One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 5, 2002 on OLTL

Todd and Téa shared a kiss, but he told her it didn't mean anything. Ross made it back to the island after his boat broke apart. Bo realized that Niki had tried to kill Ben. Antonio investigated Allison and Lindsay's prison escape. Keri lied for R.J. .
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of August 5, 2002 on OLTL
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Monday, August 5, 2002

Blair apologizes to Chad for upsetting his romance with Emily. Chad explains he is not sorry, he always had to pretend to be someone he was not with Emily. Chad likes to push the limits. Blair understands as she does push limits as well. Blair is down as she feels her life has been one big mistake since Todd. As Blair is leaving the Break Bar, she runs into Max. Max goads Blair about Todd. Blair gets in a few good cracks about Max's new wife. After Max walks off, Chad catches up to Blair and lets her know if she ever needs an ear to listen, he is there for her.

Meanwhile, Starr is sitting by the pool writing a letter to Todd. She wonders where Todd could be.

Todd and Téa are in their cave. All of a sudden Téa hears something, she jumps up to find out what it is. Téa finds Todd's crab. She picks it up and is going to put it in the water. Todd freaks out and adamently refuses to let her do anything with his crab. Todd explains the crab has been his friend, they do alot of talking together. Todd opens up to Téa and admits he hasn't really had to speak to the crab since Téa has been around. Téa looks happy. That only lasted a moment until Todd went off on Téa. He cannot believe Téa was able to get him to trust her. He accuses her of trying to get to him by telling him she has always loved him. Todd walks out on Téa. A very angry Téa follows Todd down the beach. Téa cries she never wanted to see him hurt. She admits she has never stopped loving him. A tearful Téa walks off.

Rae sits on a parkbench and is going through her address book crossing off names right and left of people who want nothing left to do with her. Shawna walks up to Rae and starts asking her some questions. After letting Shawna know what a self-centered brat she is, Shawna looked crestfallen and stated it reminded her of what her own mother would say. Shawna wants to really know why Rae hates her so much. Rae thinks Shawna should think about it, really think about it. Shawna wants to change, she just doesn't know how. A ploy to trick Rae. After a few tears, Rae falls right into Shawna's trap. Rae gives her advice to set simple goals. Do something nice for one person every day, unselfish kind deeds. Shawna asks if that is her professional opinion. Rae replies that is just her advice. Shawna stands up and states that is good enough. Immediately a reporter comes out with a video camera and startles Rae. While the camera is still rolling, Rae goes off on Shawna and starts to slap her. Luckily, Renee happens on the scene. After getting rid of the group, she reassures Rae that she is just the gossip of the week. Renee then adds that Rae may stay at the Palace. Rae is visibly relieved.

Sam gets to the hospital while Natalie is giving her name to the firefighter as the keys they found were hers. Sam demands to know how Natalies keys got in Jen's room. Sam steps away from Cris and Nat to speak with the fireman.

Al and Jen are talking about her rescue, when Al tells her Cristian helped her. Jen wonders where Cris is. Al lets her know he is out in the waiting room. Jen leaves her room to go out and see Cris. She finds Cris and Nat standing side by side.

Blair comes up on Starr at the pool. Starr quickly hides the letter behind her back. Blair wonders what Starr is hiding. Starr shows her the letter to Todd. Blair comforts Starr while Starr admits she misses Todd.

Allison goes to the basement to check on Roxy. Once she brings Roxy around, she asks Roxy if she should kill her now or later. Roxy tries to bribe Allison. Roxy knows she can get $100,000 from Max to save her. Wouldn't Allison like to have that kind of money? Allison thinks about this and decides it would help her and Dave start their new life. But how can she trust Roxy? How does she know Max really loves her and is willing to part with that kind of cash? Allison devises a plan, she asks Roxy for Max's phone number. After dialing the number, she hands the phone to Roxy as she listens in. Max answers and lets Roxy know in no uncertain terms he is glad she is gone, and don't call back. It doesn't look good for Roxy.

A still angry and hurt Téa is walking along the beach kicking the water in frustration when she sees something in the water. It is Ross's shirt. She cries out in frustration. Todd is behind her and he would like to know what she is so upset about. Téa explains that this is Ross's shirt, and he didn't make it. They will never get off the island. Todd tenderly puts his hands on Téa's face, and kisses her.

Natalie admits to Jen that her keys were found in Jen's room. Jen goes ballistic. Jen rants that Natalie set the fire! Cris steps in and states that Natalie did not. Jen does not understand why Cristian stands up for Natalie. No one else is fooled by Natalie. First Natalie pushed Ben out the window, and now started a fire to get rid of Jen so Natalie could have Cristian. Cristian adamently stands up for Natalie. Natalie couldn't have done it, she was with him!

Tuesday, August 6, 2002

Niki attempts to rid Llanfair of the police presence surrounding her, as they are preventing her escape. Time is a commodity she is running out of, since Ben's memories are resurfacing fast and furious. He ponders what his "wife" was lying to him about while recalling a fragment of what happened on the day of the assault. Niki, within ear shot of one of the cops, feigns hearing from someone on the phone that Allison has been spotted around the carriage house. The guard buys her ruse and takes off to find the escapee. Just as she is about to split, Ben is in her face, accusing her of running away. He blocks her path to the library doors. Niki scams him into believing that the gloves he remembers are not latex, but of the gardening variety. He tends to believe her and then recalls that it was her wearing the red wig.

Roxy implores Allison to untie and free her, swearing she will not tell anyone of her whereabouts. Her captor replies by gagging her mouth and menacing her prisoner with a rope. She is approaching the frightened woman when Lindsay shouts that she is on her way to the basement. Allison attempts to head her fellow convict off at the stairs, preying on her fear of rats, she tells her there is a huge one in the basement. Lindsay, however is not deterred and walks past the crazed woman. She shrieks at the site of a dead rodent, not noticing that a covered figure on the cellar floor is in fact a bound and stifled Roxanne. Once upstairs, the two cohorts can't agree on what to do next. They tune into the radio to get a sense of how far the police have gotten in their investigation. The erroneous news reports on the Statesville convicts is that the pair were last seen in Pittsburgh. Upon hearing this, Allison and Lindsay become giddy with laughter and relief, until it is announced that a fire broke out on the street where Sam lives.

Bo receives irrefutable proof that the lone fingerprints found on the money clip outside of the escape scene at Statesville belong to R. J. Gannon. Antonio is the primary detective on the case and because of his involvement with Keri, the Commissioner opines that he or another investigator should take over the case. Antonio refuses the offer, stating it is his job to see the investigation through, R. J's involvement notwithstanding. He leaves to confront his future father-in-law.

Téa and Todd are standing at the shore, the tattered shirt that washed up from the ocean belonging to Ross held tightly in her hands. Thinking the worst possible scenario had played out, she hears a voice. The pair turn and hear Rayburn say that he had "been looking for that shirt." Todd is immediately jealous of the attention his former wife is paying to the returned castaway. Weak from the vigors of his attempted rescue effort, Téa besieges Todd to help her from keeping the guy from collapsing, her pleas go unanswered. Once rejuvenated, Ross explains that his craft was decimated by the pressure of the ocean waves. However, he had gotten far enough along to spot a shipping lane. Todd vilifies him for not having made a stronger attempt to attract one of the boats. He tries to reassure Todd that it is not his intention to undercut whatever he and Téa have going on. His assurance' falls on deaf ears, as Todd remarks he couldn't wait to see Téa again. The former husband and wife deny in tandem having drawn closer in his absence.

At the hospital, Cris admits to Jen, in the presence of her father and Al, that he was at the Bayberry Inn with Natalie when the fire was set. He goes on to explain he has uncovered evidence proving Natalie innocent of pushing Dr. Davidson from the window. Al secretly quizzes one of the arson investigators if they had any further information regarding who set the fire. He is assured that they will find out who the torch is. Sam explains to his daughter, it could had been almost anyone who blazed the house. He thanks Al once again for saving his daughter's life. Before leaving to see Bo, Nat wants to know from Cris, if he is going to tell Jennifer about the kiss they shared. He answers that he will, to secure her alibi. He leaves for police headquarters.

Keri awakes from dreams of disaster about the wedding. Her father assures her it's a product of too much wedding show viewing and convinces her that she should get back to bed. He starts for the door, intending to destroy the wedding video, and finds Antonio on the other side. He shows R. J. the money clip souvenir from Maui. He explains he had lost it, and didn't tell Keri for fear of upsetting her with his carelessness at losing her gift. Antonio asks why R. J. isn't questioning that the clip is enclosed in an evidence bag. The detective goes on to tell him where it was found. Keri wakes from the loud exchange between her boyfriend and father.

Cris presents Bo with the book and syringe he found hidden in the gardening shed, along with his theory that Viki is responsible for pushing her husband through the window. The Commissioner is unmoved by both the accusation and evidence, until Cris produces the red wig. He admits that from the start, Natalie being a suspect was almost entirely incomprehensible.

Ross cautions Todd and Téa that they must get busy building a raft for four, as storm season will soon be upon them. They will face certain peril, should they not leave the island immediately.

Lindsay learns her daughter has been taken to Llanview hospital, the report goes on to say the girl was a victim of arson.

Keri wants to know what case Antonio is working on.

Bo thinks back on Viki's strange behavior over the past few months, realizing Niki Smith is responsible for Ben's attempted murder.

While recalling the kiss with Cris, Natalie reveals to Jen that trying to piece together evidence wasn't all they were doing at the Bayberry.

Niki insists Ben's memory is clouded by the medication he is taking and yells at him to release her from his grasp.

It was you, Ben shouts, who pushed me through the window.

Wednesday, August 7, 2002

Ben finally puts the pieces together and realizes that it was Niki who pushed him through the window. When he calls her on it, she adamantly denies it. As he continues to accuse her, she grabs a letter opener and tries to stab him with it but he manages to force it from her hand. Niki sneers at Ben that he finally figured it out, that he's really stupid, and divulges that it was her he spent the night with at the Palace. Ben informs her that he knew something was different and he demands that she let Viki out. She'll be headed for the psycho ward. She taunts him, suggesting that he should have stayed in the coma and that he'll never be able to hurt her since she's still in Viki's body. Suddenly, Niki begins screaming and moaning, grabbing her head and finally she looks up, with a dazed expression on her face. When she wonders where she is, Ben timidly asks if she's Viki. Things turn ugly yet again when she grabs a paperweight before their embrace and clunks him on the head with it. She hurriedly tries to plan an escape.

There is plenty of denying going on at R.J.'s place also as at first Keri finds it difficult to believe that her father would have anything to do with helping convicts escape. When Antonio shows her R.J.'s money clip that was found at the scene of the tunnel exit in the woods, it's R.J.'s turn to make excuses. It's only a misunderstanding, he pleads, as his clip was actually stolen. When Keri reminds him that she's just seen it, he claims to have only purchased a look-alike one so that she wouldn't be hurt that her gift to him was missing. He would have done a dirty deed like this in the past, he continues, but not now. Antonio mentions that the only fingerprints on the clip belong to R.J. When Keri demands an answer from her dad, R.J. continues to deny his part in the escape and in fact, feigns surprise when he learns that it is Lindsay who escaped. Antonio reminds R.J. that Lindsay has something on him, supplying the drug to hurt Nora and they probably made a deal. He loves Nora, everyone knows that, states R.J. emphatically. It was most likely Colin involved in that scheme, he says further. Antonio wants to know where R.J. was at the time of the prison break, around 8:45PM, he enlightens them. Keri is confused and sticks up for Antonio, he's only doing his job, she says. R.J. feels he doesn't owe anyone any explanations; Antonio realizes the man has no alibi. After learning what time this happened however, it dawns on Keri that she's his alibi.

At the hospital Troy argues with another doctor that Nora should be admitted but when Nora overhears this she teasingly tells him that he's obsessive and over-protective of her and that she's got a great doctor. She confesses that she thought she saw Lindsay when the car came at her. Troy gently breaks the news that Lindsay has escaped from Statesville. They decide that the person in the car couldn't have been Lindsay since someone threw her a rope before driving off. Besides, Troy heard that Lindsay was spotted in Pittsburgh.

After hearing the news of Jen's being rescued from the fire, an anxious Lindsay tells Allison that she's leaving. Allison says otherwise until she thinks back to "Dave" telling her how much he liked her when she was a nice person. She gives the ok and suggests that Lindsay raid Rae's closets (where they're in hiding) for some type of disguise. Lindsay convinces her that she will not be caught since no one would ever expect to see her at the hospital.

Natalie explains to Jen how she and Cris spent time together going through evidence and how they spoke about her and how much Cris loves her. She confesses how she thought she had D.I.D. like her mother and how Cris helped her and promised not to tell. Jen is skeptical but Nat reassures her of Cris' love.

Cris manages to see Bo at the police station and shares the newly found evidence with him. Bo always had a problem with Nat being the suspect and when he calls Llanfair and learns that the police protection unit is out searching the grounds for an intruder on the advice of Mrs. Davidson, he orders them back to the house immediately. He tells Cris that the situation with Nat will be taken care of.

As Troy and Nora express their love and thankfulness towards each other, Lindsay spots them; she's wearing a lab coat and dark wig. As she hides and tries to calm herself after seeing them in an embrace, Claire interrupts them to discuss hospital business with Troy. Nora decides to get a breath of fresh air and wanders off in Lindsay's direction. The woman has her back turned and Nora apologizes for disturbing her space. Claire and Troy talk about the prison break and agree that Lindsay is a very clever woman. Troy mentions that he would watch Nora constantly if he even thought that Lindsay was around. At about the same time, Cris gets off of the elevator and spots Jen and Nat. Jen tells him she knows everything and he apologizes for letting "it" happen. Nat hurriedly cuts in on Cris and lets him know exactly what she disclosed to Jen. He takes her aside and tells her that Bo will handle their evidence and asks her where she might be headed now. She hedges but tells him she needs time to be alone and think. Jen apologizes for being mean and not trusting Cris, though he's a bit uneasy, remembering the kiss between him and Nat. Nat again explains how much he helped her and missed Jen.

Once Lindsay is gone, Allison raids Rae's closet herself and descends the stairs in a nurse-type outfit. She locates a gun and puts it into the first aid kit that she can use and heads off to find "Dave."

Bo gets to Llanfair a little late and finds Ben lying on the floor. The doctor comes to and advises him that Niki is the one who hurt him. Bo wants to call an ambulance but Ben resists. The police commissioner discloses that he figured it all out and how the officers at the house were sent on a wild goose chase. They need to find Niki immediately. Once Bo is gone, Ben has some difficulty from the hit on the head including blurred vision. He hears someone enter and looks up to see "Nurse Allison," a vision in white.

Niki arrives at Roxy's empty house and is able to get in. Natalie turns up shortly after and walks in through the open front door where the two meet.

Thursday, August 8, 2002

Out on the patio, Nora tries to find out who the mysterious doctor is, but Jen interrupts her. Lindsay stands by while Nora comfort Jen. Jen can't understand why her mother doesn't stop and think about her family before she does the crazy things she tends to do. By escaping jail, Lindsay could be shot while being apprehended and several years could be added to her sentence. Nora gives her a hug and urges her to be with Cris and not to worry about her mom. Meanwhile, inside the hospital waiting room, Claire passes on an unconfirmed report to Troy about Lindsay being apprehended outside of Pittsburgh. As soon as Nora and Jen return inside, Troy tells them. Later, Claire returns and says that the report was false and both prisoners are loose. Back on the patio, a security guard approaches Lindsay.

At the Quarry, Jessica thinks about Natalie and her mother. She wonders what type of person she would be if she were raised by Roxy instead of Viki.

Allison comes to Ben's rescue at Llanfair and offers medical care. Allison assures him that she won't let crazy Niki hurt him anymore and she pulls out a revolver. At this time, Jessica calls Llanfair and Allison picks up the phone. When she realizes it's Jessica, she hangs up the phone and unplugs it. Ben tries to get up and says that he has to help Viki, he loves her and she's very sick. Allison is confused that Ben wants to help someone who hurt him while she loves him. Ben says emphatically that Dave doesn't exist and Ben could never possibly love her. Allison picks up the gun and points at Ben ready to fire.

When Antonio tells R.J. the time of the prison break, Keri realizes that she is R.J.'s alibi. She tells Antonio about watching the Wedding Etiquette show together from 9-10pm. Antonio can't believe his ears but has no choice but to believe her. After Antonio returns to the station, R.J. thanks Keri for supporting him.

At Roxy's house, Niki scrambles around for some get-away materials in the back while Natalie enters. Niki sees Natalie and puts on the "Viki act." When Viki tries to hug her, Natalie backs away and yells "Don't touch me, psycho." Natalie demands to know who she is and where Viki is. She knows that an alter has taken over and has been blaming everything on her, including Ben's fall. Niki says that an alter had taken over, but now Viki is back. As soon as she overcame the alter, she rushed over to Roxy's to protect Natalie from her. Roxy has been in cahoots with Niki and she didn't want them to hurt Natalie anymore. Natalie's voice softens and she seems to be buying the act. Niki: "I give you my word, as Victoria Davidson." Suddenly, Natalie slaps her on the face.

The guard tells Lindsay the he recognizes her from the news and she's in big trouble. Lindsay tells him that she's Rae Cummings and she works here. Guard: "No, I know who you are. You're Gretel Cummings and your hospital privileges have been revoked. You're not allowed on the property." He grabs her hospital ID and yells, "scram!" Lindsay runs off.

Allison stops herself and says that even though he doesn't love her, she could never kill him. She picks up her medical kit and says, "Goodbye...Ben." She leaves Llanfair. By this time, Jessica realizes that something is wrong and she returns to Llanfair with Seth. They find Ben collapsed on the floor and he tells them that Allison had been there.

Natalie tells Niki that Viki would never leave Ben's side in his condition. Niki realizes that she can't fool Natalie and returns to her nasty self. Natalie demands to have her mother back and begins talking to Viki. She tells her that she loves her and she was the only one who loved her return, even when she was a horrible person. She is the glue that holds their family together and she won't let her be taken away after she just found her. Niki tells Natalie that she's wasting her time because Viki is in "Lala land" where she can protect her. Natalie completely ignores Niki and continues to try to reach her mother. "I need you. I love you. Try harder! Please, Viki." By this point Natalie is pleading, but Niki only laughs. Niki tells her to get out her way and makes for the door. Natalie blocks the door and locks it. "You aren't leaving until I get my mother back!" They struggle and Natalie reaches for the phone. Niki throws it across the room and lunges at Natalie. Natalie pushes her away and Niki lands hard on the floor. While she's unconscious on the ground, Natalie rushes out to find the police.

Allison returns to Rae's basement and finds Roxy struggling in her ties. She takes off the gag and Roxy tells her she can still get the money for her. Roxy says that she has a lot of money stashed away from her last trip to Vegas. Allison tells herself that there is nothing left because Dave is gone. Roxy convinces her otherwise and Allison decides to take the money. While Allison is off finding the money, Roxy tells herself that she needs to free herself before Allison realizes she was sent on a wild goose chase.

Niki comes to and decides she needs to leave before Natalie comes back with the police. Suddenly the door opens and it's Allison. Allison: "Hello, Niki."

Friday, August 9, 2002

Allison and Niki accidentally meet at Roxy's abandoned house in Atlantic City. Niki is there to hide from the police and abscond with the old car left behind by the new Mrs. Holden. Allison is in search of a cache of money that doesn't exist, as Roxy bribed her captor with the promise of cash in an attempt to escape from the crazed woman. Niki screams for help at the site of the prison escapee, pretending to be Viki. Allison doesn't buy the scam and Niki quickly drops the facade. She thanks Allison for pushing Viki over the edge, setting her free, bid's the woman good-bye and walks toward the door. Her way is blocked by Allison, who says they have things to settle. She blames her lot in life on Viki, first for being in a coma then locked away in Saint Ann's. The paramount crime however is taking "Dave" away from her, the only man she ever loved. Niki attempts to reason with the crazed woman, to no avail. What Allison craves is revenge. Niki snickers at that, calling her an "idiot." Alluding to the secret that only she knows, Niki tells her she has already exacted her revenge and doesn't even know it. A disgruntled Allison produces the gun she had taken from Rae's house. She wants to kill Niki, who tries in vain to dissuade her. The only way to rid herself of Viki, she reasons, is to get rid of both of them. Niki points out that the gun isn't loaded and bolts for the door. The women struggle, Allison prevails, securing her opponent in a headlock.

Seth and Jessica find a barely conscious Ben at Llanfair. He tells his stepdaughter that her mother is gone and Niki Smith is in control. The girl finds this news incredulous. Ben tries to convince her, saying it was Niki who pushed him through the window. Viki wouldn't have allowed such a thing to happen answers Jesse, still in a state of disbelief. Rex walks in and she thinks back on how her mother had treated him, the truth begins to take hold. Rae arrives asking Seth if Viki or Ben is there. He directs her the library. She announces Allison has escaped from prison. Ben informs her about Viki's condition. She explains that she had hypnotized Viki at her request, and Niki briefly emerged. Ben admonishes her for having unleashed Niki. She endeavors to explain that the procedure was safe, but her explanation falls on deaf ear's. He asks the once prominent doctor turned town reprobate to leave. She does, not before saying that with the proper help Viki could be brought back. Rex is filled in about the D.I.D disorder.

Roxy realizes she must get to the cell phone that was left behind in the basement, if she is to survive Allison. She frees herself of the gag in her mouth, but is unable to undo the ropes that bind her hands. She uses her weight to negotiate her way across the basement, hopping in the chair. She finally reaches the phone.

AL warns his dad that Roxy's absence isn't necessarily a good thing, as he believes she might be planning something. Max dismisses his son's warning, basking in the joy of his wife being gone and wants to celebrate. Al begs off claiming he is tired. Max senses there is something on his mind that he is holding back. Just then Gabrielle arrives at the mill house, calling her son a hero and relates the entire story of how he saved Jen Rappaport's life, as she heard about it on the Banner wire. Al plays the rescue story down, reliving in his mind how he started the fire. He asks his Mom if she had heard of any suspects in the arson. She answers that she hadn't. The phone rings and Max leaves to take the call. Knowing her son as she does, Gabrielle realizes he had risked his life to save a woman who will never love him, and says as much. Al blows her off, saying all he wants, is to take a shower. His mother, not easily deterred, continues to speak her mind about his obsession with Jennifer.

Natalie is in the Atlantic City police station, trying to persuade the desk sergeant to send an officer out to Roxy's place, as she left Niki there unconcioucs. She relates her fantastic story, spewing it out with rapid fire intensity. The policeman asks for identification and she explains she left her purse at Roxy's. Realizing she is getting nowhere fast, she telephone's Bo who isn't available, and asks if Cris Vega is there, again she hasn't any luck. Next she tries to warn Ben but the phone is busy.

Jen is finally alone with Cris. She apologizes for believing that something was going on between he and Natalie. He reassures his girlfriend that he cares about her. She still wonders why Nat's keys was found in her room but no longer thinks she set the fire. She can't fathom though, who the arsonist is. Cris can't help thinking of the kiss he shared with Natalie. Jen interrupts his thoughts, reiterating how off base she was about his relationship with Natalie. He is about to tell her something, when the phone rings and it is Natalie calling. She explains what is going on in Atlantic City. He volunteer's his services to track down Bo at the LPD.

Nora is pronounced to be in good health, at the hospital. Troy is incensed with Blair for interfering in his life, and leading Nora to believe that he was cheating on her. He blames Blair for Nora's brush with death. She tries to calm him, saying if the car had not broken down she wouldn't have been on the bridge. Her words do little to assuage his rage. He goes on about Blair, and Balir appears. After going off on her for all of her scheming, Blair apologizes effusively and begs their forgiveness. Meanwhile, Sam is listening in on the conversation. The pair eventually do forgive the woman, as she truly regrets her actions, wishing she could take it all back. Sam reveals his presence, when Troy and Nora leave.

Cris shows up at the A. C. police station with Jen, saying it was her idea to head over there. Bo had called and verified Natalie's story and the police are dispatched to Roxy's former home, with Cris and company in tow.

Sam suggests to Blair that she get over Todd and take an introspective look at herself. She has to if she ever wants to love someone again. She promises to try. Sam bends down and softly kisses her cheek. As he walks off he turns to glimpse her, and she gently touches the spot where he planted the kiss.

Max refuses to believe that Roxy needs his help, telling her to deal with the beauty makeover mess and ostensibly saying she is vying for attention.

Having said that, he hangs up on her. Briefly, he thinks back to when she left, saying she might not make her way home due to her "hypergluecokkis" condition. It seems he is reconsidering his position when he laughingly says "no" aloud.

Gabrielle prognosticates to Al that he will love and be loved without having to rely on manipulating anyone into it. She is also sure that Bo will catch the arsonist. Al replies, that perhaps the torch will turn himself in.

Nora is proud that Troy forgave Blair. He tells her that people make mistakes and if they are genuinely sorry, should be given a second chance. In a regretful tone, he adds some people don't get that opportunity.

When Cris Jen and Nat reach Roxy's house, the police announce it is deserted. Viki's car however, is outside along with Roxy's deserted auto.

Allison returns to Rae's house, securely gags Roxy and deposits her in a room off the basement. She has brought a trunk back with her. She opens the lid and a motionless Viki is revealed to be inside of


Ben tells Jesse that Niki was responsible for trying to kill him not Viki. The girl can't beleive her mother is "gone." Ben tries to reassure her that the police will find her, and she will get the help she needs, at any cost. With tears in her eyes Jessica asks "what if we can't" and directs a helpless look at Seth and Rex as Ben comforts her.

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