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Chris asked Erica to marry him, and she eventually agreed. Bianca applied for a job at Enchantment. Vanessa's other personality, Nessa, emerged. Greenlee feared that Nessa might not have to go to jail. Kendall was up to her mischievous ways again. Simone moved into Myrtle's boarding house.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of August 5, 2002 on AMC
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Monday, August 5, 2002

At the hospital, Leo asked Trey why he was still hanging around. Trey replied that Vanessa had just come back from the dead and that she would speak for the first time since his wedding to Greenlee. Curious, Leo wondered if he was waiting to hear something specific. Trey replied that Vanessa had been given a "raw deal" and explained the injustice it would have been if she had died before they cleared her name. Laughing, Leo's eyes suddenly lit up and he replied that he now understood him - he was a fake.

At the bar, Kendall was overjoyed at their "unholy alliance" to bring Erica down. Unamused, Greenlee replied that she would never align herself with her and asked her to wrap her "pea brain" around the fact that she would hire Erica before her.

Bianca walked into SOS and was shocked to see Greenlee and Kendall chatting. Aidan called her over and told her that he would tell her what was going on but that she wouldn't like what she heard.

Kendall tried to convince her that together, their power could decimate Erica but Greenlee only scoffed that she already had power. Kendall told her that the power she wanted and what Erica had were really far off and asked her to rethink her offer. Before she could answer, Greenlee's phone rang and she rushed off. As Kendall sat down at a table, Bianca approached her and told her she knew she was trying to get to her mother. Kendall smirked as she wondered how long Bianca had been eavesdropping but Bianca only replied that Aidan had told her everything. She advised Kendall to back off because she would only "irritate" her mother. Kendall laughed and explained that her only assets were a high school diploma and a trust fund and she scoffed at her sister's lack of street smarts. Kendall blasted Erica and Aidan approached them, as he asked Kendall if being that ugly came naturally. Kendall responded that he didn't know her and told him to mind his own business. Aidan bantered with her before he left, as Bianca agreed to a rain check. "Has the good ship of lesbos entered the Bermuda Triangle?" Kendall teased, as she told Bianca that he had already come onto her. "That must have been before you opened your mouth," Bianca responded but Kendall assured her to go ahead if she liked used goods. Suddenly, Bianca's face lit up. She thanked Kendall for giving her a great idea and rushed away.

Leo explained to Trey that he had built a wall between him and David and that he was the only one who seemed to care about Vanessa. Surprised, Trey agreed that he was right. Leo thanked him and praised his diligence in making sure that Vanessa got justice. Suddenly, Greenlee ran up and told her that David had called to tell her that Vanessa flatlined. Leo explained that he had to turn his phone off and continued to thank Trey until he left to check on Vanessa. Alone, Greenlee asked what that was about and Leo replied that it was a "big fat lie." He explained Vanessa's resurrection and Greenlee was shocked. She told Leo about her day and assured him that she wasn't going to join forces with Kendall. After a few seconds of silence, they suddenly began talking about their problems at the same time. Laughing, Greenlee suggested they get away and Leo whisked her away as he told her he knew exactly what they had to do.

While sitting on a park bench, Brooke confided to Edmund that she didn't know Wildwind was visible from that location. She admitted that it resembled a beautiful painting and that the only thing missing was a "princess waving from the highest turret." Quietly, Edmund told her that's who he wanted her to be. Brooke was shocked and jumped up from the bench. She told him that Wildwind was his home with Maria but he replied that ever since she had told him the truth about Nevada, he was putting the past behind him. Brooke remembered back to her conversation with Maria in the hospital and didn't reply when Edmund asked her if she would consider moving into Wildwind with Jamie. He confessed that he didn't want to live there after Maria died but couldn't bear to uproot Maddie and Sam. As Brooke sat down on the bench, Edmund took her hand and told her that she breathed new life into him and asked her if she would move into Wildwind. Teary, Brooke told him she would. Edmund confessed that there was something he hadn't asked her yet. Slowly, he asked if she had ever thought that he would leave her, if she actually had found Maria in Nevada. Brooke replied that she had never thought about how it would affect her or their relationship. Edmund assured her that she wasn't a stand-in for Brooke and that he wanted to marry her and only her. Brooke returned the sentiment and Edmund began to envelop her in a hug as he told her she was the most selfless woman he had ever met. "Stop, Edmund, it's not true!" she exclaimed, as she pushed him away.

At the airport, a cab driver approached Maria and asked her if she needed a ride. Maria lowered her suitcase to the ground and asked him if there was a visitor's center nearby. The cabbie replied that there was and led her away, leaving the suitcase behind. Maria ran back to retrieve it and noticed the cover of "Architectural Review" which was featuring a cover story on Pennsylvania's castles. She picked it up and looked at a photograph of the living room at Wildwind and the other pictures on the cover. Confused, she put it back down and left.

Adam shook Liza as he demanded to know where JR was. Liza backed away and asked Adam if he would "beat" her and then say she did it to herself to add "masochism to (her) wrap sheet." Adam told her that JR may be dead but Liza only retorted that it would be his fault, not hers. Outraged, Adam demanded to know JR's whereabouts but Liza only shrugged and replied that she didn't know because she hadn't seen him. She explained that she had parked his convertible - "the car only (he) drives" - behind the greenhouse. Calming down, Adam replied that what she had done to him was "inexplicably cruel" but Liza didn't think so. She stated that she hadn't cut the brake lines to her own car and asked him how he liked teetering on the edge of insanity. Liza confessed that she knew he had cut the lines to his convertible after getting her fingerprints on a knife for 'evidence.' Adam hollered that he wasn't trying to kill her but that he was going to drive the car himself. Liza chuckled as Adam told her that she had gone to a whole new level and she wondered if there were "rules" to their game. She collapsed on the chair as she asked if this meant their trip to England was off and Adam replied that she couldn't "bounce back from this one." He was furious that she would use his son in her scheme but Liza asked him to remember the many times he had done the exact same thing to Colby, in order to make her believe that she was crazy. She stated that she knew he was trying to get her carted off to Oak Haven and Adam angrily confessed that he didn't want her to take Colby away without him. Suddenly extremely angry, he wished he had "put (her) away months ago." He vowed that she would regret her actions but Liza replied that the only thing she regretted was not making him suffer for longer. Adam retorted that she had lied and manipulated her way through their marriage in order to escape with Colby and Liza reminded him that she had suffered through a brain tumor. She explained the loneliness and pain she had felt at the thought that she would never spend another moment with her family and Adam replied that he had suffered through it with her. Liza scoffed at the sentiment but Adam was fierce. She confessed that his company was fine and that she had wanted to return the money, but he blasted her and told her it was about love, not money. Adam bellowed that he had been terrified that she wasn't going to make it and that he had never loved someone as much as he had loved her. He admitted that he never desired anything more than her and damned her for ruining for both of them. Liza replied that this wasn't her fault and brought up Adam's wrongdoings with former wives, Althea and Erica. Adam retorted that Liza had always been manipulative and asked her to remember her tryst with Tad to get back at his sister, Jenny. Liza ignored him and told him that she did what she had to do to protect Colby from him and reminded him that his parenting skills weren't stellar, as Hayley and JR could both attest to. Adam stated that he would never do anything to hurt Colby but Liza only replied that would never leave Adam alone in a room for five minutes with her daughter. Shocked, Adam asked her if she thought he would physically hurt their daughter but Liza answered that he had "more effective ways of dealing with people" and that she did what she had to do to protect her custodial rights. Adam went silent and asked where they went from there. Liza told him that she didn't care where he went and that she would rather die than allow her daughter to be "scarred" by him. After a moment, the pair agreed that there was nothing left to salvage. Adam was concerned for Colby's welfare but Liza reminded him that he was only allowed to feel this because of his "switch at the sperm bank." Adam replied that he did that only because he loved her but Liza remained cold towards him. He offered to pack a bag and spend the night at the Valley Inn but Liza stated that would only work for one night. Quietly, Adam whispered that he would send for the rest of his stuff in the morning and declared the mansion hers and Colby's. As he went upstairs, Liza sat on the couch and wondered how they had gotten to that point.

Leo and Greenlee arrived home and Leo, holding his wedding ring, told his wife that the world seemed better just when he looked at it. Greenlee smiled as the pair collapsed on the couch and declared that it was an effort to deal with other people. As they kissed, they promised one another that they would always remember how much they loved each other and that they were made to love one another. Leo went to turn on music to "set the mood" and Greenlee hoped that it wasn't the Chipmunks. Leo laughed as music poured from the speakers and Greenlee was happily surprised that it was their street musician from Paris. As they danced, they added a "P.S." to their wedding vows, as they promised to never change and always stay in love with each other. Smiling, Leo told her that he was changing every time he woke up next to her because he was loving her more every day.

At the park, Brooke wondered where they would be if Maria had been alive but Edmund assured her that she would never have to doubt his love for her. He directed her attention to Wildwind and told her that was where he wanted to grow old with her. They kissed passionately and left. Maria suddenly wandered into the park from another entrance and sat down on a bench. Off in the distance, she noticed Wildwind. A man approached her with a pair of binoculars and offered her a chocolate bar. She declined but asked him what the property was. He came around to the other side of her and explained that it was Wildwind, a great place for birding and offered her the binoculars. She took them and, as she looked, the man picked up her suitcase and purse. Maria turned around to ask him a question and fought for her belongings, but he knocked her down and left. Maria shakily stood and began to cry at the thought of all of her missing belongings. Suddenly, Aidan approached her and asked her if she was alright. Maria explained what had happened and Aidan asked if he could help her. Sitting down, Maria told him that she was fine but he wouldn't leave. He stated that she couldn't stay at the park and she asked how he was going to help her. Aidan put his hand out and told her that was what they had to figure out. Maria looked at him and explained that she would be right behind him. Aidan walked away and Maria stood, as she followed a few paces behind him.

At a phone call at SOS, Kendall asked if she could still use her user ID from the Paris location. Suddenly, Bianca approached her and Kendall hung up. Again, Bianca thanked Kendall for her big idea and Kendall wondered if that was her and her bride getting married in white tuxedos in Vermont. Bianca ignored her and explained that she had given her a focus in her life. Shocked, Bianca kissed her on the cheek and left. As she walked away, Bianca grimaced and wiped her mouth. At the table, Kendall sighed that she would now have to deal with Erica and the "Bianca Bonus."

In the house alone, Liza wondered how she would tell Colby that her father was gone. Suddenly, Liza ran upstairs to look for her daughter. She wasn't there. Liza ran to the door just in time to hear Adam's tires squealing as he sped away.

Tuesday, August 6, 2002

At her home, Liza was packed and ready for a trip, while asking Winifred to try to get Barry on the phone. Tad walked in and she told him that Adam knows everything, and he took Colby. She said that he went to England, but Marian entered the room and told Liza that Adam didn't go to England. She told her that he and Stuart went to Idaho for their fishing trip. Stuart called and said that Colby was with them. Liza remembered an injunction she filed preventing Adam from taking Colby out of state without her permission, and she was prepared to report him, until Barry walked in. He told her it would be a bad idea, because he filed reports with the authorities about her "unusual" behavior, and this will only make her appear more irrational. He left before she could respond. Liza told Marian and Tad that she was going to fly to NY, hire a lawyer, and get her daughter back.

Zeke and Jake informed Vanessa that she's fine, and she responded that she feels better. They left her alone, and went into the hallway. Zeke told Jake that the tests confirmed that this is a completely different personality. Trey walked up to see her, but Jake stopped him and told him it could wait, because Vanessa wasn't up to visitors. Leo and Greenlee walked up to see how Vanessa was doing, and Zeke informed them that there's been a change. She has broken into a completely new personality, and he believed that it was legit. Leo and Greenlee were doubtful, but Jake told them that she couldn't fake the test results. He informed them that she has a history of mental problems, and they were able to subpoena her medical records. Leo asked who they subpoenaed them from, and everyone turned to look at Trey. Greenlee walked up to him and said, "This is just a ploy to se that murderer free!" Trey defended himself by telling them that insanity is a legitimate defense, and now she will get the help she needs. Greenlee ripped into him, telling him that he doesn't really care about Vanessa. She turned to Leo and asked him how he was doing, and he said he was fine, and he wants to see Vanessa. Jake agreed to let Leo, Greenlee, and Trey go in to see her. When Vanessa saw Leo, she said, "Oh my baby. Thank God they didn't get to you," as Greenlee rolled her eyes in dismay. Vanessa introduced herself as Nessa, and asked Leo to come closer. She told Leo that she's loved him for so long, but Vanessa was in control and she couldn't come out. She held his hand and told him about the time he got money from the tooth fairy, and repeated that she's loved and cared for him the entire time. Greenlee wasn't buying it, and told Leo not to believe anything she said. Nessa responded that she can understand why Greenlee's upset, and she hoped they could get to know each other better. Greenlee walked away from her and said that nothing she could say would change what Vanessa tried to do. Nessa told her that she will prove her love for them, because they're family now. Greenlee was disgusted, and Leo told them the visit's over. Nessa asked him to stay behind, and he agreed, assuring Greenlee that it will just be a minute. Outside the room, Greenlee walked up to Trey and said, "This is all your fault." Back in her room, Nessa grabbed Leo by the hand and said, "No mother could love a mother more then I love you. But, dear, how could you possibly look in my eyes and believe one word I told you." Leo backed away from her and told her to get some rest. She asked if he will visit again, and he gave her a slight nod. Back outside, Leo interrupted Greenlee yelling at Trey. He told Trey that he has a lot of charges against him, and he asked him to be his lawyer. Trey said he would think about it, as Leo and Greenlee left. Trey walked back into Vanessa's room and asked her if she's ready to tell him what she said to Leo.

At SOS, Brooke joined Edmund and Mateo, who were discussing the wedding. Mateo told Brooke that the Santos family is very proud to have Brooke join their family, and Isabella is happy that Sam and Maddie will have a mother again. When he excused himself, Brooke noticed that Edmund looked upset. She asked him if it was something Mateo said, and he responded, "Yes. Maria." Brooked pressed him and asked what, regarding Maria, is bothering him. He told her that he needed to fly to Nevada to check up on Maureen Gorman, for his own piece of mind. Brooke told him that she didn't understand, and tried to convince him that it wasn't Maria. He explained to her that it was his journalistic instincts that makes him want to check it out for himself. She questioned why he needs to verify what she already did, and he said he needed to do it to put his own mind at rest. Mateo interrupted to tell Brooke she had a phone call. Before leaving, she asked Edmund if he was going to tell Mateo, and he responded that it wouldn't do any good. She was upset when she said, "Double-checking my research won't do any good either," as she walked away. After her phone call, Brooke returned to discover that Edmund had already left, and she remembered her confrontation with Maureen bearing a striking resemblance to Maria.

Opal is cleaning Tad's house when Hayley arrived. Hayley wondered why she was cleaning, and not J.R., and Opal informed her that J.R. hasn't slept there in days. She went on to tell Hayley that Tad left town suddenly, and she assumed J.R. headed over to Adam's to stay. Hayley told her that J.R. was supposed to be working at SOS, and some of the bus boys told her that he's been leaving work early. Opal wasn't surprised and said that he hasn't been the same since Dixie died. She said that she hopes he makes it through this, and Hayley responded that she does too.

After Liza left, Tad asked Marian how late J.R. slept around there, and Marian informed him that J.R. hasn't been there in days. They went to check Adam's datebook, to see if he wrote J.R. in, but there was no reference to him. Hayley walked in and asked them to see J.R., and they informed her that he's not there. After Marian left, Hayley ripped into Tad for leaving his son alone after he just lost his mother. He asked if she knows where he might be, and she responded that she's not his father, and it's not her responsibility. Tad was surprised when she informed him that he's been ditching out on SOS, also. He let Hayley continue yelling at him, while admitting that he let J.R. down. He told her that he would try to make things better for J.R., and she apologized for being hard on him. He told her that knows a couple of places that J.R. hangs out, and he left to find him.

At the boathouse, Maggie was complaining that Tim dragged her out of bed early in the morning to go swimming. He told her that he wanted to be alone with her before the place got packed, but then commented that they weren't quite alone. Maggie followed his gaze and noticed J.R. sleeping on the floor of the boathouse. They woke him up and asked him why he chose to sleep on this hard floor rather then a premium bed. J.R. was upset and responded, "It's none of your freakin' business!" Maggie tried to calm him down and told him that they weren't ragging on him. J.R. apologized and they asked him again why he was crashing there. J.R. said that he was thinking about his mom, and it wasn't like anyone was missing him anyway. He also said he was thinking of leaving Pine Valley and moving to New York with his cousin, Scott. Tim was interrupted by a phone call, and he left the boathouse to talk. It was Trevor, and he told Tim that he wanted him to come home, today. He told his dad that he couldn't yet, because of a few post-op tests that Dr. Joe said were necessary. He told him that he'll let him know as soon as he's sprung, and he hung up. Back in the boathouse, J.R. told Tim that Maggie left to get coffee, and then he asked Tim why he was lying to his dad. Tim said that his dad was overprotective, and he could take care of himself. J.R. didn't buy his explanation, as Maggie returned with coffee. A few minutes later, Tad walked up and grabbed J.R., telling him never to leave like that again. J.R. said he should have just left a sticky note on the fridge, like Tad did. Tad said he was wrong, and he apologized. J.R. said it doesn't matter, because he's leaving town, today. He told him that he couldn't go back to the house, because it's full of memories of Dixie. Tad said there's nothing wrong with remembering her, but J.R. said he shouldn't have to "remember" her. He told Tad that it's his fault she left, therefore, it's his fault that she's dead.

Outside of SOS, Edmund made a reservation for a flight to Vegas when Hayley walked up. She asked him what he was up to, and he responded that he was going to look for Maria.

In a hotel room, Maria is on the phone. She asked for the rest of her belongings to be sent to her, because she's probably going to be here for awhile

Wednesday, August 7, 2002

Myrtle comes home to find Frankie in her living room. She is thrilled to see how grown up he has become. She is not so happy to see that Simone is with him. Myrtle immediately gets on Simone's case assuming that she and Frank spent the night together. Frankie explains that Simone is a patient of his and that he let her spend the night in an empty room. Once Myrtle understands the situation, she praises Frankie's good heart. Simone assures Myrtle that Frankie is safe from her evil clutches.

Mia comes home to Chandler mansion wondering where everyone has gone. Marian tells her that everyone is gone and it is all because of her. Winifred comes in to announce the landscape architect has arrived and he has some questions. Marian is ready to take over, when Mia jumps in and asks Winifred to make some iced tea and have the architect meet her on the porch. Once Marian regains the power of speech, she berated Mia for overstepping her bounds. Mia explains that Liza trusts her judgment and asked her to take over whenever she was unavailable. Marian doesn't like it one bit, but has no choice but to accept things until Liza returns.

As Mia goes over the landscape plans, she is startled by Frankie at the doorway. He asks her if she can help out a friend of his who needs a job. Simone. Frankie knows that Mia has a sister who runs Chandler Enterprises. Mia refuses to use her influence on Liza that way. She reminds Frankie that they had a deal to pretend not to know each other in Pine Valley. She asks Frankie what happened to his passion for film making. He tells her people change, then says, look at you. Mia remembers being in Trey's office and putting her unborn baby up for adoption. When he asked the name of the father, she told him it was Frankie Hubbard.

JR blames Tad for Dixie's accident. He believes Tad drove her away. Tad really has no excuse except to tell JR that he can't bear to lose him too. He asks JR for a chance to be the kind of father that Dixie believed he could be. After a heartfelt conversation, Tad asks JR if they can work on their trust one step at a time.

Trey asks Nessa where Vanessa hid the money. Vanessa won't tell him because the memories are too painful. He does everything he can to earn her trust finally promising that if Nessa tells him where the money is, he will guarantee that her name will be cleared and she will never have to go to prison. Leo comes in and is surprised to see Trey there. Leo asks if there is anything Nessa would like to tell him. When Trey leaves, Nessa tells Leo that she wants to make everything up to him. She wants to be a good mother. He tells her to do that, she needs to help him clear himself of the whole Proteus mess. "Where did Vanessa hide the money?" Leo asks. "You want it too" Vanessa counters. Leo is surprised that someone else has also asked this question. When he asks Nessa who else is looking for the money, she tells him the police, the DA, etc, but neglects to mention Trey.

Leo leaves and asks Jake to keep Trey away from Vanessa. Mia comes running in and agrees with Leo. She tells them they have no idea what Trey is capable of. In the meantime, Greenlee pays a visit to Vanessa.

Thursday, August 8, 2002

Simone kissed Frank on the cheek, then pulled back quickly and wondered why she did that. She said she has a bad habit of using men to prop herself up. Frank said it was ok to lean on someone for help sometimes. Simone told him a brief recap of her affair with Roger and then suggested that Frank run far away from her. Frank said he wasn't about to throw Simone on the rejection pile like her father does. He went on to say that her father treats her very badly and isn't good for her. Simone got defensive and tried to defend her father. She said her father wants to help her but it isn't ethical for him to treat his own daughter. Frank argued that her father only needed to put his arms around Simone and hug her to help her. Simone yelled that her father is a great doctor and Frank will never be as good. Frank said that may be but he will always remember his oath "First do no harm." He said he needed to leave for the hospital and they could continue this conversation when he returned. Simone said she wouldn't be there when he got back. Frank tried to convince Simone to stay but she said she had to clear out because it would be too easy for her to let Frank take care of her. Myrtle walked in and Frank told her Simone was moving on. Frank told Simone to take care of herself and left for the hospital. Simone told Myrtle she'd go pack her things but Myrtle stopped her. She told Simone that she was making a big mistake, that Frank was trying to help her. She said Frank would be there for her and Simone asked why Myrtle was telling her this since she made it clear that she didn't trust her. Myrtle said she changed her mind because Frank saw something in Simone and that was good enough for her. Myrtle told Simone she should plant herself right there because when someone throws you a life preserver, you hang on for dear life.

While thunder boomed Kendall and Petey played cards in the park. Petey cheated and won more money from his nanny. Kendall told him she was going to start calling him Sneaky Pete. Trey strolled over and made snide comments about "Nanny Kendall." Petey wanted to know who "the suit" was so Kendall introduced them. Petey was his usual charming self. Kendall told Trey he owes her and it was now time to pay up. Kendall sent Petey for ice cream and then argued with Trey about who owed whom. He said she still owes him legal fees but she said Ryan gave him a huge retainer that he didn't deserve so as far as she was concerned he wasn't getting another dime from her. Trey said "not hardly," but Kendall threatened to go to the Bar Association and tell them what kind of tactics Trey uses. He backed down and asked what exactly she wanted from him. Kendall said she needed a place to stay. He finally agreed to letting Kendall move in with him temporarily but said now she owes him. As Petey returned Trey left.

Chris went to the penthouse construction site and spoke with Aidan. He gave the crew the rest of the day off and even handed Aidan some money to take the guys out for a beer. He told Aidan he had big plans that evening in the penthouse. After the men left Chris went to his computer and began an email to Ryan. He told Ryan that tonight he was going to grab onto his life with both hands.

Erica was on the phone in her office when Bianca walked in. Erica hung up and complimented her daughter on her stunning outfit. Bianca handed her resume to her mother and said she was applying for a job. Erica asked why now, since a year ago Bianca flat out refused to work at Enchantment. Bianca said it was because Kendall and Greenlee were teaming up against Erica. "So, it's you and me against Kendall and Greenlee?" Erica asked. Bianca said "Let's do this, let's grind them into the ground!." Erica said those two were laughable opponents and not worthy of her efforts. Bianca asked if her mother was turning her down and Erica said yes, that this was not Bianca's fight. She said that Bianca has no interest in the cosmetics industry so why would she want to work there. Bianca said she didn't want to go to college yet and didn't want to just live off her trust fund. Bianca said she could learn so much from her mother, that this was real life and it would help her grow up. Then she smiled and said she wanted this gig on her resume. Erica finally gave in but on the condition that Bianca also attend Pine Valley University part time. Bianca agreed and they shook hands. Erica gave her a pass to the executive floor but Bianca thought she should start in the mail room. Erica said no way, she was taking Greenlee's old job. Chris walked in and Erica told him the good news. He was happy for both of them and then told Erica he needed her in the penthouse to look at a light fixture that had just arrived. They left and Bianca sat down at Erica's desk, smiling. Kendall strolled in and said "Look at this! Binky is playing dress-up in Mommy's office!" Bianca asked how Kendall got past security and she said she threatened Enchantment with a lawsuit since she'd never been paid for her last week of work. Bianca said she'd call payroll and have them cut a check. Kendall didn't see how Bianca could do that but was told that Bianca has joined forces with Erica. Bianca said she'd take Kendall directly to payroll and started out of the room. Before Kendall followed her she picked up the executive key Bianca left lying on the desk and put it in her pocket.

At the hospital in front of Vanessa's room Leo, Mia and Jake stood talking. Mia asked Jake to ban Trey from the hospital. Jake wanted to know why but she wouldn't say. He asked why Trey pushed Mia's buttons but all she told him was that it was just bad memories. Jake got Mia to walk with him and left Leo behind. They stopped in the lounge and Jake grilled her about Trey. Mia said it was complicated but that Trey was a lying user. Jake believed that but didn't think she was telling him everything. Jake left and Leo turned up and admitted to eavesdropping. He said Jake was coming down too hard on Mia. Mia told him it was none of his business. Leo said he needs Trey, that he knows more about Vanessa's illegal activities. Leo asked Mia for her help to get to Trey. She wasn't sure but Leo asked her to trust him. Mia said Trey is a lying thug who uses people then throws them away. Leo said he needed something more specific to help him put Trey away. Mia finally agreed to tell him every rotten thing about Trey. Trey showed up and interrupted them. Leo left and Trey demanded to know what she was telling Leo. She said nothing and tried to walk away. Trey grabbed her and Mia told him he was finished. He began threatening Mia with her son's welfare and reminded her that William's father didn't even know about his son. Mia ordered him to leave William's father alone. In walked Frank, pushing a small child in a wheelchair.

Up in the penthouse Chris made Erica close her eyes until they were in the middle of the room. Then he had her open them and look up. She saw an engagement ring hanging from the ceiling.

Later that night Kendall let herself back into Erica's office with the stolen key.

In Vanessa's hospital room Greenlee talked with "Nessa." Nessa said she wanted Greenlee to learn to trust her and doesn't blame her for not trusting her after all Vanessa did. Greenlee said "I don't blame you either Nessa."

Nessa was relieved and told Greenlee that she is Leo's savior and that he found true happiness with her. Greenlee didn't really buy this. Nessa asked if Greenlee can forgive her for not doing more to stop Vanessa. Greenlee leaned in close and said she owed Nessa her life. She said they both love and want to protect Leo. Greenlee said they both want Leo to have the life he deserves. Nessa said she'd do anything for Leo and Greenlee said "Tell me where the $10 million is so Leo can get on with his life." Nessa said she has no head for figures and doesn't know where the money ended up. Greenlee started to leave and Nessa called her back. She said "Don't hate your father, he loved you with all of his heart." She went on saying Roger loved Greenlee more than his own life. She said Roger knew that Vanessa would go after Greenlee if he didn't do what she wanted so he in a way gave his life for Greenlee. Greenlee was stunned and Nessa said she was telling the truth and would never hurt Greenlee. Greenlee headed to the door and Nessa asked her to come again so they could be friends and have no secrets between them. Outside the door Greenlee stood with tears pouring down her face. Leo showed up and she told him Nessa was so good it was scary. Leo said Nessa was nicer and better than Vanessa but Greenlee said she was "100 times worse."

Friday, August 9, 2002

At the penthouse, Chris proposed to Erica. To his surprise and disappointment, she turned him down.

Later at the Valley Inn, Erica sat on her bed, tears in her eyes as the thunderstorm brewed outside her window. Answering the knock on her door, she discovered Chris had also come to the Valley Inn. "You don't get off that easy," he told her as he entered her room. They talked for a while about why she didn't want to get married. Erica admitted when she saw the engagement ring hanging from the ribbon she became terrified of the commitment. Chris told her the ring on the ribbon was a family tradition. His grandfather proposed to his grandmother with her engagement ring attached to a ribbon. Later his grandmother kept the ribbon in her bible. Erica was touched by his story. Chris proposed again. This time Erica said, "Yes." A loud clap of thunder and flashes of lightening frightened Erica into Chris' arms. He calmed her down. She remembered the night Richard Fields had raped her was on a stormy raining night with thunder and lightening.

Kendall heard someone at the door to Erica's office while she searched Erica's desk and files. She hid as Aidan entered. He talked briefly on the phone and then Kendall heard the door closed. Thinking Aidan had left, she came out of hiding only to be surprised to see Aidan standing in front of her. To her annoyance he asked why was she searching Erica's office. Kendall tried to make a flimsy excuse she was looking for a payroll check Erica promised her. Aidan didn't buy the story and decided he was going to take her to Erica personally and tell Erica Kendall was snooping in her office. He grabbed Kendall and slung her over his shoulder taking her out of the room to the penthouse.

Once at the penthouse Kendall and Aidan found the it empty. Kendall noticed the flowers and wine glasses. She complained again Erica always came out on top. A thunderstorm began brewing with flashes of lightening.

Leo talked to Greenlee in hospital hallway. He believed Vanessa would receive whatever justice will deal her. He told Greenlee that Mia had promised to tell him the secrets she knows about Trey. Leo believed Mia will help him find out what Trey is up to.

In the solarium at the hospital, Trey was talking to Mia when Frank Hubbard wheeled in Malik. Malik Robertson, a young boy, will soon be sent to a new foster home and he was very excited about meeting his new parents. Trey, seeing Frank's name badge, introduced himself and said he was happy to finally meet Frank Hubbard. He had so much about him from Mia as Mia glared at Trey. He then teased Frank that he must be a father because of the way he cared about Malik. Frank said he had no children as Trey stared at Mia. Mia tried to avoid his eyes. After Frank and Malik left the room, Trey dared Mia to tell Leo about him. If she does, he retorted, he will tell Frank he is a real father. Mia gave in once more to Trey's demands and promised she will tell Leo she doesn't know any secrets about him. With Trey standing nearby, Mia called Leo on his cell phone at the Loft. She told Leo she didn't really know any secrets about Trey. Leo hung up the phone mystified about Mia's turnaround and realized Trey must have gotten to her.

Leo decided he will get some ginger sorbet, Greenlee's favorite, and left for the store. Greenlee turned on the TV which was showing an old Richard Fields movie. When Leo returned from the store he approached the door to the Loft, searching his pocket for his key. He thought he heard through the door, Trey's voice threatening Greenlee. Rushing inside he found no one in the darkened living room. The storm had shut down the electricity. He called for Greenlee and she came out from the bedroom. He asked where Trey was and she said he was not there. She told him she had an old Richard Fields movie on TV.

Meanwhile at the hospital, Trey berated Mia about abandoning her baby and throwing him away because he was an inconvenient. Mia was shocked by his accusation and then realized the issue wasn't about her and William. It was about Trey and his childhood. She asked Trey about it and he left the room. In the hallway on his way to Vanessa's room, Trey stopped a nurse and asked about Malik's condition. She said he needed more treatment but there were no funds for it. Trey wrote out a check and gave it to the nurse. He told her to tell no one he was the benefactor. She agreed.

In Vanessa's room, Trey once more asked Nessa if Vanessa had told her where she hid the money. Nessa said there was no memory of where the money was hidden. Trey then quizzed Nessa if she had any other children beside David and Leo. None, she replied. Suddenly the lights went out from the storm and then come back on. Nessa asked Trey if he was afraid of the dark and Trey commented he got over that before he learned to ride a bicycle with training wheels. He left Vanessa's room and stood in the hallway. Talking to himself he muttered, "Not that you care, Mother!"

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