viki's murder, she strolls to the open trunk and says "too bad baby" over the body. A hand reaches up and tightly grabs her throat.

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